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15.0.174 (2/3/2011)
1. Changed: When acquiring images from a camera, the file system dates of the acquired files are set to exactly match the dates of the files on the camera.
2. Changed: Obsidian Touchscreen (or other skins derived from Base 3.xml) will use left-alignment of rollers inside views.
3. Fixed: When switching playback engines (like from a natively supported audio file like an MP3 to a Quicktime file like an M4P) could block waiting for the first file to finish.
4. Changed: Refined how some Quicktime file types are routed to different playback engines.
5. Fixed: A typo on the Output Format DSP page.
6. Fixed: Scheduling recordings and doing file deletes from a library server client would not always sync back to the server.

15.0.173 (1/6/2011)
1. Fixed: If thumbnails were not built for files, Action Window > Tag > Image could incorrectly report <various internal images>.
2. Fixed: Pausing playback on DLNA to the J. River Id didn't work.

15.0.172 (1/5/2011)
1. Fixed: "DVD Menu" item on OSD menu was shown without any text or graphics during DVD playback.
2. Fixed: Build 171 did not contain a digital signature.

15.0.171 (12/20/2010)
1. Changed: The program will purchase a v16 license instead of a v15 license.
2. Changed: The program will work with a v15 or v16 license.
3. Fixed: Audio CUE files were being read with ANSI encoding so non-English characters were not displayed correctly.

15.0.170 (12/17/2010)
1. Fixed: On a fresh install, a 'Default' entry would not always be available in the list of libraries, making it hard to switch back to the default library after creating a custom library.
2. Changed: When connected to a DLNA library, the program will consider itself connected and show 'Disconnect From Library' in the menu instead of requiring selection of the last library from the libraries menu to disconnect.
3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks to KANEY).
4. Changed: Google Nexus S appears with the proper name and image instead of showing as a generic Android (may require a redetect of devices).
5. Fixed: Track Info visualizations shows a missing image instead of the logo when playing tracks with no cover art.
6. Fixed: DLNA Server, subtitles (.srt and perhaps .sub) for some BD players requiring the DLNAExtra setting (i.e. Samsung BD-Cx500). May help others as well.

15.0.169 (12/16/2010)
1. Fixed: Restoring library backup settings would not work properly (only applies to last few builds).
2. Changed: OSD menu items are reordered.
3. Changed: On initial invocation of OSD menu, up arrow shows Position OSD, down arrow shows Playing Now (Programs for TV) OSD. Subsequent invocation of OSD menu behaves the same as before - showing menu item last shown. Additional pressing of arrows while the menu is on cycles through the menu as before.

15.0.168 (12/15/2010)
1. Changed: "Change Display Settings" context menu in video engine will list monitor frequencies as low as 24 Hz.
2. Changed: Added "Desktop Settings" to the top of "Change Display Settings" context menu in video engine.
3. Changed: Revised wording of access key option in Options > Media Network.
4. Fixed: Stopping of UDP-based servers for Media Network would sometimes hard-kill a server thread instead of gracefully close it (please report any issues with DLNA device detection).
5. Fixed: Volume OSD was displayed at the beginning of video playback if video was played right after stopping television playback.
6. Changed: Television Programs OSD will display channel name alone if there is no programming info, instead of showing "".
7. Fixed: It was possible to rip a CD while connected to Library Server by using the view header rip button, even though the Action Window would correctly report that the feature is disabled when connected to a library.
8. SDK: Targeting an invalid zone with an MCWS playback command could cause a crash.
9. SDK: ZoneType was not supported properly for some MCWS functions.
10. NEW: The player display area at the top of the program allows the token [Volume] to show the current volume level.

15.0.167 (12/10/2010)
1. Fixed: Cover Art lookup / submission was not available in build 165 and 166.
2. NEW: MCWS/v1/Values uses fuzzy matching and can sort matches by relevance (used by Gizmo).

15.0.166 (12/10/2010)
1. Changed: Improved handling of AIFF files with an invalid block size specified in their SSND header (affected samples from Bravura Records).
2. Fixed: WAV playback issue (only applies to build 165).

15.0.165 (12/9/2010)
1. Fixed: Television playback was broken in build 164.
2. Changed: Made DLNA engine more tolerant of device failures, so a device is less likely to be removed.
3. Changed: Television program cleanup of old programs as specified by subscription options happens each 8 hours instead of only on program shutdown (only happens when no recording or playback is taking place).
4. Fixed: The response to SSDP UDP notifications would unnecessarily return a 500 server error code.
5. Fixed: The program could create unnecessary C:\My Music, C:\My Pictures, and C:\My Videos folders on run.
6. Fixed: Playback of live HTTP WAV or L16 streams did not work nicely (used when acting as a DLNA renderer).

15.0.164 (12/8/2010)
1. Changed: Reworked code that validates the main program's size and visibility so launching after changing monitor configurations will not result in a hidden or oversized window.
2. Fixed: M4a audio was played in video engine instead of audio engine if Playback Method was set to "Automatic".
3. Fixed: M4a audio failed to convert to other formats due to the bug in item 2 above.
4. Fixed: When playing to a DLNA renderer that does not reliably support eventing, playback would not always advance if the renderer was not the active zone.
5. Changed: Reduced the time between track changes for DLNA devices that do not support eventing.
6. NEW: The amount of edge cropping (with the "Crop Edges" option, which is now also available in DVD playback) is now configurable (under General Video Settings).
7. Fixed: Possible dead-locks when switching tabs that contained certain views.
8. SDK: Update MCWS/v1/Library/Values so that it can filter matches, return multiple fields, and sort matches by quality (allows [search suggestions in Gizmo, etc.).

15.0.163 (12/7/2010)
1. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks to Johnny B).
2. Changed: Improved support for DLNA device volume control for devices that use a volume range other than 0 to 100 (Philips NP2500, etc.).
3. Fixed: The MCWS volume calls would allow setting the volume to more than 100% (Spinal Tap).
4. Fixed: Attached DLNA devices could fail to appear or could take a few minutes to appear, especially when running a local media server.
5. SDK: Changed MCWS/v1/Playback/Playlist to a standard files function so it can return MPL (use &Action=Serialize to return previous serialized format).
6. SDK: Changed MCWS/v1/Library/Values to use 'Item' instead of 'Value' to be more consistent with other functions.
7. Fixed: Switching from Theater View or image playback to Standard View to certain threaded views could hang (only a problem in last few builds).
8. NEW: Added support for MSB byte-ordered integer audio formats to the ASIO output plugin (Int16MSB, Int24MSB, Int32MSB16, Int32MSB18, Int32MSB20, Int32MSB24, Int32MSB).
9. Changed: DLNA server, more accurate detection of videos that can be played without transcoding for WMC compatible devices (Xbox 360).
10. Fixed: DLNA server, WMC compatible devices (Xbox 360) were not presenting all avi's that could be played without conversion.
11. Fixed: Enabling Dolby Digital output in DSP Studio when using ASIO could cause a crash.
12. Changed: Improved efficiency of ASIO buffer filling system.
13. Changed: Significantly improved performance of J. River URL Reader filter for YouTube playback.
14. Fixed: When deleting a list item in Theater View, the file info panel image could go away until manually selecting a different item.

15.0.162 (12/6/2010)
1. Fixed: Doing a fresh install with build 160 or 161 would not work (uninstall, reboot, and reinstall this build if you have this problem)
2. Fixed: The uninstaller could have visual gaps on the window border using the Noire skin.
3. Changed: Samsung Galaxy Tab appears with a full name and image instead of as a generic Android (may require redetect of devices).

15.0.161 (12/3/2010)
1. Fixed: DLNA Server, PS3 video "convert when necessary" add xvid as natively playable media.
2. Fixed: Possible rare crash when DLNA devices left the network.
3. SDK: Added 'AccessKey' to MCWS/v1/Alive response.
4. Changed: Reverted to using a simple reader instead of a more sophisticated buffering reader for Library Server audio playback (new reader to return later).

15.0.160 (12/1/2010)
1. Fixed: On some CD/DVD burners, enabling 'test mode' could still result in the disc getting written to.
2. Fixed: In CD/DVD burning, the order of transmitting certain commands to the burner was changed which seems to improve reliability on certain burners, namely Samsung.
3. Changed: DLNA Server, more tweaking of video conversion autodetect, especially for the PS3.
4. Changed: Reworked how paths are stored in options so that they are user account relative when possible.
5. Changed: Restoring a library with settings from a different OS or different user account will work better.
6. Faster: Improved core browsing system of database for lower memory usage and better performance (helps program navigation performance and Gizmo performance).
7. Faster: Servers that power DLNA, WebPlay, Gizmo, etc. will use gzip compression for clients that support it.
8. Fixed: DLNA server, mkv files with h264 video will now play properly on the WDTV (and others that support this format).
9. Fixed: When resampling, startup silence for hardware synchronization durations would not be adjusted properly.
10. Fixed: WAV playback was not working over Library Server.
11. Changed: Added smartlist location specifier 'r' to show removed files (i.e. ~d=r).
12. Changed: Added smartlist location specifier 'g' to show television guide files (i.e. ~d=g).
13. SDK: When making an MPL request from MCWS, a list of desired fields can be specified (makes Gizmo file requests much faster).
14. SDK: MCWS file requests can optionally suppress returning filenames that point to local files while still getting URL filenames (makes Gizmo faster).
15. Changed: DLNA playback of video files on the XBox with conversion enabled now uses a higher 720x480 resolution.

15.0.159 (11/24/2010)
1. SDK: Added 'FriendlyName' to the MCWS/v1/Alive response so a client can show a friendly name for a server.
2. SDK: Added the ability for MCWS/v1/Browse/Children to skip levels with only one choice.
3. Changed: Changing the volume doesn't put the on screen display into a mode where left / right change the volume until the display goes away.
4. Changed: The position on screen display is part of the regular on screen display rotation (so pressing up / down will show it).
5. Fixed: The search editing dialog could popup as modeless in some cases, leading to a crash if a dialog behind the search was closed before closing the search.

15.0.158 (11/23/2010)
1. SDK: Added 'NextToPlay' as a possible PlayMode when using any MCWS play function.
2. Fixed: DLNA video playback with conversion was broken for a couple of builds.
3. Fixed: Television recording silently failed if the user had selected a "Folder for recording and time-shifting files" on a disk to which the user had no write access.
4. Changed: DLNA server, even more precise determination of when to transcode if "convert if necessary" is set for video conversion for the PS3 and Xbox360 especially.

15.0.157 (11/19/2010)
1. SDK: Added 'ProgramVersion' to MCWS/v1/Alive function return.
2. Fixed: If conversion was enabled for handheld transfer, converted files could be placed on the device even if they weren't in the supported file type list for the device.
3. Fixed: When doing a handheld sync as a Library Server client, the user interface could be unresponsive.
4. Changed: Doing Ctrl+F while drilled down in the library tree will switch to the root of the current library selection (Ctrl+E focuses the search box with no switching).
5: Changed: DLNA server, improved determination of when to transcode when "convert if necessary" is set for video conversion, especially applies to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

15.0.156 (11/18/2010)
1. SDK: Added browse functionality to MCWS (currently uses browse tree configured for WebPlay).
2. SDK: Reworked MCWS functions that return files so that they can be used to get MPL, start playback, or more.
3. SDK: Removed MCWS/v1/Playlist/Play since MCWS/v1/Playlist/Files can now do the same (and more).
4. Faster: Improved performance of list drawing when analyzing audio, converting files, or syncing a handheld.
5. Changed: CD/DVD burning now works on a library server client.
6. Changed: Improved J. River URL Reader filter's buffering performance.
7. NEW: DLNA server. Added video options to convert always, never and when necessary. When necessary looks at codecs, file type and device to decide. It's currently only making device decisions based on PS3 and Xbox360 configurations.

15.0.155 (11/16/2010)
1. Changed: APL files are natively supported using Library Server (requires latest version on server and client).
2. Changed: Playback of audio with a Library Server Client uses a more sophisticated reader that can seek more nicely.
3. Changed: The volume on screen display shows a graphical bar instead of showing only text.
4. Changed: Changing the volume and using the 'Volume' on screen display look and work the same way (previously the displays differered slightly).
5. NEW: DLNA server converts multichannel sources to 2 channel when using "always convert" and a fixed sample rate conversion (enables any DLNA device to play multi channel sources).
6. Fixed: DLNA server, when using "always convert" to L16 and sample rate "same as source" provides the DLNA flags necessary to allow multichannel L16 output. This allows multichannel output on DLNA devices that can handle it (i.e. PS3).

15.0.154 (11/15/2010)
1. Fixed: A library server client would wake up from sleep when the server was scheduled to record a television program.
2. Changed: ffmpeg conversion profiles modified for better dlna experience.

15.0.153 (11/12/2010)
1. NEW: DLNA Server video mpeg 4 transcoding happens on demand. Allows the use of seekable mp4 transcoding on the Xbox 360, PS/3, etc.
2. NEW: DLNA Server video mpeg 2 transcoding profiles enabled.

15.0.152 (11/11/2010)
1. SDK: The MCWS/v1/UserInterface/Info function could cause a deadlock with Theater View showing in certain cases.
2. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/File/SetInfo function to allow setting database values with the SDK (requires an authenticated connection or the server will return a failure).
3. Changed: Brightness, Hue, and Saturation controls on the on screen display are more graphical for live television playback.
4. Changed: On screen display of Brightness, Contrast etc. during adjustment using keyboard is shown with nicer graphics for all video playback types.

15.0.151 (11/10/2010)
1. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/UserInterface/Info function for getting the current state of the user interface.
2. Changed: Reworked how Theater View positions are reported so that it's easier to make skins with context sensitive images.
3. Changed: When pausing playback, the on screen position disappears after 10 seconds.
4. Changed: The on screen position display does not appear when pausing image playback.
5. Fixed: Rotating through Theater View with the green button could skip the home view in some unexpected cases.
6. Fixed: DLNA devices could fail to appear under certain network configurations.
7. Changed: Brightness, Hue, and Saturation controls on the on screen display are more graphical (except for live television playback).

15.0.150 (11/09/2010)
1. Internal: If logging itself causes a slowdown, it will be logged.
2. Changed: Added the time to the on screen display position window.
3. New: DLNA server added more video mpeg2 transcoding profiles, not entirely operational yet.
4. Changed: DLNA server more precise flag determination for WMV video files.
5. Changed: DLNA server tries to transcode transparently for mpeg2 profiles.

15.0.149 (11/08/2010)
1. Optimized: Rewrote the logging (Help > Logging) engine to improve performance with logging enabled.
2. Changed: Log files are UTF-8 encoded instead of UTF-16 encoded (so logs are normally about half the size).
3. Fixed: After doing a search of a specific field by clicking an artist, album, etc. link, a view refresh could discard the field part of the search.
4. Faster: When starting audio playback, reduced the number of times an input plugin will be loaded and unloaded.
5. Changed: Programs OSD menu shows currently playing television program, instead of the live program for currently playing channel.
6. Fixed: No programming info was displayed if televison is paused exactly at a time between two programs.

15.0.148 (11/05/2010)
1. Fixed: Pausing right at the start of a television program would have position OSD vacillate between the last and the new program while paused.
2. Changed: Improved how seeking with the left / right remote buttons works when holding the buttons down.
3. Fixed: Possible deadlock when a DLNA device was removed from the network.
4. Optimized: Improved efficiency of video playback engine.
5. Fixed: The on screen display could blink off right away during image playback.
6. Optimized: Drawing the on screen display or other semi-transparent windows is faster.

15.0.147 (11/04/2010)
1. SDK: Corrected a typo in the documentation for the MCWS/v1/Control/Key function, and also added the list of special keys available.
2. Fixed: The on screen display could overflow its text when pausing near the beginning of playback.
3. Changed: During television playback, the program on screen display is first instead of last.
4. Fixed: If Theater View theme online images failed to load (due to no internet, etc.) it could crash or lead to runaway memory usage.
5. Changed: The cover art in Theater View Playing Now doesn't automatically fadeout if there are no online images showing behind the cover art.
6. Fixed: Fonts that used overhangs (Tahoma italic, etc.) could draw truncated.
7. Changed: Slow double-click only starts an edit if the mouse doesn't move too much between clicks.
8. Changed: Updated Chinese translation (thanks to Allen Tse).
9. Fixed: The image option 'Disable transitions during manual playback' was not working.
10. Fixed: Image caption on screen display was not working (only applies to last few builds).
11. Changed: On screen position display behavior during transition from FF or REW to Play is now uniform across all video types.
12. Fixed: The picture-in-picture display could become orphaned on the screen in Theater View in some cases.
13. NEW: Added more subtitle mimetype support for the DLNA server.

