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13.0.172 (07/06/2009)
1. Fixed: Trying to play television channel without first running television configuration could sometimes cause MC to crash.
2. Fixed: OSD Position display flickered when rapidly seeking forward or backward in video playback.
3. Fixed: Inconsistent database filename was used when importing DVDs by "Import Playlist..." tool with My Movies data.
4. Changed: Updated the Chinese language file (thanks to Katapa).
5. Fixed: Playing recorded television show or starting to watch a television channel while MC was doing scheduled recording could have long silence (up to 100 seconds) and (to lesser extent) paused video, if MC was on second monitor when playback started.
6. Fixed: Moving MC from one monitor to another while playing a recorded television show would cause audio and video to pause for a long time.
7. Changed: ATSC television channel scanning will use existing channel in database with identical channel name, instead of creating a new entry (in case the physical channel is different). This change is necessary to avoid creating duplicates, and to preserve existing subscriptions. Many television stations changed their broadcast carrier frequency (physical channel) at the analog broadcast switch-off last week.
8. Fixed: DVB-T channel "Is AC3 Audio" attribute was displayed incorrectly in "Details" section on "Edit Channel List" window.
9. Possibly fixed: Digital television failure on Windows 7.
10. Fixed: MC13 would crash on television playback if MC12 had been run.
11. Fixed: MC could hang when playing FLV video from YouTube in secondary monitor.
12. Fixed: The program could crash when using the 'Back' button after switching libraries.
13. Fixed: With the start menu on the right of the monitor and set to auto-hide, maximizing Media Center could interfere with the ability to show the bar.
14. Fixed: flac files with "fla" extension could not be played.
13. Fixed: Sweden DVB-T frequency table was not complete.

13.0.171 (05/27/2009)
1. Fixed: When doing a license restore for Media Center 13 with a Media Center 14 license, the registration information dialog would not show the correct information.
2. Fixed: With MC set to use Internal Volume, television volume was not properly set when starting or stopping time-shifting.
3. Fixed: After manually starting television time-shifting, OSD message "Waiting..." stayed on forever.
4. Fixed: Analog television sometimes could be displayed in a tiny window.
5. Fixed: For some analog television devices, the Crop Edges setting failed to take effect on initial start up of television playback.
6. Fixed: Switching monitor during television time-shifting would cause MC to lose its Internal Volume setting, creating loud sound in some instances.

13.0.170 (05/20/2009)
1. Fixed: MC crashed when failing to play an audio file in J. River audio engine (using DirectShow filters).
2. Fixed: Rare re-entrance problem related to television playback when exiting MC.
3. Fixed: OSD menu drawing problem when switching from a memu item of larger size to one of smaller size.
4. Fixed: When building thumbnails in a list of grouped thumbnails, sometimes a thumbnail wouldn't fill in until it was redrawn by mousing over.
5. Updated: German language files courtesy bytestar.
6. NEW: Will work with an MC v14 license.
7. Fixed: If multiple files were selected the EXPAND and COLLAPSE stack options would not always appear.
8. Fixed: Search for stack files was broken.

13.0.169 (05/12/2009)
1. Fixed: French DVB-T television tuning did not work.
2. Fixed: Changing television channel using OSD menu did not work unless Enter key was pressed within 2 seconds of displaying the channel info. Now it should work as long as the channel info is in display (5 seconds).

13.0.168 (05/11/2009)
1. Changed: Increased the maximum memory size of loadable PNG images from 256 MB to 1 GB.
2. Fixed: Installer now displays J. River when viewed in explorer.
3. NEW: OSD Menu handles Enter key. It can be used to execute certain commands when OSD menu is in display. Only implemented for televison channel switching and for showing DVD Menu.
4. Changed: Television "Programs" OSD menu will no longer automatically switch to last displayed program.
5. Changed: OSD menu stays on screen for longer time.
6. Fixed: When converting CUE files, the resulting filename could be incorrect.
7. Fixed: Converting using the external encoder could use a .dat extension instead of the extension specified in options.
8. Fixed: Some VST Plug-ins could crash or work incorrectly.
9. Fixed: The help links on pages like "Playlists" didn't jump to the correct location in the wiki.

13.0.167 (05/07/2009)
1. Fixed: ID3v2 tagging could discard the # tracks / # discs portion of the track # and disc # when tagging.
2. Fixed: When first installing a VST Plug-in, it was not possible to enable it for processing without restarting playback.
3. Fixed: VST Plug-ins that exposed more inputs and outputs than the current output format could crash.
4. Fixed: When pausing audio playback, if it performed buffering while paused, it could switch the playback state back to play.
5. Fixed: Setting the mute value to -1 (to mean true) from the automation SDK did not work nicely.
6. Fixed: Television channel scanning did not work for the last few builds.

13.0.166 (05/06/2009)
1. Fixed: With the ripping option to overwrite existing files enabled some encoders would not work. (only applies to last few builds)
2. Fixed: Using incomplete math syntax like "3 /" or "2+1+" could cause problems in expressions.
3. Changed: DSP Plug-ins are always loaded from the main user interface. (solves problems with plugins that create user interface at load instead of when requested by Media Center like DFX)
4. Optimized: Improved performance of J. River edit / expression controls.

13.0.165 (05/05/2009)
1. Changed: Upgrades to HTML parser used for RSS feeds in Theater View. (Yahoo! News, The Onion, etc.)
2. Changed: Improved Theater View's support of The Onion in the News plug-in.
3. Changed: The burn complete dialog that prompts for Burn / Print Label / Quit is not shown if the burn completes while in Display View or Theater View.
4. Changed: When Theater View is showing, Standard View style wait messages will not appear.
5. Changed: Pressing the space bar on a J. River style button, checkbox, etc. will be considered a click.
6. Fixed: Theater View's Weather configuration dialog did not support tabbed navigation.

13.0.164 (05/04/2009)
1. Fixed: Showing Theater View on systems without DirectX 9 (or later) installed could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: WMA encoding would not work properly on a fresh install (only applies to the last few builds).
3. Fixed: Encoding could crash in certain cases (only applies to the last few builds).
4. Changed: If television is configured to automatically refresh the programming guide, it will do so once a day OR if there are no programs available (retries every 30 minutes if there are no programs).
5. Changed: Shortened the portable install description in the installer so it fits better with larger fonts.
6. Changed: Switched the Austria country code used for mc2xml to AT.
7. NEW: Added CD burning in Theater View. (use "Burn" item in roller of any file view)
8. NEW: Added CD ripping in Theater View. (pick "DVD" with an audio CD in the drive and then select "Rip disc")
9. Fixed: Corrected a typo on the new Converter options page.
10. Changed: Reverted to also looking in the legacy Media Jukebox location for DSP Plug-ins to better support DFX, etc.
11. Fixed: When installing a new skin from a webpage, the change did not take effect until restarting the program.
12. Fixed: Album grouping / album expansion could cause problems when using Google Images from the Links bar to set the cover art for a video.

13.0.163 (05/01/2009)
1. NEW: Revamped Converter, so that it has nicer options and the ability to process up to 8 files at the same time.
2. NEW: Added a "Programs" OSD menu item for television. Left/right arrows cycle through Favorite Channels (or all channels if you have no favorite channels) with Now/Next program info. MC automatically switches to the last channel you stop at.
3. Fixed: Playing Now / playlists lists could empty and not refresh properly in certain cases. (only applies to last couple of builds)
4. Changed: Revised the internal system that provides ideal sizes for controls when laying out user interface. (should be internal change, but please report any issues)
5. Fixed: Extremely loud sound was produced when playing an audio track that was mistyped as non-audio while Volume Leveling was turned on.

13.0.162 (04/30/2009)
1. NEW: Added native support for VST plug-ins. Add plug-ins in Plug-in Manager and configure inside DSP Studio.
2. Changed: Television OSD channel/program info display uses bold and italic font for words "Playing now:"/"Recording now:" and "Next:".
3. Changed: The "Add Plug-in" button in Plug-in Manager will prompt for UAC elevation so plugins get registered as administrator (where they have proper HKLM registry access).
4. Changed: Renamed "out_MJ.dll" to "out_Main.dll" and "dsp_MJMain.dll" to "out_Main.dll" for consistency. (should be internal change, but please report any issues)
5. Optimized: DSP plug-ins are only loaded when enabled or viewed, so having a long list of installed DSPs (VST, Winamp, or J. River) has no performance impact.
6. Changed: Revised how plug-ins that contain multiple plug-ins inside a single DLL register themselves to accommodate #5. (each plug-in uses its own registry key instead of all plugins sharing a key and the program loading and enumerating at run time)
7. Changed: DSP plug-ins installed to the legacy location (Media Jukebox) are no longer loaded.
8. NEW: Added a status in DSP Studio to show if a plug-in is processing data, if it failed to load, if it doesn't support the input format, etc.

13.0.161 (04/29/2009)
1. Changed: Picking a zone-specific Playing Now (introduced in build 160) also switches to that zone.
2. Fixed: In certain cases, running two J. River players at once could cause some COM-based plugins to fail to work properly.

13.0.160 (04/28/2009)
1. Changed: Improved Theater View television view for dealing with live television (renamed "Channels" to "Live TV", better integrated guide data, etc.)
2. Changed: The "Big Screen" roller item in Theater View's Playing Now no longer appears when nothing is playing.
3. Changed: Pressing enter on a navigation roller item in Theater View with no function will do the same as pressing the down button.
4. Changed: After loading programming guide data, TV program cover art will be automatically downloaded in the background. (will only run automatically, at most, every 14 days)
5. NEW: Added support for command line switch /NoDependencies to installer to bypass installation of third-party dependencies like DirectX tools DLL, etc.
6. NEW: Added new repeat mode "Stop After Every Item", which can be useful in DJ settings.
7. Fixed: MC would hang when moved to a different monitor while time-shifting on a television channel.
8. Fixed: The Rename, Move, & Copy Files tool did not allow semi-colons in output filenames.
9. NEW: When multiple zones are configured, each zone will show up under "Playing Now" in the tree. This allows linking tabs or split views to different zones. Activating these views also switches the active zone. [experimental -- may not remain]
10. Fixed: A large MP3 of all binary 0's could cause the analyzer to crash.

13.0.159 (04/27/2009)
1. Fixed: Playing a file from Theater View when another file was playing could just show the playing file in some cases (only applies to build 158).
2. Fixed: Deleting a television program or scheduling a recording from Theater View using the roller could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: Text spacing in CD ripping progress action window was wrong.
4. Fixed: Explorer view would go bonkers when faced with thousands of folders within one directory.
5. Changed: Country, Producer fields are available for all media types.
6. Changed: Country, Producer, and Screenwriter fields are changed to list type.
7. Fixed: Some comboboxes would not properly draw their drop arrow when disabled.
8. Fixed: When doing a Quick Search (F3), a partially visible thumbnail would not be made wholly visible.
9. Changed: View customization allows list grouping and album thumbnails in smartlists and playlist groups. (but not possible in ordered lists like a playlist or Playing Now since it would fight with the ordering)
10. Changed: Added Windows 7 compatibility section to executable manifests; prevents Program Compatibility Assistant popups on install, etc.
11. Changed: When importing television recordings, the time of the show is rounded to the nearest 5 minutes to make it better coincide with the program starting time.

13.0.158 (04/24/2009)
1. Changed: Quick Search highlights matches using edit colors instead of bold.
2. Changed: When adding a new library view, the new view name will automatically be set to the name of the selected view instead of always using "New Library View". (can still be customized)
3. Fixed: Audio problem on analog TV/capture devices when using an input line (in particular, Hauppauge HD PVR Capture device).
4. Changed: Performing an action that requires the Action Window (Tag link on thumbnail, Burn disc, etc.) will unhide the tree if it's hidden.
5. Fixed: When loading a Podcast Feed, a content type was specified in the request header, which could confuse some servers.
6. Fixed: Using right-click menu or OSD menu to start recording from a video input line (on Hauppauge HD PVR Capture and other devices) did nothing.
7. Fixed: Erroneous message box saying "You are watching channel . Do you want to cancel it and start recording" was displayed when MC tried to start scheduled recording on a non-tuner video capture device.
8. Fixed: Viewing a large folder in a My Computer view could cause a crash.
9. Changed: When updating a 'My Computer' view that takes a while, the list will empty and say 'Working...' instead of showing the last visible items and not indicating that it's working.
10. Fixed: When leaving a view in Theater View where the file info panel showed the playing display, the frame would not fade out for a few seconds.
11. Changed: Playing a file in Theater View that's already playing will just jump to Display View instead of restarting the file.
12. Changed: When viewing a DVD menu fullscreen, the 'Play' button on a remote will act like enter instead of pause.
13. Fixed: The Television view in Theater View would not show programs once there was less five minutes left.
14. NEW: Added more sophisticated system for specifying when television subscriptions should record. (i.e. once per day, once per week, etc.)
15. NEW: A context menu item "Show signal strength on screen" for digital television that allows signal strength info stay on screen until user turns it off. It also works with OSD menu (using left or right arrow to toggle).
16. Changed: Moved the television Configure > Show Status command to the Settings dialog instead of the menu. (to work more like the other debugging helpers on the Settings dialog)
17. NEW: Added ability to have television recordings automatically deleted after some period of time. (can be set per subscription or per episode inside a subscription)
18. Fixed: In certain cases, the selection could be lost off the screen in Theater View.
19. Fixed: Search suggestions were not reachable with the down key on the keyboard.
20. Changed: Revised layout of television recording wizard.
21. Changed: "Repeat Playing Now" no longer loops when there is only a single file in Playing Now. This way, repeat can be left on but not cause television, DVD, etc. playback to loop. "Repeat Current Item" can be used to repeat a single file.
22. Changed: Configuring the player to run Media Server on startup in Options > Startup will also start Media Server at that time.
23. Changed: Revised how the player buttons at the top right of the player work. They show a menu, right-click and left-click merged, etc.
24. Changed: Automatic shuffle mode logic revised so it only shuffles audio, and only when more than one album are being played.
25. Changed: The zone menu no longer shows things like "Toggle Zone", "Synchronize Zone", etc. until more than one zone is configured.
26. NEW: When loading a library or starting playback of a file on a network (mapped drive or UNC) Media Center will try to reconnect, with a login dialog if needed, to unavailable network resources.

For internal testing only

13.0.156 (04/21/2009)
1. Fixed: Scheduled recordings that had been disabled could still wake the computer from sleep.
2. Changed: When inserting a string into an expression edit control, it would always add to the end if some text was selected -- now it replaces the text (unless the entire edit is selected).
3. Changed: More tweaks in television graph building.
4. Changed: Added some logging to 3D engine (Theater View, etc.) to help troubleshoot problems.
5. Optimized: Rewrote core string relpacement function (used widely internally) to be much faster.
6. NEW: When doing a Quick Search (Ctrl+Q), the typed phrases will be highlighted (currently with bold) in the list.

13.0.155 (04/20/2009)
1. Fixed: The installer would launch Media Center after installation on Windows 7, causing possible UAC troubles (since the installer can only run Media Center elevated, but a normal run should not be elevated).
2. Optimized: Resaved all included artwork files using a better encoder, reducing the build size and helping program load times.
3. Changed: Updated internal APE decoding to use Monkey's Audio 4.08 (prerelease) SDK which has fix for poor APE streaming performance.
4. Changed: JTS file type (television time-shifting file) is removed from file types list. Only JTV file type is used for TV recordings.
5. Fixed: On a fresh install, the player could ask about using a library from an older version of the player when it shouldn't have asked.
6. Changed: The user's font selection (or the default Segoe UI on Vista and Win 7) is used in many more dialogs and the installer.
7. Fixed: Deleting a television recording from Theater View could cause a crash.
8. Changed: Tweaked digital television graph building in an attempt to fix a problem on Windows 7.
9. NEW: Replaced "Quick Search" popup dialog with search integrated into the list. (Ctrl+Q or Edit menu)

13.0.154 (04/16/2009)
1. Fixed: With media server running, closing the program did not apply user settings for clearing playing now, recently imported, etc.
2. Changed: The MP3 parser will accept MP3 files with up to a megabyte of binary 0's before the first frame of audio data.
3. Fixed: When removing obsoleted components at upgrade install time, errors could be shown in some cases.
4. Fixed: Television would not work with some Windows 7 filters.

13.0.153 (04/15/2009)
1. NEW: Introduced new encoder plugin system; merged all stock encoders into enc_main.dll plugin.
2. Changed: Haali Video Renderer is now available for use with digital television. You may need to reset your video renderer selection.
3. Fixed: If a view title contained an ampersand, it could size tabs incorrectly so that it ended with ... when it wasn't necessary.
4. Changed: Integrated latest OGG Vorbis libraries into OGG playback / tagging plugin.
5. Changed: Added "Credits" field. Importing My Movies xml file adds only actor names to Actors field, but actor/role to credits field.

13.0.152 (04/15/2009)
1. Fixed: Setting external programs for file types in options did not always work properly.

13.0.151 (04/13/2009)
1. NEW: MC supports Hauppauge HD PVR Capture Device.
2. Changed: Added MTS to file types list, and put it together with M2TS file type into a new category - AVCHD Video.
3. Fixed: Theater View Television view did not properly allow switching views. (only applies to build 150)
4. Changed: Theater View file commands roller doesn't wrap tail elements to the left on wide screens since left goes back instead of to the tail.
5. Changed: Merged Theater View roller configuration for Default and Alternate navigation modes for file and Playing Now views.
6. Changed: Theater View information panel has tighter vertical spacing.
7. Changed: Tuned sizing used in Theater View information panel.
8. Changed: 'Park' and 'Back' roller item in default Theater View navigation only shows when backing out with the left arrow; roller scrolling is undone when unfocusing the roller.
9. Fixed: With some non-default double-click modes, double-clicking in a playlist could reset the scroll position to the playing track.

