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1. Changed: After an automatic cover art lookup failure or background audio analysis failure, the player will wait one year to try again instead of thirty days.
2. Changed: The "Get Cover Art" dialog works in batches of albums when doing large lookups
3. Changed: Slight modifications to how the /NoAssociations installer switch works. (shows page with nothing selected on a fresh install, but can still associate with user selections)

1. Fixed: Access violation in DX video player engine.
2. Changed: Reversed a previous change of using VMR9' "YUV Mixing Mode" for Hauppauge WinTV PRV analog TV devices (and other TV devices using hardware MPEG2 compression). The "YUV Mixing Mode" caused video problem when displaying video on secondary monitor.
3. Changed: Making changes to the Playing Now list using the SDK will update the Playing Now view.
4. Changed: Some stack menu items removed if the selection is not appropriate.
5. Changed: Default for show stack icon is now on.
6. Changed: Stack Icon column for details view is added to the default list. (Blue stack == collapsed stack. Red top == expanded stack top. Red Middle == expanded stack member.)
7. NEW: When copying files to the clipboard, the files will also be added as a format that can be pasted to Explorer for file copying. (text, CSV text, and image still also added to clipboard)
8. Fixed: Restore button (added in build 470) for TV channels did not work.
9. Changed: We automatically convert the old HH Cache to a HH Stack. (If we have not already done so or given the user the opportunity to do so.)
10. Fixed: Double ampersands (&&) could get drawn in some menus.
11. Fixed: Aspect ratio of images on certain iPods was not correct.
12. Fixed: EXIF rotation would not be honored on an iPod.
13. NEW: Added Sweden DVB-T frequency table.
14. Fixed: In-place editing in the lists was incorrectly possible in the get cover art dialog.
15. Changed: When leaving a library view, tagging mode is switched off instead of staying on for the duration of the session.
16. Changed: Renamed "Tagging Mode" to "Pane Tagging".
17. Fixed: Photo thumbnails show up correctly on an iPod but clicking on them shows a blank screen.
18. Changed: Scheduled TV recording now respects the name entered by user on Media Scheduler.
19. Changed: Reworked how circular smartlist references are handled to fix a few corner case issues.
20. Fixed: A shell-extension import could fail with a warning message if any auto-import tasks were running in the background.
21. Fixed: When playing audio using Wave Out, the volume control would not always control the correct line if the "Default" line was used instead of a specific line.
22. Fixed: Image editor status bar was not working.
23. Changed: Image editor displays zoom level as a percentage instead of a ratio (like regular image playback).
24. Changed: Image editor uses standard zoom stops when zooming in or out. (i.e. 15%, 20%, 30%, 40%, etc.)
25. Fixed: Image editor did not correctly handle coordinates when an image was fully zoomed out, causing strange tool behavior.
26. Fixed: Image editor could draw a border on and image that was the wrong color.
27. Fixed: Revised how image editor renders the screen to be more efficient.
28. Changed: Silent cover art submission (if enabled in options) only submits files between (100x100 to 1250x1250, and less than 500kb).
29. Fixed: When pasting a cover art change to files as image data instead of from a URL the change would not be submitted to YADB.
30. Changed: When manual cover art submission finishes, it shows a statusbar message but no popup message.
31. Updated: Stack icons.
32. Fixed: Ipod transfer was not working under vista when run as a normal user.
33. Changed: Tweaks to how likely radio playback is to repeat a song.

1. Changed: Default for show stack icon is now off.
2. Fixed: Arrow buttons did not work when playing DVD "extra features" that require user interaction.
3. NEW: Added "DVD Menu" to OSD menu.
4. NEW: Stack Icon column available for details view. (Not by default. It is in the column list. Better artwork in future builds.)
5. Changed: Digital TV channels' registry location is changed. This should be transparent to users.
6. NEW: Backup and Restore buttons on TV Channels property page, to backup TV channels to a disk file, and to restore them from the disk file.
7. NEW: The handheld conversion cache stack will save video conversions.

1. Changed: Grouping file items no longer draw a stack overlay.
2. Changed: Stack right click submenu only appears when viewing a file.
3. Fixed: Remapped field names for iTunes playlist importing.
4. Fixed: User's choice of not using J. River Audio Renderer for DirectShow playback of Wav files was not honored.
5. Changed: If stacks are used as the handheld cache any stacked mp3 file will be used if none is found under the stack directory.
6. NEW: Filters from "DMO Audio Effect" and "DMO Video Effect" categories are added to the list of transform filters for DirectShow playback.
7. NEW: Added "build cache" option to the handheld cache options. (Only builds audio files.)
8. Fixed: Double ampersand's (&&) appearing in phrases throughout MC.
9. Fixed: MC could use old iPod image specifications after the firmware is updated by iTunes.
10. Fixed: MC's iPod firmware update utility could report the wrong current firmware version.
11. Fixed: Recommendation system was garbling non-Latin characters in the returned information. Tracks in the database are ok.
12. Changed: For Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 (and some other TV device with hardware compression to MPEG-2), Legacy Video Renderer is used for time-shifting instead of VMR9 if user chooses to use software compression filters (i.e. not using MPEG-2). This solves the problem of bad video when using DivX compressor.
13. NEW: (Experimental, may not work and may be removed) Hauppauge WinTV HVR 1600 can record/time-shift using a software compressor.
14. Fixed: Initialize iPod was not working for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

1. Fixed: Get Cover Art could draw incorrectly when resizing.
2. Changed: Revised how searching works for the files list below artists, albums, etc. in the library.
3. Fixed: Searching could steal the focus from the search box in some library views.
4. Changed: Show Stacks on view menu changed to Show Fanned Thumbnails.
5. NEW: Show Stack Indicator on Thumbnail option added to view.
6. Changed: In Get Cover Art, renamed "Existing" to "Your library".
7. Fixed: MC always wants to resync photos on iPods (introduced in 12.0.467).
8. Fixed: Tooltips could incorrectly appear when a right-click menu was showing.
9. Fixed: Keyboard navigation would not work nicely around grouping items in lists.
10. Fixed: Maximized windows could fail to render the two right-most pixels.
11. Changed: Rename Files From Properties dialog preview can handle hundreds of thousands of files without slowing the dialog down.
12. NEW: Added a full-size preview tooltip to the Get Cover Art results.
13. Changed: TV does not allow seeking / jumping to within 2 seconds of the live time.
14. Changed: Pane headers better resize to accomodate large fonts.
15. Fixed: Options dialog page picker could use incorrect colors for some skins.
16. Fixed: The "Alt" key would not properly draw underlines in a menu.

1. NEW: Improved Cover Art > Get From Internet to show multiple images, handle new voting system, etc.
2. Changed: Fullscreen borders no longer resize the display.
3. Changed: Fullscreen borders use "Slim" art and only show a top border.
4. NEW: Autostack by Artist, Album and Name added to right click menu.
5. NEW: Autostack by Artist, Album, Track # and Name added to right click menu.
6. Fixed: Fixed several small problems related to the iPod firmware update utility.
7. NEW: Added the option for drive-based devices (including iPods) to turn on/off resyncing a file based on if the Date Modified of the file on the device and the file in MC are different.
8. Changed: Get Cover Art dialog is modeless so it no longer blocks the program while using.
9. Changed: Minor changes to the media 'Suggestions' view.
10. Fixed: Rename Files From Properties was not loading checkbox states correctly.

1. Changed: Better Unicode support when playing media in Quicktime engine.
2. Fixed: Files with strange Unicode characters in the path would not play in Quicktime engine.
3. Fixed: Fixed a few text drawing related bugs.
4. Fixed: Unstacking a file would bump the date imported.

1. NEW: The 64-character limit on filenames when playing in Quicktime engine is eliminated. You need to update to the latest Quicktime.
2. Fixed: Cover Art lookup was stripping characters in parenthesis in the album title.
3. Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+A while the tree was focused with a playlist selected would select all.
4. Fixed: System list controls could paint black during a scroll.
5. Fixed: Text drawing of multiline fields in the Tag Action Window was not working correctly.
6. Fixed: Stack save bug.
7. NEW: If using stacked files for handheld conversions the app will search the stack location for a likely match and add it to the stack rather than converting a new one.
8. Fixed: In some cases a file could be marked as part of a stack even though the stack was gone.
9. Fixed: Audio analyzer could use incorrect amount of precision when storing results (only applies to 463 and 464).
10. Fixed: Some analyzed files would be queued for audio analysis over and over.
11. Fixed: Stack save bug.
12. NEW: If using stacked files for HH conversions the app will search the stack location for a likely match and add it to the stack rather than converting a new one.
13. Fixed: iPhones and iPod Touch not displaying correct (total or available) disk space.
14. Fixed: Possible crash from threading in tooltip system.
15. Fixed: Auto stack by name was failing to create the stack.
16. Fixed: Wait popup dialogs could fail to show or cause unnecessary 2.5 second delays in some cases.

1. Fixed: List printing was not rendering text properly.
2. Fixed: Image playback of images that failed to load could loop forever.
3. Fixed: Some JPEG files could fail to load.
4. Fixed: System list controls could flicker black behind items during a paint.
5. Fixed: Installer metadata text needed an extra line-break.
6. Fixed: Mini skins would not update correctly after stopping playback.
7. Changed: Revised how grouped library views and searches interact.
8. Changed: The player will attempt to switch the HH cache settings to HH stack. (If those settings were not already removed.)
9. Changed: HH conversion stacking will stop when there is just 1 GB remaining.
10. Fixed: Song ratings upload was not working correctly in most cases.
11. NEW: Some random tracks are now shown under 'Services & Plug-ins' / 'Music Suggestions'. These will actually become useful recommendations as we get more uploaded preference data.

1. Changed: Revised the type in the Rename Files From Properties dialog to clarify that renaming and moving are the same.
2. Fixed: Multiline thumbnail text would not always draw properly.
3. Fixed: Starting a drag of a non-selected item from the panes would not work correctly.
4. Fixed: The tray icon tooltip would not always contain the correct duration for the playing file.
5. Fixed: During a custom install, ticking the "submit to online recommendation system" option caused a crash.
6. Fixed: iPods not transferring photos correctly.
7. Changed: Audio analysis done by auto-import no longer saves the results to the file tags. (manual changes later will cause the new data to get saved to the tags)
8. Fixed: Playing Now list would not update correctly on zone change.
9. Changed: In the panes, picking something like "Rock", then "Aerosmith", and then editing or playing "Rock" will only operate on Aerosmith files instead of all Rock files.

1. Fixed: Stack engine would do too much logging, possibly causing slowdowns.
2. Fixed: Wait messages with only a single line of text would not properly vertically center the text.
3. Fixed: Output plugin configuration dialogs would not render properly.
4. Fixed: Stack engine wasn't cleaning illegal characters from the file path when stacking converted files.
5. Changed: CD playback plugin is smaller and more efficient.

1. Fixed: Import would expand collapsed stacks.
2. Fixed: "Rename Files From Properties" better adjusts to large fonts / large translations.
3. Fixed: MC wants to re-sync tracks on iPod due to a difference in Date Modified caused by DST.
4. Changed: wma media type is removed from the list of types played in DirectShow.
5. Fixed: DRM'd wma could not play in build 459 and 460.
6. Changed: Revised wording of online metadata options to be more clear.
7. Optimized: Improved performance of loading or showing a list / tree.
8. Fixed: Handheld playlist sync could hang in some cases (only applies to last two builds).
9. Fixed: Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 TV device (maybe other MPEG-2 compression TV devices) lost sound during recording.
10. Changed: Changed the way analog video preview graph is built for WinTV 1600 TV device.
11. NEW: Added option for users to upload song ratings to recommendation system.
12. NEW: Added the ability to update iPod firmware within the player.
13. Fixed: Theater View would not update Playing Now properly when playing in Radio mode.

1. NEW: Added 1, 2, and 3 minutes to the Preview Mode for playback.
2. NEW: Added "Find & Replace" to the Rename Files From Properties to make things like switching drives easier.
3. NEW: Added mode to Rename Files From Properties: "Update database to point to new location (no file move or copy)".
4. Changed: Hidden stack files could confuse handheld transfers and some other areas of the program.
6. Fixed: HH conversion could cause orphaned files to appear.
7. Fixed: Audio analysis, burning, conversion, etc. could show a popup error when trying to decode a file with no filters instead of silently handling the error.
8. Changed: If auto-import fails to analyze audio for a file, it will not try again for 30 days.
9. Changed: When doing a quick search (Ctrl+Q or alphabet) the found item will be placed at the top of the screen.

1. NEW: Added option not to play DirectShow audio types in J. River Audio renderer (MJ WaveBin Filter).
2. Fixed: In rare cases, two threaded imports working on the same folder could create database duplicates.
3. Fixed: With auto-install after 30 seconds enabled, the scroll position of the EULA could get reset.
4. Changed: During a "Custom" install, online metadata options can be configured.
5. Changed: It's possible to get online metadata without allowing the program to contribute corrections.
6. Changed: Getting cover art and analyzing audio are enabled by default in auto-import options.
7. Changed: Added manual cover art submission back to the "Cover Art" submenu.
8. Fixed: When playing audio in DX player engine, the "Aspect Ratio" submenu was still displayed.
9. Fixed: For some audio types the user's choice to play the types in DirectShow was not honored when MC found an installed output plug-in for the types.
10. NEW: Reads and writes track replay gain and peak values to MP3 id3 tags that is compatible with several other players.
11. Changed: "MJ WaveBin Filter" is renamed "J. River Audio Renderer".
12. Fixed: Tooltips inside webpages could get incorrectly skinned.

1. Fixed: Handheld sync space estimates would not be correct when files needed to be updated and the option to delete files not in sync was unselected.
2. Fixed: Search box cursor did not position correctly when scrolling the text horizontally.
3. Fixed: Number to string conversion did not work properly for high precision floating point numbers (only applies to 457).
4. Fixed: Pressing backspace while the focus was in an expression editing control could switch views.

1. Fixed: Multi-line values like Bios and Lyrics would not draw nicely in file lists.
2. NEW: iPod > Right-click > Compact Database will offer to remove orphaned files. (files in the Music folder, but not in the database)
3. Fixed: Duplicate-style smartlist rules didn't work properly with renamed database fields.
4. Fixed: Player window volume menu would not be clickable (only applies to 456).
5. Fixed: Revised the look of a wait message, and fixed a bug where the progress bar could draw out of place with certain skins.
6. Fixed: When moving the scrollbar in lists and the tree, the scrolled content would not always move right away.
7. Changed: Updated the installer artwork.
8. Fixed: FormatNumber(...) would incorrectly format numbers around .95 and above.
9. Fixed: TV FF/REW could be running at much slower rate than desired rate.
10. Changed: Handheld Audio conversion stack options streamlined. It is now on or off.
11. NEW: Stacked files created by the handheld conversion engine now have "stack tag" tagged with "HH Conversion".
12. Changed: Handheld conversion cache options have been removed from the app. (conversion stacks is replacing it.)
13. Changed: Default for HH use conversion stack option is FALSE.
14. Fixed: With the Obsidian Theater View skin, buttons and the time could overlap in some views.
15. Fixed: Some text would not wrap properly in Theater View.
16. Fixed: MC always wants to sync a device even though no files transfer to it or get deleted from it.
17. Changed: The "Find & Replace" and "Clean Properties" dialogs use the display name for a field instead of the internal name.
18. Fixed: Sometimes MC could report that two fields changed when tagging during playback when only one field really changed. (was reporting internal bookmark change)
19. Fixed: After a tooltip timed-out, it could reappear with no mouse movement.

1. Fixed: Some text characters would not render in lists.
2. Fixed: TV Aspect ratio did not work in recent builds.
3. Fixed: When adding a file to an existing stack a new top was being created.
4. Fixed: When adding a file to an existing collapsed stack was not adding all the stack files.
5. Changed: Multi-selection in-place editing in the panes is allowed.
6. Changed: The "All" pane item can no longer be in-placed edited.
7. Fixed: With a portable install, file tagging would not work properly.
8. Fixed: Disconnected handhelds could incorrectly show up in the options dialog in certain cases.
9. Fixed: iPod volume adjustment settings were not preserved between sessions.

1. Fixed: TV channel switching confirmation was not done when user switched channel using right-click context menu.
2. Fixed: Dates that fall very near the DST boundaries could be handled incorrectly - this caused continual resyncing of some files.
3. Fixed: Autostacking files created by the handheld conversion could fail.
4. Fixed: Fast Forward (Ctrl + Right Arrow) did not work for TV time-shifting after time-shifting had been run for longer than the preset time-shifting window.
5. Changed: Revised output plugins to use newer UI system. (reduces size of library, and better accomodates user selected fonts and translations)

1. Fixed: "Play Radio" command would not show up in the player menu when right-clicking the playback display.
2. Fixed: On screen display would not render properly (only applies to build 453).
3. Fixed: 'Initialize iPod' not working correctly on iPhones & Touch's.
4. Changed: Podcast's were listed on iPods by their author, they are now listed by podcast name.
5. Fixed: Some text drawing artifacts from build 453.
6. Changed: Reworked options dialog to use newer window and control engine. (should be internal change)
7. Changed: More text drawing is done with the new text system introduced in build 453.
8. NEW: Stack directory and naming rule options for HH conversions. (When converting and stacking files it will use these settings.)
9. NEW: Only Use Stack Files from Stack Directory option added to HH conversions.
10. Changed: The iPhone Support feature can be turned off in general > advanced settings.

1. Fixed: Some podcast times wouldn't parse (Engadget).
2. Changed: Internal user interface plumbing -- should be transparent, but please report any issues.
3. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks to Guillaume and Jean-Guy Paquette).
4. Changed: Default pix01 template changed to slideshow gray. (Instead of noire as noire is not an included template.)
5. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar & Daniel2k).
6. Changed: Some additional tweaks in Hauppauge WinTV 1600 support.
7. Fixed: Line drawing could use incorrect colors (red and blue channels flipped).
8. Changed: Revised text drawing engine used in menus, lists, and trees.

1. Fixed: Default art for tabs didn't look nice.
2. Fixed: should work this time.
3. Fixed: Player buttons wouldn't animate nicely when the player was stopped.
4. Fixed: iPod always wants to re-sync files transferred with iTunes.
5. Changed: Moved option for online metadata lookup from Options > CD & DVD to Options > General.
6. Fixed: Quick Find of cover art better handles files that had broken cover art links.
7. Fixed: When doing a "Remove Cover Art" and selecting to delete the cover art from disk, relative path Folder.jpg images would not be deleted.
8. Changed: When manually changing cover art, the cover art will be submitted to YADB.
9. Changed: Removed the option for manually submitting cover art.
10. Changed: "Get Cover Art From Internet" doesn't ask questions about how to run. (gets art for all files selected)
11. Changed: When changing a stack top file's tags fewer fields are common.
12. Fixed: Tagging a stack file when the stack is expanded only changes that one file.
13. Changed: When switching among Digital TV channels during time-shifting, MC no longer rebuilds DirectShow graphs, resulting in significantly quicker switch.
14. Fixed: Tile thumbnail "View" menus would not stay visible in some cases.
15. Changed: Replaced the expression editor in Customize Current View > Columns with the newer style.
16. Fixed: When deleting a file that was in a stack the stack would be incorrect.
17. Fixed: When a URL is dragged onto a device for syncing, the download will now be placed in a temp directory and deleted after the sync.
18. NEW: Added experimental iPod Touch and iPhone support. (use at your own risk, please backup your device before using)

1. Fixed: Dragging over the panes would select a different item.
2. Fixed: Skin layouts could incorrectly calculate the ideal size of certain skin pieces, causing skin item misplacement.
3. Fixed: The mouse wheel would run the thumbnail size slider when the mouse was in the view header even if it wasn't over the slider.
4. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar & Daniel2k).
5. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks JohnnyB).
6. Fixed: Field names with parenthesis in them did not work properly with duplicate style smartlist rules.
7. Fixed: Using the middle scroll button could cause a crash.
8. Changed: When holding tab or an arrow when in-place editing a list, the selection moves more smoothly visually.
9. Fixed: After changing a value during an in-place edit, keyboard navigation to edit other items would not work.
10. Fixed: View sorting works better for smartlists that contain multiple sort rules.
11. Fixed: The search box would not update nicely when switching skins.
12. Fixed: Skins that didn't specify scrollbar art didn't draw scrollbars nicely.
13. Fixed: Searching for stacks wasn't expanding the stack.
14. Changed: Revised how tabs are skinned, and updated included skins.
15. Fixed: Problems transferring files to iPods (introduced in 12.0.450).

1. Changed: Several enhancements to expression editor (up / down work, tabbing works, would shift focus on close, shift+click works, ctrl+arrow more standard, etc.)
2. Fixed: Panes no longer support right-clicking a non-selected item (could cause "All" to be used instead of right-click item).
3. Changed: View scheme component editor uses expression editor control.
4. Changed: View scheme editor uses the popup search editor for managing the files to show. (instead of the older-style search box)

2. Changed: Stack submenu in the view header menu has been removed. Expand and collapse stack items moved to Options sub menu.
3. Fixed: The stack member list wasn't being updated on the top file.
4. Fixed: The stack top file could be orphaned.
5. Changed: Right click Stack Menu has changed.
6. Changed: View stack menu options now operate on visible files in view.
7. Changed: Collapsing and expanding stacks state is maintained per stack rather than globaly.
8. Changed: New art for collapsed stacks, stack tops and stack members.
9. Fixed: Chapter was misspelled in a DVD menu.
10. Fixed: should install correctly under Media Center.
11. NEW: Switched some expression editing to use a newer edit control / popup.

1. Changed: DirectShow video (and TV and DVD) stops playback on sound-device-lost event.
2. Fixed: The system shortcut for showing a menu Shift+F10 works better.
3. Changed: Standardized the sorting presets list to be the same in all areas of the program. (always includes view-specific stock presets, also contains user preset)
4. Changed: Added ability to save and load sorting presets from the "Sort" view header / view menu.
5. Changed: Made view header and tree right-click menus for Playing Now more similar.
6. NEW: Use Stack File if Available option added to handheld audio conversion section.
7. NEW: Move and Stack Converted Files with Original option added to handheld audio conversion section.

1. Fixed: Action Windows were not properly receiving some notifications, causing a variety of problems (only applies to 445).
2. Fixed: Smartlist editor would incorrectly draw the modifier group box when there was only an empty modifier.
3. Fixed: Smartlist editor could discard sorting changes when changing other modifiers.
4. Fixed: Selecting in the smartlist editor was not possible when an auto-complete tooltip was visible.
5. Fixed: Sorting was not working properly in grouped views.
6. Fixed: Dialogs popping up from a detached display view would not be skinned.

1. Fixed: Action Window tagging didn't catch enter and escape (only applies to 444).
2. Changed: Rename From Info didn't load the most recent entry in some cases.
3. Fixed: FLVSplitter download did not work on Windows Vista.
4. Fixed: On Windows Vista with limited user accounts, FLV DirectShow graph would not build properly unless user specifically chose FLV Splitter/Source filter in filter selection.
5. Changed: FLV is assumed to be video and would be imported as video even if DirectShow graph fails.
6. NEW: Sort customization interface from Customize Current View is used in any place sorting can be customized. (menu, dialog, search editor)

1. Changed: Additional tweaks for Hauppauge WinTV 1600 TV device recording and time-shifting support.
2. Fixed: Few possible UI crashes from internal UI changes (only applies to 443).
3. Fixed: Stacks should be faster.
4. NEW: Autostack by Name added to stack menu.
5. Fixed: Media Editor could crash on exit.
6. Changed: Downloading of FLV splitter is done when an flv file is imported/analyzed

1. Changed: m4v media type is added to the media types playable in DirectShow.
2. Changed: Merged French language translations (thanks to Guillaume and Jean-Guy Paquette).
3. Fixed: TrackInfo would briefly display incorrect data (only the first playback after MC was started).
4. Fixed: DirectShow video could be displayed in wrong aspect ratio when Enhanced Video Renderer was used.
5. Changed: ClassID and hosting filename of filters are included when a filter graph is logged to log file.
6. Fixed: The list selection anchor would not update properly when selecting a single file that was already selected.
7. Fixed: Right-click "Rename" could edit the last clicked column instead of the column where the right-click happened.
8. Fixed: File > Open URL > Web Media Options... was not working properly with certain URLs.
9. NEW: DVD now supports jumping to different Titles.
10. Changed: Renamed "Chapters" submenu in DVD to "Jump To".

1. Changed: Changed the underpinnings of the tree, file lists, and options lists. (please report any strangeness)

1. Changed: Small internal change.

1. Changed: Audio analyzer won't test for Direct Show playback ability on an already analyzed file.
2. Changed: Radio playback is less likely to play the same artist back-to-back.
3. Changed: Folder.jpg file will no longer be hidden (only applies to build 439).
4. Fixed: The scheduler could fail to load more than one task.
5. Changed: Spacebar, page up, page down, home, and end control all playback types, not just images. (only apply when display is focused)
6. Changed: Page up, page down, home, and end control visualizations when playing audio.
7. NEW: Changing the filename of a file in a stack also intelligently renames any other files in the stack.
8. Fixed: Digital TV could be displayed in wrong aspect ratio when Enhanced Video Renderer was used.

1. NEW: Auto-import can optionally analyze audio for any unanalyzed files in the library.
2. Changed: Audio analysis throttles down to only use a percent or two of CPU usage when running as a background auto-import.
3. Changed: Revised how "Run auto-import in the background" works so that if a folder change happens during a background import, the import is restarted. (previously folder changes were ignored while a background import was running)
4. Fixed: The Next menu item / keyboard shortcut would be disabled when playing Radio with continuous playback disabled.
5. NEW: Auto-import can get missing cover art.
6. NEW: When auto-import gets missing cover art, it will only reattempt getting art for a file that failed after 30 days.
7. Fixed: In some cases, Folder.jpg images could not overwrite existing Folder.jpg images that were marked as hidden.
8. Changed: When saving Folder.jpg images, the file will be given the hidden attribute.
9. Fixed: Using Enhanced Video Renderer for certain Digital TV channels would result in black bars on four sides of video when "Source Aspect Ratio" was selected.
10. Fixed: Adobe YCCK color space JPEG images would not load properly.

1. Fixed: Pressing "Next" during radio playback did not work. (only applies to last few builds)

1. Fixed: The new option "Use gapless for sequential album tracks" was not working properly.

1. Fixed: Small thumbnails could have a discolored right border in some cases.
2. Fixed: Rename Files From Properties was mangling UNC paths.
3. Fixed: Podcasting engine could incorrectly download image files names http___*.
4. Fixed: When setting "Store image next to file", setting art for URL files would not work properly.
5. Changed: The Podcast status column shows "Keep forever" for files not in the feed but elected to be kept by the user.
6. Changed: Switching TV channels during time-shifting involving a digital channel will now get user confirmation (if the user has configured TV to have such confirmation), to avoid accidentally losing time-shifting data.
7. NEW: Added option "Playback > Use gapless for sequential album tracks". (enabled by default)
8. Changed: Scheduler changes are saved as changes are made instead of only at shutdown.
9. Changed: The panes did not support select all (Ctrl+A), select none, or selection inverse (Ctrl+Shift+A).
10. NEW: Added undo and redo to the search control and new Rename From Info expression control.
11. Changed: The "Confirm Stop Time-shifting" message box (as well as the new "Confirm Switching Channel" message box) in TV has more sensible Default button and Cancel button.
12. NEW: Menu for adding an expression function in Rename Files From Properties shows a tooltip explaining the function.
13. NEW: Added expression explanation function tooltip for all expressions. (only applies to Rename Files From Properties for now)
14. Fixed: When building a filename from rules, if the base path evaluates to a non-local filename, the base path rule will be replaced with the existing file path.
15. Fixed: Time-shifting data files were not completely deleted when switching between digital TV channels even though the user chose to delete them.

1. Fixed: Search editor in view scheme dialog was not modal.
2. Fixed: Rename From Info dialog would save presets as you typed instead of when pressing OK, making the drop list of presets messy.
3. Fixed: JPEG color space conversion coloring could be off (only applies to last few builds).
4. Fixed: JPEG decoder could output a bad chunk in the lower right corner of an image (only applies to last few builds).
5. NEW: Very simple (at this point) file stack feature enabled.
6. Changed: Update the expression controls in Rename Files From Properties to a newer style (still a work in progress) (notice function tooltips for things like IsEqual(...), If(...))

1. NEW: Expressions are supported in the base path of the "Rename Files From Properties" dialog.
2. NEW: Added "Copy to new location and update database to point to new location" option to the "Rename Files From Properties" dialog.
3. NEW: Using "1" as the parameter for MCC_EXPORT_ALL_PLAYLISTS will cause the finished message box to be suppressed.
4. Fixed: WMDM devices could cause Media Center to crash.
5. Fixed: The setting for whether to use WMDM or not for a drive-style device was not being honored.
6. Fixed: Locales where the month abbrieviations are numbers (such as Japan) would not parse dates.
7. Fixed: In some cases large amounts of removed files were not getting purged from the database.
8. Fixed: Tracks getting duplicated in playlist on iPods.
9. Changed: Updated French (Canadian) language file (thanks Guillaume).
10. Fixed: MC deleting play stats file every time an iPod is connected.
11. Fixed: Certain dimension JPEG images could have an artifact in the lower right corner. (only applies to 429 and later).
12. Changed: Pressing down on the last row of thumbnails in Theater View works more like a standard list.

1. Changed: Some tweaks in Hauppauge 1600 TV card support.
2. Fixed: Some JPEG files would fail to load. (only affects 429 and later)
3. Fixed: TrackInfo was displaying a blank page at times.
4. Fixed: Slowdowns in some core functions reduced.

1. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: Added more logging to portable drive plugin, looking to pinpoint an iPod slowdown problem.

1. Optimized: Starting a drag of a lot of files is faster.
2. Fixed: The TrackInfo plug-in might briefly display data for the wrong track.
3. Optimized: 3D file browser loads textures in four concurrent background threads.
4. Optimized: 3D file browser only uses high resolution texture sizes when objects are close to the viewport (switches between in background threads).
5. Changed: 3D file browser supports any number of albums.
6. Optimized: Improved performance of several internal pieces.

1. Fixed: Numbers would not always sort before letters (only applies to 429).
2. Fixed: Tree right-click "Update Order" would not work properly.
3. Changed: Clicking a selected item in the tree would cause an unnecessary view update.
4. Changed: TV imports recorded videos in a background thread so it doesn't block the user experience.
5. Fixed: YouTube! Podcasts were not working properly (experimental feature).
6. Fixed: The launcher (MC12.exe) didn't properly support Unicode command lines.
7. Fixed: Locate in library was doing a file search. (only applies to 429)
8. Fixed: Stack menu items could appear in build 429.

