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'''23.0.104 (3/29/2018)<br />
<br />
1. Changed: Little tweaks to the licensing.
<br />
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'''23.0.103 (2/13/2018)<br />
'''23.0.103 (2/13/2018)<br />
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23.0.104 (3/29/2018)

1. Changed: Little tweaks to the licensing.

23.0.103 (2/13/2018)

1. Fixed: Complicated tracks linking didn't always work properly.
2. NEW: Panel - Implemented a new theme system to allow Panel to have different color schemes, which can be found on the settings page. For now, there is a Dark and Light theme.
3. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the spacing of elements on the playback bar for different screen sizes.
4. Changed: Panel - The file list will display different information about a file depending on the screen size and the media type.
5. Changed: Panel - The file list will show the file rating on large enough displays.
6. Changed: Panel - Audio quality and video quality selection boxes on the settings page will be displayed only when the zone is set to 'Here'.
7. Changed: Panel - Gave the player element more screen space on larger displays in a landscape orientation.
8. Changed: Panel - The thumbnail browser will now display up to three lines of text before truncating the folder title by fading it.
9. Fixed: Panel - After a file was finished playing, the player would get an extra play command when starting the next file.
10. Fixed: Panel - If the Engen server location used localhost in the address, Panel would try to connect to localhost, which wouldn't always work.

23.0.102 (2/12/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

23.0.101 (2/9/2018)

1. Fixed: The Sat>IP tuner status probe was taking too long to complete.

23.0.100 (2/6/2018)

1. Fixed: The long filename option wasn't working in all cases.

23.0.99 (2/6/2018)

1. Fixed: When a user played a TV channel live on a client using a locally accessible TV tuner, and then chose to start recording with context menu ("Record current program" etc.), MC erroneously started recording on the client at the same time sending recording command to the server.
2. Fixed: If a filename was too long, importing again with the long filename option set could still skip the file because it was in the bad database.

23.0.98 (2/5/2018)

1. Fixed: Authentication to MCWS was broken in 23.0.97.
2. Fixed: The last audio sample at the end of a video file could be repeated before playback was stopped.
3. Changed: A second attempt at Sat>IP tuner status probe.

23.0.97 (2/2/2018)

1. Changed: The playback position resets to the first track after reaching the end of Playing Now with repeat off (instead of staying on the last track).
2. Changed: Improved television time-shifting reader filter's buffering reader so there is less chance of hiccups during live TV playback.
3. Fixed: After editing in the Tag window, tooltips wouldn't show anymore until something was clicked.
4. Changed: Added 'Platform' response variable to web service 'Alive' function. Returns either Windows, Mac, or Linux.
5. NEW: (Experimental) MC will try to determine whether a Sat>IP tuner is in use by another application or other instances of MC.
6. Changed: Panel - Rebuilt the system settings pages into Panel.
7. Fixed: Panel - A second authentication screen would prevent logging in to Panel.

23.0.96 (1/24/2018)

1. NEW: Added support for the Album Artist Sort field and Composer Sort field to the ID3v2 code (TSO2 and TSOC).
2. Fixed: Audio files which use the DirectShow playback engine (like Shorten and Opus) did not play from a Library Server.
3. Fixed: Volume Protection could reset the volume level to 20% every restart of playback instead of after 30 minutes.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
6. Fixed: The option to load a non-decoded file to memory wasn't working properly for FLAC files.
7. Changed: Changes were made in an attempt to fix and log a failure to stop recording a TV show.
8. Fixed: Search suggestions didn't always list short matches if there were a lot of other matches.
9. Fixed: Cover art wasn't getting embedded into ripped files.

23.0.95 (1/19/2018)

1. Fixed: The header heights used in the Tag window are better sized.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
4. NEW: Added the option to allow any user to get read-only access (you can also require a username and password).
5. NEW: Television channel logos can be submitted to and downloaded from the online cover art database.
6. NEW: Panel - Panel will automatically attempt to get a read-only token without requiring the user to log in. If this fails, it will bring up the login screen.
7. NEW: Panel - Full authentication can be enabled or disabled from the Settings page.
8. Changed: Panel - The System Settings button on the Settings page will not show up unless the user has full authentication.

23.0.94 (1/12/2018)

1. NEW: Added right-click menu on "Television" branch in the left pane in Standard view. This allows a quicker way of accessing some of the TV options, such as "Manage Devices", "Manage Channels", etc.
2. Fixed: Changing TV tuner device order (in "Manage Devices") might not take effect until MC restarted.
3. Fixed: Selecting the Television view in the tree and refreshing would no longer have the item selected.
4. NEW: Animated GIF image support
5. Fixed: When MC was closed while an OTA EPG scanning was going on a confirmation was not shown.
6. NEW: The search box includes the names of playlists saved in the database and will switch to the playlist when it is selected.
7. NEW: The base path of the Rename, Move, & Copy Files dialog is a combobox that remembers the last entered paths.
8. Fixed: When the user changed EPG loading schedule, the change might not immediately take effect until the next previously scheduled silent loading was executed.
9. Fixed: Thunderstorm checkbox text wasn't readable.
10. Fixed: File tagging following CD ripping wasn't working.

23.0.93 (1/5/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. NEW: Redesigned Manage TV Channels window. Preferred Tuners and XMLTV Identifier fields are moved to the channel list and are in-place editable.
3. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Changed: The group names in the tag window will be translatable.
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: A possible memory issue in the 64-bit builds.
7. Fixed: Adding linked tracks to Playing Now didn't always work properly.
8. NEW: Added the shortcut Ctrl+, and Ctrl+. to switch to the previous and next track (useful during tagging).
9. NEW: Added clickable media type icons to PlayPower list of control sequence actions. Simpler to set the media types each action applies to.

23.0.92 (12/20/2017)

1. Fixed: When using the audio Convert Format tool to convert from files that don't support tags (e.g. wav/aif when tag option is de-selected), the metadata in the database did not get added to the new file.
2. Fixed: Doing a Rename, Move, & Copy Files with no boxes checked on a file would make the program show a tagging error message.
3. Changed: The Wave format encoder now supports a configuration dialog to set whether or not tags are to be stored in the Wave file. Previously this was only available from the 'Advanced / Configure Input Plugin' option selection on the Audio options dialog.
4. NEW: OSD "Lip Sync" adjustment.
5. NEW: New MCCommand MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_VIDEO_LIPSYNC_ZONE (28044) for adjusting lip sync and saving the result in zone setting (instead of saving in individual file). Keyboard shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+COMMA, CTRL+SHIFT+PERIOD, and CTRL+SHIFT+SLASH, are associated with this command.
6. NEW: On "Manage TV Channels", the first two columns ("Channel" and "Channel #") can be in-place edited.
7. Changed: FormatNumber(...) allows trailing zeroes on decimals (previously it would crop them).
8. Fixed: Starting image playback of a single image with the 2D image viewer could immediately switch to the next track.
9. Fixed: With the 2D image viewer, the playback information about total time and time elapsed would not show.
10. NEW: Added MCWS call to get URL of an Engen server which has been configured in Media Center and check if it's alive. Example: http://localhost:52199/MCWS/v1/Engen/ServerLocation
11. Fixed: Scheduled tasks Engen component was not showing actions that could be performed on devices, such as TurnOn, TurnOff, etc.
12. NEW: PlayPower actions can now operate on specific selectable media types. You can select one or more applicable media types for each action. Previously only Audio media types would work.
13. Changed: Made Ctrl+G toggle the tree state between collapsed and expanded instead of only collapsing.
14. NEW: When TV recordings are to be deleted, "Remove From Library", and, if the format is TS, "Send to Recycling Bin" are offered in addition to "Delete Files permanently" in the confirmation dialog.
15. Fixed: Several bugs in the TheaterView Lighting plugin, including the "All On" and "All Off" commands not working reliably.
16. Changed: The TheaterView Lighting plugin configuration dialog now verifies the presence of an Engen server rather than blindly trying to use whatever is entered for a URL.
17. Fixed: The 'Connect' button on the wr.jriver.com/<accesskey> web page wasn't working with our new Panel system.
18. Changed: Panel - The Engen button will only appear if the Engen server is running.
19. Changed: Panel - The Engen button will now redirect the user to the Engen server URL set in Media Center, instead of using the current URL and changing the port.
20. Changed: Panel - On certain screen resolutions, the progress bar was removed and replaced with the volume bar.
21. Changed: Panel - Made some adjustments to the font for cover folders on larger screens, and truncated the text.
22. Fixed: Panel - Restored returning to the top of the page on a page change.
23. Changed: In the PlayPower configuration dialog, the list of control steps for a zone now includes icons indicating which media types the step applies to.