13.0.150 (04/10/2009)
1. Changed: Theater View's file info panel shows the playback display (picture-in-picture) any time the playing file is selected instead of only doing so in Playing Now.
2. Changed: Theater View's file info panel also shows in thumbnail file lists.
3. Changed: The full resolution image is used (loaded in background thread) when showing Theater View's file info panel.
4. Changed: Reflections in Theater View's file info panel could overlap above the reflection plane.
5. Fixed: Obsidian Theater View skin could have slight visual banding in the background.
6. Changed: Improved support for waking from standby for television recording, and added logging to better track standby / wake actions.
7. Fixed: Holding down Enter key on a selected file in Video library would cause MC to crash.
8. Changed: When exiting Theater View, when reentering it no longer selects the last button, which was "Exit".
9. Changed: If television recordings exist in the library, Theater View's Television view will start with the 'Recordings' page instead of the 'Guide' page.
10. NEW: Theater View file menus are replaced with a new roller (and popup dialog when necessary) system.
11. NEW: Theater View file info panel shows metadata like actors, producers, description, etc. for movies.
12. Fixed: When navigating back from the top roller in Theater View, the animation could hiccup during the transition.
13. Fixed: Theater View on screen keyboard could use too few rows on large displays.
14. Changed: Theater View file info panel uses smoother animations.

13.0.149 (04/07/2009)
1. Fixed: Theater View file info panel could cause a crash in some cases.
2. Optimized: Improved threading of Theater View file info panel.
3. Changed: Reworded the message shown when running a second instance of Media Center when the first instance can't be shown due to it being in a different user account, etc.
4. Fixed: Disabling the link bar in Options > General > Advanced > Features could cause library views to crash.
5. Changed: The Send To > Playlist menu no longer caps at showing only the first 500 playlists.
6. NEW: Added expanded option to control Media Center and Media Server startup with Windows (Options > Startup > Windows Startup).
7. Optimized: The Audio Analyzer is more intelligent about what files it resamples for analysis so that 48 KHz and 32 KHz material analyzes faster.
8. Fixed: MPL import of CD / DVD files did not work nicely.
9. Fixed: Creation / rename of a folder in My Computer did not update the user interface right away.

13.0.148 (04/06/2009)
1. Fixed: It was not possible to manually skip recording of a single episode of a television subscription in some cases.
2. NEW: Added an option for television subscriptions to require an exact match of the name. (so a subscription to 'Lost' won't record 'Lost in Space')
3. NEW: Added preset "DLNA (Philips NP2500, etc.)" to UPnP server to make serving to DLNA devices easier.
4. NEW: Added option: Options > Theater View > Behavior > Pause video playback when entering Theater View.
5. Fixed: The "Delete" right-click option would not always show up for files on a drive-style handheld.
6. NEW: Revised Theater View's Playing Now to show the current playback display in place of the large 3D image. (only shown when the display is something other than just cover art)
7. Fixed: Failed television recording could prevent system from going into sleep mode.
8. Fixed: Translation could cause the Media Library portion of the Quick Play feature to not work nicely.

13.0.147 (04/02/2009)
1. Changed: In DirectShow video playback, code for setting audio volume is moved to a worker thread.
2. NEW: Added experimental Theater View option (under Advanced) for integration of Display View and Playing Now. [This didn't stay.]

13.0.146 (04/01/2009)
1. Optimized: Improved performance of creating / refershing a column-style list.
2. Changed: Renamed "PSP" video conversion profile to "MPEG-4" in handheld options.
3. Changed: Added a more descriptive label to the handheld options sync list.
4. Changed: When manually removing a file from a handheld transfer that was included as part of the sync, a warning will be shown.
5. Changed: Pressing page up / page down (channel buttons on MCE remote) with Theater View focused on a roller above a list, the command will route to the list.
6. NEW: A debugging tool, "Copy television related filter info to clipboard" button, on TV settings dialog window.
7. NEW: Options > General > Advanced > Clear recent playlists now allows: Remove old tracks (default), Remove all tracks, Leave all tracks.
8. Changed: Simplified Theater View scrollbar skinning. (see included skins for an example)
9. Changed: Improved New Theater View Playing Now.
10. Changed: Theater View fades in from black when first loading.
11. Changed: MP4 amd M4V video types are now separated from other Quicktime types.
12. Fixed: Minor logging bug in television code.

13.0.145 (03/30/2009)
1. NEW: Movie entries in My Movies that are individual files are imported from My Movies xml data, in addition to ripped DVDs in VIDEO_TS folders.
2. Changed: Director field is changed to list type.
3. Changed: Improved handling of some WinTV PVR series analog TV tuners (such as PVR 150), so that it will work even if "WinTV Color Format Converter" fails to load.
4. NEW: System sleep is disabled during television recording.
5. NEW: Media Center will wake the computer from sleep for scheduled television recordings.
6. NEW: Shutting down the computer while Media Center is recording, burning, ripping, etc. will display a warning (and also a Vista / Windows 7 'shutdown blocking reason').
7. Fixed: Hauppauge HVR-1300 (Hauppauge WinTV 88x Video Capture) television tuner device did not work.
8. Changed: MC will reload television tuner lists every time the user goes to Options/Settings... to configure television, so that any usb tuner devices that are plugged in after MC has been started will be picked up.
9. Fixed: Hauppauge WinTV HVR-2250 (Hauppauge WinTV-7164 Analog Capture) television tuner devices did not work.
10. NEW: Resource.xml can create keyboard shortcuts (and global keyboard shortcuts) that run programs. ( )
11. Changed: Updated internal APE decoding to use Monkey's Audio 4.07 (prerelease) SDK which has a few fixes for handling of corrupt files.

13.0.144 (03/24/2009)
1. Changed: It's now possible to select "Watch" on a television program that's going to be on in the next 15 minutes. (watch formerly appeared only when the program was on)
2. Changed: Reworked the status messages shown when pressing the Pause / Break in Theater View (and other 3D views) to show the anti-aliasing and anisotropic levels and a few other details.
3. Changed: With high-quality drawing enabled, Theater View will use 16x FSAA when the video card supports it (instead of just 4x FSAA).
4. Changed: The file info panel in Theater View no longer crops all images to squares, but instead maintains the aspect ratio of the image.
5. Changed: Theater View "Base 2.xml" (base of most skins) adds small borders to the edge of the screen so that skins like Glass that have item backgrounds don't look as crowded.
6. Fixed: MC would crash if it tried to record, in the background, a digital TV channel with low/no signal.
7. Fixed: When using Media Server and then showing Theater View first, when returning to Standard View no view would get loaded until manually switching views.
8. Changed: Reworded the confirmation message displayed when TV recording manager starts recording a program on a TV tuner that is already being used for viewing another channel. Also the confirmation message box now self-destructs in one minute and recording starts if the user does not click a button.
9. Fixed: If the user clicked Cancel on the confirmation message box for "switching channel and start recording", the message box popped up again and again. Now "Cancel" really means cancel.
10. NEW: Option to use favorite TV channels for Prevous / Next buttons. You can edit favorite channels list on "Edit Channel List..." window.
11. Fixed: Updated mc2xml support to be more compatible with the latest versions.
12. Fixed: When returning to Theater View and then returning to the root of Theater View, a different root could be selected than expected.
13. Fixed: Pasting tracks into a list (Ctrl+V) would not honor the selection position if the selection was not currently visible.
14. Fixed: If television recording cancelled a recording due to a user requesting to keep watching what is already on, it could delete an entire subscription instead of just the recording of that one program.
15. Changed: Improved audio handling on some analog television devices (possibly solving audio problem with Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1300 MCE).
16. NEW: Television recordings can be assigned a priority that will be used if more programs are scheduled than the system has available tuners.

13.0.143 (03/20/2009)
1. NEW: Added WASAPI device option to flush the soundcard's buffer on pause (to fix cards that keep looping their buffers while paused).
2. Fixed: Old style Theater View skins could crash on navigation.
3. NEW: Updated the "Hairstyle" Theater View skin to use newer roller-based animation.
4. NEW: Added new video fields "Director", "Producer", "Screenwriter", "Original Title", "MPAA Rating", "MPAA Rating Description", "Country", "Tagline", "Video Standard", "Aspect Ratio", "Actors", and "Studios".
5. Changed: Importing of "My Movies" export files is done using "Import Playlist..." tool.
6. Fixed: When running "Import Playlist..." the Open File dialog did not show txt and xml files when user chose "All playlist types" filter.
7. Changed: Starting or stopping recording a TV program while watching the program will no longer reverse TV's paused state, nor will it jump to live position.

13.0.142 (03/19/2009)
1. Fixed: Selecting secondary rollers in Theater View plugins was not possible when using the alternate navigation model.
2. Changed: Changed default Theater View frame rate to 60 fps instead of 30 fps.
3. NEW: Theater View file info panel image uses true 3D rendering and uses a background thread to perform image loading.
4. Changed: Making an SDK request for a thumbnail will always resave the thumbnail instead of returning the file already on disk if the thumbnail was previously requested.

13.0.141 (03/18/2009)
1. NEW: MC will import My Movies xml for ripped DVDs. Expect rough edges. Many fields are ignored at this stage.
2. NEW: Added advanced Theater View option "Use alternate navigation model".
3. Changed: Viewing Television "Recordings" in Standard View will sort with the most recent recordings at the top of the list instead of the bottom.
4. Changed: Viewing Television "Recordings" will also include programs that are currently recording.
5. Changed: Enlarged the size of the file info panel shown on the right of file lists in Theater View.
6. Changed: The duration of a television program is shown long-hand instead of as "30:00" in Theater View.
7. Changed: Simplified Theater View Television view.
8. Fixed: The Audible store could create an "Audible Titles" smartlist even if the store was never being used.
9. Fixed: Smartlist rules built on playlists that used "is all" did not work properly.
10. Fixed: Configuring TV device could cause MC to crash if the TV device failed to initialize for whatever reason.
11. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).

13.0.140 (03/13/2009)
1. Optimized: More speed improvements to filename-based fields for faster searches and view loading.
2. Optimized: Album analyzer (fills album artist auto, mix albums, etc.) is much faster.
3. Changed: In J. River edit boxes, Shift+Delete did not place the deleted text on the clipboard.
4. Fixed: When using WASAPI, pausing playback, then starting another track, a little of the previous track could play.
5. NEW: Reworked how 'Recently Imported' and 'Recently Ripped' are pruned at shutdown -- always keeps things 7 days old or newer, keeps last 50 items (breaks on album boundaries), removes entire playlist after nothing new for 30 days. (Options > General > Advanced > Clear 'Recently Imported' playlist skips this logic and deletes the playlists on shutdown)
6. Fixed: On a fresh install, the stock smartlist "Recently Played" could show files that had not yet been played if nothing in the library had been played.
7. Fixed: Using a startup volume setting could cause the setting to unexpectedly get applied when new playback was started in a zone.
8. Fixed: Television recordings would always be detected as having external changes by auto-import, causing an unnecessary file analysis and rebuilding of thumbnails.
9. Changed: When navigating left on a secondary Theater View roller, it will skip the blank spot.
10. Changed: When looping right on a secondary Theater View roller, it will skip the back and blank spots.

13.0.139 (03/12/2009)
1. NEW: Theater View second roller has blank spot and back item.
2. Changed: Included more complete Spanish translation.
3. Optimized: Improved performance of core filename parser, making many operations (especially searches and views that are based on paths) faster.
4. Optimized: Core date handling routines faster.
5. Fixed: Theater View playlist navigation was not working properly.
6. Changed: Updated all translation files to include the latest strings, and removed obsolete strings.
7. Fixed: J. River Bitrate Monitor/CoreAVC Decoder/DirectVobSub combination in video playback did not work (black screen).

13.0.138 (03/11/2009)
1. NEW: Added functions Length(...), Left(...), and Right(...) to the expression language.
2. NEW: Added function Math(...) to expression language for evaluating mathematical formulas.
3. Fixed: Spectrum analyzers would not update properly when resizing the player window.
4. Optimized: Reduced resource usage (slightly) when playback is stopped.
5. Fixed: Fast forwarding/rewinding television had bursts of sound if audio output was SPDIF.
6. Changed: Added support for ID3v2.2 TCO (genre) and TPA (disc number) frames.
7. Optimized: Numerous core database optimizations to improve performance for libraries with a lot of playlists.
8. Fixed: Video stream selection changes were not saved to database.

13.0.137 (03/10/2009)
1. Fixed: When viewing Theater View's root with playback stopped, pressing the Green button on an MCE remote will shift the keyboard focus to Media Center in the event that a different program was focused.
2. Fixed: The default button on a dialog could draw unreadable text with the Noire skin.
3. Fixed: Media Editor's file save dialog didn't always work nicely on Vista / Windows Server 2008.
4. Changed: During ATSC digital channel scanning, analog channels (those with minor channel number 0) are ignored.
5. Fixed: Navigating into some Theater View roots did not work (only applies to build 136).
6. Optimized: Many optimizations to improve Theater View view switching performance.
7. NEW: When using a list management window (like Theater View views, etc.) double-clicking an item will edit it, and double-clicking an empty area will add a new item.
8. Fixed: The Customize View dialog would show a "Commands..." button instead of the list of buttons in cases where it didn't need to.
9. Fixed: Internal Volume control was not available for some analog TV tuners that should have internal volume control.
10. Fixed: Library views that showed stacks of files based on a date-type field would not work correctly when navigating into the stack.
11. Changed: Pushing left to go back in Theater View will focus the leftmost item on the secondary roller, another left will go to the top roller, and another left will return to the home view.

13.0.136 (03/09/2009)
1. Changed: Reenabled background cover art lookup by default, but capped how many covers a silent auto-import will get each run.
2. Changed: Removed page up / page down support in Theater View rollers (also MCE remote channel buttons).
3. Changed: Navigating all the way left on a secondary roller in Theater View will shift focus to the main roller.
4. Changed: Faded the text more of duplicate times in Theater View's television view.
5. Fixed: With certain hardware, the volume on screen display could flash each pause, seek, etc.
6. Fixed: Theater View navigation could fail when using a language other than English.
7. Optimized: Switching between different library views in Theater View is faster.

13.0.135 (03/06/2009)
1. Optimized: When the program is minimized, there is one less user-interface related thread running (albeit the thread was mostly idle).
2. Changed: Theater View's Playing Now didn't show the playback commands roller.
3. Fixed: Reading MP3 tags could crash in rare cases.
4. Changed: MC will show a message box and put TV tuner device in error state when repeated attempts to record a television channel fail due to low signal or faulty tuner device.
5. Fixed: "ScreenGrab to File" in DVD/Video did not save image in user specified location.
6. Changed: By default, auto-import will not analyze audio or get cover art. These can still be enabled in Options > Library & Folders.

13.0.134 (03/05/2009)
1. Changed: Added Configure buttons to "Select Filters" window to display DirectShow filter property pages if available.
2. Fixed: In-place edits could show the edit control shifted down more than expected.
3. Changed: The FormatDate(...) expression function accepts a new format "DateTime" that formats using the system format and includes the time. ("Date" style doesn't include time)
4. Optimized: Removed some file system I/O done at program startup, making startup faster.
5. Optimized: Switched all stock skins to use only PNG image types for faster skin loading.
6. Changed: Streamlined television OSD when recording/starting/changing channel.
7. NEW: Revised Theater View roller layout to make player controls (pause, playback, vol, etc.) more visible.
8. NEW: Added The Onion as a Theater View news site.
9. Changed: Improved how Theater View news works with roller-based Theater View skins like Obsidian.

13.0.133 (03/04/2009)
1. Fixed: The new "Select Filters..." tool from context menu could fail to load and save settings when a video is played from the Internet (such as YouTube).
2. Fixed: Input plug-in section of Plugin Manager always showed an empty file types box.
3. Fixed: Auto-sizing multiline columns like lyrics would not work correctly.
4. Fixed: When drawing "..." at the end of truncated text, sometimes only one or two dots would get drawn instead of three.
5. Changed: Improved support for external cover art on a portable install.
6. Fixed: When doing a lossless JPEG rotation on an image, sometimes it could double-rotate by rotating the image data and setting the EXIF orientation to "Normal". (now rotation will always set the EXIF orientation to normal, and then take this into account during actual image data rotation)
7. Fixed: When an EXIF tag had multiple rotation tags, only one would be updated during lossless image rotation.
8. Optimized: Thumbnail database maintenance no longer scans thumbnail database on program shutdown. (scanning for orphan thumbnails is done when adding a new thumbnail, where it causes no performance hit since the database is loaded at that time regardless)
9. Changed: If Media Center fails to load an image for a file (database says tag has image but it doesn't or database points to missing external file), the image field will get cleared so there isn't a mismatch between the thumbnail and what can actually be loaded.
10. Changed: Updated APE decoding / encoder to the latest Monkey's Audio code. (fixes problem where corrupt frames could play as static instead of silence)
11. Fixed: When finishing playback of the last audio file in a playlist, the player could blink "Buffering..." a few times in the player bar.
12. Changed: When changing the "Pan & Zoom" setting using the on screen display during image playback, the setting change is permanent instead of temporary.
13. Changed: The dialog that (optionally) shows when inserting a new disc is no longer shown when in Display View or Theater View.
14. Changed: When entering Television view in Theater View, it will focus the Guide, Recordings, etc. roller.
15. Fixed: Incorrect progress indicator while protected WMA tracks were transferring to a device.

13.0.132 (03/02/2009)
1. Changed: Television view in Theater View draws the time in front of program names faded out.
2. Fixed: The play button on an MCE remote would not toggle pause while playing fullscreen.
3. Fixed: The Enter key (OK on MCE remote) would not pause DVD playback like it would with other forms of playback.
4. Changed: When changing the volume, an on screen display will be shown.
5. Changed: The page up / page down (channel up / channel down on MCE remote) allows looping in Theater View lists. (uses timer to prevent loops from key repeats)
6. Changed: When selecting a Theater View roller item that navigates (like Back, Playing Now, etc.), first the selection will move, then the navigation will occur. This makes it more clear what is happening.
7. Changed: Theater View rollers look smoother when switching views.
8. Changed: When user starts to record a TV program using right-click or OSD menu, the program name is briefly displayed on screen.
9. Fixed: Drawing partially transparent text onto a transparent background (Theater View, etc.) could result in artifacts.
10. Changed: MCE remote buttons "Guide" and "Recorded Television" show corresponding view in Theater View.