15.0.146 (11/03/2010)
1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks to KANEY).
2. Fixed: Pausing near the beginning of a program could truncate text on the new on screen position display.
3. NEW: Made showing the tree and showing the Action Window at startup optional (Options > Startup > Startup Interface). Both must be hidden manually.
4. Changed: Removed 'Playing Now' on screen display menu choice when watching television since it's redundant with the more informative 'Programs' item.
5. SDK: Added command to show on screen display MCC_SHOW_ON_SCREEN_DISPLAY. ( )
6. Changed: When editing a list-type field that uses 20 or less choices (either acceptable values, or used by library), all the values will be shown in the list with the checked items at the top.
7. NEW: Added 'Copy All To Clipboard' and 'Paste All From Clipboard' option to right-click list menu for the list editor.
8. Changed: "i" (Info) button on MCE remote now shows on screen display when in display mode. Otherwise it goes to Theater View playing now.
9. Fixed: When Conversion Cache folder was changed in options/file locations, other changed folders would revert to defaults.
10. Changed: Switched the default 'WASAPI - Event Style' buffering from 50ms to 100ms.
11. Fixed: When using the scheduler to record web radio, the statusbar could get stuck on 'Saving tag changes' until the recording finished.
12. Changed: Moving the mouse away from a popup suggestion (search or tagging) will hide the suggestions.
13. Fixed: In some cases, the Theater View file info panel wouldn't update its image after a thumbnail was built.
14. Changed: When getting artist images for Theater View's background, images that are smaller than 1/4 of a megapixel are not used.

15.0.145 (11/02/2010)
1. NEW: New and improved on screen display is shown when jumping or seeking in Display View.
2. Changed: Removed 'Position' from on screen display choices available with up / down. Instead, press left / right to seek any time OSD is not showing.
3. Changed: Removed unnecessary 'Play' display from on screen display that would show when pausing and unpausing.
4. Changed: When pausing playback, the on screen display will show the position bar (with paused state) until playback is unpaused.
5. Changed: Remote control special MCE buttons like "My TV" can now be trained to do any MC function.
6. Changed: Changed on screen position display for television playback to include richer information.
7. Changed: In sound recorder, tracks button is now enabled after Stop is pressed so user can edit track names and restart recording.
8. Changed: DLNA renderer reports more capability via getprotocolinfo. Could convince some controllers to give us more stuff non-transcoded.
9. Fixed: Audio info for transcoded audio and video files were being reported from the original file even when being transcoded to something else. Could confuse some renderers.

15.0.144 (11/01/2010)
1. Changed: A position bar is displayed whenever playback position is shown on screen (pause, seek etc.) in video, television, and DVD playback.
2. Fixed: Silence suppression could cause a crash (only applies to build 143).
3. Fixed: Cancelling creation of a new library view could cause a crash.
4. Changed: Removed broken link from Podcasts homepage.
5. Changed: The image in Playing Now tracks the file that would play instead of the last played file (and resets to a logo if Playing Now is cleared).
6. Changed: Improved Wikipedia video lookup compatibility with non-English wikipedia pages.
7. Fixed: Tile lists could show one aspect ratio for images when first viewing them, and another aspect ratio right after scrolling.
8. Fixed: Playback duration was not updated while playing a television recording in Library Server client if the Library Server was still actively recording the show.

15.0.143 (10/29/2010)
1. Fixed: Individual zones could not be picked for assigning remote control 'Set Zone' commands. Also improved selection of playlists and display modes.
2. Changed: Improved performance of television playback using a library server client.
3. Changed: The option 'Use gapless for sequential album tracks' will disable leading / trailing silence suppression when it engages.
4. Fixed: On remote control command learning screen, next/previous playlist commands were not working.
5. Changed: Added several more Android devices to the device table, so more will show by name with an appropriate image. (please help here if your device is shown as a generic Android:
6. Fixed: Import failures would not be reported on the import results dialog.
7. Fixed: The DLNA controller (when used with a different DLNA server) passes along URLS to a renderer without processing them first. If a DLNA server was running on the same PC as the controller, previously that machine would process the content before passing it to the renderer.

15.0.142 (10/28/2010)
1. Fixed: Rare deadlock when searching for DLNA devices and a previously found device was not found.
2. Fixed: Corrupt JPEG files could take a long time to analyze.
3. Fixed: On Windows XP, watching some types of network drives with auto-import could cause deadlocks when stopping auto-import.
4. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Television/SeekInformation function that is used by television playback from a client to provide faster seeking.
5. Optimized: Revised split file engine used by television to use ranged requests when possible to improve library server client performance.
6. NEW: On screen position indicator for video playback (video, television, DVD) when in Fast Forward or Rewind mode.
7. Fixed: Some WAV tags could cause problems.
8. Optimized: Reduced the amount of network traffic when playing television with a library server client.

15.0.141 (10/27/2010)
1. Changed: Renamed Options > General > Features > "DLNA" to "Media Network (Library Server, DLNA, etc.)".
2. Fixed: Watching folders for auto-import could cause a hang in some cases.
3. Fixed: Images without stacks were having (broken) stacks built when dlna clients were connected.
4. Optimized: Improved how DLNA notifications are handled to reduce network activity and improve performance.

15.0.140 (10/26/2010)
1. NEW: Television recording subscriptions can be suspended.
2. Fixed: Thumbnails would not be built rotated (only applies to last few builds).
3. Changed: Tweaked how the timings work for when the green button switches between display / Theater View and when it rolls three views including Theater View home.
4. Fixed: After playback from a DLNA device, a file on the server could stay locked until different playback was started.
5. Changed: Editing numeric / date fields uses a combobox with a drop list, but does not offer suggestions when typing.
6. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Authenticate call to allow establishing authentication and getting token.
7. Changed: Recording Rules view can be sorted. It defaults to sorting by rule names.
8. Fixed: Syncing from a library server client to a library server that used stacks could cause problems.
9. Fixed: The DLNA server was not applying replay gain (when set to "always convert" and "volume leveling) if converting to MP3 WHEN the source file was also MP3 OR if there was a MP3 for that source file in a stack.

15.0.139 (10/25/2010)
1. SDK: Added a return variable "Display" to MCWS/v1/Playback/Volume so a displayable volume is available without a follow-up call to Playback/Info.
2. Fixed: Background library server syncing could show a 'searching for changes' popup.
3. Fixed: DLNA browsing with conversion set to mp3 was causing stacked up lame.exe processes.
4. Fixed: Library server clients could have problems with changed passwords.

15.0.138 (10/22/2010)
1. Changed: To apply additional tags to a Flickr upload, the tags must be entered semi-colon delimited.
2. Fixed: Flickr upload could apply incorrect tags from keywords.
3. Changed: Flickr upload shows progress in the Action Window (instead of a popup).
4. Fixed: Image resizing was not working for Flickr upload.
5. Changed: Improvements to how DLNA handles devices that do not respond to searches.
6. Fixed: Thumbnailing of images did not work over library server (only applies to build 137).
7. Fixed: Remote zones (DLNA, Library Server, etc.) could cause program shutdown to take longer than necessary.
8. Fixed: Television bookmarks would not work properly on a library server client.
9. Fixed: The screensaver would not be disabled on UAC-enabled systems when watching videos in detached fullscreen mode when the focus was on the detached display.
10. Changed: Improved how library server clients store server relationships to improve performance and reduce memory.
11. Changed: FFDShow installation is now less silent. It will show a progress window during installation, and, more importantly, will prompt user when rebooting is required.
12. Fixed: MC could simultaneously attempt to download and install FFDShow (and, similarly, FLVSplitter) in two different threads.
13. NEW: DLNA Container art also provided as a resource when DLNAExtra is set.

15.0.137 (10/21/2010)
1. NEW: 'Sync Changes with Library Server' no longer requires a reload of the client library when the server changes.
2. NEW: Library Server clients can automatically (and silently) stay synchronized with the server (Options > Media Network > Library Server Client > Automatically sync changes made on client back to server)
3. Fixed: Tabbing out of an in-place edit control did not work properly when a range was selected.
4. Changed: Mouse wheeling on top of a combobox will open the drop list if it's closed, and scroll the list if it's open.
5. Fixed: Mouse wheeling a list while its in-place editing combobox was showing its drop list could cause problems.
6. Changed: In-place editing a list-style field will shift the editor up when at the very bottom of the list instead of cropping part of the editor.
7. Changed: Bookmarks are shared (and synchronized) across Library Server and its clients.
8. Fixed: Auto-import could attempt to get cover art or analyze audio when run as a library server client.
9. Internal: Reworked how cover art and thumbnails are handled with Library Server to better support syncing (please report any issues).
10. SDK: Add type parameter to MCWS File\GetImage function to allow getting the full resolution display image.
11. Optimized: Improved performane of Library Server / MCWS when serving thumbnails.
12. Changed: The bookmark value is updated for a file when playback is stopped instead of continuously during playback (changed to work better with library server sync).
13. Fixed: Loading a library server could fail on a client if no changes had been made on the server since the previous load.
14. NEW: A "Recording Rules" view in Television view that shows all previously scheduled television recording rules.
15. Changed: Added a 120x120 icon size for the DLNA server Device Description.
16. Changed: Better handling of DLNA devices that report services that support subscription but then fail or refuse subscription requests.
17. Changed: If a DLNA device doesn't respond to searches for five minutes, it will be removed from the list of connected devices.

15.0.136 (10/19/2010)
1. Fixed: Comboboxes and drop lists could be positioned too narrow on some dialogs (only applies to last few builds).
2. Changed: List editor does not auto-accept when selecting a suggestion or drop list value (requires double-enter, but also allows customizing a selection)
3. Fixed: It was not possible to tab out of the list editor (in-place editing or Action Window editing).
4. Fixed: When failing to load a connected library using the 'Connect To Library' dialog, the program could crash.
5. Changed: Improved detection of Android devices (folders \DCIM\100ANDRO or \Android on an SD card will trigger Android code)
6. Changed: Added several new Android phones with images (please help us identify additional Androids:
7. Changed: Added right-click 'Info Dump' command for handheld devices to aid with debugging.
8. Fixed: Resetting all devices in Options > Handheld would not reset user conversion settings.
9. Changed: Videos are now handled as well as audio files in the Library Server conversion cache system.
10. Fixed: Options > Theater View > Advanced > Show home button was not working.

15.0.135 (10/18/2010)
1. Fixed: The edit suggestion system did not allow changing capitalization.
2. Fixed: Changing an edit-style option would close options with an enter key instead of accepting the option change.
3. Changed: Before showing the "No handheld available" message when clicking Action Window > Sync Handheld, the program will no another search for attached devices.
4. Changed: A drive-style handheld (Android) will only show files in the configured sync paths instead of searching the entire device for files.
5. Changed: Revised edit popup suggestion system so suggestions are not selected by default, but instead require down + enter or tab to select.
6. NEW: Pressing Shift+Enter when a suggestion popup is showing will accept the first suggestion and close the suggestion popup.
7. Changed: To play search results from the search box, Ctrl+Enter is the shortcut (previously was Shift+Enter).
8. Fixed: The handheld engine could display a warning about removing tracks already in the transfer about sync mode tracks.
9. Changed: Conversion cache options moved from the 'handheld options' page to the 'file location' options page and generalized for handheld transfers, library server, etc.
10. NEW: Conversions on Library Server now utilize the conversion cache system which uses a stack file if available, otherwise a stack file is created.
11. NEW: Add a "small artwork" option to DLNA advanced options that will present all artwork as 120x120 (required by some devices). Only implemented for stacked icons in this build.
12. NEW: DLNA server. Serve specific generic container icons for Audio, Images, and Video.

15.0.134 (10/15/2010)
1. NEW: Added f4v to supported file types.
2. Changed: At startup, registering for a Library Server access key is done in a low priority background thread instead of the main thread.
3. Internal: Improved logging of server requests, and removed unnecessary logging output.
4. Fixed: When resetting logging, an error could be reported even if the log was actually reset.
5. Changed: Updated scrobbling to use the final v2.0 web service (was using the beta v2.0 web service during v2.0 development).
6. Faster: Numerous optimizations to make the new list editor and edit suggestion systems faster.
7. Fixed: When playing an MP3 purchased from the Performer Store, the store could be unnecessarily loaded after playing the track.
8. Faster: Starting an in-place edit is faster.
9. Changed: Renamed DSP Studio phantom center option from "Move center to side speakers" to "Move center to front L/R".

15.0.133 (10/14/2010)
1. NEW: Library Server clients can delete or recycle server files (changes take effect when committing changes to server).
2. Changed: Library Server will only accept changes from library server clients when authentication is enabled on the server.
3. Changed: Video buffering message is displayed on OSD as well as status window, so it can be seen when video is played fullscreen.
4. Fixed: Keywords could be uploaded to Flickr incorrectly.
5. Changed: Editing of numeric fields (like Track #) will use a simple edit instead of a combobox with suggestions.
6. Changed: Popup suggestions are not shown when editing a field until there are only a manageable number of possible matches (normally after typing two or three letters).
7. Changed: When using the list editor, selecting a value combobox list or selecting a suggestion when typing will immediately add the value to the list below.
8. Fixed: DVD playback over DLNA had problems with some discs which resulted in visible macroblocks during playback.
9. Fixed: MC did not return failure code from J. River audio engine when DirectShow graph-building produced a partial graph without connecting J. River audio renderer.
10. Fixed: Some lists could appear blank (i.e. remote control configuration).
11. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
12. Faster: Large Podcasts (with 1000+ episodes) are much faster.
13. Fixed: Facebook photo upload.
14. Changed: Improved J. River URL Reader filter's handling of video buffering.

15.0.132 (10/12/2010)
1. Changed: Read-only library error from build 130 is automatically corrected if found.
2. Changed: Revised how up / down keys navigate in conjunction with in-place editing suggestions to make it easier to use up and down to navigate a list. (use Shift+Down to open drop lists)

15.0.131 (10/11/2010)
1. Fixed: iTunes export could fail in some cases.
2. Fixed: On a fresh install, the program would incorrectly open the library in read-only mode.
3. Fixed: The first item in the new list editor would incorrectly in-place edit on click.
4. Changed: Updated Spanish translation.
5. Fixed: Downloading in Performer store was broken in previous build.
6. Fixed: Pagination was not working properly in WebPlay / WebRemote.
7. Fixed: Reading of the TDRL ID3v2 tag was not working properly, causing dates to appear as 1905.
8. Fixed: Bullet marks would sometimes appear in the Wikipedia movie data in lists of actors, directors, producers, etc.
9. Changed: When connecting to a DLNA server, a timeout of 60 seconds is used for each 1000 file request instead of 10 seconds (10 seconds was too short for some servers, causing load failures).
10. NEW: When playing m4a audio (including ALAC) in DirectShow engine, MC will install some DirectShow filters when necessary to facilitate smoother playback.
11. Changed: Search suggestions are accepted with the tab key and the top match is selected by default. (enter only works after arrowing up / down so that type+enter will never search for something other than what was typed)
13. Changed: Inline auto-complete is disabled when popup suggestions are showing.
14. Changed: Connecting to a DLNA server via file->library->connect to library now asks for images and video as well as audio. This works connecting to another instance of MC and also to WMP. YYMV.

15.0.130 (10/8/2010)
1. NEW: Added Ringtone Maker (available with Right-click > Library Tools > Ringtone... or Tools > Advanced Tools > Ringtone...).
2. NEW: Added DSP Studio > Output Format > Move center to side speakers option for configurations with no center speaker.
3. Changed: Silent files will analyze to a replay gain of 0 instead of +51 dB.
4. Fixed: In rare cases, the audio resampler could introduce a tick when first starting.

15.0.129 (10/7/2010)
1. Fixed: Scrolling down in a non-focused list, then clicking could scroll up a little (only applies to build 128).
2. Fixed: Clicking a suggestion with the mouse when in-place editing did not work.
3. Changed: Multi-selection list field editing allows ordering if all selected files have the same list of items.
4. NEW: DLNA server add Artist to yet another DLNA field.
5. Changed: DLNA server, always serve album art if asked. If the thumbnail doesn't exist, serve a generic icon.

15.0.128 (10/6/2010)
1. Fixed: Minor issues filling audio properties (32000Hz and other uncommon sample rates were not filled, 11025Hz were imported as 110250Hz, etc.) when importing Windows Media files.
2. Fixed: Wiki web links within Performer store use the new and improved wikipedia artist/album lookup.
3. SDK: Added web service function Library/Values to get a list of artists, albums, etc.
4. NEW: When typing in a combobox, a suggestion popup will appear (similar to the suggestion popup used by the main search control).
5. Fixed: Thumbnails weren't showing up for Netflix instant queue when connected to a library server.
6. Internal: Reworked internal eventing system used by J. River user interface controls (should be internal change only, but please report any issues).

