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14.0.165 (5/5/2010)
1. Fixed: Library Manager did not allow creating a new library entry that pointed to an existing library.

14.0.164 (4/29/2010)
1. Changed: It is no longer possible to create a new library in a non-empty folder (the program requires full control over its library folder, and deletes files in that folder that are obsolete or foreign).

14.0.163 (4/28/2010)
1. Changed: System playlists like 'Top Hits', 'Recently Imported', etc. are translated at display time so changing languages updates the language on the fly. (as a result, names are no longer user editable)
2. Fixed: Pasting multiple files from Explorer to the cover art of files could cause a crash.
3. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).

14.0.162 (04/09/2010)
1. Fixed: Doing multiple simultaneous external conversions at once could cause a hang. This is a big change that could affect other parts of MC. Need feedback.
2. Fixed: Pause sent before stop (removed). Was preventing PlugPlayer from advancing to the next track when MC was a DLNA renderer.

14.0.161 (03/30/2010)
1. Changed: Add the file extension for image and audio files served by the DLNA server to fix troubles with some renderers.
2. Fixed: DLNA, transcoded music files could be from 1-8095 bytes short if not falling on a 8096 byte boundary.

14.0.160 (03/26/2010)
1. Fixed: Some AIFF files created in dBpoweramp played with a brief noise at the end.
2. Fixed: The French language was corrupted.

14.0.159 (03/25/2010)
1. Fixed: Turn off video support by default for UPnP devices that don't support video.
2. Fixed: Return sane DLNA strings for the MC renderer which didn't have the full information needed to do so.
3. Fixed: A crash while playing images at the same time as audio in the same zone could leave a dangling 'Images' zone that would cause issues.
4. Changed: Toggling through zones will no longer stop at the internal 'Images' zone used during simultaneous audio and image playback.
5. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Benoit de Corn).
7. Fixed: If a DirectShow DSP property pages are already showing in DSP studio when playback started, the pages appeared to be inactive, until DSP studio is closed and reopened.
8. Fixed: If there was a failure contacting the Netflix API, it would keep trying every 1/4 second forever.

14.0.158 (03/18/2010)
1. Fixed: Content-Range in partial content in the http server. Messed up end of files when serving files to some DLNA renderers.

14.0.157 (03/12/2010)
1. Fixed: Some DLNA renderers were not showing up as zones under playing now. (like wdtvlive).

14.0.156 (03/11/2010)
1. Fixed: Scheduled television recording of an analog television program would cause MC to crash if J. River Audio Renderer feature was enabled.
2. Fixed: Edge snapping did not work nicely in some multimonitor configurations.
3. Changed: If all the pieces of DLNA are disabled, no SSDP multicast responder server will be started. (could cause spurious firewall prompt)
4. Fixed DLNA image handling problem (resolution wasn't being sent).
5. Changed: DLNA image shrinking to handle all file types (converted automatically to jpegs).
6. Changed: DLNA reports more accurate (based on codec if possible) video for WMC compatible (xbox 360) profiles. (requires updating library from tags for video files).

14.0.155 (03/03/2010)
1. Changed: Improved J. River Audio Renderer clocking method to improve lip-sync.
2. Fixed: If WAV tagging was disabled (the default), setting cover art to the WAV files could still result in the database incorrectly switching the image field to "Inside File".
3. Fixed: Netflix feature could fail to authorize user if the computer's clock was off quite a bit.

14.0.154 (03/02/2010)
1. Changed: Added support for [App Version] keyword when customizing the display at the top of the program.
2. Changed: [internal change]
3. Changed: DVD audio/video decoder enumeration is done in JRWorker so that bad filters can not cause crashes.
4. Changed: DSP Studio > Room Correction only applies distance based attenuation across matched speaker sets (phasing correction is still applied across all speakers in play).

14.0.153 (03/01/2010)
1. NEW: Added jump on play option "Theater View Playing Now" so playing from Standard View will show Theater View. Under General/Behavior.
2. Fixed: Right-clicking television playback and selecting "Select Filters..." could crash.
3. Changed: Playback will no longer attempt to support files that report a sample rate less than 0 or greater than one million (corrupt files could cause crashes).
4. Fixed: The rollup state of playlist and podcast view headers was not being saved between view switches and program runs.
5. Fixed: On a fresh install, a 'Default' library entry would not get created in Library Manager, making it difficult to switch back to the default library after loading a different library.
6. Fixed: Zone settings for obsolete zones (like DLNA devices that have been disconnected, etc.) could accumulate in options.
7. Fixed: When looping through a list during in-place editing, the column headers could become mis-aligned with the columns.
8. NEW: Added DSP Studio > Output Format option "For stereo sources, only mix to 2.1".
9. Fixed: Right-clicking television playback and selecting "Select Filters..." resulted in a dialog window with empty drop-down lists.
10. Optimized: Improved internal data movement performance of J. River Audio Renderer.
11. NEW: When a Blu-ray disc is in the drive, it will appear more nicely inside the program and playing the entry will launch the bdmv in the default player for bdmv files.

14.0.152 (02/26/2010)
1. NEW: Ripped DVD's can be streamed to DLNA renderers .
2. Fixed: Seeking using the J. River audio renderer could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: MC could fail to play a DVD using FFDShow Video Decoder due to the decoder's lack of Closed Captioning support.
4. Changed: Relaxed the requirement that audio PID must be positive, to allow 0 to be entered, when manually adding a DVB-T channel.
5. Optimized: Reduced chances of WASAPI hiccups when using very low buffer latency settings.
6. Changed: Improved smoothness of the clock provided by the J. River audio renderer during video playback.
7. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
8. Fixed: The DSP Studio Output Format setting "Surround mixing" was disabled when selecting "Stereo", making it impossible to select JRSS v2.0 for 5.1 or 7.1 downmixing.

14.0.151 (02/24/2010)
1. Fixed: During television playback, the J. River audio renderer would not be used.
2. Fixed: A timeout when reading from an internet resource could cause a crash.
3. Optimized: When using the J. River Audio Renderer for video playback, the DSP Studio is managed by the renderer instead of inserting a discrete DSP Studio transform filter in the playback graph.
4. Changed: Revised how clocking in J. River Audio Renderer works so that it nicely supports tempo and rate changes in DSP Studio (or other similar VST, etc. plugins).
5. Fixed: J. River audio renderer caused some videos to repeat the last sound byte forever.

14.0.150 (02/23/2010)
1. Fixed: Some WAV tags could cause the program to hang.
2. Fixed: Switching between a Directshow audio filter and a Media Center plugin for audio decoding would unnecessarily do a full-stop transition, making cross-fading, gapless, etc. impossible.
3. Changed: Improved lip-sync when using J. River audio renderer (may require one seek before lip-sync is correct).
4. Changed: Theater View's Playing Now looks and works better when playback is stopped.
5. Changed: Improved support of mu-law encoded AU files.
6. Fixed: Slim view would incorrectly do Windows 7-like edge snapping. (still snaps to edges, just doesn't fill half the screen)
7. Changed: Playing a physical DVD when connected to a library server that had also played that DVD would not work.
8. Changed: J. River audio renderer can be used for DVD, TV, and video playback.
9. Fixed: The more sophisticated resampling options from build 148 were not being honored during video playback.

14.0.149 (02/19/2010)
1. Fixed: Theater View list selection wouldn't properly reset to the beginning of a list when navigating into an item.
2. Optimized: Improved program shutdown performance.
3. Fixed: The new Playing Now in Theater View could hide the first file in the list view.
4. Internal: Revised how output plugins are loaded (should be internal change only, please report any issues).
5. Changed: Scheduled television recording will stop a low priority recording if a higher priority recording is scheduled.

14.0.148 (02/18/2010)
1. Fixed: Loading a DLNA library from some NAS drives would not support FLAC files.
2. Changed: Tightened up item spacing at bottom of Theater View's Playing Now.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Chef's Recommendation NEW: Added ASIO 'Volume' option to allow customization of the system volume device controlled during ASIO playback (since ASIO device names do not always match Windows device names).
5. Changed: Improved volume matching mode during ASIO playback when the volume option is set to 'Automatically try to choose at playback time'.
6. Changed: When replacing Microsoft DTV-DVD audio decoder with another decoder during video, DVD, and television playback that involves AC3 audio decoding, a prominent message is displayed to show user of progress.
7. Fixed: MC could repeatedly download and install FLV splitter filter on Windows 7 due to failure to access registry.
8. Chef's Recommendation NEW: Output Format in DSP Studio allows more sophisticated resampling settings, making it easier to leave sample rates supported by your hardware untouched while resampling unsupported formats.
9. Changed: Updated copyright years on about and splash images.
10. Fixed: When playing a video, incorrect values could show in DSP Studio > Volume Leveling (replay gain not available for videos).

14.0.147 (02/17/2010)
1. NEW: Theater View's Playing Now has functional position, volume, and star ratings (all items have left, right, enter functionality -- currently requires a remote or keyboard for functionality)
2. Fixed: The new Theater View Playing Now 'Info' panel was not tied to the correct file.
3. Changed: When Theater View jumps to Playing Now, it does it relative to the current view so "Back" will return to the previous view.
4. Changed: Theater View will jump to Playing Now when starting audio playback, a single
click will return. (can still be customized in Options > Theater View)

14.0.146 (02/16/2010)
1. NEW: Theater View has a new and improved Playing Now. (still a work in progress)
2. Changed: Pressing [Delete] at the end of an edit control no longer acts like pressing [Backspace].
3. Fixed: Windows 7 taskbar playback buttons would not be visible after restarting Media Center with Media Server already running.
4. Changed: By default, DLNA servers use relative URLs in their descriptions instead of full URLs. (can be changed in Options > DLNA > Server > Advanced > Use full URLs instead of relative URLs)

14.0.145 (02/15/2010)
1. NEW: Added Windows 7 snap-like functionality to the main application. (snaps to sides of displays, snaps to internal edges of multi-monitor systems, maximizes when snapping to top, works on any operating system)
2. Fixed: The mode 'Always active' vs 'Active when visible' displayed in Plug-in Manager for an interface plugin could be incorrect.
3. Changed: Dutch language translation updated. (thanks bennyd!)
4. Fixed: When using the search box in 'Wizard' mode, the 'Wizard' link in the middle of the search box and clear button was not correctly clickable.
5. Fixed: The volume slider would not reliably connect to the correct sound card for a zone during DVD playback with analog sound output.
6. Changed: When being externally controlled by a DLNA controller, Media Center will disable continuous without permanently changing the continuous setting.
7. Changed: When rendering a disabled version of a button with no disabled art, a faded version of the normal image will be used instead of a faded version of the pressed image.
8. Optimized: Improved startup performance.
9. Fixed: Fixed a case where loading a corrupt JPEG could cause a program crash.

14.0.144 (02/12/2010)
1. NEW: Added support for Windows 7 taskbar buttons. Hover over MC on the taskbar to see playback control buttons on the application thumbnail.
2. Fixed: WASAPI exclusive pause could be unreliable after synchronizing multiple zones.
3. Changed: WASAPI option "Present 24-bit data in a 32-bit package" works more intelligently so less cards should need to change the option.
(option off by default but will use 32-bit packages if 24-bit packages fail to open; only force 32-bit packages if your hardware is failing to play 24-bit content)
4. Fixed: did not persist its running state properly when running under UAC.
5. Changed: Revised how DLNA renderer exposes metadata so that it works even with no DLNA server running.
6. Changed: When controlling DLNA devices, a shorter timeout is used for control functions to better handle spotty / disconnected devices.
7. Optimized: When using TRemote or DLNA control zones, the volume gets queried from the server less often.
8. Changed: Image tooltips will show the same information whether the large preview is in the tooltip or not. (things like camera, focal length, etc.)
9. Changed: Image tooltips wouldn't nicely format volume names in the filename, so a CD drive would show the hex volume ID.

14.0.143 (02/11/2010)
1. Changed: MC will attempt to use a known good decoder if automatic graph-building fails for DVD playback.
2. Fixed: Possible resource leak when stopping video playback.
3. Fixed: Drop panes would not properly filter the items in the list based on a view's search criteria.
4. Fixed: When using an Aero Glass enabled skin, views that did not support transparency (like Start) did not work properly with tabs.
5. Fixed: DSP Studio 'Output Format' subwoofer controls would be incorrectly enabled when 'No mixing' was selected for 5.1 and 7.1 output.
6. NEW: Added 12, 16, 24, and 32 channel output modes to DSP Studio > Output Format. (requires hardware capable of these modes; only 'no mixing' available for surround mixing)
7. NEW: DSP Studio 'Output Format' accepts any number of input and output channels when using 'No mixing' surround mixing. This makes it possible to play 12, 16, 24, 32, etc. channel WAV files with lesser hardware.
8. NEW: More Netflix metadata (synopsis, actors, director, etc.). [requires Options > Theater View > Customize file info panel... > Manage... > Reset All Templates To Default)
9. NEW: Added WASAPI option: Flush device buffers on startup (use if you hear a tick or miss part of the start).
10. Fixed: Possible race condition on fast multiple core machines that could cause WASAPI pause to be unreliable.

14.0.142 (02/10/2010)
1. Changed: MC will quietly deal with Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder's AC3 decoding issue by trying to substitute a known working decoder.
2. Fixed: Mouse capture was not working correctly in the player window, so grabbing the volume slider and moving the mouse out of the window wouldn't allow movement of the slider.
3. Changed: Clicking 'Configure...' in Zone Manager will show the audio, image, and video configuration pages (instead of just audio).
4. Fixed: During DLNA Server / Library Server conversion, temporary files could be left on disk until the program was restarted.
5. Fixed: Sorting specified in DLNA Server views using "Customize Views.." would not be honored.
6. Fixed: Scheduled television recording would not work if recording folder was specified in UNC.
7. Fixed: DLNA could advertise a bye-bye on shutdown for found devices (instead of just renderers / servers we were running).
8. Optimized: DLNA discovery broadcasts are handled more efficiently.
9. NEW: More DLNA metadata is supported like album artist, composer, track number, etc. (also includes Twonky extensions like rating, number plays, etc.)
10. Fixed: When syncing a portable device with library server files which needed conversion, the filenames on the device got truncated (e.g. ".mp3", "(2).mp3", etc.)
11. Changed: When calling SetAVTransportURI(...) on the DLNA renderer, it will start playing the new file right away if it was playing the old file.

14.0.141 (02/09/2010)
1. Changed: VST visualizers will receive data in smaller, smoother increments improving visualization quality. (requires low-latency playback like ASIO or WASAPI with the "Output mode settings..." buffering slider set to a small value)
2. Changed: Made Television options its own page in Options.
3. Changed: Reworked television options dialog to better fit in the Options dialog.
4. Changed: Moved image playback settings to its own Options page instead of using a popup.
5. Changed: Moved video playback settings to its own Options page, and reworked considerably.
6. Fixed: Configuring Options > File Types for a zone that wasn't active would not work properly.
7. Changed: Slight increase in vertical spacing of options dialog items.
8. Changed: During video playback, an option 'Color Controls...' is now available in the right-click menu which shows a popup with color controls.
9. Changed: The right-click video playback option 'Select Filters...' shows the same options dialog as 'Video playback settings...' since the newer options dialog supports all settings.

14.0.140 (02/05/2010)
1. Fixed: WASAPI playback could fail to resume from a paused state in some cases with build 139 only.
2. Fixed: DSP Studio for video could result in the wrong renderer being used if the decoder output a format the renderer didn't support (even though the DSP could have converted it).
3. Changed: When doing a manual 'Recheck Sync' on a device, errors with transfer rights will be displayed instead of silently handled.
4. Fixed: Netflix and Hulu playback were broken.

