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22.0.110 (6/2/2017)

1. Fixed: A bug in recent builds that would cause TV time-shifting folder name to end with a space and such folder could not be deleted.
2. Fixed: TV Recording clean up tool could not remove the malformed folder that had a folder name that ended with a space.

22.0.109 (5/25/2017)

1. Fixed: Clicking from one field to another in the new tag window wouldn't keep editing.

22.0.108 (5/17/2017)

1. Fixed: Some DVB-T HD channels (HEVC/H.265) could not be played live, nor could jtv recordings of them be played.
2. Change: Additional changes to avoid putting CableCARD tuners in "Undefined" state erroneously.
3. Fixed: When a TV device failed to initialize or failed to start recording, the state of the tuner could be stuck in "initializing" or "undefined".
4. Fixed: Recent changes in Manage TV Channels tool messed up checkbox clicking (Favorite or Hidden) in the channel list.

22.0.107 (5/16/2017)

1. Changed: Minor change in how television time-shifting folder length is shortened as introduced in build 106.
2. Changed: Updated the TheTVDB integration to the v2 TheTVDB API.
3. Changed: The Buy menu now includes current prices of products (USD currency).
4. Fixed: "Tagging error" popup when television recording in jtv with long file path finished.
5. Fixed: Thumbnailing failed for JTV television recordings with long file paths.
6. NEW: If an EPG program contains an image file URL, MC will download and save the image locally after recording the program.
7. Fixed: Keyboard searches/navigation within report controls did not support space characters because of a conflict with the space-bar accelerator key Play/Pause functionality. Now a space is supported as long as it's not the first character in the search string.

22.0.106 (5/1/2017)

1. Fixed: Television time-shifting files with long file paths were not cleaned after time-shifting/recording sessions ended.
2. Fixed: Cleanup time-shifting folders tool could not clean up files with long file paths.
3. Fixed: Media Center might not have output 32 channels reliably.
4. Fixed: A bug in television time-shifting index file handling that caused problems when show names were super long.
5. Fixed: "Rename, Move, & Copy file" did not format new file name correctly for files with long file paths.
6. Fixed: JTV files could not be renamed or copied correctly if they had long file paths.
7. Changed: Folder name length of television time-shifting folder (for each time-shifting or recording session) is limited to 50 characters or fewer, to reduce the chance of having super long jtv file paths (some TV show's name field may be over 100 characters long).
8. Fixed: The Full Screen Monitor option in the Tree & View properties was not showing a list of monitors.
9. Changed: On the help menu, added a sub-menu to the "Buy" option that contains the single platform option along with the Master license option.

22.0.105 (4/24/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: In image editor, the offsets and scrolling weren't right. Image had a weird offset within the display window and after zooming, user often could not scroll to the edge of the image.

22.0.104 (4/22/2017)

1. Changed: When the focus was on any report or list control, the space-bar key was not working as an accelerator for Play/Pause. Now the only place it doesn't work is in the main tree view where it's used for expand/contract group items.
2. NEW: The television channels list on Manage TV Channels window now has two additional columns - "Channel #" and "Type". Click any column header sorts the channels according to the column with exception of the first column, which is still a rolling sort column (cycling through "Custom", "by channel name not ignoring the channel number in the name", and "by channel name, ignoring the channel number in name").
3. Changed: Trying again to get printer settings saving.

22.0.103 (4/21/2017)

1. Changed: Television channel custom ordering method was changed. This is an internal change. There should be no user noticeable effect.
2. Changed: Added support for customizing the group colors in the new tag window. Set: <TAGWINDOW><Colors Group="FF00FF" />.
3. Changed: Switched the edit used for searching in the new tag window to a "Search" style from a regular edit style.
4. Changed: On Manage TV Channels window, the television channels list window will not reset to Custom sorting each time some operation (such as grouping, adding or deleting channels) is performed.
5. Changed: When television channels are sorted according to parameters that put channels in large groups (such as Favorite status, Hidden status, or Tuner Type), channels within each group are sorted by channel names instead of leaving them unsorted.
6. Fixed: Image printing wouldn't reliably save and load printer settings on some systems.

22.0.102 (4/19/2017)

1. Changed: Setting the Repeat mode to stop after each item or to repeat the current item will be saved between program runs (previously it would switch to repeating the playlist in those modes).
2. Fixed: The new Action Window Tag page wouldn't always update properly on skin switches.

22.0.101 (4/19/2017)

1. Changed: Adjusted television time-shifting reader filter's logging so it uses the user configured logging verbosity.
2. Fixed: Track Info visualizations could steal the focus on track changes.
3. Fixed: Empty list-type fields wouldn't show in the new Tag Action Window.
4. Changed: List-type fields in the new Tag Action Window are capped at displaying 6 items.

22.0.100 (4/17/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Changed: If "Year Movie was Released" is found in PercData data, it will be saved in Date field.
3. Changed: An option "If channel names include multiple parts separated by '-', use last part of the name" was added for Sat>IP TV channel scanning using server-provided channel list file.
4. Changed: When doing a Sat>IP channel scan with the "short name" option, channel names that begin with "Radio - " will keep the "Radio - " prefix.
5. Changed: Revised the Sat>IP channel to xmltv ID matching to reduce chances of mismatch.
6. Fixed: A user name in the View > User menu with slashes in it wouldn't work properly.
7. Changed: Made the display of a list style field in the new tag window show the list on multiple lines instead of all together with semi-colons.
8. Changed: Television is more robust against a rare race condition when picking tuners for tasks.
9. Fixed: Television did not work for some tuners (HDHomeRun ATSC or DVB tuners for example) since build 98.

22.0.99 (4/12/2017)

1. Changed: When updating television channel logos during EPG loading the image files are downloaded and saved locally instead of only keeping URL reference.
2. Fixed: TV Verbose logging was inadvertently turned on in PSI parser code.
3. Changed: Added a couple extra checks to Monkey's Audio to detect (and hopefully handle) corrupt files.
4. Changed: Pressing the "Back" button to return to Theater View now saves the bookmark.
5. Changed: Renamed "J. River TS Reader Filter" to "JRiver Time-Shifting Reader Filter", and "MJTSWriterFilter" to "JRiver Time-Shifting Writer Filter".

22.0.98 (4/10/2017)

1. Change: Added a television option "Use extra layer of buffer when recording in TS format", to make recently added buffering optional. This is added in an attempt to fix a rare and inexplicable crash. If you do not have problems, you can keep this option on. If you have been having problems, try turning it off.
2. Fixed: The player wouldn't launch normally if you were running in server mode.
3. Fixed: RTF files in the View Extras menu weren't opening.