13.0.131 (02/27/2009)
1. Fixed: If a user closed MC without first stopping television currently recording, the recording was lost.
2. Changed: Locate menu items shown in the MRU menu again.
3. Changed: The channel up / channel down media keys / MCE remote keys will operate as a page up / page down while in Theater View.
4. Changed: Pressing the "Play" button on an MCE remote with something selected in Theater View will play that item. (previously it would only do this if stopped, otherwise it would toggle pause)
5. Fixed: The page up / page down buttons could lead to strange results with Theater View rollers.
6. Changed: The DVD Menu shortcut (MCE Remote, MCC_DVD_MENU, etc.), when DVD is not already playing, will start disc playback if nothing is playing or prompt to start disc playback if something is playing.
7. Changed: 3D Album / Showroom views better update when thumbnails are built.
8. Changed: 3D Album / Showroom views use full-resolution textures when zooming into an image.
9. Changed: Scrolling through a Theater View roller won't loop around from end to end during key repeats (works like other Theater View lists).
10. Changed: By default, CD & DVD is after Television in Theater View root view.
11. Fixed: On occasions files for multiple television recordings could end up in the same folder. Deleting one recording would cause other recordings to be deleted.
12. Changed: Renamed "CD & DVD" to "DVD" in Theater View. (sorry, requires root items to be reconfigured)
13. Changed: Mouse-wheeling over a combobox during in-place edit will roll the combobox index instead of scrolling the list.
14. NEW: When clicking a column header to sort a grouped list, you will be asked if you want to sort inside groups or if you want to temporarily disable grouping and sort all the files.
15. Changed: The "Select Filters" context menu item is back for DirectShow audio or video playback.
16. NEW: Entering the Theater View root while playing television or video will pause playback, and resume when exiting Theater View.
17. Changed: Made the toggle system used by the Green button on an MCE remote more sophisticated so that when rolling modes, it will normally put the home screen two clicks away and the display / last view one click away.
18. Changed: Removed the restriction that prevented configuration of TV devices while recording.

13.0.130 (02/26/2009)
1. Changed: When shutting down the system from Theater View, first the program is shutdown, then the system is shutdown. (prevents cases where Windows cuts Media Center off during shutdown making a database save not possible)
2. Changed: Running Media Server will disable the option to 'Allow multiple instances to run at one time'.
3. Changed: ID3v2 tags no longer store a TXXX(JR/Date) in ID3v2.3 tags when they have no more precision (i.e. time) than the year (TYER) field.
4. Fixed: Theater View News could show a superfluous dot at the end of each line when reading the full story.
5. Fixed: "Crop Edges" property that had been saved in database for a video file was not applied when the video was played.
6. Changed: When TV finishes recording and imports the recording into the library, the "Crop Edges" property of the file is set according to the setting under TV Settings.
7. Changed: TV recording files (jtv, jts) that do not have "Crop Edges" property saved in the dataabase will have it default to TRUE at playback time, regardless of the setting's value in "DirectShow video playback settings".

13.0.129 (02/25/2009)
1. Changed: Removed the old "Select Filters" dialog window. Removed DirectShow file type list from "DirectShow Playback Options" window, and renamed the window "DirectShow Video Playback Options."
2. Changed: When starting the program when another instance is already running, if the other instance can't be activated, because it's in another user account or is hung, an error message is shown.
3. Changed: MCE fast-forward / rewind buttons do 5x, 20x, 100x seeking. Using left and right arrows do jumping.
4. Changed: Switched the default volume mode on Vista and later to "System Volume". (can be changed under Player > Volume)
5. Changed: The "Band" field is saved as TXXX(JR/Band) in an MP3 ID3v2 tag instead of TXXX(Band) to avoid conflicts with some software that considers TXXX(Band) the album artist.
6. Changed: The "Date" field is saved as TXXX(JR/Date) in an MP3 ID3v2 tag instead of TXXX(Date) to avoid conflicts with some software that considers TXXX(Date) the year.
8. Changed: ID3v2 tagging used TDRC for date storage and removes other date fields when writing ID3v2.4 tags.
9. Fixed: In rare cases, bicubic image rendering from a large size to a very small size could cause a crash.

13.0.128 (02/24/2009)
1. NEW: DirectShow filters selection on "File Types" dialog window.
2. Changed: The options for recorded television programs in Theater View will show "Watch" and "Delete" instead of the regular play menu.
3. Changed: The "My Recordings" view in Theater View puts the newest programs at the top of the view.
4. Changed: Improved the information panel display shown in Theater View for television programs.
5. Changed: Some naming tweaks to Television view in Theater View.
6. Fixed: Television recording options "Record Current Hour", "Record Current Two Hours", and "Record Current Three Hours" via context menu or OSD menu did not work.
7. NEW: Pressing the record button (media key / MCE remote) will toggle a program to be recorded or not while in Theater View's television view, will toggle recording of the current program while watching, and will otherwise show television view in Theater View.
8. Changed: Choosing to record a program from Theater View will silently schedule a simple recording for that program instead of showing the Standard View popup dialog.
9. Changed: Changed previous / next buttons on MCE remote to switch tracks when playing something other than television (still seeks when playing television).

13.0.127 (02/23/2009)
1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
2. Changed: The Green button on an MCE remote rolls between the last view of Theater View, the home view of Theater View, and Display View (when playing). (also applies to Shift+F11 shortcut)
3. Changed: Theater View thumbnails cap at two lines of text instead of three.
4. Fixed: Theater View thumbnails didn't draw a ... at the end of the last line when all the text did not fit.
5. NEW: Pressing left / right will seek, and enter will toggle pause when in fullscreen Display View playback. (use up / down to show on screen display)
6. Changed: Special handling of image playback from #5 so left / right switch images, and enter returns to the last view.
7. Changed: On Windows 7, MCE remote handler stops (and restarts on close) ehrecvr.exe instead of ehtray.exe. (please report results if you're running Windows 7)
8. Fixed: Playing from a Showroom Theater View view could crash if the player was set to jump on play.
9. Changed: Arrowing up from a Theater View list will set the focus to the second (hidden) roller, then the top roller.
10. NEW: If the field "iTunes Compilation" exists, it will be read and written to ID3v2 MP3 tags using the TCMP frame.

13.0.126 (02/18/2009)
1. Fixed: If user changed analog TV device's tuner input type ("Antenna <-> "Cable") in build 125, it became inconsistent.
2. Fixed: Switching channel while watching another channel that was also being recorded was not handled correctly.
3. Fixed: When scanning for TV channels or ATSC OTA EPG data, MC reported the tuner as "Watching" instead of "Scanning".
4. Changed: Improved readability of system info report.
5. Fixed: Rip failure message text could sometimes be garbled.
6. NEW: Added new experimental Theater View view "Showroom". (to see, you must create a Theater View view under Audio, Images, or Video named "Showroom")

13.0.125 (02/18/2009)
1. Fixed: Setting the shuffle mode using CMJCurPlaylistAutomation worked in reverse, so off turned it on and on turned it off.
2. Fixed (hopefully): Poor video and audio for "ZAP TV 1101" television tuner device.
3. NEW: Added system-wide broadcast mechanism so third-party applications can monitor and respond to program events.

( documented in C++ header file at the top of )

4. Changed: Radio feature (Player > Play Radio) uses an can be started with an MCC command (command number 10047).

( documented in C++ header file at the top of )

5. NEW: Pressing the "Radio" button on an MCE remote will start radio playback (i.e. Player > Play Radio...).
6. Changed: When viewing Playing Now in Theater View, then showing Big Screen and changing tracks, upon returning to Theater View it will select the playing file instead of the last selected file.
7. NEW: DVD playback is automatically stopped after sitting at a menu with no keypresses for 15 minutes.
8. Fixed: Checking or unchecking an unselected DSP in DSP Studio would not work properly.
9. Fixed: When audio playback needed to buffer in the middle of a track, the display would not always nicely switch to "Buffering...".
10. Optimized: Improved speed to start playing streaming audio.
11. Fixed: Improved tab and shift+tab support when editing list-type fields like Keywords, etc.
12. NEW: Added ability to see recorded programs and channels inside Television view of Theater View.
13. Changed: Internal changes to how layers and cameras are managed in Direct3D views like Theater View, etc. (should be internal change only, but please report any problems)
14. Fixed: Scheduling TV recording when no EPG guide was available did not work since build 123 (start time was empty).
15. Fixed: Recording two consecutive programs on the same channel did not quite work (the second recording started 1 minute late).
16. Changed: TV device-specific settings are saved in a registry key with a name that is unique to the device, instead of the user-friendly device name, so there can be no conflicts when multiple devices of identical model are used. Sorry, users must redo settings.

13.0.124 (02/17/2009)
1. NEW: Many improvements to MCE remote support (catches Green button, disabled MCE handler while running, better key mappings, etc.).
2. NEW: A new OSD menu item for television recording.
3. Fixed: The "Customize View..." dialog would not always show the correct columns when customizing the "Bottom" portion of a library view.
4. Fixed: MC could crash when logging media type info that included invalid data.
5. Fixed: Artist Info (under Playing Now, etc.) link was not working properly.
6. Fixed: Playing Live TV (using the MCE Remote button, etc.) would not put channels in order, so channel up and down didn't work as expected.

13.0.123 (02/13/2009)
1. Fixed: After saving a custom equalizer profile, sliders could become unmovable.
2. Fixed: In rare cases (only one case witnessed to date), thumbnailing a large image could switch a large swatch of black to white.
3. NEW: MC will try to record a television program retrospectively from the beginning if the user schedules its recording after the program has already been running for a while and the user already has been watching it in time-shifting mode.
4. Fixed: When configuring a television subscription based on time, the default start time and duration could be shifted a little.
5. NEW: Norway DVT-T frequency table included.
6. Changed: When entering supported file types for a handheld, if comma or pipe are used for a delimiter, they will be automatically be changed to a semi-colon.
7. Fixed: The "Locate" menu shown when clicking on the information about the playing track would not always work correctly.
8. Fixed: Scheduled television subscriptions based on time could include days that were not selected by the user.
9. Fixed: In certain cases, a playing file would not show up in My Computer views.
10. Optimized: Loading the tree for My Computer views is faster. (for example, locating a file inside the program is about twice as fast)
11. Changed: It is possible to use expressions and edit multiple, varied files, when in-place editing list style fields.
12. Fixed: In-place edit of list-style fields could scroll the list in unexpected ways.
13. NEW: A new "TV Recording" context menu to start or stop recording on currently playing channel.

13.0.122 (02/12/2009)
1. Fixed: The view change roller in Theater View could cause a crash (only applies to build 121).
2. Changed: When loading an empty / invalid library using Library Manager, it no longer asks about using a library from a previous version (if it exists).
3. Fixed: Import of WPL (Windows Media Player playlist) files wasn't working properly.

13.0.121 (02/11/2009)
1. NEW: Top Theater View roller in audio and video library views has a Playing Now link. Select or press right on the top roller to enter Playing Now, press left to return.
2. NEW: Top Theater View roller in Playing Now contains Big Screen link that works like the Playing Now link in library views.
3. Optimized: Theater View rollers draw faster and look smoother.
4. Changed: Revised the rules for if Playing Now's selection tracks with track changes so that if the list is hidden the selection will always track.

(also tracks when played or next track is visible; but does not track when manually scrolled away from playback position)

5. Changed: MC uses the more sensible total data size for "File Size" of television recordings (jtv, jts files), instead of just the size of the stub files.
6. Fixed: The search suggestion system was not ignoring accents.
7. Changed: Search engine no longer ignores accents when doing an exact match type search like [Artist]=[Maná] (this makes panes, etc. work more logically in cases where you have, for example, both Mana and Maná).
8. Changed: Right-click the column header for an expression column shows a menu item to allow editing the expression and name.
9. NEW: Made audio engine prebuffering configurable in Options > Playback (possibly helpful with uneven network connections, etc.).
10. Changed: Slight organization change in Options > Playback.
11. Optimized: Parsing XMLTV files is over 10x faster.

13.0.120 (02/10/2009)
1. NEW: Improved Television view so that the buttons shown at the top are more logical. (i.e. "Cancel Recording" to stop a recording instead of "Record")
2. NEW: Added a "Delete" button to the television view for deleting recorded programs from disk.
3. Changed: The tooltip for a televion program appears when mousing over any column instead of just the status column.
4. Changed: The tooltip for a television program includes information about what a double-click will do.
5. Changed: Changing the television view filter resets the selected channel.
6. Fixed: The search suggestions in the television view didn't properly show televion program names.
7. NEW: Added option to reset mc2xml settings when loading television program guide.
8. Fixed: The cover art lookup dialog could fail to load images after the first page of results.
9. NEW: Removed the summary page from the television recording wizard.
10. Fixed: Playing streaming content from some sites could cause occasional pauses in the main user interface.
11. Fixed: Playback range sanity check added in build 118 could cause problems with CUE playback.
12. NEW: MC allows recording television shows without EPG.
13. Fixed: Visualization was not available when Playback Method "J. River audio engine (using DirectShow)" was used.
14. Fixed: MC would crash when playing some audio streams from the internet (such as AAC+ streams from SHOUTcast) in "J. River audio engine (using DirectShow)".

13.0.119 (02/06/2009)
1. Fixed: A corrupted PNG file could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Parsing of JPEG files that contained restart markers would not always work properly.
3. Fixed: Analyze audio (or possibly other multi-threaded file operations) could crash in rare cases.

13.0.118 (02/05/2009)
1. Fixed: After converting from a 'cue' type file to another format, playback wouldn't work because of an invalid playback range value in the database.
2. Fixed: Playback ranges are sanity checked against the duration to avoid apparent playback failures.
3. Fixed: Album thumbnail views could crash (only applies to build 117).
4. Fixed: In views, using a grouping (i.e. A-C, D-F, etc.) in front of values with a path like keywords would not work properly.
5. Fixed: When user chose to save television time-shifting files, the jts file was imported without adding reference-counting.

13.0.117 (02/04/2009)
1. Optimized: Video thumbnailing runs around 30% faster.
2. Optimized: Video import around 35% faster.
3. Changed: Videos played in Directshow get dimensions during thumbnailing instead of during import.
4. Changed: Tweaked scheduling of television recordings so consecutive recordings on the same channel are done on the same tuner.
5. Fixed: Some non-editable fields like width and height would allow in-place editing that had no effect.
6. Fixed: User configured sorting would not be properly applied to library views of album groupings.
7. Changed: Improved television view handling of subscription programs not being recorded because they're the second showing on the same day.
8. Fixed: When manually disabling recording for the first showing of a subscription on a day, the second showing wouldn't automatically enable for recording.
9. Changed: Television recording could say "This program has already finished." when attempting to configure a recording or subscription earlier in the day, when there are times it's necessary to adjust the settings of earlier recordings (to handle extending past the end, recurring subscriptions, etc.)
10. Changed: Added several maintenance routines to the television recording database to ensure old programs, programs on deleted channels, duplicate subscriptions, etc. get cleaned up.
11. Fixed: When multiple television recordings were done during a single time-shifting session reference counting was not done correctly, so deleting the first recording would delete data for subsequent recordings.
12. Fixed: Some illegal characters (from EPG) ended up in jtv filenames for television recordings.
13. Fixed: Minimizing the program with DSP Studio showing could make it impossible to get DSP Studio to show again.
14. Fixed: "Toggle List Style" is no longer shown in Theater View search since searching automatically picks a list style based on results.
15. Fixed: Certain WAVE files would not play.
16. Fixed: The MCC_THEATER_VIEW command would show unexpected views when used with library items like SHOW_THEATER_VIEW_MODE_AUDIO.
17. NEW: Added support for WPL (Windows Media Player) playlists.

13.0.116 (02/03/2009)
1. Optimized: Many more optimizations to loading of library views. (example: loading complicated library view with 450,000 album library: v114 = 756 seconds; v115 = 19 seconds; v116 = 12 seconds)
2. Fixed: In an image list, grouping by keywords would show "[Group Name]" in the group header instead of the keyword.
3. Fixed: MCC_PLAY_TV MCC command did not work properly in the last couple of builds.
4. Fixed: Using a large font could cause buttons to overlap in list management toolboxes (now buttons are combined into a single "Commands..." button that shows a menu when there is no space)
5. Fixed: Background over-the-air EPG scanning was not silent.
6. Changed: Choosing a large font in options could cause the player area to draw incorrectly. (menu fonts are now sized down to fit instead of overlapping or pushing the skin out of place)
7. Changed: Changes to Theater View options to (hopefully) make configuration more intuitive.
8. Fixed: On a fresh install, the player could incorrectly report that it found a library from a previous version.

13.0.115 (01/30/2009)
1. Optimized: Several optimizations that help performance of library and views (example: loading complicated library view with 450,000 album library went from 756 seconds to 19 seconds for about a 40x speedup)
2. Fixed: In Television view, recently recorded programs using the jtv file type were not properly being shown / treated like a recorded show.
3. NEW: Added an "Add Channel" button on "Edit Channel List" window for users to manually add a television channel.
4. NEW: Television channel details are shown on "Edit Channel List" window.
5. Fixed: When drilling into a library thumbnail and then pressing back, the scroll position / selection would not be restored.
6. Changed: Semi-colon is no longer considered an invalid character for use in filenames. (could lead to strange behavior when creating files next to a file that had a semi-colon in the path)
7. Fixed: Playback of DVD files (ifo, vob) would fail if "J. River video engine (using DirectShow)" was selected as Playback Method.
8. Fixed: ATSC digital TV over-the-air EPG scanning could fail if no digital channel data was found in the registry.
9. Changed: DCRaw.exe to version 8.90.
10. Changed: Removed the success message box shown after manually loading television program guide information from XMLTV.