14.0.139 (02/04/2010)
1. NEW: In "Theater View/Connected" there is a Netflix entry which will display and play the instant viewing queue for Netflix subscribers. More to come... (if Netflix doesn't appear for you, you can add it in Options > Theater View > Items To Show)
2. Fixed: ASIO playback with cards that used huge hardware buffers could pause periodically.
3. Changed: ASIO playback option 'Use large hardware buffers' caps the buffer size at a reasonable amount for better support of cards like the Asus Xonar that support huge hardware buffer sizes.
4. Changed: When using ASIO output, hardware latency is accounted for so that visualization data is more perfectly synchronized.
5. Fixed: When an output has a large hardware latency, visualizations could show data not yet heard during the buffering stage.
6. Fixed: DSP Studio during video playback didn't nicely handle a format switch from 32-bit integer to 32-bit floating point.
7. Fixed: DLNA function responses could use the wrong namespace (only applies to build 138).
8. Fixed: DLNA was not working nicely with devices on the non-primary network interface in a configuration with multiple network interfaces.
9. Changed: Revised the DLNA broadcasting of alive notifications to every 5 minutes instead of every minute. (please report if PS3 seems sluggish to find servers)
10. Fixed: Wasapi support was not showing up on XP systems.
11. Fixed: Saving television EPG programs to database took too long in the last few builds.
12. Fixed: madVR video renderer was not used even though the user chose to use it.
13. Fixed: Television playback was not using the correct video renderer selected by the user.
14. Fixed: With some audio hardware, in rare cases WASAPI playback could become garbled.
15. Fixed: Transparency of skinned controls in the search wizard would not work properly.
16. Fixed: The button and background of a combobox were not always drawn in step with regards to mouse-over and mouse-down states.
17. Fixed: In rare cases the position slider could draw outside its bounds when seeking to the end of a track.
18. Fixed: Some wait messages like 'Analyzing devices...' could appear even if Media Center was minimized.
19. Changed: [DLNA] server provides a more explicit list of supported content, enabling Sony Blu-ray player support and possibly others.
20. Changed: The mouse wheel on some horizontal sliders could move the handle in the opposite direction expected.

14.0.138 (02/02/2010)
1. Changed: Improved device description of X_MS_MediaReceiverRegistrar DLNA service for better XBox360 compliance.
2. Changed: DLNA service function responses will always return information in the same order as specified by the service description, aiding compatibility with some controllers.
3. Changed: Revised internals of DLNA server content directory to aid with standards compliance.
4. Changed: Improved DLNA renderer eventing so that it events more variables, making it work better with controllers that depend on this.
5. Fixed: DSP Studio did not work if the audio format from the decoder was 32-bit integer PCM.
6. Changed: If initial graph-building failed to connect user selected audio renderer, the renderer is removed from the graph and reloaded before MC attempts to connect it with DSP Studio filter.
7. Changed: Streamlined graph-building for "AF9015 BDA Filter" television tuner.
8. Fixed: Resampling from very high sample rates to lower sample rates could cause the output to loop on itself. (Affected Hrx content)

14.0.137 (02/01/2010)
1. Changed: DLNA 'Renderer' option no longer takes a program restart to take effect.
2. Changed: DLNA does a better job of sending bye-bye messages when shutting down servers.
3. Changed: MC will reattempt using the user-selected audio renderer during DSP Studio filter insertion if initial graph-building fails to connect the selected renderer.
4. Fixed: DSP Studio filter was not applied to analog televison that is not in time-shifting mode.
5. Changed: DLNA renderer supports the function SetNextAVTransportURI for controllers that can use it, enabling gapless, cross-fading, etc.
6. NEW: If installed, madVR is made available in MC
7. Fixed: Clipboard could be overwritten with debugging data. (only applies to last couple builds)
8. Changed: Improved DLNA renderer volume and mute support to work with more DLNA controllers.
9. Fixed: Video renderer selection list was not available on the filter selections popup window.
10. Fixed: Adding a new library could show an incorrect error that a library already existed at the selected location.

14.0.136 (01/29/2010)
1. Fixed: Some tooltips would not appear in build 135.
2. Fixed: Library Field Manager dialog would not correctly enforce a minimum height, so controls could overflow.
3. Changed: When starting Media Center with a /Library command line, it no longer loads the previous library before switching to the new library.
4. Changed: Video DSP can be enabled / disabled in Options > General > Advanced > Features > Video DSP. (disabled by default)
5. Fixed: AC3 output in DSP Studio was not accepted by some audio renderers/sound cards.
6. Fixed: DLNA renderer was not properly eventing changes to subscribed controllers, which could cause issues like tracks not advancing.
7. Changed: DLNA servers more nicely handle devices that make multiple event subscription requests with the same URL.
8. Changed: When running Media Center elevated, shell extensions and launcher commands from non-elevated applications can still control Media Center.

14.0.135 (01/28/2010)
1. Changed: DSP Studio Filter will not be inserted if Dolby AC3 SPDIF is the current output format of the upstream decoder filter.
2. Fixed: Raw input plugin wasn't getting enabled on systems running without administrator privilege.
3. Fixed: Sorting control used in the Smartlist Editor could draw with a black background.
4. NEW: DSP Studio 'Output Format' supports downmixing from 7.1, 5.1, and 4.0 to any configuration with less channels. (i.e. 5.1 to 2.0)
5. Changed: Improved the messaging at the top of DSP plugins to show the audio format, and better message playback types that don't support DSP.
6. Fixed: DSP Studio was causing problems with some types of videos.
7. Fixed: Statusbar text could draw too large with some skins.
8. Optimized: Tooltips are created on demand and destroyed once hidden instead of being always created.
9. Changed: Editable comboboxes use combobox colors instead of edit colors.

14.0.134 (01/27/2010)
1. Fixed: Artist biographies were not appearing in the Performer store.
2. Fixed: DSP Studio Filter connection problem for some input-output combinations.
3. Changed: Improved appearance of several areas of the program when using skins that have gradient dialog backgrounds like 2nd Stage, etc.
4. Optimized: Improved rendering performance with skins that use gradient dialog backgrounds.
5. Optimized: Dialogs with static text controls use fewer render cycles in certain cases.
6. Fixed: J. River audio engine (using DirectShow filters) could build a wrong DirectShow graph and fail to play an audio file if the audio decoder was set to use SPDIF passthrough mode.

14.0.133 (01/26/2010)
1. NEW: DSP Studio for video supports 'Output Format' settings, including upmixing to 5.1 and output as AC3.
2. NEW: Artwork in the "Default Art" or "Custom Art" directories can be localized by adding a " - [Language]" to the filename. (example: Recorder - German.png, Recorder - Spanish.png, etc.)
3. Fixed: Package installer / updater would not always honor a user's language selection.
4. Changed: Improved volume support when controlling DLNA devices.
5. Changed: Improved eventing of playback information when being controlled by a DLNA controller.
6. Changed: DLNA controllers will see what's playing, including metadata, even if Media Center is not under DLNA control.
7. NEW: DSP is now available for DVD and television.

14.0.132 (01/22/2010)
1. NEW: DSP Studio is now available in video playback when using J. River video engine (using DirectShow filters). [note that Volume Levelling and Output Format do not work]
2. NEW: Added the ability to browse other DLNA servers and play content from them locally or to a different DLNA renderer. (works like Library Server, so pick the DLNA server in Menu > File > Library)
3. Fixed: The on screen volume would blink every time a file started playback when using Internal volume. [thanks, gappie]

14.0.131 (01/21/2010)
1. Changed: Changing of video position in its window using mouse drag requires SHIFT key being held down. Applies to all video types played in DirectShow (television, DVD, video files).
2. Fixed: Check for Updates dialog could appear behind other programs.
3. Changed: Improved DLNA standards compliance of SSDP, server, and renderer components.
4. Fixed: ATSC over-the-air EPG scan produced entries that were duplicates of XMLTV entries.
5. Changed: EPG scan (OTA or XMLTV) purges old programming entries that conflict current scan results.
6. Changed: Media Center better handles local file URLs like file://c:\1.mp3.
7. Fixed: The ASIO output option to use large hardware buffers could cause hiccups during playback.
8. NEW: Numerous improvements to DLNA renderer for nicer support of remote controlling Media Center zones with other programs.
9. Changed: All DLNA servers, renderers, etc. use ports from 52100 to 52199, choosen automatically based on availability.
10. Fixed: Controllable DLNA devices would not always appear on systems with multiple local network interfaces.
11. Fixed: Several DLNA fixes relating to systems with multiple network interfaces.

14.0.130 (01/19/2010)
1. Changed: Digital television decoder selection is merged with jtv file decoder selection.
2. Fixed: Color control was not available on television's Display property page when digital television was playing.
3. Changed: DLNA renderer name changed to "hostname[:optional zone]"
4. Fixed: DLNA renderer discovery didn't work on Windows XP (no zones showed up in Playing Now).

14.0.129 (01/19/2010)
1. Fixed: In build 128, the on screen volume would blink every time a file started playback when using Internal volume.
2. Changed: The 'Playing Now' database location flag would not get cleared when a file was removed from Playing Now, causing problems with some Smartlists and SDK usage.
3. Fixed: JRSS v2.0 stereo to 4.0 mixing was not working properly (only applies to build 128).
4. Changed: Tuning of some JRSS surround sound mixing parameters.
5. Changed: Room Correction and Headphones DSP settings are stored per-zone like other DSP settings. (sorry, but settings will have to be reentered)
6. Fixed: DLNA server could use stock views instead of customization views from Options > DLNA.
7. Fixed: DLNA clients built using the Intel .NET UPnP stack would not show Media Center DLNA servers and renderers.
8. Changed: Simplified the warning message about Microsoft Audio Decoder and AC3 decoding.
9. NEW: Windows Media Player 12 can see Media Center's DLNA servers.
10. Changed: Improved formatting of dollar amounts in Performer store.

14.0.128 (01/18/2010)
1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
2. NEW: Improved Room Correction distance correction to include level changes based on relative speaker distances.
3. NEW: Added 'Mute', 'Solo', and 'Tone' options to Room Correction DSP.
4. Changed: Volume increment when using keyboard / remote hotkeys is 1% instead of 5%.
5. Changed: Renamed "Subwoofer cutoff" to "Subwoofer crossover" in Output Format DSP.
6. Changed: Renamed "Speakers" DSP to "Room Correction".
7. Changed: When the volume changes and the volume mode is set to "Internal", the on-screen-display will show the volume level just like when the volume is set to "Application" or "System".
8. Changed: The Microsoft audio decoder AC3 decoding warning now has a "Configure Playback (requires keyboard and mouse)" button, to let users change configuration which can then be applied the next time the same file type is played.

14.0.127 (01/15/2010)
1. Fixed: Subclarity could cause a thump to be output on initial startup of playback.
2. Changed: Renamed "Internal Volume (audio only)" to "Internal Volume" since it works with videos when doing analog output.
3. NEW: Added 7.1 support to DSP Studio > Output Format selection.
4. Fixed: 'Effects' DSP plugin did not properly report when the output format was not supported.
5. Fixed: When changing output formats, it was possible for a DSP plugin to report it was processing data even though it wasn't able to handle the new format.
6. NEW: 'Effects' DSP works with 4.0, 5.1, and 7.1 sound.
7. Changed: Tuned DSP Studio > Effects > Surround Field effect and naming.
8. Changed: The Microsoft audio decoder AC3 decoding warning is shown for television and video playback as well as DVD playback.
9. NEW: Added new Speakers DSP plugin.

14.0.126 (01/14/2010)
1. Optimized: Improved DLNA threading so that service and subscription threads get destroyed instead of waiting idle.
2. Optimized: Revised HTTP/1.1 pipe-lining code in all servers to require fewer threads in play during activity.
3. Fixed: WASAPI output plugin was showing up as a choice in the playback option on Windows XP systems.
4. Changed: When controlling other DLNA devices, full track metadata including cover art is provided.

14.0.125 (01/13/2010)
1. NEW: DLNA can expose zones as DLNA Renderers so that remote controls and other DLNA devices can control Media Center. (Options > DLNA > Renderer) (still under development)
2. Optimized: DLNA device discovery is better threaded and performs fewer network hits per found device.
3. Changed: When playing with Tremote or DLNA control, the position slider will move more smoothly.
4. Fixed: Some codecs (flac for example) were reported as "Unknown Media Type" in Compression field (build 124 only).
5. Changed: DLNA servers and renderers provide more formats of images for support in more devices.
6. Fixed: DLNA information packets didn't contain the DLNA namespace, causing parsing errors with some devices.
7. Optimized: Switched DLNA view to a dynamic-data list control for better performance.
8. Optimized: DLNA device control subscription renewal is handled by a background thread instead of the main thread.

14.0.124 (01/11/2010)
1. NEW: DLNA server supports container art and uses fanned thumbnails for file-list containers like Theater View.
2. NEW: Added full music, image, and video search support for DLNA server. (works with Western Digital, D-Link, etc.)
3. Changed: Compression field is available for video as well as audio.
4. NEW: Compression field is filled with codec info during import of video and audio that are played in DirectShow engine.
5. Fixed: ReClock Audio Renderer was not available for selection.

14.0.123 (01/08/2010)
1. NEW: DLNA views are customizable per server. (Options > DLNA > [Select server] > Customize views...)

14.0.122 (01/06/2010)
1. NEW: DLNA improvements -- renaming, integrated with main program options, control works with servers on any port, revised artwork, etc.
2. Fixed: Huge delay at startup for Silicondust HDHomerun and DNTV Live! Tiny USB2 BDA television tuners.
3. Changed: Removed cancel choice from performer store account menu, since 'change subscription' can do the cancel by choosing 'Purchase only'.
4. Changed: Doubled the number of songs shown for the "top songs" search.
5. Changed: Some logging adjustment to speed up television startup.

14.0.121 (01/05/2010)
1. Fixed: Playing audio and images at the same time could crash.
2. Fixed: Viewing the television view when it spanned from one year to the next could result in not all programs being shown.
3. Changed: If DirectShow fails to analyze mts and m2ts files, MC will still import them as video.
4. Changed: Improved internal structure of server foundation for better socket management, faster shutdown, and improved stability.
5. Changed: DLNA Control must be enabled in Options > General > Advanced > Features > DLNA. (UPnP server not affected by this setting)

14.0.120 (01/04/2010)
1. Fixed: Analog television audio rendering problem on some tuner devices when not in time-shifting mode.
2. Optimized: MC can better deal with occasional corrupt time-stamp data during playback of television time-shifting/recording files.
3. Fixed: UPnP server was passing the wrong file size for files > 2 gigs. Resulted in truncated playback on some UPnP renders.
4. Changed: UPnP server doesn't return resolution when asked unless it's non-zero.

14.0.119 (12/24/2009)
1. Changed: DirectShow DSP filter enumeration is moved to JRWorker and bad-behaving filters are black-listed, to avoid crashes caused by bad filters.
2. Internal: Reorganization of DLNA internals.

14.0.118 (12/23/2009)
1. Changed: When searching for controllable DLNA devices, devices appear as they're found instead of after the search completes.
2. Changed: When a zone is added or removed (i.e. DLNA device found) 'Playing Now' will be expanded in the tree to show the change.
3. Changed: Searching for DLNA devices happens periodically instead of only at startup.
4. Changed: When controlling a DLNA device, metadata is provided to the device for display during playback.