22.0.97 (4/7/2017)

1. Changed: Made the Send To menu no longer list hidden zones.
2. NEW: TV Channel and program icon URL will be automatically added to database if they are available in xmltv file.
3. Changed: Improved xmltv EPG data handling in general, and in particular with IceTV data.
4. Fixed: The OSD could display the same (wrong) image name all the time even as playback was advancing.
5. Changed: In the File Location Options dialog, a custom path can now be entered for images.

22.0.96 (4/3/2017)

1. Changed: Added RTF to the list of extensions the View Extras menu searches for.
2. NEW: Added Matroska transcoding, streaming and DLNA profiles.
3. Fixed: Picking the option "Ignore accents when sorting" wouldn't stick in an unchecked state between runs.
4. Changed: Searching for a letter range includes accents as well.

22.0.95 (3/31/2017)

1. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Fixed: When Theater View would show a menu and then show a child menu when the child menu would go away the focus would shift back to the Theater View list instead of the menu.

22.0.94 (3/29/2017)

1. Changed: Improved Sat>IP channels' xmltv ID matching.
2. Changed: Upgraded LibRaw to 0.18.2
3. Changed: MC now supports KDC format raw image files from certain Kodak camera models.

22.0.93 (3/28/2017)

1. Fixed: In Gizmo and JRemote the playback duration would be wrong and the playback bar would be inaccurate.

22.0.92 (3/28/2017)

1. Changed: Made ignoring accents a sort option in Options > Tree & View > Sorting.
2. Fixed: The string "Always on Top" in one of the menus wasn't flagged for translation.
3. Fixed: The "Click for Tools" option in the new tag window wasn't using the new skin colors.

22.0.91 (3/28/2017)

1. Fixed: Sat>IP channels marked with "dvbs" modulation system could not be played on a tuner that was marked "dvbs2".
2. Fixed: Some more Sat>IP channel handling bugs related to modulation systems "dvbt/t2" and "dvbc/c2".
3. Fixed: The image portion of the new tag window wasn't using the updated text colors.
4. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Fixed: Mouse wheel over a list style edit field in the new tag window would still sometimes close the editing.
6. Changed: A couple more skin updates from Awesome Donkey (thanks!).

22.0.90 (3/27/2017)

1. Changed: Updates for pretty much all the skins (thanks Awesome Donkey!).
2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

22.0.89 (3/27/2017)

1. NEW: Sat>IP channels can be scanned using server-provided channel list m3u file if available.
2. Fixed: For Sat>IP devices the tuner type drop list on "Configure Device" dialog window only contained one entry "Disabled", with "Sat>IP" missing from the list.
3. Fixed: SatIP channel manipulation bugs caused channels loaded from the server not playable.
4. Changed: Ingested some more skin updates from Awesome Donkey (thanks!).
5. Changed: Made the about box a bit wider because some of the text would cut off on certain monitors.
6. Changed: The new tag window supports using a custom text color (add it to <TAGWINDOW> <Colors Text="FF00FF" />).

22.0.88 (3/24/2017)

1. Changed: Some DLNA tweaks.

22.0.87 (3/23/2017)

1. Changed: Added the right-click option to hide the zone you right-clicked on at the top of the show / hide zone menu.
2. Fixed: Customizing the File Info panel in Theater View was broken.

22.0.86 (3/23/2017)

1. Changed: Updates to Z, ModernCards Grey, Green Eyes, and Aruba (thanks Awesome Donkey!).

22.0.85 (3/22/2017)

1. NEW: The hierarchical subjects from Light Room are available in an image using Tag(XMP: HierarchicalSubject).
2. NEW: Added the sample rate of 88200 to the ASIO Line-in configuration.
3. Changed: Updates to Pearl Bailey, PixOS, Noire, and Noire Glass (thanks Awesome Donkey!).
4. Fixed: Audio Analysis would hang on files with an invalid playback range.

22.0.84 (3/20/2017)

1. NEW: Added Options > Images > Stop slideshow on manual changes to optionally keep a slideshow running during manual changes (defaults to on).
2. Fixed: Scrolling the Tag window with the mouse wheel when a large list was open would scroll the tag window too and stop editing.
3. Changed: Tweaked the ideal sizing for large edit controls in the new tag window so they're less likely to put the bottom control off the screen.
4. Changed: A little tweak for the ModernCards Dark skin (thanks Awesome Donkey).
5. Changed: Added the command "Tag Dump" to the add box for the new Tag window.
6. Fixed: MC failed to identify and map audio and video PIDs when playing a SAT>IP channel.
7. NEW: SAT>IP device support is taking shape.

22.0.83 (3/17/2017)

1. Changed: Updated the artwork in the ModernCards Dark skin for the new tag window (thanks Awesome Donkey).
2. NEW: Added rating to the Theater View On Screen Display (OSD).
3. Changed: The device name for television tuner profiles that include multiple devices is changed from "<first device name> etc." to "n Tuners (<first device name>, etc.)", where n is the number of devices in the profile.
4. Changed: Made pressing the play button on a remote resume a paused image slideshow from switching tracks manually, zooming, etc.

22.0.82 (3/15/2017)

1. Fixed: Television channel logos' transparency was not retained.
2. Fixed: A bug in parsing Sat>IP type channels.
3. Changed: Added a section for the new tag window to the Black on Black skin (thanks Marko).
4. Changed: Scrolling the new tag window will stop any open edits (instead of scrolling the edit off the screen!).
5. Changed: Added a section for the new tag window to ModernCards Dark Edition and ModernCards White Edition (thanks Awesome Donkey).
6. Changed: Added a new tag window section to the Purity skin (thanks Awesome Donkey).

22.0.81 (3/13/2017)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.25.
2. Fixed: In rare cases during large media imports, there could be a fatal error where a large number of dead-locked background threads get created that would prevent further thread creation.
3. NEW: Added a Mid-side decoder to Parametric Equalizer.
4. Changed: Made the new tag window save the expanded / collapsed state of groups between runs.
5. Fixed: New tag window fields could stay open for editing while choosing different files from the list.
6. Fixed: With large databases, a background audio analysis could appear to freeze Media Center.