13.0.114 (01/28/2009)
1. Changed: The file info panel in Theater View shows a no art image when there is no art for a file.
2. Changed: Grouping in lists will draw a no art image for the group when there is no art for the files in the group.
3. Fixed: Using an overscan setting in Theater View could lead to drawing artifacts.
4. Fixed: Doing Update Library (from tags) could switch named imported DVDs to the name "VIDEO_TS".
5. Fixed: Importing a ripped DVD would not properly fill the name using the naming scheme provided in Options > File Location.
6. NEW: Added new configuration interface for Theater View views -- allows adding, renaming, and removing library roots; allows full control over included files; etc.
7. Changed: Theater View list style is stored per view-scheme in library views instead of being the same for _all_ views in that media type.
8. Fixed: Showing a custom webpage in Theater View could cause a crash.
9. Changed: Tuned the list of words that will not get capitalized when using "Title Case" in the tag cleaner tool.
10. Changed: Some television playback internal changes.
11. Changed: Television recording via Right-click menu -> TV Recording is removed.
12. Changed: Revised the stock Theater View views (will require views to be reconfigured).

13.0.113 (01/26/2009)
1. Fixed: Some comboboxes would not properly support corner transparency, which is used by some skins.
2. NEW: Program description is filled in Description field when TV recording is imported.
3. Changed: Revised internal storage format of television programs (requires reload of program guide).
4. Changed: When a television program has no artwork, a nicer television-specific image is shown.
5. NEW: Television program guide can be automatically reloaded each day.
- To enable, check the option "Automatically load the program guide this way once a day in the background" on the last page of the Load Program Guide wizard.
- To disable, pick "Reset" in the Load Program Guide wizard.
- It will run once a day.
- It will not run if there are recordings or watchings currently running.
- External applications will run hidden.
- If an external application does not finish in 10 minutes, it will be stopped.
- If there is an error loading data, it will not retry for 8 hours.
6. NEW: For digital television a new OSD command item (using up or down arrow key) called "Signal" that displays video resolution and signal strength, as "Resolution: 1080i, Strength: 89%".
7. Changed: For digital television, video resolution and signal strength are no longer displayed each time the user switches channel.
8. Fixed: Pressing pause during track transitions could cause strange display issues if the next file was short.
9. Fixed: Pressing 'Previous' at the very end of a track to seek back to the beginning would not always work as expected.
10. Changed: Made meaningless code changes to avoid false-positive from Kaspersky for PackageInstaller.exe.

13.0.112 (01/23/2009)
1. Fixed: "Group By" menu would be incorrectly available when viewing Panes + Album Thumbnails.
2. Fixed: Pane tagging was not placing a checkbox next to "Unassigned".
3. Changed: Revised user interface of Remote Control options page.
4. Fixed: TV recording imported jts file when only jtv file needed to be imported.
5. Fixed: When ending a time-shifting session, if the user chose not to save time-shifting data, the TV recording that had finished during that session was also deleted. Now the data related to the TV recording is saved, and only unwanted data is deleted.
6. Changed: Revised the user interface shown when adding or modifying a remote control command.
7. NEW: Added a "Delete All Channels" button to the manage television channels dialog.
8. NEW: Television view better steps a user with no channels or no program guide through setup.
9. NEW: Scanning for television channels no longer blocks the main user interface of the program.
10. Fixed: Some popups weren't correctly remembering their last size.
11. Fixed: Deleting TV Recording/time-shifting files from hard disk only deleted a single file, instead of all files related to a recording.
12. Optimized: Library views that show thumbnails with files below no longer build / update the bottom file list when it's set to zero height.
13. Fixed: If a tree item was auto-expanded, then the tree was refreshed, it would not properly auto-collapse.
14. Fixed: On a fresh XP install, the player could download Windows Media Format files that it didn't need to. (nothing got installed)
15. Changed: When TV recording is imported, the Date field is filled with the time the recording was started, instead of the time when importing occurred.
16. Fixed: The bookmark field was not filled when a jtv file was imported.
17. Optimized: A few core library optimizations that help program performance.

13.0.111 (01/22/2009)
1. Optimized: Removed dependence on wmdmproghelp.dll during WMDM handheld transfers.
2. Changed: Switched from bundled help to online help using the wiki. (the wiki contains the full manual)
3. Fixed: During install, the progress bar would not always go all the way to the right on the copying files stage.
4. Fixed: TV recording (jtv files) was extended beyond scheduled stop time if user was watching the channel at the scheduled stop-recording time.

13.0.110 (01/20/2009)
1. Fixed: A couple of messaging issues due to optimizations in build 109.
2. Fixed: The player could unnecessarily hit the internet to get store URLs instead of getting them on demand.
3. Changed: Officially removed Win9x support.
4. Optimized: Removed Win9x unicode layer -- produces smaller binaries and a slightly smaller download.
5. Fixed: The new jtv TV recording files would not play or import.
6. Changed: File types jts and jtv are better registered with DirectShow so that they can be loaded by other DirectShow applications.
7. Optimized: Revised some core library functionality to provide slightly smaller binaries.

13.0.109 (01/19/2009)
1. NEW: A new file type *.jtv is created for TV recording. This is not a stand alone file type. It is a stub file that references to time-shifting files so we can manage TV recording and time-shifting better.
2. Fixed: In rare cases, a television channel with missing information could be shown, but recording of that channel would fail.
3. Optimized: More improvements to core libraries to reduce size of components.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Benoit de Corn!).
5. Fixed: DSP Effects user interface was not working properly (only applies to last few builds).

13.0.108 (01/16/2009)
1. Optimized: Some system update components that are only needed once and only needed on certain machines are downloaded at install time instead of included with the build.
2. Changed: The Media Center installer will no longer update the Windows Media format runtimes to v11.0 on XP machines. Use Windows Update to update your machine.
3. Fixed: When the core JRTools.dll version changed, shell extensions could lock JRTools, requiring a reboot to install. (could still happen with this build, but won't again)
4. Optimized: Changes to core components to reduce the size of included DLLs and EXEs.

13.0.107 (01/15/2009)
1. Optimized: New build compression system used that provides smaller builds and faster installs.
2. Optimized: Application icon uses compressed PNG for the largest format. (should be internal change, but please report any problems)
3. Fixed: The new database format in build 106 could drop the last run of values in some fresh import cases.
4. Fixed: DSP Studio would not size correctly for some non-stock DSP plugins.
5. NEW: Added "Show Status..." under Television > Configure... to show the status of each television device and what recording actions are queued.
6. Fixed: Pausing/unpausing a TV show while it was being recorded by TV recording manager would cause TV to report its state as "not recording", which would cause several problems.
7. Fixed: Television recording could crash when "Use FFDShow for post processing" option was on.

13.0.106 (01/14/2009)
1. Optimized: Updated database format to use 35% - 70% less space on disk, and load and save faster. (upgrades database format, so all players sharing the library must be upgraded)
2. Fixed: ATSC Digital TV EPG scanning would crash if digital channels list in registry was empty.
3. Fixed: The bookmark for TV recording was not saved to database when recording was done.
4. Changed: Revised interface of equalizer DSP plugin and removed dependency on MFC for faster loads and less memory usage.
5. Fixed: Sometimes TV was put in the wrong state after a monitor change.
6. Fixed: The file list below a thumbnail view would not respect user configured sorting. (configure in Customize View > Bottom > Sort By)
7. Fixed: Installing a Winamp 2.x input plugin could cause a crash.
8. Optimized: Switched internal dependencies of DSP plugins and DSP studio to only use J. River libraries. (internal change, but provides better performance and more standard user interface)

13.0.105 (01/09/2009)
1. Fixed: Scheduling a television recording to extend far past the end of a program, then configuring that recording by picking a later program that is also included could cause problems.
2. Fixed: Theater View could show partial items when scrolling near the bottom of the list.
3. Changed: News and Weather Theater View plugins look smoother when scrolling through lists.
4. NEW: Added Jokes4All source for reading jokes from Theater View (now that Comedy Central only provides one joke a day).
5. NEW: Added ability to read Engadget posts to Theater View's News plugin. (use Set Source on the News screen to change sources)
6. Changed: When watching a TV channel that is currently being recorded, MC will not jump to the "live" position. Instead, it will go to the earliest available position when the channel is initially being watched. The current position being watched is bookmarked so that the next time the channel is watched (while the recording is still going on), MC will pick up from where it was left the last time.

13.0.104 (01/08/2009)
1. Fixed: MC Command MCC_PLAY_TV did not always start last played TV channel.
2. Fixed: When stopping WASAPI playback on certain hardware, the soundcard could continue playing a burst of noise in a loop. (hopefully fixed, please let us know)
3. Changed: Tuned Theater View scrollbar spacing / sizing.
4. Fixed: Text drawing in some areas of the program could draw with the incorrect color.
5. Changed: View header / view tabs font could look overly bold with some skins.
6. Changed: Some message boxes could appear overly wide. Also, very large message boxes could put the OK button off the screen.
7. Fixed: Flac input plugin was adding 6db to replay gain tag when writing the tags. Reverted to previous behavior. To correct the bad tags, do "update tags from library"
8. Fixed: Clicking on the main program while a modal dialog was showing would not always bring the modal dialog to the front of other windows or blink the modal dialog.
9. Optimized: Database loading is faster.

13.0.103 (01/07/2009)
1. Fixed: TV tuners that were scanning (for either channels or programming guide) were incorrectly classified as either "idle" or "watching". As a result the TV recording manager would take them over for recording.
2. Fixed: The "Exit" button in Theater View didn't work unless it was removed and added again in options (only applies to build 102).
3. Changed: Theater View uses multi-pass rendering to more nicely fade the edges of rollers and provide a smoother look while animating.
4. Changed: In Television, picking "Record" for a program that was configured for partial recording (due to extending the previous program) would start a fresh record wizard instead of allowing configuration of the existing recording.
5. Fixed: Changing the recording options for a program or subscription would not update the EPG view immediately.
6. Fixed: Browsing into "Unassigned" items in thumbnail views was not working properly.
7. Changed: When maximized, any rounded edges of a skin are removed and filled with solid black so that clicking in the screen corner won't send the click to a window behind Media Center.
8. Changed: When doing File > Open URL..., if the server does not provide a content-type header in the response, it will be assumed to be an MP3 stream.
9. NEW: Theater View list scrolling more nicely supports animated flick-style scrolling.
10. Changed: TV will dynamically increase time-shifting index file (one hour at a time) when recording longer programs, instead of pre-allocating a large file at the beginning.
11. Optimized: Rewrote scroll control in Theater View to be much more efficient.

13.0.102 (01/05/2009)
1. Fixed: TV Recording folder would be wrong if user entered a path without a trailing "\" character.
2. Fixed: WASAPI playback could (still) fail on certain devices if the user-specified buffer size was too large.
3. Fixed: WASAPI playback of 24-bit material could produce static / ticking with certain hardware.
4. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
5. Changed: Revised anti-repeat mechanism in Theater View menus to better prevent holding the right arrow down from showing and accepting a menu command.
6. Fixed: Removing a file from Playing Now in Theater View would leave an orphan item in the list.
7. Changed: Removing a file from Playing Now in Theater View looks smoother visually.
8. Fixed: The Caps key did not work properly in the Theater View keyboard.
9. Fixed: When first entering a Theater View view, the info panel on the right of a list would not show information for the selected file.
10. Fixed: The "This Folder" entry in panes, tree, etc. was not working properly.
11. Changed: Text display animation used in Theater View, 3D Albums, etc. uses a more subtle animation style.
12. NEW: Theater View scrolling can be done by flicking a list (mouse down, mouse move, mouse up); particularly useful with touch screens.
13. Changed: Removed Theater View auto-scrolling of lists when the mouse nears the edge of the list -- use flicking, the scrollbar, or the mouse wheel instead.
14. Changed: Revised how Theater View scrollbars are sized so that they scale with the Theater View size setting.
15. Fixed: CD burning of cue files was not working.
16. Optimized: TV code logging and crash prevention.
17. NEW: During Theater View scrolling by dragging a list scrollbar, the name of the top item in the list will be shown large in the center of the screen.
18. Changed: TV will not show a confirmation dialog window when recording manager stops recording while user is watching the show.
19. Optimized: Improved performance of album thumbnail views.

13.0.101 (12/31/2008)
1. Fixed: Back-to-back television recordings on the same channel would get merged instead of split into two recordings.
2. Changed: Removed Scheduler support for recording television -- use the new Television view for any recording / subscriptions.
3. Fixed: Label spacing and alignment was strange in the television options dialog (only applies to build 100).
4. Fixed: Mouse-wheeling over an in-place edit list control could crash.
5. Changed: Pressing right in a menu won't accept the menu item for 1/2 second. This prevents key repeats from firing commands in Theater View.
6. Fixed: Sometimes TV recording would fail to start.
7. Changed: Old-style Theater View skins show buttons and the search keyboard in the Search view instead of only the search keyboard.
8. Fixed: When showing the "failed to get volume information from CD drive" warning, strange things could happen like the CD file list double-filling.
9. Fixed: Using Television options, scanning, etc. better handles when no tuners are present on the system.
10. Changed: Updated user interface of "Effects" DSP plugin.
11. Optimized: Improved performance of television engine so that device enumeration, loading, etc. only happens when used instead of always.
12. Optimized: During television recording (without playback at the same time), more disk I/O would be performed than necessary.

13.0.100 (12/30/2008)
1. Fixed: Canceling TV EPG scanning was not done properly.
2. Fixed: A black rectangle appeared in unexpected places when switching TV tasks (such as switching from viewing a channel to scanning for EPG).
3. Optimized: Infrequently used system libraries are loaded on demand instead of on program load.
4. Changed: Reworked the user interface of some of the DSP plugins. (better translation support, uses user selected fonts, etc.)
5. Fixed: The ID3v1 genre byte could be set to undefined (255) in cases where it could have been one of the preset genres.
6. Changed: When TV recording manager can not find an idle tuner for recording, it will try using a tuner that is being used for watching, after confirming with the user.

13.0.99 (12/29/2008)
1. Changed: Navigation favorites are saved as they are created instead of at program shutdown, so an incomplete shutdown can not cause changes to be lost.
2. Fixed: Playing a partial television recording that was left after a crash during recording would hang at the end of the recording.
3. Changed: Television recording system automatically purges old recording rules.
4. Changed: On program shutdown, television will only warn about recording that is in progress, not watching that is in progress.
5. Changed: The dependency on DirectX 9's D3DX9_39.dll (included with install) is only required to show Theater View, 3D Visualizations, etc., instead of required to run the program. (useful for portable installs)
6. Fixed: MC could crash while TV was shutting down.
7. Fixed: In some cases, Theater View selection would not track the mouse cursor.
8. Changed: Removed dialog skinning from several system open / save dialogs as it can cause problems on Vista.
9. Changed: Added "Save Time-shifting on stop mode" (Discard, Always Save, Always Ask, etc.) to Television Options window.
10. Fixed date handling in the FLAC input plugin. The DATE tag is 4 digit year. Added JR_DATE hi-res date tag. Syncs DATE to JR_DATE on WRITE.

13.0.98 (12/24/2008)
1. Fixed: Closing the program while television was playing could cause a crash.
2. Changed: When looking up cover art or setting cover art for a single television program, the change is applied to all television programs by the same name.
3. Fixed: The image in view headers could wiggle slightly in size when switching between files with the same art.
4. Fixed: In a library view, drilling into a thumbnail of a list-style field would not always work properly.

13.0.97 (12/23/2008)
1. Fixed: While TV was shutting down (after channel scan, program shutdown, etc.) the program could crash.
2. Changed: Renamed "programming guide" to "program guide" in all television user interface.
3. NEW: Added an "Edit Channel List" dialog for configuring television channels.
4. Changed: Combined several television view buttons into a single "Configure..." button.
5. Fixed: File types (m4a, ra etc.) that had been set to using "J. River audio engine (using DirectShow filters)" were imported as data.
6. Fixed: RealMedia types (ra, rm, etc.) would be imported as Data if they were configured to be played in RealPlayer engine.
7. NEW: Television programs support artwork. If you set an image for a program, it will be used again next time the program guide is loaded.
8. NEW: Television program artwork can be retrieved (and submitted) using J. River's online database.

13.0.96 (12/22/2008)
1. Changed: WASAPI playback better handles 24-bit playback for cards that only support 24-bit playback padded to 32-bit.
2. Changed: WASAPI playback automatically reduces the user-set buffer size in hardware exclusive mode if the size is larger than the card supports.
3. NEW: Image editor red eye tool uses an elliptical region instead of a rectangular region.
4. NEW: Improved the display of recorded programs in the television view (status icon, tooltip, etc.)
5. Fixed: Double-clicking a recorded program in the television view would not start playback.
6. Optimized: Improved performance of Theater View rollers.
7. Changed: Switching views with the view roller in Theater View looks nicer.
8. Fixed: MC would crash when being closed, after scanning for ATSC digital TV programming guide.
9. Changed: Additional logging in TV.

13.0.95 (12/19/2008)
1. Fixed: Television subscriptions were not being supported properly (only applies to last few builds).
2. Changed: Upgraded the version of the television recording database (TV subscriptions must be reestablished).
3. Fixed: Lists that auto-sized their columns on list sizing (like the EPG view) could fail to accept user column width changes if the change added or removed a scrollbar.
4. Changed: Improved some of the T-Mobile G1 (Google Android) default settings.
5. NEW: When opening a YouTube movie in "Web Media" or from the links bar, HD MP4 will be used if it is available, as the download type.
6. Changed: When Media Center automatically searches for cover art when importing a file, it won't use an image next to the file in a folder unless the name matches or it's called folder.jpg. (for manual Quick Find of cover art, the image will still be used if it's the only image in the folder)
7. Fixed: Clicking quickly to go through a wizard (like for television recording) could drop clicks.
8. Changed: Tuned how selection wrapping works when pressing the down button in Theater View so that keyboard navigation is more natural.
9. Changed: The "More" roller in Theater View uses the item's name instead of "More" if there is only one item in the list.
10. Changed: Theater View defaults to high-quality drawing. (can be disabled in Options > Theater View > Advanced)
11. Fixed: Save time-shifting confirmation was not made when user switched from playing TV to playing another media type.
12. Fixed: TV could be left playing when user switched from TV to another media type, if the user watched a TV channel that was being recorded on schedule.
13. Changed: Several remote control changes, including removed pop-ups, retry plugin startup on error.
14. Fixed: ATSC TV EPG scanning did not work for the last few builds.
15. Changed: Improved view change animations in Theater View.