14.0.117 (12/22/2009)
1. NEW: DLNA devices will appear as zones and allow playing, stopping, and other remote control functionality with Media Center (requires DLNA device to support control interfaces; currently requires DLNA server running on port 2869)
2. Changed: Relaxed FLV Splitter downloading requirement, allowing the version installed with CCCP to be used.
3. Changed: UPnP server temporarily disable Container Art, was causing unnecessary network traffic with some devices if the container had no art.
4. Changed: UPnP server validate item art existence before passing it in Content Directories (see #3).

14.0.116 (12/21/2009)
1. Fixed: Audio tracks decoded using DirectShow filters, such as m4a, ac3, could not be burnt to audio CDs.
2. Changed: In video playback audio renderer list no longer includes WaveOut devices.
3. Fixed: Television could crash when MC tried to start scheduled recording (bug introduced in build 112).
4. Fixed: Since build 82 Record button in standard television view has been unavailable for a channel, if there were no EPG data associated with the channel.
5. Optimized: Improved XMLTV ID to television channel auto-matching algorithm. The match rate is greatly improved. (ATSC only.)
6. Fixed: UPnP server, size passing in transcoding video content directory (resulted in playing stopping on some DLNA devices). Bug introduced in 14.0.114.
7. New: Separated images and video options in the UPnP server.

14.0.115 (12/16/2009)
1. Changed: "DirectShow video playback settings..." is renamed to "Video playback settings...". The corresponding settings dialog window is revamped.
2. NEW: Added experimental (and sparse) DLNA control support to allow playing, pausing, etc. a DLNA device. ('Control' button on right of UPnP server view)

14.0.114 (12/15/2009)
1. Fixed: Cover art was not imported from MyMovies data file.
2. NEW: UPnP server, support multiple rendering devices. Can create customizable profiles. New options dialog. Need Feedback!
3. Fixed: UPnP server NOTIFY wasn't working properly.

14.0.113 (12/14/2009)
1. Fixed: Stop button could stop working during television playback. In build 112 only.
2. Added: UPnP server, supply image height and width if requested. Supply date information for all files if requested (for example, shows up under image properties on a PS3)
3. Changed: Removed existing UPnP multiple device support which depended on autodetecting the device via the user-agent header which was unreliable. Preparing the way for device profiles.

14.0.112 (12/11/2009)
1. Changed: When tagging note text that's already tagged, empty portions from the old tag are removed.
2. Changed: Any note tagged as a 'Google Contact' will sync to Google, allowing sync of non-contact items.
3. Fixed: The plugin Buddy system could crash.
4. Changed: Revised Google contact data parsing rules, particularly in regards to how notes and custom fields are handled.
5. Fixed: Pressing Stop button immediately after starting to play a digital television channel could lead to crash.
6. NEW: Smartlist editor supports 'contains' and 'does not contain' when working with keyword lists.
7. Fixed: Empty parenthesis on a function like Now() could cause problems when used in an expression search.

14.0.111 (12/10/2009)
1. Changed: After navigating back in a library view, Album Artist (auto) categories could change their display name from 'Artist' to 'Album Artist (auto)'.
2. Changed: Saved television time-shifting files are now imported.
3. Changed: When copying HTML between notes, context like what field, formatting, etc. is better preserved.
4. Fixed: After playback, WMV files could remain locked.
5. Changed: Added workaround for blue-screen bugs in ATI 46xx driver under Windows 7 during concurrent DirectShow video graph building.
6. Changed: When deleting text in a note, empty fields are removed.

14.0.110 (12/9/2009)
1. Fixed: Video renderer selection and configuration controls on File Types option window could be cropped when user selected higher text font.
2. NEW: Skins can optionally support resizing the main playerbar for large fonts. (see property AllowEnlargeForFont in main.xml of Noire for an example)
3. Changed: The art for the display area of the playerbar can specify it should surround only the text by setting Style="1". (see Noire for an example)
4. Changed: The Action Window titlebar better supports large fonts.
5. Changed: Action Window skin art can specify that the template image is 'HeaderOnly'. (see Noire for an example)
6. Changed: Statusbar caps font size to avoid overflowing text when using very large fonts.

14.0.109 (12/8/2009)
1. Fixed: Clearing remote control learning could fail to work in some cases.
2. Changed: Revamped DVD settings dialog window. It now includes a "Connection Type" selection for audio renderers, for users to indicate whether the audio output is connected to a digital amplifier capable of decoding AC3 audio.
3. Fixed: Some text was cut off in DVD error dialog window.
4. Fixed: Asking the math evaluator to evaluate the expression "-" could crash the program.
5. Changed: Empty notes are deleted on save.
6. Fixed: HTML clipboard format from edit controls could have incorrect value offsets.
7. Changed: Notes view better preserves scroll and pane selection when making edits.
8. Fixed: When tagging selected text in a note, not all field properties would be preserved (i.e. 'Phone\Work' could become just 'Phone').
9. Changed: A warning/info popup when DVD playback encounters Microsoft audio decoder and non-passthrough audio output.
10. Fixed: When installing some components during install, the display text could show the word components twice in a row.
11. Fixed: UPnP PS3 video conversion streaming.
12. Fixed: UPnP image support on some DLNA devices wasn't working properly (i.e. Streamium 300i).

14.0.108 (12/4/2009)
1. Changed: Removed dvd cover art lookup which was returning too many incorrect results.
2. Fixed: 303 redirects in Podcasts were not working.
3. Changed: Dutch language translation updated. (thanks bennyd!)
4. Internal: Revised search box mechanism used when in 'Wizard' mode to build on HTML system from notes. (please report any issues)
5. Changed: More complete mapping of Google phone types for Notes.
6. Changed: Note field labels show the type (i.e. work) instead of field (i.e. phone) when available.
7. Changed: Translation is applied to display of library category names and search lists so stock English views are better translated. (has the side-effect of making it impossible to intentionally use English if an English to [Current Language] translation exists)
8. Changed: Notes with fields marked as a website allow opening the website with a control+click anywhere on the link (like Word, Frontpage, etc.).
9. Changed: When editing a note, the list of notes updates and sorts right away after clicking away from a change.
10. Changed: Notes don't show field labels by default. (right-click allows toggling)
11. Changed: Notes CSV import better formats incoming data.
12. Changed: UPnP transcode to wmv when windows media compat (xbox) is set and mpeg2 dvd profile when PS3 compat is set. Only the quickest of computers will keep up with the mpeg2 transcode currently. Needs updated plugins/ffmpeg.xml. Delete the current plugins/ffmpeg.exe and when the conversion happens it'll download a new version. You can play with the profile in the xml file if you want to mess with the transcoding.
13. Fixed: UPnP update playstats. A bit tricky because some devices do multiple GET's when reading a video stream (like the PS3).
14. Added: UPnP container artwork. When past the first level, if the device requests artwork, we return the first artwork file from the database for that view if it exists.
15. Added: UPnP support mimetypes for artwork that isn't .jpg.
16. Fixed: UPnP send connection type KEEPALIVE instead of CLOSED when streaming a transcoded file. Hopefully this will prevent some devices from timing out (and not cause other trouble). Need Feedback.
17. Fixed: UPnP, PS3 requires a -1 size in the content directory for transcoded video files.
18. Fixed: YouTube downloads were not always working.

14.0.107 (12/2/2009)
1. Fixed: iPod parsing could crash (only applies to last few builds).
2. Changed: Updated all translation files to include latest language from the source code.
3. Changed: Import through the Action Window does not start when loading the program with an empty library if the option 'Run auto-import in background' is disabled.
4. Changed: Google login is preserved for the run of the program (up to 4 hours).
5. Fixed: Backspace / delete in HTML editing control could corrupt the HTML.
6. Changed: Unified Google import / export in Notes to a single "Sync With Google" command (also available as 'G' button).
7. Fixed: Dates with a decimal in the seconds could parse incorrectly.
8. Changed: Program is marked as large address aware so that it can address ~3GB memory on a 32-bit OS and ~4GB memory on a 64-bit OS. (useful when dealing with huge images, etc.)

14.0.106 (11/30/2009)
1. Fixed: Store navigation could crash in some cases.
2. Changed: Minor application manifest change that should disable any UAC redirection (and the problems associated with redirection).
3. Fixed: Several edit control fixes and improvements.
4. Changed: Notes hide internal Google data.
5. Fixed: UPnP audio transcoding broken in build 14.0.104
6. Added: UPnP, more mimetype support for mp4/m4v files for DLNA devices like the PS3. This will enable mp4/m4v files supported by the device to be played without transcoding.

14.0.105 (11/25/2009)
1. NEW: Edit control for notes supports formatting (font size, color, bolding, etc.).
2. Changed: Notes stored as HTML instead of XML.

14.0.104 (11/23/2009)
1. Optimized: Spell checking engine is loaded in a background thread when using a spell-checking edit control.
2. Changed: Improved how edit control breaks data into words so that control+arrow, double-click on a word, spell-checking etc. do a better job with contractions, hyphenated words, etc.
3. Optimized: Improved edit control redrawing system to make fewer and smaller redraws.
4. Changed: Enumeration of available DirectShow DSP filters is postponed until the "Add DirectShow DSP Filter" submenu is selected (in Plug-in Manager and DSP Studio) .
5. Added: UPnP DLNA/PS3 and Xbox 360 m4v mimetype support. Not guaranteed to work with all m4v files.
6. Added: UPnP video transcoding to WMV. Not configurable. Checkbox in uPnP options. Converts everything to a basic wmv format. Works with Xbox 360, not in PS3 yet. Need feedback for other devices.

14.0.103 (11/19/2009)
1. Fixed: When Theater View failed to load due to a graphics failure, it would crash instead of nicely printing an error on the screen.
2. Fixed: OSD in video playback only showed the first line (build 102 only).
3. Added: aac audio playback and mp4 video playback mimetypes to uPnP server. Allows playback on Xbox 360 with free optional codec from xbox live.
4. Added: UPnP server device icon.
5. Fixed: UPnP audio transcoding that required direct show filters.
6. Changed: Changed how MC handles converting from byte buffer to string when reading tags from WAVE INFO LIST chunks.
7. NEW: Added spell checker to Notes (still a work in progress (slow, known bugs); compatible with OpenOffice / Firefox dictionaries; dictionaries go in Languages folder (see English for example)).

14.0.102 (11/18/2009)
1. NEW: Full VCD playback support, with ability to jump from track to track.
2. Fixed: When recording two consecutive television programs, the second recording could be imported with the program name of the first recording, if the user was watching the show when the second recording started.
3. NEW: Notes allows typing freeform and the data is parsed into fields automatically (fields can be changed by selecting text and right-clicking, or clicking the label).
4. NEW: Added the ability to create a contact at Google when exporting a contact to Google that didn't already exist.

14.0.101 (11/17/2009)
1. Fixed: iPod detection could be a problem in the last couple builds.
2. Fixed: YouTube-based Podcasts (i.e. feed URL of youtube:cars) were very slow (only applies to last few builds).

14.0.100 (11/16/2009)
1. Fixed: Playback with visualizations enabled could cause a crash.

14.0.99 (11/16/2009)
1. Fixed: When doing Restart Player during time-shifting, or start watching a TV show while recording is going on, there could be a loud sound at the beginning.
2. Fixed: Video crashed in build 98.
3. Fixed: Rotating an image would not always update the thumbnail correctly.
4. Changed: Media Center is marked as DPI aware to prevent the buggy Windows Vista / Windows 7 DPI virtualization from running (remember you can set font sizes for Media Center in Options > Tree & View).
5. Changed: User font size selections are stored in a DPI-dependent way to provide better scaling as a user changes DPI (user font selection will need to be reset).
6. Fixed: Previous/Next button did not move video to previou/next chapter when playing video with chapters.
7. Fixed: Hiss in L16 (Big endian wave) conversion. Affected uPnP server conversions to uncompressed wave.

14.0.98 (11/13/2009)
1. Fixed: DirectShow Filter selection for "DVD Video (ifo, vob)" file type did not have any effect.
2. Fixed: Problem playing m3u playlists.
3. NEW: CD burning now works in data mode as well as audio mode with data coming over library server.
4. Changed: Improved MyMovies support with regard to ripped DVDs' folder specification. MyMovies.xml in the parent folder of VIDEO_TS folder will be used if one is not found in the VIDEO_TS folder itself.
5. Changed: If hardware fails to create large ASIO buffers, the program will fallback to the default size. (relates to ASIO option 'Use large hardware buffers (recommended to prevent stutter)'
6. NEW: Added album art support to the uPnP server.
7. Fixed: Some more mimetypes parsed and passed by the uPnP server (should play more supported media types).

14.0.97 (11/11/2009)
1. Changed: Some tweaks in video chapter support, including additional logging.
2. Fixed: Caret placement in some multiline wrapping edit controls would not work nicely near the end of the control.
3. Fixed: Visualizations in Mini View could be hidden in some cases.
4. NEW: User specified sorting is possible in 3D views.
5. Changed: On screen color controls weren't available when viewing videos on Windows 7.
6. Fixed: Fixed a possible date parsing bug with dates from 2010.

14.0.96 (11/9/2009)
1. NEW: An "Auto Match" button on Load EPG wizard window to automatically match channels to XMLTV IDs (works for ATSC only).
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
3. NEW: Added Theater View option 'Disable screen saver in Theater View'.
4. Fixed: Theater View scrollbars could show an incorrect position.
5. Internal: Changed library tools and cover art tools to to use standard command (MCC) and resource.xml scheme.
6. Fixed: Party Mode would allow library tools to be run if they were in the MRU list.
7. Fixed: MRU menu items didn't always use the correct enabled / disabled state for the command.
8. Fixed: WAVE Plugin could not play WAV files containing 32-bit float audio samples.
9. Fixed: Deleting all files in a view after a search + pane selection would reset the search.
10. NEW: Added experimental support for audio burning when connected to library server (data burning not yet working).
11. Fixed: Streaming / seeking in some types of files was not working over a remote connection. (only applies to last few builds)

14.0.95 (11/6/2009)
1. Fixed: Czech language translation was not working properly. (thanks Johnny B)
2. NEW: MC will try to read tags from INFO LIST chunk in WAVE files if ID3v2 tags do not exist. This allows tags to be read from WAVE files created by Windows Media Player.
3. Changed: When starting/changing television channel, the OSD showing the channel/program info is displayed without a 3.5 seconds delay (even if the channel change has not yet completed).
4. Fixed: Mapping of an XMLTV ID to a television channel did not work for the last few builds.
5. NEW: Added UPnP PlayStation 3 preset option selection.
6. NEW: It's possible to sync contact changes made in Notes back to Google using Notes > Tools > Export Selected to Google... (proceed with caution). (internal notes format changed -- must erase all notes and start over) BE VERY CAUTIOUS using this -- possible data loss. BACKUP FIRST.

14.0.94 (11/3/2009)
1. Fixed: On Windows 7, JRService was not shutting down correctly.
2. Changed: Czech language translation updated. (thanks Johnny B)
3. Fixed: Showing a library view in the tree that contained thousands of items could use too much memory (or run out of memory in extreme cases).
4. NEW: Added Customize Store option to store's account menu to provide parental controls and the ability to customize what genres to show.
5. Fixed: Editing expression text in an edit control using the popup expression editor would not always properly save changes.
6. Fixed: MC could write ID3v2 tags repeatedly at the end of some WAVE or AIFF files and the written tags could not be read, if the original file did not conform to WAVE or AIFF specifications.
7. Changed: WAV Plug-in is renamed "WAVE & AIFF Plugin".
8. Fixed: WAVE plugin could not play WAVE files created by Windows Media Player.
9. Fixed: UPnP browsing improved on the XBox 360.
10. NEW: XBox 360, DLNA and PlayStation 3 image (jpeg) and video support (wmv).