22.0.80 (3/10/2017)

1. Changed: Made the resolution of the room correction speaker distances smaller (0.1 ft or 0.01 meters).
2. Changed: Made the up and down arrows reverse so that up increases volume or any other slider and down decreases.
3. Changed: Made calling /RestoreLibrary, /RestoreLibraryAndSettings, etc. not show a success message box.
4. Changed: Seeking in live TV and jtv recordings is more precise.
5. Changed: When video playing (including live TV) is in frame-stepping mode, LEFT arrow causes video to jump back 1 second, regardless what value it is set in video settings.
6. NEW: CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW (left or right) in video playing jumps to the next/previous key frame. Works only with certain types of video (such as AVi, mp4, mkv). Does not work with live TV or TV recordings.
7. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.24.

22.0.79 (3/8/2017)

1. Changed: Animated GIF file automatically plays in the video engine.
2. NEW: Added the expression function UnMoveArticles(...) to move the articles back to the beginning of a string from the end.
3. Fixed: Removed zones could get readded (instead of recycled) and cause a memory leak.

22.0.78 (3/6/2017)

1. Changed: When cancelling the Customize View dialog, if no changes have been made, it will be instant (instead of reapplying the same settings).
2. Changed: Made the fill track numbers system show a dialog to ask for the start and increment.
3. NEW: Added the expression function MoveArticles(...) to take a string and move the leading article to the end.
4. Fixed: Switching the media type of a GIF to video wouldn't start it playing in the video engine.

22.0.77 (3/1/2017)

1. Fixed: CAF audio files containing non-PCM audio would fail to play if playback type was set to Automatic.
2. Changed: A small rearrangement in coding in an attempt to fix the problem of "Season" being wrong when loading EPG data from xmltv files.
3. Fixed: Television recording in transport stream format could be in very poor quality for some TV tuners since build 22.0.32.
4. Fixed: OpenSubtitles feature would not set the current subtitle for a video to the one selected if it was a "MicroDVD" format.
5. Changed: Expanded OpenSubtitles feature to support TV episodes with the season/episode format (e.g. "Series Name S01E04").
6. Changed: OpenSubtitles feature now downloads multiple subtitle file sets for multi-disc movies. Downloaded files have the CD number at the end of the filename, e.g. "_CD1", "_CD2", etc.
7. NEW: Frame-by-frame forward stepping in video and television playback. SHIFT+Right Arrow.

22.0.76 (2/22/2017)

1. Fixed: The order of television subscription recording rule's channel list was not preserved when the rule was edited.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: The string <XMLFN... is no longer shown in the new tag window below images.
4. Changed: Increased the maximum subtitle shift allowed in the right-click menu to 5 seconds from 1 second (remember that the OSD choice to adjust the shift allows infinite adjustments).
5. NEW: Added support for PSD files that are RGB with 4 channels for the color.
6. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version.
7. Changed: Made zooming in or out of an image stop the slideshow.
8. Fixed: Facebook upload photos wasn't working because older API wasn't supported anymore. MC now supports API v2.8.

22.0.75 (2/16/2017)

1. Fixed: Pressing the OK button to accept something didn't always work when running translated (made DSP presets unsaveable, etc.).
2. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.69 (various fixes and improved support for HDR video files).
3. NEW: Support for {\anX} alignment tags in SRT subtitles.

22.0.74 (2/14/2017)

1. NEW: "Get TV & Movie Info" tool allows downloading subtitles from the API based off the IMDB Id.

22.0.73 (2/13/2017)

1. NEW: Program-keywords-search based TV subscription recording rules will sort recordings according to channel ordering for rules that specify multiple channels, or "All channels" with additional "preferred channels" selected.
2. Changed: When multiple TV channels match a particular TV subscription rule for recording at the same time, only the first will be recorded at recording start time.
3. Change: Minor tweaks in Theater View TV guide grid color customization.
4. Fixed: Right-click context menu on video/TV playback window would not work in full screen mode after showing the control window on top.
5. Fixed: ATSC over-the-air EPG scan could crash on program entries that do not have a title.
6. Fixed: Handheld Sync converts files of the same file type if DSP is enabled (still uses the conversion cache, needs to be cleared when changing DSP settings).
7. Changed: Clicking toolbar buttons that close the image editor is no longer allowed when a tool is open -- instead a message is shown.

22.0.72 (2/8/2017)

1. Fixed: WAV plugin did not get audio duration correctly for some WAV files (with mp2 audio content).
2. Fixed: Spelling of the standard genre #68 was wrong. It was 'Psychadelic' and now it's 'Psychedelic'. This affects import and tag updating of mp3 and m4a files.
3. NEW: Theater View TV guide grid colors can be customized.
4. Changed: Playing Car Radio buttons that are nested Smartlists will reevaluate the files in the smartlist at click time instead of using cached files.
5. NEW: Added the choice "Reset Button" when right-clicking a Car Radio button to remove the preset.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

22.0.71 (2/2/2017)

1. Changed: MC will try correcting a certain type of malformed WAVE files when writing tags to ID3 chunk, so that tag writing will be successful.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. NEW: Tagging support for non-PCM audio in WAVE files. This includes DTS and MPEG audio in WAVE.
4. Fixed: Clicking on a link icon for an album or artist with accents didn't always work.

22.0.70 (1/31/2017)

1. Fixed: More accents trouble.

22.0.69 (1/30/2017)

1. NEW: During import of an ISO file from a SACD, the Foobar sidecar file is read for the track names (we can pull other data if you request it).
2. Changed: When customizing the new Tag Action Window, it won't let you add items outside a group (since a group is necessary).
3. Fixed: Pane views that used accents with expression fields weren't working properly.
4. Fixed: The size of emailing images is remembered between sends.

22.0.68 (1/30/2017)

1. Changed: Over-the-air EPG scanning (ATSC and DVB) no longer saves "Event ID" into Program ID field. Instead, Episode ID, if available, is saved in the field.
2. Changed: The tag action window could be slow to open when it was showing playlists. Now it's much faster.
3. Changed: The new tag window has "Image" as one of the add choices during customization to nicely add the image field and type the right expression for you.

22.0.67 (1/27/2017)

1. Fixed: Putting an accent in a search list item for the panes didn't work properly.

22.0.66 (1/26/2017)

1. Changed: A little more tuning of ellipsis and capitalization in the string cleaning tool.
2. Changed: Made the IsLowerCase(...) function take an optional second parameter for the number of characters to test. That way you can test only the first letter for example.
3. Fixed: Television time-shifting showed "Live" instead of currently available duration, in builds 64 and 65.
4. Fixed: After playing live TV on a client, an invalid JTV file might be left in the server database.
5. NEW: Added the command "Stop After Current File" to Theater View's Playing Now roller.
6. Changed: Theater View's Playing Now roller updates after hitting play or stop.

