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17.0.189 (10/31/2012)
1. Fixed: If a time-shift (DST, BST, etc.) occurred in the middle of EPG data, it could cause programs to appear at the wrong time.
2. Fixed: Removed "Recently Watched" category from Netflix since it's not available from their API anymore.

17.0.188 (10/29/2012)
1. Fixed: A crash when a DLNA zone vanishes when trying to send it a file.
2. Changed: Changed Netflix API url from to

17.0.187 (10/4/2012)
1. Fixed: When syncing library server files to a device on a client with conversion enabled, tags would not get updated.
2. Fixed: DLNA: updateID wasn't eventing properly. This could have prevented dynamic content updates on devices that relied upon eventing for this (instead of polling).
3. Fixed?: Ripped dvd's (.ifo) playback over DLNA was crashing MC in some cases.

17.0.186 (9/17/2012)
1. Fixed: Switching from a webpage-based Standard View view to Theater View could hang.
2. Fixed: YouTube playback was not working.
3. Fixed: Clicking the 'Edit Disc Information' button in the view header would not work in some cases.

17.0.185 (9/5/2012)
1. Fixed: Hulu playback from Theater View was not working properly.
2. Fixed: The 'Damaged Layers' visualization had the word 'TEST' in it.
3. Fixed: YouTube playback could fail on some systems.
4. Fixed: Doing a field search with the search box (type field name, select, see list of field values) was not working properly.
5. Changed: Removed 'Google Weather' option from Theater View weather (it's no longer supported by Google).
6. Fixed: Frame rate not importing correctly for PAL DVD videos.
7. Fixed: Television recordings (jtv) would not play on LS clients.
8. Fixed: Analog television devices failed to start in the last few builds.

17.0.184 (8/13/2012)
1. Changed: Updated LAV filters to 0.51.3.
2. Fixed: Mixed-mode CD's were not playable - the error "file could not be opened for read access(error2)" would appear.

17.0.183 (8/9/2012)
1. NEW: Added support for DSD DoP bitstreaming of 2x DSD (128FS).
2. Updated: Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. Fixed: Opening a FLAC file to read tags could unexpectedly cause a padding block to be added to the tag with some files.
4. Fixed: Drawing text with CJK characters would not wrap as expected in tooltips and other areas of the program.
5. Fixed: Playback of converted audio files could start slowly on Android 4.0 and newer.

17.0.182 (7/18/2012)
1. Fixed: Adding cover art to Flac files could cause a crash.

17.0.181 (7/17/2012)
1. Fixed: Using FormatDate(...) in the player bar could cause problems.
2. Fixed: When starting an image slideshow out of Theater View, the caption would not appear for the first image.
3. Fixed: WebGizmo playback was not working in some cases.
5. Fixed: Seeking could cause a sidecar subtitle to appear twice if the subtitle was set to show for the entire video.
6. Fixed: In some cases, the first subtitle in a video would not appear.
7. Fixed: Burning an audio CD from WMA format files was not working.
8. Fixed: Netflix search was not working.
9. Changed: Updated LAV filters to 0.51.2. Several bug fixes and enhancements since .50.5.

17.0.180 (7/6/2011)
1. Fixed: DVD dimensions were not importing.
2. Fixed: An M4A with corrupt frames would be unnecessarily slow to work through the bad frames.

Testing build not released to the public.

17.0.178 (6/29/2011)
1. Changed: Increased the limit of text allowed to be placed on the clipboard in a copy from 2MB to 16MB.
2. Fixed: Video transcodes (DLNA, Gizmo, etc.) would fail to delete temporary output files.
3. Fixed: PAL DVD's played with wrong aspect ratio on Gizmo.
4. Changed: MCC 30002 (MCC_PLAY_TV) now requires a parameter to indicate the user-assigned channel-number.
5. Changed: Added bitdepth (bitsPerSample) to parameters parsed when connecting to a DLNA server.
6. New: DLNA: Aggregate DVD's (ifo) will follow conversion rules (previously they were never converted). This allows them to be played to Xbox360 (wmv) as well as incorporate subtitles to renderers that don't handle separate sub files (ie, WDTV, PS3).
7. Fixed: DLNA, some fixes to mimetypes presented to renderers. May allow more items to play with some renderers when conversion is off.

17.0.177 (6/27/2012)
1. Fixed: Parametric Equalizer was not working properly in build 176.
2. Fixed: Loading a UTF-8 file that used a BOM did not work nicely.
3. Changed: CD ripping would show an unnecessary hour in the Action Window (ie. 0:42:30 instead of 42:30).

17.0.176 (6/26/2012)
1. Fixed: In Options > Encoding, using 'Encoder settings...' could cause the encoder selection to be reset.
2. NEW: Secure ripping is faster when using certain drives that may read slowly to reduce noise.
3. Changed: Tuned secure ripping cache defeating mechanism to defeat up to 2MB of drive cache even if the drive cache could not be detected properly.
4. Fixed: Video conversion for DLNA could fail on certain aspect ratio videos when going to WMV.
5. Fixed: Transitioning from an 8-bit file to an 8-bit µ-law encoded file could cause audio to play incorrectly.
6. Fixed: If playback of a file errored, then the last file in the playlist was played, that file could show an incorrect warning when it finished.
7. NEW: Added native support for AU and SND files.
8. Fixed: If playback of a playlist encountered an input file with an audio format that was not supported, it could lead to a crash in certain cases.
9. Fixed: Hauppauge HVR-1600 was mistakenly included in the list of tuners that can not run analog and digital tuners simultaneously.
10. Fixed: Video conversion to MPEG-2 was not working in the last few builds.
11. Changed: Improved the picture quality of converted MPEG-4 video (used by DLNA, handheld upload, etc.).

17.0.175 (6/25/2012)
1. Fixed: Quotes in the name of a track could cause WebGizmo playback to fail.
2. NEW: Thumbnails look better and perform faster when drawing at large sizes.
3. Fixed: Theater View could crash in rare cases due to a thread safety issue.
4. NEW: Add support for reading more info for database fields when connecting to a DLNA server.
5. Fixed: A seek or flush could cause the first subtitle to appear multiple times until the subtitle expired.

17.0.174 (6/21/2012)
1. Fixed: DLNA: One more instance of playlistContainer needed removing. Was still preventing some Onkyo renderers (and perhaps others) from working.
2. Fixed: TV recordings took too long to start in the last two builds.
3. Fixed: Scrolling player display text had a question mark embedded, rather than a graphic dot character.
4. Fixed: Move/Rename operation would fail on video files which shared cover art in the same folder as the video files.
5. Fixed: Some DVD movies when played over DLNA or on Gizmo would skip over sections.
6. Fixed: wmv conversion. New libavformat and libavcodec (version 54). Works with Xbox 360 and subtitles.

17.0.173 (6/14/2012)
1. Changed: Mono handling using 'No upmixing or downmixing' uses pseudo-stereo for music and the center speaker for videos (other than music videos).
2. Changed: Changed how JRiver URL Reader filter handle buffering by taking advantage of buffering info available in LAV splitter filter. Should help YouTube
3. Fixed: Handheld sync with MTP devices was not working correctly because of a bug in creating the MC database on the device.
4. Changed: Camera acquisition from some device types (e.g. MTP) was dealing with images & videos anywhere on the device. Now it takes a user settable image source path defaulting to \DCIM\.

17.0.172 (6/12/2012)
1. Changed: More internal threading changes in television playback engine.
2. Changed: Build 171 would unintentionally show frames on images in Theater View.
3. Fixed: List truncation tool tips would look incorrect with build 171.
4. Changed: Carnac wouldn't understand Sage TV recordings when the counter number in the filename used 8 digits.
5. Changed: Playing Now Overview uses columns instead of stacked rows to show each zone.
6. Fixed: Playing Now Overview would not update nicely when zones were added or removed while it was showing.
7. Changed: Handheld conversion setting 'Simultaneous conversions' now applies to simultaneous downloads as well.
8. Fixed: Handheld sync from a library server was not obeying the "Enable DSP" flag so that volume leveling was always being performed.
9. Changed: While connected to a library server, "Enable DSP" is replaced with "Apply volume leveling" option in handheld conversion options.
10. Changed: When JRSS does center focused mixing (used for videos other than music videos), mono videos will output on the center speaker instead of as pseudo stereo.

17.0.171 (6/11/2012)
1. Fixed: Hulu playback was not working properly.
2. Fixed: Library-type search views were not working properly in Theater View (like the default Video > Guide > Search).
3. Changed: Clicking 'Save' in the image editor will apply and close any pending tool.
4. NEW: All thumbnail borders are drawn with skin items (that can be customized per skin).
5. Changed: Added 'Skip' cell drawing mode to skinning engine so a cell with no data (like the inside of a thumbnail frame) has no overhead (see Default Skin Items > main.xml > Border section for exmaples).
6. Changed: If thumbnail frames for images are disabled in Options, a drop shadow effect will be used in its place instead of the default thumbnail treatment.

17.0.170 (6/8/2012)
1. Changed: When using the mixing mode 'Clone side channels to rear speakers', if there's a rear center it will be used for the clone (at half-power to each rear) instead of the surrounds.
2. Fixed: Parts of the program that used a wait message could take longer to finish than expected.
3. Changed: Thumbnail borders are rendered at draw time instead of loaded into the thumbnail at load time (allows for more consistent sizing and more flexible styles).
4. Changed: Tuned the thumbnail bordering to use a smaller, more subtle shadowing.
5. Fixed: 6.1 to 7.1 upmixing was not working properly for the rear speakers in some cases.
6. Changed: Added more logging of handheld calls to debug a rare crash that can occur when loading a handheld.
7. Fixed: Using a fadeout on stop would not work properly when Volume Protection was enabled.
8. Changed: Fadeout on stop applies the volume using the internal audio engine instead of the volume slider, so it works nicely with any output device.
9. NEW: Added fadeout on pause feature (configurable in Options > Audio).
10. Fixed: Improved remote button handling during Netflix movie playback.

17.0.169 (6/7/2012)
1. Changed: Carnac better supports videos with naming like "Movie.Title.To.Parse.2012.Extra.Stuff.1080p.mkv".
2. Fixed: When scrolling down in Theater View, the last row of thumbnails would not always be shown when selecting the second to last row.
3. Fixed: When buffering, the player area in Standard View would not always redraw nicely to show progress.
4. Fixed: Several tweaks and improvements to the support of large sector SACD ISO files.
5. Fixed: You can't name a top-level view "Advanced" or it vanishes.
6. Changed: DLNA: removed playlist containers completely. Was causing problems with some Onkyo models. Introduced in 17.0.134.
7. Fixed: JRSS 5.1 to 7.1 upmixing could cause the stereo separation in the SL / SR channels to be distorted.
8. Fixed: JRSS upmixing of 6.1 to 7.1 clones the rear center to the rears instead of building a rear by looking also at the surrounds.
9. Fixed: CD audio playback would stop at the end of a track, rather than moving forward to the next track (since build 163).

17.0.168 (6/6/2012)
1. Changed: The "Waiting..." OSD message at the start of television playback is replaced with channel/program info.
2. Fixed: Playing a DVD movie over DLNA could result in the non-default audio language being used. For example "Green Lantern" played in Spanish.

17.0.167 (6/5/2012)
1. Changed: We now always use "" rather than switching to "" for computers with Canada as the locale country. The .ca api isn't supported by Netflix and using .com may make it work for VPN users.
2. Fixed: MC did not handle television signal problem or device problem gracefully during start of scheduled recordings.
3. Changed: Internal threading change in TV recording.
4. Fixed: DVD Videos burned with Media Center would not play on some models of DVD players (like Samsung Blu-ray).

17.0.166 (6/4/2012)
1. Fixed: Pause buttons on remote not working reliably in Netflix.

17.0.165 (6/1/2012)
1. Fixed: Adding a new column to a list by right-clicking the header could sometimes cause the column to appear as the last column instead of at the right-click location.
2. Changed: Lossy M4A and AAC files will show a bitdepth of "16" (what the source probably was) in the library instead of "64" (what the decoder outputs).
3. Changed: During rapid key repeats, the Theater View selection bubble will move instantly to the destination instead of animating (when three or more moves occur in less than 300ms).
4. Changed: Tuned the thumbnail drop shadow border.
5. Fixed: Incorrect information about the audio parameters of a video file were being sent via DLNA when a file was being sent unconverted. Might have caused audio stuttering and/or unplayable audio for videos on some renderers.
6. Fixed: Matroska containers were being sent in the content directory (and while being pushed) with the wrong mimetype and DLNA flags when not being converted. This will fix problems playing mkvs on devices that can play them natively (WDTV, etc).
7. Fixed: Pause button on remote not working during Netflix playback. Also sizing of image was wrong since Netflix changed the UI.

17.0.164 (5/30/2012)
1. NEW: Added support for SACD .iso files that use large sectors.
2. Changed: Revised the thumbnail drop shadow effect so that it looks better on dark backgrounds.
3. Fixed: When playing a video that required more bandwidth than was available (YouTube, Library Server client, etc.), playback was not nicely pausing to buffer.
4. Changed: Theater View thumbnail lists uses no empty space between thumbnail rectangles (previously a margin of about 5% the item size was used).
5. Changed: Theater View thumbnail lists use one size down for the text size.
6. Changed: Theater View thumbnail views always leave room for two lines of text so that images remain a consistent size.
7. Changed: Shrunk the selection's internal margins a bit in the default Obsidian Theater View skin.
8. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks to Johnny B).

17.0.163 (5/29/2012)
1. NEW: Added support for DST compressed DFF files.
2. Fixed: Background podcast downloading could cause pop-up windows to appear asking whether files should be overwritten or renamed.
3. Fixed: From Performer Store, if an external web page was navigated to (e.g. Amazon), the back button did not return to the Performer store page.
4. Fixed: Clicking the "link" symbol to the left of an artist or album name for Performer store tracks, did not search the store but simply showed zero results.
5. Changed: Tuned the animation used for item movement in Theater View. Movement takes about the same amount of time but has a smoother initial acceleration.
6. Changed: Internal work on burning engine (should be internal change, but testing appreciated).

17.0.162 (5/29/2012)
1. Fixed: DSD bitstreaming over ASIO was not working properly for the last few builds.
2. Changed: Removed 'DSD Mode' setting from ASIO configuration (now 'Playback Designs' mode is used automatically if a device named 'AKDesign USB ASIO' is used).
3. Changed: Slight revision to DSD bitstreaming with ASIO open call ordering (removed first sample rate setting call, as Playback Designs no longer requires it).

17.0.161 (5/25/2012)
1. Fixed: Was detecting playlist containers for DLNA improperly. Completely messed up some renderers (Onkyo). Introduced in 17.0.134.
2. Fixed: The subtitle mode 'Always show' was not saving properly.

17.0.160 (5/24/2012)
1. Changed: Tuned the default Theater View views to use the list styles added to v17.
2. Changed: Increased the default Theater View size to 125%.
3. Changed: The order of 'Watch' vs 'Watch All' for Theater View TV Show playback is determined based on the last used item.
4. Changed: Tuned how Kernel Streaming opens devices to work better with Rigisystems based devices on Windows XP.

17.0.159 (5/23/2012)
1. Fixed: Theater View backdrops could cause exiting Theater View to be slow in some cases.
2. Fixed: Theater View play roller selections were not saving nicely (now saved per media type / media sub type of the file).
3. Changed: Cleaned up the Theater View file roller menu for TV shows recorded outside Media Center to work more like the menu used for JTV.
4. Changed: Removed ... endings from Theater View roller text.
5. Fixed: Cinergy 2400i and Nova-DT DVB-T tuners failed to scan channels.

17.0.158 (5/21/2012)
1. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .50.5. Several bug fixes since .50.2.
2. Changed: Increased maximum CD ripping simultaneous encode processes from 4 to 8.
3. NEW: Added subtitle mode 'Always show subtitles'.
4. Changed: Television time-shifting reader filter does audio seeking and video seeking separately instead of doing them in one shot.

17.0.157 (5/18/2012)
1. Changed: Disabled skinning of ASIO driver control panels.
2. Changed: Tuned ASIO call ordering for DSD bitstreaming to (hopefully) support more hardware. Feedback appreciated.
3. Changed: Audio playback loads and unloads output plugins from the same thread to prevent issues with drivers that didn't like different creation and destruction threads.
4. Changed: A SACD with multiple areas will list tracks from both areas on import / play.
5. NEW: Added 'DSD Mode' to ASIO settings. To bitstream DSD with a Playback Designs unit, select 'Playback Designs' as the mode (may be necessary with other devices as well).
6. Changed: Turning the volume up or down using the mouse wheel, remote control, etc. rounds the volume to the nearest percent so that Internal Volume decibel displays stay at 0.5dB increments.
7. Changed: FLAC tagging writes the album artist to both 'ALBUM ARTIST' and 'ALBUMARTIST' instead on only writing to one ( ).
8. Changed: Removed the discontinued Comedy Central Jokes from Theater View News.
9. NEW: Added SACD support for DST compressed tracks.
10. NEW: Added SACD support for multi-channel tracks.
11. Fixed: Occasionally video could be displayed in a small window in upper left corner when starting up a television program.
12. Fixed: Video minimized to Action Window (in standard view) or hidden (in Theater view) when switching channel while watching a television show that was being recorded.

Internal testing build

17.0.155 (5/16/2012)
1. Changed: Improved estimation of audio video bit rates to prevent huge number of small chunk files in television time-shifting folder.
2. Fixed: Things that saved files to the desktop (new logging dialog, ringtone creation, etc.) could fail under UAC because they used the shared desktop folder instead of the user's desktop folder.
3. Changed: When holding the shift key while switching images (to preserve zoom and scroll), the scroll position will adjust better when the new image is a different size or aspect ratio.
4. Changed: Carnac understands 4 digit year values as season values.
5. Fixed: When searching for cover art for optical discs in [Cover Art]\Videos\[Name].jpg, invalid characters weren't being replaced with underscores, causing cover art to not be found.
6. Changed: Manually running 'Cover Art > Quick Find In File / Cover Art Directory' will replace existing images if a different image is found instead of skipping files that already have an image.
7. Changed: Tuning to updated Logging dialog.
8. Fixed: The program was not catching the resume from standby notification in some cases, causing Library Server clients to not get new files right away, etc.
9. NEW: Added the ability to open the ASIO driver's control panel from Options > Audio > ASIO > Output mode settings...
10. Changed: Revised the layout of the ASIO configuration dialog.
11. Fixed: Files with Replay Gain but no Peak Level could cause automatic adjustment to Replay Gain levels to be much too loud.
12. Changed: Tuned how clips of pure silence are handled so that their Peak Level will show as 0% instead of empty.

