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16.0.181 (10/18.2011)
1. Fixed: Missing digital signature

16.0.180 (10/07/2011)
1. Fixed: DVB-T digital TV channel scanning could get wrong frequency for certain channels with certain devices.
2. Changed: Red October uses the latest LAV filters (v0.37).
3. Fixed: Playback of DVD on Android using Gizmo was not working properly in some cases.
4. Changed: Reverted this change from 16.0.152: Media Network, updated user agent header to be more standard.

16.0.179 (9/28/2011)
1. Fixed: Parametric Equalizer could fail to save changes in some cases.

16.0.178 (9/26/2011)
1. Changed: In digital television the generic Network Provider filter is tried before trying network specific Network Provider filter. Should be internal change only but please report any problems you notice.
2. Fixed: VOB playback with no accompanying IFO was not working properly.
3. Fixed: VOB subtitle streams that were resized independently of the movie could appear in the wrong location.
4. Fixed: JRSS downmixing could have too high of an output level.

16.0.177 (9/16/2011)
1. Changed: Improved DVB-T channel scanning for UK and other European countries.
2. Fixed: The option "Keep only x episodes" of television subscription recordings did not work (no recordings were ever deleted).
3. Fixed: Random-type smartlists were not refreshing properly when browsing with DLNA.
4. Changed: Red October uses LAV CUVID 0.13.

16.0.176 (9/15/2011)
1. Fixed: When a file previously marked as bad was later imported, it would not have its name filled automatically.
2. Fixed: Having the auto-import option to 'Update for external changes' disabled could (still) lead to problems with files that were marked as bad.

16.0.175 (9/13/2011)
1. Changed: Red October uses LAV 0.35 filters.
2. Fixed: Zooming into the selected thumbnail would not work properly if the scroll position was at the top of the list.
3. Fixed: The Theater View file info panel option to hide empty values did not work properly for the rating field.
5. Changed: Auto-import works better with removed and bad files when the options to 'Update for external changes' and 'Fix broken links' are disabled.
6. Changed: Doing 'Update Library (from tags)' on a file in the bad database will move the file out of the bad location into the main database if it succeeds.
7. Fixed: Screen grabbing of videos wouldn't work properly for some types.
8. Changed: After tagging Media Center explicitly sets the last modified time of the tagged file instead of assuming the file system will do it automatically (because network file systems are sometimes slow to update automatically).

16.0.174 (9/12/2011)
1. Fixed: Files that got imported while they were in the process of downloading or copying could get stuck in the 'bad database' location.
2. Changed: Media Center is better at automatically selecting forced subtitle streams in videos.
3. Fixed: DLNA. A change made in 16.0.111 caused MC to return a slightly different URL in status calls than was originally provided by MC's DLNA server (when the same instance of MC was being used as the server and renderer). This caused undesirable behavior for some control points (i.e. PlugPlayer).
4. Changed: Red October nicely handles the case where video acceleration with DXVA or LAV CUVID is supported by the decoder but not the renderer (previously playback would fail in this case).
5. Changed: All files & folders are now copied from Blu-ray discs during a rip, rather than just the BDMV files.
6. Changed: If a Blu-ray reader isn't available on the system, an informative error message is now displayed when a rip is attempted.
7. Changed: Internal change on how television time-shifting player graph is created.
8. Changed: Some experimental code and additional logging for DVB-T television channel scanning.

16.0.173 (9/9/2011)
1. Fixed: MadVR wasn't always getting loaded in Red October mode.

16.0.172 (9/9/2011)
1. Changed: File locations dialog now has separate entries for "Other Video", "Ripped BD Video", and "Ripped DVD Video".
2. Fixed: Disc was not ejecting following a DVD or BD rip, even though option was selected.
3. Changed: In the rip action window, pressing the ENTER key after typing a name for a DVD/BD disc will commence the ripping process.
4. Changed: When ripping DVD/BD discs, if the rip destination folder already contains files, the user is prompted on whether it's ok to overwrite them prior to starting the rip.

16.0.171 (9/8/2011) 1. Fixed: DLNA. A change made in 16.0.111 caused MC to return a slightly different URL in status calls than was originally provided by MC's DLNA server (when the same instance of MC was being used as the server and renderer). This caused undesirable behavior for some control points (i.e. PlugPlayer).
2. NEW: Blu-ray disc ripping. Same requirements as for disc playback: must have ANYDVD HD or other Blu-ray reader software installed.
3. Changed: Media subtype of "Movie" is automatically set on all DVD/BD rips.
4. Fixed: When DVD and BD discs were swapped in and out of the drive several times, a Media Center crash could occur.
5. Changed: Nicer view header info when viewing BD & DVD discs.
6. Changed: DVD/BD rips bring up "Get Movie Info" dialog after clicking the Rip button if no meta-data has been entered for the movie.
7. Changed: When the media insertion dialog pops up for a DVD/BD and "Rip" is chosen, the rip action window appears allowing the user to modify the movie name rather than having the rip start up immediately.

16.0.170 (9/2/2011)
1. Fixed: Some WMV videos (for example the Windows 7 sample video Wildlife.wmv) wouldn't play on Android.
2. Changed: Red October will use EVR as the default renderer when it is available on XP (instead of VMR 9).
3. Changed: Software deinterlacing is disabled when using EVR in favor of the hardware-based deinterlacing that EVR provides.
4. Changed: The choice to rip a dvd as well as play the dvd is now presented when a DVD disc is inserted in the drive.

16.0.169 (9/1/2011)
1. Fixed: Movies weren't showing up under genre categories for Netflix in Theater View (Netflix had changed their genres).
2. Fixed: Closing the Smartlist editor while a drop box was open showing its content could lead to a crash.
3. Fixed: Rotten Tomatoes JSON parsing could hang when it encountered escaped quotation marks.
4. Fixed: DVD bookmark loading wasn't working in some cases.
5. Fixed: List style customization could present the wrong choices when using tree navigation of library views.
6. Fixed: Netflix TV series not adding to instant queue when requested (still have to restart MC before seeing them in the queue).

16.0.168 (8/31/2011)
1. Fixed: DVD playback wasn't working properly on Android (still).

16.0.167 (8/31/2011)
1. Fixed: DVD playback wasn't working properly on Android.

16.0.166 (8/31/2011)
Internal testing build.

16.0.165 (8/30/2011)
1. Fixed: WVC-1 content could have an unknown video codec listed in the compression info field (use Update Library from Tags to update existing files).
2. Changed: Red October video converter uses LAV CUVID when possible.
3. Changed: Red October video converter (Gizmo, etc.) supports the Microsoft MPEG decoder.
4. NEW: Ripped DVD plays to Android devices.

16.0.164 (8/29/2011)
1. Changed: Added the ability to put a graphic under the option buttons in the player window in a Standard View skin (Playerbar\OptionButtonsBackground).
2. Changed: Added support for more view header skin colors so the header and body can use different color schemes (HeaderTextColor, HeaderHotTextColor, ActiveTabTextColor).
3. NEW: Bad / corrupt files get imported to a special database location so that the files won't get analyzed over and over with each import (smartlist ~d=b shows files).
4. Fixed: Showing the import dialog could crash in rare cases.

16.0.163 (8/26/2011)
1. Fixed: The 'Language' on screen display was not working for DVD playback.
2. Fixed: When starting DVD playback, a portion of the display could be cut off in some cases.
3. Changed: Red October Standard uses the Microsoft video decoder for WVC-1 content.
4. NEW: DSP Studio shows the source and internal audio formats on the bottom of the dialog.

16.0.162 (8/26/2011)
Internal testing build.

16.0.161 (8/25/2011)
1. Fixed: Possible memory over read from a corrupt or specially crafted registry setting.
2. Faster: Evaluating the same regex over and over in an expression is much faster.
4. NEW: Added Rotten Tomatoes as a possible data source to the Lookup Movie dialog.
5. NEW: Added string field 'Critic Rating' for storing rating information, like a Rotten Tomato score.
6. Changed: Tuned size of view category editing dialog.
7. Changed: Automatic media sub type guessing used in Theater View assumes WTV files are television.
8. Changed: Removed unneeded "(root)" label shown on location panes with no base path.
9. Chagned: Removed the > symbols between drop-down pane items in the view header.

16.0.160 (8/25/2011)
1. Changed: Removed rotation from cover art in Theater View's Playing Now.
2. Changed: Tuned positioning and timing of instructions shown for Theater View and Display View.
3. Fixed: Subtitles would not work properly after a seek (only applies to build 159).
4. Changed: Video playback has a forced position update two seconds after playback starts to (hopefully) solve black screen issues that can arise with certain file plus renderer combinations.
5. Changed: Resuming video playback in full screen after the screensaver was shown while pauses wouldn't always close the running screensaver.
6. Fixed: Using an expression in a search (or pane) that included certain special characters could cause the search engine to fail to parse the search.
7. Fixed: A rare crash when loading a view that used an expression that used special characters.

16.0.159 (8/24/2011)
1. Fixed: Empty numeric searches were not working (only applies to 158).
2. Fixed: Regular expressions were not working (only applies to 158).
3. Fixed: Some math functions would not work properly in expressions (only applies to 158).
4. Changed: The mute state of a zone will not be cleared on startup if "Options > Startup > Optimize volume for best sound quality" is not checked.
5. Fixed: Naming two Theater View library items the same could cause problems.

16.0.158 (8/23/2011)
1. Fixed: The expression language could fail to parse some expressions properly due to changes in 16.0.157.
2. NEW: Added an optional flags parameter to the Regex(...) expression function. Use the flag "1" to perform case sensitive matching.
3. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks to Johnny B).
4. Faster: Optimizations to core database search engine. Long searches can be 10 or more times faster to execute.
5. Fixed: Panes weren't working properly with dates before 1900.
6. Changed: Audio stream selection for videos will preserve the default selection made by a splitter if the language of the selection matches the user's language selection in Media Center's options.
7. Changed: Minor tweak to how playback checks for file system permissions and ownership when starting playback.
8. NEW: DSP Studio > Parametric Equalizer has two user channels that can be used to hold temporary data. For example, you could combine Left and Right into User 1, equalize User 1, and then add the result to the Subwoofer.
9. NEW: Subtitles are fully supported when converting for Gizmo (sizing, position, and subtitle selection honor playback settings).

16.0.157 (8/22/2011)
1. Fixed: DVD playback could start with a black screen.
2. Fixed: Expressions using /# #/ to mark unescaped text could still have certain characters get escaped.
3. Changed: Renamed expression function RegexSearch(...) to Regex(...).
4. Changed: Regex(...) captures for the last run Regex(...) are accessible with variables [R1], [R2], up to [R9].
5. Changed: Regex(...) can be used to perform a test by setting the last parameter to 0 (the default) and it will return 0 or 1.
6. Changed: Regex(...) uses case insensitive regular expression matching.
7. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks to Dominique COMET).
8. Changed: Reduced how likely Play Doctor is to use the same file again when it's been used recently.
9. Fixed: The space bar and backspace key are routed to the search when using the search in Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu in Theater View.
10. Fixed: Pressing the space bar could cause two spaces to be output in Theater View > Gadgets > Search.
11. Fixed: Returning from Playing Now to a zoomed in file info panel in Theater View could show a remnant of a list.
12. Changed: Updated to LAV 0.33 filters with Red October (fixes a possible crash with PCM audio).
13. Changed: When pausing or unpausing playback, the system sleep and display timers are reset.
14. Changed: The screensaver is allowed while fullscreen playback is paused.
15. Faster: Improved performance of search engine when dealing with very long searches.

16.0.156 (8/19/2011)
1. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters 0.32.
2. NEW: The expression language supports putting strings (like regular expressions, etc.) in comment blocks like /#Text/# to remove the need to do escapement.
3. Fixed: On a multi-monitor system Options > Video > Display Settings could save a different setting than selected.
4. Fixed: Right-click 'Reset Selection' on an individual pane would not update the other panes properly.
5. Fixed: Trying to play a DRM protected WMV video with no rights could cause a crash.
6. Fixed: Using MC16.exe /MCC 22001,2 would not always work reliably.
7. Fixed: Scrolling down in a Theater View grid-style list would not always loop to the last row when pushing down.
8. Changed: Browsing back into a smartlist on Gizmo or a DLNA device will reevaluate the search (may depend on device caching).
9. Fixed: When drilling into a category thumbnail list, the scroll position of the new list could be strange.
10. Faster: Improved the layout performance of the core list / tree UI component used everywhere in the program.

16.0.155 (8/18/2011)
1. Changed: When a file type that's normally a video has its media type set to audio (normally because it doesn't contain a video stream), it will be played with the audio engine instead of playing as a video with no display.
2. Changed: LAV Audio decoder is used for WTV files when possible (may cause WTV playback to fail until the next build when LAV will be updated).
3. Fixed: Issuing an image playback command from the web service while audio was playing and images were already showing could cause the view mode to toggle.
4. NEW: Reworked how pane filtering works when 'Filter in both directions' is enabled so that each pane is filtered by all other panes and the order filters are applied does not matter (feedback welcome).
5. NEW: Added RegexSearch(...) expression function that allows using regular expressions to parse any value.
6. Fixed: Possible Red October video converter crash when seeking Gizmo / WebPlay (hopefully, please provide a log if problems persist).

16.0.154 (8/17/2011)
1. Fixed: Red October video conversion could show a distorted picture in some cases.
2. Changed: Updated to a custom build of ffdshow that better supports the Red October video encoder ( code change publicly documented here: ).
3. Changed: Tuned quality of Red October video converter so that the output looks better on Android phones and tablets.
4. NEW: Added DSP Studio > Output Format resampling mode 'Only sources less than 44,100 Hz'.
5. Changed: DSP Studio > Output Format disables the resampling mode selection when doing AC3 output.
6. Fixed: The messaging in the right-click menu for screen grab being unavailable with madVR wasn't clear.
7. Changed: Chapters are disabled when playing a video that has a playback range (previously chapters could interfere with the playback range).
8. Changed: Renamed 'Store in file tags' to 'Save in file tags' on the library field dialog to make the naming more consistent with the field filter selections.
9. NEW: Subtitle shift and size can be set per file, and settings will be saved between plays and runs.
10. Changed: Mouse panning with click-n-drag and mouse zooming with the mouse wheel works with Ctrl or Shift pressed (previously each required one of the two keys, and the keys were different).
11. Changed: Reworked how the 3D drawing redraw mechanism works to hopefully fix an issue where timers could get starved and not run due to the drawing (feedback welcome).
12. NEW: The 'Virtual Subwoofer' effect sounds better (includes Subclarity, steeper roll-off, and better clip-prevention).

16.0.153 (8/15/2011)
1. NEW: Red October video conversion allows fast seeking to any part of the video with WebPlay (on the desktop or Android).

16.0.152 (8/15/2011)
1. Fixed: The search shortcut for the 'Screewriter' field had a typo.
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: Some view header buttons did not get translated when running in a language other than English.
4. Fixed: DLNA: removed all SSDP notify message responses. Was breaking some renderers.
5. Changed: Media Network, updated user agent header to be more standard.

16.0.151 (8/12/2011)
1. NEW: Added the ability to lookup movie information from TMDb ( The tool "Lookup Movie Info From Wikipedia" is now "Lookup Movie Info".
2. Changed: Integrated the J. River audio converter into the Red October video encoder instead of using the audio converter as a discrete filter for better performance.
3. Changed: The Red October video converter supports videos that do not contain audio.
4. Changed: Red October video conversion handles frame rate conversion better.
5. Changed: Red October video conversion uses volume normalization when converting.
6. Fixed: DLNA, remove superfluous response to reception of a NOTIFY SSDP message. Was crashing some renderers.
7. Fixed: Audio stutter during television channel change in certain audio output modes.
8. Faster: The core web service engine (MCWS) used by Library Server, DLNA, etc. is more multi-threaded, improving server response times.
9. Changed: Red October video converter better supports mid-stream audio format changes.
10. NEW: Red October video conversion is used for DLNA when using the MPEG2/DVD video format. Allows playback of Blu-ray, JTV, and most any other video on a PS3, WDTVLive, etc.
11. Faster: Red October video conversion uses LAV CUVID when possible for decoding for faster conversion.
12. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks to Dominique COMET).