22.0.65 (1/24/2017)

1. Fixed: Title case capitalization didn't correctly capitalize the word after an exclamation mark if it was an article.
2. NEW: Added the option 'Convert dots to the ellipsis character' for the tool Clean File Properties.
3. NEW: Added the expression IsLowerCase(...) to test a string to see if it's all lowercase.

22.0.64 (1/24/2017)

1. Changed: Carnac understands two digit seasons in the new naming "Series Name (Year) - S3E12 - Episode Name".
2. Fixed: The date/time "Midnight December 30, 1899" could not be set.
3. Changed: Memory playback has been consolidated to one option in Options > Audio > Memory playback. The modes are: No memory playback, Load full file (not decoded) into memory, Load decoded file into memory.
4. Changed: Updated to WavPack 5.1.
5. Changed: Made the text boxes in a library overview a little wider.
6. Fixed: DVB EPG text on certain channels was not decoded properly.
7. Fixed: When playing television, the Theater View Playing Now box wouldn't properly show the display.
8. NEW: WavPack DSD files import and play properly.

22.0.63 (1/13/2017)

1. Fixed: DateTime comparison "Is Same day" could be wrong for dates prior to 1900.
2. Fixed: DLNA device renderer returned 0 for current file duration in both the getPosition and getMediaInfo calls.
3. Fixed: MCWS returned 0 for position much longer than desirable causing the playback bar on JRemote and Gizmo to bounce back and forth until a valid position was received.
4. Changed: DLNA: Small change to determination of stale values in playback position.

22.0.62 (1/13/2017)

1. Fixed: Long filenames still didn't import reliably (even with the long filename option set).
2. Changed: Removed some experimental DLNA work that was in build 61.

22.0.61 (1/13/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: With the Windows option "Activate a window by hovering over it with a mouse" enabled, the comboboxes in DSP Studio would disappear right away.
3. Fixed: Entering an old dates (between 1601 and 1899) still did not work if a time was also involved.
4. Changed: Adjusted logging related to DVB EPG.
5. Changed: Changed handling of some DVB EPG code pages.
6. Changed: DVB EPG scanning is a little more efficient.

22.0.60 (1/11/2017)

1. Fixed: Clicking the "Browse" button on the auto-import configuration would allow clicking over and over.
2. NEW: Carnac understands the naming "Series Name (Year) - S3E12 - Episode Name" for a TV episode.
3. Fixed: Some columns in standard television view did not respond to header click for sorting correctly. Descending sort was done correctly but not ascending sort.
4. Changed: Spacebar no longer selects a menu entry.
5. Changed: Made the default thumbnail size a little bigger (especially on high DPI).
6. Fixed: Fields that had accents in their names wouldn't work properly in panes views.

22.0.59 (1/9/2017)

1. Fixed: When recording of a television program that was part of a subscription was canceled, the shows before and/or after it could be erroneously marked as "Canceled recording" if the subscription had large pre- and/or post-paddings.
2. Changed: PercData password is now encrypted before being saved.
3. Fixed: Entering old dates like 1700 didn't work properly.

22.0.58 (1/7/2017)

1. Fixed: Both Show and Slideshow would start a slideshow when viewing images from Theater View.
2. NEW: Updated the WavPack plugin to version 5.0

22.0.57 (1/6/2017)

1. Change: Rephrased the instructions on AND / OR grouping, on Television Recording Rules Editing dialog to make them clearer. Also expanded the tooltips.
2. Fixed: MC's preferred tuner map was not updated when a tuner was newly selected to be a preferred tuner of some channels until MC restarted, resulting in slightly unexpected behavior until restart.
3. Changed: Switching images with left / right stops the slideshow just like using page up / page down.
4. Fixed: With G-Force running, the Theater View exit dialog would get stuck.

22.0.56 (1/4/2017)

1. Changed: Updated the copyright years to 2017.
2. NEW: Added "Duration" (in seconds) to television recording rule setup. One can now specify "Duration is greater than 3600", or "Duration is in the range 600 - 1800", etc. for example.
3. Fixed: Settings changes to the DSP 'Headphones' plugin for DLNA zones were not getting saved and all DLNA DSP Studio usage was causing memory leaks.
4. NEW: Added optional "Duration" column in standard view television views (All programs, Favorite Channels, To be recorded).
5. Changed: Rephrased the message "Error. The program associated with this rule no longer exists." to "The program associated with this rule no longer exists." in Recording Rules Remarks column in Standard television view.
6. Changed: The Recording Rules view in television standard view is sorted by Rule Name instead of Rule ID by default.

22.0.55 (1/3/2017)

1. Changed: Moved the search box in Panel to the bottom of the page and condensed the layout to make Panel fit better on small screens.
2. Fixed: Expression panes that showed an accent didn't always work reliably.

22.0.54 (12/27/2016)

1. Changed: Added more support for PonoPlayer devices. Includes account setup in Tools / Options / Services. Also the 'Pono authenticated' column can be added to any view by adding column 'Pono', which shows a blue icon for tracks purchased from the PonoMusic Store.

2. Changed: The PonoMusic Store is now listed in the tree under 'Services & Plug-ins'. The Pono store website is still 'under construction' however as they are in the process of switching to a new music fulfillment back-end.

22.0.53 (12/21/2016)

1. Fixed: Relational fields that looked at an accent for the relationship weren't working properly.

22.0.52 (12/19/2016)

1. Fixed: Picking a search suggestion that had an accent in it wasn't working properly.

22.0.51 (12/19/2016)

1. Fixed: Accents wouldn't work properly in panes that were based on an expression.

22.0.50 (12/19/2016)

1. Fixed: Right-clicking the toolbar repeatedly would show a stacked menu instead of only one menu.
2. Fixed: Clicking the link arrow on a field that had accents didn't work properly.
3. Fixed: Commercial marks on position OSD were not positioned correctly.
4. Fixed: ComSkip would skip forward too far if there is a non-zero start position set in Playback Range.
5. Changed: Added an additional thumbnail folder used by some Android phones to filter from the import list at camera acquire time.
6. Fixed: Accents still didn't always work right in certain panes.

22.0.49 (12/15/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan!).
2. Fixed: When playing a television channel live on a client, MC did not always honor preferred tuner set for the channel.
3. NEW: Multiple tuners can be selected as "Preferred tuners" for television channels.
4. Fixed: Picking values in a pane that had accents in it wasn't working properly.
5. Fixed: A race condition during DirectShow graph startup, in TV channel scanning.

