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21.0.90 (6/17/2016)

1. Changed: When running as a screensaver, moving the mouse will stop playback.
2. Fixed: ALAC 32-bit files would not play.
3. Fixed: Closing mini view while the player was inactive and transparent would leave the regular view transparent until you clicked on it.
4. Fixed: Closing the visualization studio with a pending save would lead to a crash.
5. Changed: Made Theater View respond to the MCWS/v1/Files/Current function.
6. Changes: Internal calls to external programs (browser, file manager, encoders, etc) to deal with filesystem specific character quoting. Look for regressions.
7. Fixed: Resampling could clip signals with peaks above 100% (even though Internal Volume would reduce it later).

21.0.89 (6/13/2016)

1. Fixed: EPG updating scheduled to occur at a late hour of the day could be skipped entirely if some conditions (such as recording activities or program hanging/crashing) prevented the update from happening at the scheduled time.
2. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Library/Fields to get a list of the fields in the library.
3. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Fixed: Media Center could freeze when changing the subtitle selection in Red October Standard.

21.0.88 (6/9/2016)

1. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
2. Fixed: During live TV playback running "Restart Player" context menu command would lead to loss of video (black screen).
3. Fixed: Playing WTV files with AC3 audio would result in too fast playback and broken audio.

21.0.87 (6/3/2016)

1. Fixed: The chapter returned by MCWS/v1/Playback/Info would always be zero.
2. Fixed: Marked the "Replace slashes in expressions" control for translation.
3. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
4. Fixed: In-place edit of a checkbox type field wasn't working well in lists.
5. Changed: Made a small change on how low disk space condition is handled for TV recordings.
6. Changed: Added a few more TV recording events to be logged in the TV Logs (recording stopped due to low disk space condition, recording stopped due to MC being shutdown, etc.).
7. Changed: A cancel button is shown while loading DLNA libraries.

21.0.86 (5/31/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
2. Changed (internal): Stream lined some code in television engine. Changed the way DirectShow graph is started.
3. Changed: Default TV video format is specified in 16:9 aspect ratio instead of 4:3 so that 16:9 channels will not go through a two-stage video positioning process.
4. Fixed: Audio in video files could cut out shortly before the end of the file, instead of playing to the end.
5. Fixed: Made TIF files get imported and played as TIF even if they have the JPEG extension.
6. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Andreas!).
7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
8. Changed: Media Center downloads _all_ data files on library server, but shows a progress dialog while it works so that you can cancel if you don't want that.
9. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).

21.0.85 (5/25/2016)

1. Changed: Reverted this feature until some issues get sorted: Clicking the header of a full row list item parent (the album name by artist) will select all the files in the grouping.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

21.0.84 (5/25/2016)

1. NEW: North American television channels (ATSC) now carry the transport stream ID and audio and video PIDs. One can now specify which audio stream to be played by default by editing the audio PID on the channel.
2. Changed: (Internal change only) DVB television channel parameters are slightly rearranged internally. No effect should be noticed by users. Please report any unusual behaviors though.
3. Fixed: Theater View could get stuck in a lost device state instead of recovering the device after the screensaver engages.
4. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Andreas!).
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
7. Changed: Switched the limit to download a data file at playback time to 5 MB from 1 MB.
8. Changed: Clicking the header of a full row list item parent (the album name by artist) will select all the files in the grouping.
9. Changed: The "TV Logs" for standard television view can be sorted by clicking column headers.
10. Changed: The "TV Logs" view is displayed in reverse chronological order by default, with the latest entries on top.
11. Changed: Added more events (no tuners found for recording, lower priority recording stopped to allow higher priority recording to start, etc.) that are logged in "TV Logs".
12. Changed: The "Show name" column in "TV Logs" will include Series name if it exists.
13. Fixed: A portable install would fail doing tag updates if the file was on the same drive as the install.
14. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.68.1 (minor fixes and improvements only).
15. Changed: Red October HQ updated to madVR 0.90.20.

21.0.83 (5/17/2016)

1. Fixed: Inconsistencies in the Program info area when "TV Logs" or "Show status" was selected from the filter box on standard television view.
2. NEW: A "Favorite Channels" filter on standard television view. Selecting this from the filter box causes only the programs on your favorite channels to be displayed.
3. Fixed: Mouse wheel in a combobox would highlight an unselectable nothing entry at the tail of the list.
4. Fixed: Mouse wheel in the toolbar to customize dialog would lead to a crash.
5. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
6. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
7. Fixed: Enabling the "Adaptive Volume" DSP in the "Convert Format" settings could inadvertently affect the results of Audio Analysis.

21.0.82 (5/13/2016)

1. NEW: Television gets its own logging in addition to regular log files. Important TV related (mostly TV recording) messages are logged in the TV logs. The logs can be displayed in Standard Television view (just select "TV Logs" in the filter box).
2. Fixed: With popup transparency off and the skin inverted, the tooltips wouldn't draw quite right.
3. NEW: One can access "Show status" on standard television view without having to go into TV Options > Advanced. It can be selected in the Filter box.
4. Changed: Small changes in standard television view - the filter box is moved up a notch, and the filter and channels boxes are slightly wider.
5. Changed: Added a line of explanation in case the TV tuner list is empty when "Show status" is done without any tuner having been used yet.
6. Fixed: The minimum size of the tree wouldn't update properly when switching the scale of the program until you restarted.
7. Fixed: If image playback didn't jump to fullscreen, it wouldn't activate the MC process when playing an image.

21.0.81 (5/11/2016)

1. Fixed: The Media Editor could get stuck in a loop running itself over and over if the previous shutdown resulted in a hang.
2. Fixed: Opening a second file in Media Editor while it was still loading a first file would cause strange results.
3. Fixed: Theater View background loading wasn't looking at the sidecar paths properly.
4. NEW: An option to load default library at start up.

21.0.80 (5/9/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
2. Changed: More resilient Theater View 3D rendering on Intel and AMD graphics cards.
3. Changed: Reverted the pane sorting logic changes that were recently made.

21.0.79 (5/6/2016)

1. Fixed: Sorting expression based panes could crash.

21.0.78 (5/6/2016)

1. Fixed: A little better fix for the 32-bit extensible WAV file issue.
2. NEW: Preliminary support for Sat>IP television devices. Work in progress, totally untested.
3. Changed: MCWS responses use a more standard Content-Type header to improve compatibility with some web service clients.
4. Fixed: Sorting wouldn't work right in an expression based pane if the expression to display was empty.
5. NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Support extra long filenames (experimental) as a way to remove the bounds checking from the path at import time.

21.0.77 (5/4/2016)

1. Fixed: The sorting on an expression based pane would be wacky.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. Fixed: Inverting the tooltip wouldn't work properly when the popup transparency was disabled.
4. Fixed: The player window could draw a little funny when mouse wheeling to change the volume and then the display switching back.
5. Fixed: When there was no free tuner, switching television channel while watching might end up with "no tuner available" error if the channel being switched to did not prefer the current tuner.
6. Changed: Podcasts only add the comment to the tooltip if it's different than the description (which gets added earlier).
7. Changed: When clicking the Recently Imported toolbar button when there is no Recently Imported playlist will show a message box instead of just doing nothing.
8. Changed: Then made the Recently Imported toolbar button gray out when there's no Recently Imported playlist.
9. Fixed: When setting up "Record by Time" in Theater view, edited Program Name was not reflected on the "Program Name: *****" button.
10. Changed: For television recording setup dialogs in Theater view, eliminated some "Cancel" buttons and renamed some "Cancel" buttons to "Skip (abandon current change)" or "Skip (abandon current changes)" or "Skip (abandon changes to settings)".
11. Fixed: Mouse wheeling a list edit field would instead mouse wheel the list behind and stop the editing.
12. Fixed: 32-bit extensible WAV files wouldn't play properly (could cause convolution trouble).

21.0.76 (4/27/2016)

1. Changed: Skin DSP effects are no longer applied to the small images in a list (but still should be applied to checkboxes, etc.).
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).
3. NEW: Double-click on the media server tray icon will show Media Center.
4. Fixed: The 'Export to iTunes & iPhone' dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.

21.0.75 (4/19/2016)

1. Changed: The sidecar cover art for music in Theater View should be [Album].jpg or [Artist].jpg instead of [Name].jpg.
2. Fixed: 32-bit integer WAV files wouldn't play properly.

