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'''18.0.158'''<br />
1. Fixed: Have the renderer return correct data for trackURI&#039;s when the same instance of MC is the server and renderer.<br />
<br />
'''18.0.157'''<br />
1. Fixed: Tracks on audio CD&#039;s were reported with the wrong duration.<br />
2. Changed: DLNA model number to conform to MC version.<br />
<br />
'''18.0.156 (3/25/2013)'''<br />
1. Fixed: Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuners were not playing HD channels smoothly.<br />
2. Fixed: A player bar tooltip could show unexpectedly in Display View.<br />
<br />
'''18.0.155 (3/22/2013)'''<br />
'''18.0.155 (3/22/2013)'''<br />
1. NEW: Simplified the license restore system (doesn&#039;t require browser, more forgiving about Registration Code formatting, automatically fills from clipboard, etc.).<br />
1. NEW: Simplified the license restore system (doesn&#039;t require browser, more forgiving about Registration Code formatting, automatically fills from clipboard, etc.).<br />

Revision as of 13:10, 27 March 2013

1. Fixed: Have the renderer return correct data for trackURI's when the same instance of MC is the server and renderer.

1. Fixed: Tracks on audio CD's were reported with the wrong duration.
2. Changed: DLNA model number to conform to MC version.

18.0.156 (3/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuners were not playing HD channels smoothly.
2. Fixed: A player bar tooltip could show unexpectedly in Display View.

18.0.155 (3/22/2013)
1. NEW: Simplified the license restore system (doesn't require browser, more forgiving about Registration Code formatting, automatically fills from clipboard, etc.).
2. Fixed: Pasting text with leading newlines into an edit control that isn't multiline will work better.
3. Changed: A low-pass or high-pass filter set above the Nyquist frequency will act as a pass-through (previously it could run and output out-of-range values, triggering Protect Mode).
4. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
5. Fixed: Disc Labeler was not working.
6. Fixed: Memory playback was using more resources than necessary.
7. Changed: Flick gestures from a touchscreen change images during image playback.

18.0.154 (3/20/2013)
1. Fixed: Some analog television devices (with hardware encoder) could fail.
2. Fixed: CD burners were not getting recognized in builds 152,153.
3. Fixed: An auto-show menu could fire even if a different program had the focus if the mouse moved over the show region.
4. Changed: Switching volume modes clears the mute state of the new volume mode.
5. Fixed: Data icons were not displaying properly.
6. Changed: The default for concurrent handheld conversions adapts based on the CPU instead of being locked at two (configurable in Options > Handheld).
7. Fixed: Auto-sizing of the status columns for handheld, rip, burn, etc. would not use enough width.
8. Changed: It's possible to toggle the 'Always on top' setting for Mini View from the View menu while in Mini View.
9. Changed: Mini View uses the slimmer 'Display View' artwork when possible (use right-click to get to menu).
10. Fixed: Truncation tooltips prevented regular tooltips from appearing.
11. Fixed: When importing a FLAC with embedded CUE file, the last track could have the wrong duration.

18.0.153 (3/18/2013)
1. Changed: FLAC tag values are no longer null terminated (could cause problems with Asian characters on Linux MPD devices).
2. Fixed: YouTube was not working in some cases (hopefully fixed, but please report if you are still experiencing problems).
3. Changed: Improved the categories shown in Theater View > YouTube.
4. Changed: Manually adjusting the volume while the volume is muted will unmute the volume.
5. NEW: The command line allows making MCWS web service calls: MC18.exe "/MCWS/v1/Playback/Pause?State=-1" (does not require Media Network to be running or a server to be listening).
6. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/LinkZones and MCWS/v1/Playback/UnlinkZone.
7. SDK: Added MCC_LINK_ZONE (10060) and MCC_UNLINK_ZONE (10061).
8. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayDoctor to allow a simple entry to starting Play Doctor playback using a seed.

18.0.152 (3/18/2013)
1. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
2. Changed: A couple of small tweaks to audio encoding for video conversion.
3. Fixed: On some systems with multiple optical drives, CD ripping would not work because MC would see the drives as duplicates.

18.0.150 (3/14/2013)
1. NEW: Ceton television devices can be disabled or enabled individually so users can avoid conflicts when using them on different machines.
2. Faster: Improved performance of Media Network device discovery (more reliable detection, fewer resources needed).
3. Fixed: HD television channels played poorly on Ceton devices that were installed as network devices.
4. Fixed: A few bugs relating to CD ripping with multiple drives.

18.0.149 (3/13/2013)
1. Fixed: The program did not properly handle relative paths that started with a backslash (which means starting on the current drive).
2. Faster: The core 24-bit PCM to 64-bit (internal format) conversion is about 4x faster.
3. Fixed: The sorting of orders of television devices on TV Options window did not work for Ceton tuners.

18.0.148 (3/12/2013)
1. Fixed: Televion playback could fail in build 146 for certain digital television devices.
2. SDK: Any MCWS file function can save the files to a playlist (ie. MCWS/v1/Playback/Playlist?Action=Save&SaveMode=Playlist&SaveName=My%20Group\My%20Playlist).
3. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playlist/Delete to allow playlist deleting (requires an authenticated connection) (ie. MCWS/v1/Playlist/Delete?PlaylistType=Path&Playlist=My%20Group\My%20Playlist).
4. Fixed: The Action Window would not reload colors properly when switching skins until restarting the program (again).

18.0.147 (3/11/2013)
1. Faster: Improved performance while ripping movies.
2. Fixed: The Action Window would not reload colors properly when switching skins until restarting the program.
3. Fixed: Fill Properties From Filename could incorrectly apply a value from the previous file in certain cases.
4. Fixed: When a DLL showed user interface, it could lead to a crash (like the WASAPI - Event Style configuration dialog, etc.).
5. Fixed: Global hotkeys were not working.
6. Fixed: Remote buttons could not work in some cases.

18.0.146 (3/8/2013)
1. Fixed: Possible user interface crashes in build 145.
2. Fixed: Race condition that could cause Play Doctor usage in linked zones to create playlists that were different in different zones.
3. Fixed: Clicking tab text did not work in build 145.
4. NEW: Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD television device support. It is still unfinished. For example, live channel switching does not work. You have to Stop one channel before starting another.
5. Fixed: Scan for television channels did not work in the last few builds.
6. Fixed: Configure button on Television Options window did not work.
7. Changed: Digital television devices running in non-time-shifting mode also use Red October settings (previously Red October settings were used only in time-shifting mode).
8. Fixed: Options > Audio > Configure input plug-in... was not working.
9. Fixed: The image printing wizard was crashing on close.
10. Fixed: The image preview view state was not being preserved properly during back / forward navigation.

18.0.144 (3/6/2013)
1. NEW: DLNA audio conversion when using Convert Always, added more sample rates to convert to.
2. Fixed: Skins that used glass were not working nicely with webpage and other views that needed to disable glass.
3. Fixed: Some WMV video files would not play (Red October now handles Windows Media screen and voice codecs automatically).
4. Fixed: Showing a right-click menu could leave the focus in an undefined state.
5. Fixed: Drag-n-drop could leave the mouse "captured" by the source window so some mouse actions wouldn't work properly.

18.0.144 (3/6/2013)
1. NEW: DLNA audio conversion when using Convert Always, added more sample rates to convert to.
2. Fixed: Skins that used glass were not working nicely with webpage and other views that needed to disable glass.
3. Fixed: Some WMV video files would not play (Red October now handles Windows Media screen and voice codecs automatically).
4. Fixed: Showing a right-click menu could leave the focus in an undefined state.
5. Fixed: Drag-n-drop could leave the mouse "captured" by the source window so some mouse actions wouldn't work properly.

18.0.143 (3/1/2013)
1. Fixed: The Move,copy,rename dialog was broken in the previous two builds.

18.0.142 (2/28/2013)
1. Fixed: Playing Now Overview was not working nicely.
2. Fixed: Fixed a possible crash due to internal user interface changes.
3. Changed: When displaying Recordings in standard television view, the date column shows the date value from "Date Recorded" field, instead of showing only the day of week name.
4. Changed: Image captions in Theater View show something nice in search, details lists, etc. and are user-customizable (they are still intentionally suppressed in image thumbnail lists).
5. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).

18.0.141 (2/27/2013)
1. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks to Johnny B).
2. Fixed: Input plugins were not getting properly installed on a fresh install, causing possible import or playback problems.
3. NEW: Added WASAPI Event Style option "Play a little silence on DoP stop (removes click with some DACs)".
4. Fixed: Television could crash with the last few builds in certain cases.
5. Changed: More work on keyboard focus system (shortcuts were not working in some cases, etc.).
6. Changed: MC18.exe /MCC allows a space after the comma (ie. "MC18.exe /MCC 10011, -1").
7. Fixed: Auto-complete path suggestions shown in a filename editor could output an extra backslash.
8. Fixed: Pressing tab to select an edit control suggestion could incorrectly shift the focus to the next control on the dialog.

18.0.140 (2/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Broken mp4 autofps transcoding.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. Fixed: Keyboard shorcuts were not always working in some cases depending on the input focus.
4. Fixed: When closing a modal dialog, the input focus would not be restored to the control it was on before the dialog.
5. Fixed: Playing Now would not auto-size columns properly when loading when the auto-size option was enabled.
6. Fixed: Detached display visibility was following the parent window, so switching tabs would unexpectedly hide the detached display.
7. Faster: Returning from full screen image playback is faster.
8. Changed: DLNA: Only provide upnp:albumArtist (Twonky specific field) for devices that specifically request it. This will mostly affect display on renderers when MC is the controller. Some devices accept this field but it interferes with the standard items like {upnp:artist role=AlbumArtist}
9. Fixed: Starting bookmarked audio playback from a stopped state would put the position slider at zero instead of the bookmark position.

Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.138 (2/22/2013)
1. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
2. NEW: Handhelds get expanded video conversion profiles.
3. NEW: Added autofps mpeg4 conversions.
4. Fixed: Small typo in naming of Audio Calibration clips (Tools > Advanced Tools > Audio Calibration...).
5. Fixed: A file encoded to DSD (DSF format) using the JRiver encoder would show as 1/8 the length in Foobar.
6. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).

Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.136 (2/19/2013)
1. Fixed: Get Cover Art From Internet was incorrectly showing a small preview with no dimensions (only applies to last few builds since the JPEG engine was changed).

18.0.135 (2/19/2013)
1. Fixed: Gizmo would not connect to build 134 due to an unintentional change in the 'ProgramName' MCWS response.
2. Fixed: Switching the focus to a different application while a list editor was open could lead to a crash.
3. Changed: Removed Computer Audiophile scrobbling (it's no longer supported by Computer Audiophile).
4. Fixed: Editing a scheduler task could switch the time for a one-time event to the current time.
5. Changed: Disable high precision seek for DLNA control, helps with broken renderers (i.e. Denon).
6. Changed: DLNA type for non-converted ts files to work on more devices (i.e. new WDTV and Bravia TV's).

18.0.134 (2/18/2013)
1. Fixed: The position slider was not working properly at the end of a track in some cases.
2. Fixed: Cross-fades were not being applied properly with ranged (CUE, etc.) playback.
3. Fixed: Some WAV files could be incorrectly detected as DTS WAV files, possibly causing them to fail to import or play.
4. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
5. SDK: Setting an audio stream / language with MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_AUDIO_STREAM works with DVD.
6. Changed: Tightened up user-facing naming so the program will only be referred to as "JRiver Media Center 18" or "Media Center" (but not other derivates like "Media Center 18", etc.).

18.0.133 (2/15/2013)
1. Fixed: CUE (or other ranged) playback was not handling position correctly on track transitions, so the position slider could show an unexpected result.
2. Fixed: Image acquisition could crash.
3. Fixed: Acquiring images from some WPD devices like an Android phone could show a name of 'Not found' instead of something intuitive like 'Galaxy Nexus'.
4. Fixed: Some internet radio streams with ICY data were not being supported, causing no metadata and audible clicks (Sky.fm, etc.).
5. NEW: Switched JPEG engines (marginally faster, makes JRImage smaller, and works cross-platform).
6. Fixed: Thumbnails could be incorrect with the new JPEG engine with certain image dimensions.
7. Fixed: A few UI related issues specific to build 132.
8. Fixed: Right-click while holding down the left mouse button could be a little touchy when doing multiple files at once.

18.0.132 (2/14/2013)
1. Fixed: Exporting a playlist with a dot in the name could cause the default export name to be truncated.
2. Changed: DLNA, reworked mimetype and DLNA type for mpeg2-ts containers to better describe them and their content. Could help playback on some devices.
3. Fixed: ATI Theater 550 Pro analog television tuner did not work.
4. NEW: Added 'CPU Features' to the System Info report so a user can check if MMX, SSE4.1, etc. is found.
5. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.55.3.
6. Fixed: SACD playback could have a slight tick between tracks when the ISO file used DST compression.
7. Faster: The program does less work between tracks when switching between two files of the same format.
8. Changed: DSD playback as PCM uses continuous filters between tracks instead of new filters each track, removing a possible subtle noise at track boundaries.
9. Fixed: Partial watch marks were showing on unexpected television recordings in Theater View.
10. Fixed: Input focus was not working properly in Display View for the last few builds (so escape, enter, space, etc. didn't work properly in Display View).
11. Fixed: YouTube integration was not working due to changes to YouTube's site.
12. Fixed: Unseeded Play Doctor lists with lots of variety were not working.
13. Fixed: A 'FILE' line in a FLAC + embedded CUE could cause problems.