16.0.150 (8/10/2011)
1. NEW: New video conversion engine that uses Red October for decoding and works with Blu-ray, TV, etc. (currently used by WebPlay for video playback, but more areas of the program will follow).
2. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks to Dominique COMET).

16.0.149 (8/9/2011)
1. Changed: The view header for a panes view will show the view name in the view header instead of 'Panes'.
2. Changed: When the tree is hidden, the view header menu includes the same 'Library Views' submenu as is in the View menu of the program (a separate breadcrumb is no longer displayed when the tree is hidden).
3. Fixed: RemoveCharacters(...) expression with mode 0 was not removing character occurrences from inside the string.
4. Changed: Added mode 3 to RemoveCharacters(...) to remove characters from the front and end of the value.
5. Changed: For accessing Netflix content, Media Center now uses '' in the URL rather than '' when the computer's locale is set to Canada.
6. Fixed: When grouping numeric values like date, both empty and unassigned could appear in a list.
7. Changed: By default the Wikipedia language will track the currently selected language in the program (but can still be customized in Options > Services).
8. Fixed: Television playback was broken (video displayed in a separate window) when EVR was not used (build 148 only).
9. Fixed: The bitrate displayed in the player area during playback could be doubled the actual bitrate for HE-AAC files.
10. NEW: Add alternative way of specifying and receiving AlbumArtist and Performer in DLNA.
11. Fixed: Digital ATSC television channel scan could produce channels with wrong physical channel values with some tuner devices.

16.0.148 (8/5/2011)
1. NEW: Added expression function RemoveCharacters([value], [characters to remove], [mode]).
2. Changed: The core function that validates and fixes filenames removes double-slashes.
3. Changed: When editing the filename field by hand, the user-entered filename will be cleaned before attempting to apply the filename (previously the change would fail and the value would be reverted).
4. Changed: Transparency for glass-style skins is supported in the player bar display area (updated Noire Glass as an example).
5. NEW: Playback range is supported for video playback.
6. Fixed: When using the Vista / Windows 7 system volume method, the volume would not bind to the proper sound card line in some cases when starting playback until after audio was playing, making it so volume protection could update the volume for the wrong zone.
7. Changed: When using internal volume, the volume display will both the volume percentage and also the decibel value.
8. Fixed: When switch from HD to SD television channel (or vice versa) the video aspect ratio could stay incorrect for a few seconds.
9. Changed: The language of SRT is decoded from the filename when possible so that the user's subtitle settings can be applied for SRT subtitles the same as for internal subtitles.

16.0.147 (8/4/2011)
1. Changed: By default, FSAA is disabled for all Intel graphics cards due to bugs with the Sandy Bridge drivers ( ). Settings can be manually configured in Options > General > Video Card.
2. Changed: Image playback draws error information on the screen when it fails to create a 3D device (as opposed to showing a black screen).
3. Changed: User decoder selection and hardware acceleration get used before using madVR's internal video decoding.
4. Changed: Disabled write-behind caching when saving database files to make the database more resilient against hardware crashes.
5. Changed: With 'Hardware accelerate video decoding when possible', DXVA will be used with EVR or VMR9 (previously only used with EVR).
6. Changed: In DSP Studio, clicking a checkbox will not switch what plugin is selected if the control keyboard button is pressed while clicking.
7. Changed: Revised television playback video positioning to use a threading model that more closely matches regular video playback (to hopefully fix madVR stalls).
8. Changed: Added logging to the VMR 9 subtitle overlay drawer to help troubleshoot subtitle problems.
9. Fixed: YouTube support was not working due to YouTube server changes.

16.0.146 (8/3/2011)
1. Changed: Digital television graph building uses direct connection (not allowing intermediate filters) whenever it is sensible to do so. This will prevent unwanted filters from jumping in and causing crashes.
2. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code, and to remove any orphan strings.
3. Changed: An optical Blu-ray disk will not get reanalyzed (which could revert the name to Blu-ray Movie) when reinserted.
4. Fixed: The program was not asking for optical discs by name when trying to play an imported disc that wasn't in any drive (only applies to last few builds).
5. NEW: Added Options > Video > Hardware accelerate video decoding when possible. It will try LAV CUVID (requires nVidia card), and also DXVA (requires EVR renderer instead of madVR).

16.0.145 (8/2/2011)
1. Changed: Removed the Subtitles > On / Off menu choice that would appear for videos with no subtitles (ffdshow didn't specify if subtitles existed, but the internal subtitle engine solves this).
2. Fixed: When image or video playback was started while in Display View (from a script, SDK, etc.) the display could unexpectedly jump out of Display View.
3. Changed: Moved 'Display Settings...' popup dialog options into the main program options (Options > Tree & View > Full Screen).
4. Fixed: Switching subtitles while playing could cause a crash in rare cases.
5. NEW: Added Options > Video > Subtitle size (changes size of text-based and image-based subtitles).
6. Changed: If connection between video decoder and renderer still fails after setting video decoder output format to RGB, Red October inserts Color Space Converter and tries connection again.
7. Changed: When madVR is configured to do video decoding, Red October HQ will try to connect to madVR without a video decoder first (video decoding in madVR disabled by default).
8. Changed: Updated to madVR 0.73.
9. NEW: Added Options > General > Show on screen instructions.
10. Faster: Theater View list scrolling using the arrow keys / remote is over 10 times faster.
11. NEW: Added DVD video burning.

16.0.144 (8/1/2011)
1. Fixed: The DVD menu button on the remote would not work while playing a DVD (only applies to the last few builds).
2. Fixed: Fast forwarding a DVD to the menu would leave the playback rate display stuck (only applies to the last few builds).
3. Changed: Improved performance of hardware accelerated drawing engine used by Theater View, image playback, etc. with devices that could stall when testing for device lost states.
4. Fixed: When starting an image slideshow, the caption (if enabled in Options > Images) would not appear for the first image.
5. Fixed: Blu-ray (PGS) subtitles that spanned multiple item blocks were not being decoded properly.
6. Changed: Added more logging to playlist saving to help troubleshoot a Rockbox upload problem.
7. Fixed: Resolutions not explicitly supported by the monitor would not work properly for auto-refresh rate changing.
8. Changed: Updated to newer ffdshow (7/31) which reverted a change which caused choppy performance on many video files.
9. Fixed: With the option 'Move center to front L/R' enabled, videos that used center-focused mixing could sound bad.

16.0.143 (7/29/2011)
1. Fixed: YouTube support was not working due to YouTube server changes.
2. Changed: Improved how the playback position display works so that it both appears smoother and uses fewer resources.
3. Changed: The merge of video and DVD playback code is finished. Please report any problems.
4. Changed: Revised the right-click menu layout for video / DVD playback.
5. Changed: Updated to version .31 of LAV audio and splitter directshow filters. LAV audio now handles DTS-WAV files nicely.
6. Changed: For ffdshow auto-config, we're now setting flag titled 'multiThread' to 1 as well as 'numThreads' to number of processors. May be needed since ffmpeg-mt was merged with libavcodec??
7. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
8. Changed: Video resolutions not explicitly supported by the display will still be listed in Options > Video > Display Settings.

16.0.142 (7/28/2011)
1. Changed: Revised threading used by video playback engine, with the goal of improving video startup time and solving madVR hangs / stalls.
2. NEW: Television recording option to specify the max number of episodes to keep for a particular subscription.
3. Internal: Merging of video and DVD playback engines (still a work in progress, DVD playback may be problematic for a few builds).

16.0.141 (7/27/2011)
1. Fixed: IR learning was not working properly.
2. Changed: Updated madVR to version v0.71 (fixes green tint in Red October HQ).
3. Fixed: Google Image click-detection was not working in some cases.
4. Changed: Tuning to instructions added in build 140 (only shown once per run, larger font size, better bubble sizing, etc.)
5. Changed: JRWorker will try to use EVR in thumbnail building if it is found on the computer. Previously JRWorker only tries to use EVR on Vista or higher OS's.
6. NEW: The sidecar subtitle selection will persist between plays, just like it does for stream-based subtitle selection.
7. NEW: When showing a message box in Display View when the last used user-interface mode was Theater View, the message box will be a Theater View style message instead of a Standard View style message.
8. Faster: Artist thumbnail views load much faster (previously switching to an artist view would wait while the cover art folder was analyzed but now this happens in a low-priority background thread; especially helpful if cover art is on a drive that spins down).
9. Changed: Display modes with an integer refresh rate of 23 or lower would not appear in Media Center.
10. NEW: When multiple playlists are selected in the tree, they can be deleted with a right-click.

16.0.140 (7/26/2011)
1. NEW: Added on screen instructions that appear when entering Theater View and Display View.
2. Fixed: Re-entering Theater View could crash in some cases.
3. Fixed: Red October playback could fail if a user installed an older Media Center build, then a new one, then an old one again. The filter pack could get out of sync.
4. Fixed: When simply dumping video graph info to a log file, Media Center could set a lock and attempt downloading a filter pack update.
5. Changed: When viewing a list of television recordings in Theater View from the same series, 'Watch' plays a single episode and 'Watch All' is offered to play all episodes (starting at the selected episode).

16.0.139 (7/25/2011)
1. Changed: Updated madVR to version v0.70.

16.0.138 (7/25/2011)
1. Fixed: Updated handler for Google Images so that setting cover art, downloading images, etc. works with the latest Google Images page format.
2. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks to Jean-Guy Paquette).
3. NEW: Updated madVR to version v0.69 (which brings back the improved VideoClock performance when using madVR).
4. NEW: Updated the ffdshow used by Red October to the latest version.
5. Changed: Video width and height are filled in during import time, with expectation that more accurate values may be found later at thumbnailing time. Previously we only fill in the values at thumbnailing time.
6. Changed: Added LAV Video Decoder to the Red October + Additional Filters white list.
7. Fixed: Playing files that could not be found would show an error and then could leave the player in an in-between state.
8. Changed: Merged and improved the playback error messaging for Access Control filtering, NTFS permissions issues, optical discs that aren't found, etc.
9. Changed: If FFDShow video decoder fails to connect to video renderer, a second attempt is made with FFDShow's output formats narrowed to RGB.
10. Changed: When building DirectShow graph for ms-dvr/wtv files, video renderer will be changed to default renderer only if the default is EVR, and the change will not be made when the graph is built for thumbnailing.
11. Fixed: Blu-ray (PGS) subtitles could have their red and blue color components switched.

16.0.137 (7/22/2011)
1. Fixed: Using VideoClock + EVR could cause playback to stall.
2. Changed: Export Playlist > Text File (delimited) uses UTF-8 instead of UTF-16.

16.0.136 (7/21/2011)
1. Fixed: Party Mode was allowing a user to switch libraries.
2. Fixed: If Theater View failed to create a 3D device (due to madVR exclusive mode, etc.) it could lead to a crash.
3. Changed: madVR is auto-configured when first installed or when upgraded by Red October (user configuration performed after that will be preserved).
4. Changed: When LAV CUVID fails to connect to a video format with Red October HQ, a different decoder will automatically be used (previously it could result in a playback error).
5. Fixed: When filters and other dependencies were updated, some old files from the previous install were not cleaned up.
6. Changed: Added support for more Sub Station Alpha (ASS/SSA) formatting.
7. Changed: When Blu-ray playback fails because a reader is not installed, a more helpful message is displayed.
8. Changed: Revised the default color lookup table used for VOB subtitles with no explicit color table.
9. Fixed: VOB and EVOB subtitles could be in the incorrect spot with some movies.

16.0.135 (7/21/2011)
1. Fixed: Extended ANSI characters could be read incorrectly (only applies to build 134).
2. Fixed: DVD playback from a UNC path was not working.

16.0.134 (7/20/2011)
1. Fixed: Text based subtitles were not working.
2. NEW: Added support for VMR9 to the J. River subtitle engine (quality may not look as good as with EVR or madVR when playing low resolution content due to limitations of VMR overlay drawing).
3. Fixed: Dolby Digital Plus bitstreaming was not working properly.
4. Changed: Improved error messaging for a few video playback error conditions.
5. Changed: Revised how video stopping works to be more efficient and to work better with madVR exclusive, VideoClock, etc.
6. Fixed: Gapless playback of HE-AAC files was not working properly.
7. NEW: Improved support for touch screen flick scrolling with Theater View.

16.0.133 (7/19/2011)
1. NEW: MC will show a warning popup when a user schedules too many television recordings to be handled by the available tuner devices.
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: The path combobox on the Import Single Folder page could be tricky to type in while the import was searching for the recommended folders that are shown in the drop box.
4. Fixed: Import would not always read tags (only applies to last few builds).
5. Fixed: Clicking on a library root on an empty library could cause a crash.
6. NEW: Added native support for MicroDVD .SUB files (naming must use [Name]*.sub and be next to the video or in a 'Sub', 'Subs', 'Subtitle' or 'Subtitles' subfolder).
7. Changed: Export Playlist > Text File (delimited) uses UTF-16 instead of ANSI for better international character support.
8. Changed: Export Playlist > HTML uses UTF-8 instead of ANSI for better international character support.
9. NEW: Added support for text-based UTF-8 subtitles that are embedded into a file.
10. Fixed: In some cases, text-based subtitles would fail to render.
11. Changed: Switched back to previous version of MadVR video renderer because of some instability in the .67 version.
12. Fixed: MC could not import tags nor play mp4/m4a files which did not conform to ISO specifications.

16.0.132 (7/18/2011)
1. NEW: Added native support for embedded VOB subs.
2. NEW: Added support for any number of external SRT subtitle files (naming must be [Name]*.srt where * is an identifier (or empty); if .srt files are in a subfolder the folder name must be 'Sub', 'Subs', 'Subtitle' or 'Subtitles').
3. NEW: Added native support for Enhanced VOB (EVOB) subtitles.
4. NEW: Updated to version .30 of LAV audio and splitter directshow filters.
5. NEW: Updated to version .67 of madVR video renderer filter.
6. NEW: VideoClock slaves the audio exactly to the refresh rate of madVR using IMadVRRefreshRateInfo instead of running a separate monitoring thread (better accuracy, better performance, and no need for a device that can cause problems with exclusive mode).
7. Fixed: Audio track selection on DVD sources wasn't always working when sending to dlna and handheld devices.

16.0.131 (7/15/2011)
1. NEW: Added native support for SSA, ASS, and ASS2 text-based subtitle formats.
2. NEW: Added native support for sidecar subtitle files using SRT or IDX+SUB.
3. NEW: The new subtitle engine allows choosing between multiple sidecar formats, languages inside the sidecar formats, and multiple streams from the right-click menu and/or on screen display.
4. Fixed: The J. River Subtitle Renderer could cause video to stall when first starting.
5. Fixed: The J. River Subtitle Renderer works better when switching subtitles on and off.

16.0.130 (7/13/2011)
1. NEW: Added J. River Subtitle engine, currently used with Red October for Blu-ray subtitles only ( more here: ).
2. Changed: Improved the generic playback problem message shown when playback fails (and added a link to the wiki when not in Theater View where a webpage would be unfriendly).
3. Changed: If playback of a video from Theater View failed, a playback problem message could be shown with a regular message box instead of a Theater View friendly message box.
4. Fixed: If a message box was shown right as Theater View was loading, it could render incorrectly.
5. Changed: Live television uses JRSS center-focused mixing for 2.0 to 5.1/7.1 conversion.