15.0.127 (10/5/2010)
1. Fixed: In some cases, cancelling auto-import could take a while.
2. Fixed: The option to automatically delete a single television recording would not work reliably with times over 15 days.
3. Changed: Connecting to a DLNA server no longer requires that 'DLNA Controller' be enabled for detection of servers.
4. Changed: When connecting to a library server using the 'Search...' button on the Connect to Library dialog, it is no longer necessary to click 'Connect' a second time.
5. Changed: Connections to a library server will be automatically reestablished on restart of the program (use Library > Disconnect from Library to disconnect).
6. Changed: When importing videos, audio properties BitDepth, Channels, and SampleRate (on the audio stream) are filled whenever possible.
7. Changed: Updated new list-field editor to be more keyboard friendly and to require fewer clicks to add values.
8. Changed: When adding list values to a list that is not sorted, new values are added at the end.
9. Changed: When adding multiple list values at once (by typing for example a;b;c) the typed order will be preserved if the current list of values is empty or unsorted.

15.0.126 (10/4/2010)
1. NEW: When syncing a handheld from a library server, transcoding of audio files takes place on the server rather than the client.
2. Fixed: Podcast updating could cause a crash.
3. NEW: Added "show caption resources" option to the DLNA server advanced options. Needed for some devices to show subs. Needs to be disabled for other devices to prevent crashing of the renderer.
4. Changed: For the DLNA server, album art served is independent of the existence of an image file (will use thumbs).

15.0.125 (10/1/2010)
1. Fixed: Export to iTunes could crash on some iTunes errors.
2. NEW: New interface for tagging list-type fields that supports ordering (right-click to get recently added tags, and other commands).
3. NEW: DLNA server, add more fields (if asked by the renderer) to upnp file directory info (channels, sample rate, etc).
4. Changed: Subtitle presentation order for a specific subtitle resource when the "present subtitles" advanced option is used.

15.0.124 (9/29/2010)
Internal testing build.

15.0.123 (9/29/2010)
1. Changed: By default, acquiring images from a drive-based camera looks in only the 'DCIM' folder (configurable with Action Window > Camera > Options > Source Path).
2. NEW: Action Window > Camera nicely detects and skips thumbnails with Google Android phones (and deletes the thumbnails if 'Delete file from the source' is enabled).
3. Changed: Action Window > Camera deletes files that have already been acquired if 'Delete file from the source' is enabled (previously it would leave files on source that were already acquired).
4. NEW: Added longer duration television recording cleanup options: Delete after 1 month, Delete after 3 months, Delete after 6 months, Delete after 1 year.
5. Changed: Renamed right-click command on Links bar from 'Customize Links...' to 'Manage Links...' to be more consistent with the right-click > Links menu.
6. Fixed: Near the end of the month, reoccurring scheduler tasks could run too long.
7. Faster: Improved performance of sorting system, helping view loading time (shows in database benchmark).
8. SDK: Added web service (MCWS) functions: Playlists\List, Playlist\Files, and Playlist\Play.
9. Fixed: The MPC plugin could crash on a corrupt APE tag (MPC plugin now automatically compiled against latest reference APE tagging code, just like the APE plugin).

15.0.122 (9/28/2010)
1. Fixed: Thumbnails would not work when a user's application data folder resided on a UNC path.
2. Fixed: Camera acquisition was not working from some types of cameras (WIA).
3. Fixed: Double-clicking an image in a mixed image + audio playlist when the image was at the end could cause a playback error message to be shown.
4. Changed: Improved support for renaming and moving files using a Portable Install.
5. Fixed: Changed how Flickr uploader sends keywords to the server to (hopefully) fix a problem with an extra keyword being added.
6. Changed: Moving a folder with drag-n-drop in the My Computer area of the tree no longer renames on collisions (letting the system rename could cause broken links for moved files).
7. Fixed: Multi-threaded access of input plugins at import time could cause a crash.
8. Changed: DLNA video flag changes for Sony TV and Blu-Ray. May help others as well. Required advanced option "MPEG video mimetype override".

15.0.121 (9/28/2010)
Internal testing build.

15.0.120 (9/28/2010)
Internal testing build.

15.0.119 (9/27/2010)
1. Changed: Theater View's default audio 'Recent Albums' view sorts tracks by track number inside an album instead of date imported. (only changes for fresh install or if Theater View views are reset in Options > Theater View)
2. Fixed: A fullscreen detached display could not be restored (only applies to build 118).
3. Fixed: Renamed WASAPI outputs to more compact names: "WASAPI" and "WASAPI - Event Style".
4. Fixed: The about box link for J. River was broken.
5. NEW: Added support for M3U8 playlists (both to File > Export Playlist, and also to import).
6. Faster: Improved the performance of the program when running in a language other than English.
7. Changed: When doing a sync with Google using Notes, failures are listed in the results popup.
8. Fixed: The mc2xml link in TV > Load Program Guide was broken.
9. Changed: Added more video types to DLNA protocol info for the DLNA server.

15.0.118 (9/24/2010)
1. Changed: Double-clicking a single list file in a grouped list will play the grouping instead of the entire list / entire library (starting at the double-clicked file).
2. Fixed: Searching with the search window could crash (only applies to build 117).
3. Changed: When editing in the Tag Action Window, edits happen on top of (instead of on a line below) the clicked value.
4. NEW: Editing long values in the Tag Action Window extends the edit when necessary outside the bounds of the Tag window.
5. Changed: When in-place editing (Tag Action Window or lists), drop lists will size to fit the current text instead of the widest text of any choice in the drop list (since the drop list opens wider than the edit when necessary).
6. Changed: When zooming in on images during image playback, the aspect ratio will remain fixed during animation.
7. NEW: Detached Display has a right-click option 'Hide Borders'.
8. NEW: When writing tags for podcasts, will also write iTunes proprietary tags so the podcast will show up in the right category in iTunes or on an iPod when used with the File->Export to iTunes and iPhone function.
9. Fixed: MPEG override switch in DLNA server options was not working properly.

15.0.117 (9/23/2010)
1. Changed: When showing a purchase or restore page, the default web browser is used instead of always using IE.
2. Changed: Plurals of field names are now included in the translation file.
3. Changed: Updated all translation files to include latest language from the source code.
4. Changed: Similar artist view in Performer store is populated on demand.
5. Changed: Improvements in Wikipedia artist/album lookups.

15.0.116 (9/21/2010)
1. Faster: Image framework flood filling system uses MMX assembly for faster filling.
2. Faster: Numerous small image framework optimizations resulting in slightly faster rendering.
3. Changed: New notes are no longer added to 'Recently Imported'.
4. Fixed: When streaming a WAV from a Media Network server, the header would not be correct until conversion finished, causing playback errors on some devices.
5. Fixed: Uncompressed WAV did not work properly when selected as a Library Server client conversion option.
6. NEW: Added support for L16 (uncompressed little endian PCM) so Media Center works nicer when playing from DLNA servers that provide this format.
7. Changed: Allow conversion to WAV in the DLNA server (in addition to L16). Some renderers like this better (i.e. the popcorn).
8. Changed: DLNA server, set L16 converted files to seekable as well as transcoded (transcoded flag is required by some renderers.

15.0.115 (9/20/2010)
1. Faster: More big optimizations to core libraries -- database benchmarks about 20% faster, many other areas of the program also faster.
2. Fixed: Thumbnails were not updating properly after rotating images.

15.0.114 (9/17/2010)
1. Faster: Huge speedup to core database -- benchmarks about 12% faster than v113.
2. Faster: Thumbnail style library views load faster.
3. Fixed: Using Ctrl+F from Playing Now while playing could result in the search box losing focus.
4. Fixed: Netflix thumbnails in Theater View were not always working nicely.
5. Changed: Netflix box art is now high resolution.
6. Changed: Improved Wikipedia data for Performer store.
7. Fixed: Netflix queue wasn't showing TV episodes.
8. Fixed: DLNA server, subtitles for LG Blu-Ray (and probably others). Requires DLNAExtra and Present Subtitle resources set in advanced options as well as having the corresponding .srt or .sub file named the same as the original movie in the same folder as the original movie.
9. Fixed: DLNA server, was crashing on WDTV when "present subtitle resources is set". Note the WDTV still won't display subtitles on non-transcoded video files.

15.0.113 (9/16/2010)
1. Fixed: Filename searches could be unreliable (only applies to build 112).
2. Fixed: When using gapped playback modes, a little burst of the previous song could sometimes be heard after the silence.
3. Changed: Improved lip-sync of video when using 'Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) [event style]' output.
4. Fixed: In some cases, at the end of a video started from Theater View, the program could return to Standard View instead.
5. Changed: When jumping to Display View, tooltips are hidden immediately (previously could show on top of Display View briefly).
6. Fixed: Starting Media Server, then showing Theater View, then starting playback, then switching back to a multi-view Standard View configuration (splits or tabs) could be problematic.
7. Changed: Library Views could use unnecessarily verbose view header names when they were on inactive tabs.
8. Changed: View header names for thumbnail category views use plural names when possible. (ie. Rock Artists instead of Rock Artist)

15.0.112 (9/15/2010)
1. Changed: Wikipedia information is now used for albums and artists in Performer store.
2. SDK: When MCWS (web service) functions return MPL, they include the file key for each file using the XML name "Key".
3. Faster: Improved optimizations introduced in build 106, making the core media database faster.
4. Faster: The television engine could cause slowdowns when dealing with subscriptions configured to skip previously deleted programs.
5. Faster: The TVInfo(...) expression functions are faster.
6. Fixed: The Counter(...) expression function would start at zero instead of one when no start index was specified.
7. Changed: 'Expression' type categories in Panes views treat backslashes as nesting (so expressions can create dynamic browse trees).
8. Fixed: Editing the name of an expression column did not show in the column header until leaving and returning to a view.

15.0.111 (9/15/2010)
1. Fixed: 'Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) [event style]' would stall playback on flushes.

15.0.110 (9/14/2010)
1. NEW: Core audio engine uses "Multimedia Class Scheduler Service" on Vista and newer to promote the main audio delivery thread to a higher priority.
2. Changed: Secure CD rip report now includes program name/version and CD drive model and settings info.
3. NEW: Added more DLNA server info to enable playing of video files on Sony TV's and Blu-Ray players. Probably will also help with other DLNA devices.
4. Fixed: When playback would fail to start, the error message could show a format that the engine tested (that also didn't work) instead of the user's format selection.
5. NEW: Added new audio output 'Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) [event style]'.

15.0.109 (14/9/2010)
Internal testing build.

15.0.108 (13/9/2010)
Internal testing build.

15.0.107 (9/9/2010)
1. NEW: Netflix now includes 'Add' and 'Remove' from instant queue.

15.0.106 (9/3/2010)
1. NEW: has a configurable submission filter available in Options > Services >
2. NEW: Added a no cover art mode to Theater View > Playing Now > Display (use left / right with overlay selected to change).
3. Changed: Added the ability to manage the Netflix account in Options > Services.
4. Changed: When switching zones, any Playing Now views on active tabs will switch to the new zone (inactive tabs will not be changed).
5. NEW: Added Playing Now view header option 'Lock Display To This Zone' to prevent the display from switching with zone changes.
6. NEW: Added search function for Netflix in Theater View / Connected Media.
7. Faster: Core database engine is roughly 5% faster (shows in Help > Benchmark).
8. Changed: Handle head requests with byte range (0-0) in the http server. Affects among other things, the DLNA server.
9. Changed: DLNA server mimetype mappings (mostly video) for DLNA compatible rendering devices.

15.0.105 (9/2/2010)
1. Changed: Revised message shown when picking Player > Playing Now > Scrobble 'Listening To' to reflect the removal of the old plugin.
2. Fixed: The tooltip for the expression FormatNumber(...) listed the singular and plural labels in reverse order.
3. Fixed: The [Channels] expression was not working properly when customizing the player display area.
4. Fixed: Gapped playback options were not working consistently in all cases.
5. Changed: Reworked 'suppress silence' system in the audio engine so that it will support all bitdepths, channels, etc. (previously only worked with 16-bit data).
6. Fixed: When disk writing, the between track mode gapping / fading could be ignored in some cases.
7. Faster: Database ~dup and ~nodup operations are faster.
8. Faster: Core string engine used across entire program is faster.

15.0.104 (9/1/2010)
1. Fixed: The expression IsPlaying(...) could cause a dead-lock in some cases.
2. Faster: The expression IsPlaying(...) is much faster.
3. Fixed: Importing a mymovies.xml file that didn't explicitly point to a file from Windows Explorer could cause a crash.
4. Fixed: The 'Add Default Feeds' button in the Podcast system was not working (since recent webpage changes).
5. Changed: Removed legacy plugin. Please use new, native features.
6. NEW: The duration of the 'Gapped Fade' between tracks mode can be configured in Options > Audio (requires manually reselecting Gapped Fade option again if you were using it already).
7. Fixed: Theater View > Playing Now > Display background visualization (click left / right on cover art) were not working properly.
8. Changed: Theater View background images are cropped to preserve the top of the image instead of cropping equally from the top and bottom.
9. Fixed: Theater View lists would not always update after building the first thumbnail in the list.
10. Fixed: When near the edge of the screen, a click in the title bar area could cause a maximization of the program.
11. Fixed: Recording a stream with the scheduler that contained invalid characters in the name would cause problems.
12. Fixed: When editing the last field in the Tag Action Window, the display would not always scroll to show the full edit control.
13. Fixed: personal radio stations were using the Last.hq user account instead of the user account linked to Media Center.

15.0.103 (8/31/2010)
1. Changed: DSP Studio > Output Format has better handling of 5.0 sources (supports upmixing to 5.1 / 7.1, and provides better channel mapping when doing 5.1 / 7.1 output with no mixing).
2. Changed: When choosing 'No mixing' for the surround mode in DSP Studio > Output Format, mono will still be converted to dual channel mono.
3. Fixed: Path names with semi-colons in them could be problematic.
4. NEW: playback allows playing tag radio, top fans radio, neighbors radio, loved radio, etc.
5. NEW: remembers the last several stations used, and automatically fills in the last used station when choosing 'Play Radio...'.
6. NEW: Added real-time scrobbling to show what is currently playing (must enable scrobbling here: Player > Playing Now > Scrobble 'Listening To').
7. NEW: Added Options > Services page, added configuration.
8. Changed: Added the ability to select Amazon country code in Options > Services.
9. Changed: Added the ability to manage the Twitter account in Options > Services.
10. Fixed: DLNA type descriptions for video in non-transcoded files.

15.0.102 (8/30/2010)
1. Faster: Searching options is much faster.
2. Changed: Using the expression function ListCombine(...) with an empty string no longer outputs an empty list item.
3. Changed: Added optional 'Output delimiter' parameter for ListCombine(...) function so the input and output can use different delimiters.
4. Changed: ListItem(...) and ListCombine(...) expression functions eat white space surround delimiters when building / analyzing lists.
6. Fixed: Publisher and organization flac and ogg tag writing and reading.
7. Fixed: Ogg tag case sensitivity.
8. Fixed: DFX plugin was not working properly since the switch to a 64-bit audio path (DFX operates on 32-bit data).
9. Changed: DSP Studio > Output Format has better handling of quadrophonic (4.0) sources (supports upmixing to 5.1 / 7.1, and provides better channel mapping when doing 5.1 / 7.1 output with no mixing).
10. Changed: Mimetype mapping in the DLNA server. This area is undergoing a lot of changes, this will have an effect on playable video files.

15.0.101 (8/27/2010)
1. SDK: When the playback state changes in a non-active zone, it still events through the SDK notifications.
2. NEW: Added 'Add All (as next to play)' choice to Theater View play roller.
3. Fixed: The Onion was not working in Theater View > News.
4. NEW: artist images can be used for Theater View theme background images.
5. NEW: Theater View allows turning on / off each individual website used for Theater View theme images (Options > Theater View > Theme > Online media slideshow).
6. NEW: Fading out the playing cover art in Theater View > Playing Now is optional (Options > Theater View > Theme).
7. Changed: When scanning for television channels, MC uses and updates existing channels with matching channel names, instead of creating new channels, in case the channel parameters change. The change applies to DVB-T channels as ATSC channels already behave this way.
8. Changed: DLNA server mimetypes. The last several builds may have prevented playback of previously playable video files. Need feedback!
9. Changed: Added MPEG video override for weird DLNA TV's that always want video/mpeg mimetype regardless of the file type. This has been separated from the DLNAExtra flag so if you need this you'll have to check the new option.
10. Fixed: Saving presets was not working with some VST plugins.