22.0.48 (12/12/2016)

1. Fixed: Lighting control in Theater View and Scheduler was not working with the latest version of Engen due to an API change. Must have Engen version 1.0.38 or higher.
2. Fixed: The "All lights on/off" commands could fail to switch all connected lights if there was one non-responding device in the list provided by Engen.

22.0.47 (12/8/2016)

1. NEW: Added a new tool "Cleanup time-shifting folders" to delete orphaned or incomplete time-shifting component files in time-shifting subfolders of the television recording folder.
2. Changed: Changed some code in ATSC channel scanning to avoid certain inexplicable hangs.

22.0.46 (12/7/2016)

1. Changed: Grouping in views ignores accents now instead of grouping them into the others grouping.
2. NEW: Added a "Mark commercial positions on position OSD if data are available" option in Video options, for users of ComSkip.
3. Changed: Television tuner device list will be loaded (if not already loaded) when one clicks "Show status" in the filter box in Standard view, or in Options > Television > Advanced. Now the tuner list will be shown even if no tuner has been in use since MC startup.
4. Fixed: "Rename, Move, & Copy files..." did not replace invalid characters in filenames in 22.0.45.
5. Changed: A little better handling of failures of commands over network to CableCARD devices.
6. NEW: The read-only login for Library Server is now configurable in Options.
7. NEW: Added an options dialog to the start of the Listening Test to pick the formats to convert to.

22.0.45 (12/1/2016)

1. Fixed: When a YouTube video finished playing, it could show two popups for subsequent videos.
2. Fixed: Post-recording auto tagging of TV recordings in jtv format with [Filename(path)] field did not work reliably.
3. Changed: [Filename] field can be used in post-recording television recording auto tagging, in place of [Filename(name)] and [Filename(path)]. It is handled as if [Filename(name)] and [Filename(path)] are separately specified.
4. Fixed: The "Update database to point to new location (no file rename, move, or copy)" mode in "Rename, Move, & Copy files..." tool did not work for jtv files.
5. Fixed: A few minor logging issues in television engine.
6. Fixed: MC would crash when scanning for ATSC EPG data if a rating region contained in a content advisory descscriptor did not have text description.

22.0.44 (11/28/2016)

1. Fixed: Using SoX resampling could overflow the player core in 22.0.43.

22.0.43 (11/22/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: Improved the accuracy of resampling delay handling when using SoX for a more constant delay on certain resampling ratios.
3. Changed: MC television recording will properly handle post-recording tagging (setup in recording rules) of field [Filename(path)], in addition to [Filename(name)] that has already been supported.
4. Fixed: Removed a possible cause of crash in OTA EPG scanning.
5. NEW: A new television option "Logging verbosity" that controls how much television-related logging is done (in Help > Logging). The option is under TV Options > Advanced.
6. Changed: Made tooltips turning off a little more reliable with the Listening Test.
7. Fixed: Importing long filenames (with the long filename option checked) didn't work reliably.

22.0.42 (11/17/2016)

1. Fixed: The listening test wouldn't accept low or medium bitrate MP3 files.
2. Fixed: Doing a listening test with a really high sample rate file could lead to a crash.
3. Changed: Added the original as one of the formats for the listening tests.
4. Fixed: On the Save View dialog, typing a name with a backslash in it or other illegal filename character wasn't handled nicely.

22.0.41 (11/14/2016)

1. Changed: Tooltips are turned off during a listening test (and turned back on afterward).

22.0.40 (11/14/2016)

1. Changed: Color coding of Theater View television guide grid is now optional.
2. Changed: The vertical line to indicate current time in Theater View television guide is now optional.
3. Fixed: DSP Studio wouldn't load the ideal page size of the first page it showed.
4. Fixed: OTA/In-stream EPG scanning finish event was not logged in TV Logs.
5. NEW: Multiple types of OTA/In-stream EPG scanning (such as DVB-T and DVB-C) can be scheduled for background scanning and they will be scanned sequentially.
6. Changed: Manually changing images during playback stops the image slideshow.
7. Changed: Auto-import is stopped during a Listening Test and then restarted after.
8. Changed: Tweaked ATSC over-the-air EPG scanning. It is now more efficient and more thorough.

22.0.39 (11/8/2016)

1. Changed: When looking for a suitable TV tuner to record a program, MC will no longer create and desctroy the TV engine each time a tuner is examined.
2. Changed: Eliminated unnecessary logging in a block of frequently called TV code.
3. Changed: Tweaked some parameters in DVB EPG scanning, to try to make it more efficient.
4. Changed: Reduced the amount of logging in MPEG-2 packet parsing, and in EPG scanning in particular.
5. NEW: Duplicate TV recordings scheduled will be removed at recording start time if different recording rules produce duplicate recordings of the same program on the same channel.
6. Changed: On TV recording rules view in Standard View, time-based recording duration value will take into account of recording start and end time padding, to be consistent with other recording modes.
7. Fixed: Picking WPL as the playlist formats on a handheld would use ASX instead.
8. NEW: Video Thumbnails are rotated to match the video's rotation.

22.0.38 (11/2/2016)

1. Fixed: Simultaneously starting to record with the same file names by two TV tuners did not work.
2. Changed: Added a search to Panel for searching through a library.
3. Changed: In settings.html in Panel, the launch button for Network was removed and the entire box was turned into a link.
4. Changed: "MPAA Rating" and "MPAA Rating Description" fields are usable in media type "TV" (mainly for TV guide).
5. NEW: ATSC OTA EPG scanning will pick up the parental rating info if TV stations broadcast it.
6. Changed: DVB in-stream EPG scanning will ignore the "has scheduled" flag and attempt to scan for scheduled programs anyway. Some TV stations do not broadcast this flag correctly.

22.0.37 (10/27/2016)

1. Changed: Added more error checking in tuning to CableCARD TV tuners.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: Added a Block parameter to the Previous call like there's already a Block parameter for the MCWS/v1/Playback/Next command.
4. Changed: Marked "Linkwitz-Riley Filter" for translation.
5. NEW: Added Tools > Listening Test ... to try your listening skills.
6. Changed: Adjusted some logging entries in TV engine to help diagnosing hangs in TV recording in transport stream format,in particular with CableCARD devices.