13.0.94 (12/18/2008)
1. Fixed: In rare cases, a RLE-encoded 8 bit BMP file could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Theater View "Save As Playlist" from Playing Now was not working from the roller.
3. Changed: Simplified the playback menu shown in Theater View's Playing Now.
4. Changed: Selection is possible in Theater View's Playing Now.
5. Changed: Data files can be added to Playing Now and will behave like files that are configured to play with an external player.
6. Fixed: Jump forward/backward in video playback did not jump correct amount (30sec forward, 10sec backward).
7. Fixed: When TV recordings started and stopped or channels were changed, the Television view would not update right away.
8. NEW: Added preliminary "My Recordings" section to Television view.
9. Changed: Improved how Media Center manages low disk space condition in TV recording.
10. Changed: Removed constant OSD message during TV recording.
11. NEW: Added support for T-Mobile G1 (Google Android phone).
12. NEW: When acquiring images from a device using Action Window > Camera, you can configure what directory to search. (defaults to entire drive; saved per device)
13. Fixed: (again): Some modified jpgs wouldn't load/upload for some programs/websites.

13.0.93 (12/17/2008)
1. Changed: Pressing up while on the top roller of Theater View will jump to the bottom of the list. (like list rolling, implements a timer so that accidental or repeated presses won't do this)
3. Changed: Pressing down on the root roller in Theater View will enter.
4. Changed: Pressing up on the root roller in Theater View will jump between the first and last item.
5. Changed: Left / right accepts or declines a Theater View message box when a button is selected. This is not done in a message box that shows a keyboard since up, down, left, and right are used to navigate the keyboard and could lead to accidental results.
6. Changed: When exiting Theater View with escape, pressing escape a second time will exit instead of cancel the exit.
7. Fixed: Theater View rollers that tried to select an out-of-bounds element (like after view nesting) could cause a crash.
8. Optimized: Improved performance of rollers in Theater View.
9. Fixed: The display name of "Filename (path)" was wrong (only applies to build 92).
10. Changed: The root Audio, Image, and Video views in Theater View show the view type at the top instead of "Audio", "Image", or "Video".
11. Changed: Cleaned up the look of the home view in the Obisidian Theater View skin.
12. Changed: Added a new Theater View top roller item "More" that's independent from the play commands.
13. Changed: The play roller in Theater View remembers the last used playback command (resets on program restart).
14. Fixed: When returning to Theater View from fullscreen playback, the remote focus would not always return to the correct location.
15. Changed: Theater View's Playing Now selects the playing track each track change.
16. Fixed: In a 3D library view, the view header didn't allow switching view types.
17. NEW: The tags available at the root of the "Tag" menu in Theater View can be set for audio, images, and video. (Options > Theater View > Advanced)
18. Fixed: The search suggestion system could fail when working with values that had multiple spaces between words.
19. Changed: Reduced chances of TV recording manager loading and unloading TV devices unnecessarily.
20. Fixed: Some programs/sites could fail to load a jpg that had tags changed in MC.
21. Fixed: Browsing nested keywords in Theater View could cause display problems due to the backslashes in the names.
22. Fixed: A corrupt APE tag could cause a crash.

13.0.92 (12/12/2008)
1. Changed: Theater View keyboard roller no longer appears larger than keyboard.
2. NEW: Database fields contain a plural display name. (upgrades library version so older versions won't be able to share a library)
3. Changed: Plurals are used when displaying the all items in the tree, Theater View, etc. (i.e. All Genres (32))
4. NEW: Each level in the panes, tree, or Theater View views can be sorted in sophisticated ways like Plays, Date Imported, etc. instead of just simple A-Z and Z-A sorting.
5. Fixed: When adding a new library view, the new view could get added as a locked view so it would warn with each edit. (unlock views in Customize View > Advanced > Lock view)
6. NEW: When adding a library view, "Empty View" is presented as a choice at the end of the list. Choosing it will open the Customize View dialog straight away.
7. Changed: The "Add Library View" view picker supports double-click and enter to add the view without pressing "OK".
8. Fixed: Flickr call to get sets required the auth token to get all sets.
9. Fixed: EPG program info for analog channels obtained from mc2xml could be associated with wrong channels (Cable vs. Antenna).
10. Changed: For digital TV, whenever viewing is not needed (i.e. scheduled recording, channel scanning, EPG scanning), audio and video streams are rendered to Null renderers.
11. Fixed: In the Customize View dialog, editing the thumbnail caption then pressing OK while the caption was being edited would discard changes.
12. Fixed: The dividing line in list controls to show drop position was not drawing correctly.
13. Fixed: Picking dates and times in the EPG window could work incorrectly.
14. Fixed (hopefully): Audio, video quality problem with Hauppauge WinTV HVR 1950 USB device.
15. Fixed: DVD playback on Vista sometimes did not use EVR as default video renderer.
16. Fixed: Video inputs were left out of TV channels.
17. Fixed: "Choose DirectShow Filters" dialog used VMR9 for default video renderer instead of EVR on Vista.
18. NEW: Theater View view configuration allows unlimited nesting of views.

13.0.91 (12/12/2008)
1. Fixed: Launching the program with the "/Library" switch could cause a crash.
2. Changed: Removed "Clear" from Theater View keyboard.
3. Fixed: When recording a TV program from the EPG, the program name was not used in recorded file's filename and database entry.
4. Fixed: When viewing images with full-resolution view-sized thumbnails, scrolling through a list of subsequent images could keep too many decoded images in memory.
5. Changed: Theater View message boxes draw their buttons using list skin art instead of button skin art.
6. Changed: Beta Theater View skin "Obsidian Beta" is removed during install.
7. NEW: Introducing new Obsidian Theater View skin (will automatically become default).
8. Optimized: Many enhancements to performance in Theater View.
9. Changed: Theater View rollers work with the mouse wheel.

13.0.90 (12/11/2008)
1. NEW: It is possible to change more view settings like the "View By" in the view header menu.
2. NEW: When saving changes to a locked library view, a confirmation will be shown that offers to save the changes to a new view. (views can be unlocked in Customize View > Advanced)
3. Changed: Additional tuning of TV recording/time-shifting filename and database name.
4. NEW: The main "View" menu in the program lists related library views at the top.
5. Changed: Theater View root roller doesn't wrap tail items to the left for a cleaner look.
6. Fixed: Theater View rollers could draw incorrectly in some cases.
7. Changed: Pressing right on the "Play All" roller item in Theater View will not execute a Play All.
8. Changed: Renamed "Edit" to "Edit Commands" in the right-click menu.
9. Changed: Theater View "More" play menu changed to "More Play Options" to match Standard View.
10. NEW: The playback menu for images in Theater View is simplified.
11. Fixed: Playing from a grouped list could clear the list selection.
12. Fixed: MP3 ID3v2 tagger would not correctly parse tag fields that contained a data length in the frame. (Foobar v2.4 APIC frame)

13.0.89 (12/10/2008)
1. Changed: Theater View breadcrumbs roller doesn't allow rolling, so pressing right at the last level won't go home.
2. Fixed: In Theater View skins that used a roller instead of buttons for navigation, the focus would not start on the roller.
3. Fixed: Weather Theater View plugin would tell a user to configure using the Configure button on the left, even though the button could be on the top of the screen.
4. Changed: Revised Theater View roller layout to remove "View By" and unnecessary location rollers that were shown in Playing Now, News, etc.
5. Changed: The main navigation roller in Theater View (i.e. back Audio play all) doesn't loop, so a right on play all won't go back.
6. Changed: Added a gap in Theater View rollers to better indicate where they roll from last to first item.
7. Changed: In a Theater View skin that uses a navigation roller, pressing
at the left of a list will put the focus on the navigation roller.
8. Changed: Playing Now is after the media library in Theater View by default.
9. Changed: Theater View message boxes use fade-away animation instead of explode-away.
10. Changed: Enlarged root Theater View roller in Obsidian Beta.
11. Changed: Pressing right on a menu item that does not have a child menu will act like pressing enter (also in Theater View).
12. Changed: "All" items now contain label like "All Artist (32)" in the tree, Theater View, etc. (plural intentionally not used to avoid translation / user field issues)
13. NEW: Theater View skin "Obsidian Beta" shows an information panel with larger art, etc. on the right in file lists.
14. Fixed: Flickr set creation with reserved symbols (like "&") would fail.
15. Changed: Keyboard in Theater View autosizes better based on skin placement and text sizing.
16. Fixed: MC some times crashed/hang at the end of TV channel scanning.
17. NEW: Theater View "Search" added as root view (still under construction -- only partly works).

13.0.88 (12/09/2008)
1. NEW: Many changes to experimental Theater View skin "Obsidian Beta".
2. Fixed: Some mp3 streams did not show up after scheduled recording.
3. Fixed: JPEG files with invalid EXIF tags could cause a crash.
4. Fixed: Custom sorting specified when configuring a Theater View view would not be honored.

13.0.87 (12/08/2008)
1. NEW: Added expression FormatDate(...) type "minute" and "hour" for getting the time from a date.
2. Fixed: In panes, clicking an item, then expanding a different item could cause the expanded item to not contain all the correct children.
3. Changed: The mouse wheel can be used on J. River droplists to change selection.
4. Changed: Improved how the television programming guide is displayed.
5. Fixed: When recording a television subscription, the default start one minute early / go one minute extra was not being honored.
6. Fixed: When fine-tuning an individual program inside a subscription, the customized start early / extend extra times would be ignored.
7. Fixed: When scheduling a one-time television recording and using large record after values like 8 hours, the recording could stop prematurely.
8. NEW: The TV recording system will service back-to-back recordings on the same channel that overlap by less than 3 minutes with a single tuner (splits to two recordings and puts half the overlap in each program).
9. Fixed: Progress bar on TV channel scanning window was not properly updated.
10. Fixed: TV channel list was not scrolled up during scanning, so the new channels could not be seen after the list window was filled up.
11. Changed: Removed "Time-shifting folder" from TV configuration. Time-shifting files and recording files will be saved in the same folder as before.
12. Fixed: Images uploaded to a flickr set were being uploaded in reverse.
13. Changed: Theater View uses the grouping name instead of "Files" as the location for the last level of a view.
14. NEW: Theater View includes new experimental skin that uses horizontal rollers for control. (named "Obsidian Beta")

13.0.86 (12/05/2008)
1. Fixed: TV would hang when user clicked Configure button on some analog devices.
2. Changed: Removed Pop ups that asked user to choose Cable/Antenna, and ATSC/DVB-T. A property page is added to TV configuration for such selections.
3. Fixed: User configured time-shifting file folder was ignored.
4. Changed: Changed how time-shifting folders are named.
5. Changed: Theater View can optionally use a spherical sky box for background animation.
6. Changed: Improved animation quality of Theater View roller.
7. NEW: Theater View uses new, smoother animation scheme with faster transitions, more fading, and less movement.8. Changed: Theater View skins can use a smoother animated selection overlay for lists (only in Obsidian for now).

13.0.85 (12/04/2008)
1. Fixed: Checkboxes in Rename, Move, & Copy dialog didn't work (only in build 84).
2. Changed: Gridlines no longer extend into the non-item area of a list (causes inconsistent look with grouping, varying item heights, and empty-vs-filled states).
3. Optimized: Improved resource usage and latency of television recording engine (has no overhead if television recording is not scheduled).
4. NEW: Theater View on screen keyboard supports internationalized keyboard layouts. (keyboard layouts defined in [Install Path]\Data\Default Resources\Keyboards.xml)
5. NEW: Added "Delete Playlist" button to playlist views in Theater View.
6. Changed: Internal Changes. Should not effect functionality.
7. NEW: Added roller at top of Theater View views to allow changing views (Obsidian skin only) (experimental -- may not remain).

13.0.84 (12/01/2008)
1. NEW: Improved ladder of logic used when picking a TV card to use for playback.
2. NEW: New TV options dialog. (currently only available by holding [Shift] down while clicking "Options" in the lower left of Television view)
3. Changed: Buttons and checkboxes in many areas of the program are no longer based on Windows controls (should be internal change only).
4. Fixed: Dates before 1601 were not allowed as user input in the date field.
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Benoit de Corn!).
6. Changed: Radio buttons in many dialogs changed to not be based on Windows controls (should be internal change only).
7. NEW: Television channel scanning uses a wizard (actual scanning not yet functional).
8. Changed: Removed AudioLunchbox service from included services.

13.0.82 (11/26/2008)
1. Fixed: New TV recording was unintentionally commented out.
2. Fixed: Closing Theater View with the new "Close" command could leave the program running.

13.0.81 (11/26/2008)
1. Fixed: Sizing a column didn't update the horizontal scrollbar.
2. NEW: The Rename, Move, & Copy Files dialog is sizable, and saves its last position.
3. Fixed: The column header in a list could draw on top of the right border when the list scrolled horizontally.
4. NEW: Added ability to close Media Center to Theater View exit command.
5. Fixed: In some cases, an uselected tab could "bleed through" to the active tab, like at the end of a handheld transfer. (thanks to Marko for repro steps)
6. Fixed: In Theater View, scrolling down the image list, playing an image, then returning to Theater View would not preserve the scroll and selection.
7. Fixed: Doing multi-select in the panes could update more panes than necessary, or reset previously selected panes to an "All" selection.
8. Fixed: Alt+Space to show the system menu on Vista could show a corrupted menu in some cases.
9. Fixed: When entering fullscreen display view, the focus would not be given to the display, causing some keyboard shortcuts to fail to work.
10. NEW: New TV recording system with multiple tuner support is working (but still has some rough edges).
11. Fixed: With logging enabled, connecting a Nano 4G could cause a crash.

13.0.80 (11/24/2008)
1. NEW: Added new interface for scheduling TV recordings & subscriptions. (under construction: configuration is possible, but the system does not yet perform the actual recording)
2. Fixed: MC crashed when attempted to play an .rm file with a bad installation of RealPlayer.
3. Changed: In Options -> File Types, more playback methods are available for file types "Windows Media (asx,asf,wm)" and "RealMedia (rm,rp,rmm,rmx,smi,smil,rmj)" under "Other" category.
4. Changed: Added "RealPlayer Engine" as one of the playback methods selectable from File Types options.
5. Fixed: Updated core message routing system of J. River user interface components. (should be internal change, but please report any issues)
6. Fixed: Updated how FLAC tagging writes the date field to be more compatible with other programs (also fixed in build 79).
7. Changed: Loading TV programming guide information from XMLTV didn't update the "last refreshed" display at the bottom of the screen.

13.0.79 (11/19/2008)
1. Fixed: The confirmation message box for overriding TV channel being recorded by Media Scheduler did not cover all TV channel launch paths.
2. NEW: Revised the EPG loading system to be more wizard-like, and added better support for mc2xml.exe.
3. Changed: Made settings available for "MPEG Transport Video (m2t,m2ts,tp,ts)" independent from standard MPEG videos.
4. Changed: Separated AAC into "AAC Audio (m4a,aac)" and "iTunes Protected Audio (m4p,m4b)" file type settings.
5. Fixed: If a user manually configured Media Center to play a file type with an external program, files of that type would be imported as data files.
6. Fixed: When adding and removing library view categories, the "View As" selection could change.
7. Fixed: Doing a right-click "Locate" wouldn't work properly when switching to a 3D Albums view.
8. NEW: Added several more stock saved views that appear when doing "Add Library View".
9. Fixed: Documents view would not automatically show up after importing data files.
10. NEW: When dropping files into the player into an area that doesn't do special handling, the command "Import" has been added to the list of playback choices.
11. Fixed: MC created multiple TV controls in the same zone. This could be the cause of several reported TV problems.
12. Fixed: TV control reference count problem.
13. Optimized: ATSC TV channel scanning runs more efficiently.
14. Fixed: Lossless JPEG rotation would fail (only applies to last few builds).
15. Fixed: Possible crash in threaded Podcast parsing.

13.0.78 (11/18/2008)
1. Fixed: 2D visualizations could crash when drawing vertical oscilloscopes in rare cases.
2. Fixed: Inserting a column wouldn't update the list right away.
3. Fixed: If a combobox was destroyed while it was showing it's drop list, it could crash.
4. Fixed: CD playback wasn't working.

13.0.77 (11/17/2008)
1. Fixed: The rating column would not draw correctly (only applies to build 76).
2. Fixed: When backspacing in the search box to empty the box, the suggestions would remain showing the last letter entered.
3. NEW: Added ability to sleep, hibernate, restart, and shutdown to Theater View exit. ( choose Theater View > Exit > System Sleep, Shutdown, & More... > [Shutdown Mode] )
4. Changed: Added a prompt for user to choose between "Schedule Watching" and "Watch the Channel Now" when user clicks "Watch" button on a selected TV program that is in the future on EPG.
5. Fixed: When editing a previously scheduled TV recording task, the previously set zone setting was not respected.
6. Fixed: In rare cases, a corrupt MP3 could cause a crash.
7. Changed: Clicking in a non-item area (or non-selectable item) in a list didn't select none. (only applies to last few builds)
8. Fixed: The Options dialog category list would draw the non-item area the wrong color with some skins.
9. Changed: Clarified the message displayed when Media Center is going to update the database version on an iPod.
10. Fixed: MC would hang when an ill-behaving filter was loaded while playing m4a files.
11. Changed: Adjusted how various source filters are tried for playing m4a/mp4 file types in DirectShow.
12. Changed: Tuned image pan & zoom effect to improve visual quality on large monitors.
13. Fixed: MC crashed when user clicked "Select Output Device (Audio Renderer)" button on DVD Settings window.
14. Fixed: Old "Use WMP Engine" setting could prevent DirectShow playback options from being available on DirectShow Settings window.