17.0.154 (5/15/2012)
1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: DSD bitstreaming using ASIO presents sample rates in two ways, making the feature work with more hardware (feedback appreciated).
3. NEW: If the program crashes, a debug dump is created.
4. Changed: Reworked the Logging dialog to hopefully make getting a log easier and to make it so the logs provided to JRiver are more useful (contain new debug dumps, system info, etc.).
5. Fixed: Canceling and restarting an ISO burn could fail because internal burn queue was not cleared.
6. Changed: Internal plumbing changes in the CD/DVD burning engine.

17.0.153 (5/15/2012)
Internal testing build

17.0.152 (5/14/2012)
1. Fixed: Usage of the GetProcessHandleCount(...) function was causing installs to fail on Windows 2000.
2. Fixed: Installation on a Windows 2000 machine would show an error trying to install DirectX components (DirectX / 3d accelerated views are not supported on Windows 2000).
3. Fixed: Camera import did not show a progress bar in some cases.
4. Changed: When moving a data file with a sidecar image, the sidecar image will move along with the data file.
5. Fixed: Guide entries for deleted channels could incorrectly appear and overlap valid entries in the Theater View EPG.
6. Changed: Subtitle timing changed so that positive numbers make subtitles show later instead of earlier.
7. Fixed: Possible expression evaluation bug that could use incorrect integer stack value usage with nested expressions.
8. Fixed: DLNA. Remove fields from the Metadata that shouldn't have been there. Was preventing Popcorn Hour 300 from seeing content directory entries. Could have affected other renderers.
9. Fixed: UPnP. Non-DLNA servers weren't reporting the L16 mime info properly.
10. Fixed: UPnP. Non-DLNA servers weren't providing consistent mimetype mappings for video.
11. Changed: DLNA and UPnP. Mimetype mapping for flac files changed from audio/flac to audio/x-flac. While proper, this might cause trouble with some renderers. Need feedback.
12. Fixed: WMC (Xbox 360) wasn't working properly with the new default view schemes. Now will work with new and old view schemes. Note: to see Album, Artist and Genre views on the Xbox 360 you need to have DLNA views with those names. If you change them for language purposes, you will lose those views on the Xbox 360.
13. NEW: Added basic support for playback of SACD ISO files (two channel only for now).

17.0.151 (5/11/2012)
1. Fixed: Television subscription recording made in Theater view did not have duration info when shown in "Recording Rules" view.
2. Fixed: Television program-based recording scheduled in Theater View did not have channel info when shown in "Recording Rules" view.
3. Fixed: Television recordings scheduled in Theater view did not observe user-configured default recording extension minutes (instead, 1 minute before and 1 minute after were used).
4. Changed: Broadcom Video Decoder added to whitelist in custom video mode.

17.0.150 (5/10/2012)
1. Changed: The default television recording extension minutes configuration is moved to television settings property page from schedule recording wizard. The wizard will continue to allow you to modify the values for individual recordings.
2. NEW: Option to bookmark television recording at program start time, instead of the beginning of recording (useful when you schedule recording a few minutes early but do not want to have to skip through the extra minutes during playback).
3. Changed: DLNA. Modified the UpdateID so that a request of the SystemUpdateID doesn't reset the timer that's looking for database changes that require the ID to be updated. This should help some renderers that were using the SystemUpdateID call often to be more likely to notice changes in the database.

17.0.149 (5/9/2012)
1. Fixed: Moving the cover art folder to a child folder of itself could cause cover art to be lost instead of moved properly.
2. Changed: Hardware based video deinterlacing is now disabled in LAV video when EVR or madVR renderer is being used.

17.0.148 (5/8/2012)
1. Changed: Custom video mode allows using MainConcept video decoders.
2. Changed: Volume settings are available in Options > Audio > Volume (and also still available in Menu > Player > Volume or by clicking the icon next to the volume slider).
3. NEW: Added 'Options > Audio > Volume > Maximum volume' for enforcing a maximum level that Media Center will be capable of setting.
4. NEW: Default television recording extension minutes can be configured.
5. NEW: Added 'Options > Audio > Volume > Internal volume reference level' for specifying what volume level is shown as +0.0dB (all other volumes will be reported relative to that reference level).
6. Changed: The OSD and volume slider in Theater View use the same volume display text as other parts of the program (improves support for 'bitstreaming' display, decibels for internal volume, etc.)

17.0.147 (5/7/2012)
1. Fixed: Visualization Studio columns were not sizing nicely.
2. Changed: When playback of a video fails because DSP Studio > Output Format needs configuration, a message will be shown offering to make the change and continue playback instead of automatically making the change (audio already works this way).
3. Fixed: Putting a backslash in a user field name could cause trouble.
4. Fixed: It was possible to create two fields with the same file-system name by using characters the file system didn't support in the filename, leading to contamination between the two fields.
5. Fixed: When creating a ZIP file, the UTF-8 flag was not being properly set (despite filenames being UTF-8 encoded), causing problems in some cases.
6. Changed: Added mdx to the list of Disk Image / ISO types.
7. Fixed: Panes that had nesting could cause a crash when using dropdown panes mode.
8. Fixed: Video playback could use a small rectangle at the top left of the screen in certain cases with build 146.
9. NEW: Added support for ID3v2 URL frames. Must manually add a field in Options > Library & Folders > Manager Library Fields... and select 'Store in tags' to use fields using the naming: WCOM: Commercial URL; WCOP: Copyright URL; WOAF: File URL; WOAR: Artist URL; WOAS: Source URL; WORS: Radio Station URL; WPAY: Payment URL; WPUB: Publisher URL
10. Fixed: Bookmarking did not work on television shows that were watched while they were still being recorded.
11. Changed: Carnac better understands television filenames of the form "series ssee name" where "ssee" is four digits.
12. Fixed: Performer store could crash if visited while internet connection was unavailable.
13. Fixed: Mini skins that used scripting could crash in build 146.

17.0.146 (5/4/2012)
1. Fixed: Playback display painting could show a black screen with build 145.
2. Fixed: Expressions that had multiple levels of inlining could show % in the output with build 145.
3. Changed: Symlinks are no longer resolved when using the Browse Folder interface, so importing from a symlink will use the symlink path in the library instead of the resolved path.
4. Fixed: EVR clean up problem in television playback.
5. Changed: A little cleanup in input plugins (makes build a little smaller).

17.0.145 (5/3/2012)
1. Fixed: Interface leak in television.
2. Fixed: Expression inlining could cause problems if the inlined expression used parenthesis or commas outside of a function context.
3. Changed: Expression engine allows putting a subexpression in /% %/ to force it to be tokenized independently (used internally for inlined expressions).
4. Changed: Several internal class names, pin names, etc. changed from "J. River xyz" to "JRiver xyz" (only relevant if you're scripting or searching for specific window classes).
5. Fixed: The import summary would show files skipped because they were previously removed from the library twice.
6. NEW: Doing a lookup at TMDb will populate the new field "IMDB ID" when available.
7. Changed: Play stats can be copied using Paste Tags.
8. Fixed: Importing dates from flac files in weird "yyyy mm" format now works.
9. Changed: Removed remaining references to MFC in the playback engine, making JRPlayer about 6% smaller (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
10. Fixed: Invalid expressions that reported an error could cause a small memory leak.
11. Changed: The Auto-Import fix broken links option 'Yes (protect network files)' is now 'Yes (protect files on missing drives)' and works better with temporary fixed drives.
12. Changed: When Auto-Import is dealing with broken links, the 'protect files on missing drives' mode checks for the existence of the drive instead of existence of the owning folder.
13. Changed: The 'Clean File Properties' and 'Find & Replace' library tools use the same field picker as 'Paste Tags', which removes fields that are empty or irrelevant for the selected files.
14. Changed: Find & Replace remembers the find, replace, and case sensitive options between uses (selected fields have always been remembered).
15. Changed: The field 'TheTVDB Series ID' was not available for use in video views.
16. Changed: DLNA servers. When enabling the "MPEG video mimetype override", clearing out the "video DLNA override" entry will prevent it from being reported causing the renderer to rely upon the mimetype reported by "video mimetype override"

17.0.144 (5/2/2012)
1. Fixed: With Library Server sync, sending a delete from a client with no other changes, then closing the client and restarting it, could cause the deleted file to reappear.

17.0.143 (5/1/2012)
1. Changed: Made the FileDBLocation(...) expression function able to output a number or list of readable strings (defaults to strings).
2. Fixed: If an expression field referenced itself, the circular reference could cause a crash.
3. Changed: When import skips files because the filenames are too long or because files have the system attribute set, the import summary will show this (and 'Show in-depth summary' will list the files).
4. Changed: The in-depth summary for an import lists files skipped because they're marked as bad or that have been previously deleted (only a count was shown before).
5. Fixed: MC did not make use hardware encoding capability of the analog tuner on Hauppauge HVR-1800.
6. Fixed: Starting loopback playback (live://loopback) would crash on XP instead of fail gracefully (loopback requires Vista or newer and WASAPI).
7. NEW: Added support for playback of "Shorten" format audio files (SHN).
8. NEW: Commercial skipping sidecars (EDL files) work over Library Server.
9. Fixed: Using the search box / search suggestions to execute a slow program command like 'Create Test Clips...' could lead to a crash.
10. NEW: Added 'Parametric Equalizer' 36 dB/octave and 48 dB/octave slopes to the high-pass filter.
11. Faster: Allow caching to work when building DLNA container child container descriptions. Massive speed increase (when browsing the DLNA tree).
12. Fixed: It was possible to set a category as 'Grouped', then switch it to an expression (which doesn't support grouping), and then have a broken pane or view.
13. NEW: DSP Studio is sizable / maximizable (only some pages respond to sizing, others remain top-left aligned).

17.0.142 (5/1/2012)
1. Fixed: Manually deleting files with Library Server sync did not work properly with build 141.
2. Fixed: When both a client and server imported the same file, Library Server sync could cause two copies to appear (only applies to last couple builds).

17.0.141 (4/30/2012)
1. Fixed: Library Server sync could cause problems with stacks and particles (only applies to 17.0.131 and newer).
2. Changed: Library Server sync uses file keys for all merging instead of filenames (makes stacks and particles work nicely).
3. Changed: Added FileDBLocation() expression function to view the internal database locations of a file (mostly for internal / debugging use).
4. Fixed: Consecutive and overlapping television recordings on the same channel (thus on the same device) did not work correctly. The second recording was stopped and restarted when the first recording ended.
5. Changed: LAV video is set to "aggressively" de-interlace mpeg-2 video in Red October mode. This should fix broken TV streams that have some interlaced frames marked as progressive.

17.0.140 (4/27/2012)
1. NEW: Added Tag Pasting feature (Ctrl+Shift+V).
2. Fixed: Audio seeking with Ctrl+Left/Right was using too large of a jump size.
3. Fixed: If a JPEG failed a lossless rotation, it could cause a crash.

17.0.139 (4/27/2012)
1. Fixed: MCWS was not properly handling hexified URL parameter names (only hexified URL parameter values).
2. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks, Johnny B).
3. Fixed: The 'Format' tag in the Action Window could show an error.
4. Fixed: Library Server sync could cause problems in certain cases (only applies to the last few builds).
5. Faster: Improved the performance of Library Server sync.
6. Changed: The 'Supported Formats' list for a handheld didn't clean the list until after a restart, so entering extra spaces, etc. could still cause troubles.
7. Changed: Tuned the safety valve on allowing ASIO hardware resets to stop playback if more than 5 resets occur in 5 seconds.
8. Changed: When audio playback buffers, like after a seek, the user interface won't switch to "Buffering xx%" unless buffering lasts at least 250ms.
9. Faster: Seeking audio playback with keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right updates the user interface immediately (previously there was a little delay before changes showed).

17.0.138 (4/26/2012)
1. Changed: DSP 'Effects' surround enhancement had a typo in the description.
2. Changed: Pane tagging using drag-n-drop is only possible when pane tagging is enabled (F4) (a drop shows the same pane tagging confirmation that clicking checkboxes in the panes shows when pane tagging is disabled).
3. Faster: Action Window > Tag > Image could be slow when used with large views.
4. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .50.2. Fixed deadlock on dynamic format changes with DXVA2 native. Added YV24 support. Numerous other bug fixes and performance tweaks.
5. Fixed: Handheld upload could crash when first starting conversions.
6. NEW: Added more database fields to the DLNA metadata.
7. Fixed: MPC tagging was failing with the last few builds.
8. Changed: Added a Hebrew keyboard to Theater View (thanks to guy.yakobovitch)

17.0.137 (4/26/2012)
1. NEW: MC tries to resolve conflict of some hybrid television tuners - e.g. if the device is being used for digital television channel, MC will not try to use it for analog channel, and vice versa.
2. Changed: Tuned the safety valve on allowing ASIO hardware resets to stop playback if more than 5 resets occur in 20 seconds (previously only allowed one reset each 30 seconds).
3. Fixed: Remote zones would not update their name when the server / device changed its name (user-customized names will still be possible, but will have to be manually reentered one time).
4. Fixed: If panes were set to filter in both directions, something was selected, then 'Reset Selection' clicked, then the same thing selected, the list wouldn't update properly.
5. Fixed: DLNA zones could cause a hang.
6. Changed: Tagging by dropping on a pane value is only possible when Pane Tagging (F4) is enabled.

17.0.136 (4/25/2012)
1. Fixed: When printing multiple almost full page images, the image would be centered on the first page and top-left aligned on subsequent pages.
2. Changed: When in-place editing in a list when the values vary, the first value will be placed in the edit control instead of [Varies].
3. Fixed: Editing list-type fields that used a standard (non-list) edit mode would cause the values in the selection set to not appear at the top of the combobox (applies to Artist, Genre, etc. since they are now list fields).
4. NEW: Subtitle timing can be adjusted from the OSD when subtitles are on (use up/down/left/right while playing).
5. Fixed: Right-clicking in the empty area to the right of all the columns in a list would not work properly.
6. Changed: Expression variables used with Load(...) and Save(...) are global, and valid for the run of the program.
7. Fixed: Dealing with series images could be unnecessarily slow when a library used a lot of series-based relational fields.
8. Faster: Tweaked list filling to be faster for large lists.

17.0.135 (4/25/2012)
1. Fixed: A rare hang on track switch when two or more zones were switching at exactly the same time (most common with linked zones).
2. NEW: Added support for ASIO hardware reset requests (kAsioResetRequest), which is used by RME and possibly other hardware.

17.0.134 (4/24/2012)
1. Fixed: Glass based skins could allow a modal dialog to jump behind the view in some views.
2. Changed: Updated webgizmo html5 player.
3. Fixed: When downloading a component that showed progress, if the server didn't report a file size the progress could incorrectly show "2GB".
4. Fixed: Icons on messages boxes didn't look nice with skins that used an image for a dialog back.
5. Faster: Parsing / compiling large expressions is much faster (for example, Marko's 27,000 character thumbnail text expression takes 34ms to compile compared to 20800ms).
6. Faster: The expression compiler is smarter about inlining expressions so that it won't inline in cases where it could actually hurt performance.
7. Changed: Added Load(...) and Save(...) expression functions to allow using variables.
8. Changed: Improved error-handling in television recording.
9. Fixed: DLNA server. Correct spelling error for updateID variable. Was preventing PS3 and probably others from working properly. Broken in build 17.0.132
10. NEW: DLNA server. Make an educated guess of the container type for playlists, photo albums and audio albums. Solves sorting problem in PlugPlayer (and perhaps others).

17.0.133 (4/23/2012)
1. Changed: Expression inlining wouldn't inline an expression if the case in the expression didn't match the case of the expression field in the library.
2. Changed: An expression that doesn't properly close a function with a right parenthesis will report an error instead of evaluating (since the invalid expression will yield unexpected results if it gets inlined).
3. Changed: 'Get Movie & TV Info' allows lookup of files with a Media Sub Type of Trailer.
4. Fixed: A skin that used Glass could incorrectly keep a view showing when closing the program to Media Server mode.
5. Fixed: Skins that used Glass could have small artifacts on the left or right edge of text.
6. NEW: Added support for TV season images (use naming like: [Cover Art Folder]\Seasons\Seinfeld - Season 3.jpg).
7. Changed: Increased the probe size used to analyze if a WAV file contains DTS from 16kB to 256kB.
8. Changed: Carnac better understands TV episodes that use the naming like "S01E01 - Giotto.avi" (with no series).

17.0.132 (4/20/2012)
1. Changed: When a commercial skip file (EDL) calls for a skip at the start of playback, the skip is performed before starting playback so that it's faster / smoother.
2. Changed: Skins that used frame transparency (glass) could show an empty sheet of glass instead of a black screen when first starting video playback fullscreen.
3. Changed: Tuned how video playback responds to video size change notifications to (hopefully) fix cases of a black screen showing when starting playback.
4. Fixed: Particles could be corrupted when used with Library Server sync.
5. Fixed: MC repeatedly ran an unnecessary timer when doing a scheduled recording of an analog television channel.
6. Fixed: The detailed tag dump for FLAC files was not working for a couple builds.
7. Fixed: DLNA updateID for DLNA server content directory.