14.0.93 (10/30/2009)
1. Optimized: Reduced the number of system libraries loaded when starting the program.
2. Fixed: Using a mouse with DVD menus didn't work well when the video image was zoomed or offset from the player window.
3. Fixed: When using a custom font DPI setting with Windows 7, taskbar showed on top of fullscreen view and the player buttons were inactivated following video playback.
4. NEW: Added ability to import contacts from gmail. (notes format changed -- please erase all notes and start over)

14.0.92 (10/28/2009)
1. Changed: When ripping a CD in Theater View, silent lookup operation will be used (no errors, no multi-match, no submissing, etc.)
2. Fixed: The auto-rip setting 'If no matches are found, show CD submission dialog' was not being honored.
3. Changed: The settings for automatically ripping / playing a CD or DVD will be honored in Theater View and Display View. (but the default 'Ask every time' will lead to no actions)
4. Changed: Added advanced Theater View option 'Allow special handling on media insertion' that allows disabling automatic playback of DVDs on insertion while in Theater View.
5. Changed: Improvements / fixes to Notes feature.
6. Fixed: In panes, the 'New entry' item shown for pane tagging would incorrectly allow a slow-double click to rename.
7. Internal: Library backups contain user settings. (for internal use only -- not designed to allow users to restore settings)

14.0.91 (10/27/2009)
1. NEW: Added experimental XBox 360 support to UPnP server.
2. Fixed: Dolby Digital playback in 4.0 mode (instead of 5.1 mode) could crash.
3. NEW: Added XML import / export of notes (in MPL format).
4. NEW: Added the ability to organize notes by keyword.

14.0.90 (10/26/2009)
1. Fixed: WAVE/AIFF plugin did not show ID3v2 tags in tag format dump.
2. Changed: Changed WAV/AIFF input plugin option "Do not write tags to WAV/AIFF files" to "Write tags to WAVE/AIFF files" with default set to false.
3. Fixed: Media Center 14 Service could generate a shutdown error when closing the program on Windows 7.
4. Fixed: A few features were not available (only applies to build 89).
5. Internal: Revised how redirects are handled when loading Internet resources, so that form post data is preserved across the redirect.
6. Fixed: A few store fields could show as user fields in the 'Manage Library Fields' dialog.
7. Fixed: Ripping with concurrent ripping disabled could output big endian WAV files instead of little endian files.
8. Changed: It's possible to sort a Category in pane view by 'Number of Files'.
9. Fixed: Sorting specified on a per-category basis for a view was not being honored when viewing thumbnails.
10. Fixed: Wavpack files could have import / playback issues.
11. Fixed: Random sorting did not work properly in the panes or Theater View.

14.0.89 (10/22/2009)
1. NEW: Added experimental notes feature ( more information here: ).

14.0.88 (10/22/2009)
1. Fixed: Possible view crash in build 87.
2. Fixed: When importing a video with sidecar some fields in the sidecar were ignored if values of the same fields are found embedded in the video file. The possible fields are Name, Album, Artist, Genre, Rating, and Copyright. Please report to us if you have problem with other fields.

14.0.87 (10/21/2009)
1. Fixed: MC did not write tags to AIFF files correctly in some instances.
2. Changed: MC will reclaim space saved by change in tags in WAVE/AIFF files if the saved space is 256KB or larger.
3. Changed: When writing tags MC will be more tolerant of incorrectly written AIFF files created by other applications.
4. Fixed: The Theater View theme online media slideshow feature was not available.
5. Fixed: The television program list in Standard View did not draw its border.
6. Optimized: Improved performance of television guide parsing.
7. Fixed: View state settings like columns could be lost between runs (only applies to last few builds).
8. Fixed: MC could not remove tags in WAVE/AIFF files.
9. Fixed: MC could not read lyrics written in an ID3v2 user frame.
10. NEW: Added a configuration dialog for the WAVE/AIFF input plugin to turn writing to files on or off (the default is off).
11. Fixed: MC could not retrieve an embedded image from an ID3v2 tag in WAVE/AIFF files.
12. Optimized: Improvements to Theater View performance. (for example, entering a ~500,000 album view: build 86: gave up after an hour; build 87: 12 seconds)

14.0.86 (10/19/2009)
1. Fixed: MC could not read ID3v2 tags Tag&Rename (WAVE).
2. Fixed: MC could not read ID3v2 tags in AIFF files.
2. Fixed: MC did not write ID3v2 tags in AIFF files correctly.

14.0.85 (10/17/2009)
1. NEW: Added support for Windows Aero / Glass skin 'Noire Glass'. (experimental, may not remain)
2. Changed: Changed how ID3v2 tag writing is handled in WAV/AIFF files when the tag data need to be moved from the beginning of the file to the end of the file.
3. Fixed: Visualizations embedded on a track info page did not bind to the correct zone. (only applies to build 84)
4. Changed: Improved sound quality of 'Tempo & Pitch' DSP.
5. Fixed: Smartlist modifiers were not being translated.
6. Internal: Removed MFC usage from installer.
7. Changed: When a skin requires Windows Aero, a warning is shown at skin load time if the system does not support Aero.
8. Changed: When a view that doesn't natively support Windows Glass is shown (like a webpage view) the view will be hosted in a separate window to avoid transparency issues.
9. Changed: Updated view header notes controls to be Glass friendly.

14.0.84 (10/16/2009)
1. Fixed: The method being used to detect the installed version of Internet Explorer was not working properly with IE 6. (Media Center requires IE 5 or later for installation)
2. Fixed: Installing a license from an mjr file when running unelevated with UAC could cause issues.
3. Changed: Installer removes any J. River UAC-redirection registry keys. (redirection is not needed or desirable for current J. River programs)'
4. Optimized: Improved performance of core date handling library. (used by many parts of the program)
5. Changed: Library Sync over library server allows clearing fields (previously only accepted non-empty changes).
6. Changed: Library Sync supports file removal (previously only supported additions / modifications).
7. Optimized: Numerous database engine speed improvements.
8. Fixed: UPnP server transcode option to uncompressed wave (L16 big endian) for DLNA compatible devices (like the PlayStation 3)
9. NEW: ID3v2 tagging in WAVE and AIFF files.
10. Fixed: Dragging into the player could make the program switch to always-on-top.
11. Fixed: Visualizations were not working properly with newly created zones.
12. Fixed: WAVE input plug-in did not handle padding byte in chunk data correctly.

14.0.83 (10/14/2009)
1. Fixed: The program list in Television view would incorrectly allow in place editing. (only applies to build 82)
2. Fixed: Theater View themes wouldn't show root items (only applies to build 82).
3. Changed: Television component will no longer try to grab keyboard focus when a scheduled recording is started.
4. Fixed: Performing a 'Clear' in Theater View's Playing Now could cause a crash.
5. Fixed: Uninstalling a plugin prompts for UAC elevation (previously could fail with UAC enabled).
6. Fixed: High bitrate FLAC files would not display their VBR bitrates during playback.
7. Fixed: MPC tagging could crash.
8. Fixed: Scheduler playback tasks would not work properly when configured to target newly created zones.
9. Changed: Made 'Album Artist (auto)' column show a link icon, just like 'Artist'.
10. NEW: Added 'Benchmark' tool to measure system performance and help diagnose performance problems. (Help > Benchmark...)

14.0.82 (10/12/2009)
1. Fixed: When playing a digital television channel with no sound card (or other errors), MC just showed a black screen with no error message. Now an error message is displayed on screen.
2. Fixed: When playing an analog television channel with no sound card, MC could hang.
3. Optimized: Improved performance of television recording engine shutdown.
4. Fixed: Television recordings were not properly correlated to their recording rule, preventing automatic deletion. (old recordings will need to be deleted manually)
5. Changed: Improved messaging when configuring recording for a television program that was scheduled to be recorded, but then was canceled.
6. Changed: When emailing images, parametric edits and rotation will be applied even if the option 'Keep the original sizes' is selected.
7. Changed: Television view in Standard View allows multiple selection for easier deletion of recordings.
8. Changed: Television view supports sorting.
9. Fixed: When playing audio in "J. River audio engine (using DirectShow)", gapless output setting was sometimes not properly honored.
10. NEW: Added Theater View theme option for 'Show online media slideshow in artist views'.
11. Changed: Theater View themes better support translation (English folder names recommended for custom themes to make sharing possible across languages)
12. Changed: Updated the Chinese language file (thanks to Katapa).
13. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).

14.0.81 (10/08/2009)
1. NEW: Uncompressed AIFF audio (*.aif, *.aiff, *.aifc) files can be played natively in "J. River audio engine (using input plug-in)".
2. Changed: Skinning engine supports 'Indent' rectangle for search and edit boxes for better control over text position in the box.
3. Changed: Improved saving mechanism and messaging for the image editor.
4. Fixed: 32-bit uncompressed WAVE file could not be played in "J. River audio engine (using input plug-in)".
5. Changed: 12-bit uncompressed WAVE file, previously routed to DirectShow when user selected "Automatic" playback method, is now routed to WAVE plug-in.
6. Changed: Image editing can be invoked without entering the image preview mode.
7. Changed: Standardized the image tools right-click menu to be more consistent between the file list and image preview modes.
8. Fixed: Some stock Mini View skins weren't showing text properly.
9. Changed: Mini View skin parser accepts rectangles entered in reverse order (unnormalized), since this was supported in older versions.
10. Changed: Reworked how menus and toolbars draw the last item when a chevron appears for a more natural look.
11. Changed: Improved how view headers perform their layout as they run out of horizontal space.
12. Fixed: Some singles wouldn't appear in the store.
13. Changed: Better messaging in the store for albums that haven't been released yet.
14. Changed: Higher quality cover art is used when streaming from the store.
15. Optimized: Improved image quality and loading performance of album images on home page.
16. Optimized: The thumbnailing engine uses filename-based caching so the same filename or URL isn't read over-and-over to display a list of files with the same external image filename. (cache items only live a short amount of time)
17. Fixed: MC would crash if user attempted to scan television channel while having no television device installed on the computer.
18. Fixed: Scrolling and sizing of the Tag Action Window could be problematic.
19. Changed: Editing in the Tag Action Window places the edit below the label with the full width of the window.
20. Fixed: In rare cases, clicking away from editing in the Tag Action Window could crash.

14.0.80 (10/06/2009)
1. NEW: Added the ability to uninstall a DSP plug-in to the 'Add plug-in' menu in DSP Studio.
2. Fixed: Stock DSP plug-ins could be uninstalled, possibly causing problems.
3. Fixed: Output plug-ins / drivers that don't fully play down their queued buffers could stall on the last track, requiring a manual stop to be pressed.
4. NEW: Added support for MainFrame::MenuBackground skin item to place a skinned background under the main menu.
5: Changed: Try to support ipod nano 5g. Music only! Need feedback.

14.0.79 (10/02/2009)
1. Changed: Theater View artist slideshows filter out a few missing image pictures from flickr, etc.
2. Fixed: When double-clicking a file that couldn't play, in some cases it could silently advance and play the next track instead of showing the problem playing the selected track.
3. Changed: MC no longer offers to configure the Amazon downloader.
4. Optimized: Improved performance of core block memory allocation engine.
5. Changed: Search suggestions will not automatically select the first suggestion, so down + enter must be pressed to accept a suggestion (instead of just enter).
6. Optimized: Improved home page loading performance of Performer Store.
7. Optimized: Improved database loading performance.
8. Changed: Added more ipod nano 5g and shuffle 3g definitions. Need feedback.
9. Optimized: Stores (e.g. Performer) only load when needed rather than at MC startup. This speeds up startup time considerably.
10. Fixed: If the crash dialog showed at startup, the program would crash again. (only applies to last few builds)
11: Changed: Added ogv file type (Ogg Video). Separated "Media Container (ogm,mkv)" into "Matroska Video (mkv)" and "Ogg Video (ogv,ogm)".
12. Fixed: The initial import Action Window could be sized incorrectly.
13. Changed: Forward slashes in fields no longer output a new directory when using Rename, Move, & Copy Files.
14. Fixed: Theater View '(No Theme)' mode was not working properly. (may need to reselect in options to correct)
15. NEW: Theater View allows selection of a background color and overlay image strength for themes.

14.0.78 (09/30/2009)
1. Fixed: Theater View themes didn't run a slideshow in artist-style views.

14.0.77 (09/30/2009)
1. Fixed: With Media Server running, previewing an image from Explorer then closing with the 'x' wouldn't close the program.
2. Changed: Theater View themes better handle switching between views that resolve to the same theme path.
3. NEW: When a Theater View theme uses a video, the position of the video will be saved so leaving and reentering the view resumes in the last location.
4. NEW: Theater View can switch between multiple installed themes in Options > Theater View.
5. NEW: Theater View themes can be packaged in a zip file, shared, and installed from a zip file. (Options > Theater View > Theme)
6. Changed: The view menu at the top of My Computer views allows changing list styles without using the customization dialog.
7. Fixed: Performer store startup should be quicker - zero initial hits to the Discovery music service.

14.0.76 (09/29/2009)
1. Fixed: If the system was configured to prompt about accepting a cookie, it could show a dialog from Podcasting or Theater View themes. Now cookies will be silently rejected in this case.
2. Optimized: Improved data flow when using Dolby Digital output to remove all memory allocations, and greatly reduce the number of memory copies.
3. Fixed: Theater View could draw scrollbars for lists that were not scrollable.
4. NEW: Added soft edges to Theater View theme images.
5. NEW: Improved aspect ratio handling of Theater View theme images.
6. NEW: Theater View themes can use videos instead of just images (they cross-fade with other videos or images when using multiple videos).
7. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Benoit de Corn).
8. Changed: Improved efficiency and caching used by Theater View theme images.
9. Changed: Double clicking an image in Windows Explorer will always display in a windowed display view (previously it could go full screen).

14.0.75 (09/28/2009)
1. NEW: Added new Theater View background system called 'Themes' available in Options > Theater View.
2. Fixed: Some Theater View backgrounds could draw before the rest of the skin would draw.
3. Fixed: Theater View scroll / selection could be reset when re-entering Theater View.
4. NEW: Added define for ipod shuffle 3g. Need feedback.
5. Fixed: Delete temp files created when trying to automatically add cover art to flac files that were read-only.

14.0.74 (09/25/2009)
1. Fixed: The loading page of the Performer Store did not properly support translation.
2. Fixed: Navigating back from an external page like Images or Wiki in the Performer Store could show a never-ending 'Loading...' page.
3. Changed: The television guide list shows 18 hours forward instead of 12 hours forward from the start time. (in Standard View and Theater View)
4. Fixed: A television recording in Theater View with no date would show a spurious comma in the display.
5. Changed: The television programming guide only says 'Showing' when viewing the current time.
6. Fixed: Editorial content for Performer store was not getting downloaded.
7. Changed: Display of home page in Performer store is quicker.
8. Fixed: Download action window showed a 'Cancel' button even if the download was already completed.
9. Internal: Reworked how wait messages are shown to better prevent them causing a situation where a pop-up shows under the program.
10. Changed: If a DVD is inserted while Theater View is showing and nothing is playing, the disc will be played, regardless of the AutoPlay settings in Options > CD & DVD.
11. Changed: The 'Play' button on the remote will act like pressing enter in Theater View when a non-playable item is selected. (allows pressing 'Play' on DVD to start playback, or 'Play' to browse news, etc.)
12. Changed: Tuned how remote control blasting works when generating repeats to work better on transceivers capable of blasting and receiving simultaneously (like the J. River Media Center Remote).
13. Changed: When displaying a file size, a decimal is only shown for values less than 100 (i.e. will show decimal for 48.5 MB but not for 641 MB).
14. NEW: Added define for ipod nano 5g. Need feedback.