13.0.76 (11/14/2008)
1. Fixed: Numerous .jts files appeared in the TV time-shifting file folder but only one was a playable jts file.
2. Fixed: "Wait longer" option in ATSC TV channel scanning did not take effect.
3. Change: A small change in digital TV channel scanning code. DVB-T users please test.
4. Optimized: Improved rendering performance of list grouping system introduced in build 75.
5. Optimized: Improved performance in lists while using lasso selection.
6. Optimized: Core text drawing system is over twice as fast drawing simple strings like list and tree text.
7. Optimized: Improved performance of list drawing.
8. Fixed: Switching between skins where the top border was the same size would not update the border until the program was resized.

13.0.75 (11/13/2008)
1. Fixed: Some OSDs were not shown in TV playback.
2. Fixed: Video did not show (until window was resized) in some cases when playing a TV channel.
3. Optimized: Improved the internal workings of lists that contain columns to improve column sizing performance.
4. NEW: Theater View text objects support "alpha", just like image objects (0-100).
5. Changed: "Image (large thumbnail)" column is drawn as part of list groupings; it is no longer usable in non-grouped lists.
6. Changed: Increased mouse wheel scroll speed in Action Window > Tag.
7. Fixed: After using the "Manage Library Fields" dialog, the program could behave strangely when tagging until the program was restarted.
8. Fixed: The expression editor in the "View Scheme Item" dialog was not multi-line.
9. Fixed (hopefully): The included file had a manifest that called for a file that was not present on some XP and earlier systems.
10. Fixed: Clicking a partially visible item in the tree or pane could fail to register the click.
11. Fixed: Clicking a grouping list item would unselect everything else.
12. Fixed: In a list, using Shift+Delete, and then cancelling the dialog with the keyboard would leave the focus stolen from the list.
13. Fixed: Shift+Enter did not play results when a search suggestion was showing in the search box.
14. Fixed: Shift+Escape left stale search suggestions visible after clearing the search box.
15. Changed: Added a confirmation message box when user tries to watch a TV channel that is different from what Media Scheduler is currently recording.

13.0.74 (11/12/2008)
1. Fixed: Options > File Types list could be empty. (only applies to build 72)
2. Changed: Playlist Import file picker shows "All playlists types" by default.
3. Fixed: When importing an MPL that contained links to external image files, the image files could get incorrectly treated as temporary internal files and be deleted.
4. Changed: The date January 1 will no longer be shown as a year-only date when edited by hand to a date like 1/1/2008.
5. Changed: Likewise, the time of midnight (12:00 am) will no longer be changed to a date-only date when edited by hand to a date like 11/12/2008 12:00am.
6. Changed: "View TV during scheduled recording" option is removed from TV Options. There is no longer a video window outside of MC window during scheduled recording.
7. Changed: Any time during scheduled TV recording, one can watch what is been recorded by trying to play a TV channel.
8. Fixed: Doing Ctrl+Click in a pane would reset the scroll position after each click.

For internal testing only

13.0.72 (11/11/2008)
1. Fixed: The on screen display would not appear with some playback types.
2. Fixed: The fullscreen playerbar could appear in Theater View in some cases.
3. Fixed: Pasting DIB images from the clipboard could result in an all white image. (only affects last few builds)
4. Fixed: Some non-standard, but valid characters were not allowed in edit controls.
5. Optimized: Improved performance of core drawing engine, used in all UI, font, image, etc. parts of the program.
6. Fixed: Action Window > Rip > Options > Encoding could crash.
7. Changed: More tuning to Pan & Zoom image slideshow appearance.
8. Fixed: In rare cases, a corrupted MP3 file could cause a crash in the MP3 decoder.
9. Fixed: Adding a new library view while a non-standard root view was selected could hang.
10. Fixed: Adding a library view while the tree was refreshed in the background could cause a problem.
11. Fixed: Options > Startup > Location: Audio would start at the root of Audio instead of the last used audio view.
12. Changed: Thumbnailing, import, audio analyzer now honor the new Options > File Types settings for which playback method to use.

13.0.71 (11/07/2008)
1. Fixed: Pan & Zoom of image slideshows would not engage when starting playback in certain ways.
2. Changed: Tuned amount of movement in Pan & Zoom image playback to be more relaxed.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
4. Fixed: More improvements to fullscreen player and on-screen-display (removed pink border pixels, XP maintains shape of controls even when it can't support transparency, etc.)
5. Changed: Clicking on an expanded combobox would not nicely close it.
6. Fixed: Droplist-style comboboxes would show an unnecessary right-click menu.
7. Fixed: The pane tagging confirmation dialog would not honor the cancel button.
8. Fixed: Drop-panes better support right-click and item expansion.
9. Fixed: Right-click "Locate" commands use the last-used view for the selected media type instead of possibly showing an unexpected view like 3D Albums.
10. Changed: Right-click "Locate" puts the search box in "search this field" mode just like when accepting a search suggestion so that it doesn't have to display search syntax to search a certain field. (changing the search clears that mode)
11. Changed: Doing a "Locate" command will always add a history item to the forward / back list, meaning you can use the back command after a locate to return exactly to the previous view.
12. Fixed: The Smartlist editor would not support searches like [Rating]=4,5 nicely. (for any numeric field, you can choose "is" then type a semicolon delimited list of values in the editor)
13. Fixed: Tracking of the playing file when playing an image slideshow fullscreen did not occur in playlist views.
14. Fixed: Image Editor would draw images as all black (only applies to build 70).
15. NEW: Image Editor shows a dialog with save modes (and explanations) on save / exit.
16. NEW: Added "Save changes to desktop background" as one of the save modes, to facilitate making wallpaper.
17. NEW: Added support for old ID3v2.2 tags.

13.0.70 (11/06/2008)
1. Fixed: The "File Types" page would not allow selection of the Quicktime engine for audio files.
2. Fixed: The on screen display could show in strange places when in Theater View.
3. Changed: Pan & Zoom during image slideshows looks smoother and does not sparkle.
4. Fixed: Sound recorder wasn't honoring the 'max length' option.
5. Changed: Pan & Zoom is enabled by default for image slideshows. (Options > Playback > Configure Image Playback... to change)
6. Changed: Renamed "Auto-Pan" to "Pan & Zoom".

13.0.69 (11/05/2008)
1. NEW: Added "File Types" options page that allows configuring the file association and playback method (including external applications) for each file type. [still a work in progress]

13.0.68 (11/04/2008)
1. NEW: Added support for iPod Nano 4G models. ( if your 4G is not recognized, please report it here: )
2. Fixed: The arrow navigation keys didn't work as expected in the "Edit Disc Information" dialog.
3. Changed: MP3 ID3v2 reader can handle (buggy) unsynchronized tags that store a frame's decoded size in the frame header instead of the encoded size.
4. Changed: Updated the English (British) translation. (thanks prod!)
5. Optimized: Improved performance of starting image playback from Theater View when audio was already playing.
6. Optimized: Slight improvement to performance of starting image and video playback.
7. Optimized: Improvement to performance of starting playback of large lists of files.
8. Fixed: Starting image playback from Theater View when audio was already playing would not show the fullscreen borders when necessary.
9. Fixed: The Theater View exit dialog could lose focus in certain cases right after being shown.
10. Changed: SDK access of thumbnails didn't expose small or medium sized thumbnails nicely.
11. Fixed: Buffering was invoked incorrectly in TV time-shifting.

13.0.67 Spooky Build (10/31/2008)
1. Changed: Internal optimization of TV time-shifting.

13.0.66 (10/30/2008)
1. Fixed: Certain GIF files could cause a crash during loading.
2. Fixed: Transparent fullscreen player could appear over other applications when alt+tabbing from fullscreen.
3. Changed: Using the up / down keys to scroll through the drop panes did not scroll the list nicely.
4. Fixed: Some webpage views did not properly translate accelerators like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc.
5. Fixed: The "Show the webpage" option on some web media views could pop two dialogs in a row.
6. NEW: When clicking an image on Google Images (use Images link bar), you get the option of using the file as the cover art for the selected album.
7. Fixed: Saved TV time-shifting files would not automatically stop when they were played to the end.
8. Fixed: TV time-shifting files were not imported with correct duration.
9. Changed: "Jump on play" settings (General and Theater View) are now separated into Audio and Video (image will always shows display view).
10. NEW: When accepting a search suggestion, the search box no longer switches to wizard mode. (enters a special mode that shows string but searches only selected field; exits special mode after making any change)

13.0.65 (10/29/2008)
1. Fixed: Pressing "Enter" in the search suggestion box when there were no matches would crash.
2. Fixed: Auto-play commands did not appear / work on Vista 64.
3. Changed: When picking "Play" for a disc in auto-play, it will always play. (previously it would rip if auto-action in Media Center was set to rip)
4. Changed: Added "Rip an audio CD" to the auto-play menu when a CD is inserted into the system.
5. Changed: Audio CD association (Explorer right-click play) is in the main associations list under "Other" instead of as an independent checkbox.
6. NEW: Added DVD Video to the association list (Explorer right-click play).
7. Fixed: Shutterspeeds over 1 sec reported now.
8. Fixed: During fast typing, the search suggestion system could get confused.
9. NEW: Options dialog is sizable, and defaults to a larger size.
10. Changed: In the search suggestion box, clicking "Show all xxx results" or pressing enter with it selected will expand it.
11. Changed: Internal changes in TV time-shifting files.
12. Changed: Stores can be hidden/shown from the plug-in manager dialog.
13. Fixed: Improved on-screen-display / fullscreen bar transparency disabling for displays and operating systems that don't support it.

13.0.64 (10/28/2008)
1. Changed: On screen display and new fullscreen player bar do not use transparency when playing videos on XP and earlier.
2. Fixed: Fullscreen player bar allowed dragging to move fullscreen display around.
3. Fixed: Some recorded TV shows would not play correctly if time-shifting limit was set to a low value.
4. Fixed: Auto-import could run at the same time as a manual folder import, causing slowdowns.
5. Changed: Changed "More" to "More Play Options" in standard right-click menu.
6. NEW: Added a search box to the Options dialog. (not all pages are searchable yet)
7. Fixed: Picking "Play CD" from auto-run or Explorer's right-click menu would not work if Media Center was already running.

13.0.63 (10/24/2008)
1. NEW: Revised look and feel of caption / on-screen-display -- less intrusive, uses transparency, etc.
2. NEW: Added a new player bar that is displayed in fullscreen view instead of the standard player bar. (only provided for Noire skin)
3. Fixed: Search suggestions could crash if clicking a suggestion and typing all at once.
4. Optimized: Substantial improvements to performance of search suggestions.

13.0.62 (10/23/2008)
1. Fixed: Search suggestions work better with list-style fields.
2. Changed: Search suggestions hide when pressing escape.
3. Fixed: Pressing the enter key after editing a text-style option would not finish the edit.
4. Fixed: A few memory leaks and potential crash hazards in DVB-T channel scanning code.
5. Changed: TV time-shifting allows dynamic change of time-shifting limit so that enough data will be recorded when recording is started.
6. Fixed: The "Registration Info" dialog and Help menu would not update until the program was restarted after installing a license.
7. Changed: Added "Presets" menu to column header right click menu.
8. Changed: Added "Auto Size All Columns" to column header right click menu.
9. Changed: When starting playback from a list with double-click or the "Play" thumbnail link, the list will track the playing file until the user manually makes a new selection.
10. Changed: Capped the size of the thumbnail overlays so they look better with huge thumbnails.
11. Changed: Added option "Open in new tab" to options for a link in Link Manager. (remember that shift+click / middle-click also opens a link in a new tab)
12. Changed: The "Tag" menu in Theater View provides access to all editable fields.

13.0.61 (10/20/2008)
1. Fixed: Importing data files with properties like Author or Comment could crash.
2. Optimized: Improved performance of several core database operations.
3. Fixed: Yahoo! news in Theater View was not parsing correctly.
4. Changed: Improved RSS news parsing for BBC articles in Theater View.
5. Fixed: Auto-scrolling based on mouse position could scroll lists even if the mouse was not being used, causing it to fight with remote control or keyboard input.
6. Fixed: When installing a license, Package Installer could fail to shutdown properly.
7. Fixed: File open dialogs that showed a preview would not work on Windows XP.
8. Changed: 3D Wall better handles cover art that is not square. (crops edges to produce a square texture)
9. NEW: Added search suggestions that appear when using the main search box. (experimental -- may be removed)

13.0.60 (10/14/2008)
1. NEW: Added option to WASAPI output to open the soundcard in exclusive mode. (may only work with some hardware)
2. Changed: Mute is cleared on program startup instead of when starting playback.
3. Fixed: Pane tagging did not work properly with drop down panes.
4. Changed: Media Center 13 no longer acccepts a Media Center 12 license.
5. Changed: When adding a new library view, it is possible to enter a name and location (including the root of the tree).
6. Fixed: The screenshot for a saved view would not always be generated nicely on Vista.
7. Changed: The load view / add library view dialog shows a tooltip with a larger preview of the view.
8. Changed: When typing a name for a saved view, the filename is automatically changed to match.
9. Fixed: Typing Alt+A in Polish could clear the text in an edit control before outputting the proper character.
10. NEW: Ctrl+W closes the current tab (and prompts to close the program if there's only one tab) like web browsers and many other tabbed programs.
11. Fixed: Windows 2000 could fail to load sharing plugins.
12. Fixed: When using a J. River edit box, the caret could appear then jump positions.

13.0.59 (10/13/2008)
1. Fixed: When copying a library from an old location on upgrade from Media Center 12, Podcasts would not be included.
2. Changed: Starting playback will clear the mute state of the player.
3. Fixed: Switching / loading libraries could crash.
4. Fixed (hopefully): DVB-T channel scanning produced only one channel group since build 22.

13.0.58 (10/10/2008)
1. Changed: Some tweaks in TV channels switching.
2. Changed: Updated Package Installer to use newer user interface tools.
3. Changed: Removed "SetupComplete.exe" -- installer now uses "PackageInstaller.exe /FinishInstall" to complete installation after a reboot (when necessary).
4. Fixed: Clicking the empty tab at the far right to open a new tab would open the new tab next to the active view instead of at the far right.
5. Changed: WIA image acquire better handles RAW images.
6. Changed: Changing panes using the right-click menu of the pane headers then entering the "Customize View" dialog could cause the pane changes to be lost.
7. Optimized: The final stage of an iPod or other device sync that saves and compacts the database runs in a background thread as part of the upload process instead of blocking the user interface during the "Finishing transfer..." stage.
8. Fixed: On Windows XP, the "Acquire Image" selection box would not open properly.
9. Changed: The Acquire Image Action Window will show a "Camera Not Found" list item when no camera is connected to the sytem.
10. Changed: The display name and save in tag settings for stock fields can be changed, but will be reverted back to stock values this build.
11. Changed: Updated database version (will make library incompatible with older versions of program).
12. NEW: Added a "Revert All Changes To Stock Fields" to the Manager Library Fields dialog.
13. Changed: The field "Encoding Settings" is user editable.
14. NEW: Added edit type "Five stars" that can be selected for user created database fields.
15. Fixed: Digital TV station name was blank on OSD when starting time-shifting.
16. Changed: TV recording will be recorded to J. River time-shifting format, instead of dvr-ms for digital TV and avi for analog TV.
17. Fixed: After deleting a file from a list using Shift+Delete, the keyboard focus and list selection could be lost.
18. Fixed: Some MP3 files could hang when setting the image file. (only applies to last few builds)
19. Changed: MP3 tag summary shows the image type next to APIC frames.

13.0.57 (10/9/2008)
1. Changed: Reverted windows media licensing upgrade.
2. Changed: Updated to latest Windows and DirectX SDKs (hopefully internal change).
3. Fixed: Build would not run properly under Windows 2000.

13.0.56 (10/9/2008)
Used for internal testing.

13.0.55 (10/8/2008)
1. Changed: ID3v2 tagging writes "Encoding Settings" to TSSE instead of TXXX(Encoding Settings).
2. Fixed: Streaming WMA / ASF files could crash on stop.
3. Fixed: .NET plugins could assert when being activated (IOleInPlaceFrame interface was not being provided in IOleInPlaceSite::GetWindowContext(...)).
4. Optimized: Improved database load performance.
5. Changed: Updated internal windows media licensing components. (please report any WMA / WMV DRM issues)

13.0.54 (10/6/2008)
1. Changed: Soloists are stored in MP3 ID3v2 tags using a slash as a delimiter instead of a semi-colon.
2. Changed: ID3v2 tags will load cover art first from "front cover", then from "other", then from any other image type.
3. Changed: ID3v2 tags will save cover art to "front cover", remove "other" images, and leave all remaining image types.
4. Changed: When closing a tab, the view to the left of the closed tab will be shown instead of the view to the right of the tab.
5. Fixed: When picking "Exclude this folder" during auto-import configuration, you would still be forced to pick file types (which have no effect).
6. Changed: Improved how the import engine detects files locked by another process. (could get false positives on read-only network files before)
7. Fixed: The text in the 2D Visualization Studio was not readable.
8. Fixed: When a visualization was running on a system that couldn't maintain the desired frame rate, the program could fail to accept user input.

13.0.53 (10/3/2008)
1. Fixed: When searching, the equal character '=' must be escaped with a slash to allow searching for literal equal signs.
2. Changed: Grouping field maps to ID3v2 tag TIT1.
3. Changed: Sizing of the field list width when resizing the "Manage Library Fields" dialog works nicer.
4. Changed: Auto-import will detect CUE database files that point to a missing CUE file.
5. Changed: The import engine (auto-import, manual import, and My Computer views) will skip files that are locked by another process (i.e. copying, downloading, etc.).
6. Fixed: Dragging and dropping playlists in the tree to move / copy them did not properly update the user interface.
7. Changed: Column auto-sizing will not truncate the column header when honoring the setting "Allow auto-size to cut off long values".
8. Fixed: Pressing Shift+Enter quickly after typing in the search box could cause the unfiltered list to be played.
9. Changed: When picking "Exclude this folder" from the auto-import folder configuration dialog, the advanced options will not be available (since they don't apply).
10. Changed: When opening a view in a new tab, the new view is opened just to the right of the current tab instead of as the last tab.
11. Fixed: Removing or renaming a column in the Customize View dialog did not update the view.
12. Fixed: When going into a library view category, the new list could incorrectly keep the selection state from the previous list.
13. Fixed: Clicking on a truncation tooltip would not shift the focus to the list underneath the tooltip.
14. NEW: Revised user interface used for configuring library view categories.
15. Changed: DVR-MS files are forced to be imported as video when MC fails to analyze them.
16. Fixed: Track info plugin wasn't updating at track changes.