23.0.91 (12/12/2017)

1. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
2. Fixed: Pausing OpenCable and SatIP live TV would cause TV to stop buffering new data in recent builds.
3. Changed: Made the Library Views submenu nest child browser schemes like they're nested in the tree so the full path shows in the menu.
4. Fixed: TV recording conflicts were not properly displayed on Library Server clients.
5. NEW: Panel - Added a stop button to Panel.
6. Changed: Panel - Made most category buttons larger.
7. Changed: Panel - Gave user created category buttons random colors.
8. Fixed: Panel - The number of plays stat was being increased repeatedly under some conditions.
9. Fixed: Panel - Pages were constantly scrolling to the top with touch devices.
10. Fixed: A possible locking error with a string used by the web engine. Hopefully fixes a weird DLNA crash.

23.0.90 (12/8/2017)

1. Fixed: Export playlist from the file menu wasn't working properly (only the right-click export would work).
2. Changed: When doing lip-sync adjustment using keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD), the final result is saved in PlaybackInfo tag of the file, instead of the zone-specific settings, except when the file has Media Subtype of "System" (i.e. a calibration file).
3. Changed: When doing lip-sync adjustment using keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD), the result is saved only for the particular display type (i.e. 24 Hz display vs. other displays).
4. NEW: When doing lip-sync adjustment using keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD), an OSD message is shown to indicate current offset value.
5. Changed: When doing lip-sync adjustment using keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD) on live TV, the final result is saved in PlaybackInfo tag of the TV channel.
6. NEW: DLNA rewrote the entire controller function. Added logging to all DLNA Controller functions.
7. Changed: DLNA controller function "Ignore Transport Events" will also not subscribe to those events. We can now control any DLNA renderer in polling only mode.
8. Changed: DLNA controller function "Ignore Get Position failure" will allow streaming only devices to work as if they were reporting position. It uses Getprotocolinfo to determine whether or not the device is alive. This will co-exist with the "Ignore Transport Events" function as well.
9. Changed: DLNA controller. Standardize function timeouts.
10. Fixed: DLNA controller is far more efficient making device calls. It only does so when it really needs to.
11. Changed: Display of playback information in a DLNA zone which we are not controlling is smooth and efficient.
12. Changed: DLNA controller. SetNextAVTransportURI logic streamlined and made more bullet proof. NOTE your device still MUST support GetMediaInfo as well as SetNextAVTransportURI for gapless playback.
13. Changed: DLNA controller. If SetNextAVTransportURI is NOT disabled as an option and we find a device doesn't support it or is broken we automatically turn off that option in the controller settings.
14. Changed: Display of playback information in a DLNA zone which is transitioning tracks as the result of a SetNextAVTransportURI is very fast now.
15. Changed: Update of the time slider in DLNA zones is more accurate and smooth. There MAY be issues with broken renderers. Need feedback here.

23.0.89 (12/6/2017)

1. Fixed: Views with complicated expressions to group by didn't evaluate properly.

23.0.88 (12/6/2017)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.33.
2. Changed: If the articles ..., (, ¡, or … are added to the article list, there won't have to be a space after them for them to get ignored.
3. Fixed: Media Center could possibly crash when showing television views in recent builds.
4. NEW: Added the smartlist rule "Only matches of" that will find files that have matching artists and albums (for example).
5. NEW: Added the smartlist rule "Only differences of" the will find files with different values in the selected fields.
6. Changed: Added the command "Build Missing Thumbnails..." to the Tools > Advanced Tools menu.
7. Changed: Panel - Changed the default number of items per page from 50 to 200.
8. Changed: Panel - Paginated pages are now pushed to the history so the back button won't ignore them.
9. Fixed: Panel - Panel was redirecting all connections to use port 52199, breaking Panel if a different port was set.
10. Fixed: Panel - When changing pages in folder views, the page was not returning to the top.

23.0.87 (12/4/2017)

1. Changed: Made the option to not translate hot keys when running as Media Server actually unregister the program for hot keys so hopefully it won't catch them anymore (before it would catch them but not translate them).
2. NEW: WIA devices (scanners) show up under Action Window > Camera in the device list.
3. Changed: The computer no longer goes to deep sleep while it's serving DLNA files.
4. NEW: Added the zone ID and index to the tooltip for Playing Now zones.
5. Changed: DLNA: Some devices were slow responding, especially to the SetAVTransportURI function. Made the timeout for these longer than the default. Was resulting in "Something went wrong with playback" errors. Added logging for this as well.
6. NEW: Added the device address to the tooltip for remote zones.

23.0.86 (12/1/2017)

1. NEW: Individual playlists can be added to Theater View navigation (Options > Theater View > Items to Show).
2. Changed: DLNA, reduce number of calls for status when the device (zone) being displayed is not being actively controlled by MC.
3. Changed: DLNA, reduce number of getvolume and getmute calls whenever a device (zone) is being displayed or controlled.
4. NEW: DLNA, when a device fails to support setNextAVTransportURI, it will be automatically set to disabled in the DLNA controller options for that zone.
5. NEW: The expanded states of playlists in the tag window are saved between file selections and opens of the tag window.
6. NEW: Added the option to not translate hot keys when running as Media Server (Options > General > Advanced).
7. NEW: Added the ability to add a stop command to the Scheduler.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.32.
9. NEW: Added the choice of Playing Now to the play command in the scheduler to start playback of whatever is in Playing Now.
10. Fixed: Right-click on a playlist and picking Export Playlist didn't switch the view to that playlist so it could fail to export or even export the wrong playlist.
11. NEW: Added a "Recording Conflicts" column to television Standard view EPG for to be recorded entries. The column is available in "All Programs", "Favorites", and "To Be Recorded". Users need to opt to show the column.
12. Fixed: DLNA when the option was added to allow the formats to be specified for conversion in the DLNA server Audio settings, there wasn't a default value so nothing was getting converted. This won't fix existing installations, the formats will need to be selected on them but new installations will work as previously intended.
13. Fixed: MC could not read metadata tags in some WAVE files in recent builds.

23.0.85 (11/27/2017)

1. Fixed: If Chromium was selected as the MC browser and it hadn't been installed or it needed an update, when MC's web browser was started up it would freeze the main thread for a long period of time. Now it shows a popup status message with a Cancel button.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. Fixed: Right-click on Track Info pages didn't work if Chromium was the engine.
4. Fixed: When you started up and played a file with Volume Protection enabled, it wouldn't always switch the volume to 20%.
5. Change: Television engine internal re-organization.

23.0.84 (11/21/2017)

1. NEW: The confirmation message box in "Clean up time-shifting folders" tool has a "Yes, and apply to all remaining x folders as well" button, so that one can clean up all remaining folders without additional confirmation.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.30.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Fixed: Recent versions weren't playing some APE files.
6. Changed: When TV time-shifting needs to jump forward due to channel changing, the process is serialized to prevent multiple threads from doing the same thing simultaneously.
7. Fixed: Sat>IP TV recording could not be done in TS format.
8. Fixed: TV recording folder names could be messed up (causing the folder not being able to be deleted) for shows whose names end with ellipsis (three consecutive '.').

23.0.83 (11/16/2017)

1. Fixed: The right-hand column of the tag window would be too small to read any values when MC's tree view was set to a narrow size.
2. Fixed: DLNA server, the cover art update from 23.0.81 missed sending the smallest thumbnail size.
3. NEW: DLNA renderer, select the largest possible cover art image regardless of the order it's provided in.
4. Changed: Fields marked for searching will be searched by default even if they're a large data type (like the description field).
5. Changed: Removed the check for empty when setting a field to a value on import so that empty is a perfectly acceptable value.
6. Changed: OTA EPG scanning (ATSC and DVB) will skip channels that have XMLTV IDs if the option "In over-the-air EPG scan, save programs for channels with empty XMLTV IDs only" is set.
7. Changed: Setting the Filename (path) field with an import rule will fix the directory path (add a slash at the end) so that the path cleaning functions that remove directories with dots, etc. run.
8. Changed: The expression customization (like in the player area display) allows using the variable [Library.Path] to show the path of the current library.
9. NEW: You can customize the number of thumbnail text lines (and then we'll wrap instead of truncate) by picking "Thumbnail Text Lines" from the view header menu.
10. Fixed: YouTube searching in Theater View wasn't working.
11. Fixed: The options icons wouldn't resize properly when a scale of the entire program was selected.
12. NEW: Panel - When playing to a zone other than the browser, Panel will display a preview image, either cover art or a thumbnail.
13. Fixed: Panel - Playback information was not updating when playing to the Player zone.