21.0.74 (4/19/2016)

1. Changed: The applied DSP effect like inversion, etc. will get applied to the checkmark and other small icons drawn in the lists.
2. Changed: Theater View television recording setup dialogs are changed from wizard (step by step) style to single dialog style.
3. Changed: The TVInfo(WatchedDisplay) expression will show a watched percentage based on the bookmark in more cases.
4. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: Overwriting a file with the selection in Media Editor wouldn't work reliably.
7. Changed: Slightly improved the color accuracy of Blu-ray subtitles.

21.0.73 (4/14/2016)

1. Changed: The checkbox states of the dialog shown when doing Get Movie & TV Info will remember the states of the checks.
2. Fixed: The search section of the JRMark got unintentionally slower starting in 21.0.39.

21.0.72 (4/13/2016)

1. Changed: The search suggestion box won't hide when the focus is in the search box (even if the mouse moves a lot or is a long ways away).
2. Changed: Made one more deletion in the cover art cleanup stage use the recycle bin instead of hard delete.

21.0.71 (4/12/2016)

1. Changed: Made the cover art cleanup function use the recycle bin instead of hard deleting the files.
2. Changed: Made the shortcut for clearing the rating Ctrl+Shift+Delete because Ctrl+Shift+0 gets eaten on newer copies of Windows.
3. NEW: A "Recording by time" option in Theater View to schedule television recording based on channel and time.
4. Fixed: If default recording option "Cleanup mode" was set at "keep at most N episodes", and a recording was scheduled as a non-subscription recording, the "keep at most N episodes" options was still applied by default, even though it made no sense for non-subscription recordings. Now the option will switch to "Keep forever".
5. NEW: Added a "Playable" field that's a checkbox and when unchecked a file will no longer add to Playing Now.

21.0.70 (4/8/2016)

1. Fixed: When shuffle is set to automatic, it won't reshuffle at the end of the playlist unless it passes the automatic testing gate.
2. NEW: Ctrl+I now shows the playing file in Theater View as well.
3. NEW: Added support for .flac16 and .flac24 files.
4. Changed: Switched the limit for calculating all the volume leveling information from 10,000 tracks to 50,000 tracks.
5. Fixed: Copying from the Media Network activity log could be a little touch and go.

21.0.69 (4/5/2016)

1. NEW: Copying from the Media Network Activity log works (fills the clipboard with the item text).
2. NEW: Pressing Ctrl+I will jump the list to the playing song (if it's in the list).
3. Fixed: Fixed a little misspelling on the EPG window.
4. Changed: Switched a couple lowpass type entries to low-pass instead.
5. NEW: Remade the Thunderstorm skin so it's better on Mac and better on high DPI.
6. Changed: Dividers draw a little bigger on high DPI.
7. Changed: Tuned the layout of the "Customize Display" dialog to hopefully work better on some displays.
8. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).

21.0.68 (4/4/2016)

1. Fixed: On Television property page, if "Recording default - Cleanup mode" was set to "Keep forever", the setting would revert to "Keep at most set number of episodes". This only applies in build 21.0.67.
2. Changed: On Television property page, the "Recording default - Days to keep" or "Recording default - Episodes to keep" is enabled only if relevant option is selected in "Recording default - Cleanup mode", to avoid confusion.
3. Fixed: The FixCase() expression function was slow in 21.0.67.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Fixed: The player setup dialog sizes a little better (especially on high DPI).

21.0.67 (4/1/2016)

1. Changed: Split the capitalization files out to CapitalizationAllCaps.txt and CapitalizationExclusion.txt in the Default Resources folder of the program.
2. Fixed: Doctor Who would show an xml error page following successful uploads of playlists/smartlists.
3. Fixed: Right-click playlist "upload to server" option wasn't functional. Now uploads to Doctor Who.
4. Fixed: In recent builds Hauppauge HD PVR/Colossus series of devices could crash in some circumstances.
5. Changed: Most television recording defaults can be set on television properties page (instead of having to use the "Save settings as default" button on recording wizard).
6. Fixed: Playback could stall with a black screen after the movie ends on DVDs without a menu.
7. Fixed: Removing a rule from a Smartlist would sometimes leave the dialog in a funny state.

21.0.66 (3/25/2016)

1. Changed: Added more logging for CableCARD television tuners.
2. Fixed: Hidden tree items don't get reshown as a search result in Options.
3. Fixed: The minimum size of the Rename, Move, & Copy Files tool wasn't big enough on high DPI.
4. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Fixed: Shifting Text Subtitles up did not work properly in all cases.
6. Fixed: GroupCount(...) (and other file group based expressions) didn't work properly when outputting the playlist.

21.0.65 (3/23/2016)

1. Changed: Subtitles can be shifted down a bit further to the edge of the screen.
2. Fixed: Manually updating television guide data using EPG wizard failed in some cases.
3. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR v0.90.16.
4. Changed: Added a link to the madVR settings from the Video settings page.
5. NEW: 3D Blu-ray and MKV 3D support.
6. Fixed: Scheduler views didn't work nicely on high DPI.

21.0.64 (3/21/2016)

1. Fixed: DVD subtitles could show up in the wrong position with Red October HQ in recent builds.
2. Changed: Text Subtitles in Red October HQ are rendered at a higher resolution for improved quality.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Fixed: Pasting cover art from the clipboard didn't clear the image height and width fields like other setting of the cover art.
5. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
6. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
7. Fixed: Revert change from 21.0.54 that resulted in extra calls to get the volume of DLNA devices which could make the GUI sluggish with slow responding devices.

21.0.63 (3/20/2016)

1. Changed: Added some crash prevention measures in television engine involving CableCARD tuners.
2. Fixed: Cover art "Get From Internet" could crash since 21.0.61.

21.0.62 (3/18/2016)

1. Changed: Updated the default podcast feeds (thanks for the help!) (right-click Podcasts in the tree and pick Add Default Feeds).
2. Fixed: Doctor Who playlist post-processing was running too often and wasn't canceling properly so could cause a deadlock.
3. Fixed: No video on screen for Hauppauge HD PVR series of devices since build 56.

21.0.61 (3/18/2016)

1. Changed: Text Subtitles are rendered with proper Anti-Aliasing.
2. NEW: Fading on pause now fades in when pause lifts.
3. Fixed: Zone switch rules could take longer than expected to switch from one zone to another.

21.0.60 (3/17/2016)

1. Fixed: Visualizations didn't update properly when switching tracks (only applies to the last few builds).

21.0.59 (3/17/2016)

1. Changed: The logic that takes the selected files for the Action Window will allow none to be selected if the entire set of files is one album (otherwise it'll still say no files selected).
2. Fixed: Occasional crashes in DSP Studio window when a menu is being shown while the close button is clicked.
3. Changed: The LFE low-pass in the Output Format DSP handles the settings for downmix and upmix separately (with separate defaults as well).
4. Changed: When switching channels while watching TV live, the existing tuner will not be used if the new channel prefers another device, or if the current device is preferred by other channels than the new channel.
5. Changed: When doing TV tuner device sorting, the tuners that are preferred by some channels will be put to the bottom of the list to avoid them being picked up by channels that do not have a preferred device.
6. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version.
7. Fixed: Amazon Prime video playback did not work when using the Chromium Engine.
8. NEW: In Theater View television guide, a vertical line is drawn to indicate current time.
9. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).

21.0.58 (3/14/2016)

1. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.68.
2. Fixed: Standard view television EPG "Description", "Season", and "Episode" columns were mixed up since build 55.
3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
4. Changed: You can move the mouse a little more between button down and button up and still register a click (especially on high DPI).
5. Changed: When a channel-changing call into Hauppauge's IRbast API fails, we will recreate and retry.
6. Changed: Changed how television guide grid in Theater View is updated when the Record button on the remote control is pressed. The grid will no longer shift and put the selected cell at the corner.
7. Fixed: Some WMV/ASF video files would not import successfully.