16.0.129 (7/11/2011)
1. Changed: BDMV import now analyzes the physical file so that compression information, frame rate, duration, etc. are gathered (use Update Library (from tags) on existing BDMV files).
2. Fixed: Bookmarking would not be used for videos with no duration.
3. Fixed: Pseudo-surround detector could false positive in some cases.
4. Fixed: Possible hang from a circular reference when a relational field contained stacked files.
5. Fixed: Improved performance of the database when it contains many relational fields.
6. Fixed: DLNA conversion to MPEG2/DVD with PS3 compat switch set wasn't working on the PS3.
7. Changed: Parametric Equalizer changes are saved as they are made instead of at shutdown (so a crash won't cause settings to be lost).
8. Changed: When editing Parametric Equalizer parameters, the changes are applied after a user stops making changes for a bit (so typing "200" won't first load "2" then "20" then "200").
9. Fixed: Options > Video > Bitstreaming could show the incorrect value.
10. Fixed: Right-click menu did not work properly when time-shifting on certain analog television tuners.
11. Changed: Only the most recent "New Media Action" dialog is shown.
12. Fixed: With certain subtitle settings, the default subtitle selection for some files could be incorrect.
13. Changed: Disabled auto-resume functionality for DLNA renderers (to return as an option later).

16.0.128 (7/8/2011)
1. Fixed: Subtitles could incorrectly default to on with some videos.
2. Changed: Refinement to the center-focus JRSS mixing used for 2.0 to 5.1 / 7.1 video playback that was introduced in 16.0.127.
3. Changed: Added MPC-HC video decoder to the white-list for Red October with additional filters.
4. Changed: Improved the pseudo 5.1 detector used by JRSS.
5. Fixed: Auto-import could import temporary files created while doing file conversion.
6. NEW: Red October HQ will use LAV CUVID when possible.

16.0.127 (7/7/2011)
1. NEW: Added Options > General > Resume playback using bookmarks. Available modes are Automatic, Never, and Ask.
2. Changed: Bookmarks are not used for videos that are shorter than 15 minutes.
3. NEW: Added support for JRSS 5.0 downmixing to 4.0 and 2.0.
4. Fixed: DTS WAV files would play as static.
5. Fixed: During conversion and handheld upload, the program could freeze for a couple of seconds while tagging was performed.
6. Changed: DLNA control track advancement is more robust, especially for devices that don't nicely support event subscriptions.
7. Fixed: WAV plugin was broken since build 122/123.
8. Changed: Updated libogg to 1.2.2 and libvorbis to 1.3.2
9. Changed: Improved JRSS 2.0 to 5.1 / 7.1 mixing engine when used with videos. Dialog is partially shifted from the main speakers to the center. Audio and music video playback still leaves the front mains untouched.
10. NEW: JRSS mixing detects pseudo 5.1 (2.0 content inside a 5.1 container) and upmixes it to 5.1 / 7.1.
11. Changed: Using oggenc 2.87.

16.0.126 (7/6/2011)
1. NEW: Added support for gapless AAC playback (requires iTunSMPB header).
2. NEW: Added native DFF and DSF file support. Output is as 64-bit PCM data with an 8:1 resample (normally 352800 Hz).
3. Fixed: Re-starting time-shifting after stopping time-shifting on digital television tuners could cause MC to crash.
4. Fixed: MC could crash in some instances when starting television in time-shifting mode.
5. Fixed: In certain cases customizing Theater View's layout could lead to a crash.
6. Fixed: Unnesting a Theater View library view could break navigation in certain cases.
7. Fixed: Import of some OGG files could hang.

16.0.125 (7/5/2011)
1. Changed: Improved internal volume mode handling for television playback.
2. Fixed: Right-click menu did not work properly for some analog television/video capture devices.
3. Fixed: 'Volume Protection' could incorrectly reduce the volume when starting playback if the previous track was not stopped before starting the new play.
4. Fixed: DVD aspect ratio could be incorrect.
5. Changed: Updated Russian translation file (thanks to Vladimir).
6. NEW: Added a video playback option to allow compensating for audio / video synchronization issues due to input lag, custom DSP processing, etc. (Options > Video > Advanced > A/V sync correction milliseconds).
7. Fixed: Analyzing audio with multiple files at a time could lead to a hang.
8. Fixed: Pressing TAB in an edit-style option could lead to unexpected results.
9. Faster: Improved performance of core audio engine.

16.0.124 (6/30/2011)
1. NEW: When controlling a DLNA device, if the device is turned off and later turned on, playback will resume. Allows picking a mix playlist and then turning a device on and off to control music without requiring additional user interaction.
2. Fixed: Some complex expressions could fail to save properly in the recent list of the 'Rename, Move, & Copy Files...' dialog.
3. Fixed: Options > Services listed YouTube playback bitrate twice.
4. Changed: If video playback is stopped near the end of the file (within 4%), no bookmark is saved.
5. Fixed: Theater View would not stay minimized properly when running external programs.
6. Changed: Reduced the maximum allowable primary buffering for DirectSound, Kernel Streaming, WaveOut, and WASAPI from 5 seconds to 1 second (500ms or less is recommended).
7. Fixed: Manufacturer name for JRService.exe was showing as "Unknown" in msconfig and other utilities for viewing services.
8. Changed: The DLNA server will not try to convert URL's in the database even if conversion is forced. This allows URL's (like streaming radio) to be played on devices that support it (like WDTV).
9. Changed: The TiVo server will not try to convert URL's in the database even if conversion is forced. This should allow mp3 URL's (like shoutcast) to be played. Needs testing.
10. Changed: Improved internal volume mode handling for video and DVD playback.

16.0.123 (6/29/2011)
The same as 16.0.122 (numbering error)

16.0.122 (6/29/2011)
1. Changed: Added handling of DTS-in-WAV files with a .wav extension so that they always get decoded instead of playing as noise (automatic decoding via LAV Audio hopefully coming soon).
2. Changed: Better error messages when encountering problems with certain analog television devices.
3. Faster: Faster video thumbnailing by about 35%.
4. Changed: Improved Red October system used when playing audio-only files with Directshow filters.
5. Faster: Faster video import by about 45%.
6. Fixed: Thumbnailing could cause the desktop to flicker.
7. Fixed: Rare crash when playing music while DLNA zones appeared and disappeared.
8. Fixed: The level of redirected bass from Room Correction could be too low.

16.0.121 (6/28/2011)
1. Fixed: Data file associations (like .exe) were being offered as possible capabilities in Windows File Type management, and would cause problems when associated with Media Center.
2. Fixed: Switched Red October MPEG-2 decoding when not using the Microsoft decoder to libavcodec due to libmpeg2 crashes on TS files.

16.0.120 (6/27/2011)
1. NEW: Purity is a new stock skin (thanks to Cristian Arellano for his excellent work).
2. NEW: The on screen display is drawn into madVR, making madVR exclusive mode work better.
3. Changed: Updated Red October HQ to use madVR 0.66.
4. Fixed: When starting video playback, the program could be unresponsive for about one second longer than necessary.
5. Changed: Minor correction in Chinese language file.
6. Fixed: Adding a file to a linked zone would unnecessarily resynchronize the zones to the beginning of the current song.
7. Fixed: With analyze audio enabled in Auto-Import, shutdown could take longer than expected in some cases.
8. Changed: Removed "Start digital television in time-shifting mode" option. Digital television will always start in time-shifting mode.
9. Fixed: The file system tree in Import > Auto-Import > Add... did not use the correct skinning colors.
10. NEW: Added Options > Theater View > Advanced > Turn off NumLock on load (useful for some remote keyboards where numlock causes troubles).

16.0.119 (6/24/2011)
1. Changed: When using Red October with additional filters, if a selected decoder will not connect, the standard Red October decoder will be used instead (previously playback would just fail).
2. Fixed: DLNA Push to WDTV renderers wasn't working. Broken since build 16.0.15
3. Changed: Right-click on a playing video always shows a 'Screen Grab' menu and when the commands aren't available (like with madVR, or when not paused with VMR), the menu contains an explanation.
4. Changed: Removed DVD option for ffdshow post processing (you can instead use FFDShow Raw as an additional filter if this is desired).
5. Fixed: If files were deleted from the database on a Library Server Client while a background library server sync was occurring, it could cause a crash.
6. Changed: More efficient loading / unloading of Red October filters.
7. Fixed: With Library Server authentication enabled, other copies of Media Center running on the network would not reliably discover the server.
8. Faster Television seeking (applies to recorded and time-shifted playback).

16.0.118 (6/23/2011)
1. SDK: The skinning engine supports selecting the view header background color when inactive by using ViewHeader::InactiveHeaderBackgroundColor in the skin.
2. Changed: Bitrate monitor filters no longer show in the custom filter list (they are managed by Red October instead).
3. Fixed: Time-shifted television playback did not honor advanced video filter selection.
4. Changed: Moved the submenu arrow on a menu to the left a little so that it doesn't look crowded on skins with a rounded menu selection graphic.
5. Fixed: The subwoofer controls could be disabled on DSP Studio > Output Format when using the new 2.1 output mode.
6. Changed: MC16.exe /MCC accepts the parameter formatting [value]:[zone index] for easier multi-zone usage. (i.e. MC16.exe /MCC 10020, 25:2)
7. Fixed: When switching input formats, the option to move the center channel to the front speakers could work incorrectly.

16.0.117 (6/22/2011)
1. Changed: Removed obsolete DVD option regarding usage of the bitrate monitors.
2. Changed: Cleaned up the video options.
3. Fixed: Merit-based video renderering would not always use the selected video renderer.
4. Fixed: Right-click 'Color Controls...' was not working for DVD playback.
5. Fixed: Positioning of video playback (with OSD or shift+drag) was not working.
6. Changed: Simplified how audio and video stream selection work when using the on screen display.
7. NEW: Added 'Playlists' column that can be added to any list to show the playlists that a file is in.

16.0.116 (6/21/2011)
1. NEW: Blu-ray importing / cataloging works more nicely ( ).
2. Fixed: In certain passages, JRSS surround channels could be biased towards the left.
3. Fixed: In some cases, the first video playback in a zone could fail to start with madVR.
4. Fixed: The EVR video renderer was not working nicely with build 115.
5. Changed: Removed obsolete video option regarding WMV acceleration (was only needed for old ATI cards when playing protected WMV).

16.0.115 (6/20/2011)
1. Fixed: Importing of Windows Media video did not get FPS field.
2. Fixed: Some AAC+ internet radio stations would not play.
3. Fixed: Some Windows Media ASX-based internet radio stations would not play.
4. Changed: Updated to new version of ffdshow (ffdshow_rev3882_20110613_clsid.exe).
5. Changed: Added stream selection to Windows Merit Based video playback.
6. Changed: In Display View, a status message is now displayed while filter components are being downloaded & installed.
7. Fixed: With the Media Network feature disabled in Options > General > Features, the Playing Now portion of the tree would not build correctly.
8. Changed: Video positioning happens in the video playback graph thread instead of the main thread (guess as to madVR hanging issue; please report results).
9. Changed: When using madVR, only YV12 color space output will be allowed (due to problems reported with NV12 color space converter in madVR).

16.0.114 (6/17/2011)
1. Changed: Improved high-precision display refresh rate monitoring in VideoClock so that it works better on multi-monitor systems, through hardware refresh rate changes, etc.
2. Fixed: Red October preset had the ffdshow subtitle options hidden.
3. Fixed: Red October preset was using the wrong ffdshow decoding thread count setting, resulting in reduced performance on some computers.
4. Fixed: Thumbnails for some videos could be solid gray.
5. Faster: Improved performance of video thumbnailing.

16.0.113 (6/16/2011)
1. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code, and to remove any orphan strings.
2. Changed: Some optimizations to the video engine to make video playback start faster.
3. Changed: The timeout used when analyzing a video file is 30 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
4. Changed: JRSS downmixing provides higher volume levels in many cases.
5. NEW: Option to automatically change display settings according to video frame rate when starting a video.
6. Changed: Files with the DTS extension are playable in the audio engine (decoded by Red October).
7. Fixed: Direct show filter downloading was causing problems during import and thumbnail creation.

16.0.112 (6/15/2011)
1. Changed: Improved support for picking a soundcard for WASAPI, etc. output when multiple soundcards on the system have the same name.
2. Faster: Some optimizations to the J. River audio engine when used for video.
3. Changed: The 2.1 mixing mode added to build 111 supports 'No mixing' mode better for 5.1 / 7.1 content (silences channels with no speakers attached).
4. Fixed: Added file association "trp" so these video files will now play with Red October.
5. Fixed: Downloading videos from YouTube would not get the title.
6. NEW: Parametric equalizer supports Linkwitz Transform filters (used to extend the frequency response of a sealed subwoofer).
7. Fixed: Bitstreaming of DTS-HD and TrueHD formats over HDMI was not working properly.
8. Fixed: Some videos were displaying with the wrong aspect ratio in Red October mode on Windows XP.
9. Fixed: The ground was not drawing properly in the 3d spectrum analyzer visualization.

16.0.111 (6/14/2011)
1. Fixed: If you turned off JRSS without first unchecking "Move center to front L/R," it would still move the center to the front L/R even though the check box is greyed out.
2. Changed: Selecting chapters from the on screen display (OSD) happens when pushing left and right instead of requiring an enter key.
3. Faster: Loading or switching views in Theater View is faster.
4. Fixed: Views imported into Theater View from Standard View where 'Populate tree' was off were not working nicely in Theater View.
5. Fixed: The FPS field was marked as a user field.
6. Fixed: Stopping playback after five or more minutes when using madVR could lead to a crash.
7. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR v0.65.
8. Fixed: Stretching Media Center across three monitors could cause the titlebar to stop drawing properly.
9. SDK: MCWS/v1/Alive includes the program name (i.e. 'J. River Media Center') in the response.
10. Changed: When a single instance of MC is the DLNA server AND renderer, use the local database entry instead of the server provided URL. Greatly simplifies DLNA remote control of MC.
11. Fixed: Broken links on "Media Network" and "Drives and Devices" web pages.
12. Changed: Quicktime file types mov and qt default to DirectShow.
13. Changed: Added documentation for the optional mode parameter of the Clean(...) expression function.
14. Changed: LAV Audio is used as the default audio decoder for Red October Standard and Red October HQ (previously only used in HQ mode).
15. Fixed: Resuming from sleep or doing Ctrl+Alt+Delete could leave Theater View showing a 'Failed to create' error (only applies to last few builds).
16. NEW: Added 2.1 output mode to DSP Studio > Output Format (opens soundcard with 6 channels, and unused channels are silent).

16.0.110 (6/10/2011)
1. Fixed: Versioning issue with build 109.

16.0.109 (6/10/2011)
1. Fixed: A component necessary for television playback was corrupt in build 108.
2. Fixed: MIDI files could be categorized as video with build 108.