23.0.82 (11/13/2017)

1. Changed: Marked the "Recent Playing Now's" playlist name for translation.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.27.
3. NEW: Panel - Authentication is fully implemented.
4. NEW: Panel - Added audio and video quality options to settings. The default for both is High.
5. NEW: Panel - Last played and play count are now updated in Media Center for audio and video once the progress is at least half way through the file, and for images after the image is loaded.
6. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the Playing Now Bar to use space a bit better in some cases.
7. Changed: Panel - Removed the Playing Now playlist count from the Playing Now Bar.
8. Changed: Panel - Audio file lists display the track name and track artist on separate lines and the track album was removed.
9. Changed: Panel - Adjusted audio cover art to not take up as much space in some cases.
10. Fixed: Doing a Send To on a linked zone wouldn't play to the entire link.
11. NEW: The search on the options box accepts a page name before an arrow to search just a certain page (ie. Audio > Device will search only the audio branch instead of hitting anyplace that has Device).
12. Fixed: Searching in options wouldn't work right if you backspaced to remove characters.
13. Changed: Hidden channels are excluded from OTA EPG scans.
14. NEW: Added Medium and Large cover art to the sizes offered by our DLNA servers.
15. Changed: Enabled support for Handheld devices which expose a drive letter in Media Center 64-bit (ie. USB thumb drives, portable music players or phones with a single storage volume).
16. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).

23.0.81 (11/7/2017)

1. Changed: Marked the "Imported Playlists" playlist for translation but no longer translate the actual name (so it should be the same across all languages).
2. Fixed: MC was not able to play WAV files with an "RF64" root chunk ID (Broadcast WAVE Format extension).
3. NEW: A per-device option to disable VideoClock when running television tuners/video capture devices in non-time-shifting mode.
4. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version, and enabled it for 64-bit Media Center.
5. Fixed: The JRiver WDM driver could crash and cause a BSOD when used in WASAPI mode.

23.0.80 (11/1/2017)

1. Fixed: The horizontal and vertical positioning on the on screen display wasn't working with the 2D image viewer.
2. Changed: Trying to mark the Car Radio playlist group name for translation so it will show translated, but still use the same copy for any language.
3. Fixed: The Analyze Audio tool wouldn't remember the window position.
4. Changed: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)
5. Changed: When "Clean up existing television channels" is selected during television setup, the EPG scheduled loading will be reset to "no load".
6. Fixed: Picking random sorting for an album view could break the view if it contained linked tracks.

23.0.79 (10/30/2017)

1. NEW: In Theater View television guide, programs being recorded are shown with a different mark so a user can easily tell that the recordings have successfully started.
2. NEW: Doing a "Get Movie & TV Info" on one file now gives the option to overwrite.
3. Changed: The Analyze Audio tool will be in the right-click menu if there are any audio or video files selected instead of if all the selected files are audio or video.
4. Changed: Included updated German translation file. (thanks ByteStar)
5. NEW: Added the MCWS function DSP/SetAdaptiveVolume to set the level of adaptive volume and turn it on or off.
6. Fixed: Searches with the r letter and a few other accent letters didn't resolve to the non accent version properly.
7. Fixed: Playing certain WMAv2 files in Media Center 64-bit did not work since 23.0.74.
8. Fixed: When the last recorded TV show in a series was deleted upon automatic prompt (a recent new feature), Theater View remained in position with no file in it (and showing message "There is nothing to display') instead of returning to the parent position as in the case of user initiated delete.
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. Changed: Car Radio buttons now share the configuration between all languages instead of having a separate configuration for each language.
11. Changed: The "currently recording" icon will be shown as soon as the the recording starts, instead of the actual program start time, in both Theater View and Standard view television guide.
12. Fixed: Panel - Video playback would not work in some cases.
13. Fixed: Panel - The playing now playlist was broken for videos.
14. Fixed: Tabbing through the "Last Played" field could cause Media Center to crash.
15. NEW: Added the option Images > Automatically start slideshows. It can be disabled so that the program won't start a slideshow when you double-click an image.
16. Fixed: Image effects didn't work with the 2D image viewer.
17. Fixed: The "Currently recording" icon for television shows was not shown on MC clients.
18. Fixed: Normalization during the CD ripping process was broken.

23.0.78 (10/24/2017)

1. Fixed: A file with no rating would still show in the tag window's Fields With Values section.
2. Fixed: DLNA - If a DLNA server provided both the artist and artist role=albumartist in the xml and the artist role=albumartist came first it would be used as the artist also. This made compilation CD's show up as separate albums in MC.
3. Changed: When loading remote DLNA server libraries write empty fields since they may have changed since the last load (if the tags were changed on the server).
4. Changed: Use the DLNA artist roles in preference to non-standard attributes when loading remote DLNA server libraries.
5. NEW: Add parsing for the artist role = composer attribute when it's used in place of the upnp:author attribute when loading remote DLNA server libraries..
6. Changed: The confirmation when changing a large number of files in the database has a checkbox to not show the prompt again.
7. Changed: When auto-filling the Car Radio buttons, it will detect if it had previously auto-filled and not create duplicates.
8. NEW: Keyboard shortcuts for video lipsync adjustment. SHIFT+COMMA (SHIFT+, or '<') to delay audio, SHIFT+PERIOD (SHIFT+. or '>') to advance audio, by 50 ms. SHIFT+SLASH (SHIFT+/ or '?') to reset to zero. This works for all DirectShow video file playback and time-shifted live TV. Not for live TV in non-time-shifting mode (as VideoClock is disabled in the mode).
9. Changed: Included updated German translation file. (thanks ByteStar)
10. NEW: Added the right-click command "Left-align Labels" to the new tag window to make the labels left align instead of right align.
11. NEW: DLNA renderer zones display the device address in the right-click menu.
12. NEW: DLNA and Library servers display the device address in the right-click menu and add an option to display the presentation page if one is available.
13. NEW: Panel - Swipe left or right on touch devices to navigate to the next or previous page.
14. Changed: Panel - Folder covers now display the total number of files within if more than one.
15. Changed: Panel - Changed the page jump links to increment by 1 instead of 2.
16. Changed: Panel - Removed the previous and next page buttons.

23.0.77 (10/23/2017)

1. NEW: Keyboard and OSD zoom in and out now work with the 2D image viewer.
2. Changed: VideoClock is disabled when video capture devices are run in non-time-shifting mode.
3. Fixed: If you saved a divider as a DSP Preset right away, it wouldn't remember the settings when you reloaded.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. NEW: The new tag window allows dropping images onto it to set the image.
6. Fixed: Panel - The playing now playlist wasn't scrolling with some browsers in landscape orientation.

23.0.76 (10/20/2017)

1. Fixed: Mouse scrolling works on the 2d image viewer.
2. Fixed: Corrected some typos pointed out by Casiophil.
3. Fixed: When connecting with a library server client in read-only mode, it would provide a token and then get full access instead of read-only access.
4. Changed: Panel - Updated the audio, image, and video player to make better use of the screen space, especially on mobile devices.
5. Changed: Panel - The playing now view will change depending on if the window has a portrait or landscape orientation.
6. Changed: Panel - In the playing now view, cover art, images, and videos will remain static while the playlist is still scrollable.
7. Changed: Panel - Made folder buttons smaller in some cases to get more items on the display.
8. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the font sizes for different display sizes.

23.0.75 (10/19/2017)

1. Changed: During import, a file will be resolved to the full network path and that filename will be checked for import as well. That way importing from M:\ that maps to \\Media and from \\Media will not import twice.
2. Fixed: WMDM didn't sync the disk number properly so if a file had a disc number, it would sync over and over.
3. Fixed: The MC installer was not removing old versions of some Panel components. They weren't causing problems but were needlessly taking up space.
4. Changed: Made the search suggestions for a field show up even for a short search as long as there are less than 1000 matches (before it was 20 matches).

23.0.74 (10/17/2017)

1. Fixed: The new feature of getting channel logos from "TV Logos" folder automatically did not work on clients.
2. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to version 3.4, used for file analysis and transcoding.
3. Changed: Once you close a check for updates prompt Action Window, it won't show again for the run of the program.
4. Fixed: 24-bit WMA files did not play properly in 64-bit Media Center.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Changed: Added a mute button to the Z skin (double thanks to Marko and Awesome Donkey).
7. Fixed: When a handheld device is configured to sync to a playlist and the user modified the playlist and selected "sync now" on the device, MC would not sync the modified playlist and instead popped a message saying the device was fully synchronized.
8. Fixed: When certain expressions were used in handheld media paths (e.g. Options / Handheld / Files, Paths, & More / Audio Path:), the device sync would not work correctly.