21.0.57 (3/10/2016)

1. Fixed: Cover art "Get from Internet" could crash.

21.0.56 (3/9/2016)

1. Fixed: Smartlist editor leaked memory.
2. NEW: Support for Hauppauge's new HD PVR60 device.
3. Changed: In standard view, television EPG allows display of data for up to 21 days in the future (including current day) instead of only 17 days.
4. NEW: Support added for saving/restoring Media Center customized views to the JRiver "cloud" using the "Doctor Who" user login. Use the "Also save to Doctor Who..." checkbox when saving a view. There is a "Browse views on Doctor Who" option as well.

21.0.55 (3/9/2016)

1. NEW: Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel will adjust the thumbnail size.
2. Fixed: The menu was too far right with the Thunderstorm skin.
3. Fixed: The maximize, minimize, and close buttons are placed better on the Thunderstorm skin.
4. NEW: Added a ListContains(...) expression function.
5. Changed: In standard television view the Season, episode columns, if displayed, are displayed before the Description column.
6. Fixed: Audio analysis could stall on some WAV files.
7. Changed: Removing cover art from items will reset the height and width fields.
8. Fixed: Playing a capture-only television channel on a client did not work.
9. Changed: The comment from a Podcast would still get added below a custom tooltip, but no longer does.
10. Fixed: The LFE low-pass when downmixing produced noise in some situations.

21.0.54 (3/1/2016)

1. Fixed: Ripped 3D Blu-ray movies were going to the wrong directory.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. NEW: Added version 3 uPnP controller support. (fixes Jongo Pure T2 rendering control)
4. NEW: When subscribing to television shows, one can specify video quality preference (HD vs. SD) so MC will pick correct channel among channels that air the same show at the same time.
5. Changed: When HD or SD preference is not specified, MC will favor Favorite channels when dealing with subscription TV recordings. For channels with identical favorite status, the custom channel ordering is used to pick a channel.

21.0.53 (2/29/2016)

1. Fixed: Theater View background images were not working reliably on Intel GPUs since 21.0.51.
2. NEW: Output Format DSP can lowpass the LFE/Subwoofer when downmixing, or exclude it from the downmix entirely.
3. Changed: Backed out the Ctrl + mouse wheel thumbnail size adjustment from 21.0.50 since it prevents multi-selection and scrolling in a view.

21.0.52 (2/25/2016)

1. Fixed: MCE remotes weren't working.

21.0.51 (2/25/2016)

1. Changed: Zone links are tied to the zone GUID instead of the zone ID (so linking to a DLNA device should work better).
2. Fixed: Case-only changes weren't being written to M4A/ALAC tags.
3. Fixed: Television recording folder could be erroneously reset to default without user input.
4. Fixed: Web media sites didn't live through a library backup / restore.
5. NEW: Subtitles in Red October HQ are rendered with more accurate timing using a dedicated subtitle rendering interface.
6. NEW: Added the option "Use gapless for manual track changes" to switch to gapless from whatever is configured when switching manually.
7. Changed: Confusing error message when "Next" was clicked in remote control options window, if you were missing a blaster capable "transceiver", it used the word "receiver" rather than "transceiver".
8. Changed: Mouse wheel will be honored over the volume slider in Theater View's Playing Now.
9. Changed: Mouse wheel will be honored over the position slider in Theater View's Playing Now.
10. Changed: Disabled D3D9Ex rendering in Theater View in favor of traditional D3D9 to potentially work-around hangs on some GPUs. Please report any new issues.
11. Changed: Made the mouse wheel over Theater View Playing Now's display area switch the display types.
12. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

21.0.50 (2/22/2016)

1. Fixed: The uninstaller could be the wrong size on high DPI monitors.
2. Changed: Setting up recording in Theater view with the record button on remote control will no longer cause the guide to reset to default position. The selected show will remain selected and visible.
3. NEW: When setting up recording with the remote control record button, an on-screen overlay message will show the action just taken ("Record"/"Subscribe"/"Subscription canceled").
4. Changed: If a data file is played over library server and it's less than one megabyte, it will be downloaded locally and then played.
5. Changed: Doing a Cover Art > Quick Find in File / Cover Art Directory on data files now works.
6. NEW: Slow-double click on tree items will rename them (if they're renamable).
7. Changed: Broken web links included with Media Center can be fixed without modifying the links.xml file.
8. Fixed: It was possible to configure a zone switch rule so that it was stopping the same zone that it was playing in (and that didn't make any sense).
9. Changed: Initialization of CableCARD TV channel playback is serialized to avoid hanging.
10. NEW: Ctrl + mouse wheel will adjust the thumbnail size in a list.
11. Changed: Made clicking the 'Report problem...' button in the Logging dialog close the window.
12. Fixed: Shuffling a playlist that was linked didn't update the other playlists in the link.

21.0.49 (2/18/2016)

1. Changed: If shuffle mode is enabled, when the current playlist completes it will reshuffle before continuing.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
3. Fixed: Right-clicking on tab buttons (Back/Forward/Refresh) in standard view could crash.
4. Changed: Updated File Associations for SSIF (Stereoscopic Interleaved Files), a MPEG-TS variant
5. Fixed: Background EPG loading could be repeated every 20 minutes if the process took longer to complete.
6. Changed: MC will wake up the system in sleep to perform EPG loading tasks.
7. Changed MC will try preventing the system from going to sleep if there is an EPG loading task being performed or if there is going to be a TV recording or EPG loading within the next 30 seconds.
8. NEW: Middle-click on a tab header will roll through the list styles.

21.0.48 (2/12/2016)

1. Changed: It takes half as much flick to switch images as before.
2. NEW: In standard television EPG view, the date column display format is configurable. Right click the Date column header to choose. "All Programs" and "To Be Recorded" views share the same setting, and "Recordings" view is configured separately.
3. Fixed: "Get Movie & TV Info" lookup by Episode Name was broken in recent builds.
4. Changed: Updated the Chinese translation (thanks SunYanJun).
5. Fixed: Using the Tag Action Window could crash.

21.0.47 (2/11/2016)

1. Changed: If a web link doesn't have a search URL specified, it will fall back to the base URL for navigation.
2. Changed: Reverted the web links version back to 1.2 so custom links won't be erased. Note: If you have custom links, in order to apply fixes made to broken links, you will need to select "Reset All Links To Default" from the Manage Links dialog.

21.0.46 (2/10/2016)

1. Fixed: Lists that didn't support grouping could still get grouped if the parent list was grouped.
2. Changed: Clicking a Blu-ray or DVD in Theater View will give a menu of choices instead of just playing.
3. Fixed: TV Subscription could record a show that had already been recorded, if the repeat airing had a different duration (typical of sports games).
4. Changed: The filename is no longer added to custom tooltips (customized with the Tooltip field). Just add [Filename] if you want it.
5. NEW: "Season", "Episode", "Rule ID", and "Rule Name" can be optionally displayed in Standard view EPG views ("All Programs", "To Be Recorded", and "Recordings"). Default is to show them all. Right-click any column header to choose which ones to display. Also "Recording Rules" view show recording rule ID along side recording rule name.
6. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for file analysis and transcoding.
7. Changed: Greatly improved the quality of AAC audio in transcoded video files.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
9. NEW: Theater View flow lists (stacks of rotated images) support the mouse wheel for scrolling.
10. Fixed: The Rotten Tomatoes link was broken. (Warning: if you have custom links, this change will erase them)
11. NEW: Added a Wikipedia link to the video section which will search for entries relating to a selected video title.
12. NEW: Videos with the subtype 'Music' can be looked up on the Get Movie & TV Info tool.
13. NEW: The 'Load / Save View' menu has a delete option to delete a given view.
14. NEW: Added a 3840x2160 UHD/4K preset for DLNA and Library Server client image conversion.
15. Fixed: Analyzer DSP would go away after loading a DSP preset at a track transition.
16. Fixed: Sometimes when ripping a compilation CD, tracks would go to separate folders rather than a single '(Multiple Artists)/<album name>' folder.
17. Changed: Television programs that are entirely covered in the padding of adjacent to be recorded programs will not be marked as "to be recorded".

21.0.45 (2/4/2016)

1. Changed: Added a time-out user configuration for EPG loading when running an external XMLTV application inside MC (previously we used a hard-coded 20 minutes value).
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. Changed: When playback is set for an external program on video files, thumbnailing still uses the internal engine (previously it wouldn't thumbnail).
4. Changed: Television entries in the database can be run through the Get Movie & TV Info... tool.
5. Changed: When picking "Fill Track Numbers From List Order" with only one track selected it will set the track number to one instead of complaining that two tracks need to be selected.
6. Fixed: When certain TV errors occurred, the tuner was not released properly.
7. (Possibly) Fixed: When multiple TV recordings start at the same time on CableCARD tuners MC could hang.
8. Changed: Files marked as "Short" can be looked up with the Get Movie & TV Info... tool.