1. NEW: Horizontal mouse wheels will work if the system or driver forwards the standard horizontal scroll message.
2. Fixed: Digital TV's video color controls did not work when legacy video renderer was used (since video renderer selection was allowed).
3. Fixed: Library Server playback could fail (only affects 428).
4. Fixed: In some cases, strings of numbers and letter would not sort in the correct number order.
5. Optimized: Library export takes much less memory.
6. Changed: Library export shows a progress dialog when invoked from the menu. (command line is still silent)
7. Fixed: Track Info plug-ins with "." in the name didn't work.
8. Changed: When doing a sync to a device, playlists not in the sync are no longer removed unless the option to "Delete from handheld any files not in sync list" is checked.
9. Changed: Media Center will not attempt to load from library server filenames (start with m01p://) when not connected to a server.
10. Fixed: Digital TV Enhanced Video Renderer selection did not work (since video renderer selection was allowed).
11. Fixed: Black bars around TV video flickered when window was resized.
12. Changed: Updated internal JPEG loading and saving routines to latest processor optimized versions.
13. Fixed: Grayscale JPEG images would not always load correctly.
14. Changed: Revised how cover art is stored on an iPod to better center non-square images in the Now Playing area.
15. NEW: To do a portable install of the player, pick "Custom" then "Portable install" in the installer. (/Portable command line switch no longer supported)
16. Fixed: Scheduling and other time-related functions could incorrectly account for DST in southern hemisphere countries.
17. Changed: 3D browsing sorts albums by artist / album.
18. Changed: 3D browsing shows text for albums that have no art.
19. Changed: 3D browsing works better for small libraries.
20. Fixed: CD ripping speed setting (advanced options) should be more reliable.
21. NEW: Added SDK automation function to tell Media Center to import a file in a background thread. (pMJ->ImportFileBackground(...))
22. Fixed: Memory leak in TV when creating/editing custom recording profiles for analog TV recording.

1. Fixed: Theater View could have drawing artifacts. (only applies to 427).
2. Optimized: Loading and rendering of tooltips (including full resolution tooltips) happens in a background thread.
3. Changed: Right-click renaming in the tree no longer changes the selection.
4. Changed: Clicking or dragging to "Build Playlist" in the Action Window no longer switches views when allowing naming of the new playlist.
5. Fixed: Drag-n-drop could include unintended files if other buttons were pressed during the drag.
6. Fixed: Some of the install dialogs referenced a non existant icon.
7. Changed: Updated all language files.

1. Fixed: When using Legacy Video Renderer (and possibly EVR) for digital TV, aspect ratio setting did not take effect (Build 426 only).

1. Fixed: The installer would not install correctly on a fresh install (only affects 425).
2. Fixed: String bug that could cause weird handheld tree appearance (only affects 425).
3. NEW: Digital TV allows video renderer selection.
4. NEW: Added the Extended M3U playlist type to the playlist export choices.

1. Fixed: Scheduler was not operating on the correct days (only applies to last few builds).
2. Fixed: The "Date Modified" column could get filled incorrectly on fresh import, and could incorrectly detect changes of existing files.
3. NEW: When doing a portable install, library and option paths are stored relative to the drive so plugging the device into another machine with a different drive letter won't cause issues.
4. Optimized: Improved the speed of the installer.
5. Fixed: MC was unresponsive for 30-45 seconds while it tried to enumerate virtual devices mapped to network paths when the network was down.
6. Fixed: CD ripping didn't work when on-the-fly encoding was disabled.
7. Changed: Secure rip results window shows more precise information related to the rip quality.
8. Changed: The file location property is honored for RAW and HH File caches along with HH conversions.

1. Changed: Title-case formatting will always capitalize the last word.
2. Changed: Theater View draws thumbnail text again in video views.
3. Fixed: CD ripping did not progress correctly when on-the-fly encoding was disabled.
4. Changed: Renamed the "Relative paths" to "Store paths relative to exported playlist location" on playlist export dialog.
5. Changed: DVD video decoder and video renderer selections become zone-specific (just as audio decoder and renderer are).
6. Changed: VMR Configuration settings for DVD and DX Video player become zone-specific.
7. Fixed: Searching directories during import could be slower than necessary.

1. Fixed: DCraw was being called using absolute paths when they should have been relative. (Turn the RAW cache OFF when testing such things.)
2. Changed: When starting Media Center, if the option to "Run Media Server on Windows startup" is enabled, the Media Server will be started if it is not running.
3. Fixed: The search box didn't update nicely on skin changes.
4. Changed: Moved popup volume adjustment dialog for the iPod into the main handheld options.
5. NEW: Added "Disk Image Files (iso,img.nrg)" to import file types (as Data type).

1. Fixed: Lists were not always loading / preserving selection nicely.
2. Changed: When showing the smartlist editor for other search editing, it no longer says "Edit Smartlist" in the title.
3. Changed: When adding an auto-import folder, the last "exclude this folder" setting is not remembered.
4. Changed: Slight tuning of Theater View thumbnail size.
5. Changed: Some tweaks in TV code to avoid potential access violations.
6. Optimized: Several optimizations to make the tree and file lists load and draw faster.
7. Fixed: DVD video was not centered when window was resized in builds 418 - 421.
8. Changed: Theater View video thumbnails no longer draw a caption. (full text is visible in the statusbar area)
9. Fixed: YouTube links would not work properly.
10. Fixed: Can't play playlists sent to Windows Mobile Devices.
11. Fixed: HTTP Header Ranges were limited to 32 bits. This affected video seeking on the UPnP server.
12. Changed: Many copyright messages.
13. Changed: mkv files are assumed to be video and will be imported as video even if DirectShow graph failed during import.
14. Changed: When YADB returns multiple CDs and the user chooses one, a vote is counted for that choice.
15. Changed: Replaced a number of error popups with OSD messages in TV.
16. Fixed: Erase CD/DVD command would not always show in the right-click menu for an optical drive when it should have.

1. Changed: Menu bars no longer show a right-click to customize tooltip when a menu is open.
2. Changed: Drag-n-drop, tagging mode, in-place edit, etc. work better for view schemes built around a nested playlist group.
3. NEW: When editing list-type fields with the Action Window, in-place-edit, or panes, the list will be sorted alphabetically. (let us know if we missed any tagging methods)
4. Fixed: Grouping by fields under "More" would not always sort reliably. (grouping will need to be set again for views)
5. Changed: Editing a view scheme item of type "Search List" has a nicer interface.
6. Fixed: Theater View's search keypad would not respect the internal margins of the keys.
7. Changed: On a fresh install, Theater View was not correctly using the default views.
8. Changed: Theater View thumbnails are about 50% larger.
9. Fixed: "I'm" would sometimes be capitalized as "I'M".
10. Fixed: Compatibility problems with iPod classics running the latest firmware (introduced by iTunes 7.6).
11. Changed: Improved support of Cowon devices.

1. Fixed: Burning would not detect a blank disc.
2. Fixed: After a rip failure (scratched disc, etc.) incorrect characters could show in the Action Window.
3. Fixed: In grouped lists, it was possible to select the group header with Ctrl+A, lasso selection, etc.

1. Fixed: Visualizations and TV playback would not work properly (only affects 418).
2. Fixed: Skin effects would not load properly on locales that used a comma as the decimal.
3. Fixed: Expressions could be crafted that would cause the parser to hang.
4. Fixed: The "never show this again" checkboxes could cause issues when switching languages, like the file delete not working properly.
5. NEW: Added "Play (as radio)" to the play send to menu, so that radio is more easily available from menus and Theater View. (still honors filter set in Play > Play Radio)
6. Fixed: Radio could fail to pick a next track if it was seeded with a large number of tracks.
7. Fixed: MPL export could run 100's of times slower than expected.
8. Changed: The thumbnail size slider adjusts the maximum width based on the size of the list.
9. Changed: Improved how lists show the selected item when navigating with the keyboard with large thumbnails.
10. NEW: Added cover art support for Cowon devices.
11. Changed: First attempt at fixing "Hauppauge HVR 1600" analog channel issues.
12. Fixed: Plugging in a handheld device with the Action Window minimized could cause a crash.
13. Fixed: Small problem with file extensions for converted files on TiVo. Should not affect anything.
14. Optimized: Launcher (MC12.exe) is about 50% smaller and launches faster.

1. Fixed: Base64 encoding and decoding was not working properly, causing problems with font loading, etc. (only applies to 417).
2. Changed: Added "Reshuffle Remaining" to the Playing Now view header menu.
3. Fixed: List-type fields in the Tag Action Window would take focus whenever switching file selections.
4. Fixed: RAW conversion should now support wide character names and/or paths.
5. Changed: Video scrolling is now available even if video is not zoomed in.
6. Changed: When video is zoomed out (to a size smaller than the window size) the user's choice of aspect ratio is still respected (previously it reverted to "Source Aspect Ratio").
7. Changed: Moved PlaybackEng.dll code to JRPlayer.dll (should be internal change, but please report any problems).

1. Fixed: Ripping to MP3 format onto a UNC destination path was not working.
2. Fixed: DirectShow video and audio playback did not respect zone-specific filter selection.
3. Fixed: AIFF files that played in MC could not be converted.
4. Changed: AIFF, AIF, AIFC types are routed to audio DirectShow playback, instead of video.
5. Fixed: Closing an Action Window could cause a hang. (only applies to 416)

1. Changed: Windows Media video surround sound will downmix surround sound if a system doesn't have enough speakers.
2. NEW: Added more logging around a program crash.
3. Changed: When dragging and dropping in a list, a divider line will be drawn at the end if the drop would move the file to the end.
4. Changed: Revised "sort empty strings last" option to sort empty values last for both ascending and descending sorting.
5. Fixed: When doing drag-n-drop tagging in tagging mode with the panes, the drop selection would remain selected after drop.
6. Changed: Lasso selection is enabled for panes.
7. Fixed: Numeric searches could fail to work properly (only affects 415).
8. Changed: Bumped the plugin version to

1. NEW: Added ability to search by file key in the database using [Key]=[###]. (useful for SDK developers)
2. Fixed: Visualizations would crash when invoked from outside of Media Center/Media Jukebox.
3. Changed: When double-clicking an image, it always plays that image and queues the images around it, regardless of the option for double-click.
4. Fixed: MC installer will no longer cause Microsoft Hotfix 902344 to get installed on Win2000 systems.
5. NEW: Added new command "Reshuffle Remaining" that shuffles files after the current file in Playing Now.
6. Changed: Ctrl+Shift+R does "Reshuffle Remaining" instead of toggling the shuffle mode.
7. NEW: Added command Send To > Play > Add (shuffle remaining).
8. Fixed: The string cleaner (Clean File Properties, YADB, etc.) better handles names like O'Donnell and D'Angelo.
9. Fixed: In some cases, a full resolution thumbnail would not get drawn when stopping at an image until scrolling a little more.
10. Fixed: Zone-specific Video Renderer selection did not take effect in DirectShow video playback.
11. Changed: Thumbnail size slider uses a logarithmic scale so that it's less finicky at small sizes.
12. Fixed: Tuned pixel alignment during drawing using bilinear filtering (causes less jiggle when full resolution thumbnails are drawn).
13. Changed: Thumbnail size slider allows smaller thumbnails.
14. Changed: When thumbnailing, images smaller than 64x64 will never be shown at larger than 100%, but larger images will be stretched.
15. NEW: Full resolution thumbnails also work for audio files.
16. Changed: Full resolution thumbnails now contain a drop shadow, just like regular thumbnails.
17. Fixed: DirectShow video playback did not respect zone-specific (decoder) filter selections.
18. Changed: plugin now works with library server files.
19. NEW: Surround sound is enabled for Windows Media video.
20. Changed: Large image tooltips are not shown when the thumbnails are large.
21. Changed: Media type "mov" is not checked by default as DirectShow type.
22. NEW: Added "mka" to DirectShow playback types.
23. NEW: Added "generator" meta data to web gallery pages.
24. Fixed: Playlists on Sansa Clip and the e200 series players weren't working in MSC mode.

1. NEW: Data retrieved from YADB (track or disc lookup) is returned with standard title capitalization. (configurable in Options > CD & DVD)
2. NEW: Changes to album metadata are submitted to YADB in a background thread, so the player is not blocked.
3. Changed: If a DirectShow filter crashes when user tries to display its property pages in "Choose DirectShow Filters" window, the filter will be marked and no attempt will be made to display the

1. Fixed: Dates at twelve o'clock am or pm would not parse correctly when using 12-hour time.
2. Changed: When reporting tagging errors during a tag removal, the dialog could get too large.
3. Changed: Removed CDManager.dll and merged all other CD / DVD code into JRDisc.dll. (should be internal change)

1. Changed: Moved burning, ripping, and recording into JRTools.dll. (should be internal change, but please report any problems)

1. NEW: Double-clicking a filter entry on "Choose DirectShow Filters" window brings out the filter's property pages.
2. Changed: CD volume names are now "cleaned up" (capitalization, spacing, articles at end, etc.).
3. Changed: Updated German language file.

1. Fixed: TV time-shifting data was not deleted when user choosed to discard the data.
2. Fixed: Stopping a time-shifting digital channel that was started with "Start digital TV in time-shifting mode" took unnecessary steps (introduced in build 401).
3. Fixed: Track Info "Show Cover Art When Small" and "Display Scrollbar" options were not triggering.
4. NEW: Interface plugin and TV Tuner views have a view header with navigation, title, and (optionally) tabs.
5. Fixed: When closing a tab, the view header wouldn't update nicely. (only applies to 408)
6. Changed: Removed podcast size error detection (some feeds were completely wrong about size).
7. NEW: Added the ability to group by any field.
8. Fixed: Google video was not allowing downloads.
9. NEW: DirectShow filter selection is now zone-specific. (Your previous non-zone-specific settings become the default settings if you do not configure them for a given zone).
10. Changed: Removed the confirmation after dismissing the DirectShow Filters Selection dialog.
11. Changed: Some miscellaneous changes in DirectShow Filter Selection dialog window.

1. Fixed: Formatting a decimal number while showing no decimal places would not properly round the integer. (only applies to 407)
2. Fixed: Skin effects would not save properly. (only applies to 407)
3. Changed: When sorting date fields the "empty last" change from build 407 will not be applied, otherwise empty dates act like the newest date.
4. Fixed: The last item would not always draw the "Image (large thumbnail)" column correctly.
5. Changed: When switching between thumbnails and details, the list does a better job of showing the same files as before the switch.
6. Fixed: After switching out of Split View > Tabs, the player could crash when navigating.
7. Fixed: When using tabs, the thumbnail size slider would not update with list mode changes.
8. Fixed: Switching between split view modes would update the current view correctly.
9. NEW: Merged tab and non-tab view headers so things like breadcrumbs can be shown with tabs enabled.
10. Changed: When auto-sizing tabs when there is not enough space to show the text, the current tab will not be shortened.
11. Changed: Better message when trying to delete a feed that cannot be deleted due to something downloading.
12. Changed: Added hints for UPnP clients for seeking within a file.

1. Changed: Page Up / Page Down moves the selection in a list when the Action Window has the focus.
2. Fixed: Switching list groupings would select all files.
3. Fixed: When going back to a panes view (using the back command) the previous pane selection was not preserved.
4. Fixed: When changing the directory rule in "Rename Files From Properties" the preview list would not update.
5. Fixed: Podcasts were not saving internal cover art.
6. Changed: When grouping by albums, albums by the same artist are sorted by year then album name.
7. Fixed: Grouping could get applied to views that were already grouped like album thumbnails.
8. Optimized: Improved internal string performance, which helps performance everywhere in the program.
9. Changed: When sorting numeric fields, the "sort empty strings last" option will be honored.
10. Fixed: Handheld images for iPod models MB249 and MB253 were switched.
11. Fixed: The image printing wizard using non-bordless printing could crop a little of the output.
12. Fixed: When browsing stacks of grouped fields (like artist: a-c, d-f, etc.) doing a double-click to go in would show an empty view.
13. Changed: Right-click on pane headers didn't work properly when the panes were on the side of the view.
14. Fixed: A view scheme that looks at file location would show a "This Folder" entry at the root that didn't work or make sense.
15. NEW: MOV file type is added to DirectShow playback types.

1. Fixed: Spectrum analyzers in the player area were not working (only applies to build 405).

1. NEW: Rewrote how "Image (large thumbnail)" column works -- now leaves space for all images to be the same size when grouped, allows sizing art to any size (resize the header), draws nice

1. Changed: When running in English, Alt+F+X will close the program instead of export playlists.
2. Changed: Tuned how ClearType text is converted to proper alpha text to create a less bold result. (applies to tooltips, Theater View, etc.)
3. Changed: Right-click on Display with audio playing shows display plugins at the root of the menu instead of nested under "Set Display".
4. Changed: Moved DVD screengrab right-click commands to the "DVD Options" submenu.
5. Fixed: Doing a right-click "Rename" in the panes on a non-selected item would edit the selected item instead of the item that was right-clicked.
6. Changed: Shift + Up / Shift + Down did not multi-selected in the panes.
7. Fixed: Panes did not update immediately when switching skins.
8. Fixed: Picking an equalizer preset did not immediately apply the change.
9. Changed: Smartlists will always be shown in the same order that they are synced to a device.
10. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks JohnnyB).
11. Fixed: Small cover art images were getting skewed on new iPods.
12. Fixed: Cover art was getting scrambled on new iPods when using iTunes and MC alternately.
13. Fixed: TiVo and UPnP Servers may not work with different languages.
14. NEW: Panes can be optionally set to show on the left or right of library views.
15. Changed: Panes do not allocate space for tagging mode checkboxes until files are selected.
16. Changed: Updated copyright to 2008.
17. Optimized: Improved pane performance.
18. Changed: Cover Art > Quick Find in File / Cover Art Directory now works for video files.
19. Changed: During import of video files, cover art quick find is used just like it is for audio.
20. Fixed: Track Info now displays for cue files.
21. Changed: Handheld view is no longer affected by global access filter.

1. Fixed: Loading a database could sporadically fail or take more memory than necessary.
2. Fixed: Importing images with no album would use the full date (with time) as the album instead of only the date.

1. Changed: Revised the in-place edit saving logic so tabbing through multiple files does not save a value unless it is changed.
2. Changed: Added more logging to database loading.
3. Changed: Slightly tuned the "Remove broken links: Yes (protect network files)" logic to better handle files manually deleted by a user.

1. Fixed: midi files were imported as "unknown" media type.
2. Fixed: In rare cases, highly-threaded areas of the program could crash with logging enabled.
3. Fixed: "Confirm Delete Time-shifting" option in TV did not work when "Start Digital TV in Time-shifting Mode" option was on.
4. Optimized: Showing a list-type field like Keywords in the Tag Action Window is exponentially faster. (around 30x faster with 20,000 files)
5. Fixed: In-place editing would not scroll lists horizontally when tabbing around.
6. Fixed: Panes were not honoring the gridline setting.
7. Changed: Dates using non-standard abbreviations (such as "Sept" instead of "Sep") now work.
8. Fixed: Clicking a tagging mode checkbox in the panes, then clicking "Enable Tagging Mode" in the confirmation would not apply the change.

1. NEW: Rename Files From Properties can now make new copies of files at the target location.
2. NEW: Clicking the file type line at the top of Action Window > Tag window will jump to the format page, which contains a full tag and format dump.
3. NEW: Added the ability to pause and unpause the scheduler. (starts as unpaused after each launch)
3. Fixed: Ending an in-place edit by right-clicking and starting an in-place edit in another column would apply the changes to the wrong column.
4. Fixed: Podcast cover art could end up in the temporary folder instead of final folder when configured to store art next to the file (i.e. folder.jpg, etc.).
5. Fixed: The keyboard was not usable while viewing a webpage from Theater View.
6. Fixed: Improved handling of concurrent import (or auto-import) processes running during large, slow file move operations.
7. Fixed: In rare cases, undo / redo database operations could include internal changes from background threads.
8. Fixed: VisStudio plug-ins were not displaying on Track Info visualization pages.
9. Fixed: The import folder dialog would not scroll nicely in the path combobox during typing.
10. Fixed: The scheduler could be off by an hour for southern hemisphere countries currently in daylight savings time.
11. NEW: Screen Grab option is available for DVD playback.
12. Fixed: iPod view would not update correctly after an Initialize.
13. Fixed: Handheld sync rules not validating playlists and podcasts.
14. Fixed: Playlists not sorted correctly on older iPods.

1. Changed: Tab, Shift+Tab, etc. navigation is no longer disabled when editing multiple files at one time. (remember that Ctrl+Z is available to undo a change)
2. Changed: Added panes to the tab rotation in the player.
3. Changed: Internal changes to visualization plug-ins, including 2D, 3D and Track Info.
4. Changed: When the handheld option to remove cover art from converted files is set, the option for saving cover art to the 'folder.jpg' file is disabled.
5. Fixed: Screen grab in video playback did not work when Enhanced Video Renderer was used.
6. Optimized: Improved core string performance, which makes all areas of the program faster.
7. Optimized: Loading and saving of the playlists database is faster.
8. Optimized: Several optimizations that improve program load time.
9. Fixed: Starting image playback from Explorer with MC not running could crash.
10. Fixed: In tagging mode, checkboxes would not be properly updated for nested fields on tree expansion.
11. Fixed: Manual podcast downloads were not showing In Queue with all caps to show they had priority. (but were still working like always)
12. Changed: When applying sorting to a view scheme or smartlist rule by customizing the view, other sort tokens are preserved if they're not at the end of the search.
13. Fixed: (again) File converter tool would create unneeded output directory.
14. Fixed: The first time you used the sound recorder it would record in wma format no matter how you configured it.

1. Fixed: Build. Proper Upnp server in the build.

1. Fixed: Playback of ranged files (i.e. CUE tracks) would not always be sample-perfect with regards to duration, causing gapless playback hiccups.
2. Changed: CUE file track file size is filled from the size of the full link file, pro-rated according to duration. (so the sum of all tracks will equal the size of the link file)
3. Fixed: Dates would not parse correctly in locales where the month was specified with two digits: e.g. 11/01/1913 for Jan 11, 1913
4. Changed: We now list content in hidden folders on Sansa E200 series players in MSC mode.
5. Fixed: File converter tool would create unneeded output directory.
6. Changed: The expression function ListCombine(...) removes duplicates.
7. Fixed: Shutdown could take longer than expected when many podcasts were subscribed to and the podcasts were stored on a slow drive.
8. Fixed: Permission prompt popped up every time an iPod was connected on systems running Vista.
9. Changed: Added several new date formats to the date parser.
10. Fixed: The sharing servers were not accepting requests.
11. Changed: Screen Grab in video playback puts grabbed images in a subfolder of Application Data, instead of the Program Files folder.

1. Fixed: Unassigned would not show in the panes for list-style fields.
2. Fixed: DVD playback using the EVR renderer would not properly maintain aspect ratio.
3. Changed: Nested keywords are saved and loaded to XMP and ITPC tags using forward slash as the delimiter instead of backslash.
4. Fixed: One letter groupings were not working properly in the panes.
5. NEW: Added Replace(string, what to find, what to replace with [optional -- defaults to empty]) expression function.
6. Changed: Searches and smartlist wizard allow searching for a playlist group, which in-turn searches all child playlists.
7. NEW: Cover Art style can be chosen in the right-click menu. (can choose between plain, drop shadow, rotated)
8. Changed: After clearing the date, then rotating an image, the date could come back incorrectly.
9. Changed: Auto-tagging on import to fill empty names with the filename, empty dates with the file date, etc. will only happen on original import -- never when simply updating file info from tags.
10. Changed: "Save time-shifting on stop" context menu options are listed in a submenu, instead of being listed as a single toggling item.
11. Fixed: Refresh (F5) or navigating into an artist / album stack would incorrectly clear the search.
12. Optimized: The Action Window and other things tied to the selected files update more smoothly when switching tabs.
13. Fixed: The options dialog would incorrectly allow editing of some items with a slow double click.

1. Fixed: Typing a search, leaving a view, and coming back would cause the search to still be applied, even without using the back shortcut to preserve view state.

1. Fixed: Keywords wouldn't nest when added to a view scheme until restarting the player.
2. Changed: All list style fields are nestable.
3. NEW: Added expression function ListCombine(List1, List2, Delimiter (optional, defaults to semicolon)) to combine list type fields.
4. NEW: Added "DirectShow Filters" context menu options for TV, including "Copy graph info to clipboard".
5. Fixed: Shutting down the player during a podcast download or handheld transfer could cause a crash.
6. Fixed: When uploading tracks that need to be downloaded, the player could crash if a download error was encountered.

1. Changed: "Use Bitrate Monitor" option for DVD now defaults to FALSE (unchecked).
2. Fixed: Unassigned didn't do anything.

1. Fixed: When using Media Server, background tasks like the scheduler or library saves would not occur.
2. Changed: Improved how independplaybug945-extremeent searches per tab / split view work. (could be cases where one tab would use search from a different tab, etc.)
3. Fixed: After reordering columns, the list header "Columns" right-click menu would not insert new columns at the location of the right-click.
4. Fixed: In-place editing the panes would show too wide of an edit control.
5. Optimized: Digital TV channel scanning will have less chance of appearing to hang and will be faster for some devices.
6. Changed: "Automatically import files into Media Library" option reworded to "Automatically import files when played" for clarification.
7. Changed: Files located on handhelds will not be imported when played when the formentioned option is enabled.
8. Changed: Improved support for Archos devices.
9. NEW: "Copy graph info to clipboard" context menu option for DVD playback.
10. Changed: DVD option "Expand Image" is renamed "Crop Black Bars".
11. Changed: Reworked how view schemes are evaluated. (should be internal change, but please report any problems)

1. NEW: Added right-click tree command "Compact Database" to iPod. (pools all similar artwork, rewrites artwork file in one swoop to minimize fragmentation, etc.)
2. Changed: During upload to an iPod, duplicate images are stored more efficiently.
3. Fixed: During file conversion, if an encoder hung, it could leave Media Center hung.
4. Fixed: CD operations could fail or show a message about failing to get the volume ID. (only affects build 389)
5. Changed: Some tweaks in digital TV recording.
6. Fixed: Media Editor could crash on exit.
7. Updated: Start page.
8. Fixed: Smartlist rules with empty values [] were getting dropped.

1. NEW: "Copy graph info to clipboard" menu option for DX video player. (DVD and TV to follow).
2. Fixed: Deleting a podcast during a download could result in a crash.
3. Fixed: Right-clicking on a playlist in the tree and sending it to a device was transferring the files but not the playlist information.
4. Fixed: Artwork was getting fragmented on iPods causing delays when cover art was loading.
5. NEW: Installer copies launcher to both 32-bit and 64-bit system folder so applications running in either mode can find it.
6. Changed: Reworked how in-place editing is handled in the lists and tree. (hopefully internal change, but please report any strangeness)
7. Changed: Slow double-click can be used in the tree to rename an item with no children.
8. NEW: An option on DirectShow filter selection dialog window to skip testing DirectShow playability before actually trying to play in DirectShow, of selected media types.

1. Fixed: Removed test message box when an item in the playlist branch of the tree is right-clicked on.

1. Changed: Improvement in TV time-shifting reader filter's seeking performance.
2. NEW: LeftDeadSpace and RightDeadSpace added to the position sliders (background image). This allows a graphic on either side of the background that will not be part of the volume slider.
3. Fixed: Crash when MC is opened by double-clicking on a file in explorer.
4. Fixed: Crash when files that are in the handheld transfer queue are removed from the library.

1. NEW: Added a checkbox "Use the currently selected files as the seed for radio playback" to the radio playback dialog.
2. Fixed: Viewing the root of "Podcasts", leaving, and then returning could cause an empty view to show.
3. Fixed: Clicking a hyperlink in a dialog could show a "Can't open link" error, even if it worked. (only applies to last few builds)
4. Optimized: Improved handling of numeric fields so that they load and save faster, and use less memory in use.
5. Fixed: The podcasting engine could use much more memory than necessary.
6. Changed: Improved the messaging when trying to load a database that's from a newer version of the player.

1. Fixed: TV time-shifting and subsequent playback of saved TS file could hang if the video data becomes more than 2 GB (introduced in build 381).
2. NEW: Added info for Amazon Kindle.
3. Changed: Syncing all audio media type will no longer include url files to avoid syncing streams.
4. Fixed: Podcast cover art was getting all mixed up with other podcasts.
5. Fixed: Audible file types were getting erroneously excluded from supported file types on some devices.
6. Fixed: Searches like "Ab] would not properly find a string "AbAb".
7. Fixed: 3D text visualizations could crash.
8. NEW: Searches are performed independently in each tab / split view.
9. Fixed: Images should be rotated correctly when uploaded to facebook.
10. Fixed: Clips of pure silence would confuse the automatic replay gain boost adjustment.
11. NEW: Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab can be used to roll through open tabs / split views.
12. NEW: When right-clicking a pane list, the choice "Reset Selection For All Panes" is available. (useful in tabbed view)
13. Changed: (JPEGs) Reading in IPTC tags to Places field; change order to: Country, State, City.
14. Fixed: Locale-specific times are now really localized.
15. Fixed: Podcast status wasn't toggling correctly when clicked.
16. Fixed: Podcast images weren't getting saved correctly once the episode was downloaded.

1. Changed: Installer uses Unicode compliant control to show EULA.
2. Fixed: Media Jukebox will connect to Media Center's Library Server.
3. Fixed: The UPnP Server will serve content, not just browse (also fixed in 378).
4. Fixed: Keep Orphaned Episodes podcast setting was not getting saved.
5. Fixed: [ymd] was generating dates with 2 digit years (it now makes 4 digit years).
6. Fixed: Build process error could cause the application's icon to not be updated
7. Fixed: Playing an image would cause its thumbnail to get rebuilt.
8. Fixed: FLAC cover art could fail to be read from tags on a fresh install.
9. Fixed: Build included older FLAC plugin. (only affects build 383)
10. Fixed: Auto-complete tooltips in the smartlist editor dropdowns made it impossible to click the item under the tooltip.
11. Fixed: When building a smartlist with an empty library, no fields would be listed in the field drop-down.
12. Optimized: Several improvements to help program load times.
13. NEW: /Library command line switch changes the library.

1. NEW: Added expression function Tag(...) that reads the physical file tag for a value instead of looking in the database (will be much slower than field access so use with care). Documentation for expression functions here:
2. NEW: When requesting a tag field from a JPEG with the Tag(...) expression, you can put "IPTC: ", "XMP: ", "EXIF: ", or "MJMD: " in front of the tag field to force reading from only that tag. ( i.e. Tag(XMP: Date) )
3. Fixed: The 3D Tunnel visualization could crash.
4. NEW: Dates like 2007-08-03 9p now parse correctly
5. Changed: Updated the Czech language file.
6. Fixed: Some Podcasts weren't loading because of dates like "November 30, 2007".

1. NEW: Revised appearance of "Cover Art" display when playing music. (larger image, added reflection, etc.)
2. Fixed: Handhelds weren't showing up in MC on systems running Vista (introduced in 12.0.381).
3. NEW: OSD menu for stream selection of mkv files.
4. Fixed: Smartlists for dates with "is after" selected were not working nicely.
5. Fixed: Restart TV time-shifting player on monitor change, or on menu command, did not preserve paused state.
6. Changed: Podcast feeds will look for and utilize the "cover art" image specified in the feed url (previously only looked for itunes:image).
7. NEW: Added a Website link to the Podcast Feed view.
8. NEW: Added the abiltity to sync back play stats (play count and ratings) for WMDM devices (devices that don't show up as drives)

NOTE 1: This will slow down reading the files on the device.
NOTE 2: This doesn't work yet for Windows Mobile devices.

1. Fixed: TV time-shifting did not reclaim disk space used by stale data (since around 12.0.300).
2. Fixed: 3gp (3gpp, 3g2, 3gp2) file types were not always getting processed correctly.
3. Fixed: MP3's tagged as audiobooks weren't utilizing bookmarks.
4. Changed: Some internal changes that should lead to a more efficient time-shifting reader filter.

1. Fixed: DVD bookmarking was not working.

1. Fixed: Using EVR as the video renderer, playback could blink in the non-video area.
2. Fixed: Handheld menu items like "Explore" weren't always working correctly.
3. Fixed: Podcast feeds that didn't specify update times showed -1:-1:-1
4. Changed: Changed how the action windows behave when acquiring images and handling devices that double as portable media players and cameras (typically phones).
5. Changed: Added '3gp' as a default file type in acquire images options.
6. Changed: Large image preview tooltip no longer shows photographic information (camera, shutter speed, etc.) if the file doesn't contain this information.
7. Changed: Large image preview tooltip contains image type, dimensions, and size on disk.
8. Fixed: When using iTunes tag Podcast information, the tags wouldn't be cleaned to remove non-printable characters, etc.
9. Fixed: Smartlist wizard would nicely work with "is any", "is all", "is not any" with list type fields if the empty value was selected.
10. Changed: Phones will acquire images (and videos) based on the file types listed under handheld options.