23.0.73 (10/13/2017)

1. Changed: When a disjoint group of TV channels are selected and moved using "Move Up" or "Move Down" button, the un-selected channels in the middle of the group is no longer moved together.
2. Fixed: Auto-Fill of the Car Radio buttons would look at images and videos when figuring the most common artists and genres and make buttons that wouldn't work.
3. Fixed: Playing videos on iOS devices using JRemote was not working.

23.0.72 (10/12/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir).
2. Changed: The country names in television setup are now translatable.
3. Changed: The country name "United States of America" is simplied to "United States" in television setup, to be consistent with the other areas of MC.
4. Changed: Made the stars in Theater View's Playing Now clickable (before they only responded to keyboard input).
5. NEW: Drag-N-Drop to re-order channels on "Manage TV Channels" tool.
6. NEW: Added the right-click command "Auto-Fill Buttons" to Car Radio to fill the buttons using your most common artists, genres, most played tracks, etc.
7. NEW: Added "Reset All Buttons" to the right-click of the Car Radio buttons.
8. NEW: Panel - Added a folder item count to the upper right corner of the folder button.
9. Changed: Panel - Changed the page jump buttons to use a link style format.
10. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the format of the play all button on folder buttons.
11. Changed: Panel - Moved folder titles back below the folder button.
12. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the layout of the playback bar.

23.0.71 (10/10/2017)

1. Changed: The tool "Fill Track Numbers From List Order" will default to setting the Episode # if it's run on a set of videos.
2. Fixed: The album memory reader cache would clear when double-clicking a different file in Playing Now, but not reload the files.

23.0.70 (10/6/2017)

1. Changed: When loading tracks for album memory playback, a wait message will display if it takes more than one second.
2. Changed: Album memory playback detects when the same file is in the playlist multiple times and no longer loads the file more than once.
3. Fixed: DLNA: Don't call GetMediaInfo if the controller options are set to Disable SetNext support.
4. Changed: Reduce default time for device calls from 10 seconds to 2 since those are sometimes on the main thread.
5. Fixed: DLNA: Fix status calls for GetPosition which were not entirely correct in 23.0.67.
6. Changed: Play Doctor caps the number of files it will output based on the size of the entire library.
7. Fixed: On Manage TV Channels window the channel logo preview window showed a blank instead of the default image if the channel's set image file was no longer available.
8. Fixed: Album memory playback no longer attempts to load URLs.
9. NEW: Panel - Added the playlist count and current track to the playback bar information.
10. Changed: Panel - Removed the fanned icon for groups of multiple files.
11. Fixed: Panel - Buttons for custom views didn't have the appropriate format.
12. DLNA: Fixed: Options that aren't active depending on the current settings are grayed out.
13. DLNA: NEW: You can select the audio formats that are converted when "specified output format only when necessary" is selected. (under Add or configure DLNA servers .. [Server name]->Audio->Advanced)

23.0.69 (10/5/2017)

1. Changed: TV recording delete confirmation dialog self-destructs in 10 seconds to prevent it from blocking the program in case it pops up unattended.
2. Fixed: Message boxes in Theater View that have self-destruction timer set might return wrong result upon self-destruction.
3. Fixed: Improved handling of redirects when downloading cover art or season banners from TheTVDB.
4. Fixed: Connecting a new client to a Library Server will no longer re-create all stock smartlists.
5. Changed: Increased the mouse-wheel precision of the Tempo/Pitch/Rate sliders in the Tempo & Pitch DSP.
6. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
7. Changed: Made Play Doctor give a file no chance of inclusion if it's been included in the last 10 tracks.
8. Changed: The "MC23.exe" Launcher is additionally included in the Media Center program folder, in addition to the system folder.

23.0.68 (10/4/2017)

1. NEW: Panel - Added a back button to the App header.
2. NEW: Panel - The mini player will also display the album title of the audio or image file playing.
3. Changed: Panel - Removed the browser header.
4. Changed: Panel - Removed the buffering slider animation.
5. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the format of the page jump buttons.
6. Changed: Panel - Made most of the folder buttons similar to the home page buttons.
7. Changed: Panel - Moved the play all button on folders to the lower right corner.
8. Fixed: Panel - Album columns were still taking up space on mobile devices.

23.0.67 (10/4/2017)

1. NEW: Added new tag fields "Work", "Movement", "Movement Number", "Movement Count", and "Show Work Movement". These tags will be read from and written to corresponding Apple iTunes tags in mp4 files.
2. NEW: Added an option "Use a default image for channels without logos" for Theater View TV Guide. This option is effective only if "Hide channel names in Theater View guide when channel logos are available" option is not used.
3. Changed: DLNA: Move the detection for the ability to do SetNext into the track playback start. Saves on device calls.
4. Fixed: DLNA: Add a GetTransportState for Playback state = PLAYING before GetPosition because on some slow devices GetPosition was returning values from the previous track which caused a track skip on those devices that support SetNext.
5. Changed: DLNA: Because of #4 above, change the track status update for SetNext support to 5 seconds.
6. NEW: MC will automatically search the Cover Art\TV Logos\ folder for channel logos if a channel does not already have a logo file saved in the Image File tag.
7. NEW: Added a "Divider" to the Parametric Equalizer to separate groups of filters. The text for the divider is customizable.
8. NEW: Added support for changing the label column width in the tag editing action window. Cursor changes to a 'sizing' icon when over the divider between label and value.
9. Fixed: Album memory playback could fail to play tracks when it looped the playlist and started again.
10. NEW: The 'Get Movie & TV Info' dialog has a new option to select or de-select getting keyword data along with the other metadata. It's a checkbox called "Use keywords".
11. Changed: In the Standard Television View the horizontal split between the Filter window and the Channels window can now be adjusted.
12. Fixed: Theater View could crash in recent builds if "Expression to Display" was used in a view.
13. Changed: DLNA: when ignoring position failure, add a settling delay for the play command after sending the URI to the renderer. Helps with some slow renderers.
14. Changed: DLNA: changes to make the slider work when getposition is slow or fails.
15. Fixed: DLNA: get the fileinfo to update onscreen instantly when transitioning tracks.
16. Fixed: DLNA: change to the DLNA image slideshow push to renderer to work with MC as a renderer.
17. Changed: DLNA renderer. Ignore Stop commands while playing back images. Enables a smooth slideshow. WIP.

23.0.66 (9/29/2017)

1. Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+F to search when you were in a nested sub-view didn't properly jump to the top of the view. Instead it could jump to an audio view.
2. Fixed: When a recorded TV show was deleted right after it was played (a new feature in build 65), the show was not removed from the list in Theater view.
3. NEW: Added the Send To menu to the customize toolbar dialog.
4. Changed: Replaced checkbox symbol "[ x ]" with a check mark '?' in Theater View TV recording configuration dialogs.
5. Changed: Replaced checkbox symbol "[ x ]" with "[v]" TV Channels list in "Manage TV Channels."
6. NEW: Added the keyboard shortcuts U and D to move filters in Parametric Equalizer up and down.
7. NEW: Added the keyboard shortcut R to remove a filter from Parametric Equalizer.
8. Changed: The right-click commands Stacks > Advanced > Create Particle and Auto Create... didn't get added to the MRU menu.
9. Changed: Made the column alignment setting also apply to the view header, so making text right justified for example will also right justify the header.
10. NEW: Panel - Added page jump links below the next and previous page buttons.
11. Changed: Panel - The next and previous track buttons will show in the playing now bar on mobile devices held in the landscape orientation.
12. NEW: Added the option "Shuffle the list" when saving a Car Radio button to shuffle all the files that are saved as a playlist.