14.0.73 (09/24/2009)
1. Fixed: System comboboxes on some dialogs would open with no size (only applies to build 72).
2. Changed: Auto-import ignores changes in the television recording folder.
3. Optimized: Opening the Import wizard could be slow on machines with a lot of mapped network drives.
4. Fixed: After changing a locked view, selecting 'Save As New View', leaving, then returning, the old view would be selected instead of the new view.
4. Changed: Performer store related database fields do not clutter up user visible lists of fields anymore.
5. Changed: Amazon store does not automatically configure the Amazon downloader - it asks the user first.
6. Changed: 'Mood' field is saved as TMOO in ID3v2.4 and TXXX(Mood) in ID3v2.3. (COMM(MusicMatch_Mood) is still read but never written)
7. Changed: Added a cache control header to library server library responses to possibly prevent caching problems caused by proxies, etc.
8. Fixed: Disk Writer output filenames were not correct.

14.0.72 (09/22/2009)
1. NEW: Added new subwoofer DSP, SubClarity, to remove unwanted rumbles from the subwoofer line, leaving clean, tight hits.
2. NEW: Added Locate Links next to Genre, Artist, and Album fields for audio files. Locates in local library for library views, locates inside store for Performer Store views. (can be disabled in Options > General > Advanced > Features)
3 NEW: Added support for beats per minute for WMA tag reading and writing.
4. NEW: Added ability to use "CustomData(#)" expression in the Rename, Move, & Copy Files dialog for outputting the list index.
5. Fixed: The Action Window could show double scrollbars in some cases.
6. Optimized: Improved performance of Action Window opening and resizing.
7. Changed: The MCC command MCC_IMPORT_AUTO_RUN_NOW accepts a bSilent parameter to initiate a silent background import.
8. Fixed: Album Thumbnail views would not always sort in the order expected.
9. Changed: The option to import anything added to Playing Now will exclude streaming files from the Performer Store.

14.0.71 (09/21/2009)
1. Fixed: Deleting television recording files from within MC did not work since build 62.
2. Changed: DSP Studio no longer refuses to show when playback is stopped, but Playing Now contains images or videos.
3. Changed: When enabling or disabling a DSP in DSP Studio, that DSP is shown.
4. Changed: Dolby Digital output of 5.1 sound works with DirectSound. (previously only worked with WASAPI)
5. Fixed: Entering Theater View at a view that showed a popup, like Hulu or YouTube searches, would show a black screen.

14.0.70 (09/16/2009)
1. NEW: Added ability to output music as a 5.1 Dolby Digital stream in DSP Studio > Output Format. (requires S/PDIF connection to surround sound receiver)
2. Changed: The file " - Saved Time-Shifting.jtv" will not be imported as part of a folder during auto or manual import. They can still be imported manually by drag individual files to player, or by selecting the individual files and using shell extension.
3. NEW: Playback Range can now be applied to audio files that are played in "J. River Audio engine (using DirectShow)".
4. Changed: Performer store does better error handling when a user logs in on two computers at the same time.

14.0.69 (09/15/2009)
1. Changed: ipod defines to work with itunes 9.0.0 database.
2. Fixed: gracefully ignore corrupt flac files with insane number of supposed comments in the metadata.
3. Changed: When a television recording ends, a sidecar file is automatically created.
4. Fixed: The grab on the tree/view splitter would be reset if the Action Window changed height from the size.
5. Changed: Performer Store is back. Previous builds had an installation error that prevented the store from working properly.
6. Changed: If the user has not selected any transform filter ("Other Filters") except for the "J. River Bitrate Monitor" for MPEG video and J. River television recording files, MC will try to use the Microsoft video decoder.
7. Changed: In custom IR blast dialog, import from Pronto hex code is now available on Vista/Win7 as well as XP.

14.0.68 (09/15/2009)
Internal testing build.

14.0.67 (09/11/2009)
1. Changed: Updated EPG in Standard View to allow viewing further into the future. (allows back 2 days, forward two weeks plus two days)
2. NEW: Added command 'Rebuild Thumbnail' to the cover art menu to force thumbnail building. (builds video thumbnails even if the option is disabled in Options > Tree & View)
3. Fixed: Television OSD for current and next programs displayed only the sub-titles without the series name.
4. Changed: Switched sliders on output plug-in configuration dialogs to J. River sliders; fixed tab navigation issues.
5. Fixed: Vista's window presentation engine would not correctly handle displaying multiple subsequent 3D views. (problem fixed by Microsoft in Windows 7, workaround added for Vista)
6. Fixed: Syncing a portable device from Library Server did not work correctly.
7. Fixed: When canceling time-based subscriptions for a television channel, the subscription's recording start time was displayed as "4:00PM 12/31/1899" (109 years ago). Now it will be shown as "4:00PM every Mon, Tue, Fri", for example.
8. Changed: Adding files to the library will run one-at-a-time during a background import, and only two-at-a-time during a manual import.
9. Optimized: Auto-import builds thumbnails two-at-a-time when run manually.
10. Changed: Auto-import will no longer respond to external file system changes while playing in Display View, but instead wait to reconcile changes until exiting Display View.
11. Fixed: Folder watching would not always kick-in right away after making changes with a fresh install.
12. NEW: Added 'Run Auto-Import Now' option to Import wizard.
13. NEW: Reworked the 'Auto-Import' page of the import wizard to be less intrusive with suggestions.
14. Changed: Improved support for shortcuts like right-click and double-click in the Auto-Import wizard.
15. Changed: Minor change to ipod detection that could possibly have resulted in an ipod model detection error.

14.0.66 (09/10/2009)
1. Changed: When a DirectShow graph error occurs in the playback graph during television time-shifting (or during watching while recording), MC no longer aborts the entire operation. It simply attempts to restart playing graph so recording can continue.
2. Changed: 'Tempo & Pitch' DSP uses 0.01x steps (previously used much larger steps).
3. Changed: 'Tempo & Pitch' DSP allows typing to enter values. (typed values take effect after one second of no typing)
4. Changed: Sliders used in DSP plugins are custom controls instead of system sliders (better skinning, better mouse wheel support, etc.).
5. Changed: Improve tabbing support in many dialogs.
6. Fixed: Canceling television recording by right-click menu "Cancel Current Recording" did not work if the recording was a time-based subscription recording.
7. NEW: Ability to schedule recurring recordings (time-based subscriptions) for TV channels with no EPG data.

14.0.65 (09/08/2009)
1. Optimized: Further improvements to user interface updating during playback (also fixes position slider problem with build 64).
2. Fixed: Using MCC Theater View commands while zoomed into the File Info panel could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: XMLTV parser trims non-printing characters from values for better support of some third-party XML.
4. Fixed: Nested Theater View root items wouldn't appear when first entering Theater View.
5. Fixed: Filling properties from filenames and using dates didn't always work properly.
6. Fixed: A tagless MP3 could show up with a genre of 'Blues'.
7. Changed: Improved FileVolume(...) expression support for (Install Drive):\ style filenames used in portable installs.
8. Fixed: In a portable install, settings that ended with escape characters (backslash, equals, etc.) could become corrupted. (may require delete and reinstall to fully fix)
9. Fixed: In some cases, like when resuming from S3 standby, Media Center could show an 'Analyzing devices...' wait message despite being minimized.
10. Fixed: Having a modeless popup tool like 'Convert Files' open would make Theater View disable itself for keyboard and mouse input.
11. Changed: Tweaked the 'Repeat Playlist' mode so that it will loop on a single audio file but won't loop on a single image or video.
12. Fixed: The Theater View option "Disable Windows Media Center" would always appear unchecked.
13. Fixed: Learned remote commands couldn't be tested until exiting the options dialog.

14.0.64 (09/04/2009)
1. Fixed: Turning off media types in Features in Options > General > Advanced > Features could cause a crash.
2. Changed: Showing of library views on the 'View' menu when in a library view is in a nested 'Library Views' submenu.
3. NEW: Theater View file info panel templates can use 'Small Image' or 'No Image' styles.
4. Changed: Theater View file info panel roller shows in place of secondary roller, allowing more space for content.
5. Changed: Revised text formatting of dates for recorded television in Theater View.
6. Fixed: Scrolling Recorded television in Theater View with the scrollbar would show internal text formatting tokens.
7. Changed: When playing a television recording that is currently being recorded, playback goes to television engine, instead of video file playback engine. Note that this change also reverses change 11 in Build 63.
8. Optimized: Improved handling of view updates during playback to aid overall performance.
9. Optimized: Reworked how Theater View rollers are managed to improve Theater View performance.
10. Changed: Theater View rollers no longer show a slide-in-from-the-left animation when first picking a roller.
11. NEW: MC will import MyMovies data in the file [mediafilename].mymovies.xml or mymovies.xml residing in the same folder as video file, if the standard JRSidecar file does not exist, provided the data contained in the xml file pertain to the media file.

14.0.63 (09/03/2009)
1. Fixed: Auto-install after 30 seconds was not working properly (only applies to last few builds).
2. Fixed: Silent install from the command line (/Silent) was not working properly (only applies to last few builds).
3. Fixed: Television subscription recordings would not have their metadata filled in (only applies to build 62).
4. Fixed: 'Search for Library Servers' was not being translated.
5. Fixed: Bookmark synchronization in television recording was broken in build 62.
6. Changed: 3D wall views could unnecessarily clip other tiles when zooming into a tile.
7. Optimized: Loading UTF-8 XML files to memory is more memory efficient (fixes out-of-memory conditions when parsing huge XMLTV files).
8. Fixed: On a fresh install, the program could launch behind other programs.
9. Fixed: Some commands and messages would not work properly with newly created zones.
10. Changed: MCC commands that target specific zones use a zone index (like v13) instead of a zone ID since a zone ID can't always fit in the 6-bits allocated for the zone identifier.
11. Changed: When playing a television program or channel that is being recorded, playback automatically switches to play the recorded file

14.0.62 (09/02/2009)
1. Fixed: Using a playlist reference in 'Access Control' could cause a crash.
2. Changed: Reworked the 'Access Control' dialog to be more clear.
3. Fixed: Sorting of files inside a category thumbnail in a library view would use the panes file list sorting rules instead of the sorting rules from the bottom list.
4. Fixed: When adding a new library view, it could get added as a locked view that showed warnings when making changes. (views can be unlocked in Customize View > Advanced)
5. Fixed: Television that was currently recording didn't show up in 'Recordings' view of Theater View.
6. Fixed: Importing a television program that was in the process of recording could cause strange results.
7. Changed: Revised layout of date / time selection controls in 'Television' view.
8. Changed: The Import wizard Auto-Import list puts checked folders at the top of the list.
9. Changed: The Import wizard Auto-Import list won't check all folders if a user intentionally selects no folders for auto-import.

14.0.61 (09/01/2009)
1. Changed: When loading the Microsoft video decoder, MC will use the correct filter name for each OS (usually "Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder" for Vista or "Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder" for Windows 7.)
2. Fixed: 64-bit shell extension registration could effectively unregister 32-bit shell extensions.
3. Fixed: Shell extensions could leave JRTools.dll locked, making it necessary to reboot to do an install.
4. Fixed: The 'Next' button wasn't properly disabled during the file copying stage of the install. (only applies to build 54 and newer)
5. Fixed: After finishing with the remote control learning wizard, changes weren't saved (only applies to build 60).
6. Fixed: The Library Sync from Library Server wasn't writing all of the fields properly in the local library.
7. Changed: Manually switching libraries when using Tremote will no longer stop playback on the server.
8. Fixed: Playing Hulu clips could leave the player in a slightly undefined state once playback was stopped.
9. Classified
10. Fixed: Windows 7 RTM could show some devices twice or show spurious iPod detection warnings.

14.0.60 (08/31/2009)
1. Changed: When loading an image for a file fails, the 'Image File' field will only be cleared in cases where the actual file itself can be found. (so playing a missing file won't clear cover art)
2. Changed: In digital television and DVD playback, if the user does not select a video decoder (i.e. the user chooses "Automatic"), MC tries to use "Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder" if available.
3. Changed: In digital television and DVD audio/video decoder selection "Let DirectShow choose a filter for me" and "Automatic selection" are renamed "Automatic" for consistency across the program.
4. Fixed: Library sync using library server.
5. NEW: Reworked how Remote Control options are presented.

14.0.59 (08/28/2009)
1. NEW: Shell extensions are available on 64-bit Windows.
2. Changed: Television recording files (*.jtv, *.jts) are not allowed to be moved, renamed, or copied in "Rename, Move, & Copy Files..." tool. One can move the entire folder containing the jtv file to a new location manually and then use the tool to update database to point to the new location.

14.0.58 (08/27/2009)
1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
2. Fixed: The store database field 'Purchase Description' would show as 'Description', causing confusion.
3. Fixed: The [location] token in Theater View skins would not work nicely in some views.
4. NEW: Theater View 'Television' view allows viewing recordings by date recorded or by program.
5. Fixed: Television view would still show "Cancel Recording" button after a program recording has been canceled (build 57 only).
6. Fixed: Television device configuration window was displayed using wrong parent window, causing MC to crash when popup windows were dismissed in wrong order.
7. Fixed: [Deleted] store licenses weren't getting retrieved in some cases.
8. Fixed: Choosing Tools > Options > Playback > TV Tuner > "Reset TV settings..." while watching a digital channel could cause MC to crash.
9. Changed: When playing, Media Center will prevent S3 system sleep.
10. Fixed: Television subscriptions nicely handle the updated metadata layout of build 57 (so subscriptions look at series and name for deciding what to record).
11. Fixed: Canceling an on-going television recording could take a long time to take effect (build 57 only).
12. Fixed: Loading read-only libraries was not working properly. (only applies to last few builds)
13. Changed: Updated the Chinese language file (thanks to Katapa).
14. Changed: is changed to when showing OSD television currently playing/recording channel/program info.

14.0.57 (08/26/2009)
1. Changed: Went back to using the default system font instead of an upsized-version of the system font.
2. Fixed: Protected WMV files could fail to play due to the bitrate monitor filter.
3. Changed: Improved support for external cover art that uses an extension other than .jpg. (tiff, gif, jpeg, png, etc.)
4. Fixed: Tagging using in-place-editing could stall longer than expected when moving between fields.
5. Fixed: The 'Remote Control' configuration wizard could crash if the wizard was advanced while a placement test was running.
6. Fixed: Pushing the Green Button while a menu was showing in Theater View could crash.
7. Changed: Adjusted the Green Button rolling logic so that slower button presses will still roll through the three views (current, root, display).
8. Changed: Playing a video file from Theater View that was already playing but was just paused will show it fullscreen and start playback.
9. Fixed: After in-place editing in the panes, the selection would change to nothing selected instead of keeping the edited item selected.
10. Fixed: Arrow navigation while doing in-place pane editing could cause problems. (arrow navigation not possible since each change could reorder or renumber the list)
11. Changed: MC will recognize MyMovies data as an alternate format in a video sidecar file, and will read tags from it. Tag writing will always be in MPL format.
12. NEW: Upgraded XMLTV television parser to support actors, original release date, rating, series, etc.
13. NEW: Television program and recording metadata structure revised for better handling of series and original release dates.
14. Changed: NOTE -- Revised default Theater View file info panel defaults so customization must be reapplied. (you can use Manage... > Copy Template To Clipboard to backup existing templates before upgrade)
15. Changed: Tweaked wording on the new import Action Window to be more clear.
16. Fixed: When doing an import of DVD files on disk, the program could do a tag, which would write a sidecar file or show a tagging error.

14.0.56 (08/25/2009)
Internal testing build.