1. Fixed: When importing images, the date could be incomplete.
2. NEW: Added "Update Order", "Shuffle Order", and "Remove Duplicates" playlist commands to the playlist view header.
3. Changed: Shuffling or updating the order of a playlist resets the sorting to be based on sequence.
4. Changed: Tree Playing Now right-click no longer contains "Add to Playing Now".
5. Fixed: Picking "Update Order", "Shuffle Order", or "Remove Duplicates" for a non-selected playlist would not work correctly.
6. Changed: View Settings menu (available by mouse-over on the title text of any view) contains view specific commands in Playing Now. (also in Main Menu > View > View Settings)
7. Changed: Added "Name" sorting to the View Settings > Sort menu.
8. Fixed: When the network would drop during a Pix01 upload no error was reported.
9. Fixed: Clicking the file link on a library tile, then leaving the view, then clicking "Back" would show the library without files showing.
10. Changed: Closing Display View with the "X" in the top-right will actually close the program if the player was just launced as a viewer from Explorer.
11. Optimized: Improved performance of player when opening as a viewer for images or video from Explorer.
12. Changed: Updated Chinese language file.
13. Changed: Updated German language file.
14. Changed: Vista's Program Compatibility Assistant should no longer badger Media Center with a "did this install correctly?" message.
15. Fixed: Podcast "Updated" time was incorrect. This may have affected other date/time displays.
16. Fixed: UPnP Server was not serving out content. (Browsing was working though).

1. Changed: When displaying no visualization (cover art), cover art will be stretched to fill the window. (instead of stopping at 100% zoom)
2. Changed: Renamed a couple 3D visualizations.
3. Changed: Slideshow 3D visualization no longer oscillates when switching to a new face of the cube.
4. NEW: Added new 3D visualization option "Use High Quality Drawing" (on by default). (enables anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, etc.)
5. Changed: Cover Art (no visualization) displays a drop-shadow.
6. Fixed: TV Recording would not work (no preview) with certain TV devices (Hauppauge WinTV USB for example) when deinterlace option was turned on.
7. Fixed: TV Recording would not work with devices that needed a cable to connect to a sound card (introduced in build 375).
8. Changed: When updating the tree (F5, after drag-n-drop, etc.), the scroll position will not be changed to show the selected item.
9. Fixed: The File > Open... dialog would show a white-on-white auto-complete box when typing.
10. Changed: Updated the Korean language file.
11. Fixed: Switching the language input method during install could cause a crash.

1. NEW: Rewrote list printing (File > Print > Print List...). (shows a preview, allows printer configuration, saves settings between sessions, etc.)
2. NEW: Added Player > Playing Now menu with several Playing Now commands.
3. NEW: When doing a "Locate > On Disk (inside Media Center)" the located file will be shown and selected after switching views.
4. Changed: "Save time-shifting on stop" option in TV can have multiple choices (Do not save, Always save, Save when worth saving, Always ask, Ask when worth saving, Always warn, Warn when worth saving), instead of just yes or no.
5. Changed: Alt+[key sequence] keyboard shortcuts wouldn't work nicely if the alt key remained pressed.
6. Fixed: JPEG files: IPTC tags modified outside MC could not be read in if the MJMD tags already exists in the file.
7. Changed: When moving the mouse away from the fullscreen borders, they hide in 0.5 seconds after mouse stop instead of 3.5 seconds.
8. Changed: When stopping playback, radio mode is disengaged.
9. NEW: During Radio playback, files that are skipped have a strike-through in Playing Now. (to indicate that less of those types of files will be played)
10. Changed: Radio playback renamed slightly to Player > Play Radio. (no longer in send to menu)
11. NEW: When starting radio playback, a dialog is shown that allows customization of what is eligible for playback.
12. NEW: Added processing of iTunes podcast tags. They will be considered by default and ignored if you specify your own tag mappings.
13. NEW: Added the [category] tag mapping for sniffing podcast genres. "Podcast" is still the default.
14. Changed: Internal - Date handling modified.
15. Fixed: J. River video decoder would not connect properly in a graph. (only in build 375)

1. Changed: Added back ability to use external cover art without having it copied to the cover art location specified in options.
2. Fixed: With gridlines disabled, lists would still draw the gridlines in non-item areas.
3. Changed: Improved support for Motorola Q smartphones.
4. Changed: Do a better job of identifying extended storage cards of devices.
5. Changed: A few skin elements do a better job of adapting to large fonts.
6. Fixed: Some list control functions would not work properly on W2K.
7. Fixed: When playing images over library server, the rotation would not always be properly respected.
8. Fixed: Input plugins could get in a bad state in some cases. (only applies to build 374)

1. Fixed: Podcasts would not properly be included in a deivce sync. (only affects a few builds)
2. Fixed: iPod database upgraded to iTunes 7.5 format.
3. Fixed: Podcasts sync'd with MC to iPods were not listed when viewed in iTunes.
4. Changed: Added warning message when an incompatible iPod database format is detected.
5. Fixed: Cover art could not be extracted from tags in some cases.

1. Changed: The MCC's for rotating images no longer require a number of degrees as the parameter.
2. Changed: Pressing play in Theater View with something other than the file list focused will still route the command to the file list.
3. Fixed: Overriding keyboard shortcuts wouldn't always work if the shortcut was in the default resource.xml file.
4. Changed: When overriding a keyboard shortcut, putting no command allows a keyboard shortcut to be disabled.

1. Fixed: Installer didn't have updated icon. (only in build 371)
2. Changed: Large image preview tooltips contain name, date, camera information, and filename.
3. NEW: Amazon service added to player.
4. Changed: Amazon service and Audible are loaded on demand and not at startup.
5. Fixed: The TiVo Server would not provide the correct locations of songs/images sometimes.
6. Fixed: External cover art links wouldn't work properly when connected to Library Server.
7. Fixed: Rename From Properties didn't allow case-only changes.
8. Fixed: Tooltips (or other mouse-track activities) no longer happen when an edit control is focused.

1. Changed: Removed "Confirm stop time-shifting" popup.
2. Fixed: Auto-truncation tooltips would not show properly in the tree and lists.
3. Fixed: "Restart Player" option was not available after TV time-shifting had reached the time-shifting limit.
4. Fixed: MC using bookmarking on files when it shouldn't be.
5. Fixed: Crash when editing tags for multiple files.
6. NEW: Added option "Save time-shifting on stop" that user can set, either using right-click menu (during TV time-shifting) or using OSD menu (any time during TV playback).
7. NEW: Added "Save time-shifting on stop" MCCommand (MCC_TV_SET_SAVE_TIME_SHIFTING = 28027).
8. Changed: TV uses the same code for "Kworld ATSC 120 PCI" device as for "KWorld PlusTV USB Stick". Experimental. Users with "Kworld ATSC 120 PCI" please test.
9. Changed: Image playback uses high-quality bicubic resizing when shrinking images.
10. Optimized: Improved MMX bicubic resizing algorithm for improved performance and layered alpha support.

1. Fixed: Import could crash if it was run non-silently and it was removing files from the library.
2. Optimized: Podcasting engine better utilizes threads. (all podcast updating happens in worker threads -- previously is was split between worker threads and the main thread)
3. NEW: Full support for "KWorld PlusTV HD Hybrid Stick" ATSC/NTSC TV device.
4. NEW: Added the ability to enable (or disable) bookmarking in MC on any type of file (this ability is also passed on to iPods) via the new field 'Use Bookmarking'.
5. Fixed: On occasions TV video would not be displayed after startup, until the window was resized.

1. NEW: Before doing a library restore, a backup is created in the auto library backup folder.
2. Fixed: When loading a corrupt library restore, MC will nicely fall back to the previous library (instead of forcing a load of a working library).
3. Fixed: When failing to load a library, Media Center could fail to cleanup the locked state, so it would open the library read-only.
4. Changed: Added back the ability to restore from a Media Jukebox 8 library.
5. Fixed: Doing some commands like a library restore while Media Center was first loading could cause issues. (now a wait for program to finish loading is displayed)
6. Changed: Added more logging to import finishing.
7. Fixed: Possible crash with updated import reporting.

1. Fixed: Dropping files on a playlist in the tree could add the files at a pseudo-random location instead of to the end.
2. Changed: Tooltips have a drop-shadow.
3. Changed: Some tuning to how image-preview tooltips are sized for different desktop resolutions.
4. Fixed: Some image transitions could crash. (only affects last few builds)
5. Changed: Flac input and encoder plugins now using flac 1.2.1 libraries.
6. Changed: Tagging errors will no longer display in a pop-up for automatically downloaded podcasts.
7. Fixed: String handling bug.

1. NEW: Tooltips in image view show large preview of the image.
2. Fixed: Audible could show debugging popups.

1. Fixed: Improved handling of internet image slideshows.
2. Changed: When closing display view with images playing, image playback is stopped.
3. Fixed: When switching zones on initial program load, sometimes Playing Now would not update properly.
4. Optimized: Switching zones is much faster. (please report if any areas of the program don't update nicely on a zone switch)
5. Fixed: Playing audio + images from multiple zones at once could cause issues.
6. Changed: When playing audio + images, switching to a file view without images (i.e. "Audio") will stop image playback.
7. Changed: To play audio with images as a visualization, start playback of all files at once. (like from a playlist)
8. Changed: With images playing, starting audio playback will replace the playing images. (play images second to play both at once)
9. Fixed: With "Jump to Playing Now" set, right-click > Play could cause a crash from certain lists.
10. Changed: "Grouping" is now included in view presets. (must resave a preset to get grouping included)
11. Changed: "Album (by date)" image grouping puts newest albums at the top.
12. Changed: View sorting menu has both "Date (oldest first)" and "Date (newest first)" options.
13. Fixed: Sorting view menu would not always check the current sorting.
14. Changed: View Layout > Default would not revert sorting to the defaults for views that saved sorting in the view scheme or smartlist rule.
15. Changed: Some tweaks in Closed Captioning support in HDTV.
16. Fixed: Transferring Audible files to devices was broken in build 12.0.365.

1. Changed: Added more shutdown logging.
2. Fixed: Column size changes done by double-clicking a header were not saved.
3. Fixed: Minor glitches in AVI video Closed Captioning support.
4. NEW: When playing images and audio at the same time, images will be played in their own zone. Stopping playback in the image zone will switch back to the audio zone.
5. Changed: Updated dcraw.exe.
6. Changed: Reworked the import summary dialog so it's easier to read when "in-depth" is checked.
7. Fixed: Flac coverart add when coverart already existed was broken.

1. Fixed: Facebook bug where the album choice was not being honored.
2. NEW: Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 closed captioning support.
3. Fixed: TV recording with Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 did not honor user's choice of non-hardware-encoder recording profiles.
4. Fixed: Import > Browse... could fail to properly use the folder that was browsed to.
5. Fixed: Image playback "Auto Pan" right-click menu command didn't work. (did not effect 'P' or on screen display methods)
6. Changed: Auto Pan uses faster stretching to provide a smoother experience.
7. Changed: Made Theater View "Auto-scroll with mouse" behavior optional.
8. NEW: Image playback "Auto Pan" applies panning during image transitions, and lengthens transition duration.
9. Fixed: Encoders did not properly identify themselves as Streaming.
10. Changed: Gallery related sendto items moved from Email/Web submenu to Gallery submenu.
11. NEW: Closed Captioning option for avi videos that have Line21 stream in them.

1. Fixed: Non-iPod devices always want to resync podcast episodes already on the device (introduced in 356).

1. Fixed: iPod showing blacked-out cover art after first syncing with MC and then syncing with iTunes.
2. Fixed: Mouse clicking on DVD menu did not work unless "Expand Image" option was set at 1.33.
3. Changed: Tidied up some DVD code that potential could cause crashes.
4. Fixed: After changing art, sometimes a view refresh was required before the new thumbnail would appear.
5. Fixed: Starting a DVD a second time during a program run could cause a crash with some decoders.
6. NEW: Added expression function ListItem(list, zero-based index, delimiter [optional -- defaults to semi-colon]) to get an item from a delimited list.
7. NEW: Added expression function ListCount(list, delimiter [optional -- defaults to semi-colon]) to get the number of items in a delimited list.

Documentation for expression functions here:

8. Fixed: Unloading some plug-ins could cause a crash. (only applies to last few builds)

1. Fixed: iPod transfer crash caused when the publication date (Date) of an audiobook or podcast is empty or older than 1/1/1970.
2. Changed: Bitrate Monitor filter is now optional for DVD.
3. Fixed: Synching a handheld device when connected to Library Server would not work.
4. Fixed: Facebook album list was too short.
5. Changed: TV copies old settings data to Zone 1 settings when user sets up Zone 1 for the first time.
6. Fixed: Selecting a directory for a gallery may not have worked.

1. Fixed: Theater View keyboard navigation could behave strangely. (only applies to build 359)
2. Changed: Decreased (more) the odds that a song that was recently played or skipped will be choosen by radio.
3. Fixed: Theater View was using the list item background instead of the skin-specific scrollbar handle for drawing scrollbars.
4. Fixed: Facebook interface would not allow upload if there wasn't at least one existing album.
5. Fixed: Doing an email of images, and then cancelling the size dialog would cause MC to warn on program shutdown about an unfinished task.
6. NEW: Added right-click option to Podcast Feeds to "Email Podcast Feed...".

1. Fixed: Some tags like shutter speed would not be properly read from image files. (only affects a few builds)
2. Fixed: The auto-size "allow truncate long values" setting was not being honored.
3. Changed: Even with "allow truncate long values" selected for auto-sizing, narrow columns will not truncate values.
4. Fixed: Acquire images status text would appear truncated.
5. Changed: Removed list commands like "Clear Playing Now", etc. from playlist file right-click. Right-click the tree item for these commands.
6. Changed: Removed "View Settings" from file right-click menu -- menu is always available in the title menu at the top of every view.
7. Changed: "Add to Playing Now" command is no longer shown in the file menu for files inside Playing Now.
8. NEW: Image caption supports multiple lines of text in Options > Playback > Image playback settings... (or right-click playing image > Image playback settings...)
9. NEW: Added "Delete" to the bottom of the more menu for a file in Theater View.
10. Changed: Renamed "Remove" to "Remove from Playing Now" in Send To > Play menu to be more clear.
11. Changed: Theater View menus no longer draw scroll arrows. (they looked out of place)
12. NEW: Theater View automatically scrolls when moving the mouse pointer towards the edge of lists.
13. NEW: Added Sort > Random to the sort menu at the top of every view. (also availabe from View menu)
14. Changed: Further revisions to radio algorithm.
15. Fixed: Menus in DVD playback would not work properly with some renderers or decoders.
16. Fixed: CD ripping with separate rip/encode processes was not displaying the correct status.

1. Fixed: File location options would not show.
2. Changed: Nicer error dialog when DVD playback fails. Includes link to purchase dvd decoders.
3. Fixed: On some devices "Save album art to Folder.jpg" wasn't working.
4. NEW: Added stream selection (audio tracks and subtitles) support for mkv videos.

1. Changed: Downloaded installer executable now contains high quality icon used in the rest of the program.
2. Fixed: FTP-based online features were not working properly.
3. Changed: Media is determined to be a podcast if one or both of the following are true:

a) It has a MediaSubType of 'Podcast'
b) It has an Episode (Feed) URL

4. Changed: Czech language translation updated. (thanks Johnny B!)
5. Fixed: Moving folders around deep inside the "My Computer" area of the program looks and works nicer. (previously selection, expansion & scroll could be lost with some moves)
6. Fixed: Audiobooks always wanted to re-sync to iPods.

1. Fixed: Add playlist buttons weren't showing up at the root of "Playlists" in the tree.
2. Fixed: Library server would fail to play streams.
3. Fixed: iPod always wants to resync podcast episodes already on the device.
4. Fixed: Updates from CDPlayer.ini were not working.
5. Changed: Tuned radio adaption algorithm.

1. Fixed: Possible crashes from internal changes. (introduced in build 354)
2. [NEXT BUILD] Fixed: iPod always wants to resync podcast episodes already on the device.

1. Changed: Sorting applied to a smartlist view gets saved inside the smarlist's search so that order will be preserved when transferring to a device or playing on a UPnP (or similar) device.
2. Fixed: Text in visualizations was not working properly.
3. Changed: Radio will advance nicely if it picks a file that was not playable.
4. Optimized: Radio is much faster at choosing the next track -- especially with large libraries.
5. Changed: Radio is less likely to play two songs by the same artist in a row.

1. Changed: Servers that incorrectly use text/html as the mime type for their ASX playlists will now be playable with Open URL...
2. Fixed: FLAC plugins were not included in the last few builds.
3. Fixed: Options was not properly allowing typing.
4. Fixed: Switching from freeform -> slim -> Ctrl+2 (toggle back) wouldn't work well.
5. Fixed: DVD cover art retrieval was broken.
6. Fixed: Certain DVD's could cause a crash during ripping.
7. Changed: DVD cover art is now retrieved during analysis of a new DVD disc (depending on option setting "get cover art").
8. Fixed: Facebook uploader would wedge in the thread queue.
9. Fixed: More facebook error handling.
10. Fixed: Facebook location and description were swapped on album creation.
11. Fixed: Some invalid characters removed from gallery names.

1. Changed: Radio will be less likely to play files that were recently played or skipped.
2. Changed: Radio now works two possible ways:

1) Pick "Radio" from Menu > Player > Radio -- it will create a new radio station and adapt the station as you listen.
2) Pick any number of seed files and pick Right-Click > Send To > Play > Play (as radio).

3. Fixed: Mini skins could crash.
4. Fixed: Column headers on lists would not always draw correctly.
5. Fixed: Smartlist editor didn't nicely handle [Date]=[].
6. NEW: Bitrate monitor support for TV in time-shifting.
7. Fixed: When starting and stopping playback of the same song, some visualizations would not update properly.
8. Fixed: plugin would disable itself during each install.
9. Fixed: XMP tagging didn't nicely handle international characters. (could cause tags to fail to be written / read)
10. Fixed: Entering or leaving Party Mode while background tools were running could cause a crash.
11. Fixed: Running TV options while TV was already playing did not work correctly (settings were not saved, and other problems).
12. Changed: Improved handling for stopping tools (burning, podcasting, etc.) for shutdown and library switches, including how confirmation is handled.
13. Fixed: Potential crash in Podcasts while setting favorites.
14. NEW: Simple image to Facebook uploader added to right click->Send To->Email/Web->Facebook.
15. Changed: Auto-import will not remove broken links if more than 10% of the library is broken links. (so it won't immediately "fix" a library restore pointing to old paths)

1. NEW: The bitrate monitor filter is applied to DVD playback.
2. Fixed: Seeking in TV time-shifting would not work if time-shifting had been running for longer than the "time-shifting window".
3. NEW: Added "Radio" mode to player under Menu > Player > Radio.

This builds a virtual radio station of music from your library.
Playing or skipping songs acts as voting and changes how the radio station will pick coming songs.
"Radio" uses the playing song as the station starting seed if something was playing. (if nothing was playing, it uses the whole library)

1. Changed: The Podcast system is not so aggressive about creating directories.
2. Fixed: Podcasts, and possibly handheld items, were not downloading properly (introduced in 12.0.348)
3. Fixed: A podcast temp file could be deleted before tagging and copying to the final destination were complete.
4. Fixed: Some podcasts would be rejected because they were too different than their expected lengths.
5. Changed: Double-clicking a channel in TV Tuner view no longer jumps to fullscreen automatically.
6. Fixed: Multi-threaded string usage could be slower than necessary.

1. Fixed: Possible crash during multi-threaded string usage. (like when double-clicking a complicated smartlist in the tree)
2. Fixed: Floating point numbers now are formatted according to locale.

1. Fixed: iPods would not be properly identified.
2. Fixed: Bitrate Monitor filter did not work with DirectVobSub.

1. Fixed: Possible burning / ripping crash.
2. NEW: Added ts to supported DirectShow video playback types.
3. Fixed: Possible crashes on shutdown.

1. NEW: JPEG files will write out changed XMP metadata.
2. Changed: Bitrate monitor filter becomes optional (selected by default). You can select or de-select it on the filter selection window just as other filters.
3. Fixed: The Haali Media Splitter did not play well with our new Bitrate monitor filter.
4. Changed: Analog TV's video control settings are now stored in a tuner-device-specific location.
5. Fixed: Floating point numbers have a 0 prepended if needed.
6. NEW: File->Open URL allows Web Media options.
7. Fixed: Sporadic crashes due to recent internal changes.

1. Changed: Internal changes to how strings are handled. (should be internal change only, but please report any problems)
2. Fixed: Podcasts weren't sorting correctly on iPods because we didn't transfer Date Published.
4. NEW: GPS Fields added (from jpeg exif's): Latitude, Longitide, Altitude, Direction.
4. NEW: DirectShow filter to monitor audio and video streams for bitrate data dynamically during DirectShow video playback.
5. Changed: (Reversing the change made a few builds ago) MC no longer disrupt current playback in active zone when the user clicks "TV Tuner" tree item to display channels list, or when the user clicks the Options button without having already started playing a channel.
6. Fixed: Playlists weren't sorting alphabetically on iPods.
7. Changed: Counter(...) expression function takes an optional start index. (starts at 1 if not provided)
8. Changed: Counter(...) expression function takes an optional increment value as the second parameter. (increments by 1 if not provided)

1. Changed: Rebuild of code base.

1. Fixed: Deinterlace filter configuration in TV did not work (asserting the deinterlace filter could not be used when it really could) with devices that have only video capture pin but no video preview pin.
2. Fixed: TV channel list did not refresh when user switched zones.
3. Changed: Merged in experimental branch.
4. Fixed: When editing MC options for a specific zone, the TV options for the active zone was edited, instead of the intended zone.
5. Changed: TV Options window's title is now zone-specific, namely "TV Options - Zone n".
6. Updated: Updated Pix01 Slideshow XXX templates.
7. Fixed: Podcasts from deleted feeds could still appear in the sync list.

1. Updated: Updated Pix01 Slideshow XXX templates.
2. Changed: Revamped Frequency Override dialog in TV. It is simpler to use and allows skinning.
3. Changed: Added more description to ATSC vs. DVB-T selection.
4. Fixed: Program was hanging when evaluating Podcasts.
5. Fixed: Could not configure audio compression in TV recording profiles for certain devices.
6. Fixed: Under heavy multi-threaded usage, server plugins could incorrectly terminate a connection.
7. Changed: Added artwork for podcasts and videos to iPod transfers.
8. Changed: Removed default MC artwork for missing album art in iPod transfers.

1. Fixed: Progress bar is updated during video conversion for handheld.
2. Changed: Added a couple advanced library server options.
3. Fixed: Action window problems for phone-type devices.

1. Fixed: Selecting one or more podcasts to sync would result in syncing all media files.

1. NEW: GPS EXIF information will display in the 'format' list (JPEG files).
2. Fixed: 'No handhelds found' message was continually getting displayed when picking Camera in the action window.

Experimental alpha build

1. Fixed: Running import during a handheld sync could cause duplicate tracks to get imported.
2. Fixed: Media Center would not allow the program to be closed when analyzing a large handheld sync in a background thread.
3. Fixed: MC would crash when transferring photos to iPods - introduced in 331.
4. Changed: TV option "This device requires a cable to route sound directly to the sound card" now defaults to FALSE (unchecked) as most newer devices do not need such connection.

1. NEW: Added the ability for HH devices to double as cameras (particularly useful for phones).
2. Changed: Updated musepack (mpc) encoder exe to version 1.16
3. Changed: Updated musepack (mpc) decoder library to 1.2.6
4. NEW: Multiple TV tuner/video capture devices can be loaded/played in different zones. Now users can play one channel in one zone while recording another channel in a different zone.
5. Fixed: Shortcuts would not get created on a fresh install.
6. Updated: Partial support for canon 40D raw files added. (sRAW still not supported.)
7. Fixed: Added the authToken to menalto support.
8. Fixed: Album art images were getting scramled on the new iPod models.

Experimental alpha build

1. Fixed: Shoutcast / ICY streams would not play properly from some servers.
2. Fixed: iPod video's not syncing correctly (introduced in 12.0.331).
3. Fixed: FLAC files would not advance to the next track.

1. Fixed: Smartlist option to set notes of playlist wasn't formatting text properly.
2. NEW: Added three Web Media featured websites; Digitally Imported, Sky.FM, & Internode.
3. Fixed: mpg video would not play using Nero filters. Introduced in build 12.0.330.
4. NEW: Added FLAC playback and encoder support. Thanks Scthom!
5. Fixed: iPods not getting correctly identify under Vista.
6. Fixed: New iPod nanos and classics not working correctly under Vista.
7. Fixed: Cover art now shows up in right pane on new iPods display.
8. Changed: Temporary files are now stored in the J. River application data folder instead of the temporary folder. (allows better support when running with very restrictive privileges)

1. Fixed: Reading cover art from files with Chinese characters did not work.
2. Fixed: Direct Sound settings dialog could cut off some text.
3. Fixed: Double-click / enter in the customize toolbar dialog was not moving buttons between the lists.
4. Fixed: Pix01 Action Window edit boxes now use ActionWindow - EditTextColor and EditBackColor. (Default to TextColor and BackColor.)
5. NEW: TV allows Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 devices to use non-hardware encoded format for time-shifting.
6. Fixed: Auto-sizing columns could use incorrect sizes. (only applies to the last few builds)
7. Changed: Improved pre-buffering when playing time-shifted TV over a slow connection.

1. Fixed: Adding external cover art to video files could be slower than necessary.
2. Fixed: With left-button lasso enabled, drawing a lasso wouldn't update the in-place-edit column.
3. NEW: Added album art and photo support for third generation iPod Nanos.
4. Fixed: When acquiring an image from the clipboard, a 32-bit DIB could be shifted a little.

1. Fixed: After multiple concurrent uploads, an iPod could use duplicate cover art for new files uploaded.

1. NEW: Added support for new "Classic" iPods.
2. Changed: Video codec uses MMX for bounds capping, resulting in a 6x speedup of this stage.
3. Fixed: Some trees with checkboxes were not properly loading the checkbox states. (handheld sync, action window playlists)
4. Changed: File > Open URL selects the most recently used URL by default. (all text is selected, so typing replaces it right away)
5. Changed: Some lists wouldn't auto-size their headers on header double-click. (i.e. Rename From Properties dialog)
6. Changed: Updated slideshow xxx gallery creator templates.

1. Changed: Improved efficiency of J. River video codec bitstream and motion compensation by about 5%.
2. Changed: When seeking, J. River video codec outputs black frames instead of green frames.
3. Changed: Video codec better manages YUV colorspace ranges, helping compression.
4. Changed: Video codec more intelligently handles dark frame areas, helping compression by around 12% with little quality difference.
5. Changed: Video codec incorporates in-loop deblocking filter for improved visual quality.

1. Optimized: Improved the seeking speed with YTV.
2. Changed: Each time-shifting sessions saves files to a unique subfolder under the configured record directory.
3. Changed: When stopping time-shifting when behind live or when longer than 20 minutes, a prompt for saving vs discarding the time-shifting files is presented.
4. Fixed: Message boxes with custom button text could truncate the button text.

1. Changed: Added support for keyboard ctrl arrow / spacebar list selection method.
2. Fixed: TV time-shifting would stop seeking nicely after 4 GB of data. (introduced recently)
3. Fixed: Some playlists would not show up in Action Window > Tag > Playlists.
4. Changed: Media Center uses "no change" as the size estimate for handheld transfers using external encoders instead of over-estimating the size.
5. Fixed: YTV could show audio and video data out of sync for a little while when seeking.
6. Changed: YTV uses a more efficient packet size when encoding with the J. River video codec.
7. Changed: Revised how TV time-shifting starts to possibly fix problems where playback would fail to start because of lack of data.

1. NEW: Theater View font and weight can be configured independent of the rest of the program. (Options > Theater View)
2. Fixed: In some option dialog settings that allowed typing, pressing 'escape' would leave an empty options line.
3. Changed: Improved J. River video codec motion compensation.
4. Fixed: J. River video codec could introduce rainbow artifacts on the lower edge of a movie.
5. Changed: Revised video codec quantization scheme and encoding tables to improve efficiency.
6. Changed: Improved J. River video codec bitstream efficiency by about 10%.

1. NEW: Action Window > Camera allows gathering media (images, video, audio) from any website. (spiders one level deep)
2. NEW: Action Window > Camera allows gathering images from Google Images for any search.
3. Fixed: MP3 iPod transfers and seeking could still be overly slow. (introduced in build 309)
4. Changed: TV Time-shifting data files are created in a subfolder of user-selected "TV Recordings" folder, to reduce cluttering.

1. Optimized: Improved performance of seeking during TV time-shifting.
2. Optimized: Increased speed of J. River video codec motion compensation.
3. Changed: More and better video size selection during creation or editing of a custom recording profile (non-MPEG2 analog TV only).
4. Fixed: Minor typos and inconsistencies in the Slideshow XXX templates resolved.
5. Fixed: With "Start Digital TV in Time-shifting Mode" on, starting to play a digital TV channel may not work. Introduced in recent builds.
6. Changed: Send To > External uses the avaiable filename instead of the database filename when sending CUE and other special files.
7. Fixed: With "Start Digital TV in Time-shifting Mode" on, MC would hang if user started playing a digital TV channel immediately after MC starts. Introduced in recent builds.
8. Fixed: TV left a bunch of files in TV recording folder after time-shifting ended. Introduced in recent builds.
9. Fixed: iPod syncs could be overly slow. (introduced in build 309)

1. Fixed: Pix01 gallery thumb was not being created if the first item in the gallery was not an image.
2. NEW: Video.png overlay added to Slideshow XXX Pix01 templates.
3. Changed: Video conversion for Pix01 Noire template is defaulted to on. (Slideshow already has to convert to flv.)
4. Fixed: Video.png overlay added to ALL video thumb images.
5. Fixed: GalleryCreator .flv filenames were not unique.
6. NEW: JPEG files; XMP IPTC tags will be read to MC tags (unless corresponding legacy-IRB IPTC tags also exist).
7. NEW: Improved J. River video codec settings.
8. Changed: Added more logging to handheld transfers.

1. Changed: Slow double-click on a list to edit only fires if the second click comes within two seconds of the first click.
2. Changed: Scheduler playlist selection list better sorts playlists.
3. NEW: "Rename Files From Properties..." dialog has a preview to show the changes that will be made.
4. Fixed: Pressing escape or enter in the scheduler dialog could close the task page and leave the dialog open.
5. Fixed: Pix01 gallery thumb was not being created if the first item in the gallery was not an image.
6. New: Added XMP tags to the tag format listing.
7. Changed: Podcasts only open the download window for manually requested episodes.
8. Fixed: Digital TV recording (to dvr-ms format) did not work unless the user logged in as an administrator and UAC was turned off.
9. Changed: Pressing "Eject" on the handheld transfer complete Action Window also closes the Action Window.
10. Changed: Trying to sync a handheld right away when starting the program shows a wait message while devices are loaded. (instead of showing a no devices error)
11. Changed: Added more logging to library server.
12. Changed: If a handheld sync failed to start, it would leave an extra "Finished" action window in the stack.
13. Fixed: Dowloading videos was not working with the latest YouTube site.
14. Fixed: Downloaded files would not remain in the "Downloads" view after they finished downloading.