16.0.108 (6/10/2011)
1. Fixed: Using volume up / down on a remote while the volume was disabled (bitstreaming, Netflix, etc.) and the volume was set to 'Internal' would result in the volume being set to 0%.
2. NEW: Added 'Volume Protection' volume option ( more information here: ).
3. Changed: Tuned JRSS 7.1 upmixing algorithm (better energy neutrality, and front mains are not used to generate the rears).
4. Changed: Using 'Clone side channels to rear speakers' in Output Format will copy surrounds to the rear speakers in 5.1 to 7.1 mixing.
5. Fixed: When connecting to a Library Server that required a password, the program could require clicking 'Retry' to finish the connection even if the entered password was correct.
6. NEW: Parametric Equalizer's channel mixer allows applying a volume modification when moving, copying, or adding channels.
7. Fixed: Video parameters were not retrieved from files during import or Update the Library (from tags).
8. Changed: Updated to latest LAV Splitter and Audio decoders. Splitter is now internally configured (no more registry hacks).
9. NEW: Reworked how bitstreaming is configured in Options > Video, and added support for picking individual formats to bitstream.
10. Changed: Enhanced Video Renderer will be used for playback of Microsoft wtv or dvr-ms files.
11. Fixed: Video thumbnailing did not work.
12. Changed: Improved error messages for video playback. Should see fewer cases of the generic error: 0x80004005.
13. Fixed: The OSD could fail to report the resolution of a television broadcast when watching time-shifted television.
14. Fixed: Black screen when switching television channel in Standard Television view.
15. Fixed: Red October was not working nicely with MIDI files.
16. Fixed: "Waiting..." message was stuck in the status window after television channel change.

16.0.107 (6/8/2011)
1. Fixed: Some PGS subtitles were always showing regardless of user selection.
2. Changed: Moved television subscription suspension options to the last page of the wizard.
3. Fixed: In some cases, picking a different stream or subtitle option from the right-click menu while watching a video would fail.
4. Changed: Red October HQ mode now uses the LAV audio decoder rather than ffdshow.
5. Faster: Seeking video with the left / right buttons (remote or keyboard) is much smoother.
6. Changed: Improved lip-sync when using ASIO, especially with large hardware buffer sizes.
7. Changed: Red October HQ uses EVR instead of madVR (probably a temporary change).
8. Changed: Theater View and Display View better handle resolution switches while they're running.

16.0.106 (6/7/2011)
1. Fixed: Smartlists with both OR conditions and implied AND conditions would not work nicely with the smartlist editor. Example: ((a b) or (c d))
2. Changed: Switched 'Red October' to 'Red October Standard' so that naming is more clear between Standard and HQ.
3. Changed: When playback is started remotely (with Gizmo, etc.), popups requesting the installation of an external playback engine like QuickTime will be suppressed.
4. Changed: When viewing a playlist using a library view, the order of the playlist will be preserved when possible in Theater View views.
5. Changed: DLNA control. If GetVolume fails the volume control will be disabled instead of removing the renderer from the list of zones. This is to accomodate DLNA renderers that can't control volume when plugged into external AV equipment.
6. Fixed: Files named with an .ogg extension are now handled just like .ogv files if they contain video. Previously they would not play.
7. Changed: Updated to latest LAV splitter which better handles poorly muxed TS files.
8. Changed: Red October will always use Microsoft DTV-DVD audio decoder for Microsoft file types WTV and DVR-MS.
9. Changed: Added support for TTA audio files (plays using Directshow filters).

16.0.105 (6/6/2011)
1. Changed: Subtitles named "(auto)" that match the audio language will be enabled by default (instead of selecting no subtitles).
2. Changed: Added the Microsoft MPEG audio and video decoders to the Red October white list.
3. Fixed: If a video failed to import (because it was corrupt, etc.), it could cause other files of that type to not import until the program was restarted.
4. Changed: When a video fails to fully parse, it's less likely to end up being imported as 'Data' instead of 'Video'.
5. Fixed: Doing fast seeks on time-shifted television could cause the seeks to queue up instead of pooling, so that video would continue seeking too long after stopping pressing buttons on the remote.
6. Changed: Mouse wheel over video seeks instead of zooms (use Ctrl+Wheel to zoom).
7. Changed: LAV source/splitter is now configured in Red October mode.

16.0.104 (6/6/2011)
1. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR v0.62.
2. Fixed: MC crashed when right-clicking on a playing video and selecting ffdshow configuration. It's back to disabled in Red October mode.
3. Fixed: madVR would fail to create a 3d device when starting time-shifted television from Theater View.
4. Fixed: In Theater View, Netflix genre views were incorrectly using details list style instead of thumbnails.
5. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).

16.0.103 (6/3/2011)
1. Changed: Improved how VideoClock works with signal breakups on over-the-air broadcasts.
2. Fixed: DSP Studio > Room Correction was using the incorrect channel order for the rear and surrounds with 8-channel output.
3. NEW: Parametric Equalizer can be used to add a configurable delay to any channels.
4. Changed (again): Red October will not use the Microsoft MPEG decoder with madVR because then no deinterlacing is performed for 1080i, etc. signals.
5. Fixed: The 'My TV'. 'My Music', etc. buttons on an MCE remote were not working (note that renaming or moving the stock Theater View layout can break these buttons).
6. NEW: When using the J. River audio engine for video playback, a fade-in is used after a seek (audibly more pleasant, and makes skipping commercials in television mostly silent).
7. NEW: madVR video renderer is now part of the standard filter pack and is automatically installed when needed. It is used in Red October HQ mode.

16.0.102 (6/2/2011)
1. Fixed: Subtitles would not work correctly with Red October when manually selecting 'ffdshow raw video filter'.
2. Changed: Added support for the DirectVobSub post-processor filter with Red October.
3. Fixed: Theater View backdrops from would not work properly for series with multiple database records where only one record was complete (like the Danish show Anstalten).
4. Fixed: When using the LAV source / splitter, subtitles could incorrectly be on by default instead of honoring the settings in Options > Video.
5. Changed: Added Red October support for .tivo file playback using the Tivo source filter.
6. Changed: Renamed the J. River bitrate monitor filters to "J. River Audio Monitor" and "J. River Video Monitor".
7. Changed: Theater View watch marks only appear for Netflix videos.
8. Fixed: When using VideoClock, lip sync could take longer than necessary to achieve after a seek when doing PAL slowdown (especially if a large buffer size was used in the audio output plugin).
9. NEW: Added the ability to move, copy, add, and swap channels to DSP Studio > Parametric Equalizer (use 'Mix channels' filter).
10. Changed: Red October settings are applied to time-shifting on digital television.
11. Changed: Parametric equalizer hides unneeded controls for a particular filter type instead of showing all controls and disabling some.

16.0.101 (6/1/2011)
1. Fixed: Line 21 subtitles would be on by default instead of off by default with Red October (and the state reported by the menu or on screen display would be incorrect at first).
2. Changed: Red October uses a less demanding deinterlacing method by default, which works better with laptops and older computers.
3. NEW: Added 'Red October HQ' option that will use the highest quality settings available, but will only work nicely on a fast computer.
4. Fixed: DVD playback was not working on many Windows XP computers.
5. NEW: Red October HQ methods will default to madVR if it is installed on the system (except for DVD, since madVR doesn't currently support DVD nicely).
6. Changed: Red October will use the Microsoft MPEG decoder with madVR now that current versions of madVR support the Microsoft decoder's output format.
7. Fixed: JRSS downmixing was not working properly when resampling.
8. Fixed: Using merit based filter selection was not working properly.
9. Changed: Video renderer selection is automatic when using Red October, and the option is hidden when appropriate.
10. Changed: Video options does not show per-file type filter selection with Red October on.
11. Changed: Theater View watched marks were not working reliably for non-Netflix files.
12. Changed: Theater View watch marks are only shown for videos longer than 20 minutes.
13. Changed: Red October will use 'ffdshow raw video filter' as a post-processor if it's manually selected.
14. Changed: Revised the wording on DSP Studio > Output Format > Channels to make it more clear that channel downmixing requires JRSS.

16.0.100 (5/31/2011)
1. Fixed: Quickly switching videos could lead to a crash.
2. Changed: When restoring an old library that does not contain settings, the program will succeed on the library restore (but of course not restore settings) instead of report a failure that required a user to uncheck the option to restore settings.
3. Faster: Editing a field of the type 'Large Value' (like lyrics) for a large number of files is much faster.
4. Fixed: Editing a huge number of files where all tagging would fail (due to a disconnected drive, etc.) could cause a memory leak.
5. Changed: Editing a large number of files uses less memory.
6. Fixed: Red October video playback would crash on some mpeg files, especially on Windows XP when ffdshow was configured to decode mpeg with libmpeg2 (now using libavcodec).
7. Changed: Updated to latest LAV splitter (.28) which better handles MTS files.
8. NEW: EXIF GPS information for latitude and longitude is read more completely (right-click > Update Library from Tags to fill existing files).
9. NEW: Added right-click image option "Locate on Google Maps" (only appears for images that contain GPS information in the Latitude and Longitude fields).
10. Changed: When possible, video stream selection is made before DirectShow graph is built.
11. Changed: When viewing a playlist of images and videos, the word 'Stop' will no longer appear on the on screen display when transitioning from one to the other.
12. Fixed: VC-1 files (e.g. Blu-Ray MKV's) wouldn't play on many WinXP systems.
13. Changed: Use ffdshow for mpeg-1 decoding rather than using Microsoft. Seems to be higher quality.
14. Changed: When a video starts, the background only shows 'Opening...', etc. if the video takes longer than a second to start playing, making for a smoother visual transition between videos.
15. Changed: DirectShow graph building mode option added to Options/Video page replacing the two Red October checkboxes with a single three state drop box.
16. Fixed: Smartlists could fail to show choices that were logical when the smartlist contained OR conditions or list-type fields.
17. Changed: Red October will attempt to use Power DVD video decoders 9, 10, or 11 if installed on Windows XP where there is no system DVD video decoder.

16.0.99 (5/27/2011)
1. Changed: With Red October turned off, DirectShow graph building is back to the Merit based "smart" rendering style using user selected custom filters.
2. Changed: New option "Use additional custom filters for Red October" under the Red October checkbox in Options/Video. (Whitelist)
3. Changed: Added ffdshow raw video, CoreAVC, and PowerDVD 10 video decoders to whitelist.

16.0.98 (5/26/2011)
1. Changed: Added LAV-CUVID and Power DVD 11 video decoders to the white list.
2. Fixed: Video conversion was broken for DLNA & Library Server video playback.

16.0.97 (5/25/2011)
1. Fixed: During video playback, the channel headroom was not being provided to Room Correction, so the total output level could be lower than necessary.
2. Fixed: AC3 was appearing twice in File Types.
3. Faster: JRSS down-mix processing is 245% faster (i.e. 5.1 to 2.0, etc.).
4. Fixed: Navigating in Theater View could crash when skipping multiple browse levels that only contained a single choice.
5. Fixed: When scanning for television channels, the new channels would show in 'Recently Imported'.
6. Fixed: Shutting down the program could be unnecessarily stalled for a second by the remote control engine.
7. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
8. Changed: Added the ability to add a 'Mute' filter to DSP Studio > Parametric Equalizer.
9. Changed: With Red October off, user selected audio or video decoders will be used (if a decoder you would like to use does not get used, please report the filter details -- support is currently done on a white-list basis).
10. Changed: With Red October off, when ffdshow is manually selected as a decoder for a file type, auto-configuration of ffdshow will be disabled.
11. Changed: Microsoft's "Stream Buffer Source" filter is used to render dvr-ms and wtv files.
12. Changed: Updated to latest LAV splitter (.27) which better handles TS files.

16.0.96 (5/24/2011)
1. Fixed: When JRSS mixed from 5.1 or 7.1 to 4.0 or lower, the subwoofer level could be too low (now respects the option 'Source is correctly mastered for +10 dB calibration').
2. Fixed: Videos with low sample rates could fail to play if the sound card did not support a low sample rate (DSP Studio > Output Format is now automatically configured if necessary).
3. Changed: Removed skinning from system Font dialog because skinning doesn't nicely support all of the controls used by the dialog on some versions of Windows.
4. Fixed: DLNA Servers would expose a new ID each run until they were configured once.
5. Changed: Red October now sets the "threadsnum" parameter for ffdshow to 4.
6. NEW: "FPS" (frame rate) field for video, filled in during import time.
7. Changed: Tuned how MC16.exe /MonitorToggle works so that it should work with more configurations.
8. Changed: Allow DLNA server to serve unconverted streaming content.
9. Fixed: WMV files that contained video that the system Windows Media video decoder filter did not support would not work properly with Red October.
10. Changed: Red October subtitle handling is improved.
11. Fixed: Toggling in and out of Theater View could be problematic.
12. Changed: Android video conversion now uses the Red October system.
13. NEW: Media Center adds itself to the 'Default programs' list on Vista and Windows 7.
14. Fixed: At system shutdown time, Media Center could hold up the shutdown because it was trying to communicate with the Service which was already shut down.

16.0.95 (5/20/2011)
1. Fixed: WOL for WAN hosts and fixed to handle multiple interfaces properly.
2. Changed: Red October will use PowerDVD 9 when available for video decoding on systems where the Microsoft decoders are not available (normally XP systems).
3. Changed: Updated to new version of ffdshow (ffdshow_rev3850_20110511_xhmikosr_MSVC2010.exe).
4. Fixed: VMR 9 was not working nicely with DVD.
5. Changed: Removed the option DSP Studio > Output Format option 'Something outside Media Center will make the subwoofer +10 dB (standard calibration)'. All level calibration should be done using Room Correction.
6. Changed: Room Correction allows setting levels from -20dB to +20dB (previously it had a range of -12dB to +12dB).
7. NEW: The Output Format and Room Correction systems work together better to track the available headroom in each audio channel so that unnecessary attenuation is never performed.
8. Fixed: DSP Studio > Room Correction would unnecessarily attenuate all channels when they all had negative volume levels (only the relative differences should matter).
9. Changed: Library and playlist views do not show a playing overlay on a thumbnail when it's the active playback file but playback is stopped (or else the green play overlay causes confusion with the 'Play' text link).
10. Changed: Tuned the slow double click mechanism for in-place list editing so that a fast double-click that just misses being a double-click won't start editing.
11. Fixed: Thumbnailing and analyzing of video files now works with Red October.
12. Changed: Enabled more subtitle options in Red October mode, hopefully they improve subtitle activation.

16.0.94 (5/19/2011)
1. Fixed: Video volume normalization did not work nicely with VideoClock enabled.
2. Changed: Updated ffdshow download to "rev3832 Apr 29 2011 ICL 12"
3. Fixed: Video playback of files with AC3 audio (HDTV, DVD, etc.) could make goose honking noises on seek.
4. Fixed: With VideoClock enabled, if the video took more than a couple seconds to start, the lip sync would take longer than expected to lock on.
5. Changed: Red October will not use madVR for DVD.
6. Changed: Turned off ffdshow tray icon in auto config mode.
7. Fixed: The direct show connection info now reports the correct filename path for filters when using auto config.
8. Changed: Improved the support of WMV files with Red October.
9. Fixed: Starting TS playback with a bookmark saved could be problematic when using Red October.
10. Changed: Theater View theme video backgrounds use Red October.
11. NEW: Video audio volume normalization considers the video type being played so that it can make better decisions about the levels.
12. Fixed: MC crashed in some cases when playing videos with Red October turned off.

16.0.93 (5/18/2011)
1. NEW: Television time-shifting filters will now properly handle channel switching that involves audio format changes (from AC3 to MPEG and vice versa).
2. NEW: Added support for .ac3 audio files.
3. Fixed: Mpeg-1 video from a URL was not playing in auto config mode.
4. Fixed: The volume control was not updating properly to connect to the proper sound card for video playback.
5. Fixed: When the audio stream format changes in the middle of a video, the volume control would not be updated to reflect the bitstreaming status.
6. NEW: DVD playback uses the new video graph building system.
7. NEW: Added Options > Video > Audio for Video, DVD, & Television > Normalize volume.
8. Changed: Properties for ffdshow audio/video decoders can no longer be shown when in auto config mode. Previously this caused a crash.

16.0.92 (5/18/2011)
1. Fixed: In some cases, an existing installation of ffdshow could cause video playback to fail.
2. Fixed: On XP systems, if VMR 9 was not available, video playback would fail.
3. Changed: Internal changes to how video playback is configured and played.