23.0.65 (9/27/2017)

1. Changed: Added the .dtshd extension for DTS audio files.
2. Changed: Red October HQ updated to madVR 0.92.4.
3. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playback/StopAll to stop all playback regardless of zone (includes remote and DLNA zones).
4. Fixed: Linking a Car Radio button to a playlist or smartlist would create 1000 buttons.
5. Fixed: Saving a Car Radio button to a playlist wouldn't delete the old playlist so duplicates could get created and the results would be undefined.
6. Changed: Made the CreateInterface function in the automation SDK return an intn instead of a long (so it works on x64).
7. NEW: Television gets an option (in TV Options > Advanced section) to offer to delete a recorded TV show that is just watched. You have to opt-in for this to take effect and the show must have been watched at least 85% for the feature to kick in.
8. Changed: Removed "Use extra layer of buffer when recording in TS format" from TV Options as this option no longer have any effect.
9. Changed: Clicking a playing image will stop the slideshow from running.
10. Fixed: Mouse wheel on the 2D image viewer wouldn't redraw the image at the new zoom level.
11. Fixed: JRiver Time-shifting Writer filter might cause a crash when other filters fail to start.
12. NEW: Panel - Added an option to Settings to allow the user to set the number of items to display per page.
13. Changed: Panel - Panel will now display the album title in the file list on non-mobile devices.
14. Changed: Panel - Next and previous page buttons were added to the top of lists as well.
15. Changed: Panel - Changed the audio cover art display to use up less space.

23.0.64 (9/22/2017)

1. Changed: Tuned the paste logic so that when it adds delimiters to strings pasted in, it removes the final trailing delimiter if it's just empty after it.
2. Changed: JRMark scores say if they're coming from an x64 build of Media Center.
3. Changed: Panel - When selecting a file or group of files to begin playing in the browser, Panel will now jump to the playing page.
4. Changed: Panel - Avoids doing conversion with files that don't need to be converted for HTML5.
5. Fixed: Panel - The player was not working in the Safari browser.
6. Fixed: Panel - The player would stop working in some browsers shortly after playing began.

23.0.63 (9/22/2017)

1. Fixed: The DLNA controller option "Ignore GetPosition Failure" wasn't being read properly. The default of not enabled should NOW help with some DLNA renderer issues, skipping tracks, etc.
2. Fixed: Dolby Digital encoding in the Output Format DSP did not work in the 64-bit build.
3. Changed: Tuned the grouping logic of pane expressions a little more. It wasn't always detecting the field properly.

23.0.62 (9/21/2017)

1. Fixed: In some cases closing an edit control in the new Tag window wouldn't register that it was closed so it would take two clicks on the close button to exit.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.26.
3. Changed: MC will no longer use abbreviated JTV folder name unless it is needed to reduce the length of the file path.
4. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: The 64-bit version shares the license registration with the 32-bit version, and no longer requires a separate activation.
6. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
7. Changed: Improved the grouping logic in panes for the expression to display to better handle using something like [Actors].

23.0.61 (9/19/2017)

1. Changed: Typed navigation in a list puts the first match at the top of the scroll position instead of at the bottom.
2. NEW: "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool has an option for "JTV container folder". One can select from three options - "Insert a folder using automatically formatted folder name", "Insert a folder using the original folder name", and "Just use the rule above without adding a folder".
3. Fixed: When moving/copying JTV files with the "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool, the destination path might not change after the folder rule is changed.
4. Fixed: Ignoring articles for sorting did not work in 64-bit.
5. Fixed: Album memory playback would load videos into memory instead of only loading audio files.
6. Changed: Upped the cap on memory playback tracks to 30 since it now makes sure it will take less than two gigabytes.
7. Changed: Increased the cap for memory playback track loading to 2GB on 32-bit and 16GB on 64-bit.
8. Changed: If you paste a string of multiple lines into a place where multi-line isn't accepted, it will replace the newlines with our delimiter ( ; ) instead of just removing everything after the newline.
9. Changed: Added the temporary file location specified in Options to the auto-import exclude list.
10. Fixed: When a CD was ripped, the metadata was set to 'unknown'. This bug was present since build 23.0.51, because of the playback range change in that build.

23.0.60 (9/18/2017)

1. Changed: Album memory playback only loads the album (collection of 15 files or less in Playing Now) if it will take less than 1 GB of memory.
2. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playback/Mute to set the mute state of playback.
3. NEW: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)
4. Changed: Pressing play on an MCE remote while a video is paused in Display View will just resume playback (instead of restarting playback).
5. Fixed: Joke4all.net wasn't working properly in Theater View.
6. Changed: Removed the Onion from Theater View News because it wasn't working.
7. Fixed: GPS Altitude tag in EXIF was not imported correctly if the altitude reference tag was reporting "below sea level". In those cases an invalid ascii character 0x1 was placed before the altitude value.
8. Changed: Panel - The default volume setting was changed from 50% to 100%.
9. Changed: Panel - The link to Panel in Tools -> Options -> Media Network was updated to Panel and the target link was corrected.
10. Fixed: Panel - Images would not load if there was an invalid XML character in the Altitude tag.
11. Changed: Panel - The home page icons have fixed colors.

23.0.59 (9/15/2017)

1. NEW: WebGizmo - The video player now uses live streaming when playing to the browser, so it should be able to play more video formats. Seeking beyond the buffered portion currently isn't supported.

23.0.58 (9/15/2017)

1. Fixed: Playing a file through the Shell Extension when Media Center was closed would append it to Playing Now in some cases instead of playing it.
2. Fixed: Shell Extension commands when Media Center was already running were being ignored on a 64-bit OS.
3. Fixed: A few timers were not being fired in 64-bit, resulting in loss of functionality in some areas.

23.0.57 (9/15/2017)

1. Fixed: FLAC playback wasn't working properly with the new "Load full album (not decoded) into memory" feature.

23.0.56 (9/15/2017)

1. NEW: Added the memory playback mode "Load full album (not decoded) into memory." Loads the entire playlist (up to 15 tracks) into memory.
2. Changed: In TV Options, "In over-the-air EPG scan, save programs for channels with empty XMLTV IDs only" is moved to "Guide" section.
3. Changed: In TV Options, "Cleanup time-shifting folders" is moved to "General" section.
4. Fixed: JTV Playback. Earlier 64bit versions could not play recordings made by 32bit MC, and 32bit MC could not play recordings made from earlier 64bit versions.

23.0.55 (9/14/2017)

1. Fixed: Ripping a Blu-ray could result in Media Center freezing when importing the finished rip.

23.0.54 (9/13/2017)

1. Fixed: A Library Server on the local network could be shown in the tree twice if it was connected through SSL.
2. Changed: Disabled Theater View background artwork lookup from HTBackdrops.org, as it has been unavailable for a while.
3. Changed: Improved TV channel-changing experience.
4. Changed: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)
5. Changed: The program will no longer ask about resuming from a bookmark even if it's configured to ask when it's in no error mode (like when it's connected to a server).
6. Changed: The error box for no tuner available won't be shown when we're in no error mode (like when connected to a server).

23.0.53 (9/11/2017)

1. Changed: Marked the memory playback modes for translation.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
3. NEW: Added the right-click command to playing now "Paste Playing Now Image From Clipboard". This way you can customize the image shown for a device.
4. Changed: Panel - The selected zone is now stored in a cookie and restored when returning to Web Gizmo after navigating away.
5. Changed: Panel - File conversion works on images so incompatible image types should now work on Web Gizmo.
6. Fixed: Tooltip when hovering over the 'Next' button showed 'Next^^Track^^'.

23.0.52 (9/8/2017)

1. Fixed: Media Center could lock up in 23.0.51.
2. Fixed: Converting video to MPEG-2 AutoFPS could fail due to an imprecise framerate.

23.0.51 (9/7/2017)

1. NEW: Made the shortcut Ctrl+H hide the on screen display (OSD).
2. Fixed: When deleting JTV files, thumbnail/coverart files, ComSkip files, and other sidecar files that were saved in the same folder were not always deleted.
3. Fixed: When deleting TV recordings, thumbnail/coverart files that were saved in separate locations, such as "Cover Art" or "Cover Art\TV Logos" folder, were not deleted.
4. Fixed: Entering a playback range that went to the end of the file (ie. 7:25-) would not update the duration properly.
5. Fixed: Zone Switch would stop playback in other zones and sometimes clear the bookmark unintentionally.
6. Fixed: Tooltips would get run through the translation engine so paths and the like could end up translated.

23.0.50 (9/6/2017)

1. Changed: Made the advanced section in the new tag window include calculated fields.
2. Changed: Updated the wording on the access key generation dialog to better describe adding the library.
3. Changed: You can no longer add your own library to the "Add Library" dialog. Instead it shows a warning.
4. Fixed: Main thread could still stall for 30 seconds or more when a user created "handheld" device is actually a network drive which was removed from the network.