1. NEW: Updated French translation. (thanks to Guillaume)
2. NEW: Added British translation. (thanks to Prod)
3. NEW: plugin 1.0.7 is included with the player.

1. Optimized: Importing large TIFF files is much faster.
2. NEW: Copyright is read from TIFF file tags.
3. NEW: Action Window > Tag > Format for TIFF files shows copyright, software, and geo tagging (for flight maps) information.
4. Fixed: Entering a duration into a search / smartlist like 3:40 was not working properly.
5. Fixed: In rare cases, starting the player with "Last location" selected could show the root of the media library and show error dialogs.
6. Fixed: Added extra checking to "Start at last location" option.
7. Fixed: Podcasts downloading to the wrong place.

1. Fixed: After double-clicking the display, the display would stop responding to click nicely.
2. Fixed: TV time-shifting disk access performance could be slow. (only affects last few builds)

1. Changed: Web Media context menu (ie adding websites) available when right clicking web media tree items.
2. Fixed: Very long values in a pane could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: Auto-sizing columns would truncate very wide columns unnecessarily.

1. Changed: Minor revision to how brightness, etc. are show on the on-screen display to make it less confusing at the center point.
2. Changed: On screen display rolls when pressing up at the top command or down at the last command.
3. Changed: Improved motion compensation in J. River video codec.
4. Fixed: ASX parsing could incorrectly set videos to a media type of audio. (Nasa TV, etc.)
5. Fixed: Doing "Clear List" from the burn action window and then dropping more files could cause a crash.
6. Changed: It's no longer possible to save multiple view layouts with the same name. (now the new overwrites the previous)
7. Fixed: Manually reordering columns, and then loading a view layout would not work properly.
8. Fixed: When scrolling a list horizontally, the header could lag a little behind the column data.
9. Changed: On a fresh install, the option "Show stop button" will be enabled. (Options > General > Show stop button)
10. Changed: When dragging the main window around the screen, border snapping will be applied when the grab is released, instead of during the move.
11. Fixed: Doing "Updates Library (from tags)" will correct invalid cover art links if the file has changed.
12. Changed: Doing "Update Library (from tags)" or "Update Tags (from library)" will update visible thumbnails right away if necessary.
13. Fixed: Gallery creator (pix01) could create incorrect image sizes.

1. NEW: Pix01 slideshow templates. Select under options. (Old slideshow maps to Slideshow Gray.)
2. NEW: Pix01 slideshow templates convert video to .flv. Flash player included on page.

1. Fixed: Smartlist "notes" field (on set notes from smartlist) no longer shows empty lines for complex rules.
2. Fixed: Mp3 ID3v2 tags: Changing a tag, or update tags from the library could corrupt tags when the original tags were ID3v2.4 and at least one of the tags was longer than 127 characters.
3. Fixed: GalleryCreator (pix01) was not escaping &'s in the JSON string.
4. Fixed: DVD VOB files not playing on D-Link UPnP device.
5. Fixed: Switching libraries could clear a DVD bookmark.
6. NEW: More improvements to J. River video codec compression and performance.

1. Changed: Reduced the number of digital TV signal strength updates on TV Channels/Scan Channels configuration windows, to reduce resource use during digital TV channel setup.
2. Fixed: The correct value of "Time-shifting window" was not displayed on "TV Configuration" after the user made a change to it (the default value of 5 hours was always displayed). Introduced recently.
3. Changed: Merged Podcast downloads with the Download tree item.
4. Fixed: Random Gallery filenames were only sorta random.
5. Fixed: RAW file time now localized.

1. NEW: Many improvements to J. River video codec. (motion compensation, improved entropy coding, etc. -- still a work in progress)

1. Fixed: Could not play digital TV with "Start digital TV in time-shifting mode" option on. Introduced in build 303.
2. Changed: More video output sizes are available for selection when creating a custom recording profile for analog TV.

1. Fixed: A grammar error in TV channel scanning dialog text.
2. Changed: Internal Podcast changes.
3. Changed: TV time-shifting files are uniquely named using TV station name and time, just like in recording.
4. Changed: TV time-shifting file *.jts is automatically imported into MC upon start of time-shifting.
5. Fixed: Wrong progress bar size in dvd rip action window.
6. Fixed: Download queue could be created from a worker thread which caused problems.
7. Fixed: Analog TV recording profile's audio compression settings were not honored in time-shifiting (this is applicable only to certain analog TV devices).
8. Changed: TV will no longer try to set an audio recording level when recording or time-shifting (unless the recording level happens to be zero). Applicable only to certain TV tuner devices.
9. Fixed: mms streams handling improved.
10. Fixed: Image of device in the handheld view could be blank.

1. Changed: Internal Podcast changes.
2. NEW: TV will automatically shutdown recording or time-shifting when disk space runs low.
3. NEW: MC will clean up any time-shifting files left on disk in previous sessions upon startup.

1. NEW: Integrated the smartlist wizard into the search box.
2. NEW: The list of possible fields filter according to media type when using the smartlist builder.
3. Changed: The smartlist builder more dynamically filters fields and values based on other selected values.
4. Fixed: iTunes playlist import wouldn't correctly import the year / date field.
5. Changed: Added help links to the playlist web page.

1. Fixed: Playlist groups that only contained other playlist groups would not be shown in the handheld Sync List.
2. Changed: The root items in the Sync List get expanded when going into Options.
3. Fixed: Library Server could crash on receiving a search for library servers packet.
4. Fixed: Library Server might reply with the wrong IP address when receiving a search.
5. NEW: Player includes reworked filters for TV (and HDTV) time-shifting and recording. (more functionality to follow)

1. NEW: The "Sync List" in handheld options now suports media types and podcasts, along with playlists.
2. Fixed: In some Mini View skins, a selected, playing track in the playlist would be incorrectly colored.
3. Fixed: Some Mini View skins would have text that was smaller than specified by the skin.
4. Fixed: When dragging the volume slider, the volume tooltip could lag slightly behind the actual volume.
5. Changed: Dropping a Playlist Group onto a handheld will transfer the files and child playlists. (formerly only files transferred)
6. Changed: Empty playlist groups are no longer shown in the sync list. (they caused check all / check none to not work)
7. Changed: Column resizes operate faster.
8. Fixed: The Debug Viewer link in the logging dialog pointed to an old website.

1. Changed: When opening the smartlist dialog, the first rule gets the keyboard focus.
2. Changed: Pressing "Tab" while doing typed-navigation in a smartlist drop-list will jump to the next field.
3. Changed: Merged the Import and Export buttons on the smartlist dialog.
4. Changed: Changing a modifier style rule in the Smartlist editor clears the value (instead of keeping a value that may not make sense with the new modifier).
5. Fixed: Smartlist modifiers with escapement in them didn't work nicely.
6. NEW: Added the options to include or remove cover art from converted files transferred to a device.
7. NEW: Added the option to include cover art in a Folder.jpg file when transferring files to a device.

1. Fixed: Large lists would be slower than necessary when scrolled towards the bottom.
2. Optimized: Improved performance when loading database fields.

1. Changed: Scrolling while in-place editing will cancel the edit.
2. Fixed: When the selection changed, the list would select but not show items. (only affects 295)
3. Fixed: Typed list navigation works better with the space bar.
4. Fixed: Fixed a small leak with the Theater View statusbar.
5. Fixed: Theater View could work too hard to maintain a goal framerate, making the UI unresponsive to user actions.
6. Changed: Theater View defaults to "Play" instead of "Play All" for video views.
7. Changed: Theater View play menu commands are saved on a per-root basis. (so video can vary from audio, etc.)
8. Fixed: The "Print List" feature was not outputting item text.
9. Fixed: The preview on the Cover Art > Add From File... dialog was not showing.

1. Fixed: When viewing TV in Theater View, each channel would show as having more than one file in Lineup mode.
2. Fixed: When Jump on Play was set to "Playing Now (always)", the player could crash when starting playback from certain lists.
3. Fixed: Printing a list could cause a crash.
4. Fixed: Mini View playlist list controls were not working nicely. (scrolling, font, etc.)
5. Fixed: Some Google videos wouldn't download.
6. Fixed: Truncation tooltips in a list or tree could remain visible when the mouse was inside the tooltip but actually over an adjacent item.

1. Fixed: Tagging mode in the panes didn't allow checking boxes. (only effects 293)
2. Fixed: The image editor behaves better when attempting to edit a missing or broken file.
3. Changed: Revised lasso system to follow these rules:

Right-click lasso: right-mouse drag will always start a lasso
Left-click lasso (optional, off by default): left-mouse drag will start a lasso when over a non-selected item in non-text area (in Options > Tree & View > Advanced)

4. Fixed: Slow double-click to edit a field would not work when an auto-truncation tooltip was showing.

1. Changed: Audio analyzer returns reasonable values for silent files instead of erroring.
2. Fixed: After clicking on an auto-truncation tooltip in the list, typed navigation would not work until clicking another item.
3. Fixed: When the mouse was over an auto-truncation tooltip, the list wouldn't track the mouse over item nicely with the mouse.
4. Fixed: CD Labeler not working under Vista.
5. Fixed: MTP devices may load faster in some cases.
6. Changed: Some internal restructuring of list controls.

1. Fixed: Right-click in the panes didn't work nicely.
2. Fixed: Playlist filters from the search box could cause a crash.
3. Changed: Lasso is also available with a left-click.
4. Changed: When the application launch shortcut was set to "Maximize", the incomplete shutdown dialog would appear maximized.

1. Fixed: Drawing a list lasso that went outside the list would clear the selection on mouse up.
2. Fixed: Slow double-click to edit wouldn't work on a field showing a truncation tooltip.
3. Changed: Lasso list selection is done with the right-mouse button.
4. Changed: Ctrl+Click on the last selected item in a list can be used to select none.
5. Fixed: Lists on some dialogs would not appear.
6. Fixed: Some types of ASF redirectors would not work properly.
7. Changed: When opening a URL, a wait message will be displayed while parsing the file. (could take a while for a large playlist)
8. Updated: Help file.
9. Fixed: Enhanced Video Renderer did not work for DX Video playback.

1. Fixed: Deleting a file from a playlist could leave an empty placeholder visible until the view was refreshed.
2. Fixed: Drag-n-drop in the tree could incorrectly scroll horizontally.

1. Fixed: Some lists wouldn't reset their scroll position as expected when browsing the library.

1. Fixed: Customize Toolbar dialog lists weren't working nicely.
2. Fixed: In-place editing wouldn't work properly once scrolled right.
3. Changed: Clicking in the non-item area at the bottom of the list selects none.
4. Changed: Added "Album (by date)" grouping for image views.

1. Fixed: Reverse range selections in lists were not working properly.
2. Fixed: Grabbing an item in the list and dragging out of the list without crossing other items wouldn't immediately start a drag-n-drop.
3. Fixed: The selection would not draw in very wide lists.
4. Changed: Tuned the mouse-wheel scroll size in lists.
5. Fixed: Lists wouldn't nicely switch colors when switching skins on the fly.
6. NEW: Lists support lasso selection, in accordance with AlexB's specifications. (experimental -- may change or be removed)
7. Fixed: Scroll position was not perfectly preserved when using the forward / back commands to switch views.
8. Fixed: Typed list navigation was not working in thumbnail lists.
9. Fixed: Dropping to the last position in a list was not possible.
10. Fixed: "Edit Disc Information" dialog was not working nicely.
11. Changed: Media Center no longer does a complete iPod eject, but instead keeps the iPod charging when ejected like iTunes.
12. Changed: Theater View weather doesn't load until going into the Weather plugin.
13. Changed: Theater View weather refreshes each time "Weather" is reentered.
14. Changed: Theater View weather shows the current temperature in "Current Conditions" instead of a high / low.

1. NEW: Added "Group" feature to file lists. (mouse-over view title at top left of any view and look at the "Group" submenu)
2. Fixed: In place editing would not work properly. (introduced in build 285)

1. Fixed: Video did not show up on screen when playing video using VMR9 (introduced in build 284).
2. Fixed: In DX video and DVD playback, the OSD menu did not show status message for "Vertical Position" item.
3. Fixed: In TV playback, when showing OSD menu for Video Control items (Brightness, Contrast, etc.) the item's name was shown twice.
4. Fixed: Lists showed truncation tooltip when the mouse was over the header.
5. Fixed: Lists showed invalid truncation tooltip for the rating column.
6. Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+Click list selection works more naturally.

1. Fixed: When cancelling a TWAIN scanner acquire, the player would stick waiting for the scanner.
2. Fixed: CDs would incorrectly get filed as "Unnamed Disc".
3. NEW: File types m2t and tp are added to DX video playback types.
4. NEW: Enhanced Video Renderer is added to the list of selectable video renderers for DX Video playback.
5. Fixed: Updating from older versions of MC will not reset the podcast configuration to default.
6. NEW: Switched all lists to be built on top of J. River lists instead of Windows lists.
7. NEW: List controls show a truncation tooltip when a column doesn't hold all the data.

1. Fixed: Seeking in a DVD while the DVD was paused could cause a dead-lock with some filters.
2. Fixed: In rare cases, WMV videos would stall when resuming from a bookmark.
3. NEW: Tab support for title and description fields in shareto web aw.
4. Updated: Help file.
5. Fixed: Rewinding all the way to the beginning of file would cause a dead-lock in video playback.
6. Changed: When thumbnailing a video in DirectShow using windowless vmr, MC will not make multiple attempts to pause video.
7. Changed: When rendering DirectShow graph for mp4 files, MC will try to add a source filter before attempting to render, if there is no user-selected source filter.
8. Changed: Calls to handheld cache to get file return a non keyed name when cache type is never.

1. Fixed: With daylight savings in effect, dates loaded from an iPod could be off by an hour.
2. Fixed: Sound Check on the iPod would not work correctly with very loud files.
3. Changed: Added a +6db shift to the Sound Check values loaded on an iPod so less attenuation is done in most cases. (may require a resync for old and new files to match)
4. NEW: Podcasts can still be viewed when the database is read-only.
5. Fixed: Pix01 AW crash.
6. Changed: Internal ShowHtmlHelp changes.

1. Fixed: OPML files could introduce invalid feeds (appeared as multiple "Downloaded Podcasts").
2. Fixed: Already existing invalid feeds are deleted from the library.
3. Changed: handling more OPML file formats.
4. Fixed: The values of color controls were not normalized for Enhanced Video Renderer on Vista.
5. Fixed: The custom values of color controls for Enhanced Video Renderer on Vista were not saved.
6. Changed: Podcast logging to detect duplicated episodes.
7. Fixed: Deleting a podcast feed would sometimes remove the feed from the view, but not actually delete it.
8. NEW: Display settings (monitor, resolution, always on top) are stored per-zone.
9. Fixed: Some video cards would draw white where transparency was supposed to be in Theater View.
10. NEW: Default Feeds are intelligent - outdated feeds with no downloads are deleted when the default feed list is downloaded.
11. Fixed: When trying to tag an mp3 file that couldn't be moved, the system could end up with a temporary file with a .yyy extension.

1. Fixed: Installer didn't remember that "Associate with audio CDs" was checked.
2. Changed: Default Feeds are now downloaded from the Web instead of being provided with the player (so they can be changed often).
3. Fixed: Options trees weren't drawing their borders. (introduced in 278)
4. Changed: Audio Renderers are removed from DirectShow graph (instead of just being silenced) when analyzing video files (to prevent audio renderers from changing audio device's sample rate during Auto Importing).
5. Fixed: "Export All Playlists" was incorrectly disabled in the menu.
6. Fixed: Theater View lineup list style could leak resources.
7. Fixed: Video spool image was being added to the wrong thumbs in pix01.
8. Fixed: New gallery names with new users could cause some issues.
9. Changed: Password related warning text added to Pix01 login dialog.
10. Fixed: FileAssociations would not change value if previously associated with Media Center.
11. NEW: double-clicking an OPML file will subscribe to the podcasts contained in it.
12. Changed: Small tweak to how rating is saved in ID3v2 tags to possibly help compatibility with some programs.
13. NEW: Added "Custom size" to the handheld engine image conversion choices.

1. Changed: Anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering are optional (off by default) in Theater View. (Options > Theater View > Advanced)
2. Changed: Right-click menu in Display View has a command to exit to standard view. (previously if coming from Theater View, this was not possible)
3. Fixed: DSP Studio still wasn't opening unless a file was playing.
4. Changed: The play button / space bar no longer do anything in Theater View when a file list isn't focused.

1. Changed: when both CD Text and a CDPlayer.ini entry exist for a CD, the meta data is taken from CDPlayer.ini
2. Fixed: In Podcasts, getting a content URL was too agressive when the enclosure url was invalid.
3. Fixed: Audio Conversion is now ignored for images and video in Library Server.
4. Fixed: Certain MP3 streams (or playlists) did not play correctly due to problems handling ICY metadata.
5. Optimized: Improved Theater View drawing pipeline to improve performance substantially in many cases.
6. Changed: Revised how Theater View projects and places pieces on the screen. (internal change -- please report any alignment issues)

1. Changed: Logging for podcasts.
2. Fixed: FTP helper error with files divisible by 256.
3. Fixed: DSP Studio wasn't opening unless a file was playing.

1. Changed: Log files will contain the exact point and thread of a crash to aid debugging.
2. Fixed: In certain cases, a thread that exited very quickly could cause a crash.
3. NEW: Added function to IMJAutomation: GetLibrary, returns library name and path
4. Fixed: Library Server now asks Media Center which library to share instead of querying the registry (which could be incorrect if there are multiple instances of MC).
5. Fixed: When merging a library that contained smartlists that pointed to playlists by ID, the smartlists would be broken.
6. Fixed: Library Sync could leave partial files on cancel when converting.
7. Changed: Theater View uses FSAA and anisotropic filtering when possible.

1. Fixed: Direct Show playback would use a NULL audio renderer. (introduced in 272)

1. Changed: The on screen display isn't shown in standard view when changing playback states or position.
2. Fixed: Pix01 ftp upload could stall if upload was in multiples of 256 bytes.
3. Fixed: Some incorrect podcast feeds specified episode URLs in strange places
4. Changed: Removed lots of podcast logging.
5. Changed: Improved video support in Theater View skins.

1. Changed: Removed transparency support for on screen display since some video mixers or video drivers would flicker with it.
2. NEW: Revised how the on screen display looks and works.
3. NEW: On screen display is available for all playback types. (press up / down to roll through menu)
4. NEW: Added several more commands to the on screen display.
5. Fixed: Podcasting memory leak.
6. Fixed: Many threading issues with podcasts, which could cause many types of problems (including deleted threads re-appearing).
7. Changed: Reduced the amount of Podcast debug logging.
8. Updated: Help.
9. Fixed: Deleted Podcast Episodes would reappear.

1. Changed: Using expressions based on filenames inside Library Sync wouldn't work nicely. (because the filename would return a server name instead of the name from the original library)
2. Changed: Cancel in "Library Sync" takes effect immediately instead of after the current file finishes.
3. Fixed: "Export All Playlists..." wasn't enabled when not looking at a file list view.
4. NEW: Library Sync creates a playlist "Library Sync - Files Not In Sync" that contains files in the source library that aren't in the sync library. (helps remove duplicates, etc.)
5. Fixed: Library Sync would cause thumbnails to be rebuilt for files that had already been synced.
6. Changed: Creation of "Recent Playing Now's" can be disabled in Options > General > Advanced > Features.
7. Changed: Improved logging for reasons to download podcasts.
8. Changed: Downloaded Podcasts moved below Podcast Feeds.
9. NEW: The navigation tree supports multiple selections in the playlist branch for more easily moving, copying, etc. playlists. (copy, cut, and paste also work this way) (experiment -- may not remain)

1. Changed: Thumb, image and full size image heights and widths added to the pix01 javascript parameters.
2. Fixed: Library Sync would unnecessarily retag files when merging existing files if audio conversion was enabled.
3. Fixed: Tree art for some of the plugins fixed.
4. Changed: Major internal update of Podcasts.
5. Changed: Improved logging for reasons to download podcasts.
6. NEW: Web Media audio choices dialog box allow multiple selections.
7. Fixed: Switching translation during program run could cause some message boxes to stop working until a restart of the player.
8. Fixed: Smartlists that pointed to playlists in playlist groups were breaking when re-editing them with the smartlist editor.

1. NEW: Visualizations from one instance of Media Center could show in a second instance of Media Center. (still true for G-Force because it uses the global, legacy visualization data map)
2. Fixed: With two instances of Media Center running on the same library, thumbnails wouldn't behave nicely.
3. Fixed: With two instances of Media Center running on different libraries, they'd show the same library selection in the File > Library menu.
4. Fixed: Spurious # removed from thumbnail.htm template.
5. Fixed: tnail0.jpg was not being created for pix01.
6. Changed: Library Sync syncs content in a newest to oldest order.
7. Changed: Playlists on a handheld only append the group name when another playlist has the same name. (i.e. "Workout Mix (My iPod)" is now simply "Workout Mix")
8. Fixed: Some playlist mp3 streams didn't record properly.
9. Fixed: Copying images to the clipboard could show an extra border on paste in some programs.

1. Changed: Album files were getting uploaded to the root of a device instead of to the music folder for MTP devices.

1. Changed: Added option "Options > General > Advanced > Allow multiple instances to run at one time" for users that want to run multiple copies of MC under different user accounts, etc.
2. Changed: Print Wizard always uses bicubic resizing when shrinking large photos.
3. Changed: Print Wizard supports printing any number of images at once. (used to cap at around 20)
4. Changed: Print Wizard shows a warning when a print job will require more than 5 pages. (has a no show again box)
5. NEW: Added option "Options > General > Advanced > Reset all confirmation messages..." to reset don't show me again check states.
6. Fixed: "Switch" misspelled in a player window tooltip.
7. Fixed: Quickly exiting Theater View while screen pieces were loading in a background thread could cause a crash.
8. Changed: EVR mixing is now available under XP for DVD playback. (may require Window Update to .NET 3.0)
9. Changed: Made it optional to show the "recently ripped" playlist following a cd rip. In rip options.
10. NEW: EVR rendering supports color controls. (brightness, contrast, etc.) (requires a decoder that supports it)
11. Fixed: Installer and uninstaller gracefully handle rare cases where the product name collides with a different product.

1. Changed: Improved logging for Podcast track number ordering.
2. Changed: Videos used in Theater View skins will loop playback.
3. Changed: Internal changes with regards to how Media Center is compiled. (should be internal changes, but please report any problems)

1. Changed: Obsidian is now the default Theater View skin.
2. NEW: "Library Sync" is a new feature available from the File > Library menu.
3. Changed: When clicking an edit style control in options, clicking somewhere else in the tree to stop the edit won't be considered a click. (so it won't change a different option)
4. NEW: Many enhancements to Library Sync. (more options, remembers all settings, supports playlists, supports conversion, etc.)
5. Fixed: Theater View did not nicely handle failures to start Direct3D.
6. Changed: Revised how the playing display window is hidden and shown to possibly help with Aero issue when entering Theater View from 1080i HDTV playback.
7. Changed: Dutch language translation updated. (thanks bennyd!)
8. Changed: (Web Media) Choices dialog box recording option defaults to actual title for SHOUTcast & other streams with .pls file type.
9. Fixed: Incorrect date error logged in Podcasts.
10. Changed: The Media Center SDK objects get registered during install instead of on first run of the program, which works better with Vista and UAC.
11. Changed: News and Weather show location pictures in Theater View.
12. Changed: Revised how Theater View skins can show location pictures so that a new entry isn't needed for each root.
13. NEW: Added support for thumbnail width and height tags to the web gallery.
14. NEW: Theater View supports using videos in the skin instead of still images for backgrounds, overlays, etc. (experimental -- may not remain)

1. Fixed: Installer reboot checkbox set different in Vista than others.
2. NEW: Vista pops an install complete message box.
3. Changed: RSS story headlines in Theater View wrap when expanded if they're too long for one line.
4. Fixed: Playback display duration changes while playing regular MP3 files (from build 260 #9).
5. Fixed: Importing a playlist with drive letters pointing to CD drives may cause a crash.
6. NEW: Added experimental "Sync From Library Server" tool, available with Ctrl+Shift+T. (may not remain)

1. Changed: When OSD menu is in display, other OSD request is ignored.
2. Changed: OSD Menu items "Horizontal Position" and "Vertical Position" are not displayed unless video is zoomed in.
3. Changed: Czech language translation updated. (thanks Johnny B!)
4. NEW: OSD Menu is now available for TV and Image playback. Still more refinement is needed.
5. Changed: Added "Position" and "Volume" to OSD Menu.
6. Fixed: Ripping with "overwrite existing" option would not update tags to reflect the latest file information.
7. Fixed: Shift+Page Up/Down during image playback wasn't working. (use to preserve zoom & scroll -- great for pixel peeping)
8. Fixed: In some cases, fullscreen would still show the start menu.
9. Fixed: Playing MP3 files that were still being recorded, display did not update duration.
10. Changed: Most messages use PlayerDisplayName rather than Name.
11. Changed: The incomplete shutdown dialog clears the last startup location when picking the option ""Use default window size, position, skin, and startup view".
12. Fixed: Searching for library servers would not work when the server was on Vista.
13. Fixed: If a popup dialog showed a popup message from Theater View, it could cause a hang.
14. Fixed: Pressing escape in some Theater View pages would draw controls over the top of the popup confirmation.
15. Changed: Back shortcuts (mouse button, backspace, alt+left) return from Display View.
16. Fixed: Theater View layouts that used percentages in their equations wouldn't work with some locales.

1. Fixed: Obsidian wasn't showing pictures when selecting root items.
2. Fixed: Waitmessage dialog. (If only 1 line of text and no cancel or progress the text is centered.)
3. Fixed: DCraw was bozo'd last build. RAW thumbs should now rotate correctly.

1. NEW: OSD menu for video and DVD playback using arrow keys and MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_LEFT etc. (Up and down keys select an item; left and right keys change the value). Needs refinement. To be added to TV and Image playback.
2. NEW: Import dialog uses new media type divided tree for selecting what types to import.
3. Fixed: For DRM video playback, when the computer needed to be individualized, Media Center wouldn't behave nicely.
4. Fixed: When DRM license acquisition didn't work for video playback, the stop button didn't cancel as expected.t
5. Changed: Theater View skins extend the background images over the full window, instead of just inside the overscan corrected area.
6. Changed: Several tweaks to new Theater View skin "Obsidian."
7. NEW: Overscan is now managed by the skin in its layout XML so that skins can customize how they handle the overscan areas.
8. Changed: Theater View skins are now version 2.3.
9. Changed: Simplified Theater View list items so all list styles use the same background image. (makes plugins look nicer with some skins)
10. Changed: Theater View Weather can be configured from inside Theater View. (so a user doesn't have to find Options > Theater View > etc.)
11. Updated: DCRaw.exe. (New cameras supported.)
12. NEW: RAW image support attempts to retrieve the smaller thumbnail image from the raw file for MC thumbs. Experimental. Tested on a small set of raw files.
13. Fixed: Burning a CD of Podcasts could cause the Podcast engine to redownload the burned files.
14. Fixed: If Media Center was maximized, then minimized, then closed, it wouldn't remember that it was maximized on restart.
15. Fixed: Media Center could "super-maximize" after a user switch so that it covered the Start menu.

1. NEW: New Theater View skin "Obsidian" included in build.
2. Fixed: Podcast times are now a little more forgiving of non-standard times: 24:00:00 now works.
3. Fixed: In multiple/tab views, switching between Web Media anchor pages of Audio, Images, or Video did not update tree.
4. Changed: Slideshow pix01 template tweaks. (Still in progress.)
5. NEW: Updated help file.
6. NEW: File associations picker (in installer and options) uses a checkbox tree that's broken out by media type.
7. Optimized: Theater Lineup lists do less threaded texture reloading when switching selections.
9. Changed: Menus nicely support backgrounds that use alpha in them.
10. Fixed: In Playing Now, if the playing file was in the list multiple times, all copies would look like they were playing.
11. Changed: Import default changed to "'My Media' folders".

1. Changed: Theater View search and statusbar objects are positioned using the the skin's layout XML.
2. Changed: TV recordings are imported with "Station/Channel Name" in the Artist field instead of the Album field.
3. Changed: Theater View layout supports equations for making rectangle conditional based on other settings.
4. Fixed: Theater View News wouldn't work nicely when using large fonts on a low resolution.
5. Fixed: Scrolling in Theater View News while a story was expanded didn't work properly.
6. Optimized: Improved Theater View performance when dealing with large lists.
7. Changed: Media Center continues to disable the screen-saver in UAC Vista for one minute after a UI mode change. (so returning to Theater View won't let the screensaver kick in right away)
8. Changed: Web Media recording adds file to db at the beginning of the recording; allows playing while still recording.
9. Changed: Podcasts now have their own debug log type.
10. Changed: Theater View animations no longer overshoot a little when changing size or position.

1. NEW: "Close Display" and display double-click commands will return to Theater View if that's where you were last.
2. Changed: When playback jumps to Display View from Theater View, it will automatically maximize the display if it was in windowed mode last.
3. Fixed: When a Theater View skin derives from a base skin but defines its own layout, the new layout wouldn't be honored.
4. Fixed: If the last two Theater View play commands were "Play" and "Play All", it was possible to see "Play" in the menu twice at a view that didn't support "Play All".
5. Changed: In a Theater View thumbnail list, pressing "Left" on the left column will navigate back instead of loop to the last column.
6. Changed: When formatting an iPod or WMDM device, a more standard looking progress dialog is shown. (also runs a spin animation to show the player is working)
7. NEW: DX video player now supports video scrolling via keyboard (arrow keys) and MCCommands (MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_UP, etc.).
8. Changed: The UPnP Server now responds with UpdateIDs that mean something has changed instead of stayed the same.
9. Changed: Major internal revision of Podcast Download Settings (such as maximum number of retries).
10. NEW: Added support for MyTV,MyMusic,MyPictures,MyVideos,More,RecTV,LiveTV,Guide,DVDMenu buttons on Microsoft MCE remote.
11. NEW: A first stab at getting DVD cover art after ripping.
12. Changed: Revised how Theater View is initially loaded to (possibly) work around a Vista Aero issue where it wouldn't show Theater View until the mouse was moved.

1. NEW: Ctrl+E focuses the search control without switching views.
2. Changed: Revised how Theater View frame-rates are metered so that they remain closer to a user's setting.
3. Changed: Reworked how Theater View handles vertical syncs so that it always remains responsive to user input.
4. Changed: Major internal revision of Podcast Tags
5. Changed: Podcast Name tag now defaults to only the podcast name, not the date and name.
6. Changed: Column headings/order for podcast view.
7. NEW: TV now supports video scrolling via keyboard (arrow keys) and MCCommands (MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_UP, etc.).
8. Fixed: YouTube was not allowing downloads of videos.

1. Fixed: Some Theater View textures could leak when leaving Theater View. (introduced in 252)

1. Changed: MC adds Microsoft Mpeg-2 Video Stream Analyzer filter to recording graph, (in an effort to solve recording problem on Vista).
2. Fixed: Bursts of sound during thumbnailing of videos with multiple audio tracks.
3. NEW: When a handheld sync finishes, the transfer Action Window remains open, and shows an eject button for devices that support it.
4. Changed: A detached display is no longer automatically reattached when showing Display View or Theater View.
5. Changed: It now takes a double-click instead of a single click on the display to reattach a detached dispaly.
6. Changed: Thumbnails won't be drop shadowed when they're drawing as a small size (less than 32x32).
7. Fixed: TiVo Server would not respond to the Start Server/Stop Server button.
8. Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts that target the playing display wouldn't work when the display was detached.
9. Changed: Podcast episode names now don't include the date by default.
10. Fixed: A small leak when playing a video or DVD in Display View with the borders showing.
11. NEW: Theater View supports a rich XML and equation system for skins to specify a layout.
12. Changed: Theater View skin titlebars respond to Theater View's size setting.
13. Changed: Theater View skins now version 2.2. (will require update of third party skins)
14. Changed: Theater View "Background" merged with "Picture" items in the skin.