17.0.131 (4/19/2012)
1. NEW: Skins can use transparency in the background of the edit, combobox, and search control.
2. Fixed: 2D visualizations were not working in the last few builds.
3. Faster: Visualizations are better managed by the framework so that they're loaded and unloaded less often, and their window is not created just to query for modes.
4. Fixed: Stopping or deleting a playing video that had changed the display resolution / refresh rate while in Theater View could lead to Theater View no longer drawing.
5. Fixed: Mouse selection of DVD Menu buttons didn't work right when "Window / Crop edges" was selected from the right-click menu.
6. Fixed: When grouping on a decimal field like FPS, numbers that varied by less than 0.01 could cause the same value to appear in multiple groupings.
7. Changed: The search engine considers numbers within 0.01 of a value to be a match (so [FPS]=29.97 returns 29.969, 29.973, etc.).
8. Changed: The 'Rename, Move, & Copy Files' dialog will show and do nothing if some rule attempts to output a path that isn't rooted.
9. Fixed: ICY metadata was not being read nicely (and could even cause audible clicks) from some online radio stations.
10. Changed: Allow book-marking across library server/client for all video types rather than just JTV.
11. Fixed: Cover art in the cover art folder was not being found for optical discs or ISOs.
12. Fixed: If a combobox contained text that wasn't in the droplist, opening and closing the drop list would switch the text to the first item in the list.
13. Changed: When in-place-editing multiple files with varying values, [Varies] will be shown like already done in the Tag Action Window.
14. Changed: Library Server sync includes television guide records, stacks, and particles.

17.0.130 (4/18/2012)
1. Fixed: Setting the day or month field on a file with en empty date could fail.
2. Changed: TheTVDB lookup was not putting the original air date into the date field for television episodes.
3. Fixed: MCWS would double unescape URL parameters, making it impossible to use a literal & or ?.
4. Changed: Merged the APE tagging code for APE, MPC, and WV (should be an internal change, but please report any issues).
5. Fixed: DVD playback to Android or from play particles did not work well - video image would often break-up and pixellate.
6. Changed: Updated WebGizmo to better size to the full browser for video playback (thanks Scolex).

17.0.129 (4/17/2012)
1. NEW: Added support for JPEG files that use a CMYK color space.
2. Faster: Reworked how strings are handled with the translation engine to be several times faster (helps performance in many areas, even when running in English).
3. Faster: Revised import and input plugins to use a faster string passing system.
4. Fixed: The option to move the center speaker to the front L/R speakers was not working properly when downmixing.

17.0.128 (4/16/2012)
1. Fixed: A couple expression engine bugs in build 127.
2. Faster: Revised how the current time is retrieved from the system to be about 25x faster (helps expressions that use Now(), possibly other areas of the program).
3. NEW: Added 'Order channels' filter to Parametric Equalizer for easier ordering of output channels.
4. Changed: Switched standard message box icons to a skinnable resource (Art\SystemIcons in skin).
5. Changed: Users will no long need to scan for analog television channels before scanning for STB television channels.
6. Fixed: Camera import could appear to hang if the process was canceled.
7. Fixed: The same camera could appear twice in the camera import drop list, once as removable drive and once as WIA device.

17.0.127 (4/13/2012)
1. Faster: Improved memory management in expression evaluator, resulting in about 5% faster expression evaluation.
2. Faster: Improved handling of constants in the expression engine, leading to around 10% faster expression evaluation.
3. Faster: Search engine is faster when dealing with expression-based searches.
4. Faster: The PadNumber(...) expression function is several times faster.
5. Faster: Expression engine pools evaluation of a field so using the same field repeatedly in an expression or subsequent files with the same value is faster.
6. Fixed: The expression Right(...) was not working properly in build 126.
7. Changed: Updated the html5 audio/image playback script.
8. Changed: Hook up slideshow time option to the html5 image slideshow playback.
9. Fixed: Some analog television tuners did not work when played in non-time-shifting mode if the user has no appropriate audio decoder installed on the computer.
10. Changed: All analog television tuners using hardware MPEG encoding will load LAV Audio Decoder by default in non-time-shifting mode.
11. Fixed: Hulu browsing was not working properly.
12. Faster: When an expression uses a field that's an expression field, the expression field is inlined, helping performance in these cases.
13. Fixed: If an invalid equation was provided to a Math(...) expression it could lead to a leak.
14. Changed: Image acquisition in the Camera Action Window now done in background threads.
15. Faster: Removed a processing layer when searches evaluate expressions, helping performance.
16. Faster: The search engine better sorts multiple expressions so that the fastest expressions get evaluated first (sometimes helping performance of expression-based views immensely).
17. Faster: The Math(...) expression uses a caching layer so that evaluating a fixed expression is roughly the same as using a constant (makes expressions with math 10x or more faster).

17.0.126 (4/12/2012)
1. Fixed: Display of television guide programs could start at the wrong time on locales that didn't use a dot for the decimal character.
2. Fixed: Using [Album Artist (auto)] in the path expression for a handheld device did not work nicely with mix albums.
3. NEW: Television recording in ts format for certain analog devices (WinTV HDPVR/Colossus and some other devices that use hardware MPEG encoding).
4. Fixed: Rating tags were not being properly supported for M4A files.
5. Faster: Improvements to the expression engine and expression-based searches to help performance (for example, [=Left([Artist], 4)]=[Abba] evaluates almost twice as fast).
6. Fixed: Multiple simultaneous loads on the WebGizmo server could cause a crash.
7. Faster: The WebGizmo server builds browsing pages up to 100 times faster.

17.0.125 (4/11/2012)
1. Fixed: Library server access key would stop hourly renewals if there was a temporary internet disconnection.
2. Changed: Shows with empty or 0 for the season number will still be eligible for TheTVDB lookup (since season 0 is used for specials, etc.).
3. Changed: Updated input plugin interface version (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
4. Fixed: When recording consecutive shows on the same television channel, MC could incorrectly stop recording, if the user started watching the channel and then stopped watching after the first recording had finished.
5. Fixed: MC was not using the program name for folder name when recording television shows.

17.0.124 (4/10/2012)
1. Fixed: YouTube titles with international characters were not being supported nicely.
2. Fixed: Searching YouTube for international characters did not work properly.
3. SDK: Added NextFileKey to MCWS/v1/Playback/Info to allow easily getting the next file to play.
4. SDK: Added MCWS function File/GetInfo to make getting information about a single file easier.
5. Fixed: Audio Path did not work in television playback.

17.0.123 (4/9/2012)
1. Fixed: Corrupt data in an over-the-air television guide scan could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: When bitstreaming DSD over ASIO, silence could be output as 0x00 instead of 0x69, leading to an audible pop.
3. Fixed: Video playback with Gizmo of low frame rate videos could show visual artifacts.
4. NEW: Image import from cameras (and other devices) now uses WPD sub-system rather than WIA so videos can now be imported as well as photos.
5. Fixed: Image import via WPD/WIA wasn't honoring file types list from options dialog. Also, files that were already in library could get re-transferred.

17.0.122 (4/5/2012)
1. Fixed: 'Move center to front L/R' was not working in build 120 and 121.
2. Changed: Analog television tuners/video capture devices that use MPEG hardware compression will use Red October or custom filters settings in time-shifting mode.
3. NEW: Option to start analog channels in time-shifting mode. The default is off.
4. Changed: Pressing Stop button while time-shifting analog TV channel stops playing the channel, instead of just canceling time-shifting. The behavior is now the same for analog and digital channels.
5. Changed: Updates to webgizmo video playing, thanks scolex...

17.0.121 (4/4/2012)
1. Fixed: JRSS mixing was not working properly in some cases with build 120.

17.0.120 (4/3/2012)
1. NEW: Added the ability to DSP Studio > Output Format to output some variants like "2 channels (inside 4 channel container)", "5.1 channels (inside 7.1 channel container)", etc.
2. Changed: Revised the JRSS upmixing engine to support more flexible channel arrangements and to offer better performance in some cases (should be an internal change, but please report any issues).
3. Changed: Tuned the way television shows the channel and program when changing channels to make it easier to read.
4. Changed: The channel up / channel down buttons on the remote would not allow quick channel scanning.
5. Changed: When scanning channels quickly, the OSD updates immediately while the tune happens in the background (previously the OSD could lag behind).
6. Changed: The television control behaves better when a lot of tune requests are issued quickly.
7. Faster: Improved the performance of displaying OSD information for television (which also makes changing channels faster).
8. Fixed: Television recording skipped a final importing procedure (resulting in recordings being reported as missing in standard TV view) in the last couple of builds.
9. Changed: Find & Replace no longer allows making filename changes (which move files). Use the find & replace feature in Rename, Move, & Copy Files instead.
10. Changed: WebPlay and WebRemote have been deprecated in favor of WebGizmo (WebPlay and WebRemote will remain for v17, but they are not shown in Options or on the root Library Server page).

17.0.119 (4/2/2012)
1. Changed: The TVInfo(...) expression function supports 'ChannelKeywords' to get the keywords of the channel for a guide program or recording.
2. Fixed: Some older Real Video clips would not play (RV10/RV20 format).
3. Changed: Volume Protection resets the level to 20% instead of 10% if there has been no playback for a long time (better matches Internal Volume changes from 17.0.83).
4. Fixed: DLNA Sinkprotocolinfo string had improper syntax.
5. Fixed: Using Play Doctor with linked zones could cause a crash.
6. Changed: When using Volume Leveling in 'Automatic based on current playlist' mode, a consistent +6.0 dB will be used when playing with Play Doctor (otherwise as Play Doctor changes the playlist it can cause the volume to fluctuate between tracks).
7. Fixed: Disconnecting some DLNA devices during playback could cause Media Center to freeze.
8. Fixed: Temporary DLNA audio conversion files weren't getting deleted until Media Center closed.
9. Fixed: Forced whitespace, indicated by slash space, in expressions was not working properly.
10. NEW: Playback of unprotected RTMP streams works with File > Open URL...
11. Changed: Clicking 'Resume Playback' on Gizmo when the server's Playing Now was empty would cause the server to show a 'There is nothing to play' error.
12. NEW: "Do not record reruns" option for television subscription recording.
13. Changed: Added the Media Sub Type 'Trailer' for movie trailers.
14. Changed: On the end of a Blu-ray, the menu dialog is no longer shown automatically (use Particles, the Menu button on the remote, the OSD, or the right-click menu to play sub-titles).

17.0.118 (3/30/2012)
1. Changed: Tag on import rules allow drag-n-drop or right-click reordering.
2. Fixed: When picking a search suggestion that didn't change the search text, it would not properly apply the rule to the view.
3. Fixed: Column width / order changes were not being saved.
4. Fixed: Ctrl+Arrow navigation did not work properly in multi-line edit controls that use plain text instead of HTML.
5. Changed: Dates of the form "yyyy mm dd" would not parse (used in some M4A files, maybe others).
6. NEW: Consecutive and overlapping TV recordings on the same channel are recorded with the same tuner.
7. Changed: The folder browse dialog uses system controls only and no skinning to avoid problems like scrollbars not working, etc.
8. NEW: For WebGizmo if a browser supports HTML 5, WebGizmo will try to play music, images and video with an HTML 5 javascript player. If it can't play that specific content using HTML5 it will revert to a flash player. This allows playlists on ios 5 to work in Safari for audio and images. Video is likely to need more changes...

17.0.117 (3/29/2012)
1. Fixed: Video playback on Gizmo / WebGizmo could (still) not work in some cases.

17.0.116 (3/29/2012)
1. Fixed: If cancelling of an internet read was slow, it could cause a thread to be ungracefully terminated leading to crashes in the system library wininet.dll.
2. Changed: Revised how Theater View backdrop loading is handled so that the user interface thread is never waiting on a load to finish.
3. Fixed: In certain cases the last frame in an ID3v2 tag would not get removed properly, so a frame could appear twice in the tag.
4. Fixed: Viewing a single file search result in Theater View was not working properly.
5. Faster: Core value searching engine (Theater View, Gizmo, search suggestions, etc.) is about 15% faster.
6. Changed: In Netflix, right and left keyboard arrows or remote buttons now activate Silverlight fastforward/rewind controls correctly. Ok/Pause/Play button control improvement also.
7. Changed: WMA tagging using WM/PartOfSet for disc numbers.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks to Gianni).
9. Fixed: Video playback with Gizmo / WebGizmo was not working in build 115 due to an HTML escapement issue.
10. Changed: Updated to LAV filters .50.1. Fixed crashes due to invalid subtitle data and certain dynamic format changes. Improved Blu-ray stream detection.
11. Fixed: Possible leak when scrolling a list that was showing full resolution thumbnails.

17.0.115 (3/27/2012)
1. Fixed: Date formatting tokens %W and %U were counting from the first week in the month instead of the first week in the year.
2. Fixed: When tagging ID3v2 tags (MP3, WAV, DSF) with images other than just a front cover, the results could be unpredictable (Media Center will replace front and other images with the image in Media Center, and leave other types).
3. Fixed: Japanese locale (and maybe others) could have problems loading Podcasts.
4. NEW: Audio Path reports the source format (especially useful for seeing if DTS-MA, etc. is being decoded fully).
5. Changed: When toggling zones, Playing Now views are only switched to the new zone if they're in the current tab, split view, and not locked (so having multiple splits each showing a different Playing Now works nicely).
6. Fixed: With a Search List view category, the sorting could be disabled but stuck on 'Descending' causing the list to sort in reverse.
7. Changed: Resuming from standby, a Library Server client will sync with the server (must have 'Options > Media Network > Client Options > Auto sync with server' enabled).
8. Changed: A file will not be eligible to transfer to a handheld or burn to a CD/DVD until any queued tagging for that file has finished.
9. Fixed: Audio Path text was not readable with some skins.
10. Fixed: Right-clicking a non-selected pane item and picking an action could perform the action on the previous selection.
11. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .50. Decoding speed increases, RealAudio Lossless support, lots of other improvements.
12. Fixed: Unusual behavior when corrupt podcast files were downloaded.
13. Changed: Improved visual smoothness when switching into Cover View (also removed black flicker when pressing stop from Cover View).
14. Changed: The Smartlist Editor doesn't show a drop list for 'Large Value' type fields like Description, etc.
15. Changed: If video playback is paused when entering Theater View, it is not automatically resumed if Theater View is exited to Standard View.

17.0.114 (3/26/2012)
1. Changed: When using list fields in Rename, Move, & Copy Files expressions, the full list can be retrieved by using 0 as the second field parameter (example: [Keywords, 0]).
2. Fixed: The server core was not supporting HTTP/1.1 pipelining correctly, causing scrambled artwork in WebGizmo on iOS 5, and possibly other problems.
3. Fixed: WebGizmo better handles escapement of invalid characters.
4. Changed: Tweaks to ensure WebGizmo pages pass W3C validation.
5. Fixed: Date formatting was not outputting a literal percentage properly when using %%.
6. Changed: Date formatting supports %W and %U.

17.0.113 (3/23/2012)
1. NEW: Added support for dual-layer DVD burning.
2. Fixed: Scrolling in Theater View 3d lists could crash in some cases.
3. Faster: Theater View will run up to 16 concurrent object updates instead of 4 concurrent updates for user interface elements.
4. Fixed: Handheld syncing could send duplicate files when one side had a space after semi-colons in a list and the other side had no spaces.
5. Fixed: The FormatDate(...) token datetime was not working properly.
6. Fixed: XMP tagging would write empty keywords when removing keywords instead of actually removing them from the XMP tag.

17.0.112 (3/22/2012)
1. Fixed: List column header text was using the wrong color in build 111.
2. Changed: Consolidated and improved date formatting supported by FormatDate(...) expression ( details here: ).
3. Fixed: All XMP keywords were not being read in some cases.
4. Fixed: Some functions in Media Editor were not working properly.
5. Changed: MP4 parsing is more forgiving of some types of container corruption.
6. NEW: Add DLNA controller option to disable SetNextAVTransportURI support for broken renderers.
7. Changed: DLNA controller logic for SetNextAVTransportURI to work around bugs in some renderers.
8. NEW: Added support for /Sleep [milliseconds] command to the launcher to allow scripting delays. To sleep one second: MC17.exe /Sleep 1000

17.0.111 (3/21/2012)
1. Faster: More SSE speed improvements in image framework.
2. Changed: The expression engine trims white space before the first parameter and after the last parameter in a function (you can force white-space output by escaping with a slash).
3. Changed: In the expression engine, if a slash (the escape character) is followed by newline, all white space will be discarded (including the newline).
4. Changed: Improved support for SSA font face and position tokens.
5. Changed: Improved support for SSA command blocks that string many commands or formatting tokens into a single block (ie. {\i1\fnVerdana}).
6. NEW: Added an Indonesian translation (thanks to elda).
7. Changed: Switched list headers from a skinned system control to a custom JRiver control (please report any issues).
8. Fixed: Audio playback using DirectShow filters did not nicely handle mid-stream format changes (could cause problems with DTS WAV files, maybe others).
9. Changed: Tuned DTS-in-WAV detector to better handle DTS files with junk between the DTS frames.
10. Changed: Carnac better understands MakeMKV filenames (ie. t01_The_Matrix.mkv).

17.0.110 (3/19/2012)
1. Changed: Revised the bilinear image portion of JRMark to be more representative of how the program uses bilinear stretching (older JRMark values will be roughly comparable, but not exactly the same).
2. Faster: More speed improvements to SSE in image engine.
3. Changed: DLNA: the way the updateID is incremented. If a starting index is >0 the updateID is not incremented.

17.0.109 (3/16/2012)
1. Fixed: Ripping DVD "Cars 2" would cause a crash.
2. Changed: When burning a DVD video disc, if there is a DRM protected file in the burn queue, an appropriate error message is now shown.
3. Fixed: EPG loading could load incorrect channel data in certain cases.
4. Changed: Carnac better handles SageTV recording filenames that use a 6-digit identifier instead of a 7-digit identifier.
5. Changed: Image framework uses SSE for core rendering when possible. Should also be faster.

17.0.108 (3/15/2012)
1. Changed: Improvements to Carnac parsing of download filenames.
2. Changed: EPG channel auto-match did not run for all DVB variants.
3. Changed: Tuned the EPG channel auto-match for non-ATSC channels.

17.0.107 (3/14/2012)
1. Fixed: EPG loading was not working properly for some country / postal codes.
2. Fixed: Locked views could cause the view state to be lost between program startups.
3. Changed: Better error handling during DVD video burning.