21.0.44 (2/2/2016)

1. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).
3. Fixed: The new tag Action Window didn't blink.
4. Changed: A little more sophisticated fix for the subtitle cropping problem.

21.0.43 (1/29/2016)

1. Fixed: 3D visualizations could still show images upside down sometimes.
2. Fixed: Text based subtitles could draw cropped by one letter with certain fonts.

21.0.42 (1/28/2016)

1. Fixed: There was an unwanted text dimensions change in build 41.

21.0.41 (1/28/2016)

1. Fixed: The WDM driver was not properly signed since 21.0.37.
2. Fixed: Parsing DTS WAV files could fail.
3. Changed: Made the TV engine a little more crash-resistant.
4. Fixed: TV recording failure was not handled properly.
5. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan!).
6. Fixed: The 3d visualization could have images upside down if the rotation flag was set.
7. Fixed: It wasn't possible to create a playlist group called "Downloaded" because of conflict with Doctor Who playlists.
8. Fixed: Thread was hard killed on MC exit if a Doctor Who background process was running at time of shutdown.

21.0.40 (1/26/2016)

1. NEW: Added the expression function Literal(...) that just outputs the text that's in parenthesis (useful for making a readable block of code).
2. Changed: The Playing Now roller item is shown on the top roller when in playlists (previously it only showed in the library).
3. Changed: Restoring a library with the restore library and restore settings checkboxes both un-checked will show an error message and not continue.
4. Changed: When running "Get Movie & TV Info..." in automatic mode (multiple file selection), MC re-tries on failure by resetting episode number and or season number.
5. Fixed: Clearing Playing Now from the right-click menu with something playing would take a long time if there was a big prebuffer setting and a fadeout on stop mode.
6. Changed: Improved TV guide data by importing these fields (if present in xmltv file): writers, presenters, aspect ratio. Improved TV/Movie rating tag by distinguishing MPAA rating and MPAA rating advisaries.
7. Changed: If guide data file indicates that a show is an HDTV show, "HDTV" is added to keywords field.
8. Changed: When MC tries to determine whether a program has been previously recorded, or already scheduled to record, Program ID trumps everything else (such as program title, series title) that a user specified to compare.
9. Fixed: Using a Custom Advanced video mode could cause stream and subtitle selection to be unavailable.
10. Fixed: Restoring the tree with Help > Check for Updates wouldn't redraw properly.
11. Changed: MC will always compare dates when encountering "previously-shown" element in an xmltv file to determine whether a show is a re-run, if the "start" attribute is present. Previously re-run is assumed if "previously-shown" is present, without regard to the "start" attribute.
12. Changed: If "date" element is not found for a program in an xmltv file, but "previously-shown" "start" attribute is found, the latter is saved in "Date" field.
13. Changed: "OriginalAirDate" in PercData EPG files is saved in MC's "Date" field when loading PercData data.
14. Fixed: Installing licenses wasn't working on XP since the switch to Visual Studio 2015.
15. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

21.0.39 (1/21/2016)

1. Changed: For television recording rule setup, integer comparison is allowed for [Season] field. Now one can set up rules that allow recording of a series with [Season] higher than 15, or [Season] is higher than 8 and lower than 12, etc.
2. Fixed: Mixed artist albums would display as multiple albums on library server clients that didn't use the same directory separator as the server.
3. Changed: DVB-S tuner type is enabled for all countries on Television Setup wizard.
4. Fixed: Text spacing could be off a little in build 38.
5. Changed: Mouse wheel in television playback is handled in the same way as in video file playback. Mouse wheel without CTRL or SHIFT key skips forward/backward. Mouse wheel with SHIFT or CTRL key down zooms video.
6. Changed: In Theater view television guide, shows that are to be recorded as part of a subscription will have an orange circle in front of the show name, in stead of a read circle for one-time recordings.
7. Changed: The behavior of pressing record button on remote control in Theater view televsion guide is changed. If the show has not been scheduled to be recorded yet, pressing the record button sets the show to be recorded. Pressing the button on a show already scheduled for one-time recording changes the one-time recording to a subscription. Pressing the button on a show scheduled for subscription cancels the subscription.
8. Changed: The Unswap expression function understands Jr., Sr., etc. and does the unswapping special when those are present.

21.0.38 (1/18/2016)

1. NEW: Added "Season" to television recording rule setup.
2. Fixed: Some music channels from some cable providers played intermittently when played near live position.
3. NEW: Added a MCWS function File/SetImage to set the image for a file (base 64 encoded image as the image parameter).
4. Fixed: Processing the previous and next file would cause the desktop to blink.
5. Fixed: Cover art embedded in FLAC files wouldn't always be found.
6. Fixed: The OSD would switch between "Shifted 1 seconds" and "Live" when playing TV close to live.
7. Changed: Added the PlaylistType parameter to the Playback/PlayPlaylist command so that it's possible to start playback by a playlist name instead of playlist ID.
8. Fixed: The Theater View News plugin could draw with a really big gap on the left with high resolution displays (only maybe fixed so testing appreciated).
9. NEW: Added MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_VIDEO_ZOOM (28038) to set the zoom for a playing video.
10. Changed: When starting Play Doctor playback from a right-click "More Play Options" on the current file, it will play out and then the results will play.

21.0.37 (1/14/2016)

1. Fixed: The Digital Signature of Media Center was invalid since January 1st (only affects builds 21.0.31 and newer).

21.0.36 (1/13/2016)

1. Changed: When a search for television programs in Standard view does not find any programs, the text message in the Programs window is changed to "Search did not find any matching programs" instead of "Double-click here to set up a program guide." Double-clicking will do nothing.
2. Changed: Made the OS detection function log what the two OS versions are if they're different before showing the message.
3. NEW: ">>" and "<<" keys on remote control shift Theater View television guide to the right (left) 24 hours.
4. Fixed: Panes display wasn't obeying the selected expression to display selected in Edit Category.

21.0.35 (1/12/2016)

1. Fixed: Showing and hiding the tree would result in Action Window pages not redrawing properly.
2. Fixed: Bookmarking could be wrong after watching a TV program that was currently being recorded if the recording had been started later than the program start time.
3. Changed: Recording Rule ID is now viewable for media type "Video" in addition to media type "TV".
4. Fixed: Starting playback from the command line of audio files would jump to fullscreen (but we only wanted to do that for images).
5. NEW: Added a mid-side encoding DSP to Parametric Equalizer.
6. NEW: The action for a files command in MCWS accepts "m3u" to create an m3u format playlist.
7. Fixed: Audio could hiccup between tracks in recent builds.

21.0.34 (1/7/2016)

1. Fixed: Searching for -1 didn't work properly.
2. Fixed: Picking users accounts wasn't working.

21.0.33 (1/7/2016)

1. Fixed: A bookmarking bug when playing a TV show currently being recorded.
2. Changed: Double-clicking an image from Explorer will now launch fullscreen mode even if the program is sitting in Playing Now. You might need to double-check the "Options > General > Jump to windowed display mode when playback is started externally" option.
3. Changed: Further adjustments to the way searches are handled to improve the accuracy of the results on larger libraries.
4. Changed: Made the AA plugin a bit smaller using the new build framework.

21.0.32 (1/6/2016)

1. Changed: The position OSD updates the position continually as it's showing instead of just showing a static snapshot.
2. Fixed: Smartlist editor dialogs could be squashed horizontally by user resizing, making them unreadable.
3. NEW: When in Standard Television view, the Delete key on keyboard will delete selected recorded TV shows and selected recording rules.
4. Changed: "Done" button on Manage TV Channels dialog window is renamed "Close".
5. Changed: Reduced the size of MFC executables using the new framework.