23.0.49 (9/5/2017)

1. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
2. Changed: Japanese translation updated (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. Changed: Typing searches in the tag window search box will accept entering a pipe to or the test with other things (ie. genre|artist).
4. Changed: If you pick "No import" from the auto-import count-down, it won't do another count-down.
5. Changed: The playlist export option "Store paths relative to exported playlist location" is saved between runs of the tool.

23.0.48 (9/2/2017)

1. Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts were broken in 23.0.47.

23.0.47 (8/31/2017)

1. Changed: The image portion of the tag window uses the same highlight color from the skin as the text fields.
2. Changed: Added selection colors to the tag section of all the skins (thanks Awesome Donkey).
3. Fixed: If one of the conversion cache folders was empty, it would exclude all folders from an import.
4. Changed: Conversion cache folders are enforced to always be underneath a "JRiver Conversion Cache" folder.

23.0.46 (8/31/2017)

1. Fixed: "Rename, Move, & Copy File" tool did not copy/move thumbnail files for jtv files properly.
2. Changed: Convert Format tool will prevent system from going to sleep.
3. Changed: The fields with values section of the new tag window now includes editable calculated fields like year.
4. Changed: Skins can specify a highlight color for the tag window by filling: <TAGWINDOW> <Colors Selection="00FF00" /> with a value.

23.0.45 (8/29/2017)

1. Changed: When Media Center pops out of the tray to play a video (new feature) it'll now return to the tray after the video is stopped.
2. Changed: The reshuffle remaining command disables when there's less than two tracks in Playing Now.
3. Changed: Panel replaces the old WebGizmo interface.

23.0.44 (8/29/2017)

1. NEW: Web Gizmo - Added radio buttons and play doctor search.
2. Fixed: Web Gizmo - Mobile view playback controls.
3. Fixed: Enabling the WDM driver from a normal user account could result in it being removed again when MC was updated.
4. Changed: Made searching on an expression work with greater than and less than signs to treat it as a number (that makes a search like [=ListCount([Artist])]=>1 work).
5. Changed: Web Gizmo - Simplified interface by removing the sidebar and adding navigation links.

23.0.43 (8/28/2017)

1. Fixed: Picking multiple files with different ratings would clear the rating field in the new tag window.
2. Fixed: Possible rare crash from the tab control code.
3. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
4. NEW: Added a Slovenian translation (thanks Lorem Ipsum).
5. Changed: When starting playback to a Media Server running in the tray, it will jump to display view if it's a video.
6. Fixed: Typed navigation was not working in pane views on Windows.

23.0.42 (8/25/2017)

1. NEW: Ratings show as lists of clickable stars in the new tag window instead of as a number.
2. Changed: Lyrics and other large value type edit fields will show up to 6 lines in the new tag window instead of only one line.
3. Fixed: Mouse wheeling over a large text edit control in the new tag window would stop the editing instead of scrolling.
4. Changed: Clicking the close button on the new tag window will stop any open editing instead of closing the window.
5. NEW: Web Gizmo - Playing now page on mobile has complete playback controls.

23.0.41 (8/23/2017)

1. Changed: The zone switch menu appears when you right-click DLNA zones.
2. Changed: Files that get linked now contain a "Link Start" field value that's the first file in the link. This allows you to easily see if a file is linked or not (since the "Link" field is empty on the last file).
3. Changed: When starting playback of linked tracks, the first file in the link set is always started (if the link was newly created so has the Link Start set).
4. Changed: Clicking a large edit box will no longer select all (instead the selection will be at the start).
5. NEW: Web Gizmo - Progress bar now shows buffered portions of the media.
6. NEW: Web Gizmo - Fullscreen mode for images along with previous & next controls.

23.0.40 (8/22/2017)

1. Changed: Added the video option "Stop after a long pause" to make the new behavior optional (defaults to on).
2. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
3. Fixed: Added another little check to the suggestion code because we got a crash dump pointing to it.

23.0.39 (8/21/2017)

1. NEW: The new tag window has the ability to show all fields with values (just add the type "Fields With Values" in the edit dialog).
2. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
3. Changed: Dutch translation updated (thanks Patrick van d​er Loo).
4. Changed: Japanese translation updated (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Changed: The player defaults to the new tag window, but you can still open the old tag window by holding shift down.
7. NEW: Added the expression function IsDigit to test a string for digits (and decimals).

23.0.38 (8/18/2017)

1. Fixed: "Get Movie & TV Info" properly handles Unicode sequences in the TheTVDB result.
2. NEW: "Get Movie & TV Info" now offers a language choice for metadata lookup (currently available with TheTVDB and TheMovieDB).
3. Changed: Web Gizmo - Added tree browsing optimizations which limit the number of requests.
4. NEW: Web Gizmo - Added currently playing name and artist information to playback bar.
5. Fixed: Web Gizmo - Search bar was not updating results on change.
6. Changed: Back to the old tag window being default. A few bugs to fix in the new one before it's fully ready. The new one can still be selected with the Shift key when clicking the 'Tag' action window.
7. Changed: 'Test' button on PlayPower action editing dialogs to test the operation of your newly created (or existing) Engen, IR blast, etc. actions.

23.0.37 (8/16/2017)

1. NEW: Web Gizmo - Added search, playing now file list, and file list view when browsing.

23.0.36 (8/15/2017)

1. NEW: Web Gizmo - Input added for selecting zone playback, new button for playing all files in current view.
2. Fixed: Crash when VST audio plugins are enabled and loaded (e.g. playback, configuring DSP, etc.). Builds 32 through 35 were affected.
3. Fixed: Several bug fixes in the PlayPower configuration dialog.

23.0.35 (8/14/2017)

1. Changed: Improved TV time-shifting/JTV folder name formatting to better avoid collisions.
2. Changed: Web Gizmo support for larger library views.
3. Fixed: Action names for delay, MCC, and run program in playpower were getting blanked out in the list.

23.0.34 (8/11/2017)

1. Changed: PlayPower - Auto refresh the zone list if some zones are inaccessible when the dialog is shown because it takes a while for network zones to show up in the list.
2. Changed: PlayPower - Persist the engen device path as well as name in saved actions. Also be smarter about making device names human readable whenever possible.
3. Changed: PlayPower - Limit to audio playback for the time being.
4. Changed: The new tag window is opened always (no way to switch anymore).
5. NEW: Web Gizmo has a fresh new interface (still a work in progress).
6. Fixed: When running "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool with multiple JTV files, some files could be copied into the same time-shifting folder, causing Windows popup complaining about "destination file already exists".
7. Fixed: The PlayPower status dialog would not show on very quick actions. Now it shows for at least two seconds regardless.

23.0.33 (8/8/2017)

1. Changed: Change made in TV Guide database of "TheTVDB Series ID", or any field with relational type FIELD_RELATIONAL_TYPE_SERIES, will no longer be propagated to the main database directly.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: PlayPower - Use "input alias" values for meter device names when available from the Engen server. These are created by the user in the Engen software to make sub-node names more human readable.
4. Changed: PlayPower - Added logging to debug where a UI freeze is happening occasionally at closing the options dialog. Also made EngenAPI thread safe.
5. Changed: PlayPower - Now refreshes all sub-nodes on a device before querying for a meter reading.
6. Changed: PlayPower - Added some status information to the Wait dialog during the 'prepare to start playback' phase.

23.0.32 (8/7/2017)

1. Changed: Ctrl-K or MCC 28042 for toggling commercial skips will no longer turn off manual skipping (i.e. the Next/Previous buttons).
2. Fixed: PlayPower - When adding an existing IR blast, it was calling it "New IR Blast" rather than using the existing name when available.
3. Fixed: Numeric "Spin" type UI controls did not respond to multiple mouse clicks on the up/down arrows unless there was a 1 second delay between them.
4. Changed: PlayPower - Is now available even when "Remote Control" feature is disabled. When remote control is disabled, IR commands are not handled but PlayPower setup can still be done with Engen and other commands.

23.0.31 (8/4/2017)

1. Fixed: Engen settings would get lost if Cancel was selected in the Options dialog before viewing the Engen settings.
2. Changed: Some wording was changed to reflect the new Engen setup name: PlayPower.
3. Changed: During a fresh install, the installer will look for Media Center 20, 21, and 22 instead of only Media Center 22 when upgrading the library and settings.
4. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks, Massimo).
5. Changed: Added a 'Refresh' button to the zone list on the Engen Setup page (Options / Remote Control / Engen Setup). Fills in zones that weren't accessible previously.
6. NEW: "Get Movie & TV Info" tool is available on TV Recordings view.
7. Changed: When updating XMLTV EPG data with "TheTVDB Series ID" being empty, we do not empty the field in the database if we already have a previously obtained entry of the same show.