14.0.55 (08/21/2009)
1. NEW: DSP Studio supports ordering of effects. (drag items in list to reorder)
2. Fixed: In some cases, DSP plug-ins would not draw properly.
3. NEW: VST DSP plug-ins remember the program and program settings between runs of the program.
4. NEW: Playback Range field is user editable to allow custom cue-in and cue-out points.
5. NEW: Playback Range field accepts high resolution times like '1:22.343344 - 3:21.3902013'. (still accepts low resolution times like '1:22 - 3:21' or simple millisecond numbers like '82000 - 201000')
6. Fixed: In some cases, connected Tremote zones could get saved as a permanent zone. (if extra zones exist from this bug, they must be removed in Zone Manager)
7. Changed: Default font size one point size larger (font can be changed in Options > Tree & View > Font).
8. Changed: Express installs will simply launch the program instead of showing a finish page in the installer.
9. NEW: Added new channel mixing mode to DSP > Output Format 'No mixing' that leaves unused channels silent, allowing third-party DSP plug-ins to provide sophisticated channel expansion.
10. Changed: Improved support for VST plug-ins that have more channel outputs than inputs.
11. NEW: Initial import after a fresh install uses the Action Window and works without user intervention (although intervention is optional).
12. Changed: The system that shows the import dialog when loading an empty library will only run on the first library load of the program's run. (so switching libraries won't show it)
13. New: Wavpack encoder

14.0.54 (08/20/2009)
1. Changed: Bitrate Monitors will not be used on protected Windows Media videos.
2. Fixed: DSP plug-in names are translated.
3. NEW: Added new handheld transfer option "Save video thumbnail to '[File].jpg' file" (enabled by default on WMDM devices).
4. Optimized: J. River edit controls are much faster when dealing with large values.
5. Changed: Installer uses J. River user interface controls instead of Windows controls. (please report any issues)
6. Fixed: The 'View' menu would crash when viewing the root 'Playlists' item in the tree.
7. NEW: Installer architecture revised to allow running Media Center at the end of the install on Vista and Windows 7 with UAC enabled. (install split into two components: one elevated and one not elevated)

14.0.53 (08/18/2009)
1. NEW: Classified
2. Fixed: In rare cases MC would behave badly when the user switched to a television channel with no/weak signal.
3. Fixed: If scheduled television recording started while the user was already watching the channel, and if the user stopped watching before the scheduler stopped recording, some redundant graph building took place.

14.0.52 (08/17/2009)
1. Changed: On a fresh install (or after resetting Theater View items to show in Options > Theater View), 'Hulu' will be listed before 'YouTube' in Theater View.
2. Fixed: Hulu in Theater View called 'Featured Videos' 'Popular Videos'.
3. Changed: Theater View navigation works better when the secondary navigation roller is empty. (like when stopped in Playing Now)
4. Fixed: When Theater View's Playing Now refreshed, the scroll position could be lost.
5. Changed: Simplified commands roller showed when viewing a web media video from Hulu or YouTube in Theater View.
6. Changed: A playlist's menu will include the command 'Clear [Playlist Name]'.
7. Changed: Typed navigation in the tree searches first sibling-level items, than visible child-level items, then parent-level items. (so looping is more natural)
8. Changed: Revised how 'Recently Imported' is pruned so that it only keeps things 1 day old or newer. (previously kept 7 days old or newer and at least 50 items)
9. Fixed: Tag changes made in Theater View could apply to the entire list instead of just the selected file.
10. Fixed: Lineup list style in Theater View could scroll unexpectedly when moving the mouse near the edges of the list.
11. NEW: Added new Theater View skin 'Obsidian Touchscreen' -- more choices on the screen for touchscreen usage. (feedback welcome)

14.0.51 (08/14/2009)
1. Fixed: If 'Abort' and 'Cancel' had the same translation (like in German), it could cause some confirmation messages to not support cancel. (removed usage of 'Abort' on these dialogs -- will always use 'Cancel' instead)
2. Changed: When remote control learning is complete a system ding is played.
3. Fixed: Remote control engine could crash in some cases.
4. Changed: Remote control stops any key repeats after 10 seconds for stuck-down situations.
5. Fixed: When learning from a remote control, it would check a stale list of learned buttons to see if the button was already in use.
6. Fixed: In rare cases, remote control learning would allow learning the button up code as the code, causing strange behavior.
7. Fixed: The remote control wizard setting to power cycle a device was not being remembered.
8. Changed: Improved the quality of the remote control image used in the remote configuration wizard.
9. Fixed: Typing in the folder box when importing a single folder could be difficult.
10. Fixed: The 'Add' function in Theater View would operate on all files instead of just the selected file.
11. Fixed: Overlay text in Theater View could be covered by the file info panel.
12. Changed: F11 no longer shows Display View when nothing is playing (instead goes between Standard View and Theater View).
13. Changed: Theater View list wrapping was not always reliable.
14. Fixed: Breakdown the mpc demux on exit.

14.0.50 (08/13/2009)
1. NEW: The MP3 plugin will respond to 'Gapless Header' and 'Gapless Footer' in Tag(...) expression requests to allow querying for gapless information. (remember that Tag(...) expressions query physical file tags and are 1000s of times slower than database access)
2. Fixed: Theater View selection wrapping was not working properly.
3. Fixed: Cancelling the remote control learning wizard could crash.
4. Fixed: When learning remote control commands on Options > Remote Control, a button press could learn two commands.
5. Changed: Improvements to IR blasting performance and repeat handling.
6. Fixed: The MP3 plugin will properly handle a "," in the replaygain_track_peak field.
7. Changed: Write flac and mp3 replaygain_track_gain to 2 digits of decimal precision and replaygain_track_peak to 6 digits of decimal precision. Add plus sign to replaygain_track_gain when the value is positive.
8. Fixed: The sv8 Musepack input plugin now properly reads tag values, displays proper bitrate during playback and fixes the hang on end of file problem while reading sv7 streams.
9. NEW: Learning from an IR remote control requires repeated presses until two matching codes are found, providing more reliable learning.

14.0.49 (08/12/2009)
1. Fixed: The new 'hold control to open in a new tab' for Locate On Disk (inside Media Center) was not working when invoked from the MRU menu.
2. Fixed: Theater View 'File Info' panel would overlap list items too much for Hairstyle and other skins with list item backgrounds.
3. Changed: The 'Stop After Current File' command will advance to the next track after stopping, so pressing play again will play the next file.
4. Fixed: It was not possible to Update from CDPlayer.ini for mixed-mode (audio and data files) discs.
5. Changed: Added additional manifesting and digital signatures to the installer flow to aid Windows 7.
6. Fixed: Auto-play was not properly disabled while the program was running on some operating systems.
7. Fixed: DVD bookmarks were not being properly saved.
8. Changed: Adopted the revised MP3 rating specification proposed by AlexB (write with WMP mapping / read v13, v14, WMP, etc.).
9. Changed: Sidecar tagging uses the MPL format instead of My Movies format. Use update tags from library to convert.
10. Changed: Cleaned up which fields get included during sidecar tagging.
11. Changed: During sidecar tagging, old sidecar files (like before extension was part of the filename) will be deleted.
12. Fixed: Clearing the library would not clean the library folder up completely.
13. Changed: More IR blasting wizard changes.
14. Fixed: When building thumbnails from Options > Tree & View > Build missing thumbnails... finished, the program would think the process was still working when trying to shutdown or switch libraries until the 'Close' button was clicked.
15. Fixed: When using Tremote and using the Play button to 'Play visible files', it could play the files visible on the server instead of the client.
16. Changed: Clearing Playing Now from a Tremote works better (added new MCWS function Playback/ClearPlaylist).
17. Changed: Tremote no longer jumps the server to Display View automatically when starting playback.
18. Fixed: Fadeout on stop no longer does anything if the volume is muted.

14.0.48 (08/11/2009)
1. Fixed: Flac tags were not handling a comma in the replaygain fields properly
2. Changed: When reading a flac tagged file if the new style replaygain fields don't exist read the Jriver specific tags.
3. Fixed: Problems with IR blasting frequencies.
4. Changed: Several IR blast wizard changes and fixes.
5. NEW: Added new ASIO option 'Use large hardware buffers (recommended to prevent stutter)' that uses the maximum hardware buffer size instead of the default buffer size, which should help alleviate any stuttering issues. (smaller buffers are only desirable in latency sensitive applications like synthesizers)
6. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
7. Changed: Cleaned up roller layout in Theater View Playing Now views.
8. Changed: Internal changes to how Theater View manages arrow navigation and roller layout (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
9. Fixed: Hulu and YouTube Theater View display did not show information about videos. (requires reset of File Info templates in Options > Theater View > Customize file info panel... > Manage... > Reset All Templates To Default)
10. Changed: Musepack input plugin upgraded to version 8 (Beta).

14.0.47 (08/07/2009)
1. Fixed: When burning spanned multiple discs, confusing dialogs would pop-up between discs.
2: Fixed: Added "dB" to flac replaygain_track_gain. Handled "," in flac replaygain tagging. Handled empty strings when writing replaygain tags in flac files. Internal string changes in the flac input plugin.
3. Changed: Some enhancements and bug fixes in the IR blasting wizard.

14.0.46 (08/05/2009)
1. Fixed: Video could be displayed in wrong size when starting time-shifting on some analog television/video capture devices (such as WinTV HD PVR).
2. Changed: When WASAPI fails to get a soundcard lock, it will retry several times for a second to open the soundcard. (failure to get lock happens on P6T i7 machines running Vista x64, possibly others)
3. Fixed: The jump on play setting 'Playing Now (if multiple files)' jumped when Playing Now had more than one file instead of if the play command had more than one file.
4. Fixed: When switching between tabs, the search box did not update nicely.
5. Fixed: The right-click option 'Import Into Library' was showing for imported files instead of files that were not imported.
6. Fixed: Drilling into a thumbnail like 'Rock', searching for something with no results, then double-click the empty list to search the entire library did not work properly.
7. NEW: Option added for the external encoder for format conversion to present the file being converted as-is in whatever format it was originally instead of being converted to a temporary wave file first.
8. NEW: When doing 'Locate On Disk (internal)' with the control key pressed, the results will be opened in a new tab.
9. Fixed: Encoder plugins were not showing in Plug-in Manager.
10. Fixed: Starting time-shifting on some analog television/video capture devices could result in loss of audio, due to device resetting audio line from user's selection to default.
11. NEW: Wavpack (.wv) input plugin
12. Fixed: Write standard flac track replay gain and track peak flags. Remove Jriver specific tags when writing the new tags.
13. Changed: Updated Chinese translation (thanks 竹院蕉窗).
14. Fixed: MC could crash when importing TIFF files that have bad data in it.
15. Changed: Vorbis DATE flags in flac files take precedence on reading when the year is different from the higher precision JR_DATE. On writing if the date to be written falls on a year boundry, only the Vorbis DATE tag is written, otherwise both are written.
16. Fixed: Certain corrupt TIFF image files could cause MC to hang.
17. Fixed: Download list showed 'Cancel' option on completed downloads.

14.0.45 (07/31/2009)
1. Fixed: Crossfeed DSP plugin for headphones kept enabling itself.

14.0.44 (07/30/2009)
1. Changed: When loading corrupt / truncated JPEG files, as much of the image as possible will be shown instead of failing to load if at least 80% of the image can be decoded.
2. Fixed: More bugs in the IR blasting wizard.
3. Fixed: Update Tags (from library) saved tags in a wrong sidecar file for ifo/dvd files.
4. NEW: Added 'Headphones' DSP plugin that features a high-quality cross-feed.

14.0.43 (07/29/2009)
1. Fixed: WASAPI exclusive playback over ATI HDMI connections could stutter on pause / stop. (requires the 'Flush device buffers on pause' option to be set)
2. Changed: Renamed television program guide loading option from "Reset" to "Clear program guide".
3. Changed: Revised MP3 ID3v2 rating tag writing conversion formula to better match Windows.
4. Fixed: Playback section of the right-click menu was missing (builds 39 - 42).
5. NEW: OSD "Chapter" menu for video file playback. UP/DOWN to reach Chapter menu. LEFT/RIGHT to cycle through all chapters. ENTER to jump to a chapter.
6. Changed: Items in the "Chapter" menu include time info.
7. Changed: Simplified television current/next playing channel/program info OSD display.
8. Fixed: Several bugs in the IR blasting wizard.
9. Fixed: Adjusting the size of Theater View (ctrl+mouse wheel, etc.) while viewing an expanded news story could cause a crash.
10. Fixed: Some Theater View objects would stop moving while loading / updating in a background thread. (caused stutter when viewing file info panel, etc.)

14.0.42 (07/28/2009)
1. Optimized: Improved performance of Theater View info panel.
2. Optimized: Improved performance of scrolling in large lists in Theater View.
3. Fixed: The focus could be lost when returning to the home screen of Theater View.
4. Fixed: When quickly entering the File Info panel in Theater View, the list could fail to fade out.
5. NEW: Chapter support for video files (e.g. mkv, mp4) that contain chapter info.
6. Fixed: Scanner / clipboard acquisition wasn't working properly. (only applies to last few builds)
7. Fixed: Theater View list selection mode would stick on even after the list was refilled due to an action on the selection.
8. Fixed: Accepting a search suggestion after typing the full word would not update the view properly.

14.0.41 (07/27/2009)
1. Fixed: Mono files could crash or give bad results in the audio analyzer. (it's recommended that you reanalyze files that match the search [Channels]=[1])
2. Changed: Added more logging to WASAPI output to help diagnose problems.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
4. Changed: Wizard added on remote control options page for controlling external equipment. Still experimental...

14.0.40 (07/27/2009)
1. Fixed: Interface plug-ins that used a string class name for their identifier in the registry did not load with the last few builds.

14.0.39 (07/24/2009)
1. Fixed: Possible dead-lock during threaded Theater View animation (only applies to build 38).
2. Changed: In Theater View, when the file info panel is showing, the background is faded out completely instead of showing partially (and now also includes list scrollbars).
3. Optimized: Improved performance of Theater View list drawing.
4. Changed: Improved Theater View system that uses media as the background (still requires playlist named "Theater View Background" with media to use).
5. NEW: Theater View drawing quality can be controlled with more granularity in Options > Theater View.
6. Fixed: Image Preview could show files from the grouping list rather than the selected file(s).
7. Fixed: When dropping files onto the main player area, the "Import" choice would appear when dropping library files that were already imported.
8. Changed: Czech language translation updated. (thanks Johnny B)
9. Changed: Added "mov" and "mp4" to the default list of types that will be pulled off a camera when using Action Window > Camera.
10. Optimized: Improved performance of startup for core libraries used by all components.