21.0.31 (1/4/2016)

1. Changed: The tooltip text on the system tray can be longer (128 characters instead of 64 characters).
2. Fixed: Window placement was not getting saved when modeless dialogs closed.
3. Changed: Added a value of 15 seconds into the ladder of times to wait when switching the display.
4. Changed: On Manage Channels window the channel list header code "(12-3 ABC)" is changed to "(123 ABC)" for channels sorted by name (with channel number in front).
5. Changed: Updated to the latest version of the Chromium engine for webpages.
6. Fixed: Video files without audio did not convert successfully.
7. Fixed: Media Center would sometimes select the wrong audio streams during video playback when no preferred audio language was configured.
8. Fixed: Some web radio URLs would not open but instead hang the program forever.
9. Changed: Built using the new development framework.
10. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

21.0.30 (12/22/2015)

1. Fixed: DSP Studio was blinking with VST effects installed (the fix is wider and might also make drawing in general more efficient).
2. Fixed: When a TV channel was being watched on a single client at the same time also watched on the server, changing channel on either the server or the client would cause the channel changed on the other computer.
3. Fixed: Logging could crash MC under some circumstances.
4. NEW: Added a command MCC_TOGGLE_THEATER_VIEW_GRIDS_CHANNEL_NAME (30026) to toggle Theater view guide grid's "hide channel names when channel logos are available" setting.
5. Changed: Made the "Rename, Move, & Copy Files" tool no longer available when connected to a server (because the results were confusing anyway).
6. Fixed: When playing a TV show that was being recorded, MC could hang with a black screen and normal sound. (possibly only with madVR).
7. Changed: Increased the number of "Wait after change" values in Options > Video.
8. Fixed: VST effects could be corrupted.

21.0.29 (12/17/2015)

1. Fixed: In Theater View Guide television shows associated with channels that had been put in groups as non-top members were still included, and displayed in grids, but were not playable.
2. NEW: Added new TVInfo() expressions ProgramChannelNumber and IsOnNonTopGroupedChannel.
3. Fixed: The word "Live" was appended to the time on position OSD for all non-TV video playback (only in build 28).
4. Fixed: Potential worker thread hang in CListener class, also a potential memory leak.
5. Fixed: Television channel logos did not show in Theater View guide grids on client machines.
6. Fixed: Clearing the playback range field on a file could cause the program to go into an infinite loop in certain cases.
7. Fixed: In rare cases television time-shifting/recording folder got shared with two simultaneous recordings of the same title, resulting in both recordings not watchable.
8. Fixed: Fixed potential hangs/crashes and memory leaks in networking code.

21.0.28 (12/14/2015)

1. Fixed: The Chromium Web Engine did not render properly on HighDPI displays.
2. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR v0.89.17.
3. Fixed: Pressing delete during an image slideshow was no longer working (the fix meant reenabling the delete shortcut in fullscreen but then ignoring the command if it comes and the UI is fullscreen -- testing appreciated)
4. NEW: Added MCC_CLOSE_QUICK_SEARCH to close the quick search box (21034).
5. Changed: TheTVDB lookup can look up tracks that don't have a season or episode number and will now look up just by the episode name.
6. Changed: Library Server Sync is more robust against sync errors when the Library Server is restarted.
7. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
8. Changed: Playlist deletions get properly synced from and to Library Server clients.
9. Changed: When showing playback position OSD (using up or down arrow) for television shows, time-shifting between 1 and 59 seconds are shown as " shifted xx seconds". Previously only time-shifting larger than 1 minute was shown. Also if the time-shifting is less than one second, the word "Live" is shown.

21.0.27 (12/11/2015)

1. Changed: Made a change to the tagging window to prevent editing tags when no files are selected.
2. Fixed: Rotten Tomatoes wouldn't look up movies like Amélie correctly because of the accent. Trying to just remove the accents before the search.
3. Fixed: Opening the ASIO line in with the channel count set to more than 32 would crash. Now it fails gracefully.
4. Fixed: When loading XMLTV EPG data, "Series" field could inherit a value from an old program in the same time slot if the new program was not a series.
5. Changed: When loading XMLTV EPG data, all relevant fields are updated, instead of only updating those that are not empty. This prevents wrong data from being retained.
6. Fixed: MCWS would send an unexpected server error response after the normal response when receiving HTTP POST requests with Keep-Alive.
7. Changed: Added a timeout to stopping auto-import threads to fix a possible hang.
8. Changed: Adjusted television channel logo display in Guide so that the logos keep their aspect ratio. Also increased the border width around the logos so they do not appear touching each other.
9. Fixed: Audio tracks without a language tag would erroneously show as "Abkhazian" in the Display View OSD.
10. NEW: Added an option in television properties "Hide channel names in Theater View guide when channel logos are available".
11. Fixed: In Rename, Move & Copy dialog, columns couldn't be resized to show the entire filenames if they were very long.
12. Fixed: The multi-match CD dialog didn't scale nicely for high DPI.
13. Fixed: Television subscription could schedule recordings on channels that were non-top grouped channels, resulting in multiple recordings of the same program, if programs had been created for these channels prior to the channels being grouped.
14. Fixed: The CD information could change as a track was ripping.

21.0.26 (12/8/2015)

1. Changed: Coverart tools are available for "TV" media types (TV channels and programs).
2. NEW: Television channel logo support in Theater View guide grid.
3. Fixed: In "Mini View" mode on Windows 10 with Noire skin, the minimize button was partly overlaying the player window.
4. Fixed: When resampling, the source format listed in DSP Studio wouldn't get updated properly when switching tracks.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: ASIO Live would crash if you picked more than two channels.
7. Changed: Enabled DoP bitstreaming for DSD256.
8. Changed: Database key value for a television channel is displayed in Details box on Manage Channels dialog window.
9. Changed: Television channel logo, if available, of the first selected channel, is displayed on Manage Channels dialog window.
10. Fixed: The keyboard shortcut to change the audio stream during DVD playback was not working (Ctrl+Shift+L).
11. NEW: Added "Channel logo" menu when right-clicking on a single channel on Manage Channels dialog window. The menu is the same as the Cover Art menu elsewhere.
12. Changed: Manage Channels dialog window is now resizable. It was tweaked so it will fit within monitor screen better with magnified screen sizes (such as 125% and 150%).
13. Fixed: When setting the playback range back to an empty value the duration wouldn't update to the whole file (now it updates the library from tags on that change).
14. Fixed: When loading XMLTV EPG data, re-run flag was not saved when its value was false. This caused previously saved bogus "true" value not to be corrected.

21.0.25 (12/01/2015)

1. Fixed: When switching tabs, the delete command would still route to the previous tab in some cases.
2. Fixed: Fixed problems in the CD Labeler program where dialogs with checkboxes, scrollbars, and other elements were not displaying properly. Skinning was removed from CD Labeler and will return when MFC is removed from it.
3. Fixed: When TV time-shifting reader filter performed seeking, it could try to wait for more data to be buffered than the buffering reader was set to buffer, resulting in unnecessarily long wait.
4. NEW: In Theater View television guide grid, a green triangle is added in front of the program name of a currently playing show.
5. Fixed: GIF images ended up with a JPG extension when getting artist images.

21.0.24 (11/24/2015)

1. Changed: When loading on-line EPG data, MC will create programs for all channels that match a given xmltv ID, instead of just creating them for the first found matching channel.
2. Optimized: The amount of time required for performing "filling in gaps with dummy EPG program info" (feature introduced in build 21) is significantly reduced.
3. Fixed: If in-place editing was used to change the filename field to an invalid value (like blank, or a name without a path), MC would not report an error and the data for that file could be lost.
4. Fixed: The 'Delete' accelerator would translate in fullscreen and want to delete the files that were behind the playing view.
5. Changed: Added 'Playlists' as a type to the new Action Window Tag page so that you don't have to use Custom(Playlists) to view playlists.
6. Changed: The rule for a user account is applied when dropping a set of files onto a playlist.
7. Changed: The rule for a user account is applied when double-clicking a file in Explorer.
8. Changed: Updated the copyright date in the Media Editor and CDLabeler.
9. Changed: Made the zones in the Playing Now overview a little wider on high DPI.
10. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
11. Fixed: The filenames when getting artist images for would be a series of random numbers instead of jpg.
12. Fixed: Color Coding of Theater View TV guide grid only worked for Obsidian skin.
13. Changed: Increased opacity of colored cells in Theater View guide grid so that they will be easier to see in some skins such as Glass.
14. Changed: The Swap(...) function will nicely handle semi-colon delimited lists and swap each element (before it would stumble).
15. Changed: Made the Unswap(...) function also accept a semi-colon delimited list.
16. Fixed: Clicking a checkbox in DSP Studio would hide the window if the current window was active before clicking the checkbox.