16.0.91 (5/17/2011)
1. NEW: When in Red October automatic config mode for DirectShow video playback, all filters are now directly connected instead of using "smart" connection.
2. NEW: When in Red October automatic config mode for DirectShow, known safe filters are loaded explicitly instead of using filters registered on the system.
3. Fixed: DLNA playback was unnecessarily causing conversion stacks to be created for non-MP3 file types.
4. Fixed: When controlling a DLNA device, Scrobbling could trigger twice if the playback server was the same as the controlling machine.
5. Fixed: The location text used by Theater View skins was not updating correctly in some cases when using the new Theater View navigation components.
6. Changed: Updated the default Theater View theme to match the new Theater View layout.
7. NEW: Theater View theme images that are downloaded are cached between runs (previously it used a runtime only cache).
8. Fixed: Tivo music playback wasn't working with conversion enabled.

16.0.90 (5/13/2011)
1. Fixed: Possible crash in 16.0.89 related to querying output plugins for their bitstreaming status.
2. Fixed: Added a workaround that would cause the audio renderer to not get fully released when stopping playback due to an ffdshow leak.
3. Fixed: After leaving Theater View while in Live TV or Guide view and then returning, navigation could be broken.
4. Fixed: Library views that only had one item in the root level grouping could cause problems in Theater View.
5. Fixed: A few bugs regarding Theater View 'Items To Show' customization when using nesting.
6. NEW: Added Blu-ray support to file associations, auto-run actions, etc. (configure in Options > File Types and Options > CD & DVD).
7. Fixed: With UAC, auto-run disabling (if selected in Options > CD & DVD) would not always work.

16.0.89 (5/12/2011)
1. NEW: Renamed 'Check for Updates' to 'Update Channels' in the Help menu and added channel selection and other options right there.
2. NEW: Added the ability to choose a download folder and number of downloads to keep to the update channel system.
3. Fixed: Changing Update Channel options in Options and clicking 'Cancel' would not discard changes.
4. Changed: Importing of mp4 videos will use direct parsing method as used in importing of m4a audios.
5. Faster: MP4 (M4A, ALAC, MP4 video) importing / parsing is 10 to 30 times faster (was about 16.5 times faster on a test suite of many files).
6. Changed: When looking up a series from for Theater View backdrops, all languages are searched instead of only English.
7. Changed: Update Channels will better handle cases where two or more updates are pushed before the user allows installation.
8. NEW: Added bitstreaming support for Dolby True HD and DTS-HD to the J. River audio engine.
9. SDK: Added support for Location=Next to MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayByKey so that a file can be set as the next to play.
10. Fixed: When using ASIO, audio format changes in the middle of a video stream were not always supported nicely.
11. Changed: Added support for the non-standard TXXX(RATING) ID3v2 tag used by some programs.
12. Changed: The J. River audio engine resampler did not cope nicely with 11024 Hz input (used by some cameras in recorded video, etc.)
13. NEW: While bitstreaming audio during video playback, the volume slider, volume tooltip, and volume menu update nicely to reflect that bitstreaming is occurring.
14. Fixed: Displaying filter property pages in television would hang MC.
15. NEW: Many improvements to the automatic filter configuration system for video playback.

16.0.88 (5/10/2011)
1. Fixed: Clicking 'Details' while downloading in the Action Window would show the downloads view but the tab / header would not be labeled 'Downloads'.
2. Changed: Improved the quality of the artwork provided to Gizmo when browsing.
3. NEW: Added ability to select a different aspect ratio from the OSD menu while viewing Netflix instant videos in Theater View.
4. Fixed: Hitting Enter (or OK on a remote) was not working as a pause/play shortcut while viewing Netflix videos.

16.0.87 (5/10/2011)
1. Changed: The update system uses the standard "MediaCenter16008x.exe" naming instead of "Install (16.0.8x).exe" naming.
2. Fixed: The update system could fallback from 'Beta' to 'Development' on a single server failure (now requires multiple failures where Beta fails but Latest works).
3. Changed: Tuned the check for update frequency for the 'Latest' channel so that it checks for updates more often.
4. Changed: If the update system runs a pending update but it's cancelled or fails for some reason, relaunching Media Center will show a message that allows discarding the update (previously an endless loop was possible with a corrupted download).

16.0.86 (5/9/2011)
1. Fixed: Downloaded television was being treated like recorded television with respect to the roller options and file caption display in Theater View.
2. Changed: Added media sub type 'Adult'.
3. Changed: Simplified the play options provided for movies in Theater View.
4. Changed: When using DSP Studio > Output Format with the option 'Move center to front L/R' enabled, simulated center sound (like from JRSS) will not be folded into the front speakers.
5. Changed: The new build update system keeps the last 5 builds (in AppData\Roaming\J River\Media Center 16\Install).
6. Changed: When watching a video from Theater View in a list of videos where the series is the same (and not empty) for all the videos, the entire set of files will be played so that previous / next can be used to switch episodes.
7. Changed: Added support for Library Server client to the Print Wizard.
8. Changed: The Print Wizard shows a blank image (black frame with failure message inside) if it fails to load one of the images queued for printing (previously missing files would be removed from the queue).
9. Changed: Http server: always return Partial Content for Byte Range requests. Fixed problem with Onkyo receiver when acting as a DLNA renderer.
10. Fixed: In Theater View, entering the 'Television' view and leaving would not preserve the root roller selection 'Television'.
11. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/File/Rotate function to allow rotating images (requires an authenticated connection).
12. NEW: Added the ability to rotate images from a Library Server client (requires an authenticated connection).
13. Fixed: In some cases, deletion of television shows from a Library Server client would not remove disk files on the server.
14. Fixed: Performing an upgrade of a portable installation could cause thumbnails to be deleted.
15. Changed: DirectShow filters needed for video conversions are downloaded at program install/update time if video conversion has been performed in the past.
16. Fixed: Pausing time-shifted television playback and then pushing the Green Button would unexpectedly unpause playback.
17. Fixed: The Tag Action Window would show a non-functional maximize button when minimized.

16.0.85 (5/6/2011)
1. Changed: Tuned media sub type guessing.

16.0.84 (5/6/2011)
1. NEW: Automatic configuration of ffdshow decoder options for DirectShow video playback. First draft, more to come.
2. Changed: Simplified connection type in Options > Video > Audio > Connection Type, and use this information when auto-configuring filters.

16.0.83 (5/6/2011)
1. Changed: Made a few tweaks to DSP Studio > Room Correction to make calibrating with the new 'Level' tool easier.
2. Changed: In cases where the subwoofer channel is created using JRSS Subwoofer, bass redirection 'Move bass to subwoofer' will be treated like 'Remove bass'.
3. Changed: Revised wording for DSP Studio > Output Format > Subwoofer.
4. Fixed: Added special case handling for another Intel GPU that doesn't properly support full screen anti-aliasing.
5. Changed: Removed 'Check For Updates' from Start Menu (now integrated into program).
6. Changed: Improvements to the new check for updates system.

16.0.82 (5/5/2011)
1. Changed: Checking 'Solo' in DSP Studio > Room Correction clears the solo state for any other channels.
2. Changed: Picking 'Mute' or 'Solo' in DSP Studio > Room Correction could unexpectedly change the channel level in certain cases.
3. Changed: Put the 'Distance' section on top of the 'Level' section in DSP Studio > Room Correction, and added a note that distances should be set first.
4. Changed: The pink noise test tone generated by DSP Studio > Room Correction for a subwoofer has a 100 Hz lowpass filter so that high frequencies will never be sent to the subwoofer.
5. Fixed: DV video in an AVI container was failing to convert for Android when LAV splitter was installed on system.
6. NEW: Added 'Level' checkbox to DSP Studio > Room Correction tools. It plays a tone suitable for level calibration out a single speaker.
7. Changed: Tones played by DSP Studio > Room Correction are -12 dB so that there's room for level adjustment without concern over clipping (since the level tool temporarily disables clip prevention).
8. NEW: Started framing in an improved 'Check for updates' system.

16.0.81 (5/4/2011)
1. Fixed: Viewing the files inside a Netflix series in Theater View was not possible with the last few builds.
2. NEW: The optical drive entry in Theater View can be configured to only show when certain disk types are in the drive.
3. Changed: Revised default Theater View layout so that DVD and Blu-ray discs appear under video, and audio discs appear at the root (if there's a disc in the drive).
4. Changed: It is possible to browse optical disks using Theater View > Gadgets > Explorer.
5. Changed: Revised default Theater View layout (resetting of views is strongly recommended for users of builds 76 - 80, but optional).
6. Changed: Theater View will update when an optical disc is added or removed (instead of requiring a manual refresh).
7. Changed: Inserting or removing an optical disc does a less disruptive update to views that are not related to optical discs.
8. Changed: Removed 'Play All' Theater View top roller option at the root of a video library view and playlists view.
9. Fixed: Playlist deletion was disabled in Theater View for the last few builds.
10. Changed: Netflix entries under the "Television" category now group TV episodes into series, as in the instant queue.
11. Changed: Improved support for XMLTV genre parsing.
12. Fixed: Ctrl+O in a web view would show an IE open dialog instead of Media Center's options when using the Internet Explorer engine.
13. Fixed: Installing new versions of existing filters wasn't working during android video conversions.
14. Fixed: Theater View Weather would not properly display Weather icons in some cases.
15. Changed: Added media sub type 'Short'.
16. Changed: Revised how filter detection is performed so that the filter is not loaded when testing if it exists on the system.
17. Fixed: m4a audio file tagger could not remove embedded cover art.
18. Fixed: m4a audio file tagger would not remove disk # and track # fields from the file.
19. Changed: Theater View configuration no longer limits adding multiple of the same type of item (i.e. adding a plugin in more than one place, etc.).
20. NEW: Added the ability to create Theater View navigation items that point to particular playlist groups instead of the root of playlists.
21. Changed: When a television recording is being deleted by user, MC will no longer keep the underlining time-shifting files if the only other reference to these files is the "Saved time-shifting".

16.0.80 (5/3/2011)
1. SDK: MJZoneAutomation::GetName() was not working properly in certain cases.
2. Changed: When editing Smartlist rules, only relevant values are presented in the rule drop boxes (previously relevant values were shown, then a divider, then a list of all values).
3. Optimized: Starting video playback is faster in some cases.
4. Fixed: Determining the type of optical disk in the drive could cause a handle leak on Windows 7 with certain optical drives.
5. Changed: Improved how optical disks are detected (should be an internal change, but please report any issues).
6. Fixed: Television component did not handle error conditions properly in the last few builds.
7. Fixed: Television component could crash if the tuner device failed in the last few builds.
8. Changed: Dutch language translation updated (thanks bennyd).
9. NEW: Added 24 bit transcode to wave audio option for the DLNA server.

16.0.79 (5/2/2011)
1. Changed: Added media sub type option of 'Other'.
2. Fixed: Playback of mono video files would not work properly in some cases.
3. Fixed: Returning to Theater View could crash (only applies to last couple builds).
4. Changed: Improved Television views in Theater View to work better for users that don't record their television (sorting by date imported instead of date recorded, addition of season view, addition of genre view, etc.)
5. Changed: Renamed 'My Computer' to 'Explorer' (applies to Standard View and Theater View).
6. Fixed: In Theater View, when certain confirmation boxes were shown, it would be possible to arrow the focus out of the dialog.
7. Fixed: If a background thread showed a message box while Theater View was showing, it would be skinned by Theater View but then not work properly.
8. Changed: Numerous enhancements to the automatic media sub type guessing system used for video categorization in Theater View (remember you can manually set the Media Sub Type for files that are incorrectly categorized).
9. Fixed: Connecting to a library via DLNA could hang.
10. NEW: Options > Theater View > Theme > Fadeout Cover Art In Playing Now Display is a three-state option: No / Only for online media slideshow (recommended) / Always
11. Changed: New stock views for Theater View (requires one time over-write of user customization).
12. Faster: Improved performance of Theater View library views.
13. Changed: Removed edge fading from Theater View online slideshow images (since they're now cropped to fill the entire screen).

16.0.78 (4/29/2011)
1. Changed: Default video sorting is by name instead of date / name.
2. Changed: Tuned default thumbnail size in Theater View slightly to show 3 wide instead of 2 wide in movie views on a 720p display.
3. Changed: When using a secondary roller in Theater View, returning from a view will preserve the focus and selection state of the secondary roller.
4. Changed: Merged standard and alternate Theater View navigation modes, and removed advanced Theater View option to toggle (the differences were subtle anyway).
5. Changed: When using 'Same as source' for the bitdepth for MP3 and M4A, the output will be 24-bit instead of 64-bit (choosing a higher bit depth manually is still supported).
6. Changed: Added 16-bit output as one of the audio auto-configure formats to try when failing to open a soundcard.
7. NEW: Theater View scrollbar sizing is user-configurable in Options > Theater View.
8. Fixed: Theater View list style customization was not saving the category and file level independently.
9. Changed: New stock views for Theater View (sorry, will require reconfiguration of user customization).
10. NEW: Added 'Decade' as one of the date formatting options for the FormatDate(...) expression function.

16.0.77 (4/28/2011)
1. NEW: New stock views for Theater View (sorry, will require reconfiguration of user customization).
2. NEW: Theater View stores all view configuration in the library so that settings move nicely with Library Server Client, library restore, etc.
3. NEW: Theater View '3D Wall' style can be used for any list by using 'Toggle List Style' (previously required a special view named 'Showroom').
4. NEW: Added new Theater View category style that shows a single root item and puts child items on the top roller once entering.
5. NEW: Showing of the 'All ...' items in Theater View browsing is optional on a per-view basis (configure in Options > Theater View).
6. NEW: File system browsing is possible in Theater View (under More > My Computer by default).
7. NEW: Added expression MediaSubType() that guesses on the sub type of a file if no actual sub type is stored in the database (used to auto-categorize videos in Theater View).
8. NEW: The 'DVD' entry in Theater View will say 'Blu-ray' or 'CD' when the corresponding disc types are in the drive.
9. Changed: Sorting of categories will always put (Unassigned) last (previously unassigned could show first if descending sort order was used).
10. Changed: Improved support for Theater View background images from by using the native API provided by
11. NEW: Theater View shows fan art from when viewing a series (configurable in Options > Theater View > Theme).
12. Changed: Slowed down the Theater View theme slideshow speed a little.
13. Fixed: Pressing Shift+F10 or the menu key while in Display View or Theater View could show the main program menu.
14. Fixed: Problem painting border area of video when playing television using EVR (only applies to build 76).
15. Fixed: Right-click and double-click in video window did not work when watching television using Enhanced Video Renderer(only applies to build 76).
16. Changed: Television component will load zone 1 settings, if available, when doing scheduled recording.
17. Fixed: Android video conversion wasn't handling files with only a video stream or only an audio stream.
18. Fixed: Made internal ffdshow configuration more bullet-proof for Android video conversions.

16.0.76 (4/26/2011)
1. Changed: Updated the channel mask provided for 5.1 and 7.1 output to use a more modern Microsoft recommendation.
2. Fixed: The channel ordering used for the new 6.1 support in build 75 was not correct.
3. Fixed: In rare cases with large libraries, it was possible for a value to not appear in the panes.
4. Fixed: Starting television playback while recording could fail when using madVR as the renderer.
5. Internal: DirectShow graph-building and many related operations in television are done in a worker thread to work better with madVR (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
6. Fixed: MP3 playback could output a little hiccup on seek (only applies to last few builds).
7. Fixed: The enabled / disabled state for the Output Format DSP was not working properly in certain cases.