17.0.106 (3/13/2012)
1. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.82.5 when using Red October HQ.
2. Changed: Updated LAV .49. VC1 files now handled by LAV video decoder.
3. Fixed: Burn queue track sorting was broken.
4. NEW: Added support for DSD bitstreaming using DoP (requires 'WASAPI - Event Style' output and supported DSD hardware).
5. NEW: DSD bitstreaming using DoP allows selecting the marker bytes (supports DoP 1.0, and older 0xAA approach used by dCS, Meitner, and others).
6. Fixed: In some cases, text based subtitles could appear with multiple subtitles on top of one another.
7. Fixed: EPG guide loading was not working properly for countries other than the US.
8. Faster: Burning an audio CD when not decoding directly to disc prepares files several times faster.
9. NEW: Added expression FileFolder(...) to get the folder of a file: FileFolder(string Filename = [Filename, 0], int LevelsUp = 0).

17.0.105 (3/9/2012)
1. NEW: ISO image burning added to CD/DVD burn types. Also, DVD video burning now allows burning an existing ripped DVD from the hard disk.
2. Changed: Added DLNA video profiles for devices that only support MPEG-2 audio in MPEG-2 video containers (no AC-3 support).

17.0.104 (3/8/2012)
1. Changed: Improved code structure / linkage so that JRWorker is 611kB smaller, Media Center is 353kB smaller, and PackageInstaller is 421kB smaller.
2. NEW: Added the ability to auto-create particles for Blu-ray titles.
3. Changed: Making changes to a particle no longer does any file tagging.
4. Changed: VST plugin loading will accept v1.x VST effects instead of only v2.x effects.
5. Changed: When creating a particle, a user interface is shown.
6. Changed: Using Rename, Move, & Copy Files will show "" for particles and do no actions on them.
7. Changed: When renaming the parent of particles, the particles are automatically updated.

17.0.103 (3/7/2012)
1. NEW: Added support for sidecar .SSA/.ASS subtitles (feedback welcome).
2. Changed: Added WebM Video (.webm) to the list of supported video types.
3. Changed: Added a DoP test clip to the test clip suite.
4. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.82.4 when using Red October HQ.
5. Changed: When changing resolutions, Media Center always toggles desktop composition to force Windows to update the desktop manager (previously it only did this when starting playback, not when stopping playback).
6. Changed: Revised the Help > System Info display (thanks to madshi for his help).

17.0.102 (3/6/2012)
1. Changed: Added the expression function ConvertDate(...) to convert a human readable date to the internal date format (example: ConvertDate(3/6/2012) or FormatDate(ConvertDate(3/6/2012), decade)).
2. Changed: Stack members are allowed to have discrete Playback Info, Playback Range, and Bookmark values.
3. Experimental: It's possible to create a particle of a file that plays a certain title, subtitles, aspect ratio, playback range etc. (Stacks > Advanced > Create Particle...).
4. Experimental: Added Stacks > Advanced > Auto Create DVD Title Particles to create a particle for each title on a DVD (so individual titles are playable). More information
5. Fixed: JRSS mixing was incorrectly handling 6.1 in certain cases (it was assuming L R C LFE BC SL SR instead of reading the channel mask).
6. Changed: Remove obsolete "no server header" advanced DLNA server option.
7. NEW: Add "enable bitrate field" advanced DLNA server option. Disabled by default because some devices break when they get it. Enable it for devices that can use it for seeking.
8. Fixed: prevent MC from trying to update tags on a remote file playing in the DLNA renderer or viewed by the DLNA controller.

17.0.101 (3/5/2012)
1. Changed: Improved television EPG loading interface.
2. Changed: Television view in Standard View shows series images for programs when available, and removes the 'Image...' button that predates automatic series art downloading (part of auto-import).
3. Changed: When using the Internet Explorer engine to render webpages in Standard View, IE's compatibility mode is no longer used.
4. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.82.1 when using Red October HQ.
5. Fixed: Exiting the ASIO configuration dialog could hang in some cases.
6. Changed: DLNA: altered the logic on SetNextAVTransportURI to better support the different possible renderer implementations.
7. NEW: DLNA: When in a DLNA zone AND we are not the controller (we didn't start playback) AND something is playing on the renderer device, try to get and display the MetaData from the renderer.

17.0.100 (3/5/2012)
Internal testing build

17.0.99 (3/2/2012)
1. Changed: Improved the workaround for the blue-screen crashes in the Thesycon (and possibly other) audio drivers when resetting with Kernel Streaming.
2. Changed: Reworked how full packet Kernel Streaming delivery is handled to work better with video (full packets are required or some drivers stall playback).
3. Changed: If video hardware acceleration is enabled, and Media Center detects an Intel Atom processor, DXVA2 Native mode is preferred over CUVID mode for hardware acceleration.
4. Fixed: DLNA search didn't work properly with servers/renderers that used the same port for both.

17.0.98 (3/1/2012)
1. Fixed: The remote control plugin was not included in build 97, leading to problems.
2. Fixed: Filename truncation could still unnecessarily truncate long fields.

17.0.97 (2/29/2012)
1. Fixed: DVB-S channel scan could produce wrong polarization value ("Linear Horizontal" was set to "Not Defined").
2. Changed: Revised how filenames that are too long for the file system are truncated (previously truncation could be too aggressive).
3. Fixed: The program could crash when the remote control feature was disabled.
4. Fixed: DVB-T/S/C channel scanning could crash in some cases.
5. Fixed: Stopping image playback while audio playback was in progress could cause a crash in build 96.

17.0.96 (2/28/2012)
1. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.81 with Red October HQ.
2. Changed: Gathering playback state and position information for a zone occurs in a background thread so a slow DLNA device or server can not cause user interface issues.
3. Faster: The threaded approach to display information updating allows running updates one tenth as much while providing smoother visual position incrementing.
4. Fixed: URL-based video playback was not working since build 94.
5. Changed: Kernel Streaming output no longer writes partial packets if there's a shortfall or at the end of a track but instead delivers a full packet with some silence (some drivers blue screen on partial packets).
6. Fixed: DVB-S channel scanning did not save modulation type value correctly.
7. Fixed: Theater View > Playing Now > Info could show the wrong track when first entering.
8. Changed: Video conversion for Gizmo / WebGizmo uses MP3 instead of AAC (works better with Android 4.0, maybe others).
9. NEW: Video conversion tool using Red October available on right-click menu (Library Tools/Convert Format). The UI is mostly finished, the transcode profiles are not fully defined and may not give expected results. More to come.
10. Fixed: After deleting files from Playing Now, the selection could unexpectedly revert to the playing track.
11. Changed: Renamed Options > Media Network > Client Options > to 'Automatically sync changes made on client back to server' to 'Auto sync with server'.
12. Fixed: DVB-T/S/C channel scanning could crash in some cases.
13. Changed: Theater View sheet list style adapts the image aspect ratio like other lists (instead of always using squares).
14. Fixed: A few bugs in the DLNA renderer.
15. Changed: Added Media_Duration to GetMediaInfo for the DLNA renderer.

17.0.95 (2/24/2012)
1. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .48 which fixes a crash with native DXVA2 on hardware that doesn't support decoding all formats.
2. Changed: IIR based DSP effects like low-pass, high-pass, Linkwitz, etc. better handle denormals (numbers very close to zero) so performance slowdowns don't arise from these numbers.
3. Changed: Tuned timing used when switching madVR between Display View and Theater View to (hopefully) fix black-screen hangs.
4. Changed: Updated the RSS feed for Theater View Yahoo! News to point to a new RSS feed that works (Yahoo! still offers the old feed, but it's full of broken links).
5. Fixed: Sometimes when deleting files, especially from Theater View, the remove empty folders prompt would not appear right away.
6. Fixed: Toggling the new DSP option 'Process independently of internal volume' could cause a burst of sound if the internal volume was low.
7. Fixed: Tempo & Pitch DSP did not flush fully, so on seek, etc. a little tail could be heard in some cases.
8. Changed: The text output in the Export Playlist tool creates standard CSV output (RFC 4180 compliant).
9. Fixed: Channel editing tool did not work for DVB-C/S and QAM tuner types.
10. Changed: Removed Output Format option for sources that have an incorrectly mastered subwoofer, use -10dB to the subwoofer in Parametric Equalizer instead if needed (discussed here:
11. NEW: Add DLNA controller switch to ignore transport events (use polling mode) to the Player Zone.

17.0.94 (2/23/2012)
1. Fixed: WASAPI output mode could lose lip-sync when seeking in video.
2. Faster: Pruning of the Theater View background cache could cause exiting Theater View to be slow (pruning is now around 50x faster and only done once a week).
3. Fixed: LAV Source/Splitter filter would allow viewing configuration pages which is not valid for auto-configured Red October filters and in fact shows the config for a separately installed instance.
4. Changed: Theater View News works better when an article fails to load (like the current Yahoo! failures due to a Yahoo! server problem).
5. Fixed: Volume Protection could engage and turn the volume down on subsequent videos when playing videos back to back.
6. Faster: The HTML parser used by Theater View news is about 10x faster.
7. NEW: Each DSP effect can be set to be processed independently of internal volume (Options button at top right of DSP).
8. NEW: DSP effects can be set to process only when viewed, which is useful for visualization style items like Analyzer (Options button at top right of DSP).
9. Changed: Tuning to some wording in DSP Studio.
10. Changed: DSP Studio keeps 'Output Format' first and 'Volume Leveling' second. A message explaining this is shown if a user attempts to put other effects before these effects.
11. NEW: Added a second Parametric Equalizer to DSP Studio so it's possible to apply effects on either side of Room Correction, convolution, etc.
12. Changed: One-time reset of DSP effect ordering due to other changes.
13. Fixed: DLNA controller function was assuming it was in control whenever a zone was selected leading to badness if we were only viewing a zone someone else was controlling.
14. Changed: DLNA controller polls for playing state if it thinks it's playing but the position isn't updating from 0. This fixes trouble if an event is missed.
15. Turkey: Moved the search box to the lower-left of the Options dialog as discussed here:

17.0.93 (2/21/2012)
1. Changed: Added support for reading the lens name from XMP.
2. Changed: Improved the HTML parsing engine used in Theater View > News to works better with BBC, possibly others.
3. Changed: Tweaked the list of reasons in the uninstall dialog.
4. NEW: Added The Verge to Theater View News.

17.0.92 (2/21/2012)
1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: MCWS functions that return a decimal will always use . as the decimal character (unless the value is designed to be displayed to a user like VolumeDisplay, etc.).
3. Changed: Revised how image playback creates hardware accelerated devices to fix stalls before drawing the image on some machines.
4. Fixed: Switching between 3d and regular Theater View lists could cause the number of thumbnails in a row to change.
5. Changed: Minor tuning to thumbnail sizing in Theater View to make a 1080p display more likely to show 3 rows for movies.
6. Fixed: VideoClock was not engaging in some cases so there could be frame repeats / frame drops.
7. Changed: VideoClock will allow up to a 1% clock drift to achieve a perfect 2.5 video to refresh rate multiplier (used for 24 Hz video on 60 Hz display).
8. Changed: Real Media video files (.rm,.rmvb,.rv,.smil) are now played through Red October rather than using the Real Media engine (which wasn't working anyhow).
9. Fixed: DVB-S channel scanning could get channels with wrong frequencies or multiple entries of the same channel with different frequencies.
10. NEW: Added a subtitle mode (Options > Video) that shows a sidecar when it's found, regardless of other settings. (mode: Show subtitles only if selected subtitle language is different from audio language, or if subtitles are in a sidecar file)
11. NEW: Added default field 'Lens'. Filled automatically from the EXIF tag with Canon cameras.
12. Fixed: Downloading from Library Server for transfer to a handheld might time out if conversion was custom MP3 and audio file was very large (~2 hours).

17.0.91 (2/20/2012)
1. Fixed: Television channel scanning did not work for the last couple of builds.
2. Fixed: Ctrl+F would not select existing text in the search box.
3. Changed: Default sorting for television shows will use Series\Season\Episode\Name instead of just Name.
4. Changed: Empty sort rules in a view or parent view could cause problems when setting the sort to (Default).
5. Fixed: Installing a build manually clears any queued auto-updates.
6. Changed: Updated LAV filters to .47 with DXVA Native mode support and other goodies.
7. Fixed: Library server and DLNA audio conversions to mp3 were not working.
8. NEW: Added DLNA controller function which can change tracks gaplessly. Requires that the renderer supports SetNextAVTransportURI. Works nicely with MC's renderer. Needs testing with other renderers whether they have the function or not (look for breakage on renderers that don't support it).

17.0.90 (2/16/2012)
1. Fixed: The OSD window would only draw one line of text in some cases (hopefully fixed, please let us know).

17.0.89 (2/15/2012)
1. NEW: Added the HDTracks store including download and search (Services & Plug-ins in the tree).
2. Changed: Added extra logging for TV recording.
3. Changed: Revised escapement of non-printable characters in XML to work with more XML parsers.
4. Fixed: Relative paths that moved up multiple paths with ../.. were not handled properly in some cases.
5. Faster: Internal Volume uses SSE when it's available for around 20% - 30% faster volume processing.
6. Changed: Reduced wait time for DVB and QAM channel scanning.
7. Changed: Added a wait when switching user interface modes while madVR is in use to help with full screen exclusive causing Theater View creation problems.

17.0.88 (2/14/2012)
1. Changed: Increased the number of allowable Theater View background images that will be cached (now the lesser of 1 GB or 2500 images).
2. Fixed: The tooltip for the Compare(...) expression function listed incorrect examples.
3. NEW: Added full support for DSF tagging (uses ID3v2 tags at the end of the file).
4. Fixed: MC could crash when scanning for DVB-C (and maybe DVB-S) channels.
5. Changed: Updated Russian translation file (thanks to Vladimir).
6. Fixed: Internal Volume was not working when no effects were enabled in DSP Studio.
7. Fixed: Theater View artist backdrops were not working properly when there was a list of artists for a file.
8. Fixed: Theater View would incorrectly show backdrops for the first file in a selection with varying series or artists (backdrops only appear if the backdrop would apply to all files in the selection).
9. Fixed: DLNA: present proper bitrate in when converting to MP3.
10. Changed: Search suggestions don't appear if search syntax is entered into the search box (defined as the characters: []=).
11. Fixed: Non-printable characters below 0x20 were not being escaped properly when generating XML.

17.0.87 (2/10/2012)
1. Changed: Tuned the Internal Volume slider scaling (more details here:
2. Fixed: DVB-C tuning space was specified incorrectly.
3. Fixed: Albums that ended with period characters would unnecessarily have their external cover art saved without the periods.
4. Fixed: Random smartlists would not refresh when re-entering a playlist view in Theater View.
5. Changed: Tuned DSD to PCM conversion to remove high-frequency aliasing noise.

17.0.86 (2/9/2012)
1. Fixed: A bad filename for a DVB-C transponder list file.
2. Fixed: Theater View backgrounds could cause hiccups in animation when switching between artists, series, etc.
3. Fixed: Theater View theme images tied to root item selection would not load when entering Theater View until the selection was changed.
4. Fixed: WinTV Nova-T Stick DVB-T Tuner did not work.
5. Changed: Carnac understands four digit episode numbers.
6. Changed: Minor change in DVB-C/S tuning.

17.0.85 (2/8/2012)
1. NEW: Theater View themes support showing different images depending on the root roller selection (put images in [Theme Folder]\Root\Audio, [Theme Folder]\Root\Movies, etc.).
2. Changed: The 'Don't ask me again' box when prompting about removing empty folders will save both a yes or no answer (previously by design it would only save a yes answer).
3. Changed: DLNA:Try to return a valid container ID for browsemetadata.
4. NEW: (Clear) QAM digital cable television support.
5. Fixed: Internal Volume was not being honored when doing level calibration with Room Correction.
6. Fixed: When going back a level in Theater View sometimes the focus could shift unexpectedly to the top roller.
7. Changed: Theater View themes use a faster fade when switching to a different set of images (but still the same fade time between images in a slideshow set).
8. Fixed: Browsing into a Netflix series entry in Theater View was not working properly.
9. Faster: Theater View online theme handling better caches searches to reduce web traffic / overhead.
10. Fixed: Changes to Netflix account information were lost if program crashed.
11. Changed: Volume mode, internal volume level, and Volume Protection are saved as they are changed instead of on shutdown so settings aren't lost if there's a crash.
12. Fixed: It was possible to use Send To to add tracks to a locked playlist.
13. Changed: Intel QuickSync is now supported for video acceleration for VC1, AVC, and MPEG-2 formats.

17.0.84 (2/7/2012)
1. Fixed: Manual TheMovieDB would show the URL to the poster and backdrop in the results.
2. Faster: Clicking between entries in Get Movie & TV Info no longer reloads the result from the server.
3. Fixed: The level of data in visualizations would be incorrectly reduced by Internal Volume.
4. NEW: Theater View animated lists support all the same typed-navigation functionality as standard lists (1: home, 0: end, 2-9: texting style, letters: as expected).
5. Fixed: With a Theater View sheet list, zooming into an item could result in the full resolution image being cropped to a square instead of shown with its native aspect ratio.
6. NEW: Added 'Timing' to subtitle right-click menu to allow adjusting when subtitles appear (changes saved per-file and applied on subsequent playback as well).
7. Fixed: DRM protected wmv files were not playing.
8. Fixed: DRM protected wma files could cause a crash during import or audio analysis.
9. Fixed: Selecting AVI format for the video conversion type for DLNA playback did not work.
10. Fixed: Some view header commands like locking of a playlist would not work as expected if the playlist was showing more than once on the screen (split views, Action Window, etc.).
11. Fixed: "Nova-DT DVB-T Tuner" television device did not work.
12. Changed: Theater View flow and wall lists use higher quality textures for the unselected items.
13. Changed: Theater View animated lists use mip-mapping to improve the visual quality when zooming, moving, etc. (you can configure AA and AF in Options > General > Video Card).
14. Fixed: The Editor field was not usable for images as reported in the build 83 change log.
15. Fixed: Possible crash while switching between views in Theater View.
16. NEW: When customizing Media Network views, the 'All' item can be enabled or disabled per view.
17. NEW: Revised the default Media Network (DLNA, Gizmo, etc.) views to work more like Theater View (it's recommended but optional that you use Options > Media Network > Customize views > Reset to get the new defaults).