15.0.100 (8/26/2010)
1. Changed: should only require authorization one time.
2. Fixed: When failing to start radio playback, the files already in Playing Now would play instead.
3. Fixed: Some DVB-T television recordings made in build 99 would not play because MC was too agressive in filtering out unwanted subchannels.
4. Changed: DLNA subtitle support. Add description text that triggers subtitle requests on some renderers (i.e. Dlink DSM-320, etc). Subtitle resource presentation only occurs if the subtitle option is set AND DLNAExtra is set. Otherwise the device must ask for the subtitle resources.
5. Fixed: DSP Studio > Effects > Environment effects were not working properly since the switch to a 64-bit data path.
6. Changed: When using the 'Tone' option in DSP Studio > Channels, the subwoofer tone will be attenuated by 10dB if "Something outside Media Center will make the subwoofer +10dB" is selected in DSP Studio > Output Format.
7. Fixed: When playing a 5.1 or 7.1 source with the build subwoofer option in DSP Studio > Output Format set to 'Silent', the LFE channel would be incorrectly silenced.
8. Fixed: Doing a YouTube search in Theater View with the alternate navigation option selected did not work properly.
9. Changed: Theater View skinning allows specifying the scrollbar size (as a percentage of the screen width.
10. Changed: Obsidian Touchscreen Theater View skin uses a wider scrollbar (you can also flick lists with a touchscreen).
11. Changed: Changed how DVB-T digital television updates channel group information for transport stream recording. Please test and report problems. A complete rescan of channels is needed.
12. Changed: Removed root web media links, to return later as more integrated connected media sites.

15.0.99 (8/20/2010)
1. Fixed: DirectShow filter DSP plugin did not handle 64 bit floating point audio correctly.
2. Fixed: Strange behavior when a DirectShow filter failed to load into DSP chain.
3. Fixed: Cover art reading and writing for the WavPack format.
4. Changed: CD Information dialog is not shown for an unrecognized CD when automatic online lookup is deselected.
5. NEW: Added website links to root of tree.
6. NEW: Added radio playback (Menu > Player > Play Radio...).
7. NEW: Added scrobbling (Menu > Player > Playing Now > Scrobble 'Listening To'...).
8. Fixed: When switching to a new track that was slow to start, 'Buffering...' could blink in the player window.
9. Fixed: When recording television in transport stream format, some recordings included all subchannels.
10. Changed: Ogg and flac tags map database PUBLISHER to ORGANIZATION, database ORGANIZATION (if existing) to JR_ORGANIZATION, and if there's an ALBUM ARTIST write it out as both ALBUM ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST. Read either, ALBUM ARTIST preferentially.
11. Changed: (internal) streamlined a bunch of code in the flac input plugin.

15.0.98 (8/17/2010)
1. Fixed: Bass removal with Room Correction was not working properly since the switch to a 64-bit audio data path.
2. Changed: Updated DLNA to show a friendly comment in Windows networking for J. River DLNA servers and renderers.
3. Fixed: Ripping wouldn't work on certain cd drives that didn't handle sub-channel reading in the standard way. Ripping would report "parameter out of range" errors. (actually fixed in build 94)
4. Fixed: In rare cases, auto-import folder watching could cause problems when it was stopped.

15.0.97 (8/16/2010)
1. Fixed: ASIO output on cards that used 32-bit floating point format was not working with build 96.
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Changed: Updated Russian translation file (thanks to Vladimir).
4. Fixed: "Copy mode" and "Read speed" were not translatable in Options > CD & DVD.
5. Changed: Tuned the timings used in the new 'Gapped Fade' switch tracks mode.
6. Fixed: MP3 gapless playback would not work perfectly with resampling enabled.
7. Changed: Switched DLNA root container artwork to use JPEG format to improve compatibility with DLNA devices that don't support PNG images.
8. Changed: The high-quality image overlay is only used during image playback if it provides more detail than the hardware accelerated view (prevents visible image shift from the overlay when not needed).
9. Optimized: Improved performance of starting playback from a Library Server.
10. Fixed: Media Editor could hang when saving a file.

15.0.96 (8/13/2010)
1. NEW: Media Center uses a purely 64-bit (double) audio data path, including format conversion and all included DSPs.
2. NEW: VST DSP plug-ins use 64-bit processing when the plug-in supports it.
3. NEW: Media Center is bit-perfect when playing 64-bit input files.
4. Changed: Updated Russian translation file (thanks to Vladimir).
5. Fixed: Television subscription recording did not allow multiple subscriptions of the same program at different times.
6. New: Ogg images in tags. Read and write new style METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE (front cover type 3 only). Read old style COVERART if METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE doesn't exist. On write, remove old style COVERART tag. On write non-supported images will be converted to losslessly to a jpeg.

15.0.95 (8/12/2010)
1. Fixed: Showing split views of multiple Playing Now zones could cause problems at startup and shutdown.
2. Optimized: Improved performance of Playing Now views.
3. Fixed: The ListCombine(...) expression function did not work properly with single item lists. (only applies to last few builds)
4. Optimized: Improved handling of tagging engine when dealing with files that can't be tagged.
5. Fixed: Several strings that were not translatable.
6. Changed: Updated all translation files to include latest language from the source code.
7. Fixed: Revised WMA shutdown sequence to possibly fix stalling on stop of certain web media streams.
8. Fixed: Television recordings in non-jtv format could not be deleted from disk.
9. NEW: Added 'Gapped Fade' switch tracks mode (fades out previous track, plays a little silence, then starts new track).

15.0.94 (8/11/2010)
1. NEW: When playback fails, the player will see if configuring the Output Format DSP could fix the failure, and if so, it will offer to automatically make the adjustments.
2. Fixed: The 'Help' button on the 'File Types' options dialog went to the wrong topic.
3. Optimized: Reworked ASIO pipeline to improve buffer fill performance and remove any thread locking -- fill callback over 15% faster on a multi-core system, more on a single-core system.
4. Changed: Process memory cleanup performed when switching views or minimizing the program could cause a playback hiccup with some audio hardware (cleanup no longer done while playing).
5. NEW: Netflix in Theater View "Connected Media" now shows individual TV shows from a season disc rather than one entry for the entire season.
6. Fixed: If MC is scheduled to record a television program with extended end time that is more than 5 minutes beyond the program end time, the next program could not be scheduled to be recorded.
7. Fixed: Ogg tagging fixes. Wasn't reading REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN properly and wasn't writing the mapped tags properly.
8. Changed: Ogg and FLAC tag writing does DISCNUMBER instead of DISC #, on writing, if DISC # exists, it's deleted. On reading if DISCNUMBER doesn't exist we look for DISC# (as well as the MEDIAJUKEBOX: variants).
9. NEW: Added ability to dither output when outputting 8-bit or 16-bit data (selectable in DSP Studio > Output Format > Bitdepth).
10. Changed: MC no longer requires the presence of "Recording Rule ID" tag in a video file to treat it as a television recording. MC now requires Genre field to be filled with "TV Recordings" for a video to be considered recorded television show.

15.0.93 (8/9/2010)
1. Fixed: MC would crash as a Library Server client when user tried to cancel a television subscription recording (build 92 only).
2. Changed: Saving and loading of VST plugin settings and presets works nicely with more plugins like Span, Console, or other chunk-based setting plugins.
3. Changed: Camera enumeration used by Action Window > Camera does enumeration in a low priority background thread so devices that are slow to enumerate do not cause the user interface to be unresponsive.
4. Changed: If the WIA subsystem has a critical failure when enumerating cameras, it will not be used again for the remainder of the program run.
5. Changed: Ogg tags. Incorporate JR_DATE precision date if the date is not just a year.
6. Fixed: Ogg replay gain was set from the tags even if it didn't exist.

15.0.92 (8/6/2010)
1. Changed: When zooming into a file in Theater View, the title is shown on the top roller to remove unneeded visual noise from file views.
2. Fixed: When playing a mono file with DSP Studio > Output Format set to 'No mixing', mono could still get mixed to stereo.
3. Changed: Added support for m4a and ogg files when connecting to a DLNA serverp.
4. Changed: When connecting to a DLNA server, more fields are retrieved (track #, etc.).
5. Changed: When acting as a DLNA server, if the automatic album artist is '(Multiple Artists)', this will be provided to clients connecting to the server.
6. NEW: Television recordings can now be scheduled on a Library Server client, and the actual recording will happen on the Library Server.
7. Changed: If a user does not explicitly pick a channel output mode with DSP Studio > Output Format, mono will automatically be output as two channel mono (can still force one channel output by enabling and configuring Output Format DSP).
8. Changed: Improved energy preservation math in Room Correction bass redirection system.
9. NEW: DLNA Controller will work without the DLNA server enabled. This means you can load a library (read DLNA server) and direct the output to a DLNA renderer with MC doing the controlling.

15.0.91 (8/5/2010)
1. Changed: Room Correction no longer considers channels with no data (because of 2.1 mixing) when calculating the maximum possible gain.
2. Fixed: After snapping the program to the edge of the screen, a single-click of the titlebar would unsnap it.
3. Changed: Snapping to the edges of the screen only happens if the mouse is stopped near the edge for a little delay, so dragging quickly between screens won't cause the program to jump around.
4. Changed: When connected to a Library Server, zones from the server will not appear as DLNA zones if they're also "There: " zones.
5. Changed: Library Server zones will get the same zone ID each connection so that settings like zone link timing persist between runs.
6. Fixed: After loading a different library, the Media Network engine (servers, DLNA control, etc.) would not be restarted automatically.

15.0.90 (8/4/2010)
1. Changed: Reworked zone presentation so that they are more hidden until there is more than one zone.
2. Changed: High resolution tooltips use Media Server client conversion settings, making display of RAW or other large images much faster (enable conversion in Options > Media Network).
3. Fixed: Right-clicking a non-active zone and picking 'DSP Studio...' or 'Playback Options...' would show dialogs for the current zone instead of the clicked zone.
4. Changed: DSP Studio shows a zone name instead of a zone ID in the titlebar.
5. Changed: When linking zones, if only one is playing, whatever is playing will begin playback in both zones.
6. NEW: When linking zones, if both are playing, a dialog will ask what zone to keep playing from.
7. Fixed: Zone linking could lose sync at track boundaries (only applies to build 88 and 89).
8. Fixed: When first linking two zones, the master zone would not update its playback settings to not suppress silence until switching to the next track.
9. Fixed: When linked zones drifted apart, they would not always be restarted after stopping them when the current track finished.
10. Fixed: Theater View did not work nicely on a touch screen where a mouse move was not simulated before a click.

15.0.89 (8/3/2010)
1. Changed: Updated Russian translation file (thanks to Vladimir).
2. Fixed: Removing a pane when another pane already had a selection could cause a crash.
3. Changed: When adjusting the timing of linked zones, a sync will happen after no changes are made to the slider for 2 seconds (was previously 1 second).
4. Changed: Visualization Studio is available again for 2D visualizations.
5. NEW: Chapters support for audio played in DirectShow.
6. Changed: OGG tags: Write new style replay gain and peak level tags with +-6db adjustment from MC's internal values. When writing the new tags, removes any old style tags. When reading tags and new style doesn't exist, uses the old style tags.
7. Changed: Scrolling a list with the mouse wheel without moving the cursor would not properly show tooltips when scrolling stopped.
8. Changed: Loading of high-resolution image tooltips is better threaded to avoid lags while an image loads.
9. Faster: Loading of PSD files is many times faster.

15.0.88 (8/2/2010)
1. Fixed: Spectrum analyzer visualizations did not move.
2. Fixed: The time was not appearing at the root of Theater View.
3. Fixed: The program would allow a user to delete all zones, causing a crash.
4. Fixed: It is no longer possible to delete a DLNA or Library Server zone. (use Options > Media Network to configure if remote zones should appear)
5. Changed: Added Options > General > Advanced > Reset saved Internet passwords... to allow clearing any stored internet passwords.
6. NEW: A new password dialog is shown when connecting to protected sites or Library Servers. Choosing 'Save password' will save the password between runs (previously it asked once each run for the password).
7. Fixed: Connecting to a Library Server from behind a passworded proxy did not always work nicely.
8. Changed: When downloading a resource in the background (Podcasting, Online Slideshow, etc.) URLs that require passwords will silently fail instead of showing password prompts.
9. Changed: The dialog for adjusting link timing is wider and has a smaller range (-2 seconds to +2 seconds) to allow easier control.
10. Fixed: When stopping linked zones, they could restart again.
11. Changed: Previous / Next commands work properly with linked zones.
12. Changed: When syncing linked zones, if any of the zones in the link are remote the delay before resuming is longer so that the remote zone has a chance to do any prebuffering.
13. Changed: When first creating a zone link, a DLNA zone from another Media Center could stay paused instead of starting playback.
14. Changed: When using linked zones, if any of the zones are remote, playback stops after each file and then starts up again in a few seconds (since controlling cross-fading, etc. isn't possible with remote zones).

15.0.87 (7/30/2010)
1. Fixed: Television recordings in transport stream format did not show up in Television > Recordings views.
2. Changed: When playing to linked zones, playback statistics are no longer counted multiple times.
3. Changed: When zones are linked, the between tracks and seek modes will inherit from the first zone in the link.
4. Changed: Leading and trailing silence suppression is disabled when zones are linked, as the amount of trailing silence removed can vary slightly based on buffer states, making it cause sync problems.
5. Changed: Seeking in linked zones works more reliably.
6. NEW: Linked zones monitor drift and if too much drift occurs, playback is stopped at the end of the current file and then the next track is started in sync. (a user can force a manual sync any time by pausing playback)
7. Changed: MCWS Control/Key function supports key combinations like Ctrl;C, Ctrl;Shift;Left, etc.
8. Fixed: After the initial setting of the values of audio jump behavior (number of seconds to jump forward or backward), subsequent changes were ignored.
9. Changed: Added 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, and 55 seconds choices to audio and video jump behavior selection.
10. Faster: Core speed improvements that can make loading views or working with the database a few percent faster.

15.0.86 (7/29/2010)
1. NEW: Added webservice functions for remote controlling the program: Control/MCC, Control/CommandLine, Control/Key.
2. Changed: Options > Audio > Alternate Mode Settings has option 'Use these alternate settings (use Alt+M to toggle)'; no longer appears in menus.
3. Changed: Removed 'Zone Manager'; all zone configuration can be done from Menu > Player > Zones or directly in the tree with right-clicks.
4. Changed: When linking a zone to another zone, the zone being linked in will automatically start playing the same output as the other zones in the link.
5. Fixed: In place editing would get disrupted if an update message caused the display to be redrawn (from ripping, importing, etc.).
6. Changed: Disabling of DirectShow filter tray icons (FFDShow and Haali) is now optional. The option is under Startup.
7. Changed: Removed 'Find CD' and 'Artist Info' and merged them into the links bar. (sorry, links storage format has been reset and user customization must be redone)

15.0.85 (7/28/2010)
1. Changed: Linked zones work better with DLNA devices.
2. Changed: DLNA zones have the same ID each run of the program so settings like link timing persist nicely.
3. Fixed: When playing to linked zones, one or more of the zones in the link could remain paused.
4. Changed: Playing files directly from Playing Now now syncs when using linked zones.
5. Changed: Recording digital television programs in transport stream format will not include unwanted subchannels.
6. Changed: Worked on improving right-click menu for Playing Now zones in the tree (still in progress).
7. Changed: Zone links have a unique icon in the tree.
8. Changed: Zones can be renamed in the tree (F2 / right-click rename).

15.0.84 (7/27/2010)
1. NEW: Added ability to link zones together to keep their playback synchronized.
2. Changed: Theater View News changes sites when navigating the second roller instead of requiring an explicit 'Enter' press on the remote.
3. Changed: YouTube in Theater View uses higher quality thumbnail images.
4. Changed: Improved YouTube search in Theater View (remembers searches, doesn't use a popup window, etc.)
5. Changed: WebMedia views in Theater View load their files in a background thread[/b], making browsing faster and smoother.
6. Fixed: Netflix metadata was not getting retrieved.
7. Changed: Theater View online media slideshow images are cropped to fill the entire screen instead of top-left aligned with all image borders visible.
8. Fixed: Main toolbars weren't supporting glass-based skins (only applies to last couple builds).
9. Fixed: Image pan & zoom could move in notches at small sizes.
10. Changed: Theater View location text used in skinning no longer includes roller selection.
11. Changed: Submitting track information to YADB runs in a background thread with progress in the Action Window (previously it would block the program).
12. Changed: Collapsing a library tree item with a child item selected no longer changes the selection to the parent.
13. Changed: Revised layout of zones in under Playing Now in tree.
14. Changed: Drag-n-drop of zones in the tree can be used to link and unlink zones.

15.0.82 (7/23/2010)
1. Fixed: Build 81 would report the trial had expired right after a fresh install.
2. Fixed: In some cases, the Playing Now 'List' selection would not track the playing file.
3. Changed: Updated Theater View online media slideshow to support newer Google images layout.
4. Changed: Tuned how Theater View reader-style lists work with single line items so that they're not expandable.
5. Fixed: Expanding a Comedy Central joke in Theater View would show no text.
6. NEW: Hardware accelerated image playback uses mipmapping to eliminate aliasing during pan & zoom, etc. (uses hardware accelerated mipmap generation when possible)
7. Fixed: J. River URL Reader filter's buffering was too aggressive.
8. Fixed: FreeDB CD lookups could truncate some disc & track titles - especially long classical titles.