22.0.36 (10/21/2016)

1. Changed: The Virtual Channel Table in ATSC TV is obtained with the new MPEG-2 Tables and Sections system.
2. Fixed: A few bug fixes in EPG scanning, especially those that might lead to crashes in ATSC scanning.
3. Changed: The WDM driver is versioned so that it's only reinstalled when something meaningful changes (instead of always).
4. Fixed: The list printing dialog was much too small on high DPI.
5. Changed: Migrated the retrieval of the Master Guide Table in ATSC TV to the new MPEG-2 Tables and Sections system.
6. Fixed: An incorrect variable type was used in TS type TV recording codes. This might fix some bad behaviors.
7. Changed: Added more error checking in ATSC EPG OTA scanning.

22.0.35 (10/18/2016)

1. Changed: Updated DVB EPG content types to include the latest type 12.
2. Changed: Changed the way to determine how much time to spend on parsing EPG data per channel. Hopefully this will speed up the process without causing missed entries.
3. Changed: Switched ETT section parsing in ATSC in-stream EPG scanning to the new system of MPEG-2 tables and sections.
4. Changed: Reverted unintended behavior changes of MCC 22001 in recent builds.
5. Fixed: Pressing escape after editing a field in-place accepted the changes instead of discard the changes.
6. Fixed: Theater View plugins could get out of order when the Lighting plugin was added. Selecting "News" might show "Lighting" results, etc.

22.0.34 (10/13/2016)

1. Fixed: DVB EPG scanning did not handle text encoded with specific code pages.
2. Changed: Playing a single image won't start a slideshow (right-click > Play).
3. Fixed: Doing File > Print Images... when opening an image from an email didn't work properly.
4. Fixed: MCC 22001 could cause a crash.

22.0.33 (10/11/2016)

1. If the duration IS obtainable from the playback engine, use it. Fix to Fix #8 in 22.0.32
2. NEW: Implemented a new system of getting MPEG-2 tables and sections. We are in the process of migrating to this new system gradually. For now, part of ATSC EPG scanning uses the new system. The result is good. ATSC EPG scanning is much faster and more reliable (the EPG data is almost complete for at least 12 hours per scan, most are 24 hours or more).
3. Fixed: Playing images then video then images would start the images paused for the second time.
4. Fixed: DVB EPG in-stream scanning did not work. Now it works using the new method of getting MPEG-2 tables and sections.
5. Changed: Red October HQ updated to madVR 0.90.24.

22.0.32 (9/30/2016)

1. Changed: When playing a jtv video (either recorded TV show, or live TV on a client), the television "Crop Edges" setting is applied, instead of always turning it on.
2. Changed: Made backspace in a Theater View message box cancel the box.
3. Changed: Added 4x to the encoding options for DSD.
4. Fixed: Dragging thumbnails to the left wasn't working.
5. Changed: Internal changes in television recording in transport stream format. Users should not notice anything different. Please report any unexpected behaviors.
6. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Fixed: Switching between audio files with different channel configuration could result in channels being dropped under special circumstances.
8. Fixed: Fix a bug in MCWS track duration reporting caused by the change (21.0.31) which skips over the reading of a mp3 header if the file being played is over the network (but not a stream).

22.0.31 (9/25/2016)

1. Fixed: The DVB OTA EPG scanning change made in build 30 had an infinite loop that caused scanning to never finish.
2. Fixed: Scheduler 'Engen Command' wasn't handling the TurnOff command reliably.
3. Changed: In Engen Command scheduler dialog, brightness and color controls are now hidden when 'Turn Off' command is chosen.
4. Changed: Last selected scheduler task is remembered and is used on the next "Add Task" selection.
5. Changed: Added "All Lights" control to Engen Command scheduler.
6. Fixed: Build 30 had some custom skin artwork folders included by mistake.

22.0.30 (9/22/2016)

1. Changed: Added the subfolder "Album Artworks" to the View Extras search.
2. Changed: DVB OTA EPG scanning will obtain service description for each channel first in order discover whether a channel has scheduled EIT info carried in the stream.
3. NEW: Added "Engen Command" task to scheduler. Allows scheduling scene and lighting events if an Engen server is available.

22.0.29 (9/21/2016)

1. Fixed: Found and fixed a couple of bugs in DVB OTA EPG scanning, in particular, in parsing the "extended event descriptor".
2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
3. Changed: Renamed the Theater View lighting plugin to tv_lighting from tv_lights.

22.0.28 (9/20/2016)

1. Fixed: The lights plugin wasn't working reliably.
2. Changed: Renamed the lights plugin to "Lighting".

22.0.27 (9/19/2016)

1. NEW: Added the option "View Cover Art" to the View Extras menu.
2. Fixed: A rounding error in date formatting could result in the wrong days being shown for dates without a time.
3. Changed: Improved MCWS CORS compliance including Pre-Flight checks and proper credential support.
4. Fixed: MC would crash on scanning for EPG over-the-air on DVB tuners.
5. Fixed: OTA EPG Scanning for DVB tuners would be stuck in an infinte loop.
6. Changed: Added more logging for OTA EPG scanning for DVB tuners.
7. Changed: Some improvements to the lights Theater View plugin (only loads if you've configured a URL, only loads when it actually draws, etc.).

22.0.26 (9/16/2016)

1. Changed: The tooltips on the taskbar playback buttons are translated.
2. Fixed: The field names in Smartlists get translated better.
3. Changed: When logging DirectShow filters info in TV and video playback, the file path and name of a file being written to disk by a filter (such as TV time-shifting writer filter) is logged.
4. Changed: Small update to the Modern Cards: Grey skin.
5. Fixed: When Kernel Streaming, shutting down the device would hang if it had gone away.
6. Fixed: On Schedule Guide Reloading dialog window, clicking the Add button to add an Over-the-air loading method did not work for DVB tuners (the added method was set to ATSC).
7. NEW: "Year" field can now be used in setting up television recording rules.
8. Fixed: DVB EPG scan did not do anything because we forgot to remove the condition that it must be ATSC to proceed.
9. Changed: Television recording actions are checked for 60 days beyond current date, instead of 14 days, so that more "To be recorded" shows will be displayed.
10. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
11. NEW: Added a Theater View Lights plugin you can add manually to allow configuration of an Engen server.