18.0.131 (2/6/2013)
1. Changed: When bitstreaming DSD using ASIO, five channel content will be output using a standard 5.1 channel ordering (with the subwoofer silenced).
2. Changed: Revised keyboard focus system used by Standard View (hopefully an internal change, but please report any issues).
3. Changed: Switching to a different active program no longer cancels an in-place edit.

Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.129 (2/5/2013)
1. Fixed: Television recordings were not imported in the last few builds.
2. Fixed: Television channel scanning did not work in the last few builds.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
4. Fixed: A Windows "drive not found" box could appear in some cases.
5. Fixed: A library view that only showed a single file would lead to unexpected navigation results in Theater View.

18.0.128 (2/1/2013)
1. Fixed: The random number generator used for ASIO dither could behave as coherent instead of incoherent ( http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=76912.msg528601#msg528601 ).
2. Faster: The ListCombine(...) and ListCount(...) expressions are much faster.
3. Fixed: Watch marks could show unexpectedly simply because a television recording was configured to start a few minutes before the show started.
4. Fixed: Deleting a file from Media Center and disk while the file was actively being converted by the Format Converter could lead to a crash (the results of doing this will still be undefined; do not delete the original files until after conversion).
5. Changed: Restored support for legacy APE file playback.

18.0.127 (1/31/2013)
1. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.55.2.
2. Changed: When using the IE web browser engine on Windows 8, compatibility mode was not disabled (causing many websites to render incorrectly, including JRiver).
3. Changed: When running a manual import, files previously determined to be bad will be reanalyzed.  This makes it easy to get something off the naughty list if it is there incorrectly.
4. Changed: Drag-n-drop of a file into Media Center that was marked as bad will try to reanalyze the file instead of showing a data record with no metadata.
5. Fixed: The vertical sliders in the Equalizer were responding to user input in a reversed direction.
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun!).

18.0.126 (1/30/2013)
1. Changed: Improved The Onion support in Theater View > News.
2. NEW: Added ListSort(...) and ListClean(...) expressions.
3. Changed: Tuned how the Watched(...) expression and watch marks in Theater View work ( http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=77602 ).
4. Changed: The IsRange(...) expression function will not consider a string value equivalent to zero when evaluating a numeric range (so IsRange(A, 0-9) will now return 0 instead of 1).
5. Fixed: The Car Radio bar did not work regenerate random smartlists with each click when they were assigned to a button.
6. Fixed: Holding down a Car Radio button could leave the button in a strange state.
7. Fixed: The Media Server tray icon menu would not appear in some cases.
8. Changed: Global expression variables stored with Save(...) can be accessed by using brackets (ie. "Save(It works!, v)[v]" will output "It works!").
9. Fixed: When returning to Theater View when it was zoomed into a single file, the cursor would not be in a reliable place.
10. NEW: Added ASIO option 'Device uses only most significant 24-bits (Lynx, etc.)'.  This combined with dithering provides a theoretical S/N improvement for devices where this is true.
11. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks to Johnny B).
12. NEW: Added an optional mode to ListCombine(...) expression function to allow outputting only values in common to both lists.

18.0.125 (1/28/2013)
1. Changed: Corrected translation errors in Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
2. Fixed: Empty directory detection was not working with the last couple builds.
3. Changed: LAV Video decoder is used by Red October for DVD decoding in more cases[ (should be an internal change, but please report any DVD issues, and include the OS you're using).
4. Changed: VideoClock works better with videos that start with an unknown frame rate or change frame rates during playback.
5. NEW: Added Options > Video > Display Settings > Wait after change (use if display changes slowly).
6. Fixed: Image playback and other video hardware accelerated views were not working on some older video hardware.
7. Changed: Renamed 'JRSS v2.0™ surround sound' to 'JRSS™ mixing' so that it's more clear it's used for both upmixing and downmixing.
8. NEW: The computer will not be allowed to sleep while serving media or ripping discs.

18.0.124 (1/25/2013)
1. Changed: When running in server mode (MC not visible), only respond to Green Button remote command.

Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.122 (1/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Build problem in build 121.

18.0.121 (1/24/2013)
1. Changed: Changed default setting of "Tools / Options / Client Options (when connected to a library server) / Auto sync with server" to TRUE.
2. Fixed: In rare cases TV recordings could be imported as audio.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio SDK 4.11 (improves encoding and decoding speed by using SSE).
5. Changed: Use backup VIDEO_TS.BUP file if it exists and we're missing the VIDEO_TS.IFO file.
6. Fixed: TV Guide in Theater View was not showing programs in the future.
7. Changed: Search engine number and date range evaluation was not working as expected in some cases.
8. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.85.8.
9. Changed: Red October HQ, using madVR, now works nicely with Detached Display (thanks to madshi for adding the interface IMadVRSubclassReplacement to madVR).
10. Fixed: The default zone could appear to have its settings reset if no zones were ever created or destroyed (settings will be back with this build).
11. NEW: Updated Facebook image uploader to use the latest Facebook Graph APIs.
12. Fixed: The thumbnail size slider (and possibly others) were not working nicely with the keyboard and mouse wheel.

18.0.120 (1/22/2013)
1. Changed: Improved buffer management in the audio part of video playback so that it better adapts to lumpy decoding, lumpy DSP, and computer performance.
2. Fixed: DVD playback could stutter with the last couple builds.
3. Fixed: Some internet streams using wma format would not play reliably, or would play but crash on stop. (e.g. streams from SiriusXMStreamer application).
4. Fixed: Ripping multiple movie discs (DVD/Blu-ray) would sometimes show outdated information from the previous disc in the rip progress action window.

18.0.119 (1/21/2013)
1. Changed: Fixed-width dialogs scale their width when using oversized fonts (either in Options > Tree & View or through a large DPI setting in Windows).
2. Fixed: The 'Reset Settings' dialog was not working nicely with large fonts.
3. Fixed: Tooltips would not hide properly if a popup was shown while they were showing.
4. Changed: LAV's aggressive deinterlacing for MPEG-2 content is disabled for DVD ( http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=77533.0 ).
5. Fixed: DLNA audio conversion was downmixing to stereo sometimes when it shouldn't have.
6. Changed: DLNA audio conversion: when in the "convert unsupported formats" mode the DSP settings under advanced are now used. This will help when multichannel material needs to be converted to stereo (under advanced) for most devices.
7. Fixed: Thumbnails for some types of videos were not working on Library Server clients (you might need to manually do Cover Art > Rebuild Thumbnail on the client one time).
8. Fixed: Clicking 'Add Note' in the Notes view and immediately switching away could lead to a crash.
9. Fixed: The search control could show a stale tooltip after coming out of Wizard mode.
10. Changed: Convolution auto-configuration switching supports the marker _1764 for a sample rate.
11. Changed: Carnac leaves image names IMG_####, MVI_####, and SAM_#### intact (instead of changing them to Img ####, etc.)
12. Changed: If a video has a pure black frame at the thumbnail location, the thumbnailer will seek one minute farther into the file and try again.
13. Fixed: Date ranges like [Last Played]=10m-300m were not being evaluated properly by the search engine.
14: Changed: DLNA: For aggregate DVD's and MPEG2 DVD Autofps conversion, change the DLNA flags to reflect the target framerate.
15: Fixed: DLNA: When convert when necessary was set for video, mkv's with mpeg2 should have been converted (since the DLNA protocol doesn't require mkv support) but were not. They will be now.

18.0.118 (1/18/2013)
1. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun!).
2. Fixed: Backed out a change from 18.0.107 that was preventing some renderers from seeing audio and image files.
3. Fixed: In some cases the search engine was not ignoring accented letters as expected.
4. Fixed: The mouse cursor was not changing properly with build 117.
5. Fixed: With certain DSP enabled, it could cause audio during video playback to skip more than necessary.
6. Changed: The mouse wheel on the position slider seeks instead of fast forward / rewinds.
7. Fixed: Mouse wheel handling was not working properly for the last few builds.
8. Changed: JPEG tagging preserves the file creation date.
9. Fixed: Interface plugin views were not working nicely with tabs.
10. Fixed: ZoneSwitch was not working as expected if the play zone was already active.
11. Changed: When attempting to play something other than audio to a linked zone, an error is shown offering to unlink and continue or cancel playback.
12. Fixed: Starting Play Doctor with an empty seed was not working nicely in some cases.

18.0.117 (1/16/2013)
1. Fixed: When using the Chromium browser engine and starting directly into Theater View, it could cause problems with madVR entering exclusive mode.
2. Fixed: In some cases MC would report zero files on a valid Blu-ray disc in rip action window.
3. Changed: The launcher accepts a simplified syntax for commands, so "MC18.exe /Command Pause" can be written "MC18.exe /Pause". (/Command is unnecessary for all commands, but supported for backwards compatibility)

18.0.116 (1/16/2013)
1. NEW: DoP bitstreaming supports any number of channels (instead of only stereo).
2. Changed: Audio Path displays more useful information when bitstreaming and it allows the blue light to come on (ie. direct mode).
3. Fixed: A few UI issues with build 115.
4. Fixed: Picking a sample rate in DSP Studio > Output Format could crash in rare cases.
5. Fixed: CD ripping crashes due to internal messaging system changes.
6. Fixed: Browsing for folders using the system dialog didn't properly disable the dialog that started the browse, making it possible to incorrectly perform other actions behind the browse dialog.

18.0.115 (1/15/2013)
1. Changed: Audio bitrates for video conversion.
2. NEW: Added MPEG/DVD autofps video conversion.
3. Changed: Revised mp4 and h264ts video conversion to conform to 4.0 profile (was 4.1).

18.0.114 (1/14/2013)
1. Fixed: Possible crash with build 113 due to internal changes.
2. Fixed: Gapped fade between tracks mode could have an audible hiccup when resampling using the last few builds.
3. NEW: Added 352,800 Hz as a possible resampling option in DSP Studio > Output Format.
4. Fixed: Caching of drive availability could lead to a case where auto-import would incorrectly remove a file on a hard drive that comes and goes (like a USB drive with a power switch, etc.).
5. Fixed: The mouse was not always working nicely with vertical child rollers in Theater View.

18.0.113 (1/11/2013)
1. Changed: Renamed the MP4TS conversion selections to H264-TS and made the MPEG2 more consistently descriptive.
2. NEW: Add smart frame rate conversions (_AUTOFPS). H264 targets maintain the original framerate. MPEG2TS targets convert to the nearest valid frame rate.
3. Changed: Updated the DLNA content flags.
4. Changed: the Samsung bd/tv template to remove the PS3 compat flag and to change the default conversion to H264-TS.
5. Changed: Internal revisions to how threads and messaging are handled (should be internal change, but please report any issues).

18.0.112 (1/11/2013)
1. Fixed: Calibration files that intentionally played sound out only one channel could trigger the pseudo-surround detection algorithm and cause unexpected channel mixing.
2. Fixed: An audio file that could not be parsed could cause a crash during import with build 18.0.111.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
4. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .55.1

18.0.111 (1/10/2013)
1. Fixed: Reference counting error on server serving client live television channels.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. NEW: Audio Calibration tool that can play user configurable test signals useful for calibration and testing (Tools > Advanced Tools > Audio Calibration).
4. Changed: Moved the advanced tool 'Create Test Clips...' into 'Audio Calibration...' (use the 'Create Files' on the bottom left).
5. Fixed: 'Update Library (from tags)' was not working with data files.
6. Fixed: Certain changes made with the 'Organize Favorites...' tool could be lost when restarting the program.
7. NEW: Added basic support for FLAC files with embedded CUE files.