15.0.81 (7/22/2010)
1. NEW: Playback jump behavior (Jump forward 30 seconds, backward 10 seconds) is now configurable. The amount of jump is can be configured separately for forward jump and backward jump. Audio and video are configured separately.
2. Changed: Minor layout changes in "Video" property page.
3. NEW: MCWS function Playback/PlayByKey has optional "Album" parameter to allow playing the entire album.
4. Fixed: Theater View online media slideshow could pause for the current online request to finish before allowing Theater View to exit.
5. NEW: At the end of the 30 day trial period, a user can request a trial extension to lengthen the trial.
6. Changed: The 'Add...' button when configuring auto import shows a custom folder browsing dialog instead of the system dialog. [testing and feedback would be appreciated]
7. Faster: DLNA engine is more efficient when dealing with duplicated 'alive' broadcasts from DLNA devices.
8. Changed: Visualization data pipeline revised to be more efficient; updated visualization SDK coming later.
9. Changed: WebPlay / WebRemote paginate at 100 items for more manageable pages on slow devices (previously was at 200 items).
10. Changed: Loading, restoring, or clearing a library no longer switches views (unless the view is no longer valid in the new library).
11. Fixed: Remote control receiving was not working properly with a portable install.
12. Fixed: Television recordings ("jtv") sometimes were imported as Data and sidecar files were not created.
13. NEW: Bass Management redirection does energy preserving accumulation of redirected bass so the total dB level, assuming a calibrated system, will be unchanged from redirection.
14. NEW: Reworked Output Format DSP for nicer bass configuration.
15. NEW: Room Correction DSP has a clip prevention stage, so no user settings will create clipping. (i.e. turning up a single channel will turn other channels down)
16. Changed: Some DirectShow audio and video files will have less chance of being imported as Data.
17. Fixed: DLNA video conversion caching was not working properly.
18. Fixed: An image slideshow could crash.
19. Fixed: Resetting logging could fail in some cases, leaving the full log still present.
20. Fixed: Clearing Playing Now using the web service could lead to a hang.
21. Changed: Added buffering mechanism to streaming video using J. River URL Reader filter. MC will pause when the network can not keep up.
22. FASTER: Calculated fields are faster.
23. FASTER: Optimizations to string and expression engine, helping view loading times for views that use expressions.
24. Changed: When DVD playback fails, the error dialog now includes a "More info..." button which takes you to a wiki page with troubleshooting tips.
25. Changed: Merged stock visualizations into a single vis_Main.dll plugin. (Visualization Studio removed, slated to return later)

15.0.80 (7/22/2010)
1. NEW: FreeDB support. When a CD is not found at YADB, we now attempt to look it up at FreeDB.
2. Fixed: Requesting the WSDL from the web service (MCWS) would return an empty document.

15.0.79 (7/21/2010)
1. Fixed: Using the search box just after switching from a grouped library view to a smartlist that showed all database locations could lead to a crash.

15.0.78 (7/20/2010)
1. Fixed: Remote control receiving was not working properly with a portable install.
2. Fixed: DLNA video conversion caching was not working properly.
3. Fixed: An image slideshow could crash.
4. Fixed: Resetting logging could fail in some cases, leaving the full log still present.
5. Fixed: Clearing Playing Now using the web service could lead to a hang.

15.0.77 (7/16/2010)
1. Changed: FFDShow audio and video decoder filters are temporarily excluded from stream selection interface query due to crashing of FFDShow builds 3461 and up.

15.0.76 (7/15/2010)
1. Fixed: When no online images are found in Theater View Playing Now, the default theme images would run as a slideshow instead of showing a fixed picture.
2. Changed: Tuned the fade in and out speeds of some of the Theater View Playing Now components.
3. Changed: The splash screen is hidden when connecting to a library server at startup so it won't collide with authentication requests.

15.0.75 (7/14/2010)
1. Fixed: DirectShow filters selection drop-down boxes did not always show up in File Types configuration.
2. Changed: When adding an auto-import folder, a dialog is shown that allows typing a path (with auto-complete) intsead of going straight to the system browse dialog.

15.0.74 (7/12/2010)
1. Changed: By default JRSS and Bass Management will use 48 dB/octave cross-overs for the LFE / subwoofer.
2. NEW: Bass Management in Output Format DSP allows selection of cross-over slopes per channel (independently configurable slopes for speaker and redirected bass).
3. Faster: Improved performance of Tempo & Pitch DSP plugin.
4. Fixed: A DSP plugin that worked in chunks (instead of continuously) could cause playback stutters. (applies to included Tempo & Pitch plugin)
5. Changed: The confirmation about deleting disk files when removing cover art offers a cancel button.
6. Fixed: Cover View would incorrectly show a maximize / restore button in the popup player at the top of the screen.
7. Changed: WebPlay does no video conversion, so only videos supported natively by the device being used can be played (may change if a compatible streaming encoding format can be found).
8. Changed: Theater View Playing Now cover art only fades out automatically if the online media slideshow option is enabled.

15.0.73 (7/9/2010)
1. NEW: Theater View Playing Now fades out the album cover and increases the prominence of the background theme slideshow 15 seconds into a track (only applies if theme support is enabled).
2. NEW: The display in Theater View's Playing Now can be changed by selecting it and using left and right on the remote.
3. Changed: Theater View Playing Now command 'Big Screen' changed to 'Display View' to match terminology used elsewhere.
4. Changed: Increased the number of images used in a Theater View theme online media slideshow.
5. Changed: Theater View uses a replacement table to provide better a better online slideshow for artists like Kansas and Bush. (please submit improvements made to [MC Install Path]\Data\Default Resources\ArtistSearch.txt back to us)
6. NEW: "Services & Plugins/Amazon" now supports international Amazon stores - use button in upper right to switch among them. Defaults to current Locale country.
7. Changed: CUE files now include the file type (e.g. "WAVE") following the filename on the "FILE" line.
8. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks to KANEY).
9. Changed: When recording television programs using transport stream format, the subchannel info is saved so correct stream will played during playback.
10. Changed: Theater View Playing Now has a 'Play' control on the second roller when stopped.
11. Changed: J. River URL Reader filter cleans up temporary buffer files when closed, instead of waiting until MC restarts.
12. Changed: Internally the duration field can support floating point values so the database can store a block-perfect length of an audio file. (requires Update Library from Tags to fill durations with higher precision; only supported by APE, FLAC, and WAV)
13. Faster: DLNA Media Servers are much faster at responding to searches.

15.0.72 (7/7/2010)
1. Fixed: Some 3gp videos would play without audio. Used by Android phones.
2. Changed: Streaming mov videos from Library Server will load "J. River URL Reader" filter, if the client is configured to play mov videos in DirectShow.
3. Fixed: Right-click commands that only apply to certain lists (like 'Uncheck all' in a CD list) will only appear in the MRU list in those lists. (previously a blank spot could appear in the MRU list)
4. NEW: Added a search to WebRemote and WebPlay.
5. Changed: Audio, Images, and Video roots with WebPlay and WebRemote use media-type specific artwork.
6. Changed: If a DSP plugin is both a Winamp 2 and VST plugin, it will be used as a VST instead of as a Winamp 2 plugin.
7. Changed: Start can be added to the tree using Options > General > Features > Show Start in Tree.

15.0.71 (7/6/2010)
1. Fixed: WebRemote was not listing the last file on a library files list.
2. Fixed: The time was not showing at the root of Theater View.
3. Changed: Added support for [Date] keyword in Theater View text skin items.
4. Fixed: Switching libraries could cause a crash (only applies to build 70).
5. Fixed: Renaming a keyword (or other library item) to an empty string in the tree could cause a crash.
6. NEW: WebPlay and WebRemote paginate long lists (>250) into multiple pages. (see included templates or for more information)

15.0.70 (7/1/2010)
1. NEW: (Experimental) Digital television recording can be done in transport stream format (.ts).
2. Faster: Thumbnail lists load and operate faster, especially with large numbers of thumbnails.
3. Faster: Improved memory usage of one of the core data structures used by the program.
4. Faster: Improved performance of toolbar / breadcrumb user interface pieces.
5. Faster: View switching destroys the previous view only after the new view is showing, making view switches faster.
6. Faster: Reduced the amount of user interface layout done when switching views.
7. Changed: When Playing Now is empty, the double-click to play action will shuffle all files instead of playing them in sorted order.
8. Changed: 'Start' is no longer listed in the tree although the program will, by default, still start at the view (can be customized in Options > Startup).
9. Changed: Pressing F11 will no longer include Cover View in the cycle of views.
10. Changed: Cover View is considered a 'user input mode' like Standard View and Mini View so that returning from Theater View, closing Display View with escape, etc. will return to Cover View instead of Standard View.
11. Changed: The into links on a category thumbnail did not show the hand / link cursor when the mouse was over them.
12. Changed: Increased time-shifting reader filter's video buffer size. This should fix the television time-shifting error when Microsoft video decoder is used.
13. Fixed: When Playing Now displayed "no search results" because a search returned nothing, double-clicking the list would play everything.
14. Fixed: WebPlay audio conversion was not working with an iPhone, iTouch, etc.
15. Fixed: Using the keyboard shortcuts Alt+3..5 to switch library views didn't properly handle non-selectable view schemes.

15.0.69 (6/30/2010)
1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks to KANEY).
2. Fixed: If the program was started in Mini View, returning to Standard View would show Cover View instead of Standard View.
3. Changed: The Theater View location string includes the root roller selection when at the root (used by skins).
4. Changed: Theater View Theme system uses the selected skins Background.jpg or Background.png image automatically instead of a solid color.
5. Changed: Updated Theater View skins to all support Themes.
6. Changed: Theater View Themes are the only mechanism for providing a Theater View background. (media slideshow and animation section of skin are obsolete)
7. Changed: Theater View skinning now at version 2.4 (will require update of non-stock skins).

15.0.68 (6/28/2010)
1. Fixed: Audio problem with Hauppauge WintTV HD PVR device.
2. Fixed: Bass management was not handling moving bass to the LFE channel properly.
3. Optimized: The low-pass and high-pass filters used for Bass Management, JRSS, etc. are about 38% faster.
4. Changed: A confirmation is shown when doing an 'Unstack' command on more than one stacked file (has 'Don't show this message again' box).
5. Changed: Auto-import will attempt to silently reconnect to any disconnected network drives before flagging a file as 'missing'.
6. Fixed: Ripping could show an 'Unknown encoder error' in rare cases. (hopefully fixed, feedback appreciated)
7. Changed: When viewing a file grouping, the 'Date Imported' will show the most recent import date of any file in the group instead of the average import date.
8. Changed: Added the 'Add View' command back to the tree right-click menu for a library view.
9. Changed: Putting the system to sleep will not stop playback automatically. (system will still allow a manual deep sleep (S3) while playing, but Media Center will prevent an automatic sleep)
10. Fixed: Some types of searches would not preserve the sequence number properly.
11. Changed: The 'Rename, Move & Copy Files' dialog auto-sizes columns on load and resize.
12. Changed: DLNA, Advanced options. If "present subtitle resources" is not checked subtitle resources will not be presented in the Content Directory under ANY condition, even if explicitly asked for. Prevents hard resets on some renderers.
13. NEW: Added DVB-T frequency table for Greece. Thanks to Arbiter for providing the info.
14. Changed: Ignore anything past the first 4 digits in a FLAC vorbis DATE tag.

15.0.67 (6/25/2010)
1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks to KANEY).
2. NEW: Bass management in DSP Studio > Output Format allows specifying a bass routing mode of remove, move, or copy.
3. Changed: Bass management uses a 24 dB/octave lowpass for creating redirected bass (previously used a 12 db/octave slope).
4. Changed: Tuned JRSS mixing level used when creating a LFE channel.
5. Changed: The previously selected file in Theater View > Playing Now > List will no longer be drawn bold if the list is not focused.
6. NEW: AVI videos can be streamed from Library Server using "J. River URL Reader" filter, so one does not have to wait for the entire file to be downloaded before playback starts.
7. Changed: Improved messaging of import when it's importing a large library as it, by design, works in batches of 10,000 files.
8. NEW: Added Output Format subwoofer crossover choice "Silence (use Room Correction or other DSP to fill)".
9. Changed: Made the 'Output Format' DSP a two-column layout with more verbose explanation of settings.
10. Fixed: Closing the program with Media Server running could stop playback in attached DLNA / Library Server zones.
11. NEW: Preliminary .srt and .sub subtitle support for the DLNA server. The subtitle file should be the same name as the original video file in the same path with either a .srt or .sub extension depending on what your renderer supports. Tested working with Popcorn hour. Needs more testing. The number of renderers that support this seem limited.

15.0.66 (6/24/2010)
1. Fixed: DLNA video conversion works now - was broken.
2. Changed: Improved the ordering of 'Bass Management' effects chain in 'Room Correction' DSP.
3. Changed: The 'Tone' Room Correction tool plays the tone adjusted by all other adjustments. (previously played full amplitude, unadjusted tone)
4. Fixed: 'Bass Management' settings were not properly persisting between sessions.
5. Changed: Improved Bass Management high-pass / bass redirection filters to offer higher quality. (done as two independent intersecting filters to allow curve tuning on each)
6. Fixed: MC would crash when it failed to convert certain audio formats.

15.0.65 (6/23/2010)
1. Changed: Playback prevents automatic system sleep, but does not disable a full manual sleep (S3).
2. Changed: Putting the system to sleep manually will stop any playback.
3. NEW: DLNA servers allow selection of a video conversion mode.
4. Changed: When closing Options with the 'X' at the top right, the save / discard message has a 'Always use this answer' checkbox.
5. Changed: The Browse... button in auto-import folder list allows typing a folder name.
6. Changed: When typing a folder name in a Browse folder dialog, the tree will auto-synchronize with the typed path.
7. Fixed: With a fresh library, the automatic import countdown in the Action Window could run even when manually picking 'Import...' from the menu.
8. Fixed: Doing a 'Restore Library' and only restoring the settings would not work properly.
9. Changed: After restoring settings during a 'Restore Library', the success message informs the user to restart the program for setting changes to take effect.
10. Fixed: When saving a file with encoding in Media Editor, a temporary WAV file could be left behind.
11. Changed: Cross-over used for LFE channel during JRSS mixing uses a 24db/octave slope. (previously used a lesser slope)
12. Fixed: Library Server, client, and J. River URL Reader filter did not handle streaming of files larger than 2 GB correctly.
13. NEW: Added 'Bass Management' section to DSP Studio > Room Correction.
14. Changed: External dependencies such as lame, gogo, ogg, mpc, and ffmpeg are now silently installed on demand into AppData to avoid UAC prompts.
15. Fixed: Closing a dialog while a combobox was open could cause a crash.

15.0.64 (6/21/2010)
1. Changed: More improvements to image conversion system used by DLNA, WebPlay, etc.
2. Fixed: When starting playback, album art could be loaded twice instead of only once.
3. Fixed: Playing YouTube video in Theater View did not work, causing MC to trigger downloading the video outside of MC.
4. Optimized: Starting playback with a Library Server client is faster when converting to MP3.
5. NEW: Gizmo pauses playback when a phone call arrives, and unpauses when the call is finished.
6. NEW: Gizmo holds a partial wake lock during playback to prevent the phone from going to sleep or from turning off the data connection.
7. NEW: Improved Gizmo image playback.
8. NEW: Added video conversion options for Library Server clients. (still a work in progress)

15.0.63 (6/17/2010)
1. Fixed: DLNA playback of images with conversion enabled would not honor EXIF rotation.
2. NEW: DLNA image conversion is done in such a way that a device will not know the image is being converted -- full content length provided, ranged requests supported, etc. (should make image conversion work for all DLNA devices)
3. Internal: Library Server, MCWS, and DLNA server code for handling media files and conversion merged.

15.0.62 (6/17/2010)
1. NEW: Added caching layer for media file serving to Library Server so requesting the same file multiple times in a short time frame won't require multiple analysis or conversion processes.
2. NEW: Added Library Server client option to convert images.
3. NEW: When using WebPlay / Gizmo, images are converted to a lower resolution.
4. Changed: When playing images from Library Server, the previous / next caching was not working nicely.

15.0.61 (6/16/2010)
1. Changed: Improvements to hardware accelerated image playback.

