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19.0.121 (3/12/2014)
1. Fixed: Duplicate menus were being shown if you activated the left-most item and dragged over one of the other items.
2. Changed: Got rid of "Quit" menu option which was redundant with "Exit" option on File menu. Cmd-Q still works for exiting program.
3. Fixed: WMA files showed incorrect bitrate in player display window.
4. Changed: Retina Mode (View -> Size -> Retina Mode) will now stay enabled between program runs.  Before you had to enable it each time you started Media Center.
5. Fixed: In Retina mode, main menu dropdowns would partially cover the main menu.
6. Fixed: In Retina mode, the blurred 'alpha' background behind menus was offset from the actual location of the background.
7. Fixed: In Retina mode, the DSP Studio windows looked funny - the window was much too big with lots of empty space around the DSP options.

19.0.120 (3/4/2014)
1. NEW: WMA decoding.  Window Media files can now be imported and played.  Tags are read-only at this point.

19.0.119 (2/27/2014)
1. Changed: Changed UDP socket Accept function to use 'select' rather than 'kqueue/kevent'.  Trying to eliminate application hang at shutdown.

19.0.118 (2/24/2014)
1. Fixed: License restores were not working with build 117.

19.0.117 (2/19/2014)
1. Fixed: Playback of AIFF files with unknown 'chunk' types over library server would fail to play.
2. Fixed: MC license no longer needs to be restored whenever the Mac computer name changes.
3. Fixed: Fill properties from filename using Template was showing full path rather than just filename.
4. Fixed: Enabled filesystem statistics gathering function.
5. Fixed: Allow : in filename (was filtered out by windows code).
6. Fixed: Remove special treatment of UNC style paths (windows code).
7. Fixed: Remove special treatment of . in pathnames, i.e. foo./bar (windows code).
8. Fixed: SACD ISOs were always detected with external changes and their metadata re-imported during auto-import, overwriting any changes in the library.
9. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
10. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
11. Fixed: Added list member null checking to file stacks code.  MC was crashing on running stack error checking.
12. Fixed: Potential crashes in BufferingInternetReader. Seen on Mac when playing high-def files with memory playback on Library Server clients.
13. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
14. Fixed: Directory presets in some dialogs had the wrong (Windows) type of directory separator slashes.

19.0.103 (1/10/2014)
1. Fixed: iTunes playlists were not importing correctly.
2. Fixed: Debug logging was always re-enabled at startup regardless of user setting.
3. Fixed: Added right-click menu in display view to allow display type and cover art style choices.
4. Fixed: Empty directories were not getting removed following file deletions.
5. Fixed: Very small FLAC files were failing playback (e.g. Test silence files smaller than 64k bytes).

19.0.100 (12/20/2013)
1. Changed: Several improvements to Retina support.
2. Fixed: When exporting playlists with relative paths, the wrong (Windows) type of directory separator slash was used in filenames.
3. Fixed: Typing or modifying a filename path in the tag window would cause the wrong type of directory separator slash to be placed at the end of the path.
4. Changed: Apple IR remote handling can now be disabled/enabled with Options / General / Advanced / Media key mode.
5. NEW: Command-H is now supported for hiding the application.
6. NEW: Better support for multiple monitors with differing resolutions.

19.0.88 (12/6/2013)
1. Changed: Support the separate play/pause button on the newer aluminum Apple remote.
2. NEW: Retina display support enabled with Views / Size / Retina Mode. Reverts to standard mode at program exit.
3. NEW: Support for WavPack and Musepack input plugins.

19.0.84 (12/2/2013)
1. Fixed: Memory leak in build 83.

19.0.83 (11/27/2013)
1. Fixed: The display would not update after extended playback when Spectrum Analyzer was enabled in the player window. This would make the UI appear to be frozen.
2. NEW: The Apple Remote (white plastic) is now supported (play/pause, ff/rew, next/previous, volume up/down).

19.0.76 (11/18/2013)
1. NEW: Visualizations in the player bar at the top of the program are now shown during playback.
2. Changed: Copy and paste cover art was working for image data only.  Now artwork files/URLs can be copied from Finder or web browsers.

19.0.75 (11/14/2013)
1. Changed: This build includes debug symbols which will show up in crash dumps to ease debugging.  Regular builds have these stripped out.

19.0.74 (11/12/2013)
1. Fixed: A bug in the menu tracking system could cause crashes.

19.0.73 (11/11/2013)
1. Fixed: Frequent crashes due to a threading bug introduced in build 71 with the way JRTools objects were created.

19.0.72 (11/7/2013)
1. Fixed: Media Network was broken in the previous build. A crash would occur when thumbnails were sent to a remote device.

19.0.71 (11/6/2013)
1. Fixed: Alphabetic sorting of lists could be incorrect in some situations with some locales.
2. Fixed: At application startup, JRTools objects were not getting created in the correct order - possible cause of crashes.