18.0.110 (1/9/2013)
1. Changed: When deciding the order of "importance" of various Blu-ray playlists of similar (but different) durations for a movie title, MC now picks based on number of audio streams (if they differ) rather than duration.
2. Changed: If a NaN (not a number) or infinity value enters the audio engine, it will trigger protect mode (protect mode is a digital fuse system added to v16 that switches to silence if an invalid or dangerous signal is played).
3. Fixed: The pink noise creation in build 109 could output incorrect values for the first few samples.
4. Fixed: When deleting a file that had been zoomed automatically in Theater View, the program could go back two levels instead of one afterwards.
5. Changed: The Theater View file info panel no longer hides automatically if the focus shifts to the top roller (because that causes unexpected backs when using a mouse).
6. NEW: The low-pass fiter used for DSD-to-PCM conversion can be configured in Options > Audio > Advanced > Configure input plug-in... > DSD Plugin...
7. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .55

18.0.109 (1/8/2013)
1. Fixed: When playing a long track, volume protection could incorrectly engage and set the volume to 20% when switching to the next track.
2. Fixed: With resampling enabled, the setting to play sequential album tracks gapless would not work properly if the between track mode was gapped.
3. Changed: Switched pink noise generation to use the high quality Larry Trammell method (thanks to Larry).
4. Changed: Create Test Clips (in Tools > Advanced Tools) creates narrow band pink noise that's useful for volume calibration.
5. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks rlebrette).
6. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
7. NEW: DSP Studio > Analyzer reports the overall and per channel RMS volume.
8. Changed: Added new formats to the video conversion dialog.
9. Changed: Removed non-streamable conversion formats from DLNA video conversion.
10. Changed: Tweaked WMV conversion.
11. Fixed: Recording a TV channel with channel name containing some special characters might cause unexpected result.

18.0.108 (1/7/2013)
1. Fixed: Mouse wheel handling was not working properly in build 107.
2. Changed: Rollers in Theater View support basic HTML text formatting tokens, like several other areas of the program.
3. Fixed: When changing a disc number, the program would not refresh the album analyzer fields like 'Complete Album'.
4. Fixed: When an ASIO driver issued a hardware reset, the program could repeat the last track instead of advancing when using a gap for the between tracks mode.
5. NEW: Added playback commands to skip the the previous and next album or artist (Main Menu > Player > Skip To).
6. Changed: Added support to the launcher (MC18.exe) for commands: /Command PreviousAlbum; /Command NextAlbum; /Command PreviousArtist; /Command NextArtist.
7. Fixed: Some command line commands that used the form MC18.exe /Command Param1 Param2 would not honor Param2 properly.
8. Changed: The pink noise generated by Tools > Advanced Tools > Create Test Clips is at -20dB, a level commonly used for reference volume calibration.
9. NEW: Added 30/60 fps option in Video > Display Settings, to separate 30/60 fps video from NTSC videos.

18.0.107 (1/4/2013)
1. Fixed: Loudness was not accounting for reference volume levels lower than 100% properly.
2. Change: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. Fixed: The DLNA controller option Disable Transport Events wasn't working.
4. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
5. Fixed: FLAC audio had blank or wrong "Compression" field.
6. Fixed: Returning to Theater View when zoomed to a file could cause there to be no secondary roller.
7. NEW: Allow the title for a DLNA item to be modified by an expression.

18.0.106 (1/3/2013)
1. Changed: Red October does not use the decoding built into madVR (was causing problems with DVD playback).
2. Changed: To use video decoding built into madVR, you can use Custom video mode and add a rule to use a 'Video renderer (with integrated decoding)'.
3. Fixed: Playback of CUE files over Library Server client when conversion was enabled did not work nicely.
4. Changed: The 'Bitdepth simulator' in parametric equalizer exposes optional dithering.
5. NEW: Added the output bitdepth '24-bit (with dithering)' to DSP Studio > Output Format.
6. NEW: Dithering of bitdepth conversion is optional with ASIO in Options > Audio Output mode settings. (dithering has no effect / is bit-perfect until you make signal changes like volume or other DSP).
7. Changed: Ratings field is now imported from (and written to) XMP tags in JPEG files.

18.0.105 (1/2/2013)
1. Changed: Tuned the DSD-to-PCM low-pass to more aggressively remove high frequency DSD noise since remaining noise can cause plainly audible distortion with some DACs.
2. Fixed: Conversion from 24-bit ALAC audio created 16-bit files.
3. Fixed: Doing a hold-down of the previous / next buttons could cause problems if the mouse moved away from the button before mouse up.
4. Changed: While a button is held down with the left button, the mouse is captured to only that button (previously the button would release if the mouse left).
5. Fixed: The 'Open File' dialog was not working properly with filenames that contained semi-colons.
6. Fixed: Car Radio would act like a button had been held down, even if it had only been clicked.
7. Changed: Made the 'Car Radio' feature optional in Options > General > Features.
8. Changed: When going into a Theater View library item that only contains a single file, the file will be 'zoomed' automatically.

18.0.104 (12/31/2012)
1. Fixed: WAV files created by other programs (like WMP and others) containing tags in the RIFF header could be imported with garbled tag values.
2. Fixed: Holding down the previous and next player buttons was not doing a fast forward / rewind.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese Language file (thanks kelijun).
4. Fixed: YouTube downloads were not working for some videos.
5. Changed: When changing the volume quickly with Loudness enabled, the sound is smoother (previously there could be a subtle ticking sound).
6. Fixed: When rip/encode simultaneous was enabled in advanced rip options, MC would not always allow multiple audio CD's to be ripped concurrently.
7. Fixed: Secure rip log files were not being written with the correct Windows style end of line characters (\r\n).
8. Fixed: wmv encoding. Broken by changes in 18.0.95
9. Fixed: The 'Add New Field' button would unnecessarily disable on the field management dialog when no field was selected.
10. Fixed: When using large fonts, the text in the player area could be the wrong size when using a skin that doesn't support playerbar resizing.
11. Fixed: The IE web browser engine could crash when starting.
12. Changed: When using MCC_PLAY_TV (30002), an error message is shown when the channel specified is not found (previously it would fail silently).
13. Changed: Renamed the new WASAPI - Event Style option from "Maximize hardware volume during playback" to "Maximize device volume during playback" to better match Windows naming.
14. Changed: Removed the 'Mute on start' WASAPI - Event Style option (it was added to see if it helped with DSD/PCM transitions, and it did not).
15. Changed: The WASAPI - Event Style option "Maximize device volume during playback" also clears / restores the mute state if the device is muted.
16. Fixed: Deleting a zone could leave stale 'Send To' menu items in the MRU list.
17. Fixed: When switching to Theater View with a toolbar button, the tooltip could remain visible.
18. Fixed: The math parser did not nicely handle when a function was used with less parameters than it required (applies to Math(...) in expression engine, etc.)

18.0.103 (12/21/2012)
1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).

Internal build not released to the public.

18.0.101 (12/21/2012)
1. Changed: M3U and ASX playlist export could use JRiver-specific XML filenames in some cases.
2. NEW: Added the WASAPI - Event Style option 'Maximize hardware volume during playback'.
3. Fixed: Thumbnail creation for videos was not working in builds 98-100.
4. Fixed: Taskbar button images were not appearing with builds 98-100.
5. Fixed: Additional bug associated with translated television tuner type text string.
6. Changed: Updated Russian translation file (thanks, Vladimir).
7. Change: Updated Chinese Language file. (Thanks, kelijun).
8. Changed: Updated all translation files to include the latest strings from the source code.
9. Fixed: Ripping multiple audio discs could create a duplicate rip progress action window.
10. Fixed: In certain cases the user would have to click on "Insert a disc and click here" in the rip action window even though an audio disc was already present in the drive.

18.0.100 (12/20/2012)
1. Fixed: Subtitles and the OSD were not working with madVR (only applies to builds 98 and 99).

18.0.99 (12/20/2012)
1. Fixed: Television channels would not work after changing language used, if television tuner type string had been translated.
2. NEW: Added type "Disabled" on tuner type selection when configuring a television tuner.
3. Fixed: Transparent overlay windows were not drawing properly in build 98.
4. Changed: Revised the new allocation system used for images so that it's as fast on Win8 as it is on Win7.
5. Changed: When exporting a playlist on a Library Server client to M3U or ASX, the server filename will be used if it's reachable by the client (instead of using a URL to the server).
6. Fixed: The program could start at its default window position (maximized on the primary monitor) instead of the last shutdown position.

18.0.98 (12/19/2012)
1. Faster: Lower resource usage and faster performance due to core image framework improvements. More here: http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=76576.0
2. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (thanks elda).
3. Fixed: The program did not nicely handle a streaming HTTP URL that redirected to an MMS stream (used by SiriusXMStreamer, etc.).
4. Fixed: In certain cases, 'Volume Leveling' with Replay Gain might not be enabled even if it looked enabled in DSP Studio (please double-check your DSP Studio setting with the new build).

18.0.97 (12/18/2012)
1. Changed: Renamed the DoP marker format 'dCS, Meitner, etc. (0xAA)' to 'Legacy format (0xAA)' since it's only required with older devices.
2. Fixed: Build 95 and 96 were not working on machines without SSE 4.1.
3. Fixed: Following a movie rip, the recently ripped playlist would be continually re-displayed until the action window was closed.
4. Fixed: Disk Writer output could hang in some cases.
5. Changed: Disk Writer names files using the time the output started instead of using artist / name fields (which don't really make sense for video).
6. Fixed: Live source like loopback and line-in did not work nicely with disk writer.
7. Changed: When doing live playback, WASAPI and ASIO were using 10ms as the maximum hardware buffer size. This could lead to audio hiccups, so now the user setting is always honored. If you do loopback playback, you might try a small buffer size to reduce latency.
8. Changed: Improved buffer allocation scheme used by WASAPI - Event Style, so that lower latency settings will work better.
9. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.85.4.MC (custom update for Media Center) when using Red October HQ.
10. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks to Johnny B).
11. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).

18.0.96 (12/17/2012)
1. Fixed: The disc insert dialog could display with no default selection.
2. Changed: Improved support for Blu-ray subtitles where multiple subtitles are supposed to appear on the screen at once.
3. Changed: When doing quick zoom (keys 1-9) while viewing an image, the OSD will show the zoom level.
4. Changed: When zooming an image, the OSD shows the zoom level for the default show time of 3 seconds instead of 7 seconds.
5. Changed: The new right-click while holding the left mouse button action for in-place editing works better when multiple items are selected.
6. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.85.4 when using Red October HQ.
7. Fixed: Blu-ray and DVD discs could not be ripped when selected from the "New Media Action" dialog.

18.0.95 (12/14/2012)
1. Changed: Updated Chinese language file. Thanks kelijun.
2. NEW: You can in-place edit under the mouse cursor by doing a right-click while holding the left mouse button down (or by pressing the keyboard menu key while holding the left mouse button down).
3. Faster: The core string hash function (used to build library views, run searches, etc.) uses SSE 4.1 when possible and is around 3x faster.
4. Faster: Core library data engine is faster when dealing with fields where only some files have a value for the field (makes searches, view switches, etc. faster).
5. Fixed: Launcher commands like MC18.exe /Mode Theater were not working properly if Media Center as not running.
6. Changed: Updated libav for video encoding.
7. Fixed: bug that could cause trouble with some video transcodings.
8. New: Added mpeg2 1080p transcoding option for DLNA.

18.0.94 (12/11/2012)
1. Faster: When clicking the search box, the search suggestion box appears faster.
2. Fixed: Dates way in the future (like 50,000 AD) could cause performance problems.
3. Changed: Tuned the aspect ratio handling for movies and TV shows.
4. Changed: Made thumbnail aspect ratio standardization optional (Options > Tree & View > Thumbnails > Standardize aspect ratios).
5. Changed: MC will show an information message box when it can not play a television channel due to lack of available tuner.
6. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.85.3 when using Red October HQ.
7. Fixed: Remove Tags did not work for AIFF files.
8. Changed: Merged the blank thumbnail images for video and television. Added [MC]\Data\Default Art\NoThumbVideo2x3.png that's used for movies and TV series.

18.0.93 (12/11/2012)
1. Fixed: Maximizing and restoring the main window could cause it to get confused about its own visibility, leading to problems with in-place editing (and possibly other things).
2. Fixed: If something were to hide the main window while the Tag Action Windows is editing, it could lead to a crash.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Fixed: Searching in Options and then clicking 'OK' after making a change could lead to a crash.
5. Changed: ZoneSwitch was only engaging for files in the main library (so not when dragging and dropping from Explorer, etc.)
6. Changed: ZoneSwitch rules that don't specify zones to stop will always be evaluated, regardless of the current zone (rules that specify play and stop zones only engage when the current zone is in the play + stop zone set).
7. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .54.1
8. Changed: Updated madVR to v0.85.2 when using Red October HQ.
9. NEW: Added 'Reverse polarity' filter to Parametric Filter.
10. Fixed: Line breaking rules for text layout could put a trailing parenthesis on its own line (which didn't look right).
11. Fixed: Aspect ratio enforcement for movies and TV series thumbnails was not working nicely with the small icons (Alexicons) in a list.
12. Changed: When using madVR (i.e. Red October HQ), madVR's custom interface is used for video color control.
13. Fixed: Right-clicking on Action Window > Tag > Playlists would show two menus.
14. Fixed: Cleaned up the right-click menu for Action Window > Tag > Playlists so that it only shows items that make sense there (instead of showing all the items the regular tree shows).
15. Changed: When hardware acceleration option is on, television playback prefers DXVA over QuickSync.
16. Fixed: A few problems when ripping multiple movie discs - canceling didn't work, movie name didn't update in the action window, disc wouldn't eject after ripping.