15.0.60 (6/15/2010)
1. Changed: Updated DCRaw to latest (v9.02).
2. Optimized: Search optimizer introduced in build 57 better weighs the evaluation time of calculated fields vs regular fields to aid search performance.
3. Changed: Sharing recorded television over Library Server no longer requires additional configuration of white-list share paths
4. Changed: Backup, Restore, and Clear Library commands are disabled when connected to a Library Server.
5. Changed: Replaced 'Search For Media Servers' with 'Connect to Library...' in Library menu.
6. Changed: When connected to a library, the 'Connect to Library...' command is replaced by a 'Disconnect from Library' command.
7. Changed: Added new command 'Sync Changes with Library Server' to Library menu to allow manual sync of client changes. (no longer use 'Sync Library...' command -- that is for downloading a library and playlists from a server)
8. Changed: Simplified the 'Connect to Library...' dialog so there's only one choice for connecting to a Library Server.
9. NEW: Image playback is hardware accelerated, providing smoother visuals when zooming and scrolling. [experimental]
10. NEW: Image playback draws a pixel-perfect overlay when zooming and scrolling stop (most noticeable on systems with low supported texture sizes or when zooming in on huge images)

15.0.59 (6/14/2010)
1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: Updated Theater View News for better support of The Onion, Comedy Central Jokes, BBC, Interact, etc.
3. Fixed: Big endian TIFF files could have the incorrect dimensions listed in the database.
4. Changed: Better (hopefully) way of obtaining video dimensions in JRWorker.
5. Fixed: Trouble switching channels with some DVB-T television devices.
6. Changed: In digital television, extra output pins of MPEG-2 Demultiplexer filter are deleted instead of being rendered to NULL renderer.
7. Changed: DLNA container type for videos to try and get it working for some TV's that don't see them. Needs testing to make sure it doesn't mess up devices that currently work.
8. Changed: Added an approximate size to DLNA images when converting as some renderers need to know the size in the content directory or they won't try to display the image.

15.0.58 (6/11/2010)
1. Changed: JRSS improvements to matrixing algorithms used for rear channel creation. (applies to 2.0 -> 7.1 and 5.1 -> 7.1 conversion)
2. Changed: The 'hardware style previous' button mode will use a 10 second cutoff when controlling a DLNA device unlike the 1.5 second cutoff during regular playback.
3. Changed: The 'Play / Pause' command for WebRemote plays the current file instead of visible files if playback is stopped.
4. Fixed: WebRemote commands like 'Play' could get cached by the browser and stop working.
5. Fixed: Using WebRemote with an Android, links could fail to work properly after navigating back due to AJAX caching.
6. Optimized: Improved cache-ability of WebRemote / WebPlay webpages, helping browsing performance.
7. Fixed: In rare cases, a core string function could read one character too far and cause a crash.
8. Fixed: When syncing content from Library Server to a handheld, extra unneeded numbers could end up in the final filename that were used during download time.

15.0.57 (6/10/2010)
1. Optimized: Search engine uses more sophisticated logic for deciding the order to evaluate pieces of a database query, providing substantial speed improvements in some cases.
2. Optimized: Database search engine can better discard duplicate search terms, helping performance in applicable cases. (stacking of similar searches is common in nested views, etc.)
3. Changed: Numerous Gizmo improvements: loads images in background thread, adds ability to enter a library server access key to get to library, etc.
4. Changed: Gizmo should be installed from the Android Market (it's free). Search for "Gizmo" in Market on your phone.
5. Fixed: WebPlay was not showing Play / Shuffle buttons for playlists.
6. Fixed: Mouse wheeling on a horizontal scrollbar could scroll diagonally.
7. Fixed: The player window buttons could highlight on mouse over, even when the mouse was actually over a window on top of the player.
8. Changed: Increased maximum boost / gain available in DSP Studio > Volume Leveling to 18 dB from 12 dB.
9. Fixed: The in-place edit available choices for fields with a fixed list of acceptable values was not working properly.
10. Changed: Reworked how link bar at top right of view is loaded so that it is pulled from disk less often.
11. Changed: Link bar allows creating link rules like '[Genre]=[Rock]' and the available links nicely update as different files are selected.
12. Optimized: Improved performance of link bar system, so that evaluating what links should be shown is much faster.
13. Optimized: Revised view header update system works to provide better view performance.
14. Fixed: The 'Previous' button did not seek to the beginning of the current track when controlling a DLNA device.
15. Optimized: Improved performance of seeking when controlling DLNA devices.
16. Changed: The /MCWS/v1/Alive function does not require password authorization to make checking for running servers possible from MC, Gizmo, etc. without requiring a password prompt.
17. Changed: Added additional handling to prevent DLNA control from skipping two (or more) files when pressing 'Next'.

15.0.56 (6/7/2010)
1. Changed: Added PlayingNowPosition, PlayingNowTracks, and PlayingNowPositionDisplay variables to MCWS/v1/Playback/Info function.
2. Changed: Added .FileKey variable for WebPlay / WebRemote file objects.
3. Fixed: During DLNA control, a manual Next or Previous could causes multiple files to be skipped depending on network timing.
4. Changed: Removed timeout.
5. Fixed: Column changes made while drilled into a library view in the tree were not saved.
6. NEW: Added 'Author' database field, used for author metadata when importing documents. (previously used 'Artist' field)
7. Changed: Import of document title, keywords, etc. from the filesystem better handles UTF-8.
8. Optimized: Loading the default 'Artists' view with a huge library is about 5% faster. (speed increases should help smaller libraries and other views as well)
9. Fixed: VST plugins that exposed a standard DLLRegisterServer(...) function in addition to the standard VST plugin export would not install properly.

15.0.55 (6/7/2010)
1. Changed: Media Type specification for DVB-T television's MPEG-2 audio and AC3 audio is updated.
2. Changed: MC configures DVB-T television's video format before connecting a filter graph so the video media type conforms to DVB-T's PAL standard.
3. NEW: Added new video file type wtv.
4. Fixed: WebRemote did not work nicely with Library Server authorization enabled.
5. Fixed: Quicktime files (mov, qt) could not be thumbnailed if they were set to play in DirectShow.
6. Changed: When playing files externally to MC (i.e. double click a file in Win explorer), windowed playback is now an option in General options.
7. Changed: Improved DLNA track advancement system to be less dependent on DLNA events. (events are used to help performance, but system functions fine even if device doesn't event properly)
8. Fixed: Webpage style stores would just show 'Installing' instead of a webpage. (since build 51)
9. Fixed: Theater View > Playing Now > Info view would not advance properly as tracks changed.

15.0.54 (6/3/2010)
1. NEW: The player automatically detects the arrival of a Google Android (previously required a program restart if the Android was mounted while Media Center was running).
2. Changed: Options > Media Network > Advanced Server Settings > Authentication password is no longer in plain text.
3. Fixed: Leaving Theater View's Hulu view could be slow.

15.0.53 (6/2/2010)
1. Changed: Renamed network options and view to 'Media Network'.
2. NEW: New 'Media Network' view under 'Services & Plug-ins' in the tree.
3. Fixed: Possible resource leak when switching views.
4. Fixed: Certain podcast streams were failing to download because of a 307 redirect status. We handle them like other redirects now.
5. Changed: Gizmo could unnecessarily load the same image multiple times. (Gizmo updated to 15.0.53)
6. NEW: Added Russian translation.

15.0.52 (6/1/2010)
1. Fixed: Playing different audio file types consecutively without clicking the stop button could cause some audio types to output noise.
2. Fixed: The background behind a video would be glass instead of black when using a glass-enabled skin.
3. NEW: Library Server, WebPlay, and WebRemote use a token-based authorization system so that once a client is authorized, it won't have to authorize again on subsequent requests. (fixes issues using Gizmo with authorization enabled, etc.)
4. Changed: List management windows no longer hide their list when disabled now that lists can nicely render a disabled state (applies to Options > Network, etc.).
5. Changed: Revised naming and versioning of Gizmo Android application.
6. Changed: WebPlay and WebRemote no longer show Play, etc. buttons at the view scheme level.
7. Changed: Reversed change #6 in build 51.
8. Changed: Added 'Statistics...' button to Network Servers view (a precursor to revised network servers overview page)

15.0.51 (5/28/2010)
1. Fixed: "Type" field in MyMovies data file could not be imported.
2. Changed: Updates (or initial install) of the Performer Store happen in a background thread when the store is viewed.
3. Optimized: Improved caching of server hits done by Performer Store for better performance.
4. Changed: Playing a Performer track from the local library (or Playing Now) will login so that full length version is played.
5. Fixed: Fixed possible dead-lock from audio engine parallelization improvements of build 50.
6. Changed: Television will try using generic Microsoft Network Provider filter first, instead of individual ATSC/DVB-T Network Providers.
7. Fixed: Making changes to Playing Now just as a song was ending (and the next track was prebuffering) could cause the visual play indicator to disappear.
8. Fixed: The 'Media Editor' start menu shortcut was not working (will recreate start menu group at stock location; later upgrades will not).
9. Fixed: Converting multiple audio files to mp3 did not work properly due to temporary filename conflict.

15.0.50 (5/26/2010)
1. Changed: Improvements to MC15.exe /MonitorSwitch to work better with certain configurations.
2. Optimized: Core audio data path 8% faster (used for playback, burning, conversion, etc).
3. Optimized: Disk Writer output plugin operates faster.
4. Optimized: Improved parallelization of audio playback engine to provide faster and more robust playback, especially when doing channel or sample rate conversion.
5. Optimized: Improved core audio engine data delivery mechanism to provide more skip resistant playback.
6. Changed: When clipping list or tree items that are outside the current scroll position, soft faded edges are used instead of hard edges.
7. Changed: Numerous improvements to J. River Gizmo Android application. (requires reinstallation from WebPlay homepage)

15.0.49 (5/25/2010)
1. Changed: Improved detection of Windows Mobile 6.5 devices for WebPlay, WebRemote, etc.
2. Fixed: CD Ripping with the external encoder was causing crashes.
3. Changed: Improved audio conversion options in DLNA server settings. Added low/medium/high bandwidth mp3 options and removed options that didn't make sense.
4. Fixed: WebPlay conversion was not always working properly.
5. Changed: The J. River Gizmo Android application is used for WebPlay playback of single files and playlists instead of just for playback of playlists.
6. NEW: The J. River Gizmo Android application shows cover art and metadata during playback. (requires reinstallation from WebPlay homepage)

15.0.48 (5/20/2010)
1. Optimized: When changing the volume of a server zone while connected as a Library Server Client (TRemote), the response is faster.
2. Optimized: Improved performance of communicating with a Library Server from a client.
3. Optimized: Better performance of core server engine that powers Library Server, DLNA, WebPlay, etc.
4. Changed: When closing the program with a zone that's no longer available selected, the program will revert to the first zone instead of the last zone on restart.
5. Changed: Quicktime file types (mov and qt) will be played using DirectShow if Playback Method for these file types is set to "Automatic" AND Quicktime has not been installed.
6. Fixed: The Theater View online media slideshow could show a slideshow for the previously played file instead of the currently playing file.
7. Fixed: The Send To mode 'Add (shuffle remaining)' did not work logically when playback was stopped.
8. Changed: The Tag Action Window's vertical scroll position is preserved when zooming in on a list-type field like Keywords, and then returning.
9. Fixed: Editing the last field in the Tag Action Window would not automatically move the scrollbar down to ensure the edit control was visible.

15.0.47 (5/19/2010)
1. Changed: Updated DCRaw to latest, including patch for Canon T2i / 550D support.
2. Changed: Added a the most common raw image types to the default list of types acquired with the 'Camera' Action Window.
3. Changed: The default ripping mode is now 'Secure' (can be changed in Options > CD & DVD)
4. Changed: The default ripping encoder is 'Monkey's Audio (APE)' instead of 'Windows Media'. [Thanks, Matt!]
5. Fixed: Formatting text in a note could result in mismatched tag pairs in the HTML, causing the note to be discarded.
6. Changed: When embedding artwork in WMA tags, the image is flagged as 'Front album cover' instead of 'Other'.
7. Fixed: Viewing 'Notes' could create extra root library views that would appear in the navigation menu when the tree was hidden. (must visit 'Notes' one time for cleanup to occur)
8. Fixed: The Flickr upload dialog could overflow with some font sizes.
9. Changed: List-type fields with a user-specified list of acceptable values did not allow setting multiple values to a single file.
10. Changed: When syncing changes from a client back to a Library Server, the server will update the tags for any changed files.
11. Fixed: When changing a rating in the Tag Action Window, the other fields could go away until a size / scroll.
12. Fixed: If a star rating was clicked while editing a field in the Tag Action Window, the changes to the in-place edit would be discarded.
13. Fixed: Using WASAPI exclusive output with certain DACs to play HDTV or other video could cause a crash when starting playback.
14. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar & Daniel2k).

15.0.46 (5/18/2010)
1. Fixed: DLNA streaming with MP3 conversion enabled was not working properly.
2. Changed: Moved 'Library Server Client' options to 'Network' options page.
3. Fixed: Possible sporadic crashes (only applies to last few builds).
4. NEW: Video subtitle option "Show subtitle only if selected subtitle language is different from audio language".

15.0.45 (5/17/2010)
1. Changed: Improved threading, messaging, and cancelling for 'Lookup Movie Info From Wikipedia...' tool.
2. Changed: Enabled up / down keyboard navigation to switch images when zoomed in on an image in 'Image Preview' mode.
3. Fixed: Auto-complete was not working properly for non-list fields that used semi-colon delimitation in their values.
4. Fixed: In a network with a lot of DLNA devices and Library Server connections, zones could get reflected multiple times (i.e. zone with a name There: Jim: There: Jim: Speakers)
5. Optimized: Improved performance when connected to a Library Server.
6. Optimized: DLNA and Library Server zones that are not active are no longer queried across the network to keep their playback state fresh. (could have third-party SDK implications if plugins are trying to display status of non-active remote zones)
7. Optimized: Improved performance of loading images from a server.
8. Fixed: MP3 files purchased from the Performer Store could fail to play over Library Server.

15.0.44 (5/14/2010)
1. Fixed: Quick Find of cover art would not always work properly.
2. Changed: Revised how a Library Server client specifies audio conversion in Options > Libraries & Folders. (uses new encoder profiles that builds on more sophisticated conversion engine of v15)
3. NEW: When controlling DLNA devices, playback will advance between tracks even if the device is not sending subscription events properly.

15.0.43 (5/14/2010)
1. Fixed: List style tagging in the Action Window was not working (only applies to build 42).
2. Fixed: When in a library view, the locate commands would not work.
3. Fixed: Using UNC paths for the handheld conversion cache did not work nicely.
4. Changed: Improved compatibility with Kernel Streaming 24-bit audio to Bel-Canto and other similar DACs.
5. Changed: Disabled 32-bit floating point output support for Kernel Streaming -- most (all?) cards claim to support it, and then treat the data as 32-bit integers so the sound is heavily distorted.

15.0.42 (5/13/2010)
1. Fixed: DLNA server wasn't reporting resolution for images when converting/shrinking.
2. Fixed: DVD video discs would not get recognized under certain conditions.
3. Optimized: Many improvements to help performance when dealing with list type fields like Keywords, Actors, etc.
4. Optimized: The Tag Action Window for list type fields is several orders or magnitude faster.
5. Changed: Reverted launcher back to Windows program as console program caused issues for some users.
6. Changed: Import system will still import zero-byte .txt, .log, and .dat files; other types of zero byte files are still ignored.
7. Internal: Auto-import will remove files with no filename that are in the 'previously removed' database location. (cleanup for possible bug from years past)
8. NEW: Add support for different conversion sizes for images in the DLNA server options.
9. Fixed: Web Media view header buttons could cause a crash.

15.0.41 (5/12/2010)
1. Changed: Added command MCC_QUERY_UI_MODE (32000) to allow querying the user interface mode of the program from a batch file.
2. Changed: MC15.exe is a console application so it's easier to use in batch files or with other scripting.
3. Changed: MC15.exe /MCC will exit the process with the result of the call. (so in a batch file, %ERRORLEVEL% will be the result after a call)
4. Fixed: MP3 encoding was always using a default configuration of VBR 160kpbs (last several builds only).
5. Internal: Consolidated file naming used by YouTube! Podcasts so they match WebMedia file naming. (i.e. webmedia://youtube/[id] instead of youtube://[id])
6. Fixed: Streaming FLV files could fail to play in some cases.
7. Changed: The import system will ignore zero byte files.
8. NEW: Added 'Collapse All' choice to the right-click menu for a pane. (only shows for list style fields that support nesting)
9. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar and Daniel_2k).
10. Optimized: Numerous improvements to help performance with list-style fields, especially when there are huge numbers of values used. (ie. a database with 50,000 actors, etc.)

15.0.40 (5/11/2010)
1. Fixed: When decoding non 16-bit audio data, up to 0.006 seconds of silence could be unnecessarily appended to the end.
2. Fixed: ASIO playback for 32-bit integer style cards had a possible overflow (only applies to last few builds).
3. Changed: Stock smartlists will dynamically change names with language changes (stock smartlists will be updated / recreated as a result)
4. Fixed: At the file list level with WebPlay, the last item in the list would not be shown.
5. Fixed: When a ripped DVD and the associated cover art was on a drive that was temporarily removed, Media Center could disassociate with the broken cover art link. (it should only disassociate with a broken cover art link if the media file is available and the art is not available)
6. Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+F in an image or video library view could switch to Audio. (remember that Ctrl+E will focus the search box in any view)
7. Fixed: CUE parser was not properly loading the playback range of the last track.
8. NEW: Added ASIO option for channel swapping C/LFE with SL/SR during surround sound playback. (needed with Creative and possibly other cards)
9. Fixed: MC could crash in J. River audio engine (using DirectShow filters) when it failed to load an output plug-in (such as ASIO) in a worker thread.
10. Changed: Updated splash screen no longer says 'beta'.