23.0.30 (8/2/2017)

1. Changed: When evaluating TV recording file path expressions at the end of recording, single-digit Season and Episode numbers are padded with a '0' to match the behavior in "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool.
2. Changed: When evaluating TV recording file path expressions at the end of recording, empty fields will use "Unknown xxxxx" to avoid creating an empty string for a folder name, and to match the behavior in "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool.
3. Changed: Many UI changes in the new Engen setup dialog (Options / Remote Control / Engen Setup).
4. Fixed: Engen setup for playback shows a "working..." popup with a Cancel button that wasn't working. Also several other bugs were fixed.

23.0.29 (8/1/2017)

1. Changed: Radio KISS - Default playback is player and audio quality is Original.
2. Fixed: Radio KISS - Playing now song select didn't work on remote zones.
3. Fixed: Problems in the new Engen remote control feature.
4. NEW: "Locate" context menu in TV Recordings view.
5. Fixed: Connecting to a new remote library didn't reliably use HTTPS if a HTTP connection to the same library was used before.
6. Changed: The expression Watched() will show something like "10 of 12 watched" for groups of files.

23.0.28 (7/31/2017)

1. Fixed: Sorting of results by quality in Get Movie & TV Info wasn't working.

23.0.27 (7/31/2017)

1. Fixed: Playing rotated videos with Red October HQ were cut-off at the bottom.
2. Changed: JRDisc didn't have a version.
3. NEW: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)

23.0.26 (7/28/2017)

1. NEW: In Options / Remote Control, added an Engen setup section for controlling A/V equipment. Currently the only trigger is start of playback within a zone. Work in progress.

23.0.25 (7/28/2017)

1. Fixed: Get Movie & TV Info didn't scale the subtitle selection properly on some monitors.
2. Changed: Removed World Weather Online from Theater View weather because they expired our API key.
3. NEW: Added OpenWeatherMap as a source to Theater View weather.
4. Fixed: Theater View News Interact wouldn't show Japanese and other foreign characters properly.
5. Fixed: Radio KISS - Settings (play to, quality, zone info) wouldn't be cached on some devices after closing the browser.
6. NEW: Added "Cover Art" and "Links" submenus in TV Recordings view's context menu.
7. Fixed: Some OpenCable TV channels could not be played in recent builds.

23.0.24 (7/26/2017)

1. Fixed: The weather plugin wouldn't scale nicely on high DPI.
2. Fixed: Radio KISS - Various display issues resolved on tablets/medium displays.
3. Fixed: Radio KISS - Volume/previous/play/next buttons and selecting track now all work and disable properly.
4. NEW: Radio KISS - Early implementation of play doctor button.

23.0.23 (7/25/2017)

1. Fixed: An audio bug affecting Sat>IP channels with AC3 audio.
2. Fixed: Setting the wallpaper wouldn't work properly on some systems (maybe Windows 10 specific?).
3. NEW: An option to automatically reset log file when it grows beyond a user configured size.
4. Fixed: Disabling online Theater View theme image downloading wasn't working.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: We were no longer showing keyboard shortcuts for Display View, Theater View, etc.
7. Changed: Removed "(ATSC only)" from "In Over-the-air EPG scan (ATSC only), save programs for channels with empty XMLTV IDs only" in Television properties.
8. NEW: Added the playback option Play Shuffled Albums (in track order) to take the tracks and expand them to full albums and shuffle the albums.
9. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
10. NEW: An MCC command (28042) and keyboard accelerator (Ctrl K) to toggle automatic ComSkip off or on during video playback.
11. NEW: "Send To" submenu is now available in Television view context menu when TV Recordings are in view.
12. NEW: The Disk Writer plugin can optionally write MP3 data instead of WAV data.
13. Fixed: MC could freeze for up to a minute at startup and other times if a handheld device had been created from a network share and the share dropped off the network.
14. NEW: Radio KISS - Mobile devices now support progress bar and seeking (on playing now page).
15. NEW: Radio KISS - New playlist card look and feel featuring album art from the playlist.
16. Changed: Radio KISS - Playback buttons are new and improved with animations and improved mobile responsiveness.

23.0.22 (7/17/2017)

1. Changed: Removed the "experimental" tag from the SoX option.
2. Fixed: When playing a music channel on an OpenCable tuner (such as a Comcast Music Choice channel) on a client, MC went into a long buffering pause shortly after playback started, and would not resume for a long time unless intervened by user.
3. Changed: Switched the DSP Analyzer's fall off back to the way it used to be.
4. Changed: Shortened the amount of video data that MC buffers when seek is performed, or when buffering is needed otherwise, on a music channel (such as Comcast Music Choice) on a TV tuner.
5. Changed: Made Theater View searching for sidecar files include any file named FanArt with an image extension.

23.0.21 (7/14/2017)

1. NEW: "Tag" context menu piece (including shortcut Alt+Enter) for tagging selected TV recordings in an Action Window.
2. Changed: Updated the Help > New / Improved This Version link to version 23.
3. NEW: Added support for Olympus ORF files.
4. Changed: Updated the Japanese language file again because there was a carriage return missing in the original and it caused trouble.

23.0.20 (7/12/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Made the Instrument field a list-style.
3. Fixed: Sat>IP television stopped working in recent builds.
4. Fixed: Volume protection wouldn't engage always when you first turned it on.
5. NEW: The tool tips on TV recordings in standard TV view will have a third line showing the file path and name.
6. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
7. Fixed: Linn DAC's were ignoring seek commands.

23.0.19 (7/10/2017)

1. NEW: Context menu "Use current audio stream as default" for all digital TV format (ATSC, DVB-T/S/C, OpenCable, and Sat>IP). This eliminates the need to open "Manage TV Channel" tool to select a default audio stream.
2. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks, Massimo).
3. Fixed: The expanded state of the playlists in the new tag Action Window was not preserved between file selections.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. NEW: Radio KISS - Added full screen toggle button for supported browsers.
6. NEW: Radio KISS - Automatically restores web player state on refresh.
7. Fixed: Radio KISS - Song metadata properly truncates text on Firefox.
8. Fixed: The height of the Manage Library Fields tool was not correct on some displays.

23.0.18 (7/7/2017)

1. NEW: CableCARD and Sat>IP channels allow user setting of audio stream PID.
2. Fixed: TheTVDB metadata lookup could unintentionally clear episode/season info when no full matches were found.
3. Fixed: Using the "Guide" key on a remote control (and similar keys) restores Theater View from its faded-out state.
4. Fixed: In Standard television view, the Channel column width did not stay at full width of the box when sorting was preformed.
5. Changed: The "Audio Programs" context menu for ATSC and DVB TV now includes audio type info, like the newly added menu for CableCARD and Sat>IP.
6. Fixed: Radio KISS - Fix playback when changing playlists in certain situations
7. Changed: Radio KISS - Detect disconnection from MCWS

23.0.17 (7/6/2017)

1. Fixed: Radio KISS - Hide internal playlists, car radio seeds playlists on Windows

23.0.16 (7/6/2017)

1. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.70.2.
2. Fixed: Live TV playback with Red October Standard and Hardware Accelerated decoding could result in a black screen.
3. Changed: Made the MCC command MCC_EXPORT_ALL_PLAYLISTS (20004) honor the silent flag and just use the M3U format.
4. Fixed: Canon RAW files (CRW) wouldn't always import properly.
5. Fixed: Theater View News wouldn't load interact properly.
6. Fixed: The folder option in Camera Acquire Images didn't allow typing.

23.0.15 (7/5/2017)

1. Fixed: The Modern Cards Grey skin top border wouldn't look good on high DPI or retina modes.
2. NEW: Audio Programs context menu for on-the-fly selection of audio for CableCARD and Sat>IP devices.
3. Fixed: Radio KISS - Hidden Car Radio seeds playlists
4. Changed: Radio KISS - Temporarily hide non-radio button playlists until fix exists
5. Fixed: The "Smartlist Rules Importer / Exporter" dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
6. Changed: Added parameter IncludeMediaTypes to MCWS Playlists/List command which returns the media types of files in a playlist (regular playlists only).

23.0.14 (6/28/2017)

1. NEW: "Library Tools" context menu in standard television view, when TV recordings are listed.
2. NEW: F6 and F12 support in standard television view, when TV recordings are listed.
3. Fixed: Radio KISS - Play stats are updated when listening from the player
4. Fixed: Radio KISS - No repeated login prompts
5. Changed: Radio KISS - Displays all user playlists, some smartlists
6. Changed: Added icon for Smartlists
7. NEW: Added an option to show/hide the All Lights On and All Lights Off buttons to the Theater View Lighting configuration dialog.