18.0.92 (12/10/2012)
1. Fixed: Loudness was not working properly for video playback with some output formats.
2. Fixed: The automation SDK was not supporting name-based function lookups properly in IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames.
3. Fixed: OGG channel mapping for 5, 6, and 8 channel files was not correct.
4. Changed: More improvements to Arabic text rendering.
5. Changed: Updated all translation files to include the latest strings from the source code.
6. Fixed: Track Info visualizations would not always switch their image when switching tracks (may have only applied when using the Chromium engine).
7. Changed: When deleting files not included in a sync, the program will only delete files that are at the location it would have placed the file (the previous safety check tried to look at the base path, but didn't work well with complex base path rules that included expression functions).
8. Changed: TV Recordings list in Television Standard view no longer includes TV shows that are not recordings done inside MC.
9. Fixed: There could be a drawing artifact above the quick find toolbar.
10. Changed: TV series images use the same 2:3 aspect ratio enforcement scheme that movies use.

18.0.91 (12/7/2012)
1. NEW: Improved support for Arabic joining and bidi text layout in the font engine.
2. Fixed: Several issues with the COM automation system (only applies to builds after 78).
3. Faster: Drawing in the image editor uses bilinear stretching instead of supersampling to improve performance.
4. Faster: Improved the image editor rendering pipeline when building previews of tool effects.
5. Faster: The image editor 'Crop' tool preview drawing uses a custom SSE routine to darken portions of the image (must faster than a more general purpose method it was using previously).
6. Changed: TV guide entries more than 5 days in advance show the month abbreviated instead of the full name.
7. Changed: Made the Theater View keyboard narrower so that on a 1080p display using default sizing, there's about the same number of rows and columns on the keyboard (makes typing with arrows faster).
8. Changed: Moved the 'Clear' function for Theater View keyboard typing to a key after 'Backspace' instead of putting 'Clear Search' (or similar) on the top roller.
9. NEW: Theater View search supports texting-style typing using the number pad on a remote (1 is backspace, 0 is space, other numbers are letters).
10. NEW: 'Loudness' that applies (roughly) the ISO 226:2003 loudness correction curve as you turn down the volume to provide a more natural volume (requires using Internal Volume, reference level of Internal Volume defines the baseline, no correction is applied at volumes above baseline).

18.0.90 (12/5/2012)
1. NEW: Multiple movie discs (Blu-ray, DVD) can be ripped at once.
2. Fixed: Customizing some burn settings like the between tracks mode would not work properly.
3. Changed: Parametric Equalizer only exposes channels above the standard 8 if DSP Studio > Output Format > Channels is configured to use more (also allows accessing up to 32 channels with Parametric Equalizer when using that many channels).
4. Fixed: When making a change in a Parametric Equalizer filter and then immediately switching to a different filter or DSP, the changes could be lost.
5. Changed: With the low and high shelf filters in Parametric Equalizer, the bandwidth setting alters the slope (previously it was ignored).

18.0.89 (12/5/2012)
1. Fixed: A few command line issues.

18.0.88 (12/4/2012)
1. NEW: ZoneSwitch feature that can route playback to zones based on rules (Menu > Player > Zones > ZoneSwitch...).
2. Fixed: Shell extensions were not working due to command line changes in build 85.
3. Fixed: The Auto-Import dialog could crash in some cases.
4. Changed: When using the automatic EPG download option, genre will be filled.
5. Fixed: Facebook upload was not working properly.

18.0.87 (12/3/2012)
1. NEW: The main / default title to play for a Blu-ray will be read from the AnyDVD disc.inf file if it exists.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language file. Thanks kelijun.
3. Changed: When a 3d Theater View list changes to a full resolution image, the transition is smoother and more efficient.
4. Fixed: Aspect ratio management for thumbnails in Series and Season views for Theater View was not working properly.
5. Changed: Improved how Theater View 3d lists interact with touch.

18.0.86 (12/3/2012)
1. Fixed: If Theater View failed to create a device (possibly because of madVR exclusive), it could crash instead of retrying or showing an informative message.
2. Fixed: A few command line things were not working properly with build 85.

18.0.85 (11/30/2012)
1. SDK: Added command line option /ShowTreePath. For example: MC18.exe /ShowTreePath Audio\Recent
2. Changed: Revised command line system used by the main program and the launcher (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
3. Fixed: ID3v2 tags that used UTF-16 for the description field of the image frame (APIC) would not load properly.
4. Changed: Removed mini-skins from the view menu (may return later; more here: http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=75971.0).
5. NEW: Revised how movie thumbnails are handled with regards to blanks and aspect ratio (changes are experimental, feedback welcome).

18.0.84 (11/30/2012)
1. Changed: The popup message box is replaced with OSD message when starting a television channel in low disk space condition. The popup could not be seen because it hid behind the main window.
2. Changed: When disk space is lower than 20 GB, television in time-shifting mode will show a warning message periodically. When disk space is lower than 2 GB time-shifting will be canceled and can not be restarted.
3. Fixed: When switching audio tracks, the program could hang (only applies to build 78-82).

Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.82 (11/29/2012)
1. NEW: Live playback (ASIO line-in and WASAPI loopback) are available with File > Open Live...
2. [NEW: Created a new latency management algorithm for live playback that better copes with DSPs that work in large blocks like convolution.
3. Changed: The Tag Action Window shows a truncation tooltip on mouse-over for any field name that isn't displayed completely.
4. Fixed: Deleting a zone while it was playing would cause a crash.
5. Fixed: In some cases the Last.fm cache of similar artists would not work properly, causing Play Doctor to be slower than necessary.
6. Fixed: Zone linking and unlinking in conjunction with Play Doctor could lead to problems in some cases.
7. Changed: When a Blu-ray or DVD disc is temporarily unavailable, we no longer pop-up a message box. Instead, the list view for the disc shows appropriate text about the situation.
8. Fixed: Pane tagging could crash when picking the new value entry for a non-field type category.
9. Faster: The Theater View caption / template system is around 200x faster picking templates for files (should make file and guide views noticeably faster).
10. Fixed: After doing a Ctrl+A, a list could reset the selection to only the first item if the focus shifted.
11. Changed: Keyboard navigation in the main tree skips items that redirect to other items like the root of 'Audio', etc.
12. Changed: Revised the default video views in Standard View (only applies to a new user or if you reset views with View > Add View > Reset All Library Views To Default).

18.0.81 (11/28/2012)
1. Fixed: Some video files did not play on Library Server clients.
2. Fixed: MC could not do seeking, FF, REW, jump, etc. on video files that did play on LS clients.
3. Fixed: Shift+Up/Down wasn't working properly in the panes or tree.
4. Changed: Keyboard navigation in a tree no longer triggers auto-expand (use left/right to toggle expansion).
5. Changed: Left/right navigation in the panes works more logically with nested pane values (left/right does expansion on a parent item and switches panes on any other item).
6. Fixed: If starting Play Doctor playback encountered an error, it could crash.
7. Fixed: The Auto-Import dialog could crash with a pure virtual function call (hopefully fixed but unable to reproduce, so please report any problems).
8. Fixed: The 'Close' button on the top right of the bottom list in a library view had incorrect vertical text alignment.
9. Fixed: Vertical text alignment of the main player text could be off a little.
10. Fixed: Closing the program in Media Server mode could leave a view on the screen in some cases when using a glass-based skin.
11. Fixed: In edit controls with spell-checking, the red underline could draw in the wrong spot.
12. NEW: Added WASAPI - Event Style option 'Mute on start (eliminates hardware clicks when starting some hardware)'. May help DoP / PCM transitions on certain hardware (feedback appreciated).
13. Changed: Background television tasks (such as recording and EPG updating) are ignored if the TV feature is not enabled.

18.0.80 (11/27/2012)
1. Fixed: Drag-n-drop into Media Center from an external program was not working.
2. Fixed: The COM automation SDK was not working properly.
3. Fixed: Image playback was not working.
4. Fixed: Mousing over a thumbnail stack in a list did not animate through the images in the stack.
5. Changed: Return of several dialogs, including the incomplete shutdown, favorites organizer, etc.
6. Fixed: The Performer Store was not working with the Chromium browser engine.
7. Fixed: Fixed a couple formatting issues in the Performer Store.

18.0.79 (11/26/2012)
1. Fixed: When LS client plays a jtv file that is still actively been updated on the server, the duration was not updated if the "Play local file if one that matches Library Server file is found" option is on.
2. Changed: "Play local file if one that matches Library Server file is found" does not apply to jtv files.
3. Fixed: When a button transitioned states, it would animate a larger area of the UI than necessary (causing worse performance, and sometimes dueling animation).
4. Changed: Switched COM automation underpinnings away from MFC (should be internal change, but please report any new issues with plugins).
5. Changed: Updated Chinese language file. Thanks kelijun.
6. Changed: Removed remaining MFC from main program (some features will be unavailable for a while).

18.0.78 (11/19/2012)
1. Fixed: Possible crash when switching tracks.
2. Fixed: Remove Tags did not work for mp4 files.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese Language file. Thanks kelijun.
4. Fixed: On Windows 8, a fixed drive could (still) appear as a WMDM handheld device in some cases.
5. Fixed: When using the Chromium web browser engine, clicking a link that received special handling like a download from YouTube could result in an error page being shown.
6. Fixed: The mouse wheel was not working in Theater View with the last few builds.
7. Changed: The Podcast episode tag customization system uses the regular expression engine and expression editing control instead of using a special Podcast-only language.
8. Fixed: Maximizing options could cause clicking in the list to stop working.
9. Changed: Merged the audio CD burning effects options into the main CD burning options page (previously it was a separate popup).

18.0.77 (11/16/2012)
1. Fixed: Podcast webpage views were not working nicely with glass-based skins.
2. Fixed: The tooltip on the volume slider would not update while mouse-wheeling to show the new volume.
3. Fixed: If a panes view used the default sorting, right-click and double-click on a pane value could use files in a random order (instead of respecting the default sorting).
4. Fixed: ALAC mp4 files created in MC did not work in iPods because iPods do not support the newer MPEG-4 standard.
5. Fixed: Typed navigation in the panes could behave incorrectly if a pane item got selected that was particularly slow to evaluate.
6. Fixed: Using Party Mode with no password was not working properly.

18.0.76 (11/16/2012)
Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.75 (11/15/2012)
1. Changed: Updated the user interface of the task creation / editing of the scheduler.
2. Changed: Updated Pix01 options and login user interface (and fixed a couple bugs).
3. Changed: Updated the 'Manage External Tools' dialog in the Send To (external) menu (now allows ordering).
4. Changed: Removed MFC from Theater View window (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
5. Changed: Tuned the animation used in Theater View to look and work better with a touch screen (in particular, drag and flick scrolling looks more natural and the selection bubble won't separate from the list).
6. Fixed: Main menu shortcuts like alt+f, etc. were not working properly.
7. Changed: In live TV for clients, if a client requests a channel change (of the same channel type), and the tuner on the server is serving that client alone, the channel change will be directly honored without having to load a new tuner.
8. Fixed: Switching between the Podcast root and Podcast home views could lead to problems.
9. Changed: Updated Facebook upload user interface (and fixed a few issues).
10. Changed: Facebook upload uses 1080p as the maximum size.
11. Changed: When uploading images to Facebook, login will only be required for the first uplooad.

18.0.74 (11/14/2012)
1. Changed: When manually selecting files from several albums (or other list groupings) and then doing an 'Export Playlist', only files from the first album would get exported instead of all files.
2. Changed: Revised the 'Export Playlist' dialog to use the latest JRiver user interface libraries.
3. Faster: String escapement used for building XML is much faster (used in many places in the program).
4. Changed: Improved the 'Resize Images' tool (can optionally output a copy instead of overwrite, supports output as PNG, etc.).
5. SDK: Skins can customize dialog / wizard header colors[ by adding a <DialogHeader> block to the skin XML and setting the TextColor and BackgroundColor (and defaults to edit colors instead of white / black).
6. NEW: USB-UIRT remote control transceiver now supported for IR blasting as well as IR receiving.
7. Changed: Revised the Party Mode and Access Control password dialogs.
8. Fixed: Older ATL-based interface plug-ins like Sleep Timer could crash.
9. Changed: Switched the old tune TV dialog that was a number pad to instead show Theater View's television guide (triggered by shortcut F7).

18.0.73 (11/13/2012)
1. Changed: Updated Chromium browser engine to Chromium 21.0.1180.91 (browser engine selectable in Options > Tree & View).
2. Changed: Updated Windows SDK to 8.0 (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
3. Changed: Updated LAV filters to 0.53.2. Fixes some DVD issues with Red October HQ.
4. Fixed: Using the Sort > Custom view header menu could lead to a crash.
5. Fixed: When deleting a TV recording from a client, in some cases it could incorrectly reappear.

