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19.0.49 (10/2/2013)
1. Fixed: Copying zone settings was causing crashes.
2. Fixed: In the JRiver folder under Application Support, an unnecessary "Generic" folder was getting created at program startup.
3. Fixed: A running instance of Media Center would prevent OSX from shutting down.
4. Fixed: Audio calibration tool was not available because the plugin 'in_audiotest' was not included with the build.
5. Fixed: Skin effects menu item was missing.
6. Fixed: Many non-applicable image/video items were still in the options dialog and some menus.

19.0.47 (9/27/2013)
1. Changed: Increased default internal audio buffer size and provide more user control over internal and hardware buffering.

19.0.46 (9/26/2013)
1. First build of MC19 for Mac.