16.0.75 (4/25/2011)
1. SDK: MJMixerAutomation equalizer on / off functions were not working properly.
2. Fixed: Mono MP3 playback was not working properly since the switch to 64-bit MP3 decoding.
3. Changed: 7.1 input and output uses ordering: L, R, C, LFE, RL, RR, SL, SR (previously used less standard: L, R, C, LFE, SL, SR, RL, RR).
4. NEW: ASIO supports AC3 encoded surround sound output (DSP Studio > Output Format).
5. Fixed: DLNA server providing wrong flags for flac files in content directory.
6. Fixed: DLNA server search fixes for xbox 360 (including generic artist/album-artist searches).
7. Fixed: AC3 and DTS pass-through over SPDIF for video playback was not working in some cases with the J. River audio engine.
8. Fixed: The system to manually rescan auto-import folders periodically when folder watching failed was not working in some cases.
9. Fixed: The equalizer DSP could cause audio stalls when processing multi-channel data in small windows.
10. Fixed: Aspect ratio of videos during playback could be stretched (only applies to last few builds).
11. NEW: Added 'Blu-ray' as a type in Options > Video to allow playing Blu-ray with the LAV Splitter filter.
12. NEW: Added support for JRSS up-mixing of 6.1 content to 7.1, and downmixing of 6.1 content to any other format.
13. Fixed: The database fields 'Original Title' and 'Country' would incorrectly appear as user fields and allow editing.
14. NEW: Added support for playing to Sony television (DLNA) with Media Center.
15. Fixed: When playing an image or video to a remote zone (DLNA or Library Server), the program could incorrectly jump to full screen.
16. Changed: Playing an unsupported file to a DLNA device could start playback of the previous file instead.

16.0.74 (4/21/2011)
1. Fixed: Video playback was not working properly when using the J. River audio engine (only applies to build 73).
2. NEW: The audio engine will offer to auto-configure DSP Studio > Output Format when playing a surround-sound source on a device that doesn't support more than two channels.
3. Changed: Checking a check box in DSP Studio will also select that DSP.
4. Fixed: When audio output was auto-configured to a format supported by the soundcard, the DSP Studio > Output Format page would not update automatically if it was showing.
5. Fixed: Options > File Location > Cover Art > Folder was not appearing when picking 'In a specified folder'.
6. Fixed: Using the Smartlist editor to search for empty values was not working properly.
7. Fixed: Saving of column presets would not properly include the column ordering.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio SDK 4.11 for APE playback and encoding.
9. NEW: The Chromium web engine (Options > Tree & View > Web Browser) is downloaded on demand when used instead of included in the build.
10. Changed: When tagging list-style fields, the full set of possible choices will be shown for lists with 50 items or less (previously the cutoff was at 20 items or less).
11. Changed: Conversion cache building is started manually from Options > File Location instead of automatically when closing the options dialog.
12. Changed: Improved default Theater View theme image resolution, and made all images 16x9.

16.0.73 (4/20/2011)
1. NEW: MP3 audio decoder works in 64-bit and outputs 64-bit audio (previously worked in 32-bit and output 16-bit).
2. NEW: AAC audio decoder outputs 64-bit (previously output 16-bit).
3. Changed: If a lossy decoder delivers 32-bit or 64-bit data, it will be converted to 16-bit when converting to a different format on disk.
4. Fixed: m4a audio file tagger did not embed image in file.
5. Fixed: m4a audio file tagger did not preserve existing "total number of tracks" and "total number of disks" values when writing "track #" and "disk #" respectively.
6. Changed: m4a audio file tagger will not replace existing encoding tool tag ('©too' atom) with "Media Center 16.0.xx". Instead, "Tool Name" and "Tool Version" are written in different atoms.
7. Fixed: Some AAC radio / streaming sites were not working.
8. Changed: Improved support for Shoutcast servers that return no content type, but instead put the content type in the ICY block of the response body.
9. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Control/MCC could fail to support the 'Parameter' passed for non-playback style functions.
10. Fixed: m4a audio file tagger did not handle Date field correctly.
11. NEW: Gizmo, WebPlay, and WebRemote show artist images in artist views instead of stacks of album images.
12. Internal: WebPlay and WebRemote use MCWS/v1/Browse/Image to get browsing images (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
13. NEW: Added FileKey() function to expression language to return the integer key of a file in the database.

16.0.72 (4/19/2011)
1. NEW: MP4 plugin supports AAC radio / streaming using the buffering reading system used by MP3.
2. NEW: MP4 plugin supports Icy metadata when playing AAC radio so track names, artists, etc. appear.
3. Changed: Settings for hardware accelerated graphics are in Options > General > Video Card (used by Theater View, image playback, 3d views, 3d visualizations).
4. NEW: Added 'Automatic' hardware acceleration option which takes the video card into account when configuring graphics options.
5. Changed: 'Automatic' hardware acceleration mode disables full screen anti-aliasing for Intel H67 onboard video to workaround black screen issues ( ).
6. Changed: Updated Russian translation file (thanks to Vladimir).
7. Changed: Over-the-air EPG scanning option is removed for DVB-T television tuners (it was never implemented).
8. Fixed: Pause button wasn't working right during Netflix playback.
9. Fixed: Disabling "Options > Media Network > Use Media Network to share this library and enable DLNA" would incorrectly uncheck all DLNA functions, so reenabling the option would leave DLNA off.
10. Fixed: Disabling Media Network would leave the SSDP responder running until the program was restarted.

16.0.71 (4/18/2011)
1. Fixed: 6 and 8 channel AAC files would not play correctly.
2. Fixed: MP4 Action Window > Tag > Format page showed "bit" instead of "kbps" for the bitrate unit.
3. Fixed: Headerless AAC files were not playing properly.

16.0.70 (4/18/2011)
1. Fixed: Android video conversion had poor choppy sound on some input file formats.

16.0.69 (4/15/2011)
1. Fixed: Lossless JPEG rotation was not working properly in build 68.
2. Changed: When playing a video using the J. River audio renderer, DSP Studio > Output Format will be automatically configured if necessary (i.e. to use 24-bit output instead of 'Same as source' for a low bitdepth audio track, etc.).

16.0.68 (4/14/2011)
1. NEW: Added option to enable/disable Netflix search in Options / Services / Netflix.
2. Changed: Updated internal image decoding libraries used for PNG and TIFF.
3. SDK: MCWS/v1/Browse/Image accepts a "Format" parameter which can be set to PNG so that transparency will be supported.
4. NEW: Added the ability to save as PNG when acquiring from the camera or clipboard in Action Window > Camera.
5. Fixed: Netflix "Recommendations" was only showing a couple TV series instead of the full list of TV & Movies.
6. Fixed: Searching in the Performer Store and then selecting a result with the mouse could cause problems.
7. Fixed: The sample rate shown in the sample rate column for ALAC files could be incorrect (use Library Tools > Update Library (from tags) to correct).
8. Changed: The setting for M4A / AAC playback is reset to 'Automatic' so that the improved, native support will be used.
9. Fixed: Playing an audio file from a library server client will no longer cause a stacked cache file to be created on the server.
10. Fixed: When downloading VBR MP3 files on a library server client for use on a handheld, stacks would not be properly created.

16.0.67 (4/12/2011)
1. Fixed: Clicking on a checkbox when selecting file types for auto-import would unnecessarily expand the file types list.
2. Fixed: Focusing a list or tree with the mouse when there was no selection and then navigating with up / down would not work properly.
3. Fixed: The auto-import 'Folder Settings' dialog did not support tabbed navigation.
4. Fixed: Authorizing Netflix from Theater View could hang.
5. NEW: User selectable browsing categories for Netflix service (Options / Services / Netflix).
6. Fixed: Don't write size info into a header-less wave file on closing.

16.0.66 (4/11/2011)
1. NEW: Tag writing for m4a audio files (AAC or ALAC in MP4 container).
2. Fixed: When using the J. River audio renderer for video playback, errors to open the output will stop playback quickly and show an error message (previously Directshow could spend several minutes bogged down in a retry loop before showing an error).
3. Changed: With VideoClock enabled, starting or seeking a video locks sync by adjusting the video rate before starting audio adjustments (takes about one second).
4. Fixed: Resetting the television guide did not cancel recurring loading of the guide in the background.
5. Fixed: Doing a search for "24/-48" would consider the search as a range of values instead of a string literal (as expected due to the escapement).
6. Changed: Added > and < to the list of characters that should be escaped when used as a string literal in a search.
7. Changed: When showing a playlist Action Window, and then deleting the underlying playlist, the Action Window will close (instead of stay open and show ).
8. Fixed: Gizmo video conversion could have incorrect or distorted audio in some cases.
9. Changed: Added category "Children & Family" to Netflix.
10. Fixed: Starting television playback while recording could fail when using madVR as the renderer.

16.0.65 (4/7/2011)
1. NEW: Added background video conversion cache creation to the 'Options/File location' dialog. Use the "MP4 Low" setting for Android phones. Experimental new feature.
2. Changed: Minor tuning to ordering and wording of library menu and library manager.
3. Changed: Unified MP4 parsing code used in MP4 plugin (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
4. Fixed: Return full results for a DLNA search on an empty. This was breaking the XBox 360 album listing.

16.0.64 (4/6/2011)
1. Fixed: If Internet Explorer was set to 'Work Offline', it would not be possible to connect to a library server.
2. Fixed: The fuzzy match search engine could crash in certain cases (used by the search box, Play Doctor, etc.).
3. Changed: The 'Add Library' dialog has more robust checking of user data entry in the Access Key / URL box.
4. Changed: Playing Now > Playing From is clickable in the tree, and acts as a home page for library management.
5. Changed: Added a 'Library Manager...' item to File > Library menu that jumps to the library manager in the tree.
6. Changed: It's no longer possible to add a library that fails to load (instead the 'Add Library' dialog will report the problem and stay visible).

16.0.63 (4/1/2011)
1. Changed: Added more logging to SSDP responder.
2. Fixed: Updated YouTube support for recent YouTube site changes.

16.0.62 (3/31/2011)
1. Fixed: When editing more than 100 files at a time in the Tag Action Window, tabbing after a change would discard the change instead of confirm the change.

16.0.61 (3/30/2011)
1. NEW: Library Server client wakes a sleeping server when connecting (requires using an Access Key to connect, and also enabling wake on lan / wan on your network).
2. Fixed: Manually adding a library location for a library that was previously found on the network but not currently available would not work nicely.
3. Changed: Improved video quality settings for Android conversions.
4. Fixed: ID3v2 tags with big-endian UTF-16 values were not being read correctly.

16.0.60 (3/29/2011)
1. Changed: Dutch language translation updated (thanks bennyd).
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: In some cases, the installer could incorrectly reboot instead of launch the program after an install (only applies to builds 53-59).
4. Changed: When the installer wishes to restart, clicking 'Finish' with the 'Restart Windows now' box checked will show a confirmation dialog to avoid unexpected restarts.
5. Fixed: Aspect ratio on Android video conversions was sometimes incorrect.
6. Changed: Video encoding profile simplified somewhat for Android conversions.

16.0.59 (3/29/2011)
1. Fixed: When registering MAC addresses for wake on lan, the last MAC address would not be included in some case.

16.0.58 (3/28/2011)
1. Changed: Refined mp4/m4a tag reader so it will get more precise bitrate values. It will also handle very large files (ones requiring 64bit integers).
2. Fixed: ID3v2 tag reading and writing of COMM frames was not working properly (only applies to build 53 - 57).
3. Changed: Added support for some additional ID3v2.2 frames.
4. Fixed: High sample rate ALAC files would play at 44.1 instead of the higher sample rate.
5. Fixed: DLNA server, return sane content length when seek is requested past EOF. Fixes stall problem with XBMC and mp3's. Perhaps others...

16.0.57 (3/24/2011)
1. Fixed: Video encoder for Android was not getting automatically updated to the latest version.
2. Fixed: mp4/m4a tag reader got bitrate wrong.
3. Fixed: More configuration for Android video conversion.
4. Changed: When registering for an Access Key, the server's MAC address is sent so that Wake on WAN/LAN will be possible with Gizmo. Library Server soon.

16.0.56 (3/22/2011)
1. Fixed: The statusbar could show that a page was loading indefinitely when using the Internet Explorer engine.
2. Fixed: The minimize and close buttons could overlap on a skin that used different sizes for the buttons when a frame had no maximize button.
3. Fixed: It was not possible to seek ALAC files.
4. Fixed: An undo operation (ctrl-z) on a rename of a stacked file would not work for the underlying stacked files.
5. Fixed: A rename operation on a stacked file that was named differently from the stack top file would show an incorrect error message.
6. NEW: Added tag writing option from Options > General to the main program menu: Edit > Update Tags When File Info Changes.
7. NEW: Tag writing option is also available as a toolbar button.
8. Fixed: Video conversion for Android would behave poorly on files with a video filetype but containing only audio.
9. Fixed: Image playback with a pan and zoom slideshow could sparkle on the edges of images.
10. Changed: When viewing an image at 100%, a pixel-perfect overlay will always be rendered once zooming / scrolling have finished.
11. Fixed: Mp4/m4a tagging reading could deadlock on some files containing copyright notice.
12. Fixed: Transitioning from native audio playback to Directshow audio playback when there was an audio format change could lead to problems.
13. Fixed: Some M4A files would not play properly.

16.0.55 (3/18/2011)
1. Changed: Improved support for skins that have a border above the main menu (specified with Toolbars::TopBar::OffsetY in the skin).
2. Fixed: FLAC seeking did not support block accurate seeks, so CUE playback or conversion could be misaligned by a fraction of a second.
3. Changed: Tuned the level of hardware image detail used in hardware accelerated image playback.

16.0.54 (3/18/2011)
Internal testing build

16.0.53 (3/16/2011)
1. Changed: Added support for reading TXXX(UNSYNCED LYRICS) from ID3v2 tags (used by some software instead of more standard USLT).
2. Fixed: Reading lyrics from ID3v2 USLT frames did not work properly if the frame contained a content description.
3. Faster: When playing a video, switching between Display View and Theater View is faster.
4. Fixed: Mp4/m4a tag reader did not read bitrate correctly (build 52 only).
5. Fixed: Mp4/m4a tag reader could crash on reading duration (build 52 only).
6. Fixed: Mp4/m4a tag reader did not read embedded cover art (build 52 only).
7. Faster: Mp4/m4a tag reader is faster on files with embedded image.
8. NEW: Added optional /NoRun command line support to installer that will cause the installation to stop on the last page and not offer to run the program.
9. Fixed: Theater View file info text and news text would wrap to a new line sooner than expected.
10. Faster: Artist image views load faster.

16.0.52 (3/15/2011)
1. NEW: Improved support for Apple files.
2. Fixed: The mp4/m4a tagging system did not read replay-gain data correctly in build 51.
3. Fixed: Some Play Doctor phrases were not translatable.
4. NEW: Added command line tools /RestoreLibrary, /RestoreSettings, and /RestoreLibraryAndSettings. Specify the path to a library backup after the command.

16.0.51 (3/11/2011)
1. NEW: Artist image views perform much better (artist images are now imported as hidden database records so they leverage the existing thumbnail system, etc.).
2. NEW: Artist image views will show full resolution images when zooming in on the thumbnails (right-click thumbnail size slider to toggle one artist per page mode).
3. NEW: Artist images are used in artist views of Theater View.
4. Changed: More improvements to how the search suggestion system handles searches with more than one word.
5. Fixed: When starting seeded Play Doctor playback, the variety distribution could be off a little for the first few files.
6. Fixed: Starting Play Doctor with an artist or album seed would always start playback with the same file by the artist.
7. Fixed: Renaming a library in the tree would cause the selection state to be lost.
8. NEW: Added 'Adjust the volume' as one of the available parametric equalizer types.
9. Fixed: Sizing web pages when using the Internet Explorer engine would flicker.
10. Changed: When starting with Media Server enabled, more aggressive window visibility checking is performed so that if the window is off the screen due to a resolution change, etc. it will be reset to a default position.
11. Fixed: In some cases, ripping could start with the second track instead of the first track.
12. Fixed: When using the IE engine, if you had a browser on a tab you never viewed, the web sandbox for that tab would not shutdown gracefully (but instead get hard killed).
13. Fixed: Play Doctor would not start on the expected track or have the expected track distribution with shuffle mode enabled.
14. Fixed: The new mp4/m4a tagging system did not read replay gain data into MC's replaygain fields.
15. Changed: Added a more graphical view header to library management views (Playing Now > Playing from in the tree).