18.0.72 (11/9/2012)
1. Faster: Toolbars are a little more efficient with regards to how they track which buttons should be enabled and disabled.
2. Faster: Switched core audio engine bitdepth conversion code to use SSE when possible.
3. Faster: DST decompression (used by SACD and DFF files) uses 4 threads for decoding instead of running single-threaded.
4. Fixed: Streaming Live TV to LS clients did not work for analog tuner/capture devices.
5. Changed: Updated simplified Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
6. Faster: Theater View 3d lists are more efficient.
7. Faster: Creation of fonts that target an ideal size is much faster and more efficient (makes loading Theater View faster, etc.)
8. Changed: Updated Smartlist import / export dialog, import summary dialog, the clear library confirmation dialog, and add virtual handheld dialog to use latest JRiver user interface libraries.
9. Changed: When exporting a smartlist to a file, UTF-8 encoding is used (import should support any format).
11. Changed: Updated the player area text customization dialog (now uses standard expression editors, and exposes all the available special variables in the menu).
12. Changed: A drive exposed via WMDM will not appear as a handheld if it's larger than 300GB.
13. Changed: Removed 'Download more encoders...' button from Options > Encoding (all JRiver encoders are included with the program).
14. Changed: Moved interface plug-in management to Options > Services.
15. Changed: Move the 'Add Plug-in' button of Plug-in Manager to Options > General > Advanced > Add plug-in from file... (only really useful when developing a plugin).
16. Changed: Removed Plug-in Manager.

Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.70 (11/6/2012)
1. Fixed: On Windows 8, a fixed drive could (still) appear as a WMDM handheld device in some cases.
2. Fixed: Volume hotkeys (remote or keyboard) were running the system volume instead of the Media Center volume (which might be set to 'Internal Volume', etc.) on Windows 8.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .53. Many fixes and changes, especially in DVD playback.
5. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.84.7 when using Red October HQ.
6. Changed: DVD playback in Red October HQ mode now uses LAV video decoding and madVR rendering. Previously it used the Microsoft decoder and EVR.

18.0.69 (11/5/2012)
1. Changed: The expression TVInfo(SeasonDisplay) only prepends the word "Season " to numeric season values, so using a word like "Specials" won't end up as "Season Specials".
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: Configuring Convolution before audio playback had begun could lead to a crash.
4. Changed: When switching to Display View or Theater View from server mode, Standard View will first be shown and its position validated (this should be invisible to the user, but may fix rare video playback issues).
5. Fixed: 32-bit integer output was not working properly with Kernel Streaming or WASAPI output.
6. Changed: Added variable [AllSameArtist] that can be used in a Theater View caption expression.
7. Changed: On Windows 8, a fixed drive could appear as a WMDM handheld device in some cases.
8. Changed: Language names for the on screen display are built using the ITrackInfo interface of LAV so that they work better across different videos.
9. Changed: In DVB television playback, if video PID is zero MC will not play the channel in time-shifting mode.
10. Changed: Blu-ray title selection from the OSD shows the duration of each title and doesn't switch titles until 'Enter' is pressed.

18.0.68 (11/1/2012)
1. Changed: The keyboard / remote volume keys would not work even when Media Center had the focus on Windows 7 + Intellitype or Windows 8 (seems like a Microsoft bug with a surprising workaround, so feedback appreciated).
2. Fixed: The memory playback option could cause troubles when playing a SACD.
3. Faster: Improved the performance of DST decompression (used with DSD files).
4. Fixed: MP4 files (including ALAC) created in MC were not properly tagged, resulting in some applications not being able to read the tags.
5. Changed: When starting playback of a saved Playchart, the program plays in Play Doctor mode.
6. Changed: When playing a playlist that contained random results (Playchart or smartlist) from Theater View, the same list could play each time unless you navigated to a different view to force a refresh.
7. Changed: Added the expression TVInfo(SeasonDisplay) to output 'Season 1', 'Season 2', etc.
8. Changed: Season artwork will be used when a category is based on TVInfo(SeasonDisplay) (if you reset your Theater View views in the last couple builds, please do so again).
9. NEW: When manually doing a bulk lookup of TV or movie metadata, the process runs in a background thread and shows progress in the Action Window (instead of blocking the main program).
10. NEW: When manually doing a bulk lookup of TV or movie metadata, control is offered for whether it should get images, metadata, and/or replace existing values.
11. Fixed: Bluray and DVD logos were not appearing in the bottom right corner of Theater View flow views when connected to a library server.
12. Fixed: In certain cases, Convolution would not engage properly when configuring it for the first time ever.
13. NEW: Convolution optionally searches for the best match configuration file based on the input format and uses it if a better match is found.
14. NEW: The OSD shows format information below languages.

18.0.67 (10/31/2012)
1. Changed: Revised the default 'Series' view in Theater View so that shows without a series name use the program name (instead of all being lumped into an 'Unassigned' bucket).
2. Fixed: An empty expression could display as an error (only applies to the last few builds).
3. NEW: Added support for 'Sony Pictures Digital Wave 64' (.w64) audio format.
4. Fixed: Removed "Recently Watched" category from Netflix since it's not available from their API anymore.

18.0.66 (10/30/2012)
1. Changed: Formatting of the short date format (used in Theater View and elsewhere) respects the year, month, day order system setting.
2. Changed: Updated simplified Chinese language file. Thanks kelijun.
3. Changed: Improved the file info template that's shown for a Netflix TV series in Theater View.
4. Fixed: The custom star character introduced in build 65 could draw with a circle around it.
5. Changed: Video playback from a URL works better with filters like LAV that read, seek back, seek forward, and read again (so really aren't seeking at all).
6. Fixed: Serving from a UNC / mapped drive could fail if the drive needed a mount (like right after a reboot).
7. Fixed: Remote zones could cause shutdown of Media Center to be slower than necessary.
8. Changed: Playback of Blu-ray with Library Server would take around 20 seconds before showing the error 'Blu-ray playback over Library Server is not supported' (it still isn't supported, but now the error shows right away).
9. Fixed: In cases where LAV could not return the position or duration (like during some URL playback), position or duration values in the player bar could show unexpected values.
10. Changed: When skipping navigation levels that only contain one choice in Theater View, the title at the top shows the text of the item you picked instead of the text of the skipped item.
11. Changed: Revised default Theater View views for television (merged 'Series' and 'Season' views, use 'Season 3' instead of '3' at the season level, sorting is by season, episode, etc.).
12. Fixed: Theater View could show '0 minutes' for short videos instead of something like '15 seconds'.

18.0.65 (10/29/2012)
1. Fixed: If a time-shift (DST, BST, etc.) occurred in the middle of EPG data, it could cause programs to appear at the wrong time.
2. Changed: Netflix API url changed to api-public.netflix.com because the old one (api.netflix.com) is going away on November 7.
3. Fixed: When a TV Show does not have a time as part of it's date, it would show 12:00am in Theater View.
4. NEW: Theater View captions can use the variables [AllSameSeries] and [AllSameSeason] to change the caption based on the context of the list.
5. Changed: Lots of tuning to Theater View captions and file info templates, especially for television (shows season / episode, has watch marks, etc.).
6. Changed: Tweaked formatting of some expressions like TVInfo(SizeDisplay), TVInfo(SeasonEpisode), and others to use more concise syntax.
7. Changed: Added date formatting tokens 'shortdate' and 'shortdatetime' used in Theater View.
8. Changed: The Watched() expression function takes an optional mode, and mode 1 returns a numeric code useful for caption expressions.
9. Fixed: Drawing of partially transparent text onto other partially transparent backgrounds was drawing the new text with too much prominence.
10. Changed: Added expression function Delimit(...) to output a value and a delimiter but do nothing if the value is empty (so If(IsEmpty([Track #]), , [Track #].) becomes Delimit([Track #], .)).
11. Fixed: Television engine could load a channel of wrong type which would prevent a correct channel from being played.
12. Changed: The font engine uses a custom image for the star character so that it will work with any font.
13. Fixed: OSD "Adding required components..." was not displayed when television engine downloaded components.

18.0.64 (10/26/2012)
1. NEW: Theater View file captions are part of the File Info Template system so are more easily customizable (sorry, but this requires a reset of File Info Template customization).
2. Fixed: The DSD encoder was not accepting 192KHz input.
3. Faster: DSD encoding is faster.
4. Changed: Theater View offers a Russian keyboard (thanks to Nickolay V).
5. NEW: Added RatingStars() expression to return the rating as star characters.
6. Fixed: The display of actors and other list fields for Netflix movies in Theater View was not formatted properly.

18.0.63 (10/25/2012)
1. NEW: Added DSD encoder with support for 1x and 2x DSD stored in a DSF file (encoding uses 64-bit data path, JRiver's audiophile-grade upsampler, and 7th order noise shaping + dither).
2. NEW: Added the ASIO option 'Play silence on pause (instead of performing a hardware level pause)' to workaround devices that don't nicely pause or resume.
3. Fixed: Lyrics was truncated to 255 bytes when tagging mp4/m4a files.

18.0.62 (10/25/2012)
1. NEW: Added the ability to output 32-bit integer (configure with DSP Studio > Output Format > Bitdepth).

18.0.61 (10/24/2012)
1. Changed: Updated simplified Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
2. Changed: Sometimes a channel identifier could change in the automatic EPG loading system and cause the channel to no longer load guide data.
3. Changed: Changed jump behavior when starting a television channel that is currently being recorded. If user starts from the channels list, playback jumps to live time. If user starts a program in Guide, or the jtv file that is currently recording, playback starts at the program start time or bookmark (if exists).
4. Fixed: Pressing escape to close a dialog could crash in some cases.
5. Changed: When an edit control on a dialog has the focus and is being edited, the escape key will stop editing and a second click of escape will close the dialog.
6. Fixed: The print preview dialog was not showing the preview.
7. Changed: Television jtv source filter notifies downstream decoder filters about format change on channel switching, even if it did not detect any audio or video format changes.
8. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.84.3 when using Red October HQ.
9. Changed: Updated [LAV filters to .52.
10. Fixed: If the rip action window was closed by clicking the 'x' rather than the 'Close' button, the secure rip log would not be shown.
11. Changed: Simplified conversion cache settings in Options / File Locations.
12. Changed: Turned on one extra log entry in television time-shifting writer filter.
13. NEW: SACD ISO playback uses gapless mode instead of exactly honoring the track offsets in the disc table of contents (which might not be perfectly gapless).
14. Changed: When editing an auto-import folder, it's possible to change the path (so you no longer have to remove all rules and add them again to switch drives).
15. Changed: Added new media sub-types: Music, Ringtone, Educational, Stock, System, Photo, Book.
16. Fixed: Left / right arrow navigation to flip between panes was not working.
17. Fixed: Drag-n-drop was not showing a nice drag image when dragging from a list.
18. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/EditPlaylist function for moving or removing tracks from the current playlist.

18.0.60 (10/16/2012)
1. Changed: Updated simplified Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
2. Fixed: Blu-ray title menu would not show up again after switching titles.
3. Fixed: Font for text-based subtitles would not change to the one selected in options.
4. Fixed: Changes to "Option Tools / Options / Audio / Settings / Disable display from turning off" would not "stick".

18.0.59 (10/12/2012)
1. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/Repeat function to get or set the repeat state of the program.
2. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/Shuffle function to get or set the shuffle state of the program.
3. Fixed: DSF files that zeroed part of the last channel cluster could cause an audible pop between tracks.
4. Fixed: Stretch mode and aspect ratio overrides were not working properly with EVR.
5. Fixed: Truncation tooltips were not showing for multi-line values in lists.
6. Fixed: DLNA GetMute needed caching. Was getting called too often.
7. Fixed: The expression FixSpacing(...) better handles quotes, parenthesis, etc.

18.0.58 (10/11/2012)
1. NEW: Added support for OGG files that have more than two channels.
2. Fixed: Linking to a Netflix account could crash after the link was established.
3. Fixed: Theater View's File Info customization dialog could leave orphaned labels showing when switching between fields.
4. Fixed: Customizing the subtitle font in Options > Video was not working properly.
5. Fixed: Multi-line text that got truncated would not draw an ellipsis at the end (like in the Tag Action Window, etc.).
6. Faster: More speed improvements to the television recording / subscription algorithm that runs in the background to evaluate what programs to record.
7. Changed: Television engine detects whether time-shifting has successfully started more reliably.

18.0.57 (10/9/2012)
1. Changed: Updated code signing certificate (please report if UAC warnings show an unverified publisher, etc.).
2. NEW: When registering for an access key or testing an access key, the program will offer to configure the Windows firewall to allow Media Center through (requires UAC prompt).
3. Fixed: User could not manually create a QAM channel.
4. Changed: Switched 'J. River' to 'JRiver' in the EULA.
5. Changed: Video shifting is limited so that at least a small percentage of the video will remain visible.
6. Fixed: In rare cases, the program could start video playback with a black screen and the video shifted far off the screen.
7. Faster: The television recording / subscription algorithm that runs in the background to evaluate what programs to record is several times faster.

Internal testing build.