1. Fixed: Album analyzer could mark incomplete albums as complete.
2. Fixed: Playlist import of image files would not work properly.
3. Fixed: When importing an MPL where tags didn't need to be analyzed, in some cases tags would still be read.
4. Changed: Devices named "Removable Disk" (normally a memory reader) will not use WMDM by default.
5. Optimized: WMDM transfers are more efficient when transferring sequential files to the same folder / album. (for example, makes Zen V transfers of full albums over 50% faster)
6. Fixed: Audible playback wouldn't properly show the activation dialog on an unactivated machine.
7. Fixed: Image keyboard shortcuts wouldn't work properly when audio was playing at the same time.
8. Changed: "Play All" won't appear in the Theater View menu in Playing Now or when making a selection.
9. Fixed: Podcasts on a handheld could show up in the main Podcasts view.
10. Fixed: Theater View page up and page down wouldn't always work properly.
11. Changed: MC's My Computer > Right-click > Import Into Library... now shows progress instead of being silent.
12. Fixed: Track Info visualizations would steal the keyboard focus on playback start, and track changes.
13. Changed: Removed Theater View "Keep focus" setting and instead automatically keep focus while Media Center is the focused application, but stop grabbing focus on application switch.
14. Fixed: Smartlist Editor bugs for rules involving File Size, Sample Rate and Peak Level fields.

1. Fixed: Fixed a small visual glitch in Theater View.

1. NEW: In Theater View, the numbers will act like a phone keyboard and seek to items starting with the corresponding letter. (pressing the same button will roll through letters)
2. NEW: In Theater View, the number '1' will seek to the top of a list and '0' will seek to the end. (since no letter correspond to these keys)
3. Changed: JRWorker.exe more forcibly closes itself to better handle device drivers that don't nicely handle shutdown.
4. Changed: Automatic Shuffle mode will shuffle playback of an artist with multiple albums. (but not playback of a single album)
5. Changed: Album analyzer wouldn't recognize a multi-disc album split across multiple folders as complete.
6. Changed: Reworked how the Theater View playback menu works. (menu contains play, last selection, and more -- the last selection used command is always at the top / available with double-enter)
7. Changed: Theater View Lineup lists won't draw file information at the top right of a lineup item unless it fits comfortably. (before it looked crowded at 640x480, etc.)
8. NEW: Theater View skins can customize popup menu sizes. (spacing and item internal padding)
9. NEW: MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_OSD_VIDEO_PROC_AMP and MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_CUR_VIDEO_PROC_AMP commands (previously called MCC_TV_OSD_VIDEO_PROC_AMP and MCC_TV_SET_CUR_VIDEO_PROC_AMP) are now available for DVD and video playback. Keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl+Shift+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down Arrow.
10. Changed: Loading a library is now available with MCC_LOAD_LIBRARY so that it can be fired from a remote, keyboard shortcut, etc.
11. NEW: Media Center launcher can be used to switch monitor layout, configuration, etc. which is useful for theater configurations. (run MC12.exe /MonitorSwitch for instructions)
12. NEW: Keyboard shortcuts can use the Windows (Win) key.
13. NEW: MCE remote control "Record" button now supported in MC.
14. Changed: MC does not automatically switch to details view when a download starts (from for example).
15. NEW: TV supports internal volume for devices that allow it.
16. Optimized: Several optimizations to Lineup Theater View lists.
17. NEW: Theater View file lists have an independent list style setting from grouping (genre, artist, etc.) views instead of being automatically selected.

1. Changed: Revised the experimental connect to mapped shares code to work better with some shares. (Ctrl+Shift+T for now)
2. Fixed: The "Years" view in Theater View > Images didn't work properly.
3. Changed: Album analyzer does more sophisticated analysis of multi-disc albums to support more naming / numbering models and to also better catch duplicate track numbers, etc.
4. Changed: Album analyzer treats all discs of a multi-disc set as one album for the album replay gain value. (assuming they live in the same folder on the hard drive)
5. Changed: The value of the command MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_ASPECT_RATIO is changed to 28022.
6. Changed: MCC_TV_OSD_CYCLE_VIDEO_PROC_AMP is renamed MCC_TV_OSD_VIDEO_PROC_AMP (value is not changed, 28020) and it now takes a parameter (index 0. 1, 2, etc, -1 cycles).
7. Changed: MCC_TV_INCR_CUR_VIDEO_PROC_AMP (28021) and
MCC_TV_DECR_CUR_VIDEO_PROC_AMP (28022) are combined into one command MCC_TV_SET_CUR_VIDEO_PROC_AMP (28021) that takes a parameter (int nStep).

1. Fixed: JRWorker didn't work with build 246. (intentional crash testing code got compiled in)
2. Changed: Added experimental Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut to connect any unconnected mapped network drives. (experiment -- may not work / may not remain)

1. Changed: Renamed Theater View command "Open" to "Show" to look inside of a grouping.
2. Fixed: Building thumbnails during Auto-Import could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: In Theater View Playing Now with Lineup lists, the title of the playing song would get cut off.
4. Fixed: Deadlock during importing of some video files with certain decoder filters.
5. Changed: Theater View's Lineup view shows the folder, etc. icon for view schemes or other items with no art.
6. Changed: Improved how DVD and TV detect monitor changes so that they can nicely handle restarting the player in these cases.
7. Changed: An album of one file with a track number of "1" will no be consider complete if it's the only audio file in its directory.
8. Changed: Album analyzer nicely supports multidisc track numbering where disc two's track numbers start where disc one leaves off.
9. Fixed: Unsafe code for aspect ratio command.

1. Fixed: Download progress action window resized incorrectly after displaying time remaining.
2. Changed: Theater View Lineup view right-aligns icons so that long titles get more room when necessary.
3. Fixed: Package Installer was being called on every MC12 execution under Vista with UAC enabled.
4. Changed: Theater View files menu contains a "Play All" item to play all visible items, starting with the selected item.
5. NEW: Added "Automatic" shuffle mode -- shuffles playback when playback is started without specifying a file. (like playing a genre grouping, etc.)
6. Changed: Non-silent license acquisition is not attempted for protected content using WMDRM greater than v1.
7. Fixed: Some characters could show incorrectly in Theater View News stories.
8. Optimized: Many optimizations to the handheld enumerator to better deal with empty drive bays, etc.
9. Optimized: Reworked how Media Center detects device arrival and removal to not load WMDM or require a background thread.
10. Changed: Since WMDM is no longer used by the Media Center process (save for specific device plugins), devices that can't handle access from two programs at the same time will work better.

1. Fixed: Shuffled playback from Theater View would always start with the first song, and then play shuffled. (now starts with random song)
2. Changed: Improved Lineup animation when staying on a selection.
3. Optimized: Several optimizations to reduce what MC is doing in the background during Theater View / Big Screen playback.
4. Changed: Menus with a submenu go into the submenu when pressing enter.
5. Changed: In Theater View, selecting a menu item shows the selected action with text.
6. Changed: Lineup Theater View lists draws nicer looking selection checkboxes.
7. Fixed: When going back a level in Theater View, the scroll position was not preserved.

1. Fixed: On systems that took a while to enumerate handheld devices, devices could come and go.
2. Fixed: If a device arrived or was removed while devices were enumerating, the player would wait for the first enumeration to finish -- causing a temporary freeze.
3. Fixed: If the player was enumerating devices during shutdown, it could slow the shutdown by up to five seconds.
4. Changed: Theater View thumbnail lists use up to three lines of text if the name won't fit on one line.
5. Changed: Theater View selects whether to draw thumbnail captions automatically. (not used for image file lists, used otherwise)
6. Changed: Tuned Theater View animations to be snappier in most areas.
7. NEW: Theater View has a status bar in File views that shows the full name of the selected item. (also shows file stats after a few seconds as a slideshow)
8. Fixed: Lineup view in Theater View wasn't working with the mouse nicely.
9. Changed: Theater View Lineup view better adapts with Theater View size settings.
10. Changed: Theater View Lienup view keeps an exact number of items visible on the screen so there's no wasted space on the bottom.
11. Fixed: It was possible for the selection in Theater View's Lineup list to be off the screen in some cases.
12. Optimized: Improved the performance of Lineup view in Theater View.
13. Changed: Theater View Lineup view uses exactly 2x the height for a selected item so there's much less screen movement when changing selection.
14. NEW: Added experimental mp3 DLNA support to the UPnP server.
15. NEW: MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_ASPECT_RATIO MCCommand now works for TV playback.
16. Changed: Minor GUI change in TV configuration related to Aspect Ratio selection.
17. Fixed: Aspect Ratio selection did not take effect in some cases for MPEG-2 based TV devices (WinTV PVR USB for example).

1. Fixed: Left/right navigation in Theater View drill in on right instead of showing the menu.
2. Fixed: Image playback keyboard shortcuts were not always working properly.
3. Changed: Tweaked the remote control "automatic" anti-repeat setting to allow faster manual subsequent key presses.
4. Changed: In Theater View, arrow navigation is enabled by default.
5. Changed: In Theater View, the list style is selected automatically when looking at a list of files. (always happened with audio, now happens with images and video as well)
6. NEW: Added new "Lineup" list style to Theater View. (combines graphical thumbs with a list and works nicely with left / right navigation)
7. Changed: Made Lineup the default list style in Theater View.
8. Fixed: Fixed a few minor issues with the thumbnail engine changes in build 241.
9. Changed: Theater View thumbnails have a drop shadow like standard view. (better matches new drop shadowed text)
10. NEW: Added MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_ASPECT_RATIO MCCommand with keyboard shortcut 'A' to change aspect ratio in video and DVD playback. It will be added to TV next.
11. Changed: Columns for Web Favorites will match the standard columns for the media type (Audio, Image & Video).
12. Fixed: Podcasts are disabled for a read-only library (such as Library Server clients or network clients)
13. Changed: Tweaked the Theater View command menu.

1. Changed: Completed migration of TV commands to MCC. Now recording MCC command (along with some others) is available.
2. Changed: Consecutive issuing of MCC_TV_RECORD within 3 seconds is ignored.(When it is issued a second time more than 3 seconds later, it stops recording).
3. NEW: If thumbnailing got ungracefully cancelled, in rare cases it could leave the thumbnail database in a bad state.
4. Optimized: When thumbnails are being built, leaving or updating a view will no longer wait for currently building thumbnails to finish.
5. Changed: The thumbnailing system uses a program-wide quota for how many thumbs / threads to create at a time instead of a list-specific quota.
6. Changed: Two lists will never try to thumbnail the same file at the same time.
7. Changed: At install time the default for "Run Installed Program Now" is unchecked under Vista.
8. NEW: Pix01 gallery descriptions are saved in the playlist notes. (So if you drag and drop a revised pix01 playlist the notes will be restored.)
9. Changed: Doubled the number of thumbnail quota units consumed by videos so that less video thumbnails will get generated at the same time.
10. Changed: In Theater View, the command menu will be shown when doing [Enter] on an item to allow better playlist building options. Double-click to enter. (does not change the mouse since a mouse has a right-click)
11. Fixed: Keyboard navigation inside menus is more logical when a child menu appears to the left of the parent menu.
12. Changed: Removed Theater View "Play All" button since revised command menu makes it unnecessary.
13. NEW: The Theater View item menu contains all the play modes available in the "Send To" menu in Standard View.
14. NEW: The Theater View item menu remembers the last play command used and places it at the top of the menu.
15. NEW: Added a clear button to Theater View's Playing Now.

1. Changed: The shortcut for paste "Listening To" into another program is Ctrl+Shift+F12. (instead of Ctrl+Alt+F12)
2. NEW: Shortcuts in Resource.xml can be specified "global" so that they are translated even if MC is minimized or not the current application.
3. Changed: Revised new playback command system for DVD, video, TV, etc. (please report any keyboard shortcuts that don't work as expected)

1. Fixed: Searching in Playing Now, and then playing the results wouldn't work as expected.
2. Changed: Ignored devices specified in the PDT were not being honored.
3. Fixed: Some Podcast feeds would not load.
4. Fixed: Multiple HTTP headers with the same name would only return the first one.
5. Changed: On Vista with UAC disabled, the Nero burning WMDM plugin could still cause hangs.
6. NEW: Web Media Favorites have buttons for selecting live streams vs. downloads.
7. Fixed: Some searches with OR and AND in them wouldn't evaluate as expected.

1. Changed: Updated the Czech translation file (thanks Johhny B).
2. Fixed: MC would crash if "MP4 Splitter" (instead of "MP4 Source") filter is selected for m4a/aac audio files.
3. Changed: Whenever "Orban-CT AAC/AACPlus Stream Parser" filter is detected, the media is classified as audio inspite of the graph having a video renderer in it.
4. Fixed: An ActiveMovie window would show up if "Orban-CT AAC/AACPlus Stream Parser" was used to play aac/m4a files.
5. Fixed: Short text files could be incorrectly classified as iTunes playlists.
6. Fixed: A zero-track iTunes playlist could cause a crash.
7. Fixed: Enter key wouldn't work properly for DVD playback. (introduced in build 237)
8. Changed: The handheld enumeration timeout is now five minutes instead of thirty seconds. (however, if it's taking this long, it indicates some WMDM subsystem problem)

1. Fixed: When loading library server, some filenames would not properly switch to m01p://.
2. Changed: JRWorker delays filter graph clean up until the thumbnail image is created so that a thumbnail can be created even if the process hangs.
3. Fixed: The playback on-screen display could show when the display window wasn't visible in certain cases.
4. Fixed: In certain cases, the player was not ignoring accents, umlauts, etc. for searches and honoring the system's locale for sorting.
5. Fixed: A root view scheme (audio, images, video) could show without a drop arrow if there were no child view schemes. (even though web media was underneath)
6. Changed: Revised how keyboard shortcuts are routed to DVD, image, and video playback to fix the issue where occasionally shortcuts wouldn't work until clicking the display window.
7. Changed: All image, DVD, and video commands have corresponding MCC commands to allow full remote control access.

1. Changed: Order of operations when cleaning up DirectShow graph in thumbnailing.
2. Changed: Current core is now set via package installer. (Should fix some UAC things.)
3. Fixed: Slideshow template's thumbnail page should now link to the right pages.

1. Fixed: Podcasts would duplicate episodes in the Podcast Feed view. (introduced in 234)

1. Fixed: Web Favorites tree item didn't stay highlighted on refresh.
2. Fixed: Smartlist Editor wasn't handling some date rules (Last Played, Date Imported, etc) correctly.
3. Changed: The "Did you forget to make your gallery public?" confirmation on Share To Web has a no show again checkbox.
4. Fixed: With tagging disabled, making a cover-art only change could still cause a file's tag to get written.
5. Changed: Default webpages updated.
6. Fixed: Library Server, TiVo Server or UPnP Server could hang unexpectedly (caused by status messages).
7. Fixed: TiVo Server and UPnP Server status messages display faster without flicker.
8. Fixed: Some confusing TiVo warnings have been moved to debug mode only.
9. Fixed: The device supported files type designation '*' (all) no longer trumps supported file types as determined by WMDM.
10. Optimized: Improved the performance of the player when using many Podcasts.
11. Optimized: Podcasts are parsed about 3 times faster.
12. Fixed: Playing a playlist made from a TV channel would not play the correct TV channel (introduced in build 195).
13. Fixed: Downloaded Web Media images (jpgs) did not show up in "Web Favorites - Images"
14. Fixed: Change some messaging in the transcoding that could have caused problems in Library/TiVo/UPnP Server.
15. Fixed: Clean up leading/trailing spaces in Library Server library paths.
16. Fixed: On some systems iPods were still showing up in the tree after being ejected.
17. Fixed: Flac format files would not transcode for data disc burning unless directshow filters were installed.
18. Changed: More detailed error message when library server client and server are different versions.
19. Optimized: Improved the speed of the core search engine. (underpins smartlists, views, etc.)
20. Fixed: Some analog TV tuners lost audio since build 224.
21. NEW: (Experimental) Slideshow template added to Share to Web. (Select the "Use New Template" option in the Share to Web action window options.)
22. Fixed: searching for library servers will not find servers running on the local machine.

1. Fixed: Picking "Eject" on a drive that was playing in a non-current zone would eject without confirmation.
2. Changed: Stopping of playback when shutting down or switching libraries didn't propagate to all playback zones.
3. Fixed: Video bookmarks would not be preserved for the last playing file when Media Center was closed.
4. Fixed: "1088i" was displayed in OSD when playing 1080i digital TV.
5. Fixed: In DirectX video playback, OSD "Play" was not displayed when changing from Pause to Play (introduced recently).
6. Changed: Revised how Windows Media and Windows Media Device code gets loaded. (hopefully an internal change only, but please report any problems)
7. Fixed: When browsing for Internet Radio sites in Web Media, choices box would pop up prematurely for some sites.
8. NEW: Theater View message boxes can be dismissed by hitting the first letter of a button. (so y/n for Yes/No questions)
9. Fixed: Smarlist Editor wasn't handling URL's correctly.
10. Fixed: Smarlist Editor wasn't handling the 'Year' field correctly.
11. Fixed: Unable to import iTunes playlists saved as txt files.
12. Fixed: YouTube, Google Video, etc. web links (that weren't downloaded) would not transfer to a handheld device properly.
13. Changed: Renamed JRThumb.exe to JRWorker.exe.
14. NEW: Pix01 added to Web Media (Image) featured websites.
15. Fixed: In some cases, having an ignored device connected to the system could cause the player to not get full information for other, non-ignored devices.
16. NEW: Handheld enumeration is handled by JRWorker.exe so bad devices or device drives can't crash or hang Media Center.
17. Fixed: With Startup > Last Location selected, closing the program at a handheld view could cause a crash on restart.

1. Fixed: Burst of audio for a couple of seconds at the start of scheduled digital TV recording.
2. Fixed: User selections for file associations are no longer applied during program startup to avoid UAC issues. (go to Options > File Associations and click "OK" to set or remove associations)

1. Fixed: DSP Studio had an extra semi-colon in the "JRSS ..." surround sound selection.
2. Changed: The Theater View option for showing the Home button was not being honored.
3. Fixed: In some cases, the player would incorrectly return to Standard View instead of Theater View when stopping in Display View.
4. Changed: Revised some of the wording in File Location and Library & Folders options.
5. Changed: File Associations handled via package installer. Should allow them to be set with Vista UAC. (With a popup.)
6. Fixed: DVD ripping was broken.
7. Fixed: Theater View RSS and Weather plugins use the same font as other areas of Theater View. (fixes bottoms of letters possibly getting cutoff)
8. Changed: Renamed Theater View "RSS" plugin to "News".
9. Fixed: In very large Theater View lists, scrolling wouldn't always work as expected.
10. Changed: Theater View "Playing Now" button will keep the picture-in-picture using a 16x9 ratio when changing font sizes.
11. Changed: Theater View popup dialogs honor size settings, and work better with large font sizes.
12. Fixed: When navigating into an item in Theater View, the list of files will get the focus.
13. NEW: Added Comedy Central Jokes to the Theater View RSS plugin.
14. Fixed: Removing an added "featured" website while it was selected caused a crash.

1. Changed: DVD bookmarks are now saved in the "Bookmark" database field instead of as a separate file.
2. Changed: Bookmarks are stored as a file plays so that a sudden crash or loss of power will preserve the last played position.
3. Changed: The "Bookmark" field can be cleared to erase a bookmark for a DVD, movie, etc.
4. NEW: Pressing "Stop" while the player is already stopped will clear the bookmark for the last file that played.
5. Fixed: "Podcasts" wasn't getting translated in the tree.
6. Fixed: Tooltips in the options pages could fight with editing of long values.
7. NEW: Added Now() expression function for returning the current date / time.
8. NEW: The Action Window > Camera > Options path supports expressions with Now() in them. (i.e. C:\My Pictures\FormatDate(Now(), year)\FormatDate(Now(), yyyy-MM-dd)\)

(please note that file-based expression fields likst [Artist], etc. are not available on camera acquire since this information isn't available until AFTER the acquire)

9. Fixed: Visualizations could display a track count that was off by one. (i.e. 0 of 13 instead of 1 of 13)
10. Changed: Panes based on playlists support playlist groups.
11. Fixed: Panes based on playlists could include files of other playlists that started with the same name.
12. Fixed: Issuing an MCC_PLAY_TV command while MC was playing in display view would cause MC to exit to standard view when finished playing TV.
13. Fixed: Issuing an MCC_PLAY_TV command while TV is already playing would cause a message box to erroneously appear saying "No channels are found." (introduced in build 228).

1. Fixed: Some actions involving list controls could crash. (introduced in 227)
2. Fixed: Double-clicking a disk location pane to go into a folder no longer keeps the old non-sensical selection in the list.
3. Changed: When using a view scheme with a letter grouping of a list-type field, graphical browsing didn't filter the same as the panes.
4. Changed: Media Center displays a confirmation when adding a virtual device at a location that already contains files.
5. Fixed: When converting CUE file tracks, the resulting output files get tagged from the metadata of the CUE entry instead of the blank metadata from the source file.
6. Changed: Reordered the Options > File Location dialog.
7. Fixed: If TV control is already loaded but not yet playing, the MCC_PLAY_TV command would not start playing a channel (introduced in build 226).
8. Changed: MC will display a message box if MCC_PLAY_TV command is issued when there is no channel to play (i.e. channels have not been scanned yet).
9. NEW: (Web Media) Option to Edit/Remove "Featured" websites that have been added by user.
10. Changed: Options > Playback nests DVD and DirectShow settings under "Video".
11. NEW: Reworked the Options > File Location dialog. (still a work in progress)
12. Changed: "FFDShow Raw Video Filter" is used instead of "FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder" for DVD and TV postprocessing.

1. NEW: PackageInstaller.exe and SetupComplete.exe are now signed.
2. Fixed: JRShellExt.dll should be registered (or unregistered) corretly under vista with UAC.
3. Fixed: Transferring Audible files to devices was not working.
4. NEW: Option to Add websites to Web Media Featured websites.
5. Fixed: Import no longer reports dvds have changed when they have not.
6. Fixed: Smartlist Editor: Tab order wasn't working correctly.
7. Fixed: Smartlist Editor: Hitting 'Enter' or 'Escape' will exit the dialog.
8. NEW: Added option "Last Location" to Options > Startup > Location.
9. NEW: When "Last Location" is selected, all tabs are preserved between sessions.
10. Changed: MCC_PLAY_TV command will do nothing if TV is already playing.
11. Fixed: TV would exit to Standard View upon stopping even if it started in Theater View, if an MCC_PLAY_TV commmand was sent to it while it already was playing.

1. NEW: TV has an option to use FFDShow video decoder for post processing.
2. Changed: The Purchase / Restore dialog now recognizes when a restore is performed and allows the program to start right away. (instead of requiring a restart)
3. Fixed: Smartlist dialog wouldn't honor skin's coloring for some controls.
4. Changed: When doing an explicit "Import Playlist...", metadata for tracks already in the library will be replaced by metadata from the playlist.
5. Fixed: "Restart Player" for time-shifting TV did not restart at the previous position (it restarted at beginning instead).
6. Changed: Minor updates on Chinese language file.
7. NEW: Added option to use FFDShow video decoder for post processing in DVD playback.
8. Changed: Theater View "Items To Show" edit button renamed "Configure".
9. NEW: Theater View "RSS" and "Weather" plugins are included with the build.
10. Changed: Theater View weather plugin downloads images from the server the first time instead of including them with the plugin.

1. NEW: TV recording and time-shifting functions for "AverMedia USB" device.
2. Fixed: Smartlist editor wasn't working with playlists for some non-English languages.
3. Fixed: When starting with an empty library and importing many tracks (50,000+), MC could be slower than expected until it was restarted.
4. Updated: Default Webpages.
5. Fixed: The Library Server would not correctly recognize that it was not running after cycling through 10 TCP ports and failing.
6. Fixed: MC reported incorrect video dimmension of some videos (for example 1280x720 HDTV recordings were reported as 704x480).
7. Changed: Reworked Theater View navigation / controls.
8. Fixed: Action Window > Tag > Format page could show two scrollbars.

1. Fixed: YADB DVD lookup was ignoring default name if the DVD wasn't found.
2. Fixed: Pasting cover art from https:// URLs would not work properly.
3. Fixed: Playing a DVD in Windows Vista with EVR renderering wouldn't always nicely repaint the non-movie area.
4. Changed: The player will no longer try to build a thumbnail for a file that is in the tagging queue. (since this could cause the wrong thumbnail to appear in rare cases)
5. Changed: MCC_PLAY_TV command will now start playing previously played TV channel.
6. Changed: Reworked how skinning engine deals with non-frame style popup windows. (should be internal change, but please report any strange behavior)
7. Fixed: Double-click was not working on the DVD playback window when using EVR under Vista.
8. Fixed: DVD failed to play when an audio output device (renderer) has not been selected for the zone.
9. Fixed: Corrected tab functionality in the Smartlist Editor.
10. Fixed: Smartlist Editor could corrupt existing rules that used a range when adding new rules.
11. NEW: TV time-shifting graph is restarted when user switches monitor.
12. NEW: Smartlist editor uses larger dropdowns that nicely support typed navigation, skinned scrollbars, etc.
13. Fixed: Theater View navigation could get stuck when trying to arrow back to the new control box.

1. NEW: The on screen display (image captions, volume, position, etc.) support alpha in the skin art.
2. NEW: TV Recordings are imported into MC with these meta data automatically set: Genre="TV Recordings", Album=<station name>.
3. NEW: Theater View uses a standard control box at the top of the buttons to make common functions always available without using as much screen space as individual buttons.

1. Fixed: Vista should show as Vista in system info. (Some additional processors added.)
2. Fixed: Turning the equalizer on/off would fire the event before the state was saved in the registry.
3. Fixed: Volume Change events for Automation were not firing (for the last few versions of MC).
4. Fixed: EQ band changes made by Media Center were not visible to MJ automation.
5. Changed: Improved how the handheld device enumeration handles cases where a device is added or removed during enumeration.
6. Fixed: Some smartlists would not refresh properly. (introduced in build 221)
7. Changed: Removed font anti-alias reduction for Theater View fonts -- made fonts look jaggier on properly configured displays.

1. Changed: Theater View's looped selection timer no longer prevents optional arrow navigation.
2. NEW: DirectShow filters will no longer be allowed to show a message box during import / thumbnailing.
3. NEW: Video thumbnailing works with more types of videos.
4. Fixed: Smartlist Editor not handling special characters correctly.
5. Fixed: Smartlist Editor width growing every time it's opened.
6. Changed: MC turns Haali Media Splitter's message box off when MC starts, and sets it back to original setting when MC exits.
7. NEW: Added "Automatic" option to remote control anti-repeat feature.
8. Fixed: Changing the search field in Theater View wouldn't update the screen right away.
9. Changed: Theater View Weather plugin doesn't change the color or background image when switching selection. (size is the selection marker)
10. NEW: Text in Theater View has a subtle drop-shadow for increased definition.
11. Fixed: Smartlist Editor wasn't updating the list fields correctly when switching between libraries.
12. NEW: Added Radio365 to featured website (Audio Web Media)
13. Fixed: DVDs were not respecting the "Use on-line lookup" setting.
14. Fixed: DVDs were having fields overwritten when looking up online failed.
15. Changed: Theater View fonts will reduce the effects of font smoothing -- makes fonts look thinner but doesn't fully honor how Windows would draw.

1. Fixed: Theater View search keyboard accepts the space key.
2. Changed: A root view scheme (audio, images, etc.) can be drag-n-dropped to make a copy of it to a child view scheme.
3. Fixed: When moving Theater View items to show up and down in options, the selection could scroll off the screen.
4. Changed: Theater View RSS plugin doesn't change the color or background image when switching selection. (size is the selection marker)
5. Fixed: Theater View sounds were not working for skins that used sounds from a base skin.
6. Changed: Removed duplicated player controls from "Advanced..." button in Theater View's Playing Now.
7. Fixed: Theater View scrollbars were not clickable with the mouse.
8. NEW: Theater View RSS and Weather plugins adapt their sizing in-step with the main Theater View size.
9. Fixed: The YADB DVD Lookup was popping up when a DVD wasn't found, and it shouldn't have.
10. Fixed: Theater View titlebar wasn't honoring the overscan setting with some skins.
11. NEW: When browsing "My Computer" from inside of Drives & Devices, files will be gathered in a background thread so the program never gets blocked and you can instantly switch to a different folder or view.

1. Changed: Digital TV will no longer unnecessarily add Infinite Tee filters in recording graph when doing a scheduled recording.
2. Fixed: Digital TV did not remove audio decoder from the recording graph when doing a scheduled recording without preview.
3. Fixed: Theater View could become unresponsive when showing a popup dialog on some systems.
4. NEW: Theater View supports setting a framerate for lower overhead on slower systems. (Options > Theater View > Advanced)
5. Changed: Improved how range enforcement is handled in Options > Theater View when typing in values that are out of range for sizing, etc.
6. Fixed: Theater View popup dialogs could be overly slow with some video cards. (disable overlay was a larger texture than necessary)
7. NEW: After saving a playlist from Theater View's Playing Now, a dialog is shown to confirm (and to allow jumping to the new playlist).
8. Fixed: Theater View > Playing Now > Reshuffle wouldn't update the list right away.
9. Fixed: Theater View wasn't allowing looping around from the top of the list to the bottom with the up arrow. (and vice versa)
10. NEW: Theater View search keyboard allows typing with the keyboard.
11. NEW: Theater View lists allow typed list navigation to quickly jump to items that start with a letter.
12. Fixed: With certain font selections, Theater View could cut off the bottom of text strings.
13. Changed: Theater View titlebar honors the overscan setting.

1. Fixed: Remote control commands could be incorrectly rejected.
2. Fixed: rm and other Real Media types were not listed in Import Folder window.
3. Fixed: In some cases, Theater View text could draw "..." outside the intended bounds.
4. Fixed: Theater View "Exit" would not work properly.
5. Changed: CD Submission only displays a dialog now in case of unusual events (failure or not found) instead of always.
6. Changed: DVD Lookup only displays a dialog now in case of unusual events (failure or not found) instead of always.
7. Changed: DVD Submission only displays a dialog now in case of unusual events (failure or not found) instead of always.
8. Changed: Playlists saved from Theater View's Playing Now go to a playlist group "Theater View".
9. Changed: The main layout of Theater View is determined by the program instead of the skin. (to better allow for overscan correction, etc.)
10. NEW: Theater View supports continuously variable sizing in Options. (instead of fixed stops)
11. NEW: Theater View supports selecting borders for overscan in Options > Theater View.
12. NEW: Pressing Ctrl+[Mouse Wheel] while in Theater View allows sizing to be quickly adjusted.
13. Fixed: Smartlist Editor: (No) Duplicates modifiers were dropping fields if multiple fields were specified.
14. Changed: Smartlist Editor: The current Smartlist rules will posted to the Smartlist importer so advanced user could this to manually edit them.
15. NEW: Revised Theater View navigation.