17.0.83 (2/6/2012)
1. Fixed: OGG import could crash.
2. Changed: ID3v2 tag reading doesn't treat / as a delimiter in ID3v2.3, but instead uses NULL as the delimiter for reading and writing in ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4.
3. Changed: Room Correction can be used on the first 8 channels when outputting more than 8 channels of audio.
4. Changed: Internal volume is applied before DSP instead of last, so that limiting and clip protection are never applied unless actually required by the hardware.
5. Changed: Tuned the logarithmic scale used by internal volume (so 50% is -13.8dB instead of -10.2dB).
6. Changed: When building a filename from file information, only the primary / first artist or genre will be used from a list.
7. Fixed: Albums with lists of artist values could use the list instead of the primary artist for the 'Album Artist (auto)' field.
8. Changed: Updated the copyrights on the splash and about images to 2012.
9. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
10. Fixed: Theater View News and Weather would not appear when running in a language other than English.
11. Fixed: Downloading of video podcasts could report an error when moving the sidecar image file.
12. Fixed: Playback of AAC streaming radio could fail (or be very slow) to start.
13. Changed: Opened up the fields Author, Actors, Director, Editor, Episode, Series, and Series Description for use with audio (useful for audiobooks, Podcasts, etc.)
14. Changed: Opened up the field Editor, Series, Series Description, and Track # for use with images.
15. Changed: Opened up the field Track # for use with videos.
16. Changed: Using the search arrow in the Artist column on a file with a list of artists will search on the first artist instead of the combination of all the artists.
17. Changed: To search a view with the wizard, use Ctrl+Shift+F. Ctrl+W / Ctrl+Q no longer do anything in the search box (since Ctrl+Q is a standard shortcut for closing a tab / program).
18. Fixed: When playing YouTube from Theater View, the playback bandwidth setting from Options > Services > YouTube was not being honored.
19. Changed: When a web media resource can not be played, it will show a playback error instead of showing an empty browser window.
20. Fixed: The finish in the installer would hang for 15 extra seconds when performing an automatic update from Update Channels.
21. Fixed: In some cases when the 'No subtitles' item was active, the OSD would not work for changing subtitles.
22. Fixed: If DLNA eventing was not working, the player could stick at a 'Waiting...' state.
23. NEW: Convolution automatically adjusts for filter latency for cases where a delay is baked into the filter files (still preserves intentional timing differences between channels).

17.0.82 (2/3/2012)
1. Fixed: Theater View could crash when deleting items.
2. Faster: Improved Theater View's UI update system (when playback advances, etc.) so that fewer updates happen and updates look smoother when they do happen.
3. Fixed: Searching in Theater View could crash with build 80 or 81.
4. Fixed: Hulu AdZone clips would not play properly.
5. Faster: Improved performance of DSD reading and decoding.
6. Fixed: Incorrect message displayed in 'Edit Cd Information' dialog.
7. Fixed: The uninstaller could error when finishing.
8. NEW: The search language supports putting a hat in front of a keyword to do word matching (so ^car matches "Car Blues" or "My Car Broke" but not "Carolina on My Mind").
9. Changed: Hat is an escaped character in the search language, so you must use /^ to search for a literal hat.

17.0.81 (2/2/2012)
1. Changed: Lots of tuning and fixes to the new Theater View list styles.
2. NEW: Theater View shows movie backdrops from TheMovieDB.
3. NEW: Animated lists show a caption (and bubbles for DVD / Bluray on the right).
4. Changed: The way network servers are broken down upon exit trying to fix hanging exit problems.
5. Changed: DLNA: BrowseMetaData was returning no parentID, now returns the root parentID. Could solve problems with some renderers when MC is the controller.
6. Fixed: DLNA, if a player zone was associated with a particular DLNA server and that server was deleted we didn't pick up the default (first DLNA server) to use with that zone. Now it defaults back to the first server and one can associate it with a new zone if desired.

17.0.80 (2/1/2012)
1. NEW: Added animated Theater View list styles 'Flow' and 'Sheet'. Animated 3d lists can now be used in any view of Theater View.
2. NEW: Added support for Computer Audiophile playback scrobbling, called 'CA Scrobbles' (configure in Options > Services).
3. NEW: DVB-C television support.
4. Fixed: TV Configuration did not offer DVB-S as one of tuner types.
5. Changed: Added more logging in order to diagnose DVB-S scanning failure.
6. Fixed: TV channel scanning did not show a proper message when scanning failed.
7. Fixed: Some PSD files with certain format embedded thumbnails could cause a crash.
8. Fixed: During DVB-S channel scanning the satellite transponder file failed to open.

17.0.79 (1/30/2012)
1. Fixed: When 'Show playback zones from the server on the client' was unchecked in options, DLNA zones from the server were still shown.
2. Changed: Red October uses the latest LAV filters (v0.45). Support for Intel Indeo 4, MS Video 1, 8BPS, LOCO, ZMBV, VCR1, AASC, plus other new goodies and bug fixes.
3. Changed: Removed options for disabling tray icons for ffdshow and Haali filters since Red October removes the need for these.

17.0.78 (1/27/2012)
1. Fixed: FLAC date tagging bug present in v77.
2. Fixed: Using the web service call to set current position during playback was not working properly if called in rapid succession.
3. Fixed: In certain cases the Green Button on the remote control did not work correctly.
4. Fixed: DLNA, the name of the bitrate field was wrong (it was bitRate).
5. Fixed: DLNA, the value of the bitrate field was incorrect if the file WASN'T being converted. This could prevent proper seeking in renderers that used that field (i.e. WhiteBear).
6. Changed: All http services, return error 416 when a request was out of range as opposed to an empty partial content response.
7. Fixed: In some user's libraries, sequence columns were not sorting correctly.

17.0.77 (1/26/2012)
1. Changed: Updated YouTube support for latest site changes.
2. Fixed: The purchase / trial extension dialog could crash.
3. Changed: Automatic movie & tv info lookup will overwrite the name for a television episode using the value in the online database (no other existing data is overwritten in automatic mode).
4. Fixed: Editing Artist, Genre, Composer, and Conductor in the Tag Action Window was not working properly.
5. Changed: OGG tagging better supports list fields.
6. Changed: Updated FLAC plugin -- removed MFC, updated settings dialog, improved support for list-fields, etc.
7. Changed: APE tagging supports NULL delimited lists for fields (applies to APE and MPC files).
8. Changed: 'Album Artist (auto)' only considers the primary (first in the list) artist for tracks.

17.0.76 (1/25/2012)
1. NEW: Artist, Genre, Composer, and Conductor are list-type fields.
2. Changed: List fields can be configured to use a standard edit or list edit style. Existing user created list-type fields will need to be updated in Options > Library & Folders > Manage library fields > Edit Type > List if you want a list-type editor for them.
3. Changed: ID3v2 tagging better supports list fields.
4. Changed: All TheMovieDB genres get populated to the genre field.
5. Changed: WMA/WMV tagging better supports list fields.
6. NEW: Putting a hat in front of a search token does an ordered list compare (so "^[Keywords]=cat" will match "cat; dog" but not "dog; cat").

17.0.75 (1/25/2012)
1. Fixed: TMDb lookup was not loading all information.
2. Changed: Updated DVB-S satellite transponder files.

17.0.74 (1/24/2012)
1. NEW: DVB-S television support. Please test.
2. Changed: Library server access key registration is now updated hourly instead of daily. This should reduce problems with having a dynamic external IP address.
3. Changed: DSP plugins are flushed when they're turned on so plugins with a history won't cause old audio to play when turning on.
4. Fixed: Media Editor was not opening high bitdepth files properly.
5. Faster: Improved how Convolution operates when a filter operates on multiple input channels (should give a 10-25% speedup in these cases).
6. Fixed: Playing images and videos at a remote location was not working properly with WebGizmo.

17.0.73 (1/23/2012)
1. Changed: Carnac better handles videos that are signed with two usernames.
2. Fixed: Unimported television shows would not be considered television shows by some tools.
3. Fixed: Resolution changes while Theater View were showing were not handled nicely.
4. Fixed: With JRSS disabled, bass redirection in Room Correction would not work in some cases.
5. Changed: Revised the generic tagging error to say "errors while tagging or moving files" instead of "errors while tagging and moving files".
6. Changed: VideoClock no longer considers 2.5x a target ratio between the monitor refresh rate and video frame rate worth deviating the clock to achieve.
7. Changed: When looking up movie & TV information automatically as part of auto-import, fields with existing data will never be overwritten (manually running the tool will overwrite existing data).
8. Changed: Adding an auto-import folder offers auto-complete of paths when typing.
9. Changed: TMDb lookup gets genre for movies.

17.0.72 (1/20/2012)
1. Changed: Tuning to how a video looks when starting if it takes a little while to load (removed fade-in animation from build 71, changed timing).
2. Changed: YouTube clips with a genre of 'Music' will have their media sub type set to 'Music Video' so that JRSS upmixing will use music mixing instead of center-focused movie mixing.
3. Faster: Optimization to make playing from an Internet source a little faster.
4. NEW: Added relational field 'TheTVDB Series ID' that will be used when running Get Movie & TV Info, when loading backdrops, etc. (if some series gets the wrong data, use 'Get Movie & TV Info' manually to get correct data one time and subsequent lookups of the same series will automatically use that series).
5. NEW: 'Get Movie & TV Info' can be run on any number of files (when processing more than one file, automatic lookup is used instead of showing the lookup dialog).
6. Fixed: The option 'Skip file if already in library' in Action Window > Camera was not working in some cases.
7. Changed: Added media sub type 'Test Clip'.
8. NEW: Added 'Create Audio Test Clips' under Tools > Advanced to create audio files that are useful for testing and calibration (pink noise, tones, silence, etc.).
9. Changed: DLNA, allow some time for M-Search and Notify to be propagated before repeating. Seems to help with DLNA device detection.
10. Fixed: LAV Video decoder was being used for Cinepak and MSRLE but the codecs were not being enabled in LAV, causing some files to fail to play.
11. NEW: It's now possible to rename DLNA renderer zones.

17.0.71 (1/19/2012)
1. Fixed: YouTube playback was not working.
2. Changed: Disabling of the screensaver / monitor power while playing a video is more reliable.
3. Fixed: Grouping of Duration or other decimal number fields in views could give unpredictable results.
4. Fixed: The search box was disabled on the Scheduler > Play task page.
5. NEW: Deleting the last item in a Theater View list will automatically go back a level instead of showing an empty list.
6. Fixed: After deleting all items in a Theater View category, and then going back, the category would remain until leaving and reentering the view.
7. Changed: Starting video playback won't show cover art or 'Opening...' if the video starts in a few seconds.
8. NEW: Allow a DLNA player zone to associate with a particular DLNA server (right-click on the zone->Associate with DLNA server). If not set, MC defaults to the old behavior (first in the server list).
9. Fixed: Remove DSP and Playback options from DLNA zones (not applicable).

17.0.70 (1/18/2012)
1. Fixed: Get Movie & TV Info wasn't properly sorting TheTVDB matches by relevance.
2. Fixed: TheTVDB lookup didn't handle multiple directors properly.
3. Changed: Sidecar subtitles with no language specifier are used automatically if the video has no other embedded / forced subtitles (unless subtitles are turned off in Options > Video).
4. Changed: Updated the default Podcasts (use 'Add Default Podcast Feeds' to get the latest list).
5. Faster: When browsing Explorer views, file are analyzed several at a time instead of one at a time (makes browsing unimported files must faster in Standard View and Theater View).
6. Faster: DVD analyze / import times are much faster.
7. Faster: Improved performance of Theater View 'Explorer' views.
8. Fixed: Disabling of the screen saver was not working in Theater View (optional in Options > Theater View).
9. Faster: Tuned SSE3 used for Convolution making the engine around 5% faster.

17.0.69 (1/17/2012)
1. NEW: Added support for output delays in Convolution configuration files.
2. NEW: Media Center now supports the Bink video format (.bik).
3. Fixed: A list-style Action Window Tag window (like Keywords, etc.) could steal the focus from the search box when it was open.
4. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
5. Fixed: Hulu playback could stall.
6. Fixed: In certain cases, button presses from a remote might not register in Media Center.
7. NEW: Auto-Import looks up movie & TV info (optional, only runs on movies and TV episodes with no metadata, operates the same as manually running 'Get Movie & TV Info' and selecting the first result).
8. NEW: Added MCC command (MCC_SET_VOLUME_MODE:20056) for setting volume mode (parameter 0=application, 1=internal, 2=system, 3=disabled).
9. Fixed: 24-bit ALAC files were not playing properly.

17.0.68 (1/16/2012)
1. Fixed: Showing Theater View could hang at a black screen in some cases.
2. NEW: Improved Hulu integration (login, queue, more titles per category, nicer playback, etc.).
3. Faster: Convolution uses SSE3 in the convolution kernel when supported (gives about an 8% speed-up to the convolution engine on supported processors).
4. Fixed: When using VideoClock when a large correction was needed (like PAL slowdown), the audio rate could fail to stabilize in some cases, especially when using madVR.
5. Changed: VideoClock will target a maximum deviation of 5% instead of 7.5% to achieve an even multiple between the video and display rates (so 28 Hz material on a 60 Hz display won't target 1:2, but 25 Hz material on a 24 Hz display will still target 1:1).
6. Fixed: The DVB-T channel scanning problem in build 65 is fixed.
7. NEW: The subtitle engine supports sidecar subtitles when playing from a Library Server.
8. Changed: In image preview mode, doing something that shows an Action Window (like Share to Web) will close the image preview so that the Action Window will be visible.
9. Fixed: The option "Video/Crop edges" wasn't working for non-DVD videos.
10. Changed: When DVD playback fails because MS decoder won't connect to splitter, we now fall back to other Mpeg2 decoders rather than failing playback.
11. Fixed: Playing multiple videos in a playlist could unnecessarily delay 5 seconds when starting subsequent videos.

17.0.67 (1/13/2012)
1. Fixed: The DVB-T channel scanning problem found in build 65 is truly fixed.
2. Fixed: When moving or deleting video files with an associated image file, if the image file was also imported into the database, the database entry didn't get moved or deleted correctly.

17.0.66 (1/12/2012)
1. Changed: Library servers without a key (never clicked on access key under Media Network Options) will now show up as a library server instead of a DLNA server under Playing now.
2. Fixed: Minor cleanup of a sent user agent string in Media Network.
3. Fixed: The DVB-T channel scanning problem found in build 65 is likely fixed.

17.0.65 (1/10/2012)
1. Fixed: Convolution was not working properly.
2. Changed: Convolution filter volume normalization is optional.
3. Changed: Better volume handling when convolution resamples a filter to a different sample rate.
4. Changed: Convolution normalization targets a change of -6 dB so that there's enough room to prevent clipping in most cases (it's also recommend that you leave 'Clip Protection' enabled in DSP Studio).
5. Changed: Red October uses the latest LAV filters (v0.44). Intel QuickSync hardware decoding supported, plus other new goodies and bug fixes.
6. Changed: Right-click menu on audio CD tracks no longer shows library tools that don't make sense. Added a button in header for getting track info from YADB.
7. NEW: XMLTV channel IDs can be automatically matched with MC DVB-T television channels.

17.0.64 (1/6/2012)
1. Changed: Renaming a file or folder in the MC Explorer tree now runs a verification to make sure it wouldn't create any invalid (too long) filenames underneath and fails the rename if it would.
2. Fixed: Using the "Rename, Move, & Copy..." tool for a video file with an associated image file was failing.
3. Changed: When resampling audio, the resampler delay at the beginning (a small fraction of a second) is removed instead of outputting the silence.
4. Changed: When importing videos (or doing quick find cover art), sidecar Folder.jpg images will be used if no [Filename].jpg image is found.
5. Changed: Folder.jpg files stored one level above the VIDEO_TS or BDMV folders will be used if no other sidecar artwork is found.
6. Fixed: Setting file association for playlist files like m3u wasn't working.
7. Fixed: Handle the case of file in database being temporarily non-existent for serving via DLNA. Some renderers (i.e. WDTV) really don't like zero byte files being served (it prevented the WD from reading other files without a reboot).
8. NEW: Added 'Convolution' to DSP Studio (more here: ).

17.0.63 (1/4/2012)
1. Changed: The default zone is named 'Player' instead of 'Here' (it's recommend that you rename zones to have a name that is meaningful to you).
2. Changed: DVD scanning speed (FF/REW) capped at 50x since the playback graph was flaky at higher speeds.
3. Fixed: Live digital television playback did not observe Custom Video Mode settings (filter selections). This problem for analog television will be fixed later.
4. Fixed: Deleting a DVD movie did not delete an associated image file in the same directory.
5. NEW: Added new Netflix browsing category "Recently Watched". This may require re-configuration under Tools/Options/Services.
6. Changed: WebGizmo tuning.

17.0.62 (1/3/2012)
1. Changed: Reverted the publisher in the uninstall to "J. River" from "JRiver" because the change could cause problems when rolling back to an old build.
2. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Control/Key was not working in Theater View which made Gizmo Theater View remote mode not work.

17.0.61 (1/2/2012)
1. Fixed: Image playback (or other hardware accelerated views) could get into a state when an unexpected redraw was issued by Windows where presentation stalled the main thread and prevented timers from being serviced (so image playback could stall).
2. Fixed: Customization of Gizmo views in Options > Media Network was not working.
3. Fixed: WebGizmo thumbnails would not have text with some browsers.
4. Changed: When dealing with output signals with more than 8 channels, the program assumes the first 8 channels follow the conventional L,R,C,SW,RL,RR,SL,SR ordering for the first 8 channels so that Room Correction, Parametric Equalizer, etc. can be used on the first 8 channels.
5. Fixed: Netflix search box did not work right after exiting and re-entering the Netflix theater view.
6. Fixed: Sound was muted following a DVD seek operation (ff/rew).
7. Changed: A cancel button was added to the "Export all Playlists" wait message.
8. Fixed: Setting the bitstreaming option would fail in some cases (may require manually reenabling bitstreaming one time).
9. Fixed: Image playback was not handling lost Direct3d devices nicely, so locking the screen, etc. could break playback.
10. NEW: Added advanced option to Options > Video called "Aspect ratio mode" which allows setting a global default for video aspect ratio handling (choices: no change, stretch, crop, automatic).
11. Changed: Some tuning to the look and feel of WebGizmo.
12. Changed: Changed copyrights to 2012.