22.0.25 (9/12/2016)

1. Fixed: The tooltip on the volume slider would bounce up and down when it was shown.
2. Fixed: Placing tooltips works a little better with off the monitor detection when there's already another tooltip showing.
3. Fixed: The popup about saving pane changes will show a little more reliably on shutdown.
4. Fixed: With multiple tabs open, the selected file for pane tagging (and maybe other things) could get corrupted.
5. NEW: Over-the-air (or in-stream) EPG scan for DVB tuners, getting data from EIT (event information tables).
6. Changed: DLNA: The presentation URL's now feature Panel instead of WebRemote.
7. Changed: Updated DVB-C frequency table for Denmark.yousee Copenhagen. Thanks Grenache!
8. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

22.0.24 (9/2/2016)

1. Fixed: Pressing enter in the new value dialog for pane tagging wouldn't close the dialog if a suggestion was being shown.
2. Changed: When viewing a sidecar image with the View Extras menu, it will add all the images it found to the current playlist so you can switch between them like normal image playback.
3. Changed: Added the extension to the list of View Extras menu choices.
4. Changed: Made the analyzer frequency information fall off faster.
5. Changed: Added more logging to try figuring out a mysterious TV recording hang.
6. Fixed: Setting some date fields from a formatted string didn't work properly.

22.0.23 (8/31/2016)

1. NEW: Added HTM and HTML to the list of sidecars shown by the new View Extras menu.
2. Changed: Made the function File/SetInfo take a parameter "Formatted" that when set to one the value coming in is formatted (like a date). Defaults to "1".
3. Fixed: The View Extras menu in images would show all the images in the same folder.
4. Changed: Increased the resolution of the Analyzer so it should be much better at really low frequencies.
5. Changed: Sidecar searching for the "View Extras" menu also looks in subfolders called "Extras", "Scans", "PDF", "PDFs", "Booklet", "Art", "Artwork", "Cover", "Covers", "Cover Scan", or "Cover Scans".
6. Fixed: The machine would never sleep again after ripping a DVD.
7. Fixed: When pane tagging, the mouse could be dead after entering a new value.

22.0.22 (8/29/2016)

1. Changed: Improved the high channel count rejection by the APE plugin so that encoding will fail (with a notice) instead of just silently not working.
2. Changed: Add text files to the list of "View Extras" files.
3. Changed: When the tooltip evaluates to an empty string for image playback, it will no longer be shown.
4. Changed: Added the ODT extension to the list of sidecar files we show in the new menu.
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: Image tooltips that were multiple lines didn't center properly.
7. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan!).
8. Fixed: ASIO drivers didn't get unregistered on uninstall.

22.0.21 (8/24/2016)

1. NEW: Added the MCWS function Library/CreateField to create a library field with a given name and data type.
2. Fixed: Some skin icons weren't drawing properly (especially on high DPI).
3. Changed: Updated the Norwegian translation (thanks Øistein Rian).
4. NEW: When files have sidecar images, PDF files, or documents, they'll be shown in a "View Extras" submenu to open each individual file.
5. Fixed: The delete command would not be processed in "Cover View" mode.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
7. Changed: Tried lifting the limit on Q for a high or low shelf to 5.0 from 1.0. Testing appreciated.
8. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Fixed: Converting multi-channel files to APE (which APE doesn't support) would crash.
10. NEW: Added the MCWS function Library/CreateFile to create a file record and return the new ID.

22.0.20 (8/18/2016)

1. Changed: DLNA. Relax test for DLNA rendering zone device alive status (helps buggy renderers, symptom was a stationary progress bar).
2. Fixed: DLNA. Volume leveling was coming on by default if the material to be played was being converted.

22.0.19 (8/18/2016)

1. Fixed: The OSD instruction at the start of the first video was not displayed using the same user configured color as the other OSD text.
2. NEW: Added a "Reset OSD text color to skin setting" option in "Tree & View" > "Advanced", where the customer OSD text color option was added in build 18.
3. Fixed: When a file had no rating, it wouldn't update from tags properly (it would just keep the rating).
4. Changed: Made the Resize Images dialog have an option "Original" to keep the size the same (but convert the format).
5. Changed: Renamed the image tool to "Convert or Resize".
6. Changed: Made the Find & Replace tool work on the display of a field instead of the data so it works a lot better on dates.
7. Changed: Made the minimum width for showing links next to tabs a lot smaller (so it'll show at least the drop arrow).
8. Changed: Made another attempt at fixing the H.265/HEVC HD TV issue.
9. NEW: Made an option "Show more values at a time in the file info panel" for Theater View.
10. Changed: The string "EULA" can be translated now.
11. Changed: DLNA renderer zone status calls used to determine whether the device is up will handle more broken renderers that don't properly support the spec On devices that were failing, the playback progress bar didn't advance.
12. Changed: Customize View > Chart > Metric words couldn't be translated.
13. NEW: Added three new skins: Modern Cards: Dark, Modern Cards: Grey, and Modern Cards: White.

22.0.18 (8/15/2016)

1. NEW: Text color can be configured for Text-based video subtitles that do not have their own styling info.
2. NEW: OSD text color can be configured.
3. Fixed: The Options window could be closed while the subtitle text font dialog in video options was still displayed.
4. Changed: The DLNA server Audio Advanced settings removed the simplified settings for sample rate, volume levelling and Stereo Downmix.
5. NEW: The DLNA server Audio Advanced DSP studio is active for all functions including sample rate changes.
6. Changed: The field names in the Manage Library Fields dialog are translated.
7. Fixed: Tooltips would pop up one on top of another in the Television view (the fix is wider and should avoid any doubling up of tooltips).
8. Changed: Updated the New / Improved This Version link to version 22.

22.0.17 (8/10/2016)

1. Fixed: The machine could still sleep when ripping a DVD.
2. Changed: Made the height of the Organize Favorites dialog taller (especially on high DPI).
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Changed: Standard equalizer now applies pre-amp values to subwoofer channels. Previously they were ignored.

22.0.16 (8/9/2016)

1. Fixed: There was a typo "Unnkown Filter".
2. NEW: Shell extensions now offer "Add (as next to play)".
3. NEW: A new database field "Thumbnail position" (in milliseconds) for video files, so that the thumbnails for individual files can be recaptured at specified locations.
4. Fixed: When setting "Load files to memory" the OGG plugin would no longer seek.
5. Changed: Updated Monkey's Audio to 4.18.
6. Changed: Added a space after "Always use external subtitles when found" and the parenthesis.
7. Changed: The "Add Library View" dialog translates the names of views.
8. Fixed: The Year field wouldn't show up in the new tag window properly.
9. Fixed: The Options dialog could be closed when opening a font picker before closing the font picker.
10. Changed: Made deleting a user support the password reset shortcut (shift + ctrl + double-click image).
11. Changed: In DVB TV, MC will add desired video component to tune request before submitting the tune request, in an effort to support HD TV channels with H.265 video.