16.0.50 (3/10/2011)
1. Fixed: Improved handling of single character search tokens in the search suggestion system (used by Play Doctor, search box, Gizmo, etc.).
2. Changed: Tuned search suggestion system to provide more relevant results when entering searches with more than one word.
3. Fixed: Switching away from a web view could crash.
4. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
5. Fixed: Bug in video conversion for Android could cause conversions to stall out.
6. Fixed: Switching tabs with Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab was not working.
7. Fixed: The new mp4/m4a tagging system did not handle BPM and Date fields correctly.
8. Fixed: Aspect ratio was often wrong on Android video conversions.
9. Fixed: Video conversions (for Android and others) could stall out if some Directshow components needed to be downloaded.
10. Changed: Updated splash screen to use as the web address.
11. NEW: Clicking on a library in the tree (Playing Now > Playing from) will show library information and offer tools (still a work in progress).

16.0.48-49 (3/9/2011)
Internal testing builds

16.0.47 (3/8/2011)
1. NEW: The web browser engine used by the program can be selected in Options > Tree & View > Web Browser (default to Internet Explorer, and should work with IE9 RC).
2. Changed: Video converter configures h.264 encoding through an internal interface rather than using the registry.

16.0.46 (3/8/2011)
1. NEW: A new mp4/m4a file tagging system that reads all iTunes style tags, including embedded cover art.
2. Fixed: Numerous fixes to JRWeb.exe and the IPC layer it uses to communicate with Media Center.

16.0.45 (3/7/2011)
1. Fixed: Search suggestion system could return duplicate 'Name' matches.
2. Changed: Improvements to inter-process communication system used by web engine.
3. Fixed: Search suggestions could weight fuzzy matches of categories higher than exact matches of tracks. (i.e. 'layla' would put the album 'Electric Ladyland' above the song 'Layla')
4. Fixed: Search suggestions were not working for some fields when using a language other than English.
5. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code, and to remove any orphan strings.
6. NEW: When clicking on a library in the tree in Playing Now > Playing From, it's possible to clone the library to a new library.
7. Internal: Internal changes to code structure (should be transparent, but please report any issues).

16.0.44 (3/4/2011)
1. NEW: Play Doctor learns during playback based on plays and skips and improves the list after skips.
2. NEW: Play Doctor adds files to the playlist after each play so that there are always 100 upcoming files and it never reaches the end of the playlist.
3. Changed: Play Doctor skips are graphically represented with a strikethrough in the Playing Now list.
4. NEW: Added MC16.exe launcher command /MonitorToggle to toggle the display between available monitors. (requires Windows 7, will work better and be easier to use than /MonitorSwitch command)
(note: to use /MonitorToggle, first extend all your displays and configure them to the resolution and refresh rate you prefer with Windows, then /MonitorToggle will use these settings when run)
5. NEW: Added MC16.exe launcher command /MonitorExtend to extend available displays across all monitors. (requires Windows 7)

16.0.43 (3/3/2011)
1. Fixed: Clicking YouTube links in Standard View did not offer download, watch, etc. options.
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: JRWeb.exe web sandbox processes would not shutdown properly on Windows XP.
4. Changed: If a television recording ended less than a minute ago, current time-shifting session will not be saved even if the global setting is "Save always". This will not affect the case where the user specifically choose to save the current session.
5. Changed: Video transcoding for Media Network no longer uses the registry for configuring ffdshow video decoding. It uses an internal interface instead.
6. NEW: Improved DLNA server search support.
7. Changed: When we return an empty DLNA search result, return OK with no results. Previously the result was crashing out PlugPlayer.

16.0.42 (3/2/2011)
1. Fixed: The connect link on the Library Server webpage would start Media Center 15 instead of 16 (ie. http://localhost:52199/LibraryServer).
2. Fixed: Numerous problems with sandboxing web system introduced in build 41.
3. Fixed: Non-English characters were not displaying properly in the Help / Registration Info pop-up.
4. Fixed: The program was not properly finding external artwork saved to the cover art folder.
5. Fixed: Cookies in the web browser engine would not persist between runs.
6. Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts were not working properly with web windows.
7. Changed: Right-click and OSD menus "Save time-shifting on stop" are simplified. Change of setting using these menus is applied only to current time-shifting session. Global setting at Options > Television remains the same.
8. Fixed: Performer store cache was not getting dumped when a database update was completed leading to new content not showing up.
9. Fixed: When first starting video playback with VideoClock enabled, lip sync could be off until a seek.

16.0.41 (2/25/2011)
1. NEW: The web browser engine is sandboxed to its own process (JRWeb.exe) for increased security and stability.
2. Changed: When downloading something with an internal browser, the integrated download manager will be used.
3. Fixed: WebPlay was unnecessarily transcoding MP3 files.
4. Fixed: In some cases, popup dialogs could appear behind the main program.

16.0.40 (2/24/2011)
1. Internal: Updated the Windows and DirectX SDKs used during compilation to the latest.
2. Internal: The DirectX helper d3dx9_43.dll is required instead of d3dx9_39.dll (downloaded on install when required).
3. Fixed: DVD ripping was creating two destination folders and ripping to the second one.
4. Fixed: The calculation of space available for DVD ripping was not correctly handling mapped network and UNC drives and "Junction" type directories.
5. Fixed: WebKit based browsers running the latest WebKit code could fail to play from WebPlay.
6. Fixed: A few ID3v2 fields would not be properly read when using old ID3v2.2 tags.
7. Changed: Added 'Artist Sort' (TSOP) and 'Album Sort' (TSOA) mappings for ID3v2 tagging (not stock fields, but will populate if the fields are created by user).
8. Fixed: The Chromium engine would crash on Win2k instead of showing a 'not available' screen.

16.0.39 (2/23/2011)
1. Fixed: Numerous fixes with the new web engine (back, forward, backspace, Netflix playback, etc.)
2. Fixed: Possible thread and memory leak after stopping playback that was converting the output to AC3.
3. Fixed: If the program crashed while recording a television program in the last five minutes and was restarted, recording would not resume if 'Do not record programs that have been recorded in the past' was set for the recording rule.
4. Fixed: In rare cases, the program could start maximized with only part of the window visible.
5. Fixed: The WAV encoder would use the .wav extension instead of .l16 when creating a headerless L16 for use on a DLNA device.
6. Fixed: Media Network would unnecessarily cache and stack audio files converted for playback on a DLNA device or Gizmo.
7. Fixed: Import of .l16 files would not work properly (player assumes the sample rate is 44100 Hz).

16.0.38 (2/22/2011)
1. NEW: Web pages inside the program use the Chromium engine instead of the Internet Explorer engine.
2. Changed: When used as a DLNA controller, the timeout for the Play command is changed from 10 to 20 seconds. Fixes trouble with XBMC.

16.0.37 (2/21/2011)
1. NEW: Improved video converter (used by Gizmo) so that it uses the J. River audio engine to handle audio format conversions.
2. NEW: Zone links are preserved between program runs.
3. Fixed: Some dialogs would not draw properly unless they were resized (only applies to build 35 and 36).
4. Fixed: Video converter used by Gizmo, etc. would not always cleanup properly.

16.0.36 (2/18/2011)
1. Changed: Reorganzed core libraries to be a little more efficient with regards to size and loading speed.
2. Fixed: AverTV M780 PCIe device analog tuner played no sound when not in time-shifting mode.
3. Changed: If auto-import is unable to watch a folder for changes (happens with some network drives, etc.) then the program will scan for changes manually every 2 hours.
4. Fixed: Gizmo or DLNA devices could show a stale list of files in some cases.
5. Changed: When reimporting a previously removed file, the file will be reanalyzed.
6. Fixed: Picking a single file and saying 'Play (with Play Doctor)' would not make a good mix.

16.0.35 (2/17/2011)
1. Changed: Improved Wikipedia movie lookup to better handle titles full of common words like 'To Be And To Have'.
2. Fixed: The /Library command did not work when run through the launcher.
3. Changed: Improved performance when loading or resizing dialogs.
4. Fixed: The 'Remote' options page did not work nicely with large fonts.
5. Fixed: Remote control IR blaster commands could stop working after re-installing the player.
6. Fixed: Auto-import could be slow analyzing network files that were temporarily unavailable.
7. Fixed: Right-clicking a non-selected playlist and picking 'Lock' would not work.
8. NEW: When right-clicking a playlist group, the option 'Lock All Children' / 'Unlock All Children' is available.
9. Changed: If a user customized the temporary folder, temporary files will actually be created in a 'J River' subfolder of the user selected folder (any files or folders in the 'J River' subfolder will be deleted each run).
10. Changed: Video playback graph building will not consider failure to load subtitles / Line 21 (which madVR does not support) a critical error.
11. Changed: Faster video playback graph building in some cases.
12. Changed: Netflix now retrieves all it's 'feeds' in separate threads simultaneously.

16.0.34 (2/16/2011)
1. Changed: When the program had many programs in the television programming guide (hundreds of thousands), the program could slow down.
2. SDK: The MCWS Browse/Files function will return success with zero files on an empty item instead of returning a failure.
3. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks to Johnny B).
4. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks to KANEY).
5. Changed: Added additional ASIO logging.
6. Changed: Revamped 'Registration Information' dialog so that it works better with large fonts and/or translation.
7. Fixed: Spacing between characters could be unnecessarily large in edit controls when using fonts with leading / trailing overhangs.
8. Fixed: Image playback of certain size images could lead to a crash.
9. Fixed: Wmhelper.dll was not getting registered in certain cases causing Performer login to fail.
10. Changed: On ASIO shutdown, buffers are explicitly disposed instead of relying on the driver to dispose outstanding buffers on unload (improves Roland Edirol UA-1Ex support, possibly others).
11. Changed: madVR runs in the graph thread instead of the main program thread.
12. Changed: When loading television programming, entries for programs older than 3 days will be discarded (previously 14 days of old programming were kept, but a smaller number helps performance).

Internal testing build

16.0.32 (2/15/2011)
1. NEW: Simplified 'Media Network' options page.
2. Changed: Media Center 16 no longer works with a Media Center 15 license.
3. Fixed: When starting video playback, JRWorker.exe could be unnecessarily invoked to grab a thumbnail.
4. Fixed: When resuming from standby, auto-import folder watching could swamp the CPU.
5. Changed: The system to load an image to display while loading a file (or playing audio with no visualizations) is more efficient.
6. Fixed: Channel name edited in "Edit Channel" window did not stick.

16.0.31 (2/14/2011)
1. NEW: Added an "Edit Channel" button on Edit Channel List window to allow editing of existing television channels.
2. Fixed: Audio protect mode could engage incorrectly in some cases causing silence to be played.
3. Fixed: Play Doctor playback when nothing was provided as a seed was not working properly.

Internal testing build

16.0.29 (2/11/2011)
1. Changed: Reworked how playback statistics are incremented when playing from a server (Gizmo, DLNA device etc.) so that devices that request the same file multiple times during playback won't cause multiple play counts and Scrobbles.
2. Fixed: madVR could hang with build 28 (hopefully fixed, please let us know).
3. Fixed: Video playback could leave some filters loaded after playback was stopped.

16.0.28 (2/10/2011)
1. Changed: madVR display window is bound to the main user interface thread instead of the playback graph thread (should fix sluggishness issues).
2. Changed: Gizmo multiple Scrobbles for a single playback hopefully fixed (please let us know).
3. NEW: Added Protect Mode to audio engine that engages if a huge spike (due to a corrupt file, misbehaved DSP, etc.) comes through the audio chain and switches to silence for a few seconds (part of 'Clip protection' mode selected at bottom of DSP Studio window).
4. NEW: Reworked how internal volume mode is applied so that it's safer when used with a power amplifier (a DSP is not allowed to apply a gain that overrides the internal volume).
5. Fixed: The auto-upgrade from v15 to v16 would not work properly if v15 was installed to a directory with a custom name.
6. Fixed: Channel details for STB channels were not properly displayed on "Edit Channel List" window.

16.0.27 (2/9/2011)
1. NEW: MC supports Set Top Box television channels.
2. NEW: New latency system for 'ASIO' and 'WASAPI - Event Style' audio outputs that makes VideoClock require fewer and smaller audio rate adjustments (audio and video sync is typically maintained within 2 milliseconds, with about 0.0001 audio rate variation once sync is established).
3. NEW: MC supports Camera type "television channel". A user can manually add a "channel" that corresponds to a webcam device.
4. Fixed: Typing in other programs (and maybe other operations) while madVR was in use could be sluggish.
5. Fixed: The low-pass and high-pass filters in the 'Parametric Equalizer' could fail to work properly in some cases.

16.0.26 (2/8/2011)
1. Changed: During image playback, the image edges have a subtle fade-out to make a smoother looking Pan & Zoom effect, and also to remove edge sparkle that can occur with some video drivers.
2. Changed: When grabbing the volume or position slider on the player at the top of fullscreen Display View, the player will not be hidden when the mouse leaves the window until the grab is released.
3. Changed: Renamed video smoothing feature in Options > Video to 'VideoClock (smooths video by adjusting audio)'.
4. Changed: Improvements to VideoClock so that it requires fewer and smaller audio rate changes.

16.0.25 (2/7/2011)
1. Changed: When restoring a library backup, a backup of the current library is not created before the restore when the current library is empty.
2. Faster: Loading of EPG / XMLTV data is around ten times faster.
3. Fixed: A typo in (television) Edit Channel List window.
4. Fixed: Hulu playback would show a solid black screen.
5. Changed: Tuned the width of the Theater View file info panel, especially for wide displays.
6. Fixed: Allow playback of 32 bit or greater integer formatted wavpack files.

16.0.24 (2/4/2011)
1. Fixed: MC2XML country code for United Kingdom was wrong.
2. NEW: Added 'Parametric Equalizer' DSP plugin.

16.0.23 (2/3/2011)
1. NEW: The browsing tree exposed to Gizmo or a DLNA device will update when the library changes (previously a restart of the server was required to see new or changed content).
2. Changed: When Play Doctor includes tracks, it will put placeholder items in the list that will get substituted at playback time (because tracks expire).
3. NEW: Netflix thumbnail and list views in Theater View now report whether titles have been "instant viewed" before and detail view shows the date and percentage of last viewing if file info panel is reset.
4. Fixed: Video conversion setting under Library Server did not "stick".
5. Changed: If a user customizes the temporary folder in Options > File Location, it will use that folder for all temporary files (previously the customized folder was only used in a few specific areas of the program).
6. NEW: Playback from Gizmo will update playback statistics and Scrobbles (requires updated Gizmo).
7. NEW: Playback on a DLNA device like the J. River Id, PS3, etc. will Scrobble the play when Scrobbling is enabled on the server.
8. SDK: Updated SDK MJPlaybackAutomation object to better support DLNA or Library Server zones.
9. NEW: Add DLNA version 2 support. Check for problems with version 1.x devices (most devices).
10. Fixed: Remove extra nulls from POST body in DLNA control.