13.0.52 (10/2/2008)
1. Fixed: TV failed to play when Enhance Video Renderer was selected. (Build 51 only.)
2. Fixed: TV lost zooming and aspect ratio capabilities after a dynamic switch from EVR to another video renderer.
3. Updated: DCRaw.exe to version 8.88.
4. NEW: New user interface for managing library fields.
5. NEW: Added many new library fields.
6. Changed: Renamed internal field "ReadOnly" to "Read Only".
7. Changed: MP3 tagger saves Band to TXXX(Band) and Orchestra to TXXX(Orchestra). (done since there are both band and orchestra library fields)

13.0.51 (10/1/2008)
1. NEW: Added Windows Audio Sessions API output plugin for playback. (requires Vista, available in Options > Playback)

13.0.50 (9/30/2008)
1. Changed: Revamped portions of TV code. Should be internal change only. Please report any problems, especially when switching between analog and digital channels and when running Options dialog during playback.
2. Fixed: Playback could crash when switching tracks (only applies to last few builds).
3. Fixed: Some menu commands could show up with no text.
4. Fixed: When Display View or Theater View were shown with a remote control when Media Center was not the focused application on Vista, the Start Menu would be visible over the program.
5. Changed: When switching to and from full screen views on Vista, it will look better.
6. Fixed: The Export Playlist dialog would incorrectly allow selection of two formats.

13.0.49 (9/29/2008)
1. Fixed: Some 3D visualizations could crash when the mouse was moved over them.
2. Fixed: Color used in fullscreen playback could be incorrect (only applies to build 46 and 47).
3. Fixed: Standard tree controls (used in the Browse dialog, etc.) could crash (only applies to build 46 and 47).
4. Fixed: Unsynchronized MP3 ID3v2 tags would not be read properly.
5. Changed: Notes field saved as TXXX(Notes) instead of MJGN.
6. Fixed: MP3 tag reader wasn't properly loading / removing legacy COMM fields.
7. Changed: MP3 tag "Band" is stored as TXXX(Band/Orchestra) instead of TXXX(Band).
8. Changed: Revised included service plugins (Audible, etc.) to use a newer system.

13.0.48 (9/26/2008)
1. Optimized: Used more aggressive compiler optimizations (only a test).

13.0.47 (9/26/2008)
1. Fixed: "Save Cover Art & Continue" could print incorrectly in the Cover Art > Get From Internet dialog.
2. Changed: Default image acquire location is "My Pictures\[Date]" instead of just "My Pictures".
3. Fixed: Acquire Image Action Window page did not size nicely when large system fonts were used.
4. NEW: Updated uninstaller, added ability to provide feedback.
5. Changed: Compiled using newer compiler; hopefully an internal change only.

13.0.46 (9/24/2008)
1. Changed: If a field named "Publisher" is created, it will be saved in an MP3 ID3v2 tag as TPUB instead of a TXXX tag.
2. Changed: "Album Artist" is saved as both TPE2 and TXXX(Album Artist) in MP3 ID3v2 tags. (Band is now stored as TXXX(Band))
3. Changed: Reflections in 3D albums are more faded.
4. Fixed: On Vista, resizing 3D albums could cause the lights to go off.

13.0.45 (9/23/2008)
1. Changed: Update Czech translation (thanks JohnnyB).
2. NEW: MP3 tag writing is done with the new tag system.
3. NEW: MP3 ID3v2 tag writing uses the following frame order: known text frames, image, unknown text frames, comments (sorted by description name), user text fields (sorted by description name), other fields (sorted by frame ID).
4. NEW: MP3 ID3v2 tag writing puts extended fields in TXXX frames with the description set to the field name inside Media Center. (previous versions used a COMM frame and used "Media Jukebox: [field name]" for the description)
5. Changed: When writing ID3v2 tags, images other than the front cover are no longer removed.

13.0.44 (9/22/2008)
1. Optimized: Slight speed improvement in TV time-shifting performance.
2. Fixed: Restart Player option in TV time-shifting would not work, and saved time-shifting would not load, if time-shifting had run longer than the time-shifting limit.
3. NEW: MP3 tag reading is done with a completely new tag reader -- will provide better compatibility and performance. (please proceed with caution for a few builds)

13.0.43 (9/19/2008)
1. Changed: Revised "Open URL" dialog to use newer user interface components.
2. Changed: Removed confirmation dialog when deleting an MRU item with the delete key from the Open URL dialog.
3. Fixed: .NET / VB interface plugins could fail to load.
4. Changed: When grabbing images from the clipboard using Action Window > Camera, it reopens the Acquire Images page when finished to allow subsequent acquisitions.
5. Fixed: When acquiring an image, deleting it, then acquiring to the same filename, the "is missing" red icon could incorrectly appear on the new file.
6. Fixed: Left clicking on the toolbar when a menu was already showing could show two menus.
7. Changed: Drop panes work more like the main toolbar when moving the mouse around with a menu showing.

13.0.42 (9/18/2008)
1. Fixed: When using a non-English language, the tree selection would not appear correctly in library views.
2. Fixed: "Redetect all devices..." in Options > Handheld could crash.
3. Changed: Revised the tree right-click and view header menus to be more similar.
4. Changed: When adding a library view, the view will be created under the current media mode root. Use drag-n-drop to move it.
5. Changed: When viewing a normal list style view, the list style is available from the view header menu.
6. Changed: Right-click tree menu uses same "More" style play system as the file list.
7. Changed: TV "Crop Edges" option defaults to TRUE.
8. Changed: Video renderer selection for DVD, video and TV defaults to Extended Video Renderer on Vista.
9. Fixed: When clicking different items in the panes, the file list will reset its scroll position.

13.0.41 (9/18/2008)
1. Fixed: Slow double-click on a tooltip to in-place edit would not work properly.
2. Fixed: TV playback could dead-lock in cases where the disk was slow to write new incoming data.

13.0.40 (9/12/2008)
1. Changed: Nicer handling of auto-show menus when clicking just as the menu is showing.
2. Changed: 3D Albums and Theater View wait for vertical sync's to avoid tearing.
3. Changed: Pressing "Pause / Break" while using 3D Albums will display status, just like in Theater View.
4. Changed: 3D Albums runs at 60 frames per second instead of 30 fps.
5. Optimized: Improved vertical sync system used by animated components to wait for blanks in a background thread instead of stalling on the main thread.
6. Changed: 3D Albums does everything with a single-click instead of a double-click.
7. Fixed: Scanning for Digital TV channels could lead to deadlock in some situation.
8. Fixed: ATSC digital TV channel scanning would not start from the lowest possible channel if scanning was started after it had previously been canceled.
9. Changed: Added directional and specular lighting to 3D Albums view.
10. Changed: Internal changes; should not effect functionality.
11. Optimized: Building a string from a list of items (done internally in many places) is over ten times faster.
12. Fixed: If auto-import was configured to import a parent directory with one set of file types and a child directory with a different set of file types, the child directory could get skipped.
13. Changed: The summary sections shown at the end of an import cap at 10,000 items and then say .
14. Changed: The import engine runs in batches of 10000 files, instead of finding all files then importing all files.
15. Optimized: Storage of the number zero in a field can use less memory and disk space.
16. Optimized: Import system handles large imports (100,000+ files) much better.
17. Optimized: ATSC channel scanning is much faster.
18. Fixed: After a channel scan, TV stations would not always have nice display names.
19. Fixed: During TV playback, the volume control would not always be slaved to the audio line selected in options.
20. Fixed: Deleting a file when showing full-window thumbnails would not update the scroll position nicely.

13.0.38 (9/12/2008)
1. Fixed: "Active Movie" windows popped-up during video thumbnailing if VMR9 did not work with the video card on the system.
2. Changed: 3D Albums allows selecting individual tracks to play.
3. Fixed: TV playback issue introduced in build 37.

13.0.37 (9/11/2008)
1. Fixed: "My Web Media" views could crash.
2. Fixed: Starting TV playback in Playing Now would show a white "Starting TV..." on-screen-display on top of the black background.
3. NEW: Holding the control key down or middle-clicking on the links bar opens the link in a new tab.
4. NEW: Middle-clicking on the tree opens the view in a new tab.
5. Fixed: Winamp 2 mini skins did not load properly.
6. Fixed: Some internet streams would not play properly.
7. Fixed: TV time-shifting index file could be messed up when time-shifting had run longer than the loop-over limit.
8. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks to Bytestar).
9. Fixed: Custom sorting in the Customize View dialog was not saved properly.
10. Fixed: Sorting inside groupings was not working properly.
11. Changed: Tag Action Window better handles when a previously visible field is removed from the database.
12. Fixed: A spurious lock.jmd file could be created in the working path or desktop when running.
13. Changed: Revised reflection angle used in 3D Albums view.

13.0.36 (9/10/2008)
1. Changed: Tuned how static text is drawn in the program to better center a label with its control.
2. Fixed: In low signal conditions, television playback could stall the user interface for several seconds.
3. NEW: Flickr uploader has an option to create a playlist of the upload.
4. Fixed: The on screen display could show incorrect values when seeking TV.
5. Changed: Television playback handles low-signal playback with dropouts better. (no longer timesout after ten seconds, pauses playback, etc.)

13.0.35 (9/10/2008)
1. NEW: Added new tool "Cover Art > Save Cover Art To External Location Specified In Options" to save the current cover art to the location specified in options.
2. Fixed: Television playback was not working properly (only applies to build 34).
3. Fixed: Media Center could fail to detect an iPod in some cases.
4. Fixed: The cursor was not updating over links in thumbnail lists.
5. Fixed: If a toolbar ended with a very narrow button or a divider, an unnecessary chevron could appear.
6. Fixed: Creating a new playlist by dragging files to "Playlists" in the tree would not allow in-place rename.
7. Fixed: 3D visualizations would not apply rotation of image editor changes when loading images.
8. Changed: Tuned aspect ratio of 3D image cube visualizations.
9. Fixed: Some keyboard accelerators could cause display plugins to crash.
10. Changed: During import, the database is saved and memory is compacted every 1000 new files.
11. Changed: On minimize of the program, a full database save + compact is performed instead of only a memory compact.
12. Fixed: TV would not resume from data buffering state.

13.0.34 (9/9/2008)
1. Changed: Moved view addition (add playlist, library view, etc.) to the "View" menu.
2. Changed: "Run Auto-Import Now" no longer warns if there are no folders configured (since auto-import does several tasks other than just import new media).
3. Fixed: Shell extensions could fail to load.
4. Fixed: (Hopefully) When TV went into buffering state due to lack of data it did not recover from it.
5. NEW: Added new default audio view: "3D Albums".

13.0.33 (9/8/2008)
1. Optimized: TV time-shifting performance does less disk I/O when playback is on the same machine as recording.
2. Changed: Revised the layout of the Customize View dialog to better integrate simple presets (JVI files) and settings.
3. Changed: Removed warning shown when editing stock / locked views.
4. Fixed: Showing some menus from a toolbar could cause a problem.
5. Optimized: Large import jobs use less memory.
6. Changed: Internal changes; should not effect functionality.
7. NEW: Separated the view preset picker [View Selector] from the view configuration dialog (creating a new view shows picker [View Selector], customize existing view shows configuration).
8. Changed: Picking "Load view..." from the Customize View dialog shows the graphical view loader.

13.0.32 (9/5/2008)
1. Optimized: Improved the performance of the links bar, resulting in faster view switching / updating time.
2. Optimized: Improved performance of list grouping by about 400%. (note that groupings that include various values in a sorting field will now be sorted by the extreme value in the group instead of the average)
3. Fixed: Right-clicking a non-selected tree item and choosing a command that showed a popup box could cause the command to be routed to the current view instead of the clicked view.
4. Fixed: The command to "Save A Copy & Edit" could edit the original view if invoked from the tree right-click menu.
5. Fixed: It was not possible to set grouping to "None".
6. Changed: When parsing XMLTV files, if no time-zone information is present, the time is assumed to be local time instead of UTC.
7. Fixed: When customizing a toolbar, the window did not update for the new toolbar size until resizing the entire program.
8. Fixed: TV time-shifting stalled when time-shifting limit was reached (build 31 only).
9. Fixed: TV time-shifting could leave invalid index data in the indexing file when time-shifting had lasted longer than the time-shifting limit.
10. NEW: Finnish and Updated French DVB-T frequency tables. Thanks to Alex B, leezer3, and mouffy.

13.0.31 (9/4/2008)
1. Optimized: Television playback optimizations.
2. Fixed: Skin Manager was not working properly.
3. Fixed: Customize Toolbar was not working properly.
4. NEW: Added the ability to load and save views to .jvi files using Customize View.
5. NEW: Added graphical view switcher (based on .jvi files) to Customize View.
6. NEW: Sound recorder now prompts to save the current recording when 'Exit' is clicked.
7. Changed: Switched the library view settings "Always show files", "Display an alphabet" and "Show as fanned" to per-view settings from global settings.
8. Changed: View settings for view schemes and playlists are stored with the playlist or view scheme objects instead of in the view state database. (sorry, will cause loss reset of view settings for these views)
9. NEW: Added new library view setting "Allow tree select". When disabled, selecting a view will redirect to the last used child view.
10. NEW: Added new library view setting "Lock view" that causes a warning to be shown when editing. (warning allows saving a copy and editing the copy)
11. NEW: Introduced new library view layout. For now, requires Edit > Reset All Library Views To Default.

13.0.30 (9/2/2008)
1. Optimized: OSD is more responsive during video (TV in particular) seeking.
2. Fixed: Logging did not work in TV time-shifting writer and reader filters.
3. Optimized: TV time-shifting uses key frames for seeking if available.
4. Optimized: TV time-shifting writes data to disk in larger chunks, reducing fragmentation.
5. Optimized: Playback of TV time-shifting reads from memory instead of disk when playing close to live.
6. Fixed: Flickr uploader was creating a new set for each upload foto. (If an entry was set for add to new set.)
7. Fixed: Flickr uploader timeout extended from 60 seconds to 240 seconds.
8. Fixed: The cache building thread didn't clean up nicely if there was nothing to do.
9. Fixed: The plugin was not installing properly.
10. Fixed: The format conversion tool did not work properly.

13.0.29 (8/27/2008)
1. Optimized: Improved TV time-shifting performance.
2. Optimized: Seeking during TV time-shifting should be crisper.
3. Changed: Removed "Channels" from TV right-click menu, as it didn't change channels in the newer "channel in database" way.
4. NEW: Theater View "Television" view lists programs instead of channels.
5. NEW: Can select multiple sets to add an image to in flickr uploader. (If this looks solid I'll enable it for groups.)

13.0.28 (8/26/2008)
1. NEW: Added interface for matching XMLTV channels to Media Center channels that gets shown during XMLTV import.
2. NEW: Added new TV Programming Guide load mode "Reset" to remove existing programming information.
3. NEW: Added a link for more information to the XMLTV loading dialog that links to the J. River wiki.
4. Changed: Flickr uploader process changed. Should improve reliability.
5. NEW: Added Image Editor "Heal" to remove bad pixels, dust spots, etc.
6. Changed: Removed "Bad Pixels" library field. Now part of image editor "Edit Info" field.
7. Changed: Right-clicking on the Link bar allows customizing it. (instead of pushing through the right-click menu)
8. Changed: When using Links, the link bar remains visible to allow switching between different links.
9. Changed: When browsing category thumbnails, files are automatically shown at the last level if all the thumbnails fit on one row.
10. Fixed: Library Sync could crash in some cases.
11. Fixed: Pane tagging could crash in some cases.
12. New: MC uses hardware encoded MPEG2 stream for viewing and time-shifting with analog tuner of AverMedia M780 PCIe.

13.0.27 (8/25/2008)
1. Changed: Added some logging to TV time-shifting writer and reader filters.
2. Changed: Tuned Radio playback algorithm to be less likely to focus in on a certain artist or genre during playback with little user input via skips.
3. Fixed: Time zone information was not being loaded correctly from XMLTV files.
4. NEW: Added improved interface for loading television programming guide. (allows running XMLTV executable, etc.)
5. NEW: The search box works inside of Television view to find programs.
6. Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+F in a library view would make the dropdown panes go away.
7. Changed: A line of logging added to flickrupload.
8. Fixed: AverTV Combo PCI-e device would fail to play a digital TV channel on Vista if "Start Digital TV in time-shifting mode" option was selected.

13.0.26 (8/22/2008)
1. Fixed: Breadcrumbs / link bar were using a solid color background instead of being transparent.
2. Fixed: Visualization plugins could hide when being clicked the first time.
3. NEW: Added the ability to load EPG data from XMLTV files. (click "Load..." button at the lower right of Television view)
4. NEW: Added "TV XMLTV ID" field for storing the ID to use when mapping a channel to XMLTV data.
5. Changed: Right-clicking on the column headers shows the column header list only instead of a full view settings menu.
6. Fixed: Changes made to sorting with the view header menu did not take effect right away.
7. Changed: Added "Show stack indicator" to Customize View dialog thumbnail options.
8. Fixed: Flickr uploader was uploading photo list top down which then appeared as bottom up on flickr.
9. NEW: Flickr uploader allows you to select a group to add the uploaded images to.
10. NEW: Flickr uploader allows you to select a set to add the uploaded images to.
11. NEW: Flickr uploader allows you to create a new set to add the uploaded images to.
12. Fixed: The flickr uploader no longer resaves jpeg images that meet size requirements.
13. NEW: Added a way to edit a channel name, channel number, and XMLTV ID for a channel in the Television view.
14. Optimized: Making changes in the Customize View is faster.