17.0.60 (12/23/2011)
1. NEW: WebGizmo merges WebPlay and WebRemote and looks like Gizmo for Android (test by navigating to [Library Server URL]/Gizmo).
2. Changed: Revised the layout of library server webpage themes in [Install Path]\Data so that all are beneath [Install Path]\Data\Library Server.
3. SDK: Library Server's HTML engine supports else clauses in conditionals (see WebGizmo for an example).
4. SDK: Merged MCWS Browse/Image and File/GetImage image handling and parameters so sizing control, png, aspect ratio, etc. is available to both.
5. Fixed: Transcoding MP3's to burn a CD was failing in some cases because MC was under-estimating the final size of VBR mp3 files.
6. Changed: LAV video is now used to play JTV and Mpeg-2 content that used to use the Microsoft video decoder.
7. Fixed: Updated LAV video version to fix an issue with AAC in television.

17.0.59 (12/21/2011)
1. Fixed: Theater View message boxes (or pressing escape to show a message box) could crash in build 58.
2. Changed: Using Rename, Move, & Copy for a video file will also move sidecar edl, srt, smi, idx, sub.
3. Fixed: Renaming a video file would move a sidecar image but not update the image file field, causing the link to the image to be broken.
4. Fixed: Blu-ray titles weren't always showing up in the title menu.
5. Changed: Red October uses the latest LAV filters (v0.43). Improved stability on WinXP, improved MKV performance, fixed problems with MPEG2/H264 broadcasts, AMV decoding, various other improvements.
6. Fixed: Per-file aspect ratio settings were not being preserved between plays.
7. Fixed: Sorting results by match quality wasn't always working well in the Get Movie & TV Info tool.
8. NEW: The file rename and move tool now works with JTV titles in the database.

17.0.58 (12/20/2011)
1. Fixed: In Rename/Move/Copy dialog, VIDEO_TS and BDMV sub-folders were getting doubled up.
2. Fixed: In Detached Display mode, some keyboard shortcuts would not work.
3. Fixed: Rare dead-lock when updating Podcasts.
4. Changed: Renamed the window class names of the playback display (only relevant if you're scripting the program).
5. Changed: Blu-ray title menu shown when "dvd menu" button on remote is pressed.

17.0.57 (12/19/2011)
1. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.80 (fixes issue with black bar cropping in Red October HQ).
2. Fixed: When first adding a folder in Configure Auto-Import, file type selections would not be saved properly.
3. Fixed: CD ripping would fail if meta-data had invalid filename characters embedded.
4. Fixed: Renaming a video with a sidecar image was not working properly.
5. Fixed: Full resolution thumbnail overlays, which are used when using large thumbnails, would flicker when used in album thumbnail views.
6. Changed: JRSS is now supported when doing 12, 16, 24, and 32 channel output (JRSS will populate 7.1 and the other channels will be silent).
7. Fixed: Changes to the bitstreaming mode in Options > Video were not sticking.
8. Fixed: Rename/Copy dialog was showing wrong case for file extension on destination DVD names.

17.0.56 (12/16/2011)
1. Fixed: Theater View music backdrops from uses more exact artist name matching when searching to reduce or eliminate the possibility of incorrect artwork.
2. Changed: To better handle the variety of non-square pixel displays, a zone-specific option is available in Options > Video > Advanced > Aspect ratio correction (this replaces the old 'Anamorphic' aspect ratio mode).
3. NEW: Added MCC zone-specific commands MCC_SET_SUBTITLES (10052), MCC_SET_AUDIO_STREAM (10053), and MCC_SET_VIDEO_STREAM (10054) (the parameter is: int nIndex (-1 toggles forward, -2 toggles backwards)).
4. Changed: Saving a Rename, Move, & Copy preset with the same name as an existing preset replaces the existing preset.
5. Changed: Cleaning the cover art folder will only delete album images for artist / album values that aren't in the library (even if no files reference the artwork).
6. NEW: Added an MCC command to take video screen grabs MCC_VIDEO_SCREEN_GRAB (10055) [parameter: 0: use as thumbnail; 1: save as external file].
7. Fixed: The updated cover art system wasn't properly handling characters in the artist and album that weren't possible file system characters.
8. NEW: The file rename and move tool now works with DVD and Blu-ray titles in the database.
9. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).

17.0.55 (12/14/2011)
1. Changed: Core AAC audio decoder is white-listed for use in custom video mode.
2. Changed: When renaming files according to a template, MC now uses a maximum of 60 characters rather than 40 for each DB field value within the template.
3. Changed: Loading an EPG no longer attempts to find episode artwork in the cover art folder (and series images are handled by auto-import).
4. Changed: Cover art assigned to video or data files is always stored next to the file.
5. Changed: When importing a new video (or when using Cover Art > Quick Find in Cover Art Folder), only cover art next to the file is detected.
6. Changed: The command 'Use Screen Grab For Thumbnail' saves the image next to the file instead of in a central screen grab folder.
7. Fixed: Looking up cover art from the Internet for artist names with a dash in them could fail.
8. Changed: Library backups go to [Documents]\JRiver\Media Center 17 instead of into the application data folder (configurable in Options > File Location).
9. NEW: Moving the cover art folder with Options > File Location will move existing cover art on disk and update the database.
10. NEW: Added Options > File Location > Cover Art > Clean cover art folder.

17.0.54 (12/14/2011)
1. Fixed: Possible crash when starting video playback if it took a while to open the audio output and the audio path information was requested in the meantime.
2. Changed: When switching display resolutions, Aero desktop composition is toggled to fix stale composition rates from causing troubles with madVR, etc. (thanks to madshi for the tip).
3. NEW: It's possible to specify a default aspect ratio mode in Options > Video > Advanced (useful if you have an anamorphic lens, etc.).

17.0.53 (12/13/2011)
1. NEW: Added initial support for DVB subtitles (please provide information or sample files if you encounter issues).
2. Fixed: Custom video config dialog could crash on some systems.
3. Fixed: Recycling files from a thumbnail view could lead to a hang.
4. Fixed: Cropping black bars on content that didn't use square pixels was not working properly.
5. Fixed: Updated LAV filters to alleviate some video playback issues on Windows XP.
6. Changed: The expression editing control 'Insert Field' menu doesn't put brackets around field names (allows typed-navigation in the menu to work better).
7. Fixed: Resizing some views using a glass-enabled skin could flicker.
8. Changed: Updated 'Share to Web' Action Window to newer user interface components so that it works better with glass skins.

17.0.52 (12/12/2011)
1. Changed: Added the Microsoft decoder DMOs as options for custom filter selection.
2. Changed: Custom audio output selection for video playback requires using Custom video mode.
3. Changed: The 'Condition' for custom video mode uses substring matching instead of exact matching (so codec(mpeg-2) will match 'MPEG-2 Video').
4. Changed: Revised the naming of the video mode and Red October settings.
5. NEW: Custom video mode allows selection of source / splitter filters.
6. Fixed: Hauppauge Colossus and HD PVR did not play correctly on some computers. Now LAV audio decoder is specifically loaded for these devices.

17.0.51 (12/9/2011)
1. NEW: New and improved system for choosing custom filters to go along with Red October (single easy to read list of changes, can apply customization per codec or container, etc.)
2. Changed: When using 'Disabled Volume' volume mode, the volume isn't offered on the OSD.
3. Fixed: Switching from 'Internal Volume' to 'Disabled Volume' didn't immediately disable any internal volume attenuation.
4. Fixed: DLNA server, audio. When "convert when necessary" was set and the target was mp3 and the source was multichannel, the conversion was failing (wasn't downmixing to 2 channel). Broken by the multichannel changes in 17.0.48.
5. Fixed: Some CD rips, especially classical, were generating folder names that were too long for the system to handle.
6. Changed: Pressing the Spacebar no longer does the same thing as pressing the Enter key in dialogs, since Spacebar is often used for de-activating screensavers.
7. Fixed: DLNA, jtv files are now converted when video conversion is set to "convert unsupported"
8. Changed: DLNA, obsolete options for "support image content" and "support video content" are removed.

17.0.50 (12/7/2011)
1. Changed: Pressing play on the remote (while stopped) in the Theater View television grid did not work nicely.
2. Changed: Playing a guide program from anywhere in the program will automatically switch to live television playback, starting at the channel of the program.
3. NEW: MC automatically detects audio type when starting Hauppauge HD PVR and Colossus devices.
4. Fixed: Transitioning out of fast forward / rewind during video playback was not working nicely the last few builds.
5. Changed: More tuning to device lost handling for Theater View.
6. Changed: Reduced compile size of logging, making the program a little smaller.
7. NEW: Surround sound audio files can be played on Gizmo.
8. Fixed: Some VC1 video files were not playing on Windows XP.
9. Fixed: All http services. When receiving a http 1.1 request with "connection: close" the connection must close immediately after that transaction.
10. NEW: When controlling a remote Media Center zone, reordering, deleting, and shuffling Playing Now is fully supported.
11. Fixed: Embedded cover art in mp4 files was not used for thumbnailing.
12. Changed: When a library fails to load, if there is more than one available library, the failure dialog will offer the option to load a specific library (along with other choices like retry, load previous, restore from backup, etc.).

17.0.49 (12/7/2011)
1. Fixed: Some remote commands that used app commands (like 'back', etc.) weren't working in Theater View in the last couple of builds.
2. Fixed: Right-clicking the DSP button in the player would show a menu over the top of the Audio Path dialog.
3. Fixed: On some machines, thumbnailing of JTV or other MPEG-2 files could fail.
4. Fixed: Video backgrounds were not working in Theater View.
5. Changed: Reworked the presentation system used by hardware accelerated windows like Theater View to be more efficient (uses one less thread, negotiates with Aero better, etc.).
6. Fixed: Using the fullscreen exclusive option for Theater View would lead to problems entering Theater View if exclusive mode failed.

17.0.48 (12/6/2011)
1. Fixed: In some cases, stopping a movie and returning to Theater View would not restore the resolution when using display mode changing until leaving Theater View.
2. Changed: Posting a WM_CLOSE directly to Theater View would not work nicely (only applies to build 47).
3. Fixed: Using a custom library field [Library] in the Rename, Move, & Copy Files tool could cause the setting to be lost when reopening the dialog.
4. Fixed: The experimental fullscreen exclusive rendering in Theater View would switch the monitor refresh rate back to 60 Hz when entering Theater View from a 24 Hz movie.
5. Fixed: Theater View exclusive rendering works better when switching to other programs on a multi-monitor setup, better handles mouse cursor hiding, etc.
6. NEW: DLNA, added multi-channel audio conversion to wave/lpcm[. When converting to wave, 24 bit wave, L16 or L24 the original channel layout is used for conversion UNLESS set to "always convert" and "stereo downmix" (under advanced) is checked in which case everything is converted to 2 channel. NOTE: probably not supported by most renderers yet. Most likely to work on some DLNA DACS. For backwards compatibility "stereo downmix" should be selected with "always convert" when there is multichannel source in your library.

17.0.47 (12/5/2011)
1. Fixed: Audio Path information could be incomplete with regards to DSP plugin processing state in certain cases.
2. Fixed: Videos that exposed their subtitles with a MEDIATYPE_Text pin were not working properly.
3. NEW: Added 384,000 Hz as a possible resampling choice in DSP Studio > Output Format.
4. NEW: From memory audio playback will use up to 1GB instead of 256MB (after 256MB it checks against available memory to avoid using swap).
5. Fixed: For operations where the action window shows the progress (i.e. Conversion Cache builder), if the 'X' button was clicked the action window would never go away.
6. Changed: Screen resolution lists are sorted with the highest resolutions at the top instead of the bottom.
7. Changed: Some internal window class names changed from "J. River ..." to "JRiver ..." (would only matter if you're scripting Media Center and targetting certain class names).
8. Changed: Added experimental Theater View > Options > Advanced > Use fullscreen exclusive mode for drawing.
9. Changed: DLNA, in content directories, increment updateID to prevent container caching (their numeric ID's are dynamically assigned).
10. Fixed: DLNA, aggregate DVD's weren't always being presented with the proper mimetype and DLNA flags.
11. Changed: DLNA, Now reports the size of aggregate DVD's in the content directory.
12. Fixed: TV recordings from Hauppauge Colossus would not play.

17.0.46 (12/2/2011)
1. Changed: Added the aspect ratio of 2.40 to the list of choices for Crop Black Bars available on the on screen display.
2. Changed: FLAC files that didn't start with a FLAC__METADATA_TYPE_STREAMINFO block were not supported.
3. Fixed: When using madVR and starting video playback from Theater View, build 45 could delay 5 seconds starting the video.
4. Fixed: Imported DVD's now show the correct frame-rate (FPS), bitrate, and dimensions.
5. Fixed: Importing some DVD's could cause JRWorker to hang.
6. NEW: Parametric Equalizer provides a low-shelf and high-shelf filter (fully configurable, stackable, applicable to any channels, etc. just like other filters).
7. Fixed: Drag-n-drop of an image from a web browser to the Tag Action Window > Image page didn't work nicely.
8. Changed: De-interlacing will be done by madVR renderer (if it's in the graph) rather than LAV Video software de-interlacing.
9. Changed: Reworked call ordering when starting television playback so that a video renderer is positioned before the graph is run.

17.0.45 (12/1/2011)
1. Fixed: BD/DVD titles sometimes reported the wrong file size after import.
2. Fixed: Some BD titles would not import the compression info field correctly.
3. Changed: Improved handling of bitstream errors in RAW AAC streams.
4. NEW: Added 'Null Output' output plugin, available in Options > Audio > Audio Output. Allows playing videos on a machine with no sound card.
5. Fixed: Playback of recorded JTV files wasn't cropping edges by default.
6. NEW: Rewritten video import -- gets compression and frame rate for almost all videos and runs around 40% faster.
7. Changed: Reworked call ordering when starting video playback so that a video renderer is positioned before the graph is run.
8. NEW: DLNA added 24 bit LPCM conversion. Devices supporting this may not be available yet.

17.0.44 (11/30/2011)
1. Fixed: DVB-T channel channel switching from SD (MPEG-2) channel to HD (H264/AAC) channel, or vice versa, did not work.
2. Fixed: MCC_PLAY_TV command (and maybe other rarely used television features) did not work.
3. Changed: When using 'Do not play silence' in conjunction with gapped track switching, silence suppression first eats the gap before eating any of the track (so a long low volume fadeout won't end abruptly).
4. Fixed: Creating a virtual handheld device that pointed to a UNC path did not work nicely.
5. Fixed: Overriding an aspect ratio didn't work correctly in conjunction with Anamorphic mode.
6. Changed: Playing a data file will increment the playback statistics 'Last Played', and 'Number Plays'.
7. Changed: Updated to version .42 of LAV audio, video and splitter directshow filters. Improvements to raw PCM de-muxing and TrueHD audio playback, support raw RGB24 video in AVI.
8. NEW: Now using LAV video decoder as replacement for ffdshow for most video decoding tasks in Red October.
9. NEW: Internal configuration of madVR using programmatic interface - currently only disabling the seek bar.
10. Changed: Double-clicking a JRiver note in a view other than 'Notes' will open it with a web browser.
11. Fixed: Applying multiple font tags (like color or size) to the same section of a note could corrupt the note.
13. NEW: Rename, Move, & Copy Files tool adds a 'Preset...' button that supports loading settings from Options > File Location, loading / saving user presets, and copying / pasting settings (for sharing with other users).
14. Changed: Added the aspect ratio of 2.40 to the list of choices for Crop Black Bars.
15. Fixed: Hot keys and remote commands weren't working while watching a Netflix movie.
16. Changed: When a Theater View list is in the process of loading items, it shows "Loading..." rather than "There are no items to display".
17. Changed: When video playback is started, the graph building thread will wait for pending user interface changes (like closing of Theater View) before loading or configuring the video renderer.

17.0.43 (11/29/2011)
1. Fixed: WebPlay / Gizmo video playback with conversion was not working in build 42.
2. NEW: Video playback aspect ratio system is rewritten -- more flexible support for cropping black bars baked into videos, more consistent support across all types of movies, etc.

17.0.42 (11/28/2011)
1. Changed: Tagging a video file where the tag only modifies the sidecar will no longer update the last modified time of the video file.
2. Fixed: When returning to Theater View to a view that was imported from Standard View, the view could be empty.
3. Fixed: SSA alignment tokens could appear as {\a...} text in subtitles.
4. Changed: Improved support for SSA \an (numpad alignment) tokens.
5. Changed: A change in television graph-building that possibly fixes some rare hangs.
6. Fixed (probably): Crash when stopping television playback.
7. Fixed: Play Doctor Playcharts saved under Playlists were not working properly.
8. Changed: Playcharts were not supported for handheld sync.
9. NEW: It's possible to edit saved Playcharts.

17.0.41 (11/22/2011)
1. Changed: Theater View defaults to a normal instead of a bold version of the main program font.
2. Fixed: The math evaluator wasn't supporting exponent notation like x^y properly.
3. NEW: Added Options > Audio > Disable display from turning off (useful for HDMI audio).
4. Changed: Reverted the television AAC audio media type change made in build 40.
5. Changed: Improvements to Limiter filter in DSP Studio > Parametric Equalizer.
6. Fixed: In auto-rip CD mode, multiple matches from on-line CD lookup would be shown even though user chose "automatically pick the first match".