15.0.39 (5/10/2010)
1. NEW: WebPlay includes "J. River Gizmo", an Android app for nicer support of WebPlay on Google phones (install app from WebPlay's homepage). Not yet very pretty.
2. Changed: WebPlay uses the user agent of the requestor to automatically switch between M3U, ASX, QuickTime, etc.

15.0.38 (5/7/2010)
1. Fixed: Television recording could fail to build a proper filename due to string changes in build 36.
2. Changed: Fixes and enhancements to DLNA and WebPlay conversion system.
3. Fixed: At shutdown, the JRReader.dll and JRImage.dll core libraries could be unloaded forcibly instead of naturally.
4. Changed: J. River URL Reader filter can work with MPEG streams.
5. NEW: For the DLNA server audio, "Always Convert" to mp3 or uncompressed wave makes a seekable stream and invokes DSP studio for replay gain and sample rate conversion.
6. Changed: Report resolution on DLNA served image files when the "shrink large images" option is selected in the content directory.

15.0.37 (5/5/2010)
1. Fixed: CUE files that contained multiple file links but no root file link could fail to parse correctly.
2. Fixed: Library Manager did not allow creating a new library entry that pointed to an existing library.
3. Fixed: With Media Server running and audio playing in a non-active zone, closing the program could allow audio playback to continue in the inactive zone.
4. Fixed: In some occasions MC was unable to play the next track due to a failed cleanup of the DirectShow graph of the previous track.
5. Changed: J. River Audio Renderer in video playback will only accept an AC3 SPDIF connection if the user has configured it's connection type as "Digital connection to a surround sound receiver (supports AC3 and DTS)".
6. Changed: More improvements to new DLNA and WebPlay conversion system.

15.0.36 (5/3/2010)
1. Optimized: Improved performance of core string engine used everywhere in the program.
2. Optimized: The database takes a little less memory.
3. Fixed: When playing source material with more than 16-bits to ASIO, the output could cap a peak at 32767/32768ths (0.999969482421875) instead of 1.0.
4. Fixed: The DSP Studio overflow mode was not properly applied on startup for video playback.
5. Changed: Pasting HTML into a Note supports a broader range of HTML formats.
6. Changed: An HTML hyperlink pasted into a Note is clickable.
7. NEW: New music transcoding system for DLNA and WebPlay -- still in development.

15.0.35 (4/29/2010)
1. NEW (Experimental!): Remuxing of television recording (digital television only, i.e. ATSC or DVB-T) jtv files to MKV. Requires Haali Matraska Muxer filter which is part of Haali Media Splitter installation. Select jtv files, and go to Tools > Advanced Tools > Convert Format...
2. Changed: It is no longer possible to create a new library in a non-empty folder (the program requires full control over its library folder, and deletes files in that folder that are obsolete or foreign).
3. Changed: List-style fields like image keywords are saved to the database with spaces after delimiters. ("Al; Bob" instead of "Al;Bob")
4. Changed: Doing a manual 'Quick Find Cover Art' will force a rescan of a directory for art (previously could use a cached scan up to one minute old)
5. Changed: MCWS (developers web service) is available on a client using protocol commands. (i.e. on a local webpage, mc15://MCWS/v1/Playback/Pause)
6. Changed: The Library Server root page has a link to connect to the server (requires Media Center to be installed).
7. Fixed: Crash in "Export to iPod..." when trying to export unsupported media types.

15.0.34 (4/28/2010)
1. Fixed: Converting some audio formats that played using Directshow filters would not work properly.
2. Changed: Import dialogs are now sizable.
3. Fixed: When using large fonts, the auto-import configuration dialog would not show 'Add' in the menu of commands.
4. Fixed: AIFF could appear multiple times in file association / import type lists.
5. Fixed: The .mpeg file type no longer associated with audio, only video.
6. Changed: When connected to a library server or in party mode, export to iTunes is disabled.
7. Changed: More library commands like 'Back Up Library', etc. are disabled when in Party Mode.
8. NEW: Added expression functions IsPlaying() and IsInPlayingNow().
9. Fixed: The Theater View television view 'By Program' was including groupings for previously deleted recordings.
10. Fixed: Uninstall could leave an entry for running Media Server on Windows startup if that startup mode had been selected by the user.
11. Changed: When locking all views in a three view split view configuration, the other two views are unlocked (it's not valid or possible to lock all views).
12. Fixed: When copying a file in Explorer to the clipboard then pasting it as the cover art for a file in Media Center, the source file could be erased after setting the art.
13. Changed: When setting cover art from the clipboard, a string version of a local filename will also be accepted (along with a URL to an image, an image, or a system file object)
14. Fixed: Pasting multiple files from Explorer to the cover art of files could cause a crash.
15. NEW: Television views of recorded television in Theater View can be fully user customized.

15.0.33 (4/27/2010)
1. Changed: Improved Twitter formatting for video and television files, switched to #nowplaying header.
2. NEW: Added favicon support to Library Server, WebPlay, and WebRemote.
3. NEW: Library Server Home Page with links when visiting the root of a library server. (i.e. http://libraryserveraddress:[port] shows a page with links to http://libraryserveraddress/WebRemote/, etc.) See Server Home Page for more information.
4. Fixed: DSP setting changes for 'Tempo & Pitch' were no being saved.
5. Changed: Image thumbnail frames also draw in mixed lists of images + video instead of only being used in image-only lists.
6. NEW: Added the ability to lock a playlist to prevent unintended changes to the order or files.
7. Changed: When controlling a DLNA device, a stop command is issued before switching tracks to help with devices that don't like switching tracks while playing. (may help Pioneer receivers, etc.)
8. Internal: Revised how view headers create and display their buttons. (please report any issues)
9. NEW: DLNA Server, added thumbnails (if they exist) to the item[ description in the content directory if DLNAExtra is set.

15.0.32 (04/26/2010)
1. Fixed: While importing videos or generating thumbnails MC caused some third-party application windows to flash repeatedly, if JRWorker used Enhanced Video Renderer.
2. Changed: Much improved 'Change Subscription' dialog in Performer Store.
3. Changed: Added 'ASX' link next to items with WebPlay for improved Windows Mobile support.
4. Changed: When closing the options dialog with the 'X', the user is prompted for whether they want to save or discard changes.
5. Fixed: Performer Store login was broken since build 30.
6. Fixed: Clicking a column header in the bottom file list of a library view with the top list focused could cause changes to be discarded.
7. Fixed: When grouped, the view header menu for the bottom list in a library view would say 'Sort By' when it should have said 'Sort Inside Groups By'.
8. NEW: Added support for AC3 / DTS pass through when using the J. River audio renderer.
9. Changed: The smart number handler that makes 5 sort before 10 (even though 5 sorts before 1 alphabetically) only handled up to 32-bit integers; now handles up to 64-bit integers.
10. Fixed: When playing audio in J. River audio engine (using DirectShow filters), MC output white noise if no decoder was selected by user, or if user-selected decoder's output was SPDIF.
11. Fixed: Audio played in J. River audio engine (using DirectShow filters) could be played at the wrong speed in some cases.
12. Changed: DSP Studio Filter feature for video playback is removed. Users needing to use DSP studio in video should use J. River Audio Renderer directly. J. River Audio Renderer is selected in Tools > Options > Video > Audio for Video, DVD, & Television > Playback device (set it to "Same as device used in audio playback").
13. Changed: DLNA flags for WMA files.
14. Changed: Cover Art handling for image and video files in the DLNA server.

15.0.31 (04/22/2010)
1. Fixed: Playing a video from Theater View could cause a crash (only applies to build 30).
2. Fixed: When using Kernel Streaming, pausing a track then manually starting a different track could result in a fraction of a second of the previous track being heard.
3. Optimized: Improved performance of WebRemote server engine.
4. NEW: Added a new server 'WebPlay' for playback of a home library on an iPhone and other devices, as its own feature. (no longer part of WebRemote like in build 30)
5. Fixed: WebPlay feature for single file playback works on an Android (playlist playback requires QuickTime).
6. NEW: Added an 'M3U' option to WebPlay for devices that support M3U playlists (may require an external application with Android).
7. Changed: Installation no longer installs Windows XP hot-fix KB902344. (previously could be installed on older XP systems)

15.0.30 (04/21/2010)
1. NEW: Added ability to play your home library on an iPhone, iPad, etc. from anywhere using WebRemote. (pick 'iPhone' link when browsing the library with WebRemote)
2. Fixed: A number of audio or video codecs were reported as "unknown codec" when imported/updated.
3. Fixed: The Compression field for some Windows Media videos was filled with audio codec info only.
4. Changed: The Compression field for Windows Media audio or video is filled in the same way as that of other file types.
5. Changed: Each type of locate (artist, album, etc.) will be a discrete entry in the most recently used (MRU) list.
6. Changed: When searching in Options, all tree nodes with matches are expanded instead of keeping advanced nodes collapsed like when there's no search.
7. NEW: Added File > Export to iTunes & iPhone to allow exporting a list of files to iTunes or an attached iTunes device.
8. Fixed: When using ASIO on certain hardware, pausing a track then manually starting a different track could result in a fraction of a second of the previous track being heard.
9. Fixed: Some DVD's would fail to play to dlna devices (or the wrong dvd would play).
10. Fixed: JRWorker failed to create thumbnails using Enhanced Video Renderer.
11. Optimized: JRWorker is a little more efficient generating thumbnails.
12. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).
13. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
14. Changed: Updated Dutch language file (thanks to Vincent Kars).
15. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code, and to remove any orphans.
16. Changed: Added #jrmediacenter to Twitter status updates to allow realtime views of anybody using the feature.
17. NEW: Added Output Format subwoofer crossover option 'None (allows all frequencies)'.
18. Fixed: Stock smartlists could get created with incorrect names. (only applies to build 29)
19. Fixed: Customizing view header links to contain international characters could cause issues.
20. Fixed: Playing in Theater View could switch to Playing Now with no actions available in the second roller.
21. Fixed: When switching to Display View, the borders could appear until the mouse was moved if the mouse was in the border region. (which causes troubles with remote controls)

15.0.29 (04/19/2010)
1. Changed: System playlists like 'Top Hits', 'Recently Imported', etc. are translated at display time so changing languages updates the language on the fly. (as a result, names are no longer user editable)
2. Fixed: Loading a large library from Library Server could fail if the server took longer than ten seconds to package up the library.
3. Changed: A user can cancel when downloading a library from Library Server.
4. Fixed: The 'Connect to Library' dialog didn't work with library URLs that didn't start with m01p://. (protocol headers like m01p:// are not required)
5. Changed: When locking both split views in a two split view configuration, the other view is automatically unlocked.
6. Fixed: DSP Studio Filter could not be inserted into graph when playing an analog cable television channel for certain analog television devices.
7. Changed: mimetype for DLNAExtra video and other video mimetype tweaking.

15.0.28 (04/16/2010)
1. NEW: Added "Tweet 'Listening To'" to the Playing Now right-click and view header menus for Twitter.
2. Changed: When explicitly trying to play a file that can't be found, the player won't silently advance to the next track. (but still will in the middle of a playlist)
3. Changed: The view header menu appears on the right-most breadcrumb, and the left-most breadcrumb is a link to the home of the view.
4. Changed: Library Server 'Port' option renamed to 'TCP Port' to be more precise.
5. Changed: Added some example URLs to the 'Connect to Library' dialog.
6. NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Popup transparency mode. (useful on netbooks or other lower powered graphics hardware where showing the player or on screen display causes stuttering)
7. Fixed: The new television subscription option to not record programs that have already been recorded wasn't working properly in certain cases.
8. Changed: Enlarged the import wizard because the folder list could be cut off when using large fonts.
9. Changed: Reworked 'Move / Copy Fields' dialog and added support for field name translation.
10. Changed: In Options > Network, the server options are disabled until the main checkbox for that server is checked.

15.0.27 (04/15/2010)
1. Fixed: The 'List Style' view customization menu didn't always contain the new mode 'Tiles'.
2. Fixed: Using WebRemote, adding a single track to the current playlist would not work.
3. Changed: Added a maximum width to the default WebRemote appearance so it looks better with a desktop browser.
4. Fixed: Setting sorting in the Customize View dialog using 'Set rules for file display...' would not work properly.
5. Changed: A list, tree, or options control more visibly represents when it is disabled.
6. Changed: Skins can specify a list DisabledTextColor and DisabledBackColor.
7. Fixed: Audio problem when playing a television channel using J. River audio renderer.

15.0.26 (04/14/2010)
1. Fixed: Locking all views in a split view configuration would cause problems.
2. NEW: The video thumbnail capture position is now configurable.
3. NEW: Added television subscription option 'Do not record programs that have been recorded in the past'. (doesn't know about programs from before this change that have been recorded and deleted)
4. Fixed: Multi disc burning was broken - it would not continue to the next disc in the burn process.
5. NEW: Added support for CUE files that point to multiple files.
7. Changed: Numerous refinements to how views are customized.
8. NEW: Every level of a categories view can be independently configured (thumbnail size, text, sorting, etc.)
9. Changed: Switching the sorting for a category list using the view header menu changes the same thing as picking the category in Customize View and changing the sorting.
10. Changed: "Video Audio Renderer" feature becomes permanently enabled and removed from the Features list. Its selection is moved to Video > Audio for Video, DVD, & Television > Playback Device.

15.0.25 (04/13/2010)
1. Fixed: Tiles list style was not honoring skin text coloring.
2. Changed: WebRemote is available using http://host:port/WebRemote/ or http://host:port/WebRemote.
3. Changed: SDK requests for artist, album, and name for the file playing in the active zone will return the playback-time-only values like web radio song titles, etc. (useful for NetRemote)
4. Changed: Improved how library server access keys are displayed and managed.
5. NEW: Added the ability to view, reset, test, etc. a library server access key.
6. NEW: Added locked views to allow locking any view in a split view to avoid unintentional view changes. (view changes will simply occur in an unlocked split view)
7. NEW: Added the ability to maximize the Tag Action Window.
8. Changed: The Action Window Tag mode 'Show Tags With Values' would show tags filled with a default value (i.e. Bookmarking: Default)
9. Changed: More tweaks to the Customize View dialog.

15.0.24 (04/12/2010)
1. Changed: Viewing a DVD under Drives & Devices could use the wording 'CD' instead of disc.
2. Changed: When viewing an empty disc drive under 'Drives & Devices', the header will have a 'Refresh' button instead of a 'Play' button.
3. Changed: A name can be entered when ripping some types of discs.
4. Fixed: Drawing of some edit controls wouldn't properly clip text at the margins, instead letting the text run right to the border.
5. Changed: When a control has a label above it, the label will be close to make the relationship more clear.
6. Changed: Added a 'Lookup Movie Info From Wikipedia' button to the view header of a DVD.
7. NEW: Added 'Tiles' list style designed for better viewing of movie and television collections. (still rough around the edges)
8. Fixed: DirectShow and VST DSP Plugins did not work in video playback, displaying "Not authorized for this output".
9. Changed: Made it easier to create a library view with no panes or categories.
10. Changed: Revised the 'Customize Current View...' dialog so that each section of the view has its own panel. (still a work in progress)
11. Fixed: DLNA avi's were not showing up on the Xbox 360. They will work now if the codec is supported.
12. Changed: Using codec info (if we have it) to set the DLNA flags for content directories of video files.

15.0.23 (04/09/2010)
1. NEW: When connecting to a Library Server, only changes from the previous connection to a library server are downloaded instead of the full library. (also makes syncing server changes back to a client much faster)
2. NEW: The system of using an access key to load a library server works on local area networks by using local addresses whenever possible.
3. Fixed: Some YouTube video would not play when user chose "Play the file inside the player".
4. Fixed: Installing to or using folders that began with a dot could cause problems.
5. NEW: Media Center will import data from MyMovies-style xml file created by Yammmm.

15.0.22 (04/08/2010)
1. Changed: Default timeout when reading internet resources is 10 seconds instead of 60 seconds (please report any issues).
2. NEW: A "Default video renderer" option that is applied to all file types whose video renderers are set to "Automatic".
3. NEW: WebRemote is part of Library Server (makes access using the new method introduced in build 21 easier)
4. Fixed: Long web media URLs would not always open properly.
5. Fixed: When in Cover View, the button to close the view from the view header was only available in library views.
6. Fixed: In Theater View, the play remote button didn't work as expected in 'Playing Now'.
7. Changed: Renamed 'OK' button to 'Use This Data' in Lookup Movie Info From Wikipedia.
8. NEW: Added a link to send an email invitation to connect to a Library Server / WebRemote in Options > Network.