18.0.55 (10/4/2012)
1. Fixed: Some DVB-C channel parameters were not parsed during channel scanning.
2. NEW: DLNA: If supported by the renderer, use renderer muting functions.
3. NEW: Added BD quality mp4ts encoding profile. Works great to the PS3. Needs a lot of CPU for realtime rendering.

18.0.54 (10/3/2012)
1. Fixed: Converting audio to ALAC could cause a crash in the last build.
2. Changed: DLNA: SSDP conformance, will allow other devices to better detect MC's server state change upon startup and close.
3. Fixed: Cleanups in http server code.
4. Fixed: Converting multiple audio files at one time could fail.
5. Fixed: Closing the program or loading a new library while converting was not messaging nicely.
6. Fixed: Modulation type drop-down list did not include all choices for DVB-C and possibly for QAM television channel editing/adding tool.
7. Changed: Updated MP3 encoder to LAME 3.99.5.
8. Fixed: If Internal volume was used, then the volume mode switched, in some cases the internal volume could be incorrectly applied during that run of the program.
9. Fixed: Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab was not always switching between tabs.
10. Changed: When the mouse-over view header menu shows, it will activate the view if it's not the active split view.
11. Fixed: When customizing the top and bottom toolbars, the window would not immediately update to show the changes.
12. Fixed: Up / down drop-list navigation was not working while in-place editing.

18.0.53 (10/1/2012)
1. Fixed: Fonts that were not TrueType, like those used by Sleep Timer, could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: In-place editing in a list like DSP Studio > Output Formats would not work properly when clicking away from a drop list.
3. Fixed: Some low sample rate AAC files that didn't explicitly specify SBR would not play properly.
4. Faster: Improved the performance when bitstreaming DSD.
5. Fixed: When bitstreaming DSD using ASIO, the end of a track could stutter.
6. Fixed: DLNA: updateID wasn't eventing properly. This could have prevented dynamic content updates on devices that relied upon eventing for this (instead of polling).
7. Fixed: MC could crash when sending a file to a DLNA zone that vanished during the send.

18.0.52 (9/28/2012)
1. Changed: The border around search suggestions / Play Doctor suggestions is one pixel wide instead of two pixels wide.
2. Fixed: Minimizing the program while playing, then restoring, would cause stale values to be displayed for a little bit in the player bar.
3. Changed: Text outline and drop-shadow is supported on CPU's without SSE 4.1 (by using an MMX assembly fallback).
4. Fixed: Opening 'Visualization Studio' could crash.
5. Fixed: Theater View backgrounds could switch images a couple times when entering a view (probably visually not noticeable, but was a waste of resources).
6. Changed: Updated Simplified Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).

18.0.51 (9/26/2012)
1. Fixed: SSA subtitles that were authored for a different resolution than the video itself would position elements incorrectly.
2. Fixed: Line / curve drawing elements in SSA subtitles could show as a string of numbers.
3. Fixed: SSA styles would not load for some videos if the SSA included comments in the style block.
4. Fixed: SSA style alignment could be handled incorrectly for SSA V4.0+ (since alignment changed between SSA V4.0 and SSA V4.0+).
5. Fixed: Text underline did not look right when text was drawing with an outline or drop shadow (like on subtitles).
6. Faster: Revised how text underline is handled so that it's rendered as an after-effect (instead of loading a second copy of the font to draw with underline).
7. Fixed: Web browser views in Theater View could crash when leaving them.
8. NEW: Library Server clients save the contents of Playing Now between runs.
9. Fixed: Drop-panes would unexpectedly hide when the mouse was still over them.

18.0.50 (9/25/2012)
1. Changed: Improved support for between-letter spacing customization by fonts (kerning).
2. Changed: Improved support for fonts where multiple characters combine to a single glyph like Thai, etc. (feedback appreciated).
3. Changed: Added basic support for right-to-left text (like Hebrew, Arabic, etc.) to the new font drawing engine (feedback appreciated).
4. Fixed: Setting a new font in theater view options wouldn't 'stick'.
5. Fixed: When syncing library server files to a device on a client with conversion enabled, tags would not get updated.

18.0.49 (9/24/2012)
1. Fixed: DoP playback could fall out of DoP mode during a buffer shortfall (like between tracks).
2. Fixed: Catching of clicks in an embedded browser was not working.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Fixed: Customizing the bottom list in a library view could incorrectly apply the changes to the top list.
5. Fixed: Changing a file path option would cause the option's label to not appear until leaving and reentering options.
6. Changed: Folder import will not import files from a broken DVD or Bluray aggregate (you can drag-n-drop individual video files from a broken aggregate into the program if necessary).
7. Fixed: Picking 'Show Media Center' from the Media Server tray icon would not always bring the program to the front.
8. Fixed: Some characters like a password dot, trademark symbol, etc. were not drawing.
9. Changed: Updated Simplified Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
10. Fixed: The trial period would show as '1 day left in trial' even when there were actually more days left.
11. Fixed: Some DFF files compressed with DST would not import.
12. Fixed: In 3D album mode, the song list used a tiny text font.
13. Fixed: When playing a television recording file that was still being recorded, the "Program" OSD menu item did not show proper info.
14. Fixed: Font size in MC expression language html could cause a crash if scaled down to zero (interpreted as percentage).

18.0.48 (9/21/2012)
1. Changed: Version 18 no longer works with a version 17 license (because this makes it impossible for people to upgrade from v17 to v18 using the program).

18.0.47 (9/20/2012)
1. Changed: Starting Play Doctor with an album as a seed will focus more heavily on that album instead of focusing on all albums by the artist equally.
2. Fixed: Starting video playback could cause a black screen to show until entering and leaving Theater View again.
3. Fixed: The OSD could fail to hide when switching modes, causing it to show in unexpected places like the root of Theater View.
4. Changed: Keyboard navigation in the panes didn't expand / collapse tree items with the left and right keys.
5. Fixed: Saving / loading views was not working properly.
6. Changed: Revised ASIO buffer creation slightly so that it's more likely to use a buffer size that's a power-of-two (which makes some drivers happy).

18.0.46 (9/19/2012)
1. Changed: OSD for live television is rearranged to match OSD for other video playback.
2. Changed: OSD title "Save Current time-shifting on stop" is simplified to "Save Current Time-shifting", and the selection "Use global setting in Options > Television", is followed by the actual global setting (such as (Do Not Save)).
3. Fixed: ALAC encoder's "Encoder settings..." link in Options did not behave properly.
4. Fixed: CD ripper ripped to WAV instead of AIFF even though the user selected AIFF encoding.
5. Fixed: Seeking did not work when a LS client played television recordings or live television shows.
6. Updated: Simplified Chinese language file. Thanks kelijun.
7. Fixed: Certain fonts could show unexpected characters at the end of lines.
8. Fixed: Using a skin that used Aero Glass could cause a crash.
9. NEW: The 'Black on Black' skin supports turning the DSP button blue during direct playback.
10. Fixed: Changes made to Audio > Bitstreaming were not always saved properly.

18.0.45 (9/17/2012)
1. Fixed: The installer was crashing with build 44.
2. Fixed: Clicking the 'Edit Disc Information' button in the view header would not work in some cases.
3. Fixed: In-place editing in the panes was not working.
4. Changed: Renaming an existing value in a list field that doesn't use list editing (like Artist) would replace the entire list instead of renaming only the single value.
5. Fixed: The 'Rip' Action Window could blank out when switching views.
6. Fixed: The 'Rip' Action Window could display an incorrect total number of ripped tracks when multiple CD's were being ripped.
7. Changed: The bitstreaming setting from Options > Video is migrated to Options > Audio so no user settings will be lost.
8. Changed: Options > Handheld allows running up to 8 conversions at a time (the previous limit was 4 at a time).
9. Changed: Playchart editing is enabled again (now that Play Doctor is done changing).
10. Fixed: Tooltips were not showing for non-editable Action Window > Tag items.

18.0.44 (9/14/2012)
1. NEW: Native ALAC encoder.
2. Changed: The option for bitstreaming audio moved from a video setting to an audio setting (you will have to manually reconfigure bitstreaming one time in Options > Audio).
3. Fixed: Adding a library view could crash.
4. Fixed: Adding a library that pointed to a Library Server was not working properly.
5. Fixed: Clicking the image in the Action Window > Tag page was not zooming into a full page view of the image.
6. Changed: Saved Play Doctor lists (Playcharts) will not be evaluated when looking at the parent playlist group (makes browsing too slow).
7. Changed: Play Doctor lists (Playcharts) show a folder icon in Theater View so they don't have to be evaluated until entered.

18.0.43 (9/13/2012)
1. Changed: When searching in the EPG or looking at 'To Be Recorded', it looks out 60 days in the future instead of 7 days.
2. NEW: Improved subwoofer limiter that does frequency-based limiting (more here: http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=62012.0).

18.0.42 (9/12/2012)
1. Fixed: Switching in and out of Theater View could (still) hang if a web page view was showing.
2. Changed: Reworked the rules for OSD showing: the up/down menu position is independent of the temporary status views of position and volume, always starts at the same spot (resets after a minute), etc.
3. Fixed: With madVR, subtitles could draw on top of the OSD if they changed while the OSD was showing.
4. Fixed: Possible rare crash on program shutdown.
5. NEW: Added the ability to browse for sidecar subtitles while playing a video (useful for optical media, or for when the naming convention doesn't match the standards supported by JRiver).
6. Fixed: Switching between a subtitle format and no subtitles could leave the last subtitle showing.
7. Changed: When a previously removed file is reimported, it will always expand and read tags. This fixes issues where deleting, then reimporting would not fix information if it was originally wrong for some reason.
8. Fixed: SND and SACD were incorrectly listed as discrete items in the import file types list (instead of grouped with their appropriate parent).
9. Fixed: Possible crash when deleting items from a list.
10. NEW: When importing CUE files from a folder, the underlying audio files will not be imported.
11. NEW: Import of SACD ISO files works nicely with the regular import tools.
12. Changed: 'Update Library From Tags' works better with SACD files.
13. Changed: When using the new desktop background slideshow builder, the program will use the highest possible resize quality (previously it would use a faster, but slightly lower quality resize).
14. Fixed: When streaming APE files, the last frame could play as silence.
15. Changed: Playback of an APE file could do an unnecessary parse of the APE tag when it reached the last frame of the file during playback.
16. NEW: Revised how linking of remote zones works to work better with Tremote zones ( more here: http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=73907.msg504457#msg504457 )
17. Fixed: Options > File Location was blank.
18. Changed: The 'Details' view for file conversion is labeled 'Converter' instead of 'Video Converter' (since it can do audio or video).
19. NEW: Added 'Subtract' mode to DSP Studio > Parametric Equalizer > Mix channels.

18.0.41 (9/10/2012)
1. Fixed: Options > Remote Control could crash or cause troubles when closing options.
2. Fixed: Customize View > Set rules for file display could crash.
3. Fixed: Switching to Theater View from a web page view in Standard View could hang.
4. Fixed: Clicking cancel on the search edit dialog could cause the z-order of Media Center to shuffle.
5. Fixed: Toolbars were not showing tooltips.
6. Fixed: The 'Add Library View' list of presets and saved views was not showing.
7. Fixed: Clicking a search suggestion that was showing a truncation tooltip would crash.
8. Fixed: Running the user interface when Media Server was running would cause the maximized state of the program to be discarded.
9. Fixed: Checks that were only partially filled were not drawing properly in the Tag Action Window.
10. Changed: Improved the auto-run burn handler so that it opens the 'Burn' Action Window when selected.
11. NEW: Added support for /StartAfterDelay to the launcher so you can run Media Center after a delay (example to start after 5 seconds: MC18.exe /StartAfterDelay 5000).
12. Fixed: When playing to a DLNA zone, the sample rate, channels, and bitdepth would be empty in the player bar (shows source format, not destination format when serving).
13. Changed: Memory playback will not buffer to memory when playing from a remote device (since no activity is being avoided, and pushing a NIC can often cause audio problems).

18.0.40 (9/7/2012)
1. Fixed: MTP syncs to handheld devices (i.e. Android phones) were failing.
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
3. NEW: Media Center can build a desktop background slideshow folder. Select multiple images and right-click > Set as Desktop Background (requires Windows 7 or newer).
4. Changed: The 'Effects' choice on the OSD during image playback uses the newer menu style selection instead of the older one-at-a-time style.
5. NEW: Added 'Subwoofer' mode to Parametric Equalizer > Limiter (an adaptive limiter well suited for subwoofer use, good after a Linkwitz, etc.).
6. Fixed: Pushing the 'Play' button on a remote in Display View would not unpause playback.
7. NEW: Parametric Equalizer can address channels 9 through 16.

18.0.39 (9/5/2012)
1. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks to rlebrette).
2. Fixed: Some 4x3 video files could display at 16x9 on DLNA or with Gizmo (please report if you have any 16x9 videos that now display at 4x3).
3. Fixed: Doing a field search with the search box (type field name, select, see list of field values) was not working properly.
4. Fixed: The thumbnail size slider was not working.
5. Fixed: Tooltips could appear above popup menus in some cases.