17.0.40 (11/21/2011)
1. Fixed: An image slideshow could show the border of the last picture in certain cases.
2. Changed: Image slideshow Pan & Zoom effect uses less motion.
3. Changed: A small delay is introduced during television channel switching to reduce the chance of stutters.
4. NEW: Audio Path information is available from the main menu under Player > Audio Path.
5. Changed: Merged audio path and direct indication into DSP button of player window (DSP button will light up when playing direct with Noire skin).
6. Fixed: When transferring audio files (with transcoding) to a portable device from a Library Server, the last part of the audio was getting truncated.
7. Fixed: Digital TV built a DirectShow graph using old channel info instread of current channel info, causing playback problems in DVB-T/T2 areas.
8. NEW: Expression language supports ! operator in a conditional (ie. If(!IsEqual([Artist], Abba), a, b))
9. Fixed: When editing a list type field in the Tag Action Window, and using page up and down to switch file, typing focus was lost.
10. Fixed: Typed list navigation was not working properly with diacritics.
11. Fixed: It was possible to manually resize the 'Fill Properties From Filename' dialog to too small of a size.
12. Fixed: Loading of default dialog sizes for resizable dialogs was not working properly.
13. Fixed: Sort caching could cause sorting by expression fields to not refresh properly when underlying data changed.
14. Changed: Display changing settings in Options > Video are now zone-specific (may require manually reconfiguring applicable video options).
15. Changed: VideoClock and normalization video options are zone specific.
16. Changed: Reworked how resolution switching for video playback is managed so that it's handled at a more core level of the program, and merged with handling of Options > Tree & View > Full Screen > Resolution.
17. Changed: AAC Audio media type specification is changed for DVB-T/T2 television.
18. Changed: Clicking a list checkbox (pane tagging, etc.) doesn't switch the keyboard focus to the list.

17.0.39 (11/18/2011)
1. NEW: Player window displays an audio path icon. Hoovering over the icon displays the full path of the current audio. The icon lights up when playing in Direct mode (ie. bit-perfect output).
2. Changed: Tuned the 'Clip protection' filter of DSP Studio so that during video playback, it doesn't try to restore lost volume from clipping.
3. Changed: Tuned the response time of 'Clip protection' to be slightly slower, and made the filter more agnostic to differing input sample rates.
4. NEW: Added a 'Limiter' filter to Parametric Equalizer (still a work in progress, parameters not currently tunable).
5. Changed: Merged video volume normalization option with the updated 'Clip protection' of DSP Studio so there's only one filter in the chain responsible for the final output level.
6. Changed: Video playback requires the use of 'Clip protection' (instead of 'Overflows flatline').

17.0.38 (11/18/2011)
1. Fixed: Video playback was impaired on some systems in build 37 due to DXCore debugging code.
2. Fixed: 'Get Movie & TV Info' wasn't working for television episodes numbers greater than 9.
3. Fixed: Make DLNA handle full URL paths for the control URLS. Was preventing the WhiteBear renderer from working.

17.0.37 (11/17/2011)
1. NEW: 'Get Movie Info' is now 'Get Movie & TV Info'; television episodes are looked up at
2. Changed: 'Get Movie & TV Info' better sorts results by quality.
3. Fixed: Television tuner was left in "Undefined" status when recording ended or was canceled, if the recording was started when user was already watching the channel. This would prevent subsequent recording on the same channel from taking place.
4. Fixed: Blu-ray playback from optical disc was broken in build 17.0.36.

17.0.36 (11/17/2011)
1. Changed: Removed verbose additional audio renderer logging that was added for a few builds to help track a problem.
2. NEW: Added support for SAMI (*.smi) external subtitles.
3. Fixed: When changing output formats between tracks, cases could arise where the output buffer played out on manual track switch instead of switching right away.

17.0.35 (11/16/2011)
1. Fixed: Playback of files converted to MP3 could fail on some DLNA devices.
2. Changed: When listing zones in the tree, remote zones are listed after local zones (with each sub-list of zones sorted by name).
3. Fixed: CD/DVD/BD ripping option "Play sound at end.." was not allowing a different sound to be chosen. Also is showed the wrong default sound directory on Windows 7.
4. Fixed: Uninstalling MC could also unregister an existing ffdshow installation.
5. NEW: Added a Playing Now > Overview view that appears when there's more than one zone that allows seeing all zones at once.
6. Changed: Television series artwork is downloaded as part of auto-import's 'Get cover art' option.
7. Changed: Artwork is no longer downloaded when loading the EPG (since the guide uses Internet images, and auto-import handles recordings).
8. Fixed: Existing television series images could get overwritten by auto-import in some cases.
9. Fixed: The Output Format option 'Source is correctly mastered for +10 dB calibration' was not being loaded properly by the options dialog.
10. Fixed: Text drawing could incorrectly break lines so that an opening parenthesis was on one line and the text after it was on the next line.
11. Fixed: Some Blu-ray titles would not play because Media Center was interpreting the playlist data wrong.
12. Changed: Updated to madVR 0.79.
13. Changed: When updating madVR, Media Center no longer wipes out existing *.3dlut and *.bin files.

17.0.34 (11/14/2011)
1. Fixed: The install could should an error about TiVo components that are no longer needed.
2. Fixed: Subtitles could stick on the screen.
3. Changed: Carnac improvements when dealing with values that use periods instead of spaces to delimit words.
4. Changed: Numeric season and episode numbers will be padded to two digits (using leading zeros as necessary) when building a filename with 'Rename, Move, & Copy Files...'.
5. NEW: Added option to 'Remove leading zeros' from the Clean File Properties tool (useful for cleaning up season and episode numbers).
6. Fixed: Check for updates was not working properly with build 33.
7. NEW: Typed navigation in lists or Theater View honors the user setting for ignoring articles (Options > Tree & View > Sorting).
8. NEW: Added support for Page Up / Page Down while editing in the Tag Action Window to move between files in a list.
9. Changed: More tweaking to the DLNA nested control fix from builds 29, 30 and 33. Could have caused trouble with some renderers.
10. Changed: Updated to madVR 0.78.

17.0.33 (11/11/2011)
1. Faster: Expression language is faster when dealing with fields (as a result, it's no longer supported to nest functions inside the Field(...) function).
2. Changed: Zones are sorted by name in the tree.
3. Fixed: Conversion of audio for DLNA and Gizmo could sporadically fail with the last few builds.
4. Fixed: Jitter in the high-precision system timer could cause video playback failures (applies to dual-core AMD machines on XP, possibly others).
5. Fixed: DVB-T2 television channels (with AAC audio) did not play.
6. Fixed: Setting a relational database field could fail to set all members of the relationship in rare cases.
7. NEW: TiVo beacon generated internally by MC, solves problems with the TiVo's unsupported beacon API not working on some newer versions of windows.
8. NEW: Remark (REM) statements in CUE files are now handled as meta-data. Currently COMMENT, DATE, GENRE are supported.
9. Fixed: On screen display text was incorrectly all drawing as bold.
10. Changed: The Theater View file list always shows at least two thumbnails horizontally and vertically, regardless of the size setting and ideal thumbnail image aspect ratio.
11. SDK: Seeking a video using the web service (MCWS) could lead to problems.
12. SDK: Improved MCWS/v1/Library/Values so it can return all values for a given field or search any number of fields for matches.
13. Fixed: Remote control keystrokes sent to Media Center from a system like Girder might have been disabled while a pop-up was being displayed.
14. Changed: Subtitle images are delivered to EVR from the main thread (fixes possible hangs when detaching or sizing EVR while subtitles were going).
15. Fixed: AAC MediaType was specified incorrectly so Hauppauge Colossus video capture device did not have sound.
16. Changed: Updated to version .39 of LAV audio, video and splitter directshow filters. Improved seeking on Mpeg-2 and VC-1 files, and playback of raw H.264.
17. Changed: Carnac assumes that a file with a television recording extension that's over 70 minutes is a movie instead of a television show.
18. Changed: Carnac deals with the uncapitalized word "not" from SageTV naming better.
19. Changed: More tweaking to the DLNA nested control fix from builds 29 and 30. Could have caused trouble with some renderers.

17.0.32 (11/9/2011)
1. Fixed: When installing an update on a non-administrative account the prompted for a different username and password to run the install, the program could report an error when starting after the update.
2. Faster: Holding Shift+PgDown in a list is much faster, especially in a large list.
3. Changed: Improved ts recording of digital television.
4. Faster: Import works 4 files at a time instead of 2 files at a time (background auto-import still works 1 file at a time since it's designed to have a small footprint and run in the background).
5. Faster: Tag reading is faster for all file types.
6. Faster: ID3v2 parsing is faster.
7. Faster: The I/O pattern used for analyzing MP3 files is more efficient -- making MP3 import up to twice as fast.
8. Changed: The core filename functions better support filenames in the form "file://C:/My%20Music/1.mp3".
9. Changed: Expressions that work on filenames better handle portable install filenames like "(Install Drive):\1.mp3".
10. Changed: Audio type is set to AAC when building a playback graph with Hauppauge Colossus video capture device.
11. Fixed: Theater View weather was using Fahrenheit for the Google source, even if Celsius was selected.
12. Changed: Revised how text-based subtitle sizing is performed so that it's more consistent across differing fonts, DPIs, etc.
13. Fixed: The vertical position of SSA subtitles was not correct in some cases.
14. Changed: Added support for vertical text with SSA subtitles.
15. Changed: SSA subtitle support honors the scale and font size of the styles section (font size is scaled relative to median font size used in the styles section).
16. Fixed: Videos that used non-square pixels would display with the incorrect aspect ratio when played using Gizmo on Android.

17.0.31 (11/8/2011)
1. Fixed: The list on the left of DSP Studio was not working properly.

17.0.30 (11/7/2011)
1. Fixed: Entering an out-of-bounds value into the Parametric Equalizer's 'Adjust a frequency' filter could cause problems.
2. Fixed: Remote control playback buttons broken for one build.
3. Fixed: Filesize was not getting filled in correctly for Blu-ray titles.
4. Changed: Replay Gain 'Automatic adjustment' mode uses the 95th percentile so that outliers that are extremely quiet don't cause an entire playlist to have its volume reduced too much.
5. NEW: ASIO outputs a little silence when stopping so that hardware that plays its last buffer on the next start won't click. About 1/4 of a second.
6. Fixed: Movie name field not being set correctly for DVD/Blu-ray titles on the original disc.
7. Faster: Grouping of path-style fields like keywords, location, etc. in panes and category views is faster.
8. Changed: Removed weather from Theater View due to business model changes by (use NOAA and Google instead).
9. Changed: Improved handling of MPEG-4 video and AAC audio in digital television.
10. Changed: Improved analysis of DVD's on import so FPS, bitrate, resolution, etc. are now shown correctly.
11. Changed: Revised ASIO playback flow when starting DSD playback based on feedback from Playback Designs.
12. Fixed: XMLTV parsing would only load one channel if the channels and programs were interlaced in the XML.
13. Fixed: When playback of a video finished and it returned to Theater View, the monitor could immediately go to sleep in rare cases.
14. Changed: Changing values using the new Tag on Import feature will update file tags to match the changes made.
15. NEW: Audio and video types (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AC3, AAC, H.264) can be selected during manual editing of television channels. Applicable to DVB-T only.
16: Fixed: Tweak DLNA nested control fix from version 29. Could have caused trouble with some renderers.

17.0.29 (11/4/2011)
1. Fixed: MIDI playback was not working.
2. Changed: Improved Carnac's handling of SageTV filenames.
3. NEW: Added the option to direct sound to the side speakers only with Direct Sound audio output (for outputting multiple stereo zones from one soundcard).
4. Changed: Lineup list style in Theater View could show HTML-like text formatting tokens in some cases.
5. NEW: Options > Theater View > Advanced > File Caption supports HTML-like formatting (like 17.0.28 added for Standard View).
6. Changed: Improved SSA subtitle support, especially for files that show multiple captions at the same time.
7. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
8. NEW: The subtitle engine supports animated SSA karaoke subtitles.
9. Changed: The subtitle engine uses a higher quality outline for text-based drawing.
10. Fixed: Media Center could crash if a playback button on the remote control was pressed while the Blu-ray title menu was being displayed.
11. NEW: Added ability of DLNA services to work with devices which use a nested control structure.
12. Fixed: The library backup filename dialog wasn't offering a default filename or warning when overwriting an existing file.
13. Fixed: Canceling television recording did not work when user chose to switch to a different channel on the same tuner.
14. Fixed: OSD displayed channel info incorrectly when an STB channel was watched or recorded (it showed "Playing: Input Source 3 -..." instead of "Playing: 55 CNN..." for example).
15. Faster: Libraries that use relational fields are faster.

17.0.28 (11/3/2011)
1. Changed: The right-click menu is no longer disabled in Web views.
2. Faster: Improvements to core libraries that help program load performance and size.
3. Fixed: Movie name from mymovies.xml file was not being used - instead the movie was named according to the folder above the index.bdmv file.
4. Fixed: Video in jtv format captured from HD PVR video capture device did not play in Red October HQ.
5. NEW: SSA subtitle engine supports the custom fonts for each style used in the SSA (falls back to user selection when a block of text has no font in its style).
6. Changed: When number keys on a remote control are used to change television channel and the original input string does not match any channel, MC removes beginning '0's from the input string and tries again.
7. Fixed: Replay Gain information was not being used properly when applying DSP to a handheld conversion.
8. Fixed: If DSP is used when converting for a handheld, the new file could have a stale replay gain value written to its tag.
9. Changed: Improved handling of numbers, dashes, etc. in the FixSpacing(...) expression.
10. NEW: Carnac better understands SageTV filenames (use Fill Properties From Filename in automatic mode to update existing files).
11. Changed: The expression function FileName(...) suppoprts an optional parameter for whether to include the extension (to get no extension: FileName(,0)).
12. Fixed: TMDb movie lookup was not always getting the highest quality image available.
13. Changed: Import will only mark a file as bad if it hasn't been changed on the file system for an hour (so auto-import won't put a fresh file copy in the bad database and then remove it when the copy finishes).
14. NEW: Thumbnail text supports basic HTML text formatting tags like bold, underline, italic, and red (remember that slash requires escapement in the expression editor so use , , etc.).
15. Changed: WAV & AIFF tagging are enabled by default (use Plug-in Manager > Input > WAVE & AIFF > Configure to change).

17.0.27 (11/1/2011)
1. Fixed: If audio failed to open (sound card disconnected, etc.) when starting a video, it could cause a crash.
2. Changed: Switched the default amount of buffering for DirectSound to 250ms from 500ms (works better with DVD and some other video sources).
3. NEW: DSP Studio > Output Format allows setting a different output sample rate for each input sample rate.
4. Fixed: Flick scrolling was not working properly in Theater View.
5. Fixed: Cover art lookup could stop working after the first 20 albums.
6. Fixed: Recording of certain TV channels in jtv format would not play correctly (stalled until a seek operation was performed).
7. Fixed: Center-focused JRSS up-mixing was not engaging properly for some video content.
8. Changed: Added more Media Network shutdown logging to help troubleshoot a hang switching libraries.

17.0.26 (10/31/2011)
1. Changed: Display setting changing resolution options in Options > Video are disabled until display setting changing is enabled.
2. Fixed: M4A tagging was not working (only applies to last few builds).
3. Faster: Improved performance of M4A tagging.
4. Fixed: The "clickfree" automatic backup device would cause Media Center to crash.
5. Fixed: Workaround for VirtualBox system timer bug that could cause various problems in Media Center.
6. NEW: Reworked Theater View's presentation engine so that it's less likely to spend time waiting on vsyncs and works better at low refresh rates.
7. NEW: Added the ability to apply volume levelling and other DSP when converting files for use on a handheld.
8. Fixed: SUB+IDX subtitles with multiple languages in the IDX were not working properly.

17.0.25 (10/28/2011)
1. Fixed: Configuring multiple Google or weather locations did not work properly.
2. Fixed: The bitrate would not be imported for M4A files.
3. NEW: Added the ability to specify a separate A/V sync correction for 24 Hz than for other refresh rates (A/V sync correction requires using the JRiver audio engine).
4. NEW: Added an expression function FixSpacing(...) to convert camel case to normal spacing. OneWord becomes One Word
5. Fixed: Text rendering in some areas of the program could appear blurry on Windows XP.
6. Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling in the Theater View television grid didn't work.
7. Changed: Theater View mouse wheel scrolling works more like grab-n-drag or flick scrolling in that it can show partial items.
8. NEW: Added support for 3d .jps images (thumbnails and image playback only show the left eye image).

17.0.24 (10/27/2011)
1. Changed: Revised how the file system manager tracks UNC drives to work better with VMWare shares.
2. Fixed: While a blu-ray disc was ripping, some other actions, such as menu display were very slow.
3. Fixed: Log files were getting extremely large when certain blu-ray discs were analyzed by MC.
4. NEW: Theater View weather can use NOAA or Google Weather as data sources.
5. NEW: Theater View weather supports any number of user configurable locations.
6. NEW: Locate on Disk will work with a library server client if the client can directly access the files (through UNC or a mapped drive).
7. NEW: Send To will work with a library server client if the client can directly access the files (through UNC or a mapped drive).
8. Fixed: The option to show fanned thumbnails did not work in artist or series views.
9. Changed: Improved graph-building for Hauppauge Colossus video capture device.
10. NEW: Tag on Import -- when importing a folder or adding a folder to auto-import, tags can be applied to new files found in the folder (including full support for tag values built with expressions).
11. Changed: Audio line info for analog video capture channels is saved to registry on per video line basis so it is not necessary to redo audio line configuration each time a different video input channel is played.
12. Fixed: A faint 'There are no items to display.' could appear in the background of Theater View.
13. NEW: The font for text-based subtitles can be selected in Options > Video > Subtitles & Language.

17.0.23 (10/25/2011)
1. Changed: Updated to madVR 0.77.
2. NEW: Artist and series images work on a Library Server client (they will only work on a client after using the images at least once on the server).
3. Changed: When connecting to a Library Server where the zones haven't been given friendly names, 'There: Here' will be displayed as simply 'There'.
4. Changed: Improved how drag-n-drop works on a Library Server client when it can find files directly.
5. Fixed: mymovies.xml files weren't working properly for Blu-ray titles.