21.0.23 (11/17/2015)

1. Fixed: The search box could be too tall.
2. Fixed: Minimized action windows could disappear instead of minimize.
3. Fixed: Attached drives would show up in Action Window > Camera.

21.0.22 (11/16/2015)

1. Fixed: The publisher listed on the uninstall dialog would be "J. River, Inc." instead of "JRiver, Inc.".
2. Fixed: Double-click in an empty area of the Recording Rules list would crash.
3. Fixed: Further problems with the Noire skin on Windows 7.
4. Fixed: Search Window magnifying glass icon was offset too far to the right on scaled displays.

21.0.21 (11/14/2015)

1. Changed: The splitter in Playing Now is now zone specific so that having two Playing Now views open will allow independent setting of the splitter.
2. Fixed: The skin's close/maximize/restore/minimize buttons were offset to the right in popup windows (off the edge of the window).
3. NEW: MC will create dummy programs to fill in gaps in the programming guide data. Now all active channels will show up in Theater view even if they have no EPG data.
4. Changed: More cancel checking in DLNA threads to hopefully prevent hangs, crashes from hard killed threads.

21.0.20 (11/13/2015)

1. Fixed: The Library/GetStats function in MCWS was returning an error code (even though the results were there).
2. Changed: Program IDs and Series IDs (if available) are saved in new fields "Program ID" and "Series ID" when importing EPG guide data.
3. Fixed: In recent builds newly recorded television sports shows did not show up under Video / Shows / Recent in Theater view, instead they appeared in Video / Other / Recent.
4. Changed: Consolidated and renamed video conversion profile listings (they are now consistently named in all areas where they are used).
5. Changed: Adjusted the way searches are handled to improve the results.
6. Fixed: Searching for users in a smartlist wasn't working.
7. NEW: Option to use the DVD episode order when doing manual Get Movie & TV Info lookup for TV Shows.
8. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Fixed: When using PercData as EPG source, all programs scheduled for midnight UTC time were missing.
10. Fixed: DSP Studio > Output Format wouldn't save the sample rates properly when running with a translation.
11. NEW: Theater view television guide grid is color-coded according to show categories. The following types are colored: Movies (of all genres), Educational, Children, Sports, News.
12. Changed: Made the minimum size of DSP Studio a little smaller.
13. Changed: The Action Window timer for starting an import only runs if the frame is visible (so minimizing the program will yield the run).
14. Fixed: Thumbnail lists could have a wrong size for the ideal aspect ratio.
15. Changed: Toned down the speed and number of blinks of the Action Window so it now blinks twice and stops.
16. Changed: When entering Theater view television guide, MC always selects the currently playing program (if any).
17. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
18. NEW: Television guide grid in Theater view is updated every half hour.
19. NEW: Added an MCC command MCC_SET_ZONE_VISIBLE (22033) to show the current zone in standard view.
20. Fixed: DLNA code was crashing when a problem device on the network was causing our Accept call to hang, it wasn't getting canceled so thread was hard killed leading to crashes.
21. Fixed: There was a memory leak in the socket code (all platforms).
22. Changed: Socket error messages in the log are now readable strings (windows) and implemented the error codes (linux, mac).

21.0.19 (10/30/2015)

1. Changed: When TV tuner failure occurs MC will not show a popup since an OSD message is already displayed. A popup could interfere with attempt to restart the playback.
2. Changed: Holding Ctrl while clicking pane tag checkboxes will enter "list" mode so that you can select multiple genres, etc.
3. Changed: Added "is not" operator for editing TV recording rules involving "Name", "Series", and "Description".
4. Changed: "Modify Rules" is renamed "Edit Rules" on TV subscription wizard page.
5. Fixed: Edit controls in read-only mode allowed backspace to delete characters.
6. Changed: Added text instruction on TV recording rules editing window, regarding AND and OR operations on rules.
7. NEW: Editing a checkbox type field in the new Tag Action Window will show a checkbox instead of a dropbox.
8. Changed: Editing a checkbox type field in Pane tagging is now possible.
9. Changed: Opening the new Tag Action Window with shift held will then always open the new tag window after that (just press shift again to switch back).
10. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
11. Fixed: Flickering screen on the edges when playing video on certain computers in Red October Standard, in build 18.
12. Changed: Improved duplication avoidance when dealing with subscription television recording rules with "all channels" option.
13. Fixed: WebGizmo did not work in recent builds.
14. Fixed: Video transcoding profiles which used MP2 or MP3 audio did not function properly.

21.0.18 (10/26/2015)

1. Changed: When picking 'Convert Format' the Action Window page will blink to make it more obvious where the focus should be.
2. Fixed: Action Window pages weren't blinking properly.
3. NEW: Improved support for video seeking with DLNA renderers which do not support time-based seeking (ie. byte-seeking).
4. Changed: Allowing 'Concert' media sub types in the Get Movie & TV Info... tool.
5. Changed: Made the step size of the OSD when controlling color controls smaller.
6. Fixed: HEVC 10-bit hardware decoding is supported in Red October Standard on supported hardware.
7. Fixed: Image playback wasn't disabling the system from sleeping.
8. NEW: A new system for setting up television subscription recording.
9. Fixed: RAW images could have thumbnails that were rotated incorrectly (hopefully fixed, but feedback appreciated).
10. Changed: TV subscription recording rule name and program name are independent of each other and can be independently edited on the subscription wizard.
11. Changed: The "Channel" multiple-selection drop list for search based subscription on TV recording wizard now uses "selected items on top" style.
12. Changed: The XML files created by mc2xml will be deleted 24 hours after they are created, instead of waiting until MC restarts (but restarting MC will delete them too).
13. NEW: If a TV tuner fails to play a TV channel, MC will put it in an error state temporarily, and retry playing, so it will find another tuner for the job.
14. Fixed: Using the Move/Copy Fields tool on the Date field would end up with wacky values in the date (because it's actually a floating point number) instead of taking the value and interpreting it as a date.

21.0.17 (10/20/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
2. Fixed: Sibelius was not running with the ASIO driver installed.
3. Changed: 4K Hardware accelerated decoding is enabled in Red October.
4. Fixed: Streaming video to JRemote or Gizmo could get disrupted near the end of the video in recent versions.
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Changed: PercData download cache files are deleted 24 hours after being created.
7. Fixed: LibRAW could crash when opening files.
8. Changed: Doing a delete from the library will not offer the option to delete or recycle the underlying file if the selection set contains a particle.

21.0.16 (10/16/2015)

1. Changed: The height of "Manage Channels" window is reduced so that the buttons in the bottom will not be pushed off screen when a reasonably large font is used.
2. Changed: Added a couple of tool tips in television subscription wizard.
3. Fixed: The "Compare fields:" drop list on television subscription wizard page was not initially grayed out when "Do not record programs that have been recorded in the past" was not selected.
4. Fixed: Hitting Ctrl+P in Theater View's Playing Now could cause start up silence to be skipped.
5. Changed: The output xmltv file of mc2xml will not be deleted until MC is restarted.
6. Changed: When loading EPG in MC2XML mode, the wait message "Loading EPG data. MC2XML provider token: xxxxxxxx" will remain on display more reliably.
7. Fixed: Images in Theater View could draw improperly in certain cases.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).

21.0.15 (10/14/2015)

1. Fixed: DSP presets set for video files didn't load properly.
2. Changed: The PercData genres for TV programs are saved in Keywords tag, to be consistent with treatment of XMLTV data.
3. Changed: Mapped more XMLTV program "categories" to MC Genre field.
4. Fixed: DVB TV channels with video PID equal to 0x1fff were not marked as audio-only (and thus were not played correctly).
5. Fixed: Drop panes weren't working properly.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
7. Fixed: Webpage playback could result in a black screen until the player was resized.
8. Fixed: PercData EPG data had time shifted by a few hours.
9. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
10. Fixed: Made the ASIO driver work with Sony Movie Studio.