14.0.38 (07/23/2009)
1. NEW: Added "Close Preview" to Image Preview right click menu.
2. Fixed: In some cases, search suggestions would not appear correctly.
3. Optimized: Improved responsiveness when using the search box.
4. NEW: RAW playback now caches up to 512mb of jpeg conversions under app data by default.
5. Updated: DCRaw updated to 1.425.
6. Changed: Failure to analyze a streaming (URL) file in DirectShow will not prevent local files of the same file type from being analyzed in DirectShow, and vice versa.
7. Fixed: Toggling the playback mode in 3D views could crash (only applies to last few builds).
8. Fixed: Renaming directory expressions that used slashes (the escape character) did not work correctly.
9. Changed: Moved image editor commands that are needed while using a tool (like undo / redo) to the toolbar at the top of the view.
10. Fixed: Missing splitter between header and file list in playlist and explorer views.
11. Changed: Page Up / Page Down work nicely with the search suggestion window.
12. NEW: The search suggestion system allows typing a field name, pressing enter, and zooming into a listing for that field (so it works like a library view pane).
13. Changed: Search suggestion window better supports years and months.
14. Changed: When loading EPG using XMLTV/mc2xml, previously mapped XMLTV IDs that are not found in the currently scanned data will not be displayed in the channel list.
15. Changed: When loading EPG using XMLTV/mc2xml, the user will not be allowed to continue to the next page without connecting at least one channel with an XMLTV ID.
16. Fixed: When navigating via the forward and back arrows views would not remember the image preview state.
17. Changed: When doing a "Search For Library Servers", if no server is found it won't reload the currently loaded library.
17. Fixed: Keyboard enter didn't work for confirmation popup message boxes.
18. Fixed: Images stamped with an EXIF GPS timestamp would not correctly parse the image date from the EXIF tag.
19. Fixed: In rare cases, Theater View could crash when showing the file info panel zoomed in.
20. Fixed: Thumbnail slider and links were missing from some grouped views.
21. Changed: Going into and out of Image Preview are added to the navigation history.
22. NEW: MC tries to automatically connect ATSC television channels with XMLTV IDs at EPG load time if all ATSC channels are found to have no XMLTV ID connection. The match may not be all correct. User must examine the association and make corrections if necessary.
23. Fixed: CD rips with multiple processes selected were still using just one process.

14.0.37 (07/21/2009)
1. NEW: Files placed on the clipboard in Explorer (or similar) can be pasted into Media Center anywhere that drag-n-drop or the clipboard is supported.
2. NEW: The command "Cover Art > Paste From Clipboard (Image or URL)" supports files copied from Explorer (also supports image data like from an image editor, and URLs to cover art to download).
3. Fixed: Removed spurious image preview magnifying glass from grouped files.
4. Fixed: In a grouped view image, preview would attempt to load all the files in the selected group before loading the file selected in the file list.
5. Fixed: Image preview would spool up all the selected files even though it would only show 4 of them.
6. Fixed: The image preview window could be created without a file list associated with it. (Making things like the close button useless.)
7. Fixed: Image preview window had some possible memory leaks.
8. Changed: Minor image menu changes. Some items pushed to image preview wnd menus.
9. Changed: When displaying file sizes over 1000 GB, TB (Terabytes) will be used (i.e. 1.3 TB instead of 1300.0 GB).
10. Changed: When displaying file sizes over 1000 TB, PB (Petabytes) will be used.
11. Fixed: Theater View Info Panel templates were not loading correctly for guide programs.
12. Changed: Reworked the TVInfo(...) expression a little -- use in expression editor to see built-in documentation.
13. Changed: Revised the order of the menu commands for Plug-in Manager's Add Plug-in button.
14. NEW: Added a new command, /SoundcardSwitch, to the launcher (MC14.exe) to allow changing the default soundcard on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
15. Fixed: Audio file with path length equal to 20 could be imported using video sidecar code.

14.0.36 (07/20/2009)
1. Fixed: ZIP handling system didn't nicely support Unicode characters (could cause problems with library backups / restores).
2. Fixed: Image editor could show visual artifacts when using toolboxes (only applies to build 35).
3. Changed: JRSidecar file naming convention. Media file's extension is included in the sidecar filename so that media files with different file types but the same base name can be distinguished.
4. Fixed: Digital television channel scanning re-entrance issue.
5. Changed: Added New Zealand digital television frequency table.
6. NEW: Added option for a remote control command 'Generate repeats when holding this button down'.
7. NEW: "Mouse Zooms" checkbox added to Image Preview window. (Untick for mouse to navigate next/prev.)
8. Fixed: 3D video views didn't allow playback.
9. Fixed: MPC encoding was not working.
10. Changed: Typing in a path selection control, like used in Rename, Move & Copy Files, will auto-complete local paths.
11. Fixed: MC crashed when the user clicked Start button with a list of unconvertable files (unsupported format, non-existent files, etc.) on File Conversion tool.
12. Fixed: Start button was available even if all files selected for conversion were unconvertable.
13. NEW: Can now access Image Preview from the playlist and explorer views.

14.0.35 (07/17/2009)
1. Fixed: Handling of &DateType=[ List ] in Theater View File Info templates would not break values into multiple lines.
2. Changed: Updated icons used for audio, image, and video views in the tree.
3. Changed: Image editor has a splitter between toolbox and image.
4. Changed: Updated default library views.
5. Changed: Fill Properties From Filename better supports the date field.
6. Fixed: "Documents" wouldn't appear corerctly in the tree after importing data files.
7. Fixed: When zooming out of an image, an undrawn one pixel border could remain on the right of the image.
8. Changed: Added a skinned background to the quick find toolbar at the bottom of lists (Ctrl+Q).

14.0.34 (07/17/2009)
1. Changed: Improved handling of &DateType= [ List ] in Theater View File Info templates. (spaces added for forum formatting)
2. Fixed: The 'Play from memory' option could cause tagging problems with FLAC files.

14.0.33 (07/16/2009)
1. NEW: Integrated the image editor into the Image Preview view. (use 'Edit' command on toolbar when in Image Preview)
2. NEW: Added name to the Image Preview.
3. NEW: PgUp/PgDn will move to the prior/next item in the list in Image Preview.
4. Fixed: When a thumbnail list was updated, it could sometimes not draw thumbnails until scrolled (only applies to build 32).
5. NEW: The library backup folder used for automatic backups, backups on upgrade, etc. can be customized in Options > File Location.
6. Changed: FLAC files did not fill in the 'Bit Depth' field (requires Update Library (from tags) to correct).
7. Changed: When the image preview window hides the tree or files list, there's no longer a splitter shown.
8. Changed: Reworked how view layout and sizing is handled (hopefully internal change, but please report any issues).

14.0.32 (07/15/2009)
1. Fixed: Lists could fail to update nicely on sizing (only applies to build 31).
2. NEW: Added better support for mice that do smooth scrolling with the mouse wheel.
3. Fixed: Double-clicking to hide the image preview could reshow the window if the mouse was in the right spot.
4. Fixed: Several small fixes to remote control dialogs.
5. Fixed: The 'Recordings' television list in Theater View could, in cases of back-to-back recordings from the same rule, not allow playback of the program as it was recording the second half.

14.0.31 (07/14/2009)
1. Fixed: When viewing the recordings television list near the end of a recording, it would not always show the programs that were currently recording.
2. Fixed: In rare cases, the television recordings list could group programs from different weeks but from the same day of the week.
3. Changed: The recorded television program list in Standard View does a better job of showing dates for old programs.
4. Fixed: When exiting the full screen Theater View file info panel with the left key, the focus could go back to the top roller instead of the list.
5. Changed: 3D album views adjust the size of the text used on the back to hold far more tracks when necessary.
6. NEW: 3D album views allow playing, adding, shuffling, and adding as the next to play.
7. NEW: Added the ability to add a "Library" toolbar button to the top or bottom toolbar to facilitate faster library switching.
8. NEW: Added option to play files from memory instead of disk which is useful in high-end audiophile environments. (file is loaded in a background thread to system memory (capped at 256 MB) and played from there)
9. Optimized: Improved performance of rendering lists.
10. Optimized: Changes to reduce registry chatter when idle.
11. Changed: Some IR blast command formats changed again, so you'll need to re-learn any existing ones.
12. Changed: Can now tweak IR frequency for blasting if your remote control is non-standard.
13. Fixed: Tagging of Windows Media files was written to sidecar files instead of media files.
14. Changed: Option to "Store tags in external sidecar files if the file type does not support tagging" (video only for now.)
15. Fixed: Image Preview didn't force a redraw. (Jiggly draw.)
16. Fixed: The file list returns to its original position after closing image preview.

14.0.30 (07/13/2009)
1. Fixed: The SDK function MJZonesAutomation::GetActiveZone(...) was returning a zone ID instead of a zone index.
2. Fixed: List style fields were not working correctly with the Theater View file info panel.
3. Fixed: Doing a Cover Art > Submit to Internet from the MRU menu on a file that didn't support it would cause a crash.
4. Changed: Image Preview window now zooms around the mouse point.
5. Changed: Image Preview window 100% button now centers the image.
6. Changed: Gapless information is loaded from MP3s encoded wit the ACMENC encoder.
7. NEW: Image preview zoom information updated on the status bar.
8. Changed: Image preview tooltip content, lag and duration.
9. NEW: Tools menu added to Image Preview header. (Same menu as right click.)
10. Fixed: When scrolling in a thumbnail list, the item the mouse was over could wiggle a little.

14.0.29 (07/10/2009)
1. Fixed: When a menu drew scroll arrows, they could draw on top of menu text.
2. Fixed: On Windows 7 an iPod could show as two devices (may require a redetect of devices to fix).
3. Fixed: Improved handling of special / hidden zones like the zone used for image playback when audio is playing.
4. NEW: Added dialog for adding and editing Theater View Info Panel templates. (Options > Theater View)
5. Changed: Added 'Watched' information to default Theater View file info template for television programs.
6. Changed: Options dialog for CD/DVD changed to cleaner format.
7. Changed: If at the extremities of a list row the left and Right arrows will now jump to the next row. (As appropriate.)
8. Changed: Escape now closes the image preview window.
9. NEW: Delete added to the image preview right click menu.

14.0.28 (07/09/2009)
1. Fixed: "Play local file when one that matches Library Server file is found" did not work for ripped DVDs.
2. Fixed: Selection panes were still visible on mouse over in the Image Preview.
3. NEW: Right click menu added to image preview.
4. Changed: Television configuration is broken up into several smaller tasks accessible on TV Options... button.
5. Changed: During Television recording, "Cancel Time-Shifting" context menu option is disabled.

14.0.27 (07/08/2009)
1. Fixed: When loading a library, if a message box was shown (to inform about read-only access, etc.) it could crash.
2. Fixed: Cover art wasn't being retrieved for DVD discs.
3. NEW: Added ListBuild(...) expression function for building a delimited list of values, possibly suppressing empty values.
4. NEW: Added TVInfo(...) expression function for getting television-specific information about TV programs.
5. Changed: Standardized on "Categories" naming for groupings in a library view. (previously also used panes and view scheme item)
6. Changed: Theater View file info fields are loaded from "theater view file info templates.xml" in the library folder. (user interface to allow editing to come in a later build)
7. Changed: Changed the sizing of the Theater View file info panel and News to be based on a number of lines instead of percentage of screen height.
8. Changed: EPG list in television view is automatically refreshed to current time every half an hour. Automatic refreshing is turned off whenever the user manually chooses a date or time from the drop-down lists. It is re-enabled whenever the user clicks the "Set To Now" button.
9. NEW: Viewheader for the image preview window updated to contain fit, 100% and close buttons.
10. Changed: Image preview window closes the selection panes when opened. (Panes selections remain in effect.)
11. NEW: Close file list button on image preview window.
12. Changed: Most fields in My Movies xml files are supported if the user creates corresponding custom fields (for example, IMDB, ProductionYear).
13. Fixed: Abnormal termination on entering Image Preview.
14. Fixed: Corrupt MP3 ID3v2 tags that had a negative frame length could cause a crash.

14.0.26 (07/06/2009)
1. Changed: MC will remember user-set column widths of television guide list for current and future sessions.
2. Fixed: Sweden DVB-T frequency table was not complete. Thank you Hans (paronsoda).
3. Fixed: The Media Center service would not show a company name in msconfig.exe.
4. Fixed: With Media Center running at Windows shutdown / logoff time, an error about starting JRService.exe could flash.
5. Changed: MJP files that installed skins to the old Theater View skin path "FullSkins" will be redirected to the new path. (please use the INSTALLSKIN command for future skin submissions)
6. Fixed: Using the keyboard to navigate up in a list wouldn't always scroll to show the first item once selected.
7. Fixed: Theater View keyboard could be disabled in the "Save As Playlist" popup.
8. Fixed: In advanced remote control commands that issued multiple commands in a row, some commands could get ignored.
9. Fixed (probably): During television time-shifting, buffering kicked in when user changed channel or when signal was weak.
10. Fixed: When showing the image preview window, the view header would get corrupted.
11. Optimized: The image preview window draws faster.

14.0.25 (07/02/2009)
1. NEW: A "Watched" column in "Recordings" list, in Television View, that indicates whether, or when, or how much you have watched the television recordings.
2. Fixed: Bug in the Image Preview mouse move code.
3. NEW: Histograms added to Image Preview.
4. Fixed: Fit and 100% buttons on Image Preview window would stay selected.

14.0.24 (07/01/2009)
1. Fixed: Theater View animated backgrounds were not drawing.
2. Changed: Adjusted how much Theater View lists fade when showing the overlay file info panel.
3. Fixed: In Theater View, adding a root category with a library item under it that had no children would not work logically.
4. Changed: Theater View message boxes respect checks of 'don't show again' from Standard View.
5. NEW: Added new option: Options > Tree & View > Thumbnails > Draw frames on image thumbnails.
6. NEW: Added new option: Options > Tree & View > Thumbnails > Create thumbnails for videos.
7. NEW: Library option to "Play local file if one that matches Library Server file is found".
8. Fixed: Fixed a few glitches with focus / navigation with the Theater View info panel.
9. Fixed: Some MCE remote buttons were not learning properly.
10. Changed: Added option on IR blast dialog to suppress system handling of App Commands while an IR blast was taking place.
11. NEW: Added Fit, 100% and close buttons to Image Preview window.
12. NEW: Added hide tree button to Image Preview window.
13. Fixed: Images now properly synchronized on mouse move.
14. Fixed: Shift inverts the "sync" checkbox state on mouse move and zoom.
15. NEW: Tooltips enabled for ImagePreview. (Name, dimensions and zoom.)
16. NEW: Theater View info panel allows entering into large fields and scrolling them (like Theater View News).
17. Fixed: With the start menu on the right of the monitor and set to auto-hide, maximizing Media Center could interfere with the ability to show the bar.
18. Changed: Pan & Zoom is off by default for image slideshows.

14.0.23 (06/30/2009)
1. Fixed: With both MCE and HID remote plugins enabled, both would not work reliably.
2. Fixed: The Theater View option "Disable Windows Media Center" would not work in some cases.
3. Fixed: Theater View's file info panel could overlay a popup message asking for confirmation (like on delete of a television episode).
4. Fixed: The "Delete" button was not working in Zone Manager.
5. Fixed: Lineup style Theater View lists didn't fade nicely when zooming into the File Info panel.
6. Fixed: Pushing dialog buttons using the 'Enter' key could cause the button to execute twice in some places, leading to strange behavior.
7. Changed: Several changes in the remote control editing dialogs. Sorry - you'll need to redo any IR blast commands you've created in previous builds.
8. Fixed: Remote control learned codes were not taking effect until after restarting Media Center.
9. Changed: Streaming mkv files are loaded with "File Source (Netshow URL)" filter explicitly.
10. NEW: Multiple Image Previews with synchronized resizing.

14.0.22 (06/29/2009)
1. Changed: MC will remember currently selected program in television view's programs list. When returning to the list after watching a recorded or live program the same program will remain selected (highlighted).
2. Fixed: IR learning wasn't working for HID keys.
3. Fixed: Adding a blast command used a generic name for the command rather than the user entered one.
4. NEW: IR learning / blasting using MCE receivers will work even with UAC enabled.
5. Fixed: Typed list / tree navigation would not scroll.
6. Changed: Image preview internals.