15.0.21 (04/07/2010)
1. NEW: Added new system to simplify accessing a Library Server across the internet. (enable Options > Network > Library Server > Register your server to allow access from anywhere)
2. NEW: Added new dialog File > Library > Connect to Library for loading from a Library Server or DLNA Server.
3. Changed: DSP Studio no longer selects an effect when clicking the checkbox to toggle it.
4. Fixed: Library Server was not honoring user port selections.

15.0.20 (04/07/2010)
1. Changed: Updated YouTube! support to allow downloading / native
playback of content. (uses 720p MP4 whenever possible)
2. Fixed: Folder changes performed from Options > Library & Folders >
Configure auto-import did not stick.
3. Changed: Skins that resize their titlebar based on user font
selection will use bold text for the titlebar.
4. NEW: "Lookup DVD Info From Wikipedia" allows checking whether the
image and/or text should be used.

15.0.19 (04/05/2010)
1. NEW: Added an option in 'Television' to disable recording. (useful when sharing a networked library to prevent clients from recording)
2. NEW: Moved 'Library Server' settings to Options > Network.
3. Optimized: Improved drawing performance of user interface engine used for dialogs, wizards, options, etc.
4. Changed: Improved support for large fonts in some areas of the program.
5. Changed: Installer is sizable.
6. NEW: Skins can allow titlebar sizing to hold a larger fonts. (currently only supported by Noire)
7. NEW: The new default audio and subtitle language selection option is also applied to DVD playback.
8. Fixed: DLNA renderer was sending pause before stop (should fix PlugPlayer problems)
9. Changed: DLNAExtra flags while transcoding, try to get DLNA transcoding to work with Samsung DLNA TV's.

15.0.18 (04/05/2010)
1. Changed: Reworked how physical DVDs are imported so that their file naming more closely matches ripped DVDs.
2. Fixed: Physical DVDs could fail to show playable files (only applies to last few builds).
3. Changed: Improved support for DVD collections that don't use 'VIDEO_TS' folders.
4. Fixed: Doing a right-click 'Import Into Library' could fail for physical DVD files. (command is also now several times faster)
5. Changed: Deleting a ripped DVD from disk inside Media Center will correctly remove all the IFO, VOB, and BUP files.
6. Fixed: Play silence at startup option added in build 14 allows greater control over the amount of silence to play.
7. Changed: "Lookup DVD Info From Wikipedia" gets full resolution image instead of thumbnail image.
8. Changed: Added a 'Search' button to the "Lookup DVD Info From Wikipedia" for clarity (previously searches were rerun after changes stopped in the edit control).
9. Fixed: Pressing enter in the search box of "Lookup DVD Info From Wikipedia" will run the search instead of closing the dialog.
10. Fixed: Looking up DVD information for a physical DVD wouldn't properly save the cover art if the program was set to use Folder.jpg.
11. Changed: Consolidated auto-import configuration from the Import dialog and Options > Library & Folders into a single dialog.
12. NEW: Added Options > Library & Folders > Library Server Client > Show playback zones from the server on the client.
13. NEW: Added Options > Library & Folders > Library Server Client > Automatically sync changes made on client back to server on shutdown.
14. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Benoit de Corn).
15. Changed: When connected to a library server, the client will not attempt to record television.
16. NEW: Default language selection (Tools > Options > Video > Video) for audio and subtitle streams in video playback.

15.0.17 (04/02/2010)
1. Changed: A default auto-import on a fresh install will no longer search network drivers.
2. Changed: Changed count-down for automatic import on a fresh install from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
3. New: Quiet option for the external audio encoder. Prevents command window popup.
4. New: Added DLNAExtra in advanced options for the DLNA server. Adds extra information when content is delivered. May help on Samsung TV's.
5. Fixed: When starting up a movie that took a while to load (like an MP4 on a server), the player could freeze until playback started.
6. Changed: When opening a file for playback in full screen, a little animated icon is shown next to 'Opening...'.
7. Fixed: Floating player bars could appear on mouse movement in Theater View.
8. Changed: Improved handling of 'naked' VOB files that aren't in a DVD folder with an IFO so that the VOB files play like simple MPEG files.
9. Fixed: No default base path was being specified for downloaded video files.
10. Changed: Playback Method for mp4, m4a, 3gp types will default to DirectShow (previously they might default to Quicktime).

15.0.16 (04/01/2010)
1. Changed: Revised timeout to June 30, 2010. A version without a timeout will be made available before this date.
2. Changed: No longer works with a Media Center 14 license.
3. Fixed: Playing an image from Cover View didn't nicely jump to full screen display and back.
4. Optimized: Improved performance of all tree and list drawing.
5. Optimized: Improved performance of core thread-parallelizer which is used in many places to run multi-threaded loop code.
6. Optimized: Thumbnail drawing code for file lists is faster.
7. Fixed: Doing multiple simultaneous external conversions at once could cause a hang.
8. Changed: "Lookup DVD Info From Wikipedia" available for all videos; renamed to "Lookup Movie Info From Wikipedia...".
9. Changed: All skins use a floating playerbar in full screen modes, even if they don't provide dedicated FullScreenPlayer artwork.
10. Changed: Cover View shows left tree and top player independent of one another.
11. Fixed: Scrolling text in a floating player window in Display View or Cover View could draw incorrectly.
12. Changed: The 'Cover View' icon only appears in library view headers instead of the headers of all views. (still available from View menu with any view)

15.0.15 (03/31/2010)
1. NEW: New tooltips with bigger art and more information for videos.
2. NEW: Added new tool 'Lookup DVD Info From Wikipedia...' available on a right-click for any DVD.
3. Changed: More fixes and optimizations on J. River URL Reader filter.
4. Fixed: Default Video Renderer selection ("Automatic") for video playback since build 11 was VMR9 instead of EVR even though EVR was available.
5. NEW: Added several stock fields for videos: Gross Revenue, Budget, Cinematographer, Editor, Distributor, Prequel, Sequel, Music By, Language.
6. Changed: Improved support for putting a space after the semi-colon in a list-type field for improved readability. (please report any issues)
7. Changed: Improved naming and labeling of ripped DVDs during import.
8. Fixed: Dragging and dropping ripped DVD folders into the library or a playlist could make a mess.
9. Fixed: Auto-import could incorrectly detect ripped DVDs as changed and update library information from tags.

15.0.14 (03/30/2010)
1. NEW: Added new option 'Play silence at startup for hardware synchronization' to Options > Audio that plays a little silence when first opening an output (or changing formats) to allow audio hardware to synchronize. (needed for devices like the Bel Canto USB Link that otherwise crop a little of a new signal)
2. Fixed: DLNA, transcoded music files could be from 1-8095 bytes short if not falling on a 8096 byte boundary.
3. Changed: Add file extensions for audio and image files in the content directory for DLNA. Some renderers improperly key off of the extension.
4. Fixed: Facebook upload status. Now an action window.

15.0.13 (03/29/2010)
1. Changed: MC will install MP4Splitter if it is not already found on user's computer before playing an mp4/m4a file, if the user has not selected any filters.
2. Changed: Further tweaks in mp4 file graph-building.
3. Changed: Improved artwork for Cover View toggle at top right of view.
4. Changed: Cover View only shows the playerbar when the mouse hits the very top of the screen.
5. Fixed: Cover View did not allow forward / back shortcuts.
6. Changed: Cover View hides file lists at the bottom of a library view showing category thumbnails.
7. Changed: Navigation tree appears when moving mouse to the border in Cover View.
8. Changed: F11 includes 'Cover View' when looping through available full screen views.
9. Fixed: Possible DLNA deadlock during especially high DLNA device activity.
10. Changed: Transparent borders in Display View and Cover View fade into view instead of snapping into view.

15.0.12 (03/26/2010)
1. NEW: Added new 'Cover View'. (Ctrl+5 or arrow at top right of views)
2. Fixed: Action Window > Camera could fail to create the output path.
3. Fixed: The French language was corrupted.
4. Fixed: Possible threading dead-lock during high activity DLNA usage.
5. Fixed: Playing a file to a DLNA device from WebRemote's Playing Now list could play a different file.
6. Fixed: DVD could fail to play if an old video renderer selection value was out of range in the new system (build 11 only).

15.0.11 (03/24/2010)
1. Fixed: DLNA device resubscription was not working (only applies to build 9).
2. Changed: Revised DLNA device resubscription system so that a single failed attempt to subscribe won't stop future retries.
3. Changed: Switched WebRemote's default port to 52199 (to stay in the J. River network / DLNA range of 52100 to 52199)
4. Changed: Some changes are made in DVD video renderer selection. Sorry, you will need to make a one time re-selection of DVD video renderer. Other video types should not be affected. Please report any irregularities (other than "my DVD video renderer was changed").
5. Optimized: The program is less aggressive about updating playback information for remote zones that are not active.
6. Changed: Improved how DLNA controlling detects changes in playback state to provide more reliable and faster track changes.
7. Fixed: The playback status ('Playing', 'Paused', etc.) would not update correctly for DLNA zones.
8. Fixed: If there was a failure contacting the Netflix API, it would keep trying every 1/4 second forever.
9. Changed: DLNA engine keeps a list of naughty devices that advertise themselves (sometimes over and over) but are unreachable to avoid communicating with faulty hardware.
10. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
11. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Benoit de Corn).
12. Changed: Optimized Netflix API calls so we'll be less likely to burn through our daily quota. With all my testing we burned through the quota today however (sorry!).
13. Fixed: Some AIFF files created in dBpoweramp played with a brief noise at the end.

15.0.10 (03/24/2010)
1. NEW: Added a DLNA connection status manager for each device that nicely handles device disconnection, reconnection, communication errors, and more.
2. NEW: DLNA framework responds to alive and bye-bye messages from devices so that the device list updates faster.
3. Fixed: Thread locking issue with DLNA subscription management that could cause a hang.
4. Changed: Added a timeout set to the end of April.
5. Fixed: A crash while playing images at the same time as audio in the same zone could leave a dangling 'Images' zone that would cause issues.
6. Changed: Toggling through zones will no longer stop at the internal 'Images' zone used during simultaneous audio and image playback.
7. Fixed: plugin was not installing properly.
8. Optimized: Improved performance of some core libraries.
9. Fixed: MPC input plugin was linking in unused code, making it larger than it needed to be.
10. Changed: When restoring settings in a library backup, the program attempts to switch paths targeting old versions to the current version. (if you have already restored a v14 library to v15, you should manually clean up paths pointing to Media Center 14 by using regedit and searching / replacing here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\J. River\Media Center 15)
11. Fixed: If DirectShow DSP property pages were already showing in DSP studio when playback started, the pages appeared to be inactive, until DSP studio was closed and reopened.
12. Changed: Removed outdated Girder files from Media Center 15\Extras folder.
13. NEW: Added the ability to create / update translation files using Google Translate. (as always, please contribute any language improvements back to J. River)

15.0.9 (03/23/2010)
1. NEW: WebRemote allows changing appearance, port, and views in Options > Network.
2. Fixed: DLNA could unnecessarily event a 'LastChange' with no changes in it.
3. Fixed: It was not possible to add 'Playlists' back to a DLNA server's views once it was removed.
4. Changed: Revised bordering and some styling in default WebRemote appearance.
5. Changed: Better progress message is displayed during downloading and installing DirectShow filters.
6. Changed: MC inserts FFDShow Video decoder (if available) during graph-building for mp4/m4a and flv files if the user has not selected any filters.
7. Changed: MC gives MP4 Splitter higher preference than Haali Media Splitter when playing mp4/m4a files.
8. Fixed: Rare crash related to DLNA renderers and volume handling.
9. Optimized: DLNA device subscription occurs in a low priority background thread instead of the main thread.
10. Optimized: Revised how DLNA device searching works so that fewer device description requests are made.
11. Optimized: Revised communication mechanism used for DLNA subscription and eventing for better performance.
12. Fixed: Turn off video support by default for UPnP devices that don't support video.
13. Fixed: Return sane DLNA strings for the MC renderer which didn't have the full information needed to do so

15.0.8 (03/22/2010)
1. Changed: A few fixes and optimizations to make J. River URL Reader filter work better.
2. Fixed: WASAPI plugin was not available (only applies to last few builds).
3. Fixed: WebRemote could crash during very high activity image serving.
4. NEW: Added support for if(...) statements and loop_no_first / loop_no_last in HTML template engine used for WebRemote.
5. Fixed: WebRemote would show an incorrect item at the end of the list.
6. Optimized: Numerous improvements to WebRemote server performance.
7. Changed: WebRemote skips levels with only one item so going into an artist with one album goes straight to files, etc.
8. Changed: MC will try downloading an MP4 splitter if it fails to render an mp4 video / m4a audio.
9. Changed: Revised WebRemote layout system to use the physical device size for page sizing (like mobile Wikipedia, etc.)
10. Changed: WebRemote no longer shows an empty image in Playing Now when playback is stopped.
11. Fixed: DLNA could expose internal zones like the image playback zone.

15.0.7 (03/17/2010)
1. NEW: J. River URL Reader filter that helps playing video from the Internet.
2. NEW: Numerous improvements and refinements to the appearance of the default WebRemote template.
3. Fixed: Kernel Streaming didn't show friendly names for devices when running under UAC.
4. Fixed: International characters were not being properly supported when browsing the library with WebRemote.
5. Optimized: Added a caching layer to the search for external art during import, which can substantially improve import performance in cases where there is no art in the tags and there are many files in a single folder.
6. NEW: Added 'Image' section to Options > File Location that is used during camera, clipboard, etc. image acquisition.
7. Changed: Switched Action Window > Acquire Images options dialog to use a base path + directory rule, to match the new Options > File Location system. (both dialogs configure the same settings)
8. Fixed: Installing on a system with Media Center 14 installed could fail in some cases.

15.0.6 (03/16/2010)
1. NEW: Added Kernel Streaming output plugin.
2. NEW: Added internal volume support to J. River audio renderer.
3. Changed: Removed WebRemote header on all pages except the homepage.
4. Fixed: The splash image didn't list 2010 as the copyright.
5. Fixed: 'Network' options page was not sorted in the list properly.
6. Fixed: Content-Range in partial content in the http server. Messed up end of files when serving files to some DLNA renderers.
7. Changed: Bumped facebook upload image size to 720 pixels.

15.0.5 (03/15/2010)
1. Fixed: Restoring settings with certain library backups could crash / hang.
2. Changed: Improved how WebRemote reports pages should be cached to avoid stale page issues.
3. Changed: WebRemote builds thumbnails as necessary instead of requiring thumbnails to already be built.
4. Changed: Removed legacy 'Remote Server' (Options > Startup > Remote Server) in favor of WebRemote and MCWS.

15.0.4 (03/12/2010)
1. Changed: If all the pieces of DLNA are disabled, no SSDP multicast responder server will be started. (could cause spurious firewall prompt)
2. Fixed: If user selected filters for DVD playback while DVD was playing, the selection would not take effect when playback restarted.
3. Changed: ASIO output plugin supports lower latency settings.
4. NEW: Reworked J. River audio renderer clocking to provide (hopefully) perfect lip sync with any output plugin.
5. Changed: Renamed 'DLNA' options to 'Network', added a section for Web Remote.
6. Changed: The type selected in Options > Video is remembered when leaving and returning to options. (so testing a given video type with different filters is much easier)
7. Changed: Options > General > Advanced > Features moved up a level to Options > General > Features.

Internal testing build

15.0.2 (03/05/2010)
1. Fixed: Edge snapping did not work nicely in some multimonitor configurations.
2. Fixed: Scheduled television recording of an analog television program would cause MC to crash if J. River Audio Renderer feature was enabled.

15.0.1 (03/04/2010)
1. NEW: When restoring a library backup, user settings can also be restored.
2. NEW: DLNA Renderers expose a 'presentation URL' to allow control from any web browser (find Media Center zone in Windows 'Network' area, right-click, select Properties, and click the 'Device webpage' link) (not functional yet, just added framework to support the feature)
3. Changed: Added support for [App Version] keyword when customizing the display at the top of the program.
4. Changed: Purchases done through this version (and newer) will receive a Media Center 15 license.
5. Changed: DVD audio/video decoder enumeration is done in JRWorker so that bad filters can not cause crashes.
6. Changed: DSP Studio > Room Correction only applies distance based attenuation across matched speaker sets (phasing correction is still applied across all speakers in play).
7. Changed: Improved J. River Audio Renderer clocking method to improve lip-sync.
8. Fixed: Netflix feature could fail to authorize user if the computer's clock was off quite a bit.
9. Fixed: If WAV tagging was disabled (the default), setting cover art to the WAV files could still result in the database incorrectly switching the image field to "Inside File".
10. Fixed: Playing an MP3 from a server could make an unnecessary head request back to the server once a second.