1. Fixed: Hitting "Escape" in Theater View while zoomed into a RSS story could lead to strange results.
2. Optimized: All Theater View skin resources are loaded as needed instead of all at once. (makes Theater View load faster)
3. Changed: When mouse-wheeling in Theater View, the selection tracks the mouse cursor as the list scrolls.
4. Fixed: In some cases, Theater View controls could draw on top of message boxes.
5. Fixed: Scrolling a Theater View RSS story with both up / down and page up / page down would lead to unexpected results.
6. Fixed: Picking "Cancel" after clicking CD & DVD in Theater View would cause a blank screen to appear.
7. Changed: Theater View popup dialogs allow using left for cancel.
8. Changed: Theater View popup dialogs have a "Cancel" button in them.
9. NEW: The event MCC: NOTIFY_VOLUME_CHANGED is signaled on volume change.
10. NEW: The event MCC: NOTIFY_EQ_CHANGED is signaled on an equalizer change.
11. Fixed: Resource (COM interface) leaks in digital TV.
12. Changed: CD Submission only displays a dialog now in case of unusual events (failure, not found), instead of always.
13. Fixed: YADB DVD Lookup wasn't working.

1. Changed: The expression function IsEqual(...) better handles decimals when testing for equality. (equality now means within 0.001)
2. Changed: Accented characters are no longer treated like their unaccented counterparts during sorting. (but still are during searching)
3. Fixed: Month names wouldn't sort properly when not using an English locale.
4. Fixed: Theater View would show "All Files" when showing an empty view scheme that had child view schemes.
5. Fixed: Media Center could show a "Choose a digital certificate" popup when downloading a file that the server returned a 403 error for.
6. Changed: Improved navigation inside Theater View RSS plugin.
7. Changed: Page Up / Page Down commands work in all screen lists in Theater View.
8. Changed: Reworked Page Up / Page Down to scroll 85% of a screen instead of 100% of a screen.
9. Fixed: MJMixerAutomation Equalizer set/get were not inverse functions.
10. NEW: Remember Title and Description option added to the Share to Web (pix01) options.
11. Changed: Tuned Theater View list animation to make it look more natural during page up / page down.
12. Changed: When going back out of a level in Theater View, list items shrink away.

1. Fixed: Deleting a user library field wouldn't delete the underlying file in the library folder.
2. Changed: When selecting a Theater View view scheme from "Views", child view schemes will be shown in the list.
3. Changed: Revised how Theater View manages sizing. (will allow plugins to use same sizing as other items in the future)
4. NEW: Theater View "Search" allows picking what field to search inside of.
5. Changed: Search fields with nothing after a keyword return all instead of none. (ie. [Artist]=) (use [Artist]=[] to find empty values)
6. Changed: Theater View "Search" honors the sizing used by the rest of Theater View.
7. NEW: Theater View search shows under buttons instead of next to them to save more space for showing files.
8. Changed: Playlists in Theater View are sorted the same as Standard View. (groups first)
9. Changed: Added logging to Mixer Automation.
10. Fixed: Digital TV would attempt to load "BDA Slip De-Framer" or "BDA MPE Filter" filter as a capture filter, due to misspelling of "BDA".

1. Fixed: Certain streaming audio (e.g. Shoutcast AAC+ streams) was incorrectly classified as video.
2. Changed: Real Media file analysis (importing, updating from tags, etc.) runs in JRThumb.exe.
3. Changed: Theater View scrollbars are no longer activated when navigating with left / right arrows.
4. Fixed: Theater View leak that could cause Theater View to fail to load after enough load / unload cycles.
5. Fixed: In Theater View, pressing a remote button to exit Theater View while a menu or popup was showing could cause a crash.
6. Changed: Digital TV will retry loading Transport Information Filter if the first attempt fails.
7. Changed: Improved responsiveness of Theater View while destroying lists of items to switch to a new screen.
8. Changed: Theater View RSS plugin uses more fluid scrolling for article text and also shows the scrollbar. (press enter on a story to expand / collapse)
9. Fixed: Clicking Action Window > Tag > Playlists could be overly slow. (smartlists were getting needlessly evaluated)
10. Changed: More error handling and logging in digital TV.
11. NEW: RSS Theater View plugin can be used to read Interact as well as a few other news sites. (support will vary depending on formatting of webpages)

1. Fixed: Some international characters would not be parsed correctly in MPL playlists.
2. Fixed: The Library Server client settings for conversion reversed the meaning of "always convert" and "convert if necessary"
3. Fixed: The Library Server client will now apply conversion to unknown file types.
4. Fixed: Layout issues with the Pix01 action window.
5. Changed: More error handling and logging in digital TV.
6. Fixed: A possible cause of crash when stopping digital TV.
7. Fixed: Not recognizing some portable media devices from Creative correctly ('Redetect all devices' to see improved recognition).
8. Changed: In digital TV, if we cannot find a capture filter that will connect, we try without one (assuming the tuner filter doubles as a capture filter).
9. NEW: Theater View skins can now be based on any other skin. This makes creating a skin that customizes only the background (or other piece) require only a few lines of XML.
10. NEW: Theater View dialogs are part of the skin.
11. NEW: Theater View supports scrollbars. (also skinnable)
12. NEW: Theater View background animation is fully configurable on a per-skin basis.
13. Changed: The logo animation in the background of default Theater View skins uses a higher quality image.
14. Changed: Skins of the wrong version will not appear in the Theater View skin list in Options.
15. Fixed: Theater View wasn't working properly when not in English. (introduced in 212)
16. Changed: Renamed Theater View "Display View" button to "Big Screen".
17. Changed: Renamed Theater View "Change View" to "Views".

1. Changed: Theater View plug-ins must be installed / uninstalled using Plug-in Manager.
2. Changed: Theater View plug-ins can be added, removed, and ordered in Options > Theater View > Items To Show.
3. Changed: Revised how files are checked for missing vs available status to possibly help stop incorrect "file missing" errors with mapped network drives.
4. Fixed: In Theater View, switching views very quickly could lead to stale screen objects remaining around.
5. Fixed: Theater View wouldn't update the PIP when starting playback.
6. Changed: Revised Theater View Weather plugin to better accomodate differing resolutions.
7. Changed: Theater View Weather plugin included chance of precipitation.
8. Fixed: Some internet files that used gzip compression were not being downloaded properly. (YouTube, etc.)
9. Changed: Added more error handling and logging in digital TV.
10. Fixed: Some fields could not be added in the Web Media Favorites view.
11. Fixed: Gallery creation error. (Would cap images it shouldn't. Not a problem in any existing template.)
12. Fixed: Theater View search keyboard tracks the mouse like other screen objects.
13. NEW: Preliminary support of "AVerMedia USB" analog TV device. It may not work yet.
14. NEW: Added Icecast to the Audio Featured Website list
15. Changed: Processing from Web Media Central window; will give choices box for detected playlists/streams & handles popup windows in the same window.
16. NEW: Added event fired when skin is changed.
17. NEW: Reworked how Theater View navigation works. (click "Change View" to switch View Schemes)

1. NEW: Pix01 gets the max upload size from the Pix01 server. (As opposed to pulling a number out of thin air.)
2. Fixed: Title bar (for Name, Album, etc.) was not being set correctly during Play and while Stopped (bug introduced in 12.0.208).
3. Changed: TV time-shifting reader graph is built asynchronously. The program waits for writer graph to get ready in a worker thread.
4. Fixed: Status text during handheld transfers was incorrect.
5. Changed: The iPod generation tag (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G) is now (1st Gen, 2nd Gen, etc) -- users were confusing it with capacity.
6. Fixed: The "Build Playlist" Action Window no longer scrolls the "Drag and drop files here" text off the bottom of the window.
7. Fixed: Making changes in Options > General could lead to a crash.
8. Fixed: On Vista with UAC enabled, the "Enable shell integration" option wouldn't work properly. (now shows UAC prompt when changing)
9. Changed: The search token to expand to full albums (~a) no longer adds different media types when expanding files.

1. Fixed: Shell extensions could keep JRReader.dll locked, causing an install error. If you have a build installed that does this, you may need to reboot to install this build.
2. Changed: Real Audio file types no longer show the "Real Player needed" message during import, but instead import files with not much known information. Playback of these files will show the "Real Player needed" message.
3. NEW: Added Interface Plugin info to the System Info.
4. Fixed: Smartlist Editor: Smartlist name change can revert back to the original name while editing rules/modifiers.
5. Fixed: Smartlist Editor: Smartlist import rules control wasn't wrapping text so long rules were getting truncated.
6. Changed: Removed the generation tag (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G) from iPod device names (users were confusing it with capacity).

1. Fixed: You can no longer rename Playlists to "".
2. Changed: Continuous Item mode no longer sticky over application starts.
3. Fixed: TV would occationally crash upon exiting.
4. Fixed: Boolean Parameters to SDK functions could behave badly if called via .NET (really fixed this time).
5. Changed: Metadata from a playing stream will not change field values in the database.
6. Changed: Some Noire template fixes for Pix01.
7. Fixed: Possible leak while analyzing DirectShow videos.
8. Fixed: Package installer command line incorrectly parsed.
9. Fixed: Contrast value drifted to lower value between sessions.
10. Changed: Key combination for adjusting video proc amp values in TV are changed from Ctrl+Shift+left/right Arrow to Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down Arrows, to avoid conflict with seeking/jumping functions.
11. Changed: DirectShow and QuickTime file analysis (importing, updating from tags, etc.) runs in JRThumb.exe to shield Media Center against bad filters.
12. Fixed: A leak when analyzing JMX files.
13. Changed: Reworked how videos are analyzed on import so that they all use the full MC DirectX engine. (previously some types would get analyzed with a different method)

1. Optimized: Images thumbnails will build up to two times faster in many cases.

1. Fixed: In some cases, HTML displayed as text would be missing spaces between some words. (RSS Theater View plugin, etc.)
2. Fixed: Thumbnailing data files could leak GDI resources. (causing a problem if 1000's of data files were thumbnailed)
3. Fixed: The "read-only database" warning could fight with the splash screen.
4. NEW: Added command line switch /LibraryReadOnly that can be used when starting MC to force the library to load as read-only.
5. Fixed: Digital TV could fail if "DBA IP Sink" filter could not be found.
6. Changed: Reworked digital TV recording graph-building, when switching from time-shifting.
7. Changed: When audio streams with metadata stops playing, metadata fields (Name, Duration, Artist, Album) revert back to previous values.
8. Changed: Renamed "Share to Pix01" "share to web" to match other menus.
9. NEW: Added "Share to Web" to the right click->sendto->email/web menu.
10. NEW: AW art for Share to Web.
11. NEW: Caption field below the Pix01 images. (Set the text via the "Caption" field in MC.)
12. Changed: Minor Pix01 noire template changes.
13. Fixed: When Now Playing is set to a "Track Info" view, view updated too frequently and kept clearing context menus.
14. Fixed: Boolean parameters of the automation interface could behave badly when invoked from .NET

1. Fixed: next title/previous title buttons (>> & <<) for streams (w/ metadata titles) didn't always work properly.
2. Changed: Another shot at HD DVB-T channel time-shifting problem.
3. NEW: Print has been broken out into its own submenu under the File menu.
4. NEW: Context sensitive Action Window Nav.
5. NEW: Pix01 added to Action Window Navigation. (Better AW image to come.)
6. NEW: Print Images added to Action Window Navigation when Image files are in the view. (Better AW image to come.)
7. NEW: If a playlist is dropped on the Pix01 Action window entry (and there were no files already queued) the gallery title will be set to the playlist name.
8. Fixed: Viewing a list while thumbnails were building could cause a lock in rare cases.
9. NEW: Added Theater View option to switch to a specific playback zone when entering Theater View. (so if your Theater is a discrete zone, you won't need to manually change the zone)

1. Changed: When pressing pause, the on screen display will show the current position along with the word "Pause".
2. Fixed: DVD and TV playback didn't properly notify the player about its pause state. (so the play / pause button wouldn't change state when pausing)
3. Changed: TV playback uses the standard OSD messages when being paused and unpaused.
4. Changed: Made a few changes to when and how the caption is shown for images to make them work more like other media types.
5. NEW: Added an additional conversion mode for handhelds: "Convert if necessary (consider bitrate)" that will shrink files with a bitrate 20% or more greater than the target bitrate.
6. Fixed: 3D visualizations wouldn't properly switch presets when picking a specific preset from the menu when 3D visuals were not being shown.
7. Fixed: In some cases, a camera could get incorrectly detected as a handheld device.
8. Changed: Full registration code is no longer shown in Help > Registration Info... (so you don't have to worry about poachers)
9. Fixed: The previous button shortcut wouldn't seek to the beginning of a file for the first file in a playlist with continuous mode off.
10. Fixed: /SilentImport command line wasn't working properly when issued while the program was not running.
11. Fixed: In place editing of fields under Web Favorites was disabled.
12. Changed: Action windows default to having scroll bars.
13. Changed: Resubmit tune request for DVB-T TV before building a time-shifting graph, in an attempt to fix the problem of HD channel time-shifting startup.

1. NEW: USB-UUIRT remote control plugin is included with the build.
2. Fixed: Seeking back in an MP3 stream after 100+ MB of data could cause playback to stall.
3. Changed: MP3 streaming nicely deals with seek requests that fall outside the rolling time-shifting buffer. (i.e. seeking back 2 hours when the window is only 1 hour long)
4. Fixed: Options > Tree & View > Build Missing Thumbnails... while connected to Library Server could cause a crash.
5. Fixed: Clicking the close 'X' on the build missing thumbnails Action Window wasn't honored.

1. NEW: Reworked how internet streams are buffered so that even after many hours, you'll still be able to seek back inside the cached window. (uses a rolling cache so there's always the last hour or so)
2. Fixed: Internet streams wouldn't nicely stop when the server stopped sending data.
3. Fixed: Playback of internet streams could error out after extended playback.
4. Fixed: Some PLS playlists were not being properly parsed from servers.
5. Fixed: Media Center would not play rtsp:// links unless they were manually converted to http://.
6. Changed: Improved analysis speed of mms:// streams.
7. Changed: "Avoid WMV Acceleration" checkbox is changed to "Use WMV Acceleration if available" on DirectShow Playback Settings window. The default is checked.
8. Fixed: Smartlist Editor - dates entered with a '-' separater weren't recognized as dates.
9. Fixed: When right-clicking to edit a Smartlist the view did not change to the Smartlist being edited.
10. Changed: DVB-T channel names are no longer tagged with numbers.
11. Changed: Asf and wmv streams are sent to play in DirectShow (if configured to do so) directly without testing.
12. Fixed: Library Server would build thumbnails over and over for some files.
13. Fixed: 3D visualizations could crash.
14. Fixed: Showing Theater View on Vista could result in Theater View not showing until the mouse moved. (Vista bug)
15. Fixed: The mouse cursor could show incorrect sizing arrows in Theater View.

1. Fixed: Creating a field with the SDK would ignore the strDisplayName and the bSaveInTag parameters if the field already existed.
2. Changed: Playlist parser no longer reject MPL playlist that are greater than several MB in size.
3. Optimized: Many improvements to greatly improve the speed of parsing huge MPL playlists.
4. Changed: Date format used in TV recording file names now obeys user's locale setting.
5. Changed: More logging and error handling in TV.
6. Fixed: Some files would not properly thumbnail using Library Server.
7. NEW: Reworked how thumbnails are transmitted using Library Server so that the server builds (if necessary) and sends thumbnails in a binary package -- resulting in much faster thumbnailing for clients.
8. Fixed: Smartlist Editor - empty ratings (and similar fields) weren't working.
9. Fixed: Smartlist Editor - string 'contains' searches breaking strings with spaces.
10. Fixed: Smartlist Editor - searches on paths are being done differently.
11. Fixed: Smartlist Editor - path fields like 'Filename (Path)' were not getting written correctly to the 'Notes'.
12. Fixed: Picking "?" in the Rating pane wouldn't work properly.
13. Changed: APE file tagging stores rating as "Preference" by default.
14. Changed: Added 'Edit Smartlist' to Smartlist context menu.

1. NEW: When editing a field (tag window, in-place, etc.) you can enter expressions to do advanced manipulations. Start the text with an equal sign to use. For example, you could edit comment to "=[Name] by [Artist]"
2. Changed: DVD audio decoder selection is now zone-specific.
3. Changed: The default data burning mode is "No Conversion" instead of "Convert to MP3".
4. Changed: Installing with /Silent will automatically attempt to close a running copy of Media Center.
5. Changed: Updated language files.
6. NEW: Added new expression functions RemoveLeft(...) and RemoveRight(...) to trim junk off a string. (i.e. RemoveRight(Abba abc, 4) will give Abba)
7. Changed: Visualization plugins could advance to the next track before the player display advanced to the next track.
8. Fixed: A few seconds before the end of a track, the status area at the top of the player could blink.
9. Fixed: TV Options window, when started from Tools -> Options -> Playback -> TV Settings..., was modeless.
10. Changed: Added some logging to CreateFieldSimple.
11. Changed: When the program checks for updates (configurable in Options > Startup), it no longer shows a popup status message or prompts about Vista UAC. (unless there _is_ an update, then Vista UAC will fire)
12. NEW: Added expression function Counter() to return a counter that starts at one and increments with each use. (resets after 5 seconds of inactivity)
13. NEW: For Web Media, added header & menu to Web Favorites, adjusted columns.
14. NEW: Reworked how thumbnails are stored so that multiple clients sharing the same library (and Library Server) stay nicely in sync with each other. (sorry, but thumbnails will need to be rebuilt)
15. Fixed: Some "Don't show this message again" checkboxes were not working properly.
16. NEW: (Web Media) Added header & menu to Web Favorites, adjusted columns.
17. NEW: Continuous mode (now repeat mode) has 3 states - off, playing now and current.
18. Changed: Skin submenu moved to View menu.
19. Fixed: Smartlist Editor units were being ignored for 'Limit time to' modifiers.
20. NEW: Added import/export functionality to Smartlist Editor.
21. NEW: Added option to save smartlist description to 'Notes'.
22. Fixed: Expand to full albums wasn't working in Smartlist Editor.
23. Fixed: The Smartlist Editor was still dropping multiple values ("4,5" would become "4").
24. Changed: Plyalist names are now sorting in the drop list in Smartlist Editor.
25. Changed: <empty> is no longer the default selection for new rules.
26. Changed: Some rudimentary filtering has been added to Smartlist Editor - this will be improved shortly.

1. Fixed: TV sometimes got stuck with "Waiting" message in "Current file" window.
2. Fixed: TV channel info was not updated in "Current file" window when user changed channel by using right-click menu.
3. NEW: Installer supports /Silent and /NoAssociations command line parameters. (useful for scripting installs)
4. Changed: Better error message when user inserts a blank DVD for an audio burn rather than the required blank CD.
5. NEW: Context menus added for Featured Web Media websites (accessed from the title).
6. Fixed (hopefully): Stopping recording HD channel in DVB-T TV resulted in loss of sound.
7. Changed: TV Pause function ignores repeated Pause/Resume request until previous request has been handled.
8. Changed: TV playback will now jump to fullscreen if the jump on play mode is set to "Fullscreen (if has display)".
9. Changed: Digital TV audio decoder selection is now zone-specific.
10. Changed: When starting TV Options by clicking the "Options" button on TV view without first playing a channel, the Options window is slaved to the current playback zone (to prevent the window from becoming modeless).
11. Changed: Web Media main page added to Images and Video, context menu added to main page.
12. Optimized: Several changes that make Theater View load faster.
13. Fixed: In Theater View, exiting a view with the focus on a control that got hidden could result in the focus getting stranded.
14. Changed: Make public is the default for PixO1 galleries.
15. Fixed: Smartlist Editor was not working in other languages.
16. Fixed: Smartlist Editor wasn't handling rules that contained playlists/Smartlist in a usable manner.
17. Fixed: Edit box cells in Smartlist Editor didn't have the correct colors for all skins.
18. Fixed: True/False values getting flipped in Smartlist Editor.
19. Changed: Smartlist Editor saves and restores last dialog size and position.
20. Fixed: The Smartlist Editor could drop multiple values ("4,5" would become "4").
21. Fixed: In some cases, JRThumb.exe could report a crash when thumbnailing files that had bad filters.

1. Fixed: Theater View scrolling / navigation was slower that expected.
2. Changed: Theater View RSS plugin loads all data in background threads so it never lags Theater View. (and it only works when visible, so it has no overhead other times)
3. Changed: Removed "Starting TV..." message on TV startup.
4. Changed: Theater View weather plugin allows selecting Celsius vs Fahrenheit. (need to erase HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\J. River\Media Center 12\Plugins\Theater View\Weather; real configuration to follow)
5. Fixed: Page Up / Page Down were not working in Theater View.
6. NEW: In Theater View, "CD & DVD" plays the disc in the drive and shows Playing Now instead of showing a list of files on the device.
7. NEW: Reworked how "AutoPlay" is handled so that the Windows handler is disabled unless "Let Windows handle" is selected in Options > CD & DVD > AutoPlay.
8. NEW: Theater View "Jump on play" setting supports all the modes available in standard view. (like the new default "Display View (if has display)")
9. Fixed: "Don't show again" checkboxes were not working properly.
10. Changed: Adding a new Smartlist creates the Smartlist and goes right to the new Smartlist Editor.

1. Changed: While TV is recording, pressing Stop button now stops recording only, instead of unloading TV completely.
2. Fixed: Detached display would not be skinned.
3. Fixed: Creating a smartlist would crash.
4. Fixed: Track info was behind 1 song.
5. Fixed: Analysis of new DVDs would not work properly.
6. NEW: Theater View catches any message boxes, confirmations, etc. and shows them in a way that looks nice from Theater View. (art still under development)
7. Changed: Improved handling of FLV video.
8. Fixed: Tags weren't saving automatically for JPEG files.

1. Changed: Action Window display uses the same display (cover art, G-Force, etc.) as the main display. (now that track info can show cover art when small)
2. Fixed: In TV time-shifting or recording large portion of video was masked off.
3. Changed: Player no longer shows ? ? ? for the bitrate when playing a file with an unknown bitrate. (instead doesn't show the bitrate)
4. NEW: Theater View tracks mouse movement.
5. Changed: Progress for handheld cache building and thumbnail building shows in the Action Window. (instead of as a popup)
6. NEW: Theater View plugins better respond to mouse movement, remote commands, etc.
7. NEW: Theater View weather plugin look and feel reworked.
8. Fixed: Showing cover art at a small size when viewing a Track Info page works better.

1. Changed: Downloading a video from a Web Media website (YouTube, Google Video) will not switch to the Download view (Download action window will still appear).
2. Fixed: Modifying DVB-T channel resulted in losing some channel data.
3. Fixed: Some ASX URLs would not play properly.
4. Fixed: Streaming mp4 video, such as podcast or from Library Server, was mistakenly played as audio, resulting in video being shown in an "ActiveMovie Window".
5. Changed: Web Favorites moved to tree under Web Media.
6. Fixed: Tree paths for updating were not properly set for Web Media items.
7. Fixed: Track Info not working over Library Server.
8. NEW: Track Info now has a minimum height and width of 200. This can be set in the track infos via anywhere in index.html.
9. Changed: New Web Media is now tagged with "Web Media URL" instead of setting Genre to "Web Media".
10. Changed: Importing an MPL no longer looks at file tags -- greatly improving import performance.
11. NEW: Added ASX to playlist export formats.
12. NEW: Pix01 - Current thumbnail is highlited.
13. NEW: Option added to track info to show the cover art if the space available to track info drops below the minimum.
14. Fixed: Selecting enable scroll bars in track info now enables them.
15. Changed: Marquee box selection in a list is only possible when starting at a non-item area. (when over an item, a drag will be initiated)
16. Fixed: Digital TV aspect ratio control did not work properly.

1. Fixed: Pix01 would toss any edits to Title or Description on a drag and drop.
2. Changed: More tweaks in DVB-T tuning and recording.
3. Fixed: Pix01 stuff. (Fat cancel button, some other minor things.)

1. Fixed: Windows Media streams didn't pop up choices dialog in
2. Changed: Featured (audio) Web Media websites now appear under Web Media in the Audio tree.
3. NEW: The description text added to the Noire (Pix01 default) template. (It appears under the title.)
4. Fixed: Pix01 crash. Dividing by 0 is bad, m'kay?
5. Changed: Updated g-force url on the start page.

1. Changed: Minor Pix01 dialog changes.
2. Fixed: If the Pix01 login dialog was cancelled hitting create would simply kill the dialog.
3. Fixed: Submitting CD data to online database was failing in certain cases, causing a rip operation to hang.

1. Fixed: MC would fail to find CD tracks to rip following a "clear library" operation.
2. Fixed: Minor RAW file issues.

1. Fixed: On a fresh install, Display View / Theater View would show on monitor 0 instead of the nearest monitor to the program.
2. Changed: After switching view tabs, a menu won't auto-show (without a click) until the mouse moves.
3. NEW: More EXIF info for RAW image files in Tag->Format.
4. Fixed: iPods with new iTunes 7.1 database format causing MC to crash.
5. Changed: Improved HTML to plain text converter. (used for importing HTML files, and for Theater View's RSS reader)
6. Fixed: Theater View plugins better position themselves on the screen in widescreen, etc. configurations.
7. Changed: Theater View plugins can use skin coloring for text, etc.
8. Changed: Improved multi-line alpha text drawing using by RSS Theater View plugin.
9. Changed: More robust DVD graph building to hopefully prevent ActiveMovie windows from popping up.
10. Changed: Number of input pins on VMR are changed back to 3 in DVD.
11. Changed: MC TV tries to configure demultiplexer audio pin again when building DVB-T recording graph.
12. Changed: MC TV tries to re-create a DVB-T tune request if it can not find the required audio stream.

1. NEW: New smartlist editing system.
2. Fixed: Theater View wouldn't update nicely when building thumbnails. (introduced in build 188)
3. Fixed: Exiting Theater View while a plugin was loading textures could cause a crash.
4. Fixed: Error with DCRaw not returning all the exif data to MC.
5. Fixed: MF_CAMERA was returning the description and not the camera model. (If the model is blank it tries the make.)
6. Changed: "Legacy Video Renderer" is now the default video renderer for automatic selection if the user has not selected a decoder, or if we can not determine whether the selected decoder is capable of supporting VMR9.
7. Changed: Upload to Web or Ftp no longer includes a html index option.
8. Changed: More robust DVD graph building to hopefully prevent ActiveMovie windows from popping up.
9. Changed: Number of input pins on VMR are changed back to 3 in DVD.
10. Fixed: Viewing some playlists could cause a Theater View crash. (introduced in build 188)
11. Changed: Many Theater View plugin architecture improvements.

1. Fixed: Video ProcAmp controls (for digital TV, video and DVD using VMR9) would drift away from user selected values toward default values if the user selected values were negative.
2. Fixed: In certain cases, the UPnP server was not detected.
3. Changed: The UPnP Server attempts to use port 2869 as a default.
4. Changed: Improved how DVD player will handle video renderer selection.
5. Fixed: (Possibly fixed) DVD video was shown in an ActiveMovie window when VMR7 or VMR9 was selected.
6. Fixed: Web Media view crashes when clicked on.
7. Fixed: In certain cases a burned DVD disc displayed short 8.3 filenames.
8. NEW: Passport Photo option in Image Editor's Cropping tool, to help users crop a photo to passport specification.
9. Fixed: Current TV recording would not be imported into MC if a "Stop Recording" command was not issued before unloading TV control.
10. NEW: Passport Photo (2x2) Print mode in photo print wizard.
11. NEW: Added SomaFM and PublicRadioFan (Web Media sites) to the Audio list.
12. NEW: RAW file support added for Sigma .x3f files and, in theory (I have no sample files), sony .arw files.
13. Changed: Reworked (again) digital TV graph-building for recording.
14. NEW: Pix01 Gallery description now being sent to the Pix01 server. (So you can search on it.)
15. Changed: MC will no longer load images for tagging that it can't tag. (helps performance when dealing with large TIFF images, etc.)
16. Fixed: Scheduled TV recording would show an error after recording finished if the user had configured not to view TV during scheduled recording.
17. NEW: Theater View supports plugins.

1. Changed: YUV Mixing Mode is back for Video Mixing Renderer in video and DVD playback, and is user configurable on media type basis.
2. Changed: Screen saver (and monitor power down) while in fullscreen playback are disabled two ways to better cope with Vista's UAC.
3. Fixed: Possibly fixed error about unactivated component PlaybackEng.dll under Vista. (please let us know if this still occurs)
4. Changed: Pix01 code seperated from the create web gallery dialog. (Should be less unusual behavior.)
5. New: Pix01 progress status in an action window.
6. Fixed: Some additional Pix01 failure modes are caught.
7. Fixed: Library panes based on dates didn't work properly with some date-style fields.
8. NEW: Revised Web Media view (initial version).
9. Changed: Web or Ftp Server re-added to the right click->Send to->Email/web menu.
10. Fixed: Some mms:// streams would not play properly.
11. Fixed: Streaming servers that didn't support the "HEAD" command could fail to play properly.
12. Fixed: Stopping playback during buffered streaming could take longer than expected.

1. Changed: More tweaks in digital TV recording, to better handle badly behaving decoders.
2. Fixed: Playlist groups like "My Playlists" could include files from other playlist groups that started with the same name.
3. Fixed: The program would not be very responsive when evaluating the files for a playlist group in the background.
4. Fixed: In view schemes based on playlist groups, tagging mode did not work properly.
5. Fixed: The volume slider during video playback could control the soundcard in some cases.
6. Changed: Skinning engine works more nicely with OpenGL windows like G-Force. (fixes Theater View + G-Force crash)
7. Fixed: In-place editing in the panes could leave the old name selected after editing.
8. Fixed: With tabs visible, the "Podcasts" view didn't have a menu at the top.
9. Fixed: Tabs could show a drop arrow in views that didn't have a view customization menu.
10. Fixed: The thumbnail size slider could disappear in library views with the tabs visible.
11. Fixed: Phantom borders could appear in lists when using tabs.

1. Fixed: Pix01 wasn't resizing large images on upload.
2. Fixed: Pix01 allowed typing in the gallery selection box.
3. Fixed: After creating a new smartlist, the tree won't start in-place editing of the name.
4. Changed: After a Pix01 upload, the created playlist isn't automatically shown in the Action Window.
5. Changed: Pix01 action window blinks when created.
6. Fixed: Pix01 setting conflict with the send to gallery page.

1. Changed: Improved messaging when using the "move disk files" option with regards to when and how it messages about removing empty folders.
2. NEW: Sorting in library views is stored in the view scheme search so that there aren't two places to specify sorting. (and so Theater View, UPnP, etc. always use the same sorting)
3. NEW: Panasonic .RAW files should now decode.
4. Fixed: Assorted Pix01 bugs.
5. Changed: Filename sorting now uses the same smart mixed numbers + text sorting that other string sorting uses.
6. Changed: Sorting of children of a view scheme wouldn't always honor the parent's sorting in Theater View.
7. Changed: When creating a new tab, it starts in the location specified in startup options.
8. Changed: Reworked how view tabs look in the Noire skin.
9. Changed: Reworked digtial TV recording code.