22.0.15 (8/4/2016)

1. Changed: The duplicates of smartlist editors now translate the list of field names.
2. Fixed: The option to hide empty values in the File Info template of Theater View would show the template if it was in a font block even if there was no text in the font.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Fixed: The string "Empty (click here to configure)" couldn't be translated.
5. Fixed: Theater View slideshows would stall on the cover art in the folder.
6. Fixed: In-place editing would stop immediately with some libraries.
7. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
8. Fixed: The string 'Details' on the playback error dialog couldn't be translated.

22.0.14 (8/1/2016)

1. Changed: Made the MP4 plugin use the memory reading option added recently.
2. Changed: Made the OGG plugin also use the memory reading option.
3. Changed: Made the right-click menu on video files include the "Tag" entry like it does for audio files.
4. Changed: The memory reading stuff has a hard cap at 1.5 GB (since that's all we'd be able to allocate anyway).
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: License installation could fail on some systems with international characters in user names.

22.0.13 (7/27/2016)

1. Changed: Made DSD support the same memory playback as other playback types.
2. Fixed: Playing internet streams with memory playback enabled could fail or even crash.
3. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Changed: In bda TV (i.e. ATSC and DVB) if the stream matching TV channel's video PID is categorized as "other", MC will try forcing it to "video" (experimental, for H.265/HEVC support).
7. Fixed: The Settings HTML page for Panel was not loading in Windows
8. Fixed: Importing a single folder could analyze the audio even if that wasn't selected.
9. Fixed: CableCARD tuners were not fully released upon stopping in build 12.

22.0.12 (7/21/2016)

1. Changed: Made the WAV and AIFF plugin support the memory playback added last build.
2. Fixed: Audio format was set incorrectly for TV channels using RAW AAC format.
3. Fixed: Right-clicking on live DVB TV would cause a crash. This is related to the "Audio Programs" menu added in build 22.0.9.
4. Fixed: CD ripping was broken in build 22.0.11.

22.0.11 (7/20/2016)

1. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
2. NEW: Added "Options > Audio > Load files to memory at the start of playback" to totally load a file into memory when playback starts (works with APE, FLAC, MP3 -- others to follow).
3. Fixed: Computer could sleep during CD/DVD ripping.

22.0.10 (7/15/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Hidden zones no longer show up in the link to menu.
3. Fixed: Google Image lookup wasn't working.

22.0.9 (7/14/2016)

1. NEW: Context menu "Audio Programs" to select a different audio program on the same DVB (this already exists for ATSC) TV channel.
2. Changed: The way that LinkedZones were reported by MCWS changed (unintentionally) recently so we switched it back.
3. Changed: Added the option "Lookup cover art for files that have no cover art at playback time" so that you can disable cover art lookup (and made it off by default).
4. NEW: Settings pages in Panel for Windows.
5. Fixed: MC could show channel-changing confirmation popup (under certain user configurations) erroneously when changing between ATSC channels.

22.0.8 (7/13/2016)

1. Changed: The "Link To Playlist" menu on Car Radio buttons is now nested and sorted.
2. Fixed: The launcher wasn't working and launching MC while the server was running wouldn't work.

22.0.7 (7/11/2016)

1. Fixed: Tooltips could show the previous tooltip for a split second when they first showed.
2. NEW: Right-click Car Radio buttons to link to an existing playlist.
3. NEW: Holding shift while setting the volume of a linked zone will set the volume for all the zones.
4. NEW: "Panel" which is a new web interface. Take a look at http://localhost:52199 (or whatever port you have configured in 'Media Networking').

22.0.6 (7/7/2016)

1. Changed: Added some TV Log entries related to background EPG loading.
2. Fixed: Opening locally available Data files from a Library Server would still attempt to download them in some situations.
3. NEW: When exporting all the playlists, it now asks for a format (m3u or m3u8).
4. NEW: The function MCWS/v1/Library/Import has a new parameter "Block" to tell the function to wait until the import finishes to return.
5. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
6. Fixed: When syncing to a handheld device, tracks with same name but a different disc number are now treated as distinct files. Previously they were weeded out as duplicates.
7. NEW: Added a confirmation message to entering audio only mode to confirm that you really wanted to do that.
8. NEW: When playing a file that has no cover art, the cover art will be automatically downloaded from the internet.

22.0.5 (6/30/2016)

1. Changed: When the IPC stream is played for WDM driver playback, it won't create a Recent Playing Now entry.
2. Fixed: The WDM driver was still version 21.
3. Changed: Switched the "Show all values" cap for the Tag window from 50 values to 1000 values.
4. Changed: DVB channels marked as scrambled are no longer excluded because some channels that are free and non-DRM'ed do have this flag set.
5. Fixed: Equalizer DSP was showing values slightly different than what the user chose for decibel adjustment.

22.0.4 (6/28/2016)

1. Changed: Tooltips can be 80% of the screen height instead of 50%.
2. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
3. Fixed: If cover art for a CD was modified by user prior to ripping, the ripped track could replace the cover art with something from YADB.
4. Fixed: The new tag window could crash when editing in certain scenarios.
5. Fixed: TV Channels' custom ordering was not retained during library and settings upgrade from version 21.
6. Changed: TV channels' custom ordering will be included as part of settings backup/restore.

22.0.3 (6/24/2016)

1. Fixed: Check for Updates wasn't working.

22.0.2 (6/24/2016)

1. NEW: Single albums are detected and the album type field will show "Single album".
2. Fixed: ATSC over-the-air EPG scan was hard to cancel (took too long, or hang).
3. Fixed: A timer was running repeatedly for nothing when TV engine scans for channels or for OTA EPG programs.
4. NEW: Preliminary support of HD television channels that use H.265/HEVC video encoding.
5. Changed: Further work on SoX resampling to improve reliablity and delay handling.
6. Fixed: Link fields wouldn't work outside audio views.
7. Fixed: Libraries wouldn't migrate from MC21 (might require a fresh install for it to happen).

22.0.1 (6/23/2016)

1. NEW: Fields can be configured as "Linkable" so that they'll show the little link icon next to them.
2. NEW: You can analyze the audio when doing the import of a single folder.
3. Fixed: TV Logs message for a critical error was not properly formatted.
4. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Files/Current would crash at the root of Theater View.
5. Changed: MC will reset EPG loading timestamps on startup if it detects previous incomplete EPG loading due to crash or other failures. This way previously failed loading will restart as soon as possible.
6. NEW: The SoX resampler can be enabled in Options > Audio to handle all your resampling needs.