19.0.68 (11/1/2013)
1. Changed: Auto update now launches the downloaded DMG updater.
2. Changed: Improved support for integer mode on devices that use multiple output streams.
3. Fixed: Back slash in filename caused file to not import.

19.0.67 (10/29/2013)
1. Fixed: Integer playback on little endian devices that used padding was not working.
2. Fixed: When caps lock was on, lists would think the shift key was pressed, making them difficult to use.

19.0.65 (10/28/2013)
1. Fixed: Integer playback on devices that used padding could result in incorrect playback (testing appreciated).
2. Changed: Sorting of devices in Options > Audio is more logical.

19.0.64 (10/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Integer playback mode was not working properly with devices the used MSB padding instead of LSB padding.

19.0.63 (10/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Integer playback mode was not working correctly with devices that used padding.

19.0.62 (10/25/2013)
1. Changed: Integer mode will work with more hardware.
2. Fixed: Media Network was not working properly.

19.0.60 (10/24/2013)
1. NEW: Added support for integer mode playback ( ).
2. Faster: Improved performance, with JRMark scores are about 40% higher for the database section and 5% higher for the image section.
3. NEW: Real-time 2xDSD output using DoP (configure in DSP Studio > Output Format).
4. Fixed: Dropboxes (in tagging action window for example) would sometimes lose keyboard focus so you couldn't type anything.
5. Fixed: Drop suggestion boxes were drawn without a border.
6. Faster: Core drawing engine uses SSE acceleration for flushing and flood filling (helps performance of all user interface).
7. Faster: Speed improvements to date handling that help performance in many areas of the program.
8. Fixed: Crashes on 10.9 (Mavericks) in Media Network http header handling.
9. Fixed: App signing was not being done right.  Could cause warning message at install time about unrecognized developer ID.
10. Changed: Improved how Options > Audio exposes Core Audio devices to make device selection more clear.

19.0.57 (10/17/2013)
1. Fixed: Ape files with very long paths (> 260 characters) could crash on import.
2. Fixed: Ape format files on read-only drives could not be imported or played.
3. Fixed: Right-to-left reading text (Hebrew for example) was not displayed correctly. Symbols for each word were all bunched on top of each other.
4. Changed: The processor extension requirement has been lowered to SSE2 (added in 2001 to Intel, 2003 to AMD). Previously SSSE3 was required.
5. Fixed: When converting audio to WAV format, the RIFF chunk size could be set wrong by 8 bytes.
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).

19.0.55 (10/11/2013)
1. Fixed: Filenames containing combining diacritic marks (German umlauts for example) were displayed incorrectly in file listings and could cause crashes.
2. Changed: Volume up / down commands from hot keys (volume keyboard buttons, remote, etc.) work in 5% increments instead of 1% increments.

19.0.54 (10/10/2013)
[Build was pulled due to not containing the latest code updates]

19.0.53 (10/8/2013)
1. Fixed: Deadlocks (beach-balls) could occur when viewing file lists with thumbnail images.
2. Fixed: 2XDSD was included in the drop-list for DSP / Output Format / Output Encoding even though it's only supported with ASIO on Windows.
3. Fixed: Genre field could be incorrect when imported from certain M4A format files with integer id3v1 genres.  In MC they would look like an '8' in parenthenses instead of "Jazz" for example.
4. Fixed: Handling of 32-bit integer input files was not working in the last few builds.
5. Fixed: Added support for MP4 files that used a custom genre atom in their tag, but stored a standard genre by putting a number in parenthesis.
6. Fixed: Double-click on the pause button while playing was not stopping.
7. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (Thanks elda).
8. Fixed: Fonts that used left or right overhangs could draw with the overhang portion cropped.
9. Fixed: The white-list for allowing system volume to work while bitstreaming was not working with some Resonessence Labs hardware.
10. Changed: Added the ability to use the token [User] in the playerbar to display the name of the current user.
11. Fixed: Customization to the playerbar would not always take effect right away.
12. NEW: Added 'Set levels from decibel meter' button to Room Correction to make it easier to calibrate levels.

19.0.49 (10/2/2013)
1. Fixed: Copying zone settings was causing crashes.
2. Fixed: In the JRiver folder under Application Support, an unnecessary "Generic" folder was getting created at program startup.
3. Fixed: A running instance of Media Center would prevent OSX from shutting down.
4. Fixed: Audio calibration tool was not available because the plugin 'in_audiotest' was not included with the build.
5. Fixed: Skin effects menu item was missing.
6. Fixed: Many non-applicable image/video items were still in the options dialog and some menus.

19.0.47 (9/27/2013)
1. Changed: Increased default internal audio buffer size and provide more user control over internal and hardware buffering.

19.0.46 (9/26/2013)
1. First build of MC19 for Mac.
2. Changed: Uses the Boost library for regular expressions which is more powerful than the previously used Posix library.