18.0.38 (8/31/2012)
1. Changed: Made the 'Load Program Guide' dialog a little bigger to avoid text overflow at slightly larger font sizes.
2. Fixed: Launching the program could crash in some cases (only applies to the last few builds).

18.0.37 (8/30/2012)
1. Fixed: Visualizations could cause a crash when stopped.
2. Fixed: Configuration of Theater View Weather was not working.
3. Changed: Renamed 'No subtitles' to 'Off' in the subtitle menu and OSD.
4. Changed: Removed the Play Doctor option 'No variety'.
5. Changed: Using Play Doctor on Gizmo honors the Play Doctor settings like variety, custom filter, etc. from the server.
6. Changed: The MCC MCC_PLAY_AUTOMATIC_PLAYLIST (10047) works better with the updated Play Doctor (honors settings, etc.).
7. Changed: Revised the position and volume sliders to be based on the new slider widgets of v18.
8. Fixed: Possible crash when switching views or stopping playback.
9. Fixed: When switching views, update messages could still get routed to the old view before it was destroyed in the background, leading to possible problems.
10. Changed: Removed 'Google Weather' option from Theater View weather (it's no longer supported by Google).
11. NEW: Added World Weather Online as a possible source for weather in Theater View (worldweatheronline.com).
12. Changed: Merged 'Horizontal Position' and 'Vertical Position' on the OSD for video playback into a single 'Shift' option.
13. Fixed: Editing in the Tag Action Window would not allow large values to expand to use more width than the Action Window.

18.0.36 (8/29/2012)
1. NEW: Native AIFF encoder.
2. Fixed: Hulu playback from Theater View was not working properly.
3. Changed: Forced automatic subtitles will be enabled and shown when 'No subtitles' is selected instead of requiring a selection of 'Forced Subtitles (auto)' (the latter selection is now hidden).
4. Fixed: The options control used for customizing DLNA servers was not working fully.
5. Changed: Added support for entering an Access Key on the 'Sync Library' dialog (used to sync from a server to a client).
6. NEW: Added the ability to set a custom filter to the 'Sync Library' so that it's possible to pull just a single album, artist, etc. from the server.
7. Fixed: "To Be Recorded" list for television on LS client was empty when it should not be empty.
8. NEW: Switched to the reference ALAC decoder ( http://alac.macosforge.org/ ).

18.0.35 (8/28/2012)
1. NEW: Added quality profile selection to Android conversion (requires new Gizmo from jriver.com/install_gizmo.html).
2. Changed: Use the baseline profile for MP4TS video conversion to try to increase compatibility with more devices.

18.0.34 (8/24/2012)
1. Fixed: Switching titles during video playback could leave stale entries in the subtitle selection.
2. NEW: Several OSD commands show a menu of choices instead of only showing one item at a time.
3. Changed: Tuning to OSD layout, timing, etc.
4. Fixed: Moving the volume slider on a remote zone would not update the user interface nicely.
5. Fixed: The program would not start maximized after being closed in a maximized state.
6. Fixed: Action Window > Tag > Image was not showing the tools menu on right-click.
7. Fixed: Editing a remote control command could crash.
8. Changed: DLNA: order of artwork presented in the content directory. Large is first.

18.0.33 (8/23/2012)
1. Fixed: Conflict warning when scheduling television recording did not work for DVB-C/S and QAM types.
2. NEW: MC will check with the server for conflicts when scheduling television recording on a client machine.
3. Fixed: YouTube playback could fail on some systems.
4. Fixed: The edit box on a number editor control was not working properly.
5. Changed: Updated all translation files to include the latest strings from the source code.
6. Changed: Revised how zone-specific settings are stored (groundwork for the coming zone setting presets feature).
7. Changed: Saving a Car Radio preset will always offer to save it as a Playchart even if a static list of music is playing.
8. Changed: The Car Radio button tooltips say whether the button is a playlist or Playchart.
9. Changed: Car Radio uses the playlist group 'Car Radio' instead of 'Play Doctor'.
10. Fixed: Finishing a wizard could crash in some cases.
11. Fixed: The OSD would not always hide when switching to another application.
12. NEW: The OSD groups some commands when playing videos (like all the Color Controls, etc.).
13. Fixed: Pushing left / right was not working to control the OSD when playing in Standard View.
14. Fixed: Frame rate not importing correctly for PAL DVD videos.
15. Changed: DLNA: Cover art thumbnails brought into resolution compliance. Extra cover art resources added to provide the previous size.

18.0.32 (8/21/2012)
1. Changed: The expression language has better support for integer values larger than 2 billion.
2. Changed: When displaying a list of Blu-ray titles, duplicate titles (identical streams and duration) are removed.
3. Changed: DSD playback using DoP bitstreaming could fall out of DoP mode between tracks or during buffering.
4. Fixed: Action Window > Convert could use the wrong audio encoder if it wasn't configured before running.
5. Changed: Improved support for SACD ISO files so they can be used by Analyze Audio, Convert Format, etc.
6. Fixed: The 'Details' view for file conversion was not displaying conversion failures properly.
7. Changed: The Clean(...) expression in mode 3 does a standard filename clean and replaces unsupported characters with underscore.
8. Fixed: Possible minor drawing artifact in the alpha channel when performing high-quality downsizing.
9. NEW: To give the CPU a break, the video transcoding engine now pauses when it gets sufficient data buffered ahead of the reader.
10. NEW: Improved how the server system expires previous requests so that it uses fewer resources and better holds the last request if a user pauses and walks away for a while.
11. Changed: Video playback on Android uses adaptive volume DSP added in v18 (medium level).
12. Fixed: MC erroneously warned of recording conflicts when scheduling television recordings on a client machine that has no suitable tuner.
13. Fixed: Closing the search editing dialog could cause the z-order of the main program to shuffle.
14. Changed: More tweaking of http partial content.

18.0.31 (8/20/2012)
1. Changed: HTTP services, handle byte range requests on content of indeterminate length.
2. Updated: Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. Fixed: Keyboard navigation was not working properly inside list and tree controls.
4. Fixed: The 'Damaged Layers' visualization had the word 'TEST' in it.
5. Fixed: Visualization Studio lists were not appearing.
6. Changed: Switched Play Doctor to use edit box artwork instead of search box artwork so that it works better across all skins.
7. Fixed: Ctrl+F could just to the Library View but then lose the focus in the search box right away.
8. Fixed: Creation of player cores (zones) in the background during program load could steal the keyboard focus during the first few seconds of the program's run.
9. Faster: The core user interface manager no longer hides / shows all windows during a view load or refresh (should make the program faster, and the show / hide is unnecessary with v18's new UI framework).
10. NEW: Added new DSP 'Bitdepth Simulator' to DSP Studio > Parametric Equalizer to allow testing what different bitdepths sound like.
11. Fixed: Cleanup of various http server headers.
12. Changed: Added flush of video frames at the end of transcoded video.
13. Fixed: Crashes in avcodec transcoding.
14. Changed: Theater View internet backdrops are no longer cropped, but instead drawn with the edges extended by a color matching the edge color.

18.0.30 (8/17/2012)
1. NEW: Play Doctor is available from Gizmo (requires updated Gizmo; to use search for a value and then pick 'Play (with Play Doctor)').
2. NEW: Play Doctor and search suggestions handle searching for track names better (doesn't pool all tracks with the same name together, shows 'Home (Track by Chris Daughtery)' instead of 'Home (name)', etc.).
3. SDK: Any SDK function that returns files accepts a parameter PlayDoctor=1 to get a Play Doctor playlist, start Play Doctor playback, etc.
4. Changed: CD Burn Transcode Options dialog.
5. Changed: Updated Car Radio artwork.
6. Fixed: Splitter bars were not drawing correctly on skins that didn't explicitly provide splitter artwork.

18.0.29 (8/16/2012)
1. Changed: Car Radio always shows 12 buttons.
2. Changed: Videos with their media sub type set to 'Music Video' can use internet cover art lookup.
3. Fixed: Image rotation could fail when the EXIF tag contained a non-zero rotation.
4. Fixed: The 'Edit Disc Information' dialog was not showing a list.
5. Changed: Audio Path better explains why it's blank when not playing or when playing outside the JRiver audio engine (DLNA, etc.).
6. Changed: Moved the option for stores to show in the tree (Amazon, HDtracks, etc.) to Options > Services.
7. Changed: Moved the option to configure an input plugin to Options > Audio.
8. Fixed: Quick find highlighting of matching words in the list was not working in build 28.

18.0.28 (8/15/2012)
1. NEW: Faster, better looking text drawing.
2. Faster: Setting one very large string value to many files could be slow.
3. Faster: Having huge text in a visible field could cause list drawing to become unnecessarily slow.

18.0.27 (8/13/2012)
1. Fixed: The Television view header could flicker in some cases.
2. Fixed: Wait messages would flicker.
3. Changed: More changes to Play Doctor / Car Radio.
4. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
5. Changed: Updated LAV filters to 0.51.3.
6. Fixed: Mixed-mode CD's were not playable - the error "file could not be opened for read access(error2)" would appear.
7. Fixed: DLNA: Source and Sink protocol info were out of date.
8. Changed: DLNA: Added content directory support for jps files.

18.0.26 (8/10/2012)
1. Changed: Starting Play Doctor playback always starts playing the first file immediately, then goes on building the rest of the playlist in a background thread.
2. Changed: Revised the flow of Play Doctor so that the variety, etc. is always set after picking something to play.
3. Changed: Revised how wait messages are shown so that they should no longer take the keyboard focus (please report any issues).
4. Fixed: Media Network: Transcoding some videos would result in a crash upon finish.

18.0.25 (8/9/2012)
1. Changed: More improvements to loopback playback.
2. Fixed: Drawing text with CJK characters would not wrap as expected in tooltips and other areas of the program.
3. Fixed: Video conversion could crash when finishing or seeking.
4. NEW: Added support for DSD DoP bitstreaming of 2x DSD (128FS).
5. NEW: Play Doctor v2.

18.0.24 (8/7/2012)
1. Fixed: Clicking 'Save & Exit' in the image editor with a tool open would crash.
2. Fixed: Stopping playback of an image + music playlist could crash.
3. Faster: Image playback starts and switches images much faster (the 3d system no longer forces textures to a power of two to use hardware mipmapping, please report any issues with specific video hardware).
4. Faster: Drawing with no alpha blending is faster (used when filling any 3d buffer with an image, etc.).
5. Fixed: Editing option values that used an expression control (like the image playback caption) would not work.
6. Fixed: Links on thumbnails like 'Play' were not getting underlined on mouse over.
7. Fixed: In some cases a list tooltip could appear after playback of an image or video started.
8. Changed: The TMDb image loading looks for English images first, then unmarked images (often English, but not always), then finally images marked with any language.
9. Fixed: Embedded web browsers could crash.
10. Fixed: Actions that showed a wait message could hang.
11. NEW: Loopback mode adapts the target latency automatically so that it works with effects that create delays like resampling, convolution, Dolby Digital output, etc.
12. Changed: ASIO and WASAPI - Event Style automatically adjust their buffer sizes to a small value when doing live playback to minimize latency.
13. Changed: Improved DLNA video playback to PS3 and others that make several small requests when playing.

18.0.23 (8/6/2012)
1. Changed: When loading an EPG, an auto match between the channel and identifier is performed automatically (a prompt will be shown if any data could be overwritten asking if you want to use the new identifier or keep the existing identifier).
2. Changed: If TheMovieDB lookup doesn't find any English images, but does find images for other languages, it will use the image for the other language instead of no image at all.
3. Fixed: Backspace was not working in edit controls hosted by a plugin (like a DSP, Visualization, etc.).
4. Fixed: Tab navigation was not working in DSP Studio.
5. Fixed: Possible crashes when using user interface in DSP Studio, Audio Path, and possibly others.
6. Changed: DSP Studio > Analyzer drawing is smoother.
7. Fixed: Clicking non-selectable tree items like the root of audio, etc. was not updating the tree selection properly.
8. Changed: Improved m4ts encoding.

18.0.22 (8/3/2012)
1. NEW: TheMovieDB lookup uses API v3 (fixes issues with foreign images, puts community rating into 'Critic Rating' field, etc.).
2. Changed: More internal television threading changes.
3. Fixed: Play Doctor could show a strike-through on files that had not been skipped during the current play session.

18.0.21 (8/2/2012)
1. Fixed: Hiding the tree while the Action Window was showing the playback display would leave the display showing.
2. Fixed: Name changes in Tools > Options > Media Network > Advanced > Customize views for Gizmo & WebGizmo were not sticking.
3. Fixed: Drag-n-drop in a list to reorder could leave the 'new location' line that shows while dragging.
4. Fixed: Clicks on the scrollbar in a list could also click on the list under the scrollbar.
5. Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+F multiple times in a row could cause a crash.
6. Fixed: Tabbing on dialogs was stopping on static text, causing it to take extra tabs to get to the next control in some cases.
7. Fixed: Drawing of VST effects could flicker on sizing.