23.0.13 (6/26/2017)

1. Changed: Removed the "Video renderer (with integrated decoding)" choice from custom DirectShow graph configuration, since madVR dropped support for this mode long ago.
2. Changed: Red October HQ uses LAV Video's "DXVA2 Copy-Back" hardware acceleration on AMD video cards.
3. Fixed: Saving the currently playing tracks as a Car Radio Playchart didn't create a Playchart that corresponded to the original files (you'll have to save again to make it start working).
4. Changed: Carnac will strip any leading zeroes off the season and episode at import time.
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

23.0.12 (6/23/2017)

1. Changed: If loading Sat>IP channels with default port fails, MC will retry with port 554.
2. NEW: Radio KISS - support for HTTP audio/radio streams (HLS)
3. Fixed: Playing page now loads next metadata properly
4. Fixed: Previous/next button disable status is functional
5. Optimized: Performance enhancements when changing pages and selecting playlists

23.0.11 (6/22/2017)

1. Optimized: Television recording in transport stream format is more efficient, especially when multiple simultaneous recordings are involved.
2. NEW: You can right-click a file and pick Cover Art > Edit (first file) to open the image in the JRiver image editor.
3. Fixed: Saving cover art to the external location specified in options didn't always work.
4. Changed: Radio KISS - Make playing list items clickable
5. Changed: Radio KISS - Jump to playing page upon clicking playlist

23.0.10 (6/22/2017)

1. Changed: Minor logging adjustment in television engine.
2. Fixed: Playlist export didn't fix the filenames, so if the playlist name contained a colon or other character that wasn't legal, it didn't work properly.
3. Changed: When a channel is deleted from the list on Manage TV Channels window, the list is no longer scrolled to the top.
4. Fixed: Radio KISS - Routing/refreshing uses hash
5. Fixed: Radio KISS - Playlist card text no longer overflow container
6. Changed: Radio KISS - Playlist/playchart text are now icons
7. Changed: Radio KISS - Play/pause icon reflects status of playlist on playlist cards
8. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.

23.0.9 (6/20/2017)

1. Fixed: Custom scenes were not activating in the Theater View Lighting plugin.
2. Fixed: When doing DLNA rendering of "wav" files (not L24 or L16), MC was doing an expensive internet open/read/close operation (twice) to check for exotic "wav" files containing compressed data that need the video engine. Now we only do this for local files. Caused hesitation between tracks on slow devices like ID's.
3. Changed: Radio KISS - Improved "Playing" page format on mobile and desktop
4. Changed: Radio KISS - Show cover art on mobile in now playing bar
5. NEW: Radio KISS - Select web audio quality from settings page

23.0.8 (6/19/2017)

1. NEW: The "Conductor" field is imported from the "©con" tag of MP4 files.
2. NEW: The "Director" field is imported from the "©dir" tag of MP4 files.
3. NEW: The "Producer" field is imported from the "©prd" tag of MP4 files.
4. NEW: The "Publisher" field is imported from the "©pub" tag of MP4 files.
5. NEW: Media Center can use HTTPS to connect to a Library Server.
6. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Fixed: Android audio playback using WebGizmo in a Chrome browser was broken apparently due to recent changes in the Chrome browser.

23.0.7 (6/16/2017)

1. Fixed: Downmixing a LFE channel could be affected by the wrong LFE frequency setting.
2. Fixed: Radio KISS - Support IE 11 browser.
3. Fixed: Radio KISS - Fix Wiki link.
4. Changed: Radio KISS - Disable context menu (annoying on Android).
5. Changed: Radio KISS - Support web-app on iOS and Android (home screen link).
6. Changed: Radio KISS - Better, more compact view on mobile devices.
7. Changed: Radio KISS - Tabs for navigation.

23.0.6 (6/15/2017)

1. Changed: Radio KISS - Updated navbar page names
2. Fixed: Radio KISS - Auto music playback on Chrome for Android

23.0.5 (6/15/2017)

1. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.70 (Performance and hardware decoding improvements).
2. Fixed: Radio KISS - Method for storing last played zone.
3. Fixed: Radio KISS - Changing playlist to remote zones.
4. Changed: Radio KISS - Added correct mime-type for svg graphic icons.

23.0.4 (6/14/2017)

1. NEW: Added right-click More Play Options > Play Album (shuffled).
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Radio KISS rearranged now-playing bar
4. Changed: Radio KISS added colors to playlist buttons.
5. Changed: Radio KISS improved mobile responsive layout.

23.0.3 (6/13/2017)

1. NEW: Video playback stops when paused for 10 minutes.
2. Fixed: Video Transcoding could fail on headless systems in 23.0.2 (ie. through MCWS).

23.0.2 (6/9/2017)

1. NEW: The View extras menu looks for a zip file named "Artwork.zip" and shows the artwork in the zip file if it exists.
2. NEW: Zone links can be renamed.
3. Changed: Improved the Modern Cards: Grey Edition skin (thanks Awesome Donkey).
4. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks, Massimo and Matteo).
5. Changed: Updated the Modern Cards Grey skin (thanks Awesome Donkey!).
6. NEW: Added "Stop After Playing Track" to the right-click menu in Playing Now.
7. Changed: Made the startup silence option have a lot more choices all the way out to 45 seconds.
8. NEW: EPG profiles can have individually set repeat intervals.
9. Changed: Increased the minimum size of the Manage Library Fields tool.
10. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
11. Changed: The tool "Fill Track Numbers From List Order" allows optionally picking the field "Episode" instead of "Track #".
12. NEW: On "Schedule Guide Reloading" window an "Edit" button is added, to edit some aspects of existing EPG profiles.
13. Fixed: PercData username and password were not always auto filled when editing EPG profiles.
14. NEW: Added a "Repeat" column in EPG profile list on "Schedule Guide Reloading" window to show repeat time interval of each profile (if set).
15. Fixed: When editing an existing EPG profile with mc2xml option, the existing ProviderToken was not always displayed.
16. NEW: Added a "Next Load" column in the EPG profile list on "Schedule Guide Reloading" window to show the next time EPG loading is to occur for each profile set to repeat.
17. Fixed: Playing images on a library server client with conversion enabled would double rotate the images (so the rotation would appear wrong).
18. Fixed: The Environment box in the Effects DSP didn't draw large enough on high DPI.
19. Changed: Holding the shift key down while using the Locate menu will open in a new tab.
20. Changed: Improved DirectShow graph-building for video capture devices that use hardware encoders (Hauppauge and other devices).
21. Changed: Canceled television recordings will no longer prevent background TV tasks (EPG loading, stale program cleaning-up) from being performed.
22. NEW: WavPack DSD files play as native DSD if the DSD bitstreaming feature is enabled.
23. Changed: Improved Theater View television guide grid navigation. Moving around in the grid near a long program (12 hours for example) using arrow keys now behaves more sensibly.
24. Changed: MC will save extra data that may be present in the Sat>IP channels in the M3U file provided by the server, and try using the data when tuning. Hopefully this will allow playing scrambled channels with CI on the server.
25. Changed: The Device Name column in the Tuner Profile list on Television properties page is dynamically formatted to take into consideration of device addition and removal.
26. NEW: The Library Server and MCWS are available over HTTPS.
27. Changed: Enabled hardware accelerated video decoding on AMD video cards with Red October HQ.
28. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
29. Changed: Left-click on a tooltip hides the tooltip
30. Changed: Space-bar now works for check/uncheck checkboxes in list controls, such as the DSP plugin list in DSP studio.
31. NEW: Carnac understands files by the naming: Series (Year)-S#E#-Name.ext.
32. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playback/LoadDSPPreset to load a DSP preset by a name.
33. NEW: The TV Channels box on Standard Television view can be resized.
34. Fixed: Some list column widths in Standard view EPG window were not scaled for high-resolution monitors.
35. Changed: DLNA: Added a controller option to Ignore GetPosition Failure (on broken renderers) which is NOT set by default. As a consequence of this, DLNA device status checking is simplified for normal devices when the option is NOT enabled. This will allow other broken renderers to work when the options is NOT set. The option is specifically for Stream-Only devices.
36. NEW: A preview of Radio KISS, a new web based player interface to Media Center. It's on the "Panel" web page labeled "Radio". Currently only shows and plays "Car Radio" playlists.