1. Changed: Improved volume slider handling for multiple zones when mixing playback types.
2. Changed: Video playback (with Direct Show) now provides what mixer line it's using so the volume slaves nicely to different lines when switching zones.
3. Fixed: Digital TV's Color Controls (ProcAmp settings) were messed up in recent builds.
4. Fixed: "Active Movie Window" was opened when trying to recover from digital TV recording graph failure.
5. Fixed: Controlling the volume for Vista SPDIF and headphone lines would not work properly.
6. Fixed: Volume control for devices with very long names that overflow Windows mixer names wouldn't always work properly.
7. Changed: Changed how it looks when picking what sound card to use for DirectShow playback. Now you configure the current zone only. Switch zones to configure that zone.
8. Fixed: If DVD failed to play, later configuring DVD options would not work properly.
9. NEW: Added support for Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) to DVD playback for use under Vista. (experimental)

1. Changed: Revised how tab naming works in library views.
2. Changed: Media Center is more forgiving of badly formatted podcast dates.
3. Fixed: Podcast dates using GMT timezone were off by 4 hours.
4. Changed: Roku now display international characters (in UPnP server).
5. NEW: Wiki is in the Help menu.
6. Fixed: Corrupt WAV file caused importing to loop forver.
7. NEW: ATI HDTV Wonder digital TV device will record to dvr-ms format if ATI MPEG Multiplexer filter can not be loaded.
8. Changed: Digital TV handles recording graph failure more gracefully.
9. Fixed: On Vista certain video would play sound only when VMR9 is used.
10. Changed: YUV Mixing Mode is no longer used on VMR9 in video playback.
11. Changed: Added more logging to podcast updating code to find possible slowdowns.
12. Fixed: DVD playback menu selection wouldn't work nicely on Vista. (and possibly with some decoders)
13. NEW: Reworked how DVD playback handles filter selection. (can pick renderers, will error when picking something the can't be used instead of silently using the wrong thing, etc.)

1. Fixed: TV time-shifting failed when media type had no format block.
2. Fixed: CD burning could incorrectly complain about "no rights" if all service plugins were disabled.
3. Fixed: Double-clicking an image in the files list below grouping items to show it fullscreen, and then returning wouldn't preserve the scroll position.
4. Changed: More DVB-T TV tweaks on audio rendering.
5. NEW: Pix01 options page now includes the ability to choose a template.
6. NEW: Pix01 templates slightly modified.
7. Fixed: Pix01 default should now be "noire". (Mean it this time.)
8. NEW: Pix01 allows video.
9. NEW: Tabbed navigation has close buttons on the tabs.
10. NEW: Tabbed navigation has an empty tab at the far right to easily open a new tab.
11. NEW: Tabbed navigation integrates the pieces from the current view header, so that it doesn't take any additional vertical space. (still a work in progress)

1. Fixed: CD Labeler could show an error when closing.
2. Fixed: When single disc overburn was selected, MC would still ask for a second blank disc following successful burn.
3. NEW: Added search suffix 'w' for search dates for weeks. (i.e. [Date]=<3w)
4. Fixed: In some cases, deleting a playlist could cause a crash if it was also being accessed by a background thread.
5. Fixed: A couple of default handheld smartlists didn't work properly.
6. Fixed: For transcoded multi-disc burns, the amount of data per disc was not calculated correctly.
7. Fixed: MyGal should now honor the title.
8. Changed: MyGal renamed Pix01.
9. NEW: Pix01 now remembers your password (if you set it to do so).
10. Fixed: Selecting the create Pix01 gallery now actually creates a Pix01 gallery rather than whatever you had last set in the old dialog.
11. NEW: Pix01 now has a "make public" option that lists the gallery on the Pix01 page. (Or will. Don't know if that is going yet.)
12. NEW: Pix01 AW now has a option link. (Lets you reset the Remember password flag.)
13. NEW: Password login box now has a "forgot password?" button to help the user retrieve a forgotten password.
14. Fixed: Assorted Pix01 setting issues. (New bugs almost certainly introduced.)
15. NEW: Searches can use friendly style durations to search like [Duration]=>3:30.
16. NEW: Searches of dates can use dates formatted like [Date]=3/27/2007.
17. NEW: Added the number suffix mb for searches. (so [File Size]=>5mb does something logical)

1. Fixed: Downloader views wouldn't work nicely with the forward / back commands.
2. Fixed: The names of some Google videos would show escapement characters. (like ')
3. Fixed: MC instaler did not properly detect Windows Media Format installation failures.
4. Changed: Create Web gallery replaced in topmost right click menu with create mygal gallery.
5. NEW: Create MyGal Gallery action window. (Not complete. No progress AW.) It is invoked by the right click menu in item 4.
6. Changed: More tweaks in DVB-T audio tuning.
7. NEW: Added experimental Theater View option to integrate playing video into the background. (Options > Theater View > Advanced)

1. Changed: Dropping a playlist on a data burn now includes the playlist file instead of the files inside the playlist. (audio burns still expand the playlist)
2. Fixed: Some text searches could be treated like numeric searches for "0", causing false hits. (introduced in build 177)
3. Fixed: Search-style library items showed all files instead of filtered files in grouping views.
4. Fixed: Downloading of some Google Video files that pointed to YouTube would not work properly.
5. Fixed: If one of the core J. River DLLs was read-only, installation would fail.

1. NEW: Picking "Update Library (from tags)" will always rebuild the thumbnail. (useful for videos that have failed to thumbnail, but a configuration change now makes them thumb-able)
2. Fixed: Resizing images that were rotated at display time using EXIF information wouldn't work properly.
3. Changed: "Resize Images" always uses bicubic resizing while shrinking images for the best possible quality.
4. Fixed: Droppping an audio file into Playing Now while it was showing thumbnails of images could put the list in a strange state.
5. NEW: "Export Playlist" has a checkbox to create playlists with relative paths.
6. Fixed: Dropping a large directory structure of data files from Explorer to the burner wouldn't put all the files in their proper folders.
7. Fixed: Zone-specific audio output device selection was not honored when playing Windows Media video.
8. Changed: Searching numeric fields no longer has special handling for empty / zero values. (please report if this causes any smartlist strangeness)
9. Fixed: Individual Track Lookup and submission wasn't working.
10. NEW: GalleryCreator now honors [IMAGE:ORIG] and [IMAGE:FULLSIZE] tags. FULLSIZE == the old ORIGINAL. ORIG is for non image files. (I'm currently filtering non images so for the moment this is all moot.)
11. NEW: GalleryCreator generates a playlist for MyGal Galleries.

1. Fixed: Google Video videos could not be downloaded in some cases.
2. Fixed: Manually doing "Import Playlist" on a playlist that was already imported wouldn't work properly.
3. Fixed: DVD's with RCE can now be ripped properly.
4. Fixed: A few small memory leaks.
5. NEW: A "Restart Player" context menu option to restart player graph of TV in time-shifting mode (available only when time-shifting has not lasted longer than the maximum time-shifting buffer duration).
6. Fixed: Library grouping views didn't work nicely with view schemes that included smartlists.
7. Changed: The installer could fail to detect an instance of the program running in a different user account.
8. Fixed: When a button's enabled state was changed, it would not always draw properly.

1. Fixed: Library grouping views wouldn't work properly with the "search list" type view scheme items.
2. Fixed: Dropping a playlist group onto itself and picking "Copy" could hang the program.
3. Changed: Media Center is more responsive while a background thread is searching the database.
4. NEW: Playlist views that can't be filled quickly fill themselves using a background thread. (example: Playlist Group containing many smartlists, etc.)
5. Changed: Huge TIFF images, etc. that would consume over 20% of the system's available memory when decoded are no longer loaded in the background during a slideshow. (still done with most images to provide instant image switching)
6. Fixed: Media Center would fail to import JPEG files that used a file extension of a different image format. (like .tif, .bmp, etc.)
7. Fixed: Dvd rip progress sometimes showed invalid results.
8. NEW: Added "Save As Playlist" to Theater View's Playing Now. (new playlist saved as "Theater View (xyz)" where xyz is the date)
9. Fixed: Theater View's "Playing Now" wouldn't scroll to the playing song when first being shown.
10. Changed: When Theater View's Playing Now shows the playing file, it centers it so the next several files to play are also visible.
11. Changed: Renamed split view options to be more standard.

1. Changed: Mouse cursor changes to "hand" when mouse is on top of a DVD menu button.
2. Changed: For DVD playback YUVMixing mode is no longer used with VMR9.
3. NEW: Split views can be arranged as "Vertical", "Horizontal", and "Tabs". (Tabs option is an experiment, it may not remain)
4. Changed: Relaxed DVD video decoder filtering. Now more decoders are listed for users to select.
5. Fixed: Thumbnails on "My Computer" would confuse Library Server.
6. Fixed: Improved auto-detection of Avel Link player.
7. Fixed: View headers didn't nicely update on skin changes.

1. Changed: More tweaks in DVB-T TV audio rendering.
2. Fixed: Perbcast server .mjp removed (again) from the build.

1. Fixed: Removed the perbcast server mjp from the build.
2. Changed: Old perbcast server deleted on new install.
3. Fixed: DVD discs were disappearing from MC's view.
4. Fixed: MC mistakenly failed ripping DVD discs that were missing a VIDEO_TS.VOB file.. this file is optional.
5. NEW: iPods support gapless playback. (requires gapless compatible iPod and LAME (or other gapless friendly) MP3s)

1. Changed: Further simplified/optimized digital TV time-shifting graph-building. This slightly shortens delay in channel switching during time-shifting.
2. Changed: DVB-T TV graph-building attempts to set audio format before connection, to avoid having to change it later.
3. Fixed: DVD ripping was disabled.
4. Fixed: Thumbnail lists could crash when building thumbnails in some cases.
5. Fixed: AVI files had wrong MIME type.
6. Fixed: HTTP ContentLength header was wrong for partial content.
7. Fixed: HTTP Headers with multiple values were ignoring second and higher values.
8. Changed: DVD ripper now checks for sufficient disk space prior to starting.
9. Fixed: Individual Track Lookup would sometimes submit floating point numbers with commas instead of periods, confusing the server.
10. NEW: Added File Request logging flag to UPnP server, now file requests are not logged by default.
11. Fixed: Images on ftp:// servers would not be properly displayed.
12. Optimized: Improved image thumbnailing speed in many cases.
13. Fixed: RAW images located at http:// and ftp:// addresses would not load properly.
14. Fixed: Resizing TIFF (or other non-JPEG) images didn't work properly.
15. Fixed: Syncronizing to handheld could cause delayed crash/problems.
16. NEW: Added 'I' and 'O' as methods to zoom image playback In and Out. (as well as the mouse wheel, and plus / minus keys)
17. NEW: After doing a quick zoom during image playback with the 1...9 keys, the mouse cursor is automatically moved to the zoom point.
18. Fixed: Syncronizing to handheld could cause delayed crash/problems.

1. NEW: During image playback, the numbers 1...9 on the keyboard can be used to quickly zoom. (1 is no zoom, 9 is a lot of zoom) (zoom honors mouse position as center point for zoom)
2. NEW: In the UPnP server, large JPEG images can be shrunk, so devices like the DSM-320 can display them.
3. Fixed: Transparency would not work correctly with some GIF files.
4. Fixed: DVD rip progress bar would disappear toward end of rip.
5. Changed: DVD's now ripped to full disc rather than just largest title.

1. Changed: MyGal removed from the Action Window.
2. Changed: Updated Ogg Vorbis encoder to 2.83.
3. Fixed: A bug in some directory functions. (And a bug in that bug fix fixed.)
4. Changed: TV behavior is more defined when user clicks "0" and "Enter" on keypad.
5. Changed: TV can now be started by clicking the "Watch" button without first selecting an channel. Its behavior is the same as clicking "0" and "Enter" on keypad.
6. Fixed: Close/cancel button not working correctly in DVD rip action window.
7. Fixed: Ripped DVD file not getting imported.
8. Changed: Added rip start and cancel buttons to view header for dvd ripping.
9. Changed: More status information during DVD rip.
10. Fixed: DVD output file not getting deleted following canceled or failed rip.
11. Fixed: Setting wallpaper under Vista with UAC enabled would not work properly.
12. Changed: DVB-T TV tries to fix broken filter graph after changing audio media type.
13. Changed: Create Web Gallery moved up a couple of levels in the right click menu.
14. Fixed: Ripped DVD submission to YADB was using the wrong fingerprint.
15. Fixed: On Vista with UAC enabled, installing the MP3 plugin would fail instead of asking for elevated privileges.
16. NEW: Registration should work under vista with UAC enabled. (Many dialogs.)
17. Changed: Digital TV time-shifting graph is built in more efficient manner. This should solve DVB-T time-shifting problem on HD channels.
18. Fixed: Volume control would not allow setting volume on sound cards that didn't support balance.
19. NEW: Volume control (in "System volume" mode) slaves to the current audio output line so that it works more nicely with multi-sound card and multi-zone setups.
20. Fixed: mp4 files had the wrong content type associated with them.
21. Fixed: In some cases, MC would incorrectly stop trying to build a thumbnail for a file. (do 'Update Library from Tags' to fix)
22. Changed: Changing the cover art for an audio file will always save tags regardless of the 'save cover art in tags' setting. (this means removing art will pull it out of the tag, even if 'save in tags' isn't selected)
23. Fixed: mp3 files had the wrong MIME type associated with them.

1. Fixed: Menus.
2. NEW: DVD Ripping.
3. NEW: MyGal as Action Window (sorta).

1. NEW: Mouse-wheel scrolls inside long menus.
2. Changed: Added "Resize Image..." back into the menu for images.
3. Fixed: The header when clicking on view that shows a local webpage could show "index.html" instead of the page title.
4. Changed: Added an optional third parameter to PadNumber(...) to allow specifying the padding character. (i.e PadNumber([Track #], 3, / ) to pad with space)
5. NEW: Revised the MP3 Encoding options. (thanks AlexB!)
6. Changed: Updated LAME encoder to 3.97 release. (use Help > Check For Updates to get)
7. Fixed: On Vista, Library Server might use an old copy of the library.
8. Fixed: Thumbnail views of data files wouldn't use the shell file type icon like details views would.
9. Changed: The "no thumb" images used everywhere in the program are now the same. (between Theater View, Standard View, etc.)
10. NEW: Update no thumb images, and made them media type specific.
11. Changed: Data file thumbnail quality will be better in many cases. (especially on Vista where 256x256 icons are available)

1. Fixed: WMA importer would only read synchronized lyrics instead of reading both standard or synchronized lyrics. (use Library Tools > Update Library (from tags) to fix)
2. Fixed: Files with large album art could cause the iRiver Clix to hang during upload.
3. Fixed: Files with large album art would not show art on the Zen Vision M.
4. NEW: Added Ctrl+5 as a keyboard shortcut to toggle detaching and reattaching the display.
5. Changed: Allow EXIF time to be read if the EXIF and IPTC dates match (IPTC date tag does not include time).
6. Fixed: Clicking videos inside Video > Google Video didn't show the "Download", "Play", etc. options.
7. NEW: Added a function PadNumber(...) to allow forcing numbers to a certain number of digits. (for example, when renaming, use PadNumber([Track #], 3) to get 001, 002, 003, etc.)
8. NEW: Added the ability to delete albums to the MyGal dialog.
9. Fixed: Scheduled stream recordings did not play SHOUTCast playlists (media type missing).
10. NEW: Choices dialog box for SHOUTcast has option for recording stream.

1. Changed: Refined digital TV recording code to try to fix DVB-T recording failure when start recording from a non-time-shifting state.
2. NEW: DVD Lookup/Submission includes cover art.
3. Fixed: TV would error out after scanning for digital channels and before saving the scanned channels (introduced in build 162).
4. Fixed: DVD Lookup would display "DVD not found" error too often (such as during Theater View)
5. Fixed: An MP3 that was playing could not be transferred to a WMDM device.
6. Fixed: Transferring a handheld cancel could fail when conversions were in progress. (especially with 4 running at a time)
7. Fixed: Sorting the "Status" column during a handheld upload (and possibly other status related actions) could cause a hang.
8. Optimized: Improved how responsive Media Center is while performing handheld uploads with several conversions running at once.
9. Fixed: The "Web Media" toolbar button would not work properly.

1. NEW: View layouts can be applied to their child views using the view drop menu at the top of every view. (mouse over the view title text to see)
2. Fixed: DVB-T TV would hang on scanning or tuning.
3. Changed: (Experimental) A new method for obtaining digital TV signal strength for both ATSC and DVB-T TV.
4. Changed: More tweaks in DVB-T tuning.

1. NEW: (Experimental) Attempt to add desired audio component to a tune request before submitting the request for DVB-T TV.
2. Fixed: DVB-T channel scanning could not be canceled.
3. NEW: Clicking SHOUTcast selects brings up (optional) choices box.
4. Fixed: Minor logging bug in TV.
5. Changed: DVB-T will try activate desired audio stream even though DirectShow reports that it is already active.
6. Changed: Digital TV Channel switching event handler is protected by critical section.
7. Fixed: Columns for renamed library fields couldn't be nicely removed using the "Columns" menu available at the top of the view. (or by right-click)
8. NEW: The "Columns" menu has "Add Expression Column..." at the top of it.
9. Fixed: Some "Logging" changes wouldn't take effect until a program restart.
10. Fixed: Certain MP3s could cause a crash during iPod upload.
11. NEW: Added "Presets" to view header title menu to allow saving and loading all view settings. (columns, sorting, thumb sizes, etc.)
12. NEW: Playlist views inherit view settings from their parent groups. This allows making lots of playlists (or new playlists) all look the same.

(Pick Preset > Default to reset a playlist so it falls back to the group's settings)
(You can also customize an individual playlist inside a group)

13. NEW: Library specific options like auto-import folders get stored with a backup.
14. Fixed: View scheme view settings are no longer tied to view scheme names. (so renaming or moving a view scheme won't discard settings)

1. Changed: Revised how web page script errors are suppressed so that other (sometimes necessary) messages aren't also suppressed.
2. Optimized: When clicking "Sync" for a large sync, Media Center will no longer pause for a while.
3. Changed: The "Status" column for the handheld sync shows more specific errors for some cases. (trying to transfer a URL, CDA, etc.)
4. Changed: When Theater View runs an external program, it minimizes (and restores when it's done) instead of showing Standard View.
5. Changed: Picking "Close" from the right-click menu of the task bar icon works like other close commands in MC. (exits special view modes, then closes on second press)
6. Fixed: Some right-click task bar system commands wouldn't work nicely with Theater View.
7. Changed: Theater View behaves nicely when minimized, even with "Keep focus" selected in options.
8. Fixed: The system tray icon would not have any text (tooltip or properties dialog) until something was played.
9. Changed: Renamed "Yes (leave network files)" to "Yes (protect network files)".
10. NEW: Additional event handler for digital TV channel changing events.
11. Changed: Simplified tuning procedure when changing from a DVB-T channel to another with only audio stream change.
12. NEW: Rating is supported for WMDM devices. (if the device supports it)

1. Updated: Update the version of DCraw used for decoding some RAW image formats.
2. Fixed: In Display View, the visualization picker menu could show in a slightly incorrect position.
3. NEW: DVD Lookup in YADB.
4. Changed: DVB-T audio program selection is done asynchronously (please test both tuning and scanning).
5. NEW: Reworked how duplicate files are handled for a handheld transfer. (instead of a popup warning, the files show in the list with "Duplicate" shown in the status column)
6. Changed: Podcast are now sorted in descending order by date.
7. Fixed: Tag editing universal edit control now saves items selected via "space".
8. Fixed: When hot-swapping skins, the search control wouldn't properly update its shape.
9. NEW: Added DVB-T frequency tables for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg (thanks to thenoob1 for providing the information).
10. Changed: The "Fix broken links: Yes (leave network files)" will still consider a network file missing if the file can not be found but the directory the file is in can be found.

1. Fixed: Large handheld transfers could hang, especially with a fast machine.
2. Fixed: ASIO playback could stall on the last track of a playlist.
3. Fixed: Space now works in the typey typey part of the tag edit control.
4. NEW: Added DVB-T frequency table for Ireland (thanks to Tangodude for providing the info).
5. NEW: New Track Info visualizations.
6. NEW: The "on screen display" (info text at the bottom of playback display) is now a skinnable item instead of always being white on grey.
7. Fixed: When playing a folder of images from Explorer while audio was playing, the images wouldn't start in slideshow mode. (use spacebar or right-click to toggle slideshow)
8. Fixed: Comboboxes could fail to skin properly in some cases.
9. Fixed: Skinning in the "File > Open" dialog could show disabled buttons in some cases.
10. Fixed: "File Type" could become "Pane Type" in library browser views.
11. Changed: The "Add" button in the view scheme editing dialog doesn't show a menu anymore. (redundant since the add dialog has expression on it)
12. Fixed: Detached display is now "Always on Top" by default. (right-click display and pick "Display Settings..." to change)
13. Fixed: Volume names of DVD discs which weren't in MC's database were showing up as "Unnamed disc".
14. Fixed: When editing dates, an invalid date could show in the list of possible auto-complete choices.
15. Changed: Skin Manager shows an image for "Slim" mini skin.

1. Fixed: In rare cases, the MP3 encoder could fail and hang instead of returning an error.
2. Fixed: The "Locate on disk (inside Media Center)" no longer appears when "My Computer" has been disabled in options.
3. NEW: Added a custom dialog for editing a search list item.
4. Changed: Some tuning to how the handheld engine works. (may help deadlock problem, but we still haven't been able to reproduce)
5. Fixed: Hopefully fixed the problem of CD/DVD discs randomly disappearing from MC's view.
6. Changed: (Experimental) DVB-T channel scanning uses GuideDataEvent interface instead of BroadcastEvent interface.
7. NEW: Updated the German translation. (thanks Bytestar)

1. Fixed: Certain streaming ram audio would not play.
2. Fixed: ASIO playback would not work properly when a card requested the 24-bit LSB format. (M-Audio Transit USB, etc.)
3. Changed: ASIO playback is less likely to hiccup when applying CPU-intensive DSP effects.
4. Fixed: Playing DVD while another DVD is being played froze MC.
5. Fixed: Using CTRL+P to start playing DVD in Theater View froze MC.
6. Optimized: Reworked how ASIO playback works so that almost no work happens inside the sound card driver's callback -- improves skip-resistance and also allows smaller soundcard buffers.
7. Fixed: Pressing Play on a remote (or doing Ctrl+P) in Theater View could actually fire two play commands, causing some strange behavior.
8. Changed: Updated the "Folder" image in the Noire Theater View skin.
9. Fixed: Search list browser components wouldn't work properly with searches that had "or" in them.
10. NEW: Theater View supports audio, image, and video specific "no thumb" images. (see Noire for an example)
11. Changed: Theater View behaves more nicely when viewing while thumbnails are being built.
12. Optimized: Theater View gets files and images for view items in most views in a background thread.
13. Changed: A few tweaks to the "View Scheme Component" dialog.
14. Changed: For DVB-T TV audio PID will not be mapped if correct audio program is already mapped.
15. NEW: (Experimental) For DVB-T TV we attempt to inform the system of audio preference before submitting tune request.
16. NEW: MyGal now checks if you are about to overwrite a gallery before creating the gallery.

1. NEW: Added the ability to acquire images from the clipboard. (useful for taking screenshots or getting images from other programs) (Action Window > Camera)
2. Changed: Increased the JPEG quality for "Normal" when acquiring from the clipboard or scanner.
3. Fixed: Creating a web gallery with images not imported to the main database would not work properly.
4. Changed: Decreased the size of the optional stop button in the Noire skin.
5. Fixed: Webpages with script errors could show a popup dialog. (TV Guide, Yahoo TV, etc.)
6. Changed: Revised the layout of the view scheme component dialog so that it fits nicely on small displays.
7. Fixed: Resetting view schemes in some library views could cause a crash.
8. NEW: When clearing a library, only one dialog is shown instead of two yes / no popups. (dialog includes both questions)
9. Fixed: Toggling the "Advanced" button in the Import Folder dialog could leave the folder combobox in a partially drawn state.
10. Fixed: When editing panes in place, it was possible to have a pane draw with a missing scrollbar.
11. Changed: Initialization of analog TV device is delayed until actual play request, to avoid problems with digital TV devices that have a bogus analog tuner.
12. NEW: A "Wait Longer" checkbox on Scan Channels dialog window for digital TV. Hopefully this will solve the missing channels problem.
13. Fixed: Assorted Web Gallery bugs.

1. NEW: Added new view scheme component type "Search list" for displaying a custom list of searches.
2. NEW: Revised how the default image view schemes look, and included the new search list "Quickies". (do Edit > Reset All View Schemes To Default to see)
3. NEW: Added Options > General > Show stop button. (applies to all skins)
4. Optimized: Loading a skin or applying a skin effect is many times faster. (please report anything that doesn't nicely switch right away)
5. Changed: Web Templates now set to a charset of utf-8.
6. Fixed: Web Gallery Creator now specifies utf-8 for its charset.
7. Changed: To reset panes, wording revised to "Reset Selection" from "Click Here To Reset Selection".
8. Changed: Updated Dutch translation. (thanks BennyD!)
9. Fixed: Handheld uploads with conversion enabled could get stuck. (introduced in build 152)
10. Changed: Searching while drilled into a pane or library view no longer resets the pane / library view context. (allowing searching inside a subset)
11. NEW: When searching with a selection made in the panes, when there are no hits, MC will show "double click here to search entire library" in the list.
12. Fixed: A possible Theater View leak that could cause rapidly leaving and entering Theater View to fail.
13. Fixed: utf-16 gallery names handled better.
14. Changed: Renamed "Backup Library" to "Back Up Library".
15. Fixed: Selected text in the tree with the Thunderstorm skin was not readable.

1. Changed: When acquiring images, if one or less image is acquired (scanner, error, etc), the acquire Action Window will be shown again.
2. Changed: Added circular hit regions to the player buttons in the Noire skin.
3. Fixed: Seeking to the very end of an MP3 could cause the seek to actually seek to the beginning, causing seek cursor problems.
4. Fixed: Problem burning data CD and DVDs (introduced in 148).
5. Fixed: Assorted list control focus during tagging issues sorted.
6. Changed: Jpeg quality settings for the gallery revised upwards.
7. NEW: Main program tree will use the skin item "Tree" > "Background" for its background instead of a solid color if it exists.
8. Fixed: Empty country name list problem in TV.
9. Changed: Country name list in TV is now sorted alphabetically.
10. Fixed: When CD burn queue is not cleared, # of disks needed doesn't get displayed.
11. Fixed: Cancelling from a multi CD burn, subequent burn doesn't start at the beginning.
12. Changed: TV tries to reset demultiplexer audio output format upon channel switching for DVB-T. Please rescan your channels before trying to tune to any channel.
13. NEW: Tag Action window list control now has an edit control at the top.
14. Changed: The web gallery creator send to dialog has been reorganized.
15. Changed: Removed "beta" from the splash screen.
16. NEW: Added Brightness and Contrast sliders to the skin effects dialog.

1. Fixed: After uploading to some WM5 devices, the file size would be reported as 0, causing several issues.
2. Fixed: The duration field for a WMA file could incorrectly be blank. (Library Tools > Update Library (from tags) to fix)
3. Changed: APE and MP3 report their duration with more accuracy for storage in the database. (internal change, but please report any strangeness)
4. Fixed: Trying to set a numeric database field to a value longer than 12 characters would not work.
5. Fixed: Playlists were not working properly on Windows Mobile 5 devices.
6. Fixed: With WMDM devices, the Data / Year could appear blank after reconnecting the device.
7. Changed: WMDM devices that don't support meta-data will need a one-time resync with this version.
8. Changed: Up, down, space and return work in the tag list control.
9. NEW: MyGal now features lost password retrieval.
10. Change: DVB-T channel changing remaps audio PID on demultiplexor, to try to show ac3 audio.

1. Changed: Changed the way DVB-T channel names are constructed.
2. Changed: More tweaks in DVT-T tuning for AC3/HD channels.
3. NEW: MyGal URL run through and clipboarded.
4. Fixed: Web Gallery was dropping large images.
5. Fixed: Digital TV channel name edited on Scan Channels dialog was not saved.
6. Fixed: Add (Modify) Digital Channel dialog for DVB-T would ask user to enter "7 or 8" for bandwidth even if correct value has already been entered.
7. Fixed: Clicking the "Play" button in a playlist view header wouldn't start an image slideshow in an audio + image playlist.
8. Fixed: Theater View application root items wouldn't work properly. (custom items will need to be re-added -- remember exe names may need quotes)

1. Fixed: Editing custom root items for Theater View did not work properly.
2. Fixed: Picking "Send To > Playlist > Create Playlist..." would duplicate the files in the new playlist.
3. Changed: Tag > Playlists window no longer shows the root tree item "Playlists".
4. Changed: The Send To > Email message is now translatable.
5. Fixed: When emailing non-JPEG images with resizing enabled, the resized JPEG could retain a .NEF, .CR2, etc. extension.
6. Changed: Digital TV channel switching is now faster.
7. Changed: More logging for DVB-T tuning.
8. Fixed: Subsequent discs in multi-disc data burns were coming up with an error about capacity being less than the first disc.
9. NEW: Upload progress added to My Gal upload.
10. Changed: Max size for images uploaded with the web gallery creator set at 1280x1024 if uploading to My Gal.
11. NEW: More cancel options during gallery creation.
12. Fixed: Erasing a Podcast Feed could cause a crash in rare cases.
13. Fixed: In rare cases, Media Center trial period could be confused with a previous version trial period (i.e. MC 12 and MC 11, not MC 12.0.100 and MC 12.0.99)
14. Fixed: DVB-T bandwidth for United Kingdom was wrong.
15. Changed: Web Gallery Creator set to a 60 image limit if uploading to My Gal.

1. NEW: Added J. River "MyGal" upload to image uploader -- allows easy, free, creation of web galleries.
2. Changed: Logging entries all contain a thread ID to help with multi-threaded debugging.
3. Changed: Added more logging to handheld transfers to help solve a sporadic hang. (please send a log if you experience a hang)
4. NEW: Command line playback supports "JumpMode=1" to disable jumping to Display View or Playing Now.
5. Fixed: Adding large (multi-disk) files in the CD burn queue did not get add to duration total and 'disks needed' display.
6. Changed: Main program menu / toolbar reworked to better support tools like image editor, etc. (mostly internal change -- but please report any strangeness)
7. Fixed: Data burning large numbers of files was failing because MC was writing beyond the storage capacity of the media.
8. NEW: Upload to J. River My Gal (Free!)
9. NEW: Wait dialog added to gallery creation.

1. Fixed: The "Print Images..." command wouldn't always work as an MRU item.
2. Fixed: End of file condition for some malformed WAV files was not detected, so the playback or Audio Analysis of the files would not stop.
3. Fixed: CD Burn queue Status column did not display properly for multiple entries of the same file (during burn).
4. Fixed: right-click menu options for CD/DVD drives no longer show CD options when a DVD is inserted.
5. Changed: The Create Web Gallery dialog has been reworked. (More to come.) Note that you now have to specify the full ftp and full web paths.
6. Fixed: Frequency and some other data were not saved in channels info for DVB-T TV.
7. Changed: Network Type is now also saved with channel info for DVB-T TV.
8. Fixed: Some bugs related to logging for DVB-T TV.
9. Fixed: ATSC channels scanning was messed up in the last build.
10. NEW: Preview button added to web gallery creator. (Actually builds the gallery.)
11. Fixed: The [IMAGE:ORIGINAL] tag could cause invalid image files to be written to the gallery.
12. Fixed: Searching after drilling into a library view tile wouldn't properly reset the title text.
13. Fixed: Some icons could be incorrect.
14. Fixed: For developers, removing skinning from a single window that had been subclassed by MFC (or custom subclassing) could result in dropped messages.
15. NEW: Skinning engine supports windows that use the internal client edge style.
16. Fixed: Handheld syncs involving conversion could hang in some cases.
17. Fixed: Sometimes shutdown of the program wouldn't nicely unload all helper DLLs. (possibly causing stale processes to hang around)
18. NEW: Image editor is skinned. (still a work in progress)
19. NEW: Image editor is translatable.
20. Changed: Image editor is modeless so it doesn't block usage of Media Center while it's open.