14.0.21 (06/26/2009)
1. Changed: Minor changes to the remote control dialogs.
2. NEW: Double Clicking the image preview will close it.
3. Fixed: flac files with "fla" extension could not be played.
4. NEW: Player installs "Media Center 14 Service" that runs only when the player is running to allow talking to hardware (for remotes, handhelds, etc.) when UAC is enabled.
5. Changed: Deleting television recording files is done in a safer way.
6. Fixed: Since build 16, television recording files recorded using prior builds could not be deleted cleanly from within MC.
7. NEW: Added support for MCE remote learning and blasting on Vista and Windows 7. (requires administrator priveleges for now -- this will change in a coming build)

14.0.19 (06/24/2009)
1. Changed: Sidecar files are moved when media files are moved.
2. Changed: Sidecar files are deleted when media files are deleted.
3. NEW: Clickable zoom/unzoom buttons added to thumbs to enable image preview window.
4. Fixed: Image preview window should only show for image views. (still a work in progress)
5. Changed: Image preview window is now just to the right of the tree.
6. Changed: Image preview window not on by default.
7. Changed: Image not shown in big tooltip if the image preview window is active.

14.0.18 (06/23/2009)
1. NEW: When saving the database, a cleanup process removes any files from the library folder that are not used by the program.
2. Fixed: When adding a playlist to the tree, if the tree scroller to show the new playlist, the in-place edit to allow naming would be canceled.
3. Fixed: When doing a Library Sync from a Library Server client after playlist changes, other playlists in the same playlist group could get corrupted.
4. Optimized: Improved performance of 3D wall style views.
5. Fixed: Television recording files (jtv, jts) could not be played from the Library Server.
6. NEW: Experimental IR blaster support for MCE transceivers. (not working yet)
7. Changed: Internal changes for how remote control commands are stored. You'll have to 're-learn' any remote controls that have been used previously.
8. Fixed: When connected to Library Server, auto-import could incorrectly remove server files from the library.
9. NEW: Experimental system for using images and cover art as the background of Theater View (create playlist "Theater View Background" and put images or audio in it to test)
10. Changed: Image preview window removed (coming back soon).

14.0.17 (06/22/2009)
1. Changed: More changes on data buffering during television (or television recording) playback.
2. Fixed: Build 16 wasn't able to find other running copies of the program, which caused problems in a few areas.
3. Changed: Switched "Description" field to a large-edit style editing field instead of using a single-line control for editing.
4. Fixed: MC rejected video sidecar files in which Title element contained attributes.
5. Changed: Thumbnails for TV recordings are grabbed at one minute into the video instead of the default 5 seconds into the video.
6. NEW: When using T'remote to play content on the server, the server will suppress playback error popups.
7. NEW: Theater View Info Panel shows full page information about movies, television programs, etc.
8. NEW: Image preview window.

14.0.16 (06/19/2009)
1. Changed: Renamed television subscription option "One per day, near prime-time" to "One per day, only prime-time" to more clearly describe what it's doing. (same applies to middle of night wording)
2. Changed: The list grouping "Album (by date)" is available in all views instead of only in image views.
3. Changed: Added MCC commands for zooming Theater View (also possible in Options or with [Ctrl]+[Mouse Wheel]) (
4. Fixed: Theater View did not nicely support Alt+# style input of international characters.
5. Fixed: Switching the resolution of a monitor while Theater View was showing did not update Theater View correctly.
6. Changed: The TV recording stub file (*.jtv) now references other data files by relative paths, instead of full path. This way the recordings can be moved to different locations and be still playable. They can also be shared and played from other computers.
7. NEW: Audio engine supports WAV files with a bit depth of 64 bits. (internal data path remains 32-bits)

14.0.15 (06/18/2009)
1. Changed: MC television time-shifting reader filter does a better job of buffering data when playing files from a network drive.
2. NEW: Added a new Theater View option "Disable Windows Media Center (useful if it is launching on the Green button, etc.)". (requires UAC elevation)
3. NEW: Added WASAPI option "Present 24-bit data in a 32-bit package". (some audiophile hardware needs 24-bit data while most consumer level hardware needs 24-bit data in a 32-bit package)
4. NEW: Improved web service interface (MCWS) so that all playback functions support zones.
5. NEW: When connecting to a Library Server, the server zones are added to the client zones under Playing Now to allow playback to any zone of the server or any zone of the client. (this replaces the 'Here' / 'There' popup)

14.0.14 (06/17/2009)
1. Changed: Removed the "Finish" page from the television scanning dialog -- the results are shown in the channel list after a scan.
2. Fixed: The Import single-folder wizard would import from the last path used instead of the current path (only applies to build 13).
3. NEW: Added new Handheld playlist format "M3U (relative paths without leading dot)" for devices that don't like relative paths that start with ".\".
3. Changed: Simplified how web media sites are added and removed from Theater View. (use Options > Theater View to configure)
4. NEW: Added YouTube Theater View integration that allows browsing popular, recent, etc. and allows doing searches.
5. Changed: Added a tip to the Monitor Switcher (MC14.exe /MonitorSwitch) for how to switch between two different displays on Windows 7. (requires two calls instead of one like Vista and earlier)
6. Fixed: MC14 would crash on television playback if MC12 had been run.
7. Fixed: Certain color format PSD files could cause a crash.
8. NEW: Theater View allows nesting of root items that will show on a secondary roller.
9. Changed: Renamed "Web Media" to "Connected Media".
10. Fixed: MC could hang when playing FLV video from YouTube in secondary monitor.
11. Changed: Shutting down a TRemote client no longer stops playback on the server.

14.0.13 (06/15/2009)
1. Changed: When user selects a channel in "Edit Channel List" window, MC tries to fill "Channel Number" field with a default value if the field is not already set by user (ATSC digital TV and analog Cable only).
2. NEW: Improved new Import interface when importing a single folder.
3. NEW: Reworked Theater View rollers so they can be grabbed and dragged or flicked to scroll with a mouse / touch-screen (works like other Theater View lists now).
4. Changed: ATSC television channel scanning will use an existing channel in database with identical channel name, instead of creating a new entry (in case the physical channel is different). This change is necessary to avoid creating duplicates, and to preserve existing subscriptions. Many television stations changed their broadcast carrier frequency (physical channel) at the analog broadcast switch-off last week.
5. Fixed: DVB-T channel "Is AC3 Audio" attribute was displayed incorrectly in "Details" section on "Edit Channel List" window.
6. Changed: Miscellaneous changes in "Edit Channel List" window.
7. Fixed: Media Center 13 and Media Center 14 shell extensions could fight with each other (may require manually enabling / disabling shell extensions in each program to get it working).
8. Fixed: Searching for Media Servers did not work (only applies to build 12).
9. NEW: Added more browsable categories to Hulu inside Theater View.

14.0.12 (06/12/2009)
1. NEW: Added support to Theater View. (still a work in progress; for now you must add a Theater View root item in Options > Theater View for the website:
2. Optimized: Core image MMX assembly rendering engine about 8% faster.
3. Fixed: Possible crash when scrolling in lists.
4. Changed: The text on the installer button "Next" is changed to "Next >", to be consistent with "< Back" button, and to avoid translation confusion with "Next" as in "Next Track".
5. Fixed: Monochrome PSD files that used RLE encoding could cause a crash (monochrome PSD files not currently supported).
6. Changed: "Next / Previous use favorite channels only" check box is moved from Television Options window to Edit Channel List window.
7. Changed: When saving an ID3v2 tag to an MP3, if the new tag is more than 8 KB smaller than the old tag, the file will be rewritten to save space on disk.
8. Fixed: Lists that were grouped into Album Thumbnails were not always working.

14.0.11 (06/10/2009)
1. NEW: Added write support to Library Server to allow bidirectional communication of any number of clients with a single server. When connected to a Library Server, use the command File > Library > Sync Library... to write any changes made on the client back to the server, and also update the client from the server if necessary. Expect automation in a future build.
2. Changed: When connecting the a Library Server, the Filename is no longer updated to show a URL -- instead this happens internally at playback time.
3. Fixed: Playing recorded television show or starting to watch a television channel while MC was doing scheduled recording could have long silence (up to 100 seconds) and (to lesser extent) paused video, if MC was on second monitor when playback started.
4. Fixed: Moving MC from one monitor to another while playing a recorded television show would cause audio and video to pause for a long time.
5. Fixed: MCE remote controls work again (support was temporarily disabled while building new remote system in early builds).

14.0.10 (06/09/2009)
1. NEW: Many improvements to using Media Center as a remote for another Media Center. (shows what's playing, next, previous, stop, seeking, and volume work)
2. Changed: Updated the Chinese language file (thanks to Katapa).
3. Changed: When an encoder needs to download a supporting file on first use, it could show two UAC prompts instead of one.
4. Changed: When emailing log files, a string is placed at the top of the message asking users to provide a description or link (it's hard to know what to do with logs with no context).
5. Changed: Quicktime file types (except mov, qt, m4p, and m4b) that are set to use "Automatic" Playback Method will be played using DirectShow instead of Quicktime engine if needed DirectShow filters are found on the computer.
6. Changed: Increased timeout used when searching for Library Servers.
7. Fixed: In some cases, searching for a Library Server could find a server running on the local machine, causing a possible circular reference.
8. Fixed: Creation of ZIP file with subfolders could fail to be unzipped on Linux (caused problems with Pix01 galleries).

14.0.9 (06/05/2009)
1. NEW: Many improvements to search suggestion engine (adds instructions, common searches, etc.)
2. Changed: Version 14 no longer functions with a version 13 license.
3. Optimized: Improved performance of thumbnail lists.
4. Fixed: Miscellaneous fixes in the remote control options dialog. Please select "Restore Default List" after installing this build.

14.0.8 (06/04/2009)
1. Fixed: Flickr uploader was failing on wide characters.
2. Fixed: Facebook uploader should be utf-8 safe.
3. Fixed: Inconsistent database filename was used when importing DVDs by "Import Playlist..." tool with My Movies data.
4. Fixed: Theater View News and Weather plugins were not appearing.
5. Fixed: When sorting a list, the selection would not remain visible.
6. NEW: Added web service interface (REST based) to library server. Use the URL [library server address]/MCWS/v1/doc or [library server address]/MCWS/v1/wsdl to see documentation. (still a work in progress)
7. NEW: When connecting to Library Server, a user can choose to play on the server instead of locally.

14.0.7 (06/02/2009)
1. Fixed: OSD Position display flickered when rapidly seeking forward or backward in video playback.
2. Fixed: Image editor changes stored in the library could cause a crash at display / thumbnail time if the underlying image was a different size than when the effects were performed.
3. Changed: When a My Computer view is loading, it will display the number of files found as it works.
4. NEW: It's possible to 'Show Only Files In Library' in My Computer views for easy browsing of the library based on location. (also filters the tree)
5. Changed: Revised the view header of 'My Computer' views.
6. Fixed: Wait messages would not show if not set to be on top. (Flickr uploader's for instance.)
7. NEW: Video tagging via sidecar support.
8. NEW: Remote control support for 'HID' generic input devices (like MCE remotes). This is a work in progress.

14.0.6 (05/27/2009)
1. Changed: When doing a Sleep or Hibernate from Theater View, Media Center will not close.
2. Changed: Internal television code changes.
3. NEW: Added "Update Feed" button for podcasts disinclined to load.
4. Changed: MC no longer attempts to register/unregister a file with exe extension during installation/uninstallation.
5. Fixed: When doing a license restore with a Media Center 13 license, the registration information dialog would not show the correct information. (early builds work with a v13 license)
6. Changed: When a file manually selected to play fails to play, an error will be shown instead of silently skipping the file and possibly playing another file. (in the middle of a playlist, errors will only be shown if there are three sequential errors)
7. Fixed: Zooming into a full-page thumbnail would not scroll to the correct location.
8. Changed: Auto-import could report the same DVD file over-and-over as changed if it was in a watched folder.
9. Optimized: Optimization that allows import to do less work when importing files for the first time.
10. Optimized: Reading MP3 ID3v2 tags is over 4 times faster.
11. Optimized: Clearing a large library is faster.
12. Fixed: Trying to play television channel without first running television configuration could sometimes cause MC to crash.
13. Optimized: The import engine imports files concurrently for much better performance on multi-core systems.

14.0.5 (05/22/2009)
1. Fixed: Possible stack overflow when unwinding the optimized thumbnail queue from build 4.

14.0.4 (05/22/2009)
1. Fixed: Rapid scrolling in a thumbnail list could cause a crash. (only applies to build 3)
2. Changed: Revised the dialog shown when multiple servers are found after searching for library servers (mostly an internal change).
3. Fixed: With DirectShow DSP filter enabled, holding down SHIFT key causes stutter in audio playback.
4. Fixed: Specifying a data type in an expression column (ie. &DataType=[Number]) did not always work nicely.
5. Fixed: plugin included with mc14 updated to actually work with mc14.
6. Changed: Czech language translation updated. (thanks Johnny B)
7. Changed: Updated all language files to include latest strings.
8. Optimized: Revised thumbnailing engine to be much more efficient when working with views where thousands of thumbnails need to be built.

14.0.3 (05/21/2009)
1. Changed: More refinements to default image views.
2. NEW: Image thumbnails get drawn with a frame.
3. Fixed: Analog television sometimes could be displayed in a tiny window.
4. NEW: Added scrolling animation to lists and trees.
5. Fixed: YouTube! Podcasts were not working correctly. (i.e. Podcast feed URLs like youtube:cars)
6. Optimized: Core drawing engine uses multiple threads when drawing large regions (like rendering image playback, etc.)
7. Changed: Image playback uses bicubic resizing when shrinking images (performance made possible because of #6).
8. Fixed: For some analog television devices, the Crop Edges setting failed to take effect on initial start up of television playback.
9. Fixed: Switching monitor during television time-shifting would cause MC to lose its Internal Volume setting, creating loud sound in some instances.

14.0.2 (05/20/2009)
1. Fixed: OSD menu drawing problem when switching from a memu item of larger size to one of smaller size.
2. Fixed: If multiple files were selected the EXPAND and COLLAPSE stack options would not always appear.
3. Fixed: Search for stack files was broken.
4. NEW: Updated German translation courtesy of bytestar.
5. Fixed: When building thumbnails in a list of grouped thumbnails, sometimes a thumbnail wouldn't fill in until it was redrawn by mousing over.
6. Changed: Refined new import wizard.
7. Changed: The purchase prompt will no longer show when running the program right after an install.
8. Changed: When loading an empty library, the import wizard will be shown.
9. Changed: Sorting is allowed for 3D library views in the Customize View dialog.
10. Fixed: 3D views / showroom views could crash in rare cases.
11. Changed: List group headers are skinnable (see Noire for an example).
12. Changed: Updated the default view schemes (still a work in progress).
13. Fixed: With MC set to use Internal Volume, television volume was not properly set when starting or stopping time-shifting.
14. Fixed: After manually starting television time-shifting, OSD message "Waiting..." stayed on forever.

14.0.1 (05/15/2009)
1. NEW: Added new face to import system. (wizard, finds media folders automatically, etc.)
2. NEW: Added support for loading Photoshop (psd) images.
3. NEW: Native support of DirectShow DSP filters in DSP Studio.
4. NEW: Added ability to turn off image, video, or data support in Options > General > Advanced > Features.
5. NEW: "Use a copy. (Will be stacked with original.)" option added to "Send to External". Note that the copy always ends up as the top.
6. Changed: Removed dzip32.dll and dunzip32.dll dependency for handling ZIP files.
7. Changed: Revised how skins are stored in the program directory to use more current naming.
8. Fixed: MC crashed when failing to play an audio file in J. River audio engine (using DirectShow filters).
9. Changed: Revised sizing of splitters, borders, player bar, list headers (some changes only apply to Noire skin).
10. Fixed: Rare re-entrance problem related to television playback when exiting MC.