13.0.25 (8/21/2008)
1. NEW: Toolbars draw a chevron with a drop menu when there are more buttons than fit on the screen.
2. Changed: Merged toolbar and breadcrumb user inteface components. (allows breadcrumbs to show a chevron)

13.0.24 (8/20/2008)
1. Fixed: TV started with video off center.
2. Optimized: Improved performance of TV seeking.
3. Fixed: When clicking the "File" link on an unselected Artist Thumbnail, etc. the files would show and then update to the new selection. (which didn't look crisp)
4. NEW: Added "Manage Links" system. (right-click > Links > Manage Links)
5. NEW: Link configuration is stored in the library.
6. Fixed: Changing TV channel by "TV Channel Number" did not work in some cases (in particular, when TV was started using MCC_PLAY_TV).
7. Changed: Editing the thumbnail caption in Customize View uses the expression editing control, and allows multi-line text.

13.0.23 (8/19/2008)
1. NEW: Flickr uploader added to rightclick menu for images. (Must have a flickr account.)
2. Changed: When no files are selected, the Link bar links based on the first file in the view.
3. Changed: Lots of type changes on the new customize view system.
4. Changed: Scrolling of TV video by mouse is disabled when video is not zoomed in, to prevent accidental undesired scrolling. Scrolling by OSD is still available in all zooming states.

13.0.22 (8/19/2008)
1. Fixed: Switching list styles with the view header menu did not properly switch between thumbnails and details.
2. Fixed: Tooltips could appear when a right-click menu was showing in a list.
3. Fixed: When adding a view scheme, it would not be selected for editing properly.
4. Changed: Clicking 'Cancel' on the Add View Scheme dialog will not leave an empty view scheme.
5. Fixed: Panes didn't update as they were changed with the Customize Current View dialog.
6. Changed: Clicking 'Cancel' on the Add Smartlist dialog removes the smartlist.
7. Optimized: Adding playlists could do more screen updating than necessary, slowing the process down.
8. Fixed: In rare cases, quickly switching tracks could cause a dead-lock.
9. NEW: "Links" included in view header of any view with files.
10. NEW: When browsing inside a Link, web media plugin handlers are used to allow downloading YouTube videos, etc.
11. Changed: Replaced "Analog Chan" and "Digital Chan" buttons with a single "Scan" button for TV channels scanning, eliminating the need for separate scanning dialog windows.
12. Changed: Renamed "Add View Scheme" and "Edit View Scheme" to "Add View" and "Edit View".
13. Changed: Renamed "Customize Current View" to "Edit View".
14. NEW: Added the ability to sort groupings in reverse order from the "Group By" menu.
15. Changed: Added "Rename" to the right click menu for a library view.
16. Changed: In video views, "Panes (Details)" and "Panes (Thumbnails)" are both at the root of the view style menu.
17. NEW: When dowloading / watching YouTube! videos inside the player, a high quality version will be used when it is available.
18. Optimized: Improved system responsiveness while time-shifting TV.
19. Fixed: TV Channel changing by "TV Channel Number" did not work.

13.0.21 (8/15/2008)
1. NEW: Theater View "Views" menu is fully configurable in Options > Theater View > Audio, Image, etc. > Configure.
2. Changed: Theater View "Views" menu is not related to main database view schemes.
3. Changed: Added new ~sort=default search token to use the default sorting based on the media types in the list.
4. Fixed: View scheme searches would always show a sort rule, even when sorting by the default method.
5. NEW: Added new database field "TV Channel Number" that can be used with TV channels to define the number used on the remote to tune to the channel. (if empty, it uses the name) (for now, use the smartlist -[TV Channel]=[] [Media Type]=[TV] ~d=a to get to channels)
6. Fixed: When loading the EPG, the EPG list would flicker with each new chunk of data.
7. Optimized: As view settings are changed, the view updates more quickly. (since the view no longer reloads, please report any settings that don't dynamically apply)
8. NEW: When configuring a library view with more than one list on the screen, all the lists share the same Customize Current View dialog. (a new option "Choose Area Of View To Configure" shows in these cases)
9. Chanaged: List management widget used for columns, sorting, etc. supports the delete key to remove an item.

13.0.20 (8/14/2008)
1. Fixed: TV scanning (and other playback actions that required COM events) did not work properly.
2. Changed: When using the jump forward / jump back commands (remote, OSD, etc.) the player will pool seek requests so if requests come faster than seeks can be performed, it will be nicely handled and allow faster seeking.
3. NEW: Added DirectSound channel modes "Hardware Direct (sound card chooses)" and "Do Not Specify Channels" to help with surround sound routing on some hardware.
4. Updated: DCRaw updated.
5. NEW: Merged view scheme dialog, customize current view dialog, and view options in the header menu into one dialog (still has rough edges).
6. Changed: Revised how many text labels used in the user interface work (should be internal, but please report any drawing issues).

13.0.19 (8/11/2008)
1. Fixed: Options that required typing were not working.
2. Changed: Renamed "Web Links" to "Links".
3. NEW: Links are media-type specific. Added IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes for video.
4. Changed: Removed "Web" right-click option from TV playback.
5. Fixed: Playing TV from some areas of the program (Theater View, etc.) could fail to tune the proper station.
6. Optimized: Improved performance of starting TV playback.
7. Changed: Improved how time-shifted digital TV switches channels.
8. Fixed: Action Window navigation page wouldn't resize when switching views.
9. NEW: TV tuning can be done by pressing keyboard or remote numbers. To tune to channel 4-2, enter 4, 42, or 402. (the longer versions are only necessary if you have conflicts with other channels)
10. Changed: Added logging for YADB.
11. Changed: Theater View message boxes size to fit the content better, and can use a larger percentage of the screen. (improves on screen keyboard on a 720p screen, etc.)
12. Fixed: In-place editing pane values was not enabled.
13. Fixed: Customize Current View didn't allow adding columns.

13.0.18 (8/8/2008)
1. Fixed: Editing the last renamed / created file could unintentionally change the filename in rare cases.
2. Fixed: EPG program information window wouldn't resize nicely with all font selections.
3. NEW: Theater View allows configuring the behavior of the enter key. (Options > Theater View > Enter key action)
4. Fixed: Returning to Television view during a program scan would not update status as it progressed.
5. Fixed: Some webpage view commands like back, refresh, etc. did not work (only applies to last few builds).
6. NEW: Added "Web Links" to right-click menu to quickly show external sources of information for files. (user configuration to follow)

13.0.17 (8/7/2008)
1. Changed: Switched to newer user interface framework for the main application window. (should be internal change only, but please report problems)
2. NEW: Reworked TV programming guide interface, switched TV tuner view to only show this new view.
3. Changed: Renamed Standard View and Theater View TV views to "Television".
4. Changed: Playing TV from inside of Television view jumps to Display View. (if the default option is selected)
5. Fixed: Nested keywords that reused the same base-path could confuse Theater View.

13.0.16 (8/5/2008)
1. Fixed: Scheduled TV recording failed if the program title (from EPG) contained illegal characters.
2. Changed: For scheduled TV recording, the recorded video is imported with the Name field set to the title string set in the scheduler, instead of the modified string for filename ("Beijing, Are you ready?" instead of "Beijing, Are you ready_").
3. Fixed: Pasting using right-click menu > Edit > Paste would not honor the right-click position.
4. Fixed: Pressing 'Enter' in a list could fire two times, causing possible strange behavior.
5. Fixed: When the volume control was set to Vista system volume, Media Center would not detect external volume changes.
6. Fixed: Clicking in a thumbnail view could fail to do range selection properly if the stack icon was the first column in details view.
7. Fixed: Returning to the root of Podcasts would not nicely update the user interface.
8. Changed: Switched internals for loading COM controls like interface plugins, web browser, etc. (should be internal, but please report any issues)
9. Fixed: Loading interface plugins in the background would steal the keyboard focus a few seconds after the program had started.
10. Fixed: If the main J. River tools library was reused by a program without being completely unloaded it could crash. (could cause shell extension crashes)
11. Changed: Switched the base class that underpins all of the major views. (should be internal, but please report any issues)

13.0.15 (8/1/2008)
1. Fixed: Multi-line edit controls could insert extra carriage-return characters.
2. Fixed: TV channel could not be launched by double-clicking an entry in TV Channels list on TV View (13.0.14 only).
3. Changed: TV Channel's database filename is constructed slightly differently (should have no noticable difference to users).
4. Changed: TV Channel's Name field is filled with channel name, instead of database filename. Users will notice the change on EPG grid.

13.0.14 (7/31/2008)
1. NEW: Digital TV (ATSC only) has a context menu for audio program selection (for example a TV channel may carry an English audio stream and a Spanish audio stream).
2. Changed: Skipping of images already in the database during camera import uses EXIF date, camera, and name to do matching.
3. NEW: Reworked image acquisition options dialog. (only shows appropriate options, allows choosing scanner so doesn't happen for each scan, etc.)
4. Fixed: Scanning images or getting images from the clipboard could leak memory.
5. NEW: Getting images from a camera more easily allows automatic naming of the destination folder based on the date. (options dialog has instructions)
6. NEW: French DVB-T frequency table (experimental, may not be accurate).
7. Changed: TV Channels list on TV View no longer tags input type in front of channel names.
8. Changed: Changed automatic channel naming scheme when scanning for TV channels. "Ch " is dropped from ATSC channel names. Analog cable channels are named "Cable n", and analog antenna channels are named "Antenna n".
9. NEW: Added programming guide to TV view, with the ability to schedule recordings.
10. NEW: TV can load TV programming guide from over-the-air ATSC signal.
11. NEW: Discount price for upgrade from MJ12's MP3 encoder
12. Fixed: CD burn transcode options dialog wasn't following all settings entered into action window.

13.0.13 (7/29/2008)
1. Fixed: Trying to decode a JMX file without a JMX input plugin loaded could cause a dead-lock.
2. Fixed: Interface plugins views weren't working properly. (only applies to build 12)
3. Fixed: Tagging a CUE file database entry could cause the source file to get renamed.
4. Changed: Upgraded iPod database writing to match iTunes 7.7.
5. Fixed: The last played date of "never played" was not supported properly on the iPod.
6. Changed: Revised number handling so that a numeric field that evaluates to zero will show the field's empty display value.
7. Changed: Retry limit for podcasts increased to 1000.
8. Fixed: Pasting in the image editor when a portion of the paste was outside the image could crash.
9. Fixed: Podcast views wouldn't work nicely when there were a lot of split views or tabs showing a podcast webpage.
10. Fixed: Podcast views wouldn't load their view header properly (only applies to build 12).
11. NEW: Set as Desktop Background remembers settings from last use.
12. Fixed: "Play in Media Center" from Explorer could drop files if multiple files were selected with Media Center not running.
13. Fixed: Invalid JPEG files that contained multiple images encoded into one file without proper end markers could cause a crash.
14. Fixed: Shell extensions could crash. (should be fixed, please report any problems)

13.0.12 (7/28/2008)
1. Changed: Drop panes never use more than 50% of the height of the monitor.
2. Fixed: Values with quotes in them could cause problems during pane multi-select.
3. Changed: Drop panes didn't auto-size nicely when pane tagging checkboxes were present.
4. NEW: Tabs and split views are no longer related, meaning it's possible to have tabs inside splits.
5. NEW: When using tabs, view updates are deferred until a tab is made visible. (so performance with many tabs open is dramatically improved)

13.0.10 (7/24/2008)
1. Fixed: Image thumbnails could crash. (only applies to build 9)
2. Fixed: Stack expansion / collapsing works as expected when drilled into a library tile. (i.e. viewing Folk artist thumbnails)
3. Fixed: The alphabet at the top of library grouping views could be partially covered.
4. Fixed: When hiding the tree in a library view, the view settings drop menu would not work.
5. NEW: External cover art can be used with documents.
6. NEW: When picking an external cover art name, video and document types use "[Media Type] - [Name]" instead of "[Artist] - [Album]".
7. Fixed: Toolbar buttons wouldn't highlight as expected if the mouse left the window and returned to the same button.
8. Changed: More revisions to how searching is handled in library tile views.
9. Changed: Entering a number on the number pad in TV view launches a TV channel by channel list index, instead of launching an analog channel.

13.0.9 (7/23/2008)
1. Changed: Reverted library viewing system to be suspiciously similar to Media Center 12.
2. Fixed: Burning a second corrected copy of a CD will overwrite the MC CD database info instead of adding to it.
3. Changed: Digital TV channels are no longer stored separately for each zone. There is therefore no need to scan when setting up additional zones. Analog channels remain zone-specific, but MC will attempt to copy channels from previously configured zones when matching type is found (antenna vs. cable).
4. Changed: Revised how searching is handled inside artist, album, etc. tiles.
5. Changed: Internal changes -- should not effect functionality.

13.0.8 (7/22/2008)
1. Fixed: CD / DVD files would not be properly excluded from tagging, and so could show an error.
2. Changed: Default library view type is "File"; view type saved per view scheme.
3. Fixed: Converting a CUE file with a semi-colon in the name field could create an invalid file.
4. Changed: iPhone 3G devices are ignored (for now). (if your iPhone 3G still shows up, please contribute here: )
5. Changed: Improved YADB information submission.
6. Fixed: Low resolution / high resolution texture switching works nicer in 3D file views.
7. Changed: 3D views use less memory when many albums are present.

13.0.7 (7/22/2008)
1. Changed: Update Czech translation (thanks JohnnyB).
2. Changed: More library view tuning.

13.0.6 (7/21/2008)
1. NEW: When saving a playlist in Theater View, a name can be entered using an onscreen keyboard.
2. NEW: Theater View allows basic tagging using an onscreen keyboard.
3. Changed: Some tuning to library views.

13.0.5 (7/18/2008)
1. Fixed: Green Eyes skin didn't render edit controls properly.
2. Optimized: Edit control for notes, comments, and other large fields could be sluggish.
3. Fixed: The space bar wouldn't toggle checkboxes in a multi-value field edit like Keywords, People, etc.
4. Fixed: In-place editing in a list does a better job positioning and sizing the control when editing values that use large controls.

13.0.4 (7/16/2008)
1. Changed: Improved consistency of iPod space reporting so that the view header and Action Window always match. (both factor in sync now)
2. Changed: When loading an iPod, if the device does not provide device information, it will fail to load. (instead of using hard-coded device information that could be outdated)
3. Changed: Toned down the look of the stack icons in a file details list, and moved them to the far left.
4. Changed: By default, library audio and image views use grouping.
5. Changed: Drop panes do a nicer job of hiding right away when changing selection.
6. Changed: Photo Print Wizard will center page filling prints (or nearly page filling prints) on the paper instead of putting them at the top left of the page.
7. Changed: Improved Photo Print Wizard handling of printers with uneven margins so that centered page filling prints (see above) get perfectly centered on the paper.
8. Changed: Doing an initialize on an iPod ejects it afterwards so the device has a chance to reset itself.
9. Fixed: Doing Shift+Arrow in an edit box wouldn't work properly in some cases.
10. Fixed: In rare cases, changing a file tag could also incorrectly change the associated filename in the database.
11. Changed: Placing the focus in the search control will select all of the text in the box.
12. Fixed: Loading JPEGs encoded with 411 sampling at a small size could look incorrect.
13. Fixed: String handling error. (GetSpan not honoring all the flags.)
14. Changed: Registry Key lists network interfaces to be ignored by UPnP server.
15. Fixed: Changing tags and a filename while a file was playing could cause one of the changes to not get applied.
16. Fixed: APE decoder could error in rare cases.
17. Changed: Internal changes, shouldn't effect functionality.

13.0.4 (7/16/2008)
1. Changed: Improved consistency of iPod space reporting so that the view header and Action Window always match. (both factor in sync now)
2. Changed: When loading an iPod, if the device does not provide device information, it will fail to load. (instead of using hard-coded device information that could be outdated)
3. Changed: Toned down the look of the stack icons in a file details list, and moved them to the far left.
4. Changed: By default, library audio and image views use grouping.
5. Changed: Drop panes do a nicer job of hiding right away when changing selection.
6. Changed: Photo Print Wizard will center page filling prints (or nearly page filling prints) on the paper instead of putting them at the top left of the page.
7. Changed: Improved Photo Print Wizard handling of printers with uneven margins so that centered page filling prints (see above) get perfectly centered on the paper.
8. Changed: Doing an initialize on an iPod ejects it afterwards so the device has a chance to reset itself.
9. Fixed: Doing Shift+Arrow in an edit box wouldn't work properly in some cases.
10. Fixed: In rare cases, changing a file tag could also incorrectly change the associated filename in the database.
11. Changed: Placing the focus in the search control will select all of the text in the box.
12. Fixed: Loading JPEGs encoded with 411 sampling at a small size could look incorrect.
13. Fixed: String handling error. (GetSpan not honoring all the flags.)
14. Changed: Registry Key lists network interfaces to be ignored by UPnP server.
15. Fixed: Changing tags and a filename while a file was playing could cause one of the changes to not get applied.
16. Fixed: APE decoder could error in rare cases.
17. Changed: Internal changes, shouldn't effect functionality.

13.0.3 (7/9/2008)
1. NEW: TV channels are added to database.
2. Fixed: "AverTV Combo PCIe M780 tuner ATSC" TV device did not work.
3. Changed: Digital TV retry loading the generic Microsoft Network Provider if the Network-specific provider fails to connect.
4. Changed: The quick search dialog would not select the previous search when opening, making it difficult to start a new search.
5. Fixed: The Trial Period dialog box displayed the wrong number of days remaining.
6. Fixed: Some library views were not working properly.
7. Changed: Improved aspect ratio handling of 3D visualizations.
8. Fixed: Shell extensions could fight between v12 and v13.
9. Fixed: When starting in Theater View, the font could be incorrect when switching to Standard View.
10. Fixed: iTunes playlist importing could fail on some playlists.
11. Fixed: iTunes playlist importing didn't properly support Asian characters.
12. Fixed: iPods could scramble art on the second sync. (not able to reproduce so fix may not solve the issue -- any feedback appreciated)
13. Fixed: Crash on right-click in a file list in rare cases.

13.0.2 (7/3/2008)
1. Fixed: Library views could crash.

13.0.1 (7/3/2008)
1. Changed: The smartlist editor will accept uppercase OR if typed manually.
2. NEW: Added dropdown panes to library tiles views.
3. NEW: Added '3D' as one of the possible library view modes.