18.0.20 (8/1/2012)
1. Fixed: The mouse wheel would not work when the cursor was over an auto-complete tooltip in a list.
2. Fixed: Configuring the MP3 encoder could crash.
3. Changed: Removed the drop-shadow the could appear in some cases on dialog text.
4. Fixed: The OSD would not hide properly when entering Theater View.
5. Fixed: Analog television devices failed to start in the last few builds.
6. NEW: Added 'Adaptive Volume' feature for video playback (available in Options > Video).

18.0.19 (7/31/2012)
1. Fixed: Scrolling a list could cause an item to appear to wiggle in some cases.
2. Fixed: Drawing a selection lasso on a list could cause visual artifacts.
3. Fixed: Playback of converted audio files could start slowly on Android 4.0 and newer.
4. NEW: When serving a file that's being converted on-the-fly, an ID3v2 tag with basic tag information will be added to the front.
5. Fixed: Customizing Gizmo views could cause a crash.
6. Fixed: Opening DSP Studio from the 'Audio Path' popup could cause a crash.
7. Fixed: Message routing to Theater View, Image Playback, and some other windows was not working properly.
8. Fixed: Drag-n-drop was not allowing dropping on some targets.
9. Fixed: Pressing enter to 'OK' out of a popup was not working in some places.
10. Faster: Scroll animation in lists is smoother.
11. Faster: Drawing thumbnails in a list will use more threads on a machine with more than 4 cores (including virtual hyper-threading cores).
12. Changed: Videos acquired from cameras now have the media subtype "Home Video" applied to them.
13. NEW: The 'Convert Format' tool runs in the Action Window for both audio and video conversion (still a work in progress).
14. NEW: DLNA: Provide artist and album artist info in the content directory for containers that are audio albums.

18.0.18 (7/27/2012)
1. NEW: Traditional Chinese character support (thanks kelijun.)
2. Fixed: Lip sync was incorrect when streaming MP4 to Android.
3. Fixed: On-the-fly MP4 conversion for Android wasn't stopping when stopping on the Android (so conversion would continue for no reason in the background).
4. Faster: Switched the player window at the top of Standard View to a more efficient redrawing system (please report if there are any issues with stale values).
5. Fixed: Typing in the 'Rename, Move, & Copy Files' did not update the preview nicely.
6. Fixed: Double-clicking on a scrollbar would only move once instead of twice.
7. Fixed: Drag-n-drop reordering in a playlist was not working.
6. Changed: Added 'mts' to default file types for acquiring from cameras and phones.
7. Fixed: Netflix wasn't responding to Ok button on remote and could crash when playback was stopped.
8. Fixed: The red underline for misspelled words in an edit control could draw in the wrong place.
9. Faster: Text drawing the supports transparency (most text in the program) draws faster.
10. Fixed: Views that don't support glass (like a webpage) inside glass-based skins would show the view in the wrong location.
11. Fixed: MP4TS conversion for DLNA and Android had audio sync issues.
12. Changed: Optimize bitrates for MP4TS conversion profiles.
13. Fixed: use lower complexity profile for MP4TS conversions. Allows more devices to play it.

18.0.17 (7/26/2012)
1. Fixed: The menu and clear buttons were not showing in the search box.
2. Fixed: Switching away from Playing Now or other views that had a system window could show a visual artifact.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Faster: Tabs that aren't active have no overhead when doing a window layout (makes switching views, switching tabs, sizing the window, etc. faster).
5. Fixed: Split views were not shifting focus properly with a mouse click.
6. Changed: When a zone's playback display is attempted to be shown in two places at once, the window not showing it will draw the cover art and text explaining what's happening.
7. Fixed: Icons under Explorer in the tree could drawing in the wrong spot.
8. Changed: Link-style text buttons visually fade between states like regular buttons.
9. Fixed: Tab navigation wasn't working in the main program.
10. Fixed: Tab navigation includes text buttons.
11. Fixed: Tab navigation was not working in the Quick Find toolbar (Ctrl+Q in a list).
12. Changed: Internal stream-lining of television code.

18.0.16 (7/25/2012)
1. Fixed: The install was crashing in build 15.
2. Fixed: Pane tagging was not working.
3. Fixed: Dropping on panes was not working properly.
4. Fixed: The Action Window > Tag > Image window was not showing a tooltip.
5. Fixed: Some MKV videos that contain MPEG1 video stream did not play over the network.
6. Fixed: The image preview / image editor views were not drawing properly.
7. Faster: Improved performance of user interface rendering of the main program in Standard View.
8. Fixed: Lists could flicker when drawing in some cases.

18.0.15 (7/24/2012)
1. Updated: Chinese language file (thanks to kelijun).
2. Changed: Internal work to how user interface is handled (removed old virtual window system, improved performance of core window descriptor, etc.).
3. Changed: DLNA content directory flags made more accurate. Also the DLNA flags try to better describe streaming URLS in a content directory playlist.
4. Changed: MP4TS streaming conversion makes less complex files to enable them to work on more devices. Still needs sync work.

18.0.14 (7/23/2012)
1. Fixed: The uninstaller was crashing.
2. Fixed: In-place editing could crash in some cases.
3. Changed: Internal television threading changes.
4. Fixed: Rating stars were not working in the player or Tag Action Window.
5. NEW: Gizmo playback on Android uses MP4 H.264 for streaming (and no longer uses Flash).

18.0.13 (7/20/2012)
1. Fixed: In-place editing could crash.
2. Fixed: Backspace and some other special keys were not being handled properly in edit controls.
3. Fixed: While an options list was showing a menu, moving the mouse over the list would cause it to disappear.
4. Fixed: Media Network server configuration was not drawing properly.
5. Internal: Work on Tag Action Window to use newer user interface fundamentals (still a work in progress).

18.0.12 (7/19/2012)
1. Fixed: The 'File Associations' list in the installer was not showing.
2. Fixed: Scrollbars in edit controls were not working properly.
3. Fixed: The caret for an edit control could appear outside of the edit control.
4. Fixed: Clicking on a list tooltip was not passing the clicks through to the list.
5. Fixed: The configuration dialog for files types in Auto-Import was blank.
6. Fixed: In-place edit navigation was not working in lists.
7. Fixed: Configuration in Options > Theater View > Items to Show was not working nicely.
8. Fixed: Link columns were not working properly.
9. Fixed: A couple bugs in the Tag Action Window.
10. Changed: Revamped the 'Customize Toolbar' dialog.
11. Changed: Added a 'Don't show this message again' checkbox at the end of a Pix01 upload.
12. Fixed: The mouse controls (player) would flicker when drawing in Display View.
13. Fixed: Opening a FLAC file to read tags could unexpectedly cause a padding block to be added to the tag with some files.
14. NEW: Auto-Import adds the option 'Write file tags when analyzing audio, getting cover art, and applying folder-based tags' (off by default, so a fresh install should never do any tagging).
15. Changed: The auto-import setting to ignore previously imported files is no longer a per-folder setting.
16. Fixed: Watching live television on a client using server tuner did not work if the server did something else with the tuner (such as watching or recording the same channel).
17. Internal: Switched the player bar at the top of the program from a system window to a virtual window (please report any issues).

18.0.11 (7/18/2012)
1. Fixed: DLNA wasn't supplying dimensions for converted videos in the content directory.
2. Fixed: Lists and trees were not appearing on many dialogs (please report dialogs that still have problems).
3. Fixed: Comboboxes could crash.
4. Fixed: Tooltips were not appearing in lists and trees.
5. Fixed: Text could draw outside a list in some cases.
6. Changed: Scrollbars are now virtual windows instead of system windows in lists and trees.
7. Fixed: Adding cover art to Flac files could cause a crash.
8. Changed: MC will display a warning pop up on low-disk-space condition when starting television playback, and let user choose a course of action.

18.0.10 (7/17/2012)
1. Fixed: High CPU usage on server when a client played live television using a tuner on the server.
2. Fixed: Television time-shifting files were not being deleted from the server after the client finished playing live television using a tuner on the server.
3. Changed: Updated LAV filters to 0.51.2. Several bug fixes and enhancements since .50.5.
4. Faster: Core string formatting system used by all code runs about twice as fast.
5. Internal: More work on user interface fundamentals.
6. Fixed: iTunes tagged ID3v2 tags with PNG embedded images could fail to load the image.
7. Fixed: Pressing stop in Netflix caused a crash.

18.0.9 (7/13/2012)
1. Fixed: Several UI issues reported with 18.0.8.
2. Changed: Improved how clients select television local and server tuners for live playback.

18.0.8 (7/12/2012)
1. Fixed: Several little UI fixes with regards to tabbing, alignment, sizing, etc. in the Smartlist Editor and Action Window.
2. Internal: Revised how most edit and combobox controls are built.
3. Fixed: jtv files did not play on clients in the last couple of builds.
4. Fixed: Seeking did not work when playing live television on clients using a tuner on the server.
5. Fixed: Netflix search function was not working.

18.0.7 (7/11/2012)
1. Fixed: WebGizmo playback was not working in some cases.
2. Changed: The Rerun field was showing as a user field instead of a stock field.
3. Internal: Updated the Smartlist / Search Wizard user interface so that it uses more modern user interface building blocks (testing appreciated).
4. Fixed: Burning an audio CD from WMA format files was not working.
5. Fixed: Seeking could cause a sidecar subtitle to appear twice if the subtitle was set to show for the entire video.
6. Fixed: In some cases, the first subtitle in a video would not appear.
7. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
8. NEW: Pearl Bailey and Black on Black skins are included with the build.

18.0.6 (7/10/2012)
1. Changed: DSP Studio > Output Format uses tooltips to show more information instead of putting all the text on the dialog page.
2. Fixed: Splitter handles were not drawing in the center of the splitter in some cases.
3. Fixed: The import dialog could crash.
4. Changed: Read-only system edit controls use the same coloring as a regular edit control (which matches how the more common non-system read-only edit controls look).
5. Fixed: The text in the playerbar was not drawing with transparency support, causing trouble for glass-based skins.
6. Changed: The skin item size of the basic button (Frame > Button) is no longer considered when sizing buttons (other skins like Black on Black that use a large button image cause troubles).
7. Changed: MCC_KEYSTROKE will give Media Center the focus before generating a keystroke (please let us know if this causes any issues).
8. Fixed: DLNA: when seeking (time based) into a video, the previous transcode and file were not being cleaned up in some cases (anything MPEG2 and PAL, WMV).
9. Changed: DLNA: add dimensions of a video file in the content directory.
10. Changed: Updated the html5 player script.
11. NEW: Live television playback from Media Server using television tuners on the server.

18.0.5 (7/9/2012)
1. Fixed: A few dialogs had a black background instead of dialog background colors.
2. Fixed: Action Window pages did not have their header text properly centered.
3. Fixed: The view header auto-show menu would appear when the mouse passed over the view header text, even if the mouse had since left the show region.
4. Fixed: The library field editor was emptying expressions in some cases.
5. Fixed: The popup expression editor was not drawing properly.
6. Fixed: The optional library navigation alphabet was not showing properly.
7. Changed: Disabling television recording will no longer disable automatic EPG updating.
8. Fixed: Using FormatDate(...) in the player bar could cause problems.
9. Fixed: When starting an image slideshow out of Theater View, the caption would not appear for the first image.
10. Changed: Updated all translation files to include the latest strings from the source code.

18.0.4 (7/6/2012)
1. Fixed: An M4A with corrupt frames would be unnecessarily slow to work through the bad frames.
2. Fixed: The enter key was not working properly on some dialogs to execute the selected button.
3. Fixed: Closing a dialog could lead to a crash.
4. Fixed: The field list in the Manage Library Fields dialog was not working properly.
5. Changed: Starting v18 stops any running copies of v17, and clears the setting to run a v17 server on boot.
6. Fixed: Splitter arrows were not working.
7. Internal: More restructuring of the internals of the user interface (borders, eventing, dialog layout, list column headers, etc.).

18.0.3 (7/5/2012)
1. Fixed: The base path entry box on 'Rename, Move, & Copy Files' was not working properly.
2. Changed: Updated the splash screen for v18.
3. Fixed: Some controls were missing from Options > Theater View and DLNA / Gizmo view customization.
4. Fixed: The 'Cover View' button was not working properly.
5. Fixed: Right-clicking the thumbnail size slider would toggle full page thumbnails but then incorrectly show the right-click header menu.
6. Fixed: The tabs on the appearance page of the installer were not working properly.
7. Internal: More restructuring of the internals of the user interface (tabs, toolbars, eventing, etc.).

18.0.2 (7/3/2012)
1. NEW: Playback of video with a DLNA device that supports time-based seeking (Sony televisions, PS3, maybe others) works great. Removes need for conversion cache, lets playback start instantly, allows bookmarking, etc.
2. Fixed: DVD dimensions were not importing.
3. Internal: Major restructuring of the internals of the user interface. Please report issues with drawing, sizing, mouse handling, keyboard navigation, etc.


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