7.0.22 (10/24/2011)

1. NEW: MC supports Hauppauge Colossus video capture device. Untested. Please test and report problems.
2. Fixed: Auto-import engine better handles ripped Blu-rays (previously it would log too much and unnecessarily analyze movies that were already imported).
3. Faster: Blu-ray anaylzer is about 5x faster (playback starts faster, and import happens faster).
5. NEW: Native MP4 plugin supports local raw AAC files.
6. Changed: Added logging to help troubleshoot UNC files being unreachable on some machines.
7. Fixed: Some previous TV recordings (jtv) would not play in MC17.
8. Fixed: Toggling list styles in Theater View no longer rolls through the TV grid style unless the view contains only television guide items.
9. Changed: Theater View says 'There are no items to display.' when viewing an empty file list.
10. Fixed: When the guide was empty in Theater View, it would draw an orphaned column header with no text.
11. Fixed: Selecting a subtitle for non-DVD playback could crash.
12. NEW: When deleting a video, a sidecar .EDL file with the same name will also be deleted.

17.0.21 (10/21/2011)
1. Changed: Updated to madVR 0.76.
2. Faster: When starting Play Doctor, playback will begin immediately while the prescription is filled in a background thread.
3. Fixed: Pushing to a DLNA device could dead-lock at the end of a track.
4. Fixed: DVD playback over library server had poor video quality on some content.
5. Fixed: When controlling a DLNA device, the UI would not update nicely for playback state changes.
6. NEW: On a Library Server client, dragging will allow dragging files to other programs if the file can be found through a UNC path or mapped drive.

17.0.20 (10/19/2011)
1. Changed: Media Center 17 no longer honors a Media Center 16 license.
2. NEW: Live TV uses custom madVR overlay drawing so the OSD will not change the display from exclusive mode to windowed mode.
3. Changed: Added 'Disk' to the Theater View default image and video views.
4. Changed: MC ignores some MP4/MOV atoms that have names that coincide with Apple iTunes metadata atoms but written in formats different from iTunes data.
5. NEW: Sidecar subtitles are supported when watching a ripped DVD.

17.0.19 (10/15/2011)
1. Fixed: Importing files could crash.
2. Changed: Small change to the Theater View fade-in animation time used in lists.

17.0.18 (10/14/2011)
1. Fixed: Sorting was not working properly in some cases (only applies to the last few builds).
2. Changed: Thumbnailing honors the playback range of a video.
3. Changed: Video thumbnailing uses PNG instead of JPEG for data interchange for slightly better quality.
4. Fixed: Image rotation and edits were not being honored at playback time.
5. Changed: Play Doctor better handles the case where it's seeded with a single song that's an artist's only song in the library.
6. Changed: Windows 7 taskbar button for MC now shows the currently playing track in the tooltip.
7. Fixed: Video thumbnails could grab from the beginning of a file instead of at the configured time.

17.0.17 (10/13/2011)
1. Fixed: When switching from PCM to DSD bitstreaming over ASIO, the first play of DSD could fail with some devices.
2. Fixed: Series category thumbnail views in Standard View were not using series images.
3. Changed: Lists did not intelligently select a thumbnail aspect ratio in artist or series image views.
4. Changed: Merged the Standard View and Theater View thumbnail aspect ratio selection code (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
5. Fixed: The v4+ style blocks would not be parsed for some SSA subtitles.
6. Changed: The Rename, Move, & Copy Files tool will allow files from optical discs to be copied (but still not renamed since optical discs are read-only).
7. Fixed: MC would crash when user cancels time-shifting with analog television devices.
8. Changed: MC no longer requires ArcSoft MPEG Demultiplexer filter for a Hauppauge HD PVR video capture device to work.
9. Changed: MC does a better job of deciding when a DVD disc is a set of TV shows rather than a movie. Blu-ray still needs work.

17.0.16 (10/12/2011)
1. NEW: Video playback will load a sidecar commercial skip file in the .edl format and honor skips and mutes.
2. Fixed: The wrong default title was getting chosen for blu-ray discs.
3. Changed: The 'Subtitles' on screen display (OSD) choice no longer appears for videos with no subtitles.
4. Fixed: Right in a details list in Theater View would go to the next item (only applies to build 15).
5. Fixed: Cover Art > Get From Internet was not working properly for television shows that were ripped from a DVD.
6. Fixed: Hulu and Netflix weren't working in Theater View.

17.0.15 (10/11/2011)
1. NEW: MC handles audio video format change (MPEG-2, H.264, AC3, AAC etc.) during channel changes so DVB-T2 channels can be played.
2. Fixed: Configuring television tuner (clicking Configure button with selected tuner device) would cause MC to hang.
3. Fixed: Certain blu-ray titles could stall out with a black screen when starting playback (title scanning bug).
4. Changed: Carnac won't change capitalization when a value already uses title case.
5. Changed: Carnac better understands series ranges like "Curb Your Enthusiasm S4E1-6".
6. Changed: Carnac does a better job with miniseries that have episode values but no season.
7. Fixed: The new option to show a search at the file level in Theater View didn't work properly with nested views.
8. Changed: Tuned Theater View thumbnail aspect ratio and sizing.
9. Changed: Television series images are stored like artist images so that per-episode thumbnails can still be used.
10. Changed: Revised the message shown when registering / testing a Library Server.
11. Changed: Media subtype on ripped movies is set to "TV Show" rather than "Movie" if there are several shorter titles.
12. Fixed: Each database load would unnecessarily resave mediafiles.jmd (harmless but slow).
13. Changed: Expressions support &DataType=[Integer] to specify that the output should be treated as an integer.
14. Changed: Pushing right on the right-most thumbnail in a list in Theater View goes to the first thumbnail on the next row.

17.0.14 (10/10/2011)
1. Fixed: Theater View could crash when navigating around.
2. Changed: Carnac improvements.
3. Fixed: In certains cases, the user could remove files from the library but they would show up again at next program startup.
4. Changed: Cover Art > Get From Internet for a television program uses
5. Changed: Cover Art for telelvision shows will assume that there's one image per series (like music tracks assume there is one image per album).
6. Changed: Theater View uses a thumbnail aspect ratio designed for poster aspect ratios for movie and television show views.
7. Changed: When arrowing around a television program view, backdrops load as the selection changes instead of only after entering a series.

17.0.13 (10/7/2011)
1. Changed: Improved Carnac's date parsing system so that it can better detect dates in image and video filenames like "20100901113923.mpg" or "My Camera 2010-03-01 Dump.avi".
2. Fixed: Years could display with a decimal point.
3. Changed: At completion of playback of a blu-ray title, a dialog is shown allowing user to pick another title to play.
4. Fixed: If a cover art folder was set to a missing UNC path, it could lead to a hang.

17.0.12 (10/7/2011)
1. Changed: IsMissing(...) expression will handle special-case filenames like Blu-ray, DVD, etc. when used without a parameter like IsMissing(). When used like IsMissing(some value), the exact value specified be tested.
2. Fixed: Library Server client could have incorrect thumbnails in certain cases.
3. Fixed: Selecting "Delete" on a blu-ray title in the library now actually deletes the blu-ray files as well as the database entry if requested.
4. Fixed: The file system manager could fail to detect an optical drive.
5. Fixed: Playback of DVD on Android using Gizmo was not working properly in some cases.
6. Changed: Added extra logging to help troubleshoot a startup freeze issue.

17.0.11 (10/6/2011)
1. Changed: "Get Movie Info" searches all sources and presents the results in a shared list instead of requiring the user to pick a single source.
2. Changed: When Media Center 17 runs, if a copy of Media Center 16 is running, it silently closes it and clears the flag to run on Windows startup.
3. Changed: Bitstreaming of DSD over ASIO honors the DSD bitstreaming setting in Options > Video > Bitstreaming.

17.0.10 (10/6/2011)
1. NEW: Carnac auto-tagging engine that fills in missing tag information from the filename and other known information about media (used on import, Fill Properties From Filename, and Update Library (from tags)).
2. Fixed: The television program guide in Standard View could incorrectly be empty.
3. Fixed: A Library Server client machine would not auto-upgrade settings when coming from v16.
4. Fixed: The upgrade from v16 could auto-upgrade the library if it was in a non-default location (instead of making a separate copy).
5. Changed: The option to install a quick launch icon is no longer offered on Vista and newer.
6. Changed: Removed MediaSubType(...) expression. Instead, use the standard [Media Sub Type] field which is filled by Carnac.
7. Changed: Blu-ray title selection now works right away instead of having to restart playback. OSD title switching also works.
8. Fixed: Blu-ray title selection menu now filters out titles that were simple loops with a static graphic image.
9. Changed: Red October uses the latest LAV filters (v0.37).
10. Fixed: Virtual Box container shares could think that mapped drives were unavailable.
11. Fixed: The AMG link on the link bar was not searching artists properly.
12. Fixed: Wikipedia movie lookup would not get the image in some cases.
13. Changed: Media Center 17 will show an error message and not run if Media Center 16 is running.
14. Changed: When Media Center 17 enters server mode, it removes the setting to run on Windows startup from v16.

17.0.9 (10/5/2011)
1. NEW: Theater View offers a nicer television guide browsing experience (grid-style view, search, etc.).
2. Faster: Numerous improvements to help the speed of dealing with television program guides (sorting, searching, etc.).
3. NEW: Television program guide views in Theater View show backdrops (from TheTVDB, etc.) for television shows.
4. NEW: It's possible to subscribe to television programs from Theater View.
5. NEW: Added baseline support for image/mpo (3d) files. Should allow them to be sent over DLNA.
6. Changed: cue/bin audio files over DLNA are now supported. Conversion is required (always or when necessary).
7. NEW: Added ability to say "Show search at file level" to any Theater View library view.
8. NEW: Blu-ray movies now show a "Title" option on the menu which allows selecting from different titles on the disc. Currently playback must be restarted after selecing a title.
9. Changed: Theater View file image no longer appears with a default image when a file has no artwork.

17.0.8 (9/30/2011)
1. Fixed: Directory creation could fail.

17.0.7 (9/30/2011)
1. NEW: Scanning DVB-T digital channels will correctly find HD (DVB-T2) channels.
2. NEW: Added support for iTunSMPB for gapless playback of MP3 files encoded with iTunes (iTunSMPB was already supported for AAC files).
3. NEW: Added expression function IfElse(...) for performing a sequence of tests. Allows rewriting If(t1, r1, If(t2, r2, If(t3, r3))) as IfElse(t1, r1, t2, r2, t3, r3).
4. Fixed: Parametric Equalizer could fail to save changes in some cases.
5. NEW: Added expression function TVInfo(Channel) to display the channel name for a television program.
6. Changed: Default sorting for television guide programs in a library view uses time and then channel name.
7. NEW: Added a view category type called 'Special' to allow special-case groupings (currently used by television views).
8. Changed: Search language supports date ranges better, including something like [Date]=1980-10y that means "1980 to 1980 plus 10 years".
9. Changed: The search language considers #TVGuideStartDate a number equal to the current time rounded down to the nearest half-hour.
10. Changed: Expression fields that specify a data type with "&DateType=[...]" at the end of the expression work more nicely.
11. Changed: Added search field [TVTime]= that looks at both the start and end time of a program so filtering programs by date only requires one search rule ( ie. [TVTime]=#TVGuideStartDate-24h ).

17.0.6 (9/27/2011)
1. Changed: In digital television the generic Network Provider filter is tried before trying network specific Network Provider filter. Should be an internal change only but please report any problems you notice.
2. Changed: DVB-T digital TV channel scanning will use scanning frequency if the frequency parsed out of the transport stream differs too much from the scanning frequency.
3. Changed: Switched ListCombine(...) to default to "; " for the output delimiter so that combined lists use a space by default to better match other parts of the program.
4. Fixed: VOB playback with no accompanying IFO was not working properly.
5. NEW: DVD playback works over Library Server (plays only the main title, without menus or trailers).
6. Changed: Action Window > Camera provides better user messaging when searching for cameras, and finds and displays cameras more quickly.
7. Fixed: VOB subtitle streams that were resized independently of the movie could appear in the wrong location.
8. Fixed: JRSS downmixing could have too high of an output level.
9. NEW: File system manager that better handles missing drives and network files, so that files that are temporarily unavailable won't slow the program (the Windows API gets very slow with missing network files).

17.0.5 (9/19/2011)
1. NEW: Added default calculated field 'Orientation' that's filled with Lanscape, Portrait, or Square for image files.
2. Changed: Added expression function Orientation() (used by #1).
3. NEW: Added expression function Compare(...) (example: Compare([Bitrate], >, 256))
4. Changed: Panes don't show a forced scrollbar when not needed when using Left or Right alignment.
5. Changed: Expanded decade search support to include 90's (so these work: '90s 90s 90's).
6. Changed: Tuned the sizing of movie tooltips to be less aggressive.
7. NEW: The library view option to disable tree selection works nicely with child views.
8. Changed: Tree auto-expand automatically expands a library view that has child library views.
9. Changed: Changed a lot of branding and artwork from J. River to JRiver.

17.0.4 (9/16/2011)
1. Changed: After tagging Media Center explicitly sets the last modified time of the tagged file instead of assuming the file system will do it automatically (because network file systems are sometimes slow to update automatically).
2. Changed: Using mc2xml for television guide data is easier.
3. Fixed: When a file previously marked as bad was later imported, it would not have its name filled automatically.
4. Fixed: Having the auto-import option to 'Update for external changes' disabled could (still) lead to problems with files that were marked as bad.
5. NEW: High definition DSD audio can be bitstreamed using ASIO to outboard DACs that support DSD.
6. Changed: Updated the ASIO engine to use the latest ASIO SDK (the latest, v2.2).
7. Changed: When bitstreaming, the audio engine circumvents any conversion to and from 64-bit (which is lossless but still takes processing resources).
8. Fixed: Random-type smartlists were not refreshing properly when browsing with DLNA.
9. Fixed: The option "Keep only x episodes" of television subscription recordings did not work (no recordings were ever deleted).
10. Changed: Red October uses LAV CUVID 0.13.
11. Changed: Removed the 'No Results' item that shows in the search suggestion box when there are no suggestions.
12. Changed: Improvements to search suggestion engine (better number handling, tuning to suggestions, etc.).
13. Changed: Added support for typing a decade in the search box like '90s or 90s.
14. Changed: Year-only dates will have an empty day and month instead of 'January' and '1' as the values.
15. Faster: Optimized how searches that don't specify a field work so that they better ignore fields that are not used by the library, not applicable to the media type of files in the view, etc.
16. Changed: More stock fields are default search fields (most all text fields are now searched by default).
17. Changed: Stock fields don't use the 'Default search field' option, but instead rely on rules in the source code.

17.0.3 (9/13/2011)
1. Changed: Red October uses LAV 0.35 filters.
2. Fixed: Zooming into the selected thumbnail would not work properly if the scroll position was at the top of the list.
3. Fixed: The Theater View file info panel option to hide empty values did not work properly for the rating field.
4. Changed: Improved DVB-T channel scanning for UK and other European countries.
5. Changed: Auto-import works better with removed and bad files when the options to 'Update for external changes' and 'Fix broken links' are disabled.
6. Changed: Doing 'Update Library (from tags)' on a file in the bad database will move the file out of the bad location into the main database if it succeeds.
7. Fixed: Screen grabbing of videos wouldn't work properly for some types.

17.0.2 (9/13/2011)
1. Faster: Improved performance of core database engine (string searches about 15% faster for example).
2. Faster: Revised storage format used in mediafiles.jmd to be more efficient, resulting in faster database loading (it's not uncommon for mediafiles.jmd to be over 50x smaller).
3. Fixed: Closing the Smartlist editor while a drop box was open showing its content could lead to a crash.
4. Fixed: Rotten Tomatoes JSON parsing could hang when it encountered escaped quotation marks.
5. Fixed: Movies weren't showing up under genre categories for Netflix in Theater View (Netflix had changed their genres).
6. Fixed: DVD bookmark loading wasn't working in some cases.
7. Fixed: List style customization could present the wrong choices when using tree navigation of library views.
8. Changed: Red October will use EVR as the default renderer when it is available on XP (instead of VMR 9).
9. Changed: Software deinterlacing is disabled when using EVR in favor of the hardware-based deinterlacing that EVR provides.
10. Fixed: Some WMV videos (for example the Windows 7 sample video Wildlife.wmv) wouldn't play on Android.
11. Changed: The choice to rip a dvd as well as play the dvd is now presented when a DVD disc is inserted in the drive.
12. Changed: Separate entries for "Other Video", "Ripped BD Video", and "Ripped DVD Video" file locations.
13. NEW: Blu-ray disc ripping. Same requirements as for disc playback: must have Blu-ray reader software installed.
14. Changed: Media subtype of "Movie" is automatically set on all DVD/BD rips.
15. Fixed: When DVD and BD discs were swapped in and out of the drive several times, a Media Center crash could occur.
16. Changed: Nicer view header info when viewing BD & DVD discs.
17. Changed: DVD/BD rips bring up "Get Movie Info" dialog after clicking the Rip button if no meta-data has been entered for the movie.
18. Changed: When the media insertion dialog pops up for a DVD/BD and "Rip" is chosen, the rip action window appears and user can modify the movie name instead of the rip starting up immediately.
19. Fixed: Files that got imported while they were in the process of downloading or copying could get stuck in the 'bad database' location.
20. Changed: Media Center is better at automatically selecting forced subtitle streams in videos.
21. Fixed: DLNA. A change made in 16.0.111 caused MC to return a slightly different URL in status calls than was originally provided by MC's DLNA server (when the same instance of MC was being used as the server and renderer). This caused undesirable behavior for some control points (i.e. PlugPlayer).
22. Changed: Red October nicely handles the case where video acceleration with DXVA or LAV CUVID is supported by the decoder but not the renderer (previously playback would fail in this case).
23. Changed: Internal change on how the television time-shifting player graph is created.
24. Changed: Some experimental code and additional logging for DVB-T television channel scanning.

17.0.1 (8/31/2011)
1. NEW: First build of v17.