21.0.14 (10/12/2015)

1. Fixed: WTV files didn't play on Library Server Clients without direct files access.
2. Fixed: Typing the value [Varies] into a field for editing didn't work.
3. Changed: Stopping video playback when using madVR would paint the splash screen of the video, but now that drawing is disabled.
4. NEW: EPG data service is integrated in MC.
5. Fixed: Setting up DVB-S/C or QAM tuners when there are already existing similar hardware profiles could lead to crash.
6. Fixed: Unchecking a Linkwitz-Riley filter wouldn't stop it from processing.
7. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
8. Changed: Theater View only takes sidecar art that's of the name [Name][extra stuff].[extension] so that it won't get false matches when a lot of videos are stored next to each other.
9. Changed: Webpage files (htm and html) play inside the player in the internal browser instead of launching a web browser application.
10. Changed: Switched the naming of the dither mode option to 'Dither Mode (not zone-specific)' so that it's clearly labeled as not zone specific.
11. Fixed: A little typo 'Channel gouping' instead of 'Channel grouping'.
12. NEW: The 'Manage Plug-ins' button in DSP Studio has an option 'Show Always On Top' to make DSP Studio a top-most window.
13. NEW: Expressions can take the data type &DataType=[Day] to be the day of a week name and then the sorting will be correct.
14. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar).

21.0.13 (10/09/2015)

1. Fixed: Encoding a DVD profile used the wrong video dimensions in 21.0.12.
2. Fixed: Encoding MPEG-2 video did not use multi-threading in 21.0.12 (and was thus slower than expected).
3. Fixed: Deinterlacing was not activated reliably when transcoding.
4. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir).
6. Changed: Updated to the latest version of LibRaw.
7. Changed: Tuned the H.264 video conversion profiles to make better use of their allocated bandwidth (slightly increases quality across the board).
8. Fixed: Video Transcoding could get stuck at 0% if opening the encoder failed (instead of showing the failure in the UI).

21.0.12 (10/08/2015)

1. Changed: Picking a smaller number of Car Radio buttons no longer deletes the playlists above that number. It'll leave them so if you set the count higher they'll come back.
2. Changed: Added an on-screen message "Waiting for signal lock..." when TV waits for signal for longer than 6 seconds.
3. NEW: Added 'Initial Key' field and support for the appropriate tags in MP3/ID3, FLAC, M4A and WMA.
4. Changed: Re-designed video transcoding engine (internal change).

21.0.11 (9/30/2015)

1. Changed: Put a dash in the naming of Linkwitz-Riley.
2. Changed: Reworked the w64 changes from the previous build.
3. Changed: Setting the playback range for a file automatically sets the duration of the file to reflect that change.
4. Fixed: Stopping playback by clearing Playing Now with a big pre-buffer set and a fadeout on stop mode set would hang a little while.
5. Changed: Made some adjustments to the way borders are handled to resolve a compatibility issue with custom skins, and reduced the height of the resizing zone for the bottom border.
6. Fixed: The EPG scheduling time controls were not grayed out when Load Program Guide window was initially displayed with "Automatically load program guide everyday in the background" checkbox unchecked.
7. Changed: On Load Program Guide window, if none of the guide loading modes is selected, the "Run selected profiles now" checkbox will be grayed out.
8. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
9. NEW: RIFF Metadata Tags in W64 files are imported into the library.
10. Changed: Added more diagnostic logging entries for TV recording cleanup.
11. Changed: Marked the strings "Parameters" and "Examples" in the expression tooltip for translation.
12. Changed: Marked the string "Max" for translation in the CD burning options page.
13. Changed: Ran all the translation files through the source code translation engine to update the strings in the file.
14. Fixed: The "Set As Desktop Background" dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
15. NEW: Added a right-click menu to the Car Radio buttons that offers a choice of how many buttons to show.

21.0.10 (9/24/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
2. NEW: Added a Linkwitz Riley filter to Parametric Equalizer.
3. Changed: When creating a particle with a playback range the range will be used to update the duration (instead of keeping the duration the length of the entire clip).
4. Fixed: An STB TV channel played on a client could be silent.
5. Fixed: A rare crash involving the explorer.
6. Fixed: Taskbar buttons didn't work when MC was run as administrator.
7. Changed: Added a warning to remind users to run EPG loading tool after Auto Grouping is done.
8. NEW: When a user sets up two or more profiles that share the same EPG channel lineup, a popup message box is shown to offer to group channels.
9. Changed: Marked the secure rip report strings for translation.
10. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
11. Changed: Updated the Print Preview window to work nicely with high DPI.
12. Fixed: Printing checks for the no printer condition before opening the dialog and shows an error if that state is found (it was crashing).
13. Changed: Renamed the toolbar button from "Navigation" to "Favorites" (since it's all about favorites).
14. Fixed: Made the quick search box size properly on high DPI.
15. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.66.
16. Fixed: The 3D tunnel visualization could stall when playing a file that didn't have many impacts.
17. Changed: MC will be slightly more aggressive in filtering out duplicate programs when doing subscription recordings on all channels.
18. Fixed: A filename with the type w64 would get treated differently than a file with the type wav.
19: Fixed: DLNA: MC's renderer was posting the wrong STOP command which was causing a long delay eventing the STOP when the Audio setting for STOP was FADEOUT
20. Fixed: Television setup wizard did not save the "The tuner is capable of DVB-T2/S2/C2" checkbox state properly.
21. NEW: Ctrl+D opens DSP Studio.

21.0.9 (9/19/2015)

1. Changed: On television setup's mc2xml settings page, the provider token control is changed from an edit box to a combo box, which is filled with previously setup provider tokens. The current hardware profile name is entered as a suggested name. Added more details to the instruction text too.
2. Changed: Renamed the Restore and Maximize buttons for the Pearl Bailey skin because they were reversed.
3. Changed: Changed ordering of some television setup pages so that remote control activation page and IR learning page are not far apart.
4. Changed: Added the strings 44,100 Hz, etc. to the translatable phrases list.
5. Fixed: The small icon for the Playing From item would go away when picking a translation.
6. Changed: Added a space between the number and number label in a few places in the code.
7. Fixed: Television recording on STB channels could be silent.
8. Fixed: Playing audio in multiple zones simultaneously could crash since 21.0.7.
9. Changed: Tweaked flushing and presenting in 3D rendering for Theater View to avoid it freezing, testing appreciated.

21.0.8 (9/17/2015)

1. Fixed: Television setup EPG loading mode selection was not pre-selected on fresh new setup since we integrated mc2xml.
2. Changed: Tweaked the resizing that happens on the top border of the player.
3. Fixed: The reporting of the DSD sample rate was only fixed if the player was sending DoP but not if it was bitstreaming native DSD.
4. Changed: Extended the range of the bitdepth simulator in the PEQ to 2-32 bits.
5. Changed: When the Analyze Audio dialog opens the keyboard focus will be on the "Analyze" button.
6. Fixed: When picking a scale bigger than 100%, the tree would truncate the images instead of growing its size.
7. Changed: Updated the SoundTouch library used in the Tempo/Pitch/Rate DSP and VideoClock functionality.
8. Fixed: On "Manage Channels" window clicking "Auto Group" button did nothing when there are two sets of Set-top box channels using the same channel lineup.
9. Fixed: Television setup wizard saved an empty EPG loading profile.
10. Fixed: Video Playback properly flushes the DSP engine when seeking.
11. Changed: The word "Drive" can be translated in the CD, DVD, & BD options page.
12. Changed: Added the option "Show 'Recently Imported' when clicking on 'Details' when an import finishes" to optionally not show the recently imported playlist.
13. Changed: Standardized the buttons on the image editor to "Apply" and "Cancel" (so removed some buttons like 'Remove Red Eye' and 'Heal').
14. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
15. Fixed: Television setup did not work (in build 21.0.7) when choosing mc2xml or XMLTV for EPG for non-STB and non-CableCARD channels.
16. Changed: Sped up search results.

21.0.7 (9/14/2015)

1. NEW: Added optional full strength TPDF Dithering in the audio engine (Options > Audio > Advanced > Dither Mode).
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: When running television setup, mc2xml will no longer be executed twice, once for channels once for guide. Now only one run (unless there is a failure) will be needed, even if there are multiple types of channels to be setup (with identical channel lineup).
4. Fixed: Accepted search suggestions weren't always working.
5. Changed: The sample rate of DSD when bitstreaming will be reported more correctly by the player (it was showing the rate it would become if it became PCM).
6. Changed: Switched the spacebar in Theater View to always play what's selected instead of only playing if playback was stopped.
7. Changed: Made the ideal width of a small image column a little wider.
8. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).