16.0.22 (2/2/2011)
1. Changed: Refined how some Quicktime file types are routed to different playback engines. Fixes mixed m4a, mp3 playback issues.
2. Changed: Reduced to one the number of UAC prompts that pop up when video conversion is performed for the first time.
3. Fixed: There was no progress message when downloading and installing DirectShow filters for m4a files.
4. NEW: DSP plugins can report their internal latency, providing better audio quality when doing audio rate adjustment during video playback.
5. NEW: submitter maintains a queue of submissions instead of a single submission so when there's no internet or is having problems, there is no performance impact on the program and Scrobbles don't get dropped.
6. Changed: When auto-import folder watching encounters problems, it tries to reopen watches a few times and then gives up if there are continued errors (hopefully fixes issue when resuming from standby while watching certain network shares).

16.0.21 (2/1/2011)
1. Fixed: The alphabet at the top of a view would not work in category views.
2. NEW: Revised clocking used when 'Adjust audio rate to maintain video sync' is enabled (thanks to madshi for all his help).
3. Changed: Improved YouTube support to understand the latest formats (including 4K HD MP4).
4. Changed: Improved performance when starting a YouTube video.
5. NEW: Added Options > Services > YouTube > Playback bitrate for selecting bitrate / quality used when playing from YouTube (downloads still always use the highest quality avaialble).
6. NEW: Added Options > Video > Synchronize playback clock with video hardware.
7. Fixed: When the volume Id for a CD disc was not available, an incorrect database entry could get created and ripping could commence with the wrong track data.
8. Fixed: When switching playback engines (from a natively supported audio file like an MP3 to a Quicktime file like an M4P) could block waiting for the first file to finish.

16.0.20 (1/28/2011)
1. Changed: Dutch language translation updated. (thanks bennyd)
2. Changed: Analyzer DSP lines (and other lines in the program) are drawn with anti-aliasing for a smoother look.
3. Fixed: Android video conversion was not working.

16.0.19 (1/27/2011)
1. NEW: Installing Media Center 16 for the first time on a computer with Media Center 15 will automatically migrate the library and settings from v15 to v16.
2. Changed: The installer supports an optional /NoUpgrade command line switch to disable automatic migration from v15 to v16 on a fresh install.
3. Fixed: Letter range searches / panes were not working properly.
4. Fixed: A typo on the Output Format DSP page.
5. Faster: Analyzer DSP draws much faster.
6. Fixed: Netflix movies with fullscreen aspect ratio (4:3) were not displaying correctly in Theater View.
7. Changed: Analyzer remembers customization to its frequency range.
8. Fixed: Theater View search would show untranslated field names.
9. Fixed: Netflix in Theater View would appear to freeze the UI while downloading movie lists.
10. Changed: Tuned mix ratios used with Play Doctor when selecting 'More' or 'Lots' of variety.

16.0.18 (1/26/2011)
1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Fixed: The filled radio image used in Play Doctor had a visual artifact on the right edge.
3. Fixed: Library Server could unnecessarily leave requested files open for five minutes after the request finished, causing problems when deleting.
4. NEW: When files fail to be deleted or recycled, a retry / cancel dialog is shown that lists the error files.
5. Fixed: User customization to DSP ordering was not working properly (only applies to build 17).
6. Changed: When controlling a DLNA device with Gizmo or a Library Server client, the server won't show 'There was a problem controlling the selected DLNA device' errors when problems occur.
7. NEW: Play Doctor can save its rule set as a Playchart under Playlists.
8. NEW: Playcharts (from Play Doctor) can be viewed and played in Theater View, with DLNA devices, Gizmo, etc.
9. NEW: Added the ability to set what files can be included with a Playchart, to allow filtering holiday music, etc.
10. Fixed: Starting Play Doctor playback with a remote / MCC command did not work nicely (uses settings from 'Current Playchart' but uses no search so all files are played).
11. Changed: Revised 'Room Correction' channel switching system to be easier to switch channels and so that that it remembers the last used channel.
12. NEW: Added genre browsing to Theater View Netflix.

16.0.17 (1/25/2011)
1. Fixed: Performer store could appear to freeze the program if internet connection was lost.
2. NEW: Added new option Options > Video > Adjust audio rate to maintain video sync (only supported when using 'Same as device used in audio playback' as the audio device in Options > Video).
3. Fixed: Cached Wikipedia pages did not update when a new wiki language was selected.
4. Changed: Renamed the button 'Add Plug-in...' in DSP Studio to 'Manage Plug-ins...' to better represent that it can be used to uninstall, etc.
5. NEW: Added DSP Studio > Manage Plug-ins... > Reset Order to reset effects back to their default order.
6. Changed: Reverted DSP Plug-ins to their default order (drag-n-drop to order, audio flows from top to bottom except for special items 'Output Format' and 'Volume Levelling' which always happen first).
7. Fixed: Analyzer DSP could cause a crash.
8. Changed: Analyzer DSP allows entering a start and end frequency.

16.0.16 (1/24/2011)
1. Changed: Play (as radio) has changed to Play (with Play Doctor).
2. Changed: Removed Player > Play Radio... (instead, use Play Doctor in Playing Now).
3. SDK: Updated automation mixer object to support setting volume and mute for DLNA or Library Server zones.
4. Fixed: Removed NULLS from the end of tag fields for flac files when writing the tags.
5. NEW: Added 'Analyzer' DSP plugin that can show calibrated frequency information per output channel (experimental and a work in progress).

16.0.15 (1/21/2011)
1. NEW: When editing fields linked to relational fields, the program will nicely keep the relational field synchronized. (i.e. changing the artist from 'Aerosmith' to 'Bob Dylan' will also switch the Artist Biography)
2. Fixed: The OSD could show a weird volume display when the volume was unavailable instead of saying 'n/a'.
3. NEW: Added a new volume mode 'Disabled' for use in cases where you only want to use an external volume.
4. Fixed: Added DLNA server support for L16 (headerless uncompressed wave) to Samsung and Sony BD players (and perhaps others).

16.0.14 (1/20/2011)
1. NEW: Database supports relational fields that store values per artist, per album, or per series (changes database version so v15 can no longer load a v16 library).
2. NEW: The program can display artist images when browsing artists instead of a stack of album images (place artist image in the cover art folder in an 'Artists' subfolder).
3. NEW: Added Cover Art > Get Artist Images From (still a work in progress).
4. NEW: Play Doctor uses deeper searching of similar artists for creating better mixes.
5. Changed: Play Doctor uses a cache of similar artists to reduce the need to make server calls.
6. Fixed: Full screen Netflix in Theater View was still having window sizing problems.
7. Fixed: Multiple fast-forward or rewind clicks during Netflix viewing would dump you out of Theater View.

16.0.13 (1/19/2011)
1. NEW: Play Doctor music selection algorithms revamped, can now include tracks from
2. Changed: Reworked how Play Doctor works so that it generates a playlist that plays as opposed to being a program mode.
3. Fixed: Scheduling recordings and doing file deletes from a library server client would not always sync back to the server.
4. Fixed: In certain cases, deleting files from a library server while the files were in 'Playing Now' could cause a crash.
5. NEW: Ability to browse Netflix movie recommendations in theater view. More browsing categories to come...

16.0.12 (1/18/2011)
1. Fixed: Search for an empty value in a list-type field was not working properly.
2. Faster: Fuzzy matching engine used by search suggestions, Theater View, and Gizmo is faster.
3. Fixed: The database could use more memory than necessary in some cases.
4. NEW: Netflix TV shows are now grouped by collection in Theater View.
5. Fixed: Netflix aspect ratio handling wasn't working at certain resolutions.
6. Changed: Netflix movies are listed alphabetically (episodes within a TV series are still listed in original order).
7. Changed: Added series descriptions to Netflix TV series.
8. NEW: Enabled Samsung BD players (and perhaps TV's) to go directly to media categories (like Audio, Image and Video) instead of having to step through those items when one has already selected the category.

16.0.11 (1/14/2011)
1. NEW: Theater View search uses new and improved search engine.
2. Changed: Composer is a default search field (only applies to a fresh library).
3. Fixed: When the Theater View keyboard was focused, backspace would navigate back instead of delete characters.
4. Changed: Theater View search uses a no-case keyboard (no caps, no automatic titlecase).
5. Changed: Theater View keyboards use 'Space' instead of '_'.
6. Changed: Improved Netflix aspect ratio handling.

16.0.10 (1/13/2011)
1. Changed: More tuning to search suggestion system.

16.0.9 (1/13/2011)
1. Changed: More improvements to Netflix full screen playback control in Theater View.
2. Changed: Improvements to search suggestion system.
3. Changed: Gizmo (and MCWS) use new search suggestion system.

16.0.8 (1/12/2011)
1. Changed: WebPlay / WebRemote 'Customize views...' have merged into a single 'Customize views...' for all of Library Server, which is also shared by MCWS and Gizmo.
2. Fixed: After auto-matching channels when loading the EPG, the list would not redraw to show the matches.
3. Fixed: RFC-822 date generation was not working, causing problems with EPG loading.
4. Faster: Improved cover art lookup system to better handle files with no metadata or TV programs with no series (makes EPG import much faster).
5. Fixed: Displaying a duration like '2 hours 7 minutes' was not working properly.
6. Changed: Switching libraries or starting to restore a library will cancel a pending empty library auto-import.
7. Changed: When loading a library once the program has started and loaded a library, picking 'Cancel' on the failed to load of the new library dialog will load the last library instead of close the program.
8. Changed: Added 'Add Library...' item to libraries in tree so a library can be added without a right-click.
9. Changed: When adding a library, the dialog asks for a library name.
10. Changed: After a server receives changes from a client, it starts any necessary background file tagging (previously only happened on UI interaction).
11. Changed: When acquiring images from a camera, the file system dates of the acquired files are set to exactly match the dates of the files on the camera.
12. SDK: Improved performance of MCWS/v1/File/GetImage call when requesting a thumbnail (makes Gizmo faster).
13. SDK: MCWS/v1/File/GetImage allows requesting different thumbnail sizes using a ThumbnailSize parameter (makes Gizmo faster when using a v16 server).
14. NEW: Improved Netflix full screen handling in Theater View. Experimental - some things may not work in this build.
15. NEW: Search box suggestion system got smarter: sorts matches by quality, handles misspellings, returns relevant matches even if their name doesn't match what was typed (i.e. typing 'jewel christmas' returns 'Joy - A Holiday Album').

16.0.7 (1/11/2011)
1. Changed: The OSD window will show 'shifted 2.5 hours' instead of 'shifted 2 hours 28 minutes' when crossing the one hour boundary.
2. NEW: It's possible to create user-created fields with a data type of 'Date'.
3. Changed: When entering a date with no year, if the date entered is close to the previous or next year, that will be used. (i.e. entering 12/28 early in January resolves to the previous year instead of the new year)
4. Fixed: Playback would not silently advance to the next track after a Windows Media DRM error inside a playlist.
5. Changed: Made automatic import countdown shown in the Action Window after loading an empty library more prominent with a longer countdown and larger text.
6. SDK: MCWS/v1/Control/MCC allows targeting a specific zone using zone parameters instead of requiring the zone index get embedded into the parameter.
7. Fixed: Television Playing Now OSD info showed incorrect next program start time if it was over an hour.
8. Fixed: Some digital television devices with combined tuner-capture filter (such as REALTEK DTV Filter) did not work.
9. Fixed: MPEG2 conversion wasn't streaming in DLNA server.
10. NEW: Added user configurable overrides (in Advanced DLNA server options) for video mimetype and DLNA type when MPEG hack is selected.
11. NEW: Add DLNA server profile for Sony BD and TV's. Makes video work.
12. NEW: Add DLNA server profile for Samsung BD and TV's.
13. NEW: Add DLNA server profile for the J. River Id.

16.0.6 (1/7/2011)
1. Changed: When there was only a single playback zone, it would not appear properly in the tree.
2. Changed: Revised how install-path relative replacement is done to work better with import settings, library locations, etc. on a portable install.
3. Changed: Revised how cross-thread message pretranslation is managed to improve compatibility with madVR.
4. Changed: Obsidian Touchscreen (or other skins derived from Base 3.xml) will use left-alignment of rollers inside views.
5. Fixed: If thumbnails were not built for files, Action Window > Tag > Image could incorrectly report .
6. Changed: Revised how video display size management is done to improve compatibility with madVR.
7. NEW: Wikipedia language is now selectable from Options / Services.
8. NEW: Support for EAC generated disc id's in cdplayer.ini for importing CD meta-data from an EAC rip.
9. Fixed: Pausing playback on DLNA to the Id.
10. Changed: More precise setting of DLNA flags for all media types. Could help playback on some renderers.
11. Fixed: Mouse and keyboard sluggishness when playing video using madVR.
12. Fixed: Aspect ratio setting did not work correctly if Haali Video Renderer was used.
13. Fixed: Television could fail if the file folder for recording and time-shifting had not already been created.
14. NEW: Introducing new Play Doctor that can intelligently select and play from your library and other sources (work in progress). See Playing Now.

16.0.5 (1/4/2011)
1. Changed: Optimization to how Theater View (optionally) disables the screen saver or monitor power.
2. Changed: When restoring a library, the option 'Restore settings' is checked by default.
3. NEW: Reworked how library load failures are messaged and handled.
4. Changed: The tooltip for a library in the tree (play from source) shows the type and location.
5. Fixed: Adding a new library based on a URL was not working properly.
6. Fixed: In some cases, it was not possible to rename a library in the tree.
7. Fixed: The player bar would not update until a restart when renaming the current library.
8. Fixed: Video playback on android of MC TV files did not work properly - they had a green cast and double image.
9. Changed: Import folders are stored in an install-drive relative way on a portable install so that running auto-import will work more nicely.
10. Fixed: If two DVD's had the same volume name, ripping the second one would overwrite the first one.

16.0.4 (1/3/2011)
1. NEW: During television playback, the OSD for position will have "shifted xx minutes" in it when watching something that is currently recording.
2. Fixed: The HTML for directional quotes (†and ”) would not get decoded properly in Theater View News, etc.
3. Fixed: Renaming the current library would not update the 'Playing from' item in the tree right away.
4. SDK: The launcher (MC16.exe) supports /Restart to restart the program.
5. Changed: After restoring a library and restoring settings, the program will automatically restart.
6. Changed: The playback state of remote zones is not shown in the tree unless the zone is active so that the program doesn't have to query inactive remote zones.
7. NEW: Video playback to android is now done via direct show filter graph.
8. Changed: Updated copyrights to 2011.

16.0.3 (12/23/2010)
1. Internal: Revisions to how some code is linked, resulting in slightly smaller plugins.

16.0.2 (12/23/2010)
1. NEW: Library Servers are automatically found on the local network, just like DLNA devices.
2. NEW: Library switching and management is done in the tree, under Playing Now > Play From.
3. NEW: Loading of libraries from DLNA servers is faster, does updating in the background, allows user playlists, etc.).
4. Changed: It's possible to hide discovered DLNA servers so they won't appear again (Tree > Playing from xyz > Right-click > Show Hidden Library to reshow).
5. NEW: Playing Now icons in the tree are grey when not playing, and green when playing in a zone.
6. Fixed: "DVD Menu" item on OSD menu was shown without any text or graphics during DVD playback.
7. Changed: When emailing images, higher quality (bicubic) resizing is used.
8. Changed: A value like O-1 as an artist, album, etc. would not work properly in the panes because the search engine would treat it like a letter range search (dash is now an escaped search character).
9. Fixed: When acquiring images from a camera, it would say 'Transferring 1 of x' _after_ finishing the transfer, so if the first file was a huge video, the transfer would look stuck.

16.0.1 (12/20/2010)
1. Fixed: Audio CUE files were being read with ANSI encoding so non-English characters were not displayed correctly.
2. Changed: Updated splash and about images.
3. Changed: Revised some copyrights to 2011.