21.0.6 (9/10/2015)

1. Fixed: Television shows that were 5 minutes or shorter were not presented in guide.
2. Fixed: The height of tiles in a list didn't scale properly for high DPI.
3. Fixed: When loading STB or CableCARD channels, mc2xml could fail repeatedly.
4. Changed: Added instructions on television setup regarding mc2xml "data source" selection (Standard vs. TitanTV).
5. NEW: Multiple mc2xml EPG loading methods can be setup, one for each provider selected ("digital terrestrial lineup", "digital cable", etc.).
6. Changed: Relaxed postal code checking on television property page.
7. NEW: For playback you can select "Ask at playback time" and MC will ask if you want to play internally or launch a program.
8. Changed: When showing search suggestions in the Television view, it will look at both recordings and the EPG (previously it only looked at the EPG).
9. Fixed: Search suggestions could show duplicated values in rare cases.
10. Changed: Made the name field in the database search like all the other fields so that typing a part of the name will give that name as a suggestion (please report any issues).
11. Fixed: Multi-monitor support was broken.

21.0.5 (9/9/2015)

1. Fixed: The detached display would maximize to the wrong size on mixed DPI multiple monitor configurations.
2. Fixed: Automatic EPG loading with mc2xml did not work for countries where postal codes consist of two parts separated by space (UK, Canada, Ireland, etc.).
3. Changed: Television recording rules that have invalid program ID or channel ID will not be automatically deleted. They will just be marked as such, so users may choose to fix them manually.
4. Changed: When scheduling or editing an existing scheduled time-based TV recording, the channel drop-box will no longer be disabled.
5. Changed: MC will try finding new bda or WDM TV tuner devices each time it tries to load a tuner for playback or recording.
6. Fixed: Playing a DVB TV channel on a client might fail.
7. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
8. Fixed: The TiVo Server Options dialog could truncate on some displays.
9. Fixed: Settings were not getting restored when restoring a library backup (build 21.0.4 only).
10. Fixed: The 'Server Stopped' message from the TiVo server wasn't translatable.
11. Changed: Updated the 'New / Improved This Version' link in the help menu to point to the version 21 thread.
12. NEW: Added the expression function Translate(...) to give a string to the translation engine.
13. Changed: The text on a list like Gold by Abba can now translate the by string that's in between the artist and album.
14. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

21.0.4 (9/2/2015)

1. Changed: Sorting ignores diacriticals instead of sorting them special.
2. Changed: The ICY metadata reader interprets the data it gets as UTF-8 instead of ANSI (will make some international stations appear more correctly).
3. NEW: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B for "Previosly played TV channel".
4. Fixed: Auto matching of channels to xmltv IDs in the new mc2xml TV guide method did not work.
5. Fixed: Memory leak in SACD DST decoding.
6. Fixed: MC21 ASIO driver was showing up in list of audio devices.
7. Changed: Changed how device arrival event is handled for video capture (analog TV tuner) devices, so that audio capture devices are not erroneously added to TV tuners list.
8. Fixed: Turning the ASIO driver on or off didn't ask for UAC elevation so the install went into outer space.
9. Changed: Added the stock smartlist 'Audio -- Task -- Missing files'.
10. Fixed: Fixed a typo "Remove from Farvorites".
11. Changed: Removed the 'Help Wiki' link from the help menu since it was the same as Help > Contents.
12. Changed: Added more diagnostic logging for TV recording.
13. Changed: Made some changes in the handling of serving clients live TV from the server.
14. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
15. Fixed: Fix for volume leveling growing out of bounds on track changes.
16. Changed: Bookmarking looks at the playback range when calculating the duration so that files that are just little snips won't bookmark.
17. NEW: Added the output format "Encode as 4xDSD in DoP format" for 4x DoP delivery.
18. Changed: When running mc2xml internally, MC will try fixing empty country code and postal code first, and then -c and/or -g options are skipped if the respective fields are still empty.
19. Changed: The movie lookup code run by Auto-Import will only look a movie up every 30 days (instead of continually).
20. Changed: Added validity check on postal code entered in television setup wizard and on television property page. Postal code entry is now mandatary. The degree of validity check depends on country.

21.0.3 (8/17/2015)

1. NEW: Added the choices 176.4 khz and 192 khz to the configure ASIO Line-In dialog.
2. Fixed: After a few hours of running the 3d visualization tunnel would reach the destination and stop (only maybe fixed so testing appreciated).
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Changed: Adjusted logging in an effort to diagnose the lost TV tuner problem.
5. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).
6. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
8. Fixed: ZoneSwitch was broken and not finding its settings since 21.0.1.
9. Changed: Added all the channels from 10 to 24 by increments of two to the Output Format DSP page.
10. Changed: The option to add Netflix to Theater View has been removed (the item would just get trimmed anyway).
11. Fixed: The recent searches in the search box wasn't working properly.
12. Fixed: Thumbnailing could stall.

21.0.2 (8/5/2015)

1. Changed: Reworked television device change handling. Hopefully this will fix the "no tuner available" error on some systems after waking up from sleep.
2. Changed: mc2xml option is moved to the top of EPG mode selection page in Television Setup wizard.
3. Fixed: The "Click here for more information about mc2xml" link in Television Setup wizard was a dead link.
4. Fixed: Updated the licensing for version 21 (internal change).

21.0.1 (8/4/2015)

1. NEW: Added the sample rates 705600 and 768000 to the Output Format dialog.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. NEW: Added an image playback mode 'Display images using a 2D renderer' to the options of Images. Will use a 2D space for rendering instead of a 3D space. Mostly for Linux / Mac, but please test.
4. Fixed: The Onion would return "No text" for many of the articles in Theater View.
5. Changed: Removed the splash screen because it never showed launching off an SSD anyway, but it would still slow the launch down a little.
6. NEW: Theater View background image slideshows include sidecars that are next to the file.
7. NEW: Added the MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayPlaylist function to play a playlist in a specified zone.
8. NEW: Sending files to a particular zone disables Zone Switch from engaging.
9. NEW: Volume Leveling uses the additional Headroom provided by Internal Volume for a more consistent experience on highly dynamic tracks or when downmixing.
10. NEW: Added a 'Clean results' checkbox to the Fill Properties From Filename tool that will fix spacing, capitalization, etc.
11. NEW: Added an expression function Row() that outputs the current row number of a record.
12. NEW: Added the command 'ZoneSwitch...' to the Audio options page.
13. NEW: Added "Play in Media Center" to the root of the explorer context menu.
14. Changed: Made the search suggestions a little wider and fixed the sizing to account for high DPI.
15. Changed: Marked "<unknown album>" and "<unknown name>" for translation.
16. Changed: Marked a bunch of strings in the TiVo server for translation.
17. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
18. Changed: When a zone is cleared, it will clear all the linked zones as well (applies to MCWS/v1/Playback/ClearPlaylist but also other areas as well).
19. Changed: Added a few more 'o' character variations to the diacritical ignoring code.
20. NEW: Middle-click on a link column will open the link in a new tab.
21. Fixed: Recording of a television program on a grouped channel would incorrectly favor an STB tuner (even if the STB channel was not on top of the group).
22. NEW: MCWS Browse/Children contains more information about the type of the entry, and the PlaylistID if appropriate (only when requesting Version 2).
23. NEW: Keyboard shortcut 'D' for onscreen information display (equivalent to remote control info button) that toggles among "playback position"/"program name"/"program description".
25. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
26. Changed: Added a few more diacriticals to the list of things for ignoring during sorting.
27. Changed: Switched Theater View back to looking only at artist instead of album artist (auto) when doing cover art lookup.
28. Changed: Added a tuner selection page when re-scan for television channels (only applicable in channel types for which multiple tuners are in the same profile), so you can scan for channels using one device, and re-scan using a different device more easily.
29. Changed: Carnac understands the naming template Move Name (Year).
30. NEW: mc2xml is integrated into the program, so it can be used for all your EPG retrieval needs.