1. Changed: Switched the view header expand / collapse button to a more discrete double-arrow. (double arrow can be skin customized as Frame::CollapseArrowsUp and Frame::CollapseArrowsDown)
2. NEW: The expanded / collapsed state of a view header is remembered. (all playlists, all podcast views, etc. share the same state)
3. NEW: The root of "Podcasts" has the add to favorites / remove from favorites command in the favorites drop list. (mouse-over the title to see the drop list)
4. Changed: Removed the "Edit" button from the playlist view header. (use right-click "Edit Playlist in Action Window..." to use the Action Window)
5. Changed: Removed the "Enable / Disable Auto Download" button individual Podcast Feed views since it's a global setting. (available in the view header of the root or right-click on Podcasts)
6. Changed: Added a "Play" button to the view header of podcasts.
7. NEW: Send To > Playlist > Create Playlist... creates a new playlist without a dialog, and also saves the new playlist as the MRU entry.
8. Fixed: Viewing a playlist, then viewing something else, then erasing the playlist, and going back would show an empty playlist view.
9. Changed: Tooltips can no longer partially cover an item in thumbnail lists.
10. Changed: When the "Menu" thumbnail item is showing its menu, the links no longer fade out.
11. Fixed: In Audio Analysis, the reported number of files analyzed could be larger than the number of files to be analyzed (when user clicked Stop and then clicked Analyze again).
12. Fixed: Digital TV would not play if the channel attempted was the last channel played in the previous session (Introduced in 12.0.145).
13. Fixed: MC saved wrong file size to database for very large files, causing it to re-import the files repeatedly on ground of "external file size change".
14. Fixed: Reordering columns by dragging the headers could cause the drag image to blink.
15. Changed: Photo Print Wizard is integrated into JRImage.dll instead of being a standalone program. (mostly internal change, but makes the build slightly smaller)

1. Change: A number of changes in DVB-T scanning and tuning (experimental).
2. NEW: The "Exit" button on the root of Theater View can be moved or removed like other root items in Options.
3. NEW: Gripper controls on the bottom right of some system dialogs are now skinned. (override Frame::SizeBox in a custom skin to customize)
4. Changed: Theater View "Home", "Page Up", and "Page Down" buttons can be turned on and off in Options > Theater View > Advanced.
5. Fixed: The preset view scheme "People/Places/Events" no longer contains "Caption" at the left.
6. Fixed: Changing a CD with autorun enabled in the first few seconds of Media Center startup could cause a crash.
7. Fixed: Starting with a blank disc in the drive and then proceeding to rip a CD could cause strange behavior.
8. Fixed: CD burning Action Window wouldn't size nicely with some settings.
9. Changed: By default, cover art will be saved in a file's tag. (configurable in Options > File Location)
10. NEW: Gribber controls on the bottom right of some system dialogs are now skinned. (override Frame::SizeBox in a custom skin to customize)
11. NEW: 3gp, 3g2 and rmvb are added to the list of supported media types.

1. NEW: When copying any files in Media Center, the image of the first file is also copied to the clipboard. (along with the text, Media Center clipboard object, etc.)
2. Fixed: The image columns in a details list could cause clipboard data pasted to Excel (or similar) to have their columns shifted.
3. Changed: Switched handheld transfer reporting to "MB/sec" instead of "mb/sec" to more clearly show it's megabytes per second.
4. Fixed: Handheld uploads with conversion enabled would want to resend files over and over.
5. Fixed: Data CD or DVD action window now sized correctly.
6. Changed: "All" item shown in Theater View and UPnP views again.
7. Fixed: Files larger than 2GB would continually be considered out of sync with the database and get automatically updated.
8. Optimized: Auto-Import can more quickly reconcile the disk and database in most cases.
9. Changed: Protocol web browser commands support play. (i.e. mc12://play/?file=c:\1.mp3)
10. Fixed: Some MP3 streams with Icy data had glitches when played.
11. Changed: When auto-import reconciles the disk and database in the background, it runs at 1/3 speed. (and also using the lowest thread priority)
12. Changed: Updated the view header images for "Drives & Devices" and "Services & Plugins".
13. Changed: Selection skin images that use transparency provide better results.
14. Fixed: Search for Library Servers didn't work.
15. Changed: Revised selection look-n-feel with Noire skin.
16. Fixed: When putting the same file in the burn queue multiple times, deleting one of the files could remove both from the queue.
17. Fixed: Dropping a file into a specific burn folder wouldn't always work properly.
18. Fixed: Play and Add to Playing Now not working in file list context menus.

1. Changed: "Search for Media Servers" is now "Search for Library Servers"
2. Fixed: Burning flows where data and audio discs were burned in the same session could work incorrectly.
3. Changed: Deleting files from the CD burn queue no longer asks for confirmation.
4. Changed: Starting a burn queue, cancelling while keeping the queue, then starting a new burn will start at the previous queue instead of giving a "what drive" choice.
5. Changed: When dropping a data file on a burn during the "select burn type" stage, the burn is automatically switched to a data burn and the user is informed.
6. Fixed: The disk type tooltip in the "Burn Disc" action window would appear over all controls, instead of only over the disk type.
7. Changed: When CD ripping is complete and a CD track is playing, user will be asked to confirm the CD ejection.
8. Fixed: Encoding options dialog wasn't properly saving items when switching between ripping, encoding, etc.

1. Fixed: Mime Types reported incorrectly, causing TiVo not to show pictures
2. Changed: Bookmarks are not preserved when there's less than a minute of progress into the file when stopping.
3. NEW: New DVB-T channel scanning code.
4. Fixed: ATSC and DVB-T radio buttons would both appear to be selected when user selected DVB-T.
5. Fixed: "Add Digital Channel" or "Modify Digital Channel" dialog showed "Major Channel", "Minor Channel" etc. instead of "Tranport Stream ID", "Service ID" etc.
6. Changed: ATSC HDTV channel scanning takes longer time, so more channels can be found.
7. Changed: Minor changes to the "Noire New" web gallery template.
8. Changed: Web Gallery would resave jpegs using the [IMAGE:ORIGINAL] tag rather than just copying the file. (Will still save non jpegs as jpeg.)
9. Changed: Read-only database open message has a "don't show again" tick box.
10. Changed: Removed audio renderer selection from TV options as TV now uses global zone-specific audio renderer selection.
11. Changed: Many more changes to burn queue system.

1. Changed: Removed "..." from the end of "Export All Playlists" and "Run Auto-Import Now" menu items.
2. Changed: Standardized how options dialogs look when showing options for a specific tool. (handheld, playback, etc.)
3. Fixed: When deleting many files during a sync, the time estimate could be slightly less accurate.
4. NEW: Handheld time and progress estimates take the relative file size of each file into account.
5. NEW: Handheld time estimates nicely handle files in the conversion cache to provide a more accurate estimate.
6. Fixed: In some cases, pressing the "Cancel" button during a handheld upload could cause a crash.
7. Changed: Escape and Enter no longer close the "Edit Disc Information" dialog. (since they are commonly used during data entry)
8. Fixed: Some Theater View screen components would properly hide when they weren't needed. (keyboard, etc.)
9. Changed: Playlists are in sorted order in the Tag window.
10. Fixed: After resizing an image using "Resize Images", a new thumbnail wouldn't appear until leaving and returning to the view.
11. Fixed: Some converted files cropping off about 10 seconds early in iPods.
12. Fixed: Putting the same file in a burn multiple times could cause issues.

1. NEW: Output Format DSP can convert 1-channel mono to 4.0 and 5.1 sound. (would previously display an error)
2. Fixed: Doing a Google Video or YouTube download could cause a crash.
3. NEW: Media Center now tracks skip count and last skipped. (play is when at least half the song is played, skip is when less than half the song is played)
4. Fixed: The "Edit CD Information" dialog was not properly saving the year.
5. Fixed: Doing "Edit CD Information" on a multi-artist disc would change all the artists back to the same artist.
6. Changed: Several revisions to included webpages.
7. Changed: Reworked how the Podcasts view header looks / operates.
8. Changed: Podcasts view header includes "Home" icon by other navigation buttons.
9. NEW: TV audio is sent to zone-specific audio renderer whenever possible.
10. Fixed: Some text was cut off on "player warning" dialogs ("QuickTime Player must be installed to play selected file" etc.).
11. Fixed: "Print" commands wouldn't work for files not in the main database. (so images you viewed on a CD, etc.)

1. Fixed: Odd "invalid package cannot continue" error with jrshellext.dll on restart. (The DLL should now get properly registered.)
2. Fixed: View header wouldn't always resize the image nicely to accomodate the aspect ratio of the image.
3. Fixed: Deleting all files from a list could cause a hang in thumbnail mode.
4. Changed: Reworked view headers in many areas.
5. Changed: Updated included webpages. (still a work in progress)
6. NEW: When searching a list-type field, you can specify whether you want to match all or match any. ([People]=Bob,John matches any; +[People]=Bob,John matches all)
7. NEW: Smartlist wizard dialog supports "Include (matches all)" for list-type fields. (mode combobox at the bottom of the dialog)
8. NEW: View scheme component configuration includes the option to match any or match all when selecting multiple values.
9. NEW: View scheme components (panes, tree, Theater View, etc.) allow the sorting to be configured for the list of values.

1. Fixed: Shell extensions could still cause issues in some cases.

1. Fixed: CUE files would not import / analyze properly.
2. Changed: Reverted interface compatibility to prevent shell extension crashes. (could still affect beta team users)
3. Changed: Shell extension menu items can now be translated.
4. Changed: Shuffle mode no longer applies to list with TV stations in them.
5. Changed: PDT and file association updates are now listed in the "Check for Updates" dialog as line items. (so they're optional)
6. Fixed: Check for Updates could appear behind the player in some cases.
7. NEW: Changed player webpages to local pages that get updated by "Check for Updates".
8. Changed: Made the root of "Playlists" show a webpage. (webpage a work in progress)

1. Changed: When setting a numeric field, 0 and empty are not treated the same.
2. Fixed: The space bar would not work properly in Options edit controls.
3. Fixed: Tag finds were a little too successful in the Web Gallery.
4. Fixed: Thumb sizes and names could get bozo'd in the Web Gallery.
5. Fixed: The Web Gallery templates are reasonably documented.

1. Fixed: Recording options page would not show properly.
2. Fixed: Advaned Ripping Options tab control could draw over the controls inside it.
3. Changed: DVR-MS files are analyzed in a different routine in hopes of eliminating Otto crashes.
4. Optimized: Improved performance of audio format converter, especially when resampling AND outputting as 5.1 at the same time.
5. Fixed: In tree controls with two scrollbars, sometimes the last item couldn't be reached by scrolling.
6. Changed: Bookmarks aren't saved for videos that are less than one minute long.
7. Changed: "Check for Updates" won't blink a progress interface (with a cancel button) if it finishes within a few seconds.
8. Changed: Invalid "Send To" recent right-click commands get pruned from the list. (after a playlist deletion, etc.)
9. Changed: When sorting numbers, an empty string will sort above "0". (instead of treating them as equals)

1. Fixed: Misspelled the word 'Swap' on DVD properties.
2. NEW: Tempo, pitch, and rate DSP included as a default DSP.
3. NEW: Tempo & Pitch plugin nicely handles 4.0 and 5.1 sound.
4. NEW: Added "Rate" to the Tempo & Pitch plugin. (discovery: Bon Jovi at +0.3x = Stevie Nicks)
5. Changed: Tempo & Pitch plugin frees all resources and doesn't touch the input data when enabled with all sliders at +0.00x.
6. Changed: Made default DSP Studio studio pages more visually similar.
7. Fixed: Could not start playing TV in Theater View.
8. Fixed: Playback time display wouldn't nicely handle DSP plugins that changed the length / rate of playback.
9. NEW: Tapping "Pause / Break" in Theater View will loop through on screen status messages. (draw speed, some video card capabilities, etc.)
10. Optimized: Several Theater View optimizations to improve draw performance and lower CPU usage. (<5% CPU usage is typical with a modern video card)

1. Changed: Reworked YADB data entry / submission flows.
2. NEW: Added an "Edit Disc Information" button to the top of an audio CD view.
3. NEW: DVD option "Swap Fast Play and Jump commands".
4. Changed: Option to submit CD information to YADB is in Options > CD. (instead of using a popup)
5. Changed: Root of "Drives & Devices" is a webpage. (real webpage coming soon)
6. Changed: When a CD burn will overflow to a second disc, user is given options to overburn, span discs, or trim to fit.
7. Fixed: Bug in "Clean" web gallery template.
8. NEW: Noire web gallery template. (Still a work in progress but very usable.)

1. NEW: "Clean" web gallery template added. (Really simple.)
2. Changed: Media Jukebox\Data\HTML Gallery renamed Media Jukebox\Data\Web Gallery.
3. Changed: By default, sorting changes made by clicking column headers are automatically remembered. (Options > Tree & View > Sorting)
4. Fixed: Seeking DVD while paused was not responsive.
5. Changed: DVD buffer is flushed on certain commands.
6. Changed: Removed plurals in library views (like "Artists", "Albums", etc.) because they're problematic for translations.
7. Changed: Switched the names of new playlist objects to "New Playlist" and "New Group" instead of "My Playlist" and "My Playlist Group".
8. Changed: Made smartlist picker dialogs have more translation friendly titles and use field display names instead of internal names.
9. Fixed: Drag-n-drop menu for playlist move / copy didn't translate "Move".
10. Fixed: Artist names with the form "Artist, The" would always require re-syncing on iPods.
11. NEW: Some root level menu items can also get added to the right-click recent command list.
12. Changed: Using a recent command moves it to the top of the list.
13. Changed: Programming guide webpages in "TV Tuner" view display progress in the status bar when navigating.
14. Fixed: AAC+ streams from Shoutcast were not properly recognized. Now AAC+ streams can be played if proper DirectShow filters exist.
15. Optimized: Installation can run up to two times faster. (Or not.)

1. Fixed: The volume label of a CD wouldn't update in the tree after doing a CD database lookup.
2. Fixed: Doing a CD update from YADB or submit when looking at a view other than the root of the CD drive wouldn't work properly.
3. Changed: Seperated the Recently Imported / Recently Ripped playlist icon from the Scheduler icon. (and changed the playlist icon)
4. Changed: System playlists (like Recently Imported, Top Hits, etc.) sort above user created playlists.
5. Fixed: Logging settings would not always be honored.
6. Changed: Added some new path options to the gallery.
7. New: Will open the gallery once it has been uploaded.
8. Fixed: A CD view's view header could show "0 files" even with a CD inserted.
9. Changed: After editing a CD's information, you will be asked to submit the information back to YADB.
10. Fixed: List checkboxes would look uncentered on Vista.
11. Fixed: In rare cases, files could have a large thumbnail but not a small thumbnail.
12. Optimized: Improved Tag Action Window's load speed in many cases.
13. Changed: The Tag > Image Action Window will still show the internal image when selecting more than one file. (instead of saying "only visible for single selections")
14. Changed: Theater View search keyboard didn't nicely handle going to the backspace button from all logical buttons.
15. Changed: Updated all Theater View skins to work with current Theater View.
16. Fixed: In Thumbnail mode, Theater View wouldn't honor a list's selected color.
17. Changed: [EXISTS] tags removed from Web Gallery Templates. Replaced with [IF:] tags.
18. NEW: Added a template picker to the Web Gallery Creator. New templates can be added by creating directories under C:\Program Files\J River\Media Center 12\Data\HTML Gallery.
19. Changed: Media Center no longer requests administrative rights on Vista with UAC enabled. (please report any problems)

1. Changed: Video Renderer selection for DX Video Player is now moved to DirectShow Filter Selection window. You can therefore select different video renderer for different file types. "Video Mixing Renderer 7" also becomes one of the possible choices.
2. Fixed: Web Gallery was having issues with gallery of 1.
3. Changed: Web Gallery index and slide files are now .html and not .htm.
4. Fixed: DVB-T channel scanning was not advancing to the next frequencies.
5. Fixed: When showing the "Camera" Action Window, the drop list of choices could be invisible.
6. Fixed: Some duplicate entries in the list of "Other filters" on Filter Selection window are eliminated.
7. NEW: Additional Web Gallery options added.
8. Fixed: Videos with subtypes Music video, TV show, etc. would always require re-syncing on iPods.
9. Fixed: Rotation honored on Web Gallery output.
10. Changed: Several Noire skin updates.

1. Fixed: Starting TV by clicking "TV Tuner" tool button did not work.
2. Fixed: Skinning should now be enabled on the Web Gallery Creator.
3. Changed: HTML Gallery renamed Web Gallery.
4. Changed: Web Gallery counts start at 1 instead of 0. (index and total)
5. Fixed: Seek works on TiVo.

1. NEW: New DVB-T digital TV channel scanning method. Australia and UK users please test.
2. Fixed: Cancel acquire camera images not working.
3. Changed: Acquire images from camera now includes 'avi' file types.
4. Fixed: iPod with 'DCIM' folder at the root was mistaken for a camera.
5. Fixed: The TiVo cache was being cleared too aggressively. This caused smartlist with a variable length (like the 100 random songs) to not play.
6. Fixed: Drop down menus would randomly appear way too "skinny".
7. Fixed: HTML gallery creator "remember password" check box state remembered.
8. Fixed: Tab stops on HTML gallery creator should make more sense.

1. Fixed: When a combobox was disabled, the inside of the box could draw a non-skin color.
2. Fixed: When an edit control switched from disabled to enabled, its border wouldn't always redraw properly.
3. Changed: Many dialogs were using an older dialog font that didn't support ClearType.
4. Fixed: Options tree image drop shadows were running together from one image to the next.
5. NEW: More areas of the program use the font chosen in Options > Tree & View.
6. NEW: Edit control borders are skinnable.
7. Fixed: The DSM-320 would not play videos.
8. Fixed: Restored writing out IPTC and fixed cases where PS2 would generate an error when trying to read new IPTC header from JPG files.

1. Changed: Wording for CD burn capacity did not fit nicely in standard window size.
2. Fixed: HTML Gallery threading fixed.
3. NEW: Remember password checkbox for the HTML Gallery.
4. Fixed: HTML Gallery output path was not getting updated if user used the browse button.
5. NEW: Reworked the "Encoding" options page.
6. Fixed: "Fill Properties From Filename" wasn't supporting translated field names.
7. Fixed: Parts of the options dialog would always use MS Sans font istead of the font chosen in Options.
8. Fixed: Menus were not using the font selected in options.
9. Fixed: Dragging and dropping tracks onto the audio CD burn action window was unduly slow.
10. Fixed: OSD of "Playing Channel n" would display nonsense text when playing a TV channel (using keypad) that is not among the list of previously scanned channels.
11. Changed: Streamlined how TV channels are handled in database.
12. Changed: TV engine is no longer unloaded and reloaded when playing a channel using keypad.
13. NEW: Reworked View Scheme component dialog. (combined expression and other types, automatically show when picking "Add Pane To Left", etc.)

1. Fixed: Returning from fullscreen display could shift the focus to a different view in a split view configuration.
2. Fixed: Web radio stations that didn't provide a proper MIME type wouldn't play.
3. Changed: Added zone information and playerstate changes to automation event notifications.
4. Fixed: UPnP (and other SDK users) would not work on view schemes with items that had a backslash in their name.
5. NEW: Revised the look-n-feel of the options tree used throughout options.
6. Fixed: Some html gallery creation bugs.
7. New: FTP uploader added to html gallery creator.

1. NEW: Video conversion is supported for handheld transfers. (currently only supports conversion to WMV) (experimental -- may not remain)
2. Fixed: Switching TV channels sometimes would unload and reload TV engine.
3. Fixed: Auto-import wasn't reconciling the disk and database at program startup. (introduced in 121)
4. Changed: Revised Theater View rubber-banding of list items to snap items to their final location so there won't be a final shift of one pixel a few seconds later.
5. Fixed: Scrollbar in Tag > Format page wouldn't always work.
6. Changed: Darkened disabled menu color text of Noire skin.
7. NEW: Combobox look-n-feel is completely determined by the skin instead of using Windows borders. (please report any droplist / combobox strageness)
8. Changed: Added more combobox skin items for background, arrow sizing, etc. (see Noire for an example)
9. NEW: Tab controls support over text color and selected text color for skinning. (see Noire for an example)
10. NEW: An HTML Gallery Generator has been added to "send to." (Sad little template exists under "DATA\HTML Gallery." More work to be done on the template.) Upload to be added.

1. NEW: Recent right-click commands and send to commands are remembered between sessions.
2. NEW: Theater View sizing and layout better accounts for varying aspect ratios. (widescreen, etc.)
3. Changed: In video and DVD player unconnected filters are removed from filter graph to avoid complications.
4. Fixed: Canceling a transcoding data burn was not working correctly.
5. Fixed: Disc capacity for transcoded data burns was still not calculated correctly in some cases.
6. Changed: Recent Playing Now playlists show in the tree immediately instead of after a view refresh.
7. Optimized: Improved tree building / refresh speed.
8. Changed: Navigation tree did not support Page Up / Page Down keys.
9. Fixed: Scrolling in the tree while renaming an item didn't cancel the edit.
10. Fixed: In certain cases, image playback could start with the last image instead of the first image in a list.
11. Changed: List skinning supports "HotSelectedText" color.
12. Changed: Scrollbar skinning supports 4 states for the scrollbar background.
13. Fixed: Clicking on the player area while in display view would steal the focus from the display, making keyboard shortcuts stop working.
14. NEW: URL filetypes are determined by the mime-type provided by the server. (NOTE: the usage of MrCstreamMrC.mp3, etc. is now obsolete -- only enter the URL in the Open URL dialog)
15. Fixed: In rare cases, switching skins while playing music could cause a crash.
16. Fixed: Previously scheduled events wouldn't run until the "Scheduler" was visited once in the tree.
17. Changed: Album analyzer works better when dealing with multi-disc sets. (where the disc number is set)
18. Changed: Added "track change" notification to the automation event mechanism.
19. Changed: Updated height, width, and dimensions to also be available for video files.

1. NEW: JRSS surround sound processing is optional when converting 2 channel audio to 4 or 5.1 channel audio.
2. NEW: Subwoofer cutoff frequency is customizable when converting 2 channel audio to 5.1 sound.
3. NEW: Equalizer works with 4 channel, 5.1 channel, etc. audio sources.
4. NEW: Equalizer equalizes each channel in a separate thread (improves performance on HT and multi-core machines)
5. NEW: DSP "Effects" works with 4, 5.1, etc. channel sources. (unlike equalizer, effects only apply to main left and right channels)
6. Fixed: If "update from cd database" was selected for a CD and no matches were found or user canceled, existing tag values were still getting wiped out.
7. Fixed: Playing a flv video directly from YouTube or Google Video would not work unless the user has previously played a local flv file.
8. Fixed: The selected 3D visualization could revert to "Picture Terrain" in some cases.
9. Fixed: Temporarily disabled writing out IPTC headers to prevent problems when loading jpeg files in PhotoShop.

1. Fixed: Playing files with internal art could stack images in the temporary folder until the program was closed.
2. Fixed: Adding a large number of files to a data disk burn would freeze MC for an extended time.
3. Fixed: Folder renaming for a data disk burn wasn't working correctly.
4. NEW: When emailing log files (Help > Logging...), both logs are placed in a single zip file.
5. Fixed: "Burn Disc" start page didn't have a border on the Data Disc name field, making it hard to read.
6. Fixed: "Burn Disc" start page would be too tall in data mode.
7. Fixed: In some Action Window pages, controls could draw with black backgrounds in certain cases.
8. Changed: In a new library, "Camera" is a default search field.
9. NEW: During image playback, the next and previous image are preloaded in a background thread for near-instant image switching.

1. Fixed: The "Compression" field would not be properly filled when ripping a track. (use "Update Library (from tags)" to fill in any files missing this field)
2. Changed: Replaced "Category" in field properties dialog with "Flags". (to pick what media type a field belongs to, etc.)
3. Fixed: "Playing Now" would display properly with translation enabled.
4. Fixed: Text and images in Theater View that keyed off of location didn't work properly with translation enabled.
5. Fixed: Video podcasts could still have an unknown media type.
6. Fixed: "Crop" aspect ratio setting did not work properly in video player and TV when video window was resized.
7. Changed: Changed how FF and REW are carried out. Some MPEG-2 files previously had problem updating image should perform better now.
8. Fixed: Ratings not getting posted back to MC from iPod if the files were manually transferred.
9. Fixed: Transferring protected files to an iPod could case MC to hang.
10. Fixed: Some asx streams wouldn't play.
11. Fixed: MC was identifying non-iPod devices as though they were iPods.
12. Fixed: Files with internal art wouldn't show their art when switching from G-Force to another visualization.
13. NEW: Theater View uses an on-screen keyboard for performing searches. (NOTE: only Noire skin updated -- others to follow)

1. NEW: Added "Move Next To Play" to file commands in Theater View Playing Now list.
2. NEW: Theater View list-style shows small icons next to the text.
3. Fixed: Gridlines were not appearing in lists.
4. NEW: Dropping files onto "Playlists" or any playlist group will create a new playlist with those files.
5. NEW: Right-click "Playing Now" in the tree has "Edit Playing Now..." for drag-n-drop editing in the Action Window.
6. NEW: Streamlined the Action Window "Build Playlist" so only a single-click (or drag-n-drop) is required to make a playlist.
7. Fixed: Scrollbars wouldn't redraw properly when releasing them when the mouse wasn't over the scrollbar.
8. Changed: "Playlists" view header has a "Add Playlist Group" button.
9. Fixed: When burning a data disc, the "disc name" field allowed an illegal length name to be typed in.
10. Optimized: Skin switching looks smoother and happens faster.
11. Changed: Playlist groups have a unique icon in the tree.
12. Fixed: Seeking from the start of a converted on-the-fly file with the UPnP Server (and DSM32 e.g.) didn't work.
13. Fixed: Some UPnP playback types could fail.
14. Fixed: Podcasts wouldn't properly understand some file types.
15. Fixed: Data disc folder naming option was broken.
16. Fixed: MP3 files not playing on some iPods.
17. Fixed: In very rare situations MC was analizing non-iPod devices as though they were iPods.
18. Fixed: With a multi-monitor system, maximizing app, showing fullscreen display on a different monitor, and then returning could switch the monitor the program was on.
19. Changed: Reworked how stacks of audio images are generated so that stack images are broken on album boundaries instead of image boundaries. (this fixes some library server stack issues)
20. Fixed: MP4 file types occasionally listed as 'not supported' for transfer to iPods.

1. Fixed: The TiVo Server was displaying "Unknown Request" error messages.
2. NEW: Many enhancements to how list, tree, options, menu, etc. selections can be drawn. (see Noire skin for an example)
3. Changed: Options tree expand/collapse caret now flips as the tree is expanded and collapsed.
4. NEW: When burning a data disc, new option for creating a UDF file system rather than ISO9660. Strictly for beta testing.
5. NEW: Added support for compilations on iPods.
6. Changed: Added support for gapless playback of mp3 files specifically containing gapless playback information.

1. Change: Default internal volume for DX video player is increased.
2. Fixed: Panes could draw strangely after resize in some cases.
3. Optimized: Improved view switching times.
4. Changed: When switching focus away from a list, the selection wouldn't properly redraw.
5. Fixed: Some system skinned list controls could flicker when they didn't have a horizontal scrollbar.
6. Change: DX video player and DVD player will not try setting internal volume when the user chooses system volume.
7. Fixed: MP3's not playing on iPods - temporarily removed gapless playback.
8. Fixed: Info box didn't display number of discs required when files in burn queue exceeded capacity for a one disc.
9. Changed: Switched escape keyboard shortcut back to MC 11 style for search box. (Shift+Escape to clear, Escape to stop editing)

1. Fixed: Audible files wouldn't load images.
2. Fixed: Menu transparency could be one-step behind when right-clicking a pane item.
3. Changed: Documents work better over Media Server. (requires a program / editor that supports http://)
4. Changed: Added .log to the list of text filetypes along with .txt and .rtf.
5. Changed: Reworked the "Burning" options page to look more like other options pages. (and have nicer filtering of audio / data options based on burn mode)
6. Fixed: MC better identifies Toshiba Gigabeat S and F models.
7. Fixed: Album art not showing up in Gigabeat S and similar devices.
8. Fixed: Skinning enabled on file browser control under vista. (Associated crash fixed.)
9. NEW: Scheduled recording handles asx streams.
10. Fixed: Thumbnail generation for videos with relative path image files wouldn't always work.
11. Changed: The "image file" field is honored for data files just like for audio and video files.

1. NEW: Internal volume control is available for DX video player and DVD player (may not work for all sound cards, but should work for most).
2. Fixed: MC hang when stopping video player while FF/REWing.
3. Changed: Filter selection is allowed for Windows Media types (transform filters, i.e. decoders only - the source filter will always be WM Asf Reader).
4. Changed: Changing debug logging options doesn't require restart of Media Center.
5. Fixed: Some long or international filenames would not work properly over Library Server.
6. NEW: Revised how menu alpha works so text isn't alphed, background is blurred, and it won't cause issues with VNC, etc.
7. Changed: Reworked how MIME types are handled for Podcasting and sharing plugins. (hopefully transparent, but please report any issues)
8. Fixed: Empty thumbnail list in vista fixed.
9. Fixed: RAW Image cache files could be deleted in certain situations.

1. Fixed: Find albums in gallery uploader updates the list with "Title: %s (Album: %s)"
2. Changed: Removed Media Jukebox 8 library upgrader. (it's best to reimport when coming from MJ
3. Changed: Right-click option on Playlists in the tree "Create Stock Smartlists" will also (re)create Top Hits and Recently Played if they were deleted.
4. Fixed: Page Up / Page Down work more logically in Theater View.
5. Changed: Main navigation tree uses tree-style keyboard navigation. (instead of list-style navigation proposed in build 111)
6. Fixed: Mouse-wheeling over the volume slider with the mouse perfectly still and playback stopped would leave "Volume xx%" stuck in the player area.
7. Fixed: iPod database corruption introduced in build 12.0.111.
8. Changed: Stock smartlists (like Top Hits and Recently Played) work correctly after being renamed or moved. (pick Tree > Right-Click > Playlists > Create Stock Smartlists to recreate missing playlists)
9. Changed: When rotating an image that's playing using the right-click menu or toolbar button, the playback display now updated immediately.
10. Fixed: Command line TreePath=... didn't work properly when firing while MC wasn't running.
11. Fixed: IPTC 'Date Created' Tag gets properly imported (mapped to Date field).
12. Changed: Ctrl+Right Arrow / Ctrl+Left Arrow change playback rate (fast forward/rewind) in DX video player, just as in DVD and TV.

1. Changed: Display uses a black background color when in display view, theater view, or detached mode. (still uses skin color when in Standard or Mini View)
2. Changed: When scheduling a task, the start time is disabled when the "Now" checkbox is marked.
3. Changed: Tree keyboard navigation up / down caps at the ends. (instead of selecting none when pressing up at the top)
4. Fixed: Image and Video web media views wouldn't properly keep their tree selection.
5. Changed: Revised how up, down, left, and right navigate the tree to be more logical. (use space bar to toggle expansion)
6. Changed: Theater View list menus stretch across the entire item again. (instead of stopping in some cases)
7. Changed: Theater View webpage views don't show "Display View" and "Play All" buttons.
8. Changed: Opening the Burn or Handheld action window no longer sometimes jumps to "Audio". (was done to make "Drop files here" obvious, but jump logic was too elaborate to be helpful)
9. Fixed: Missing CDA files queued for burning to an audio CD wouldn't be properly handled. (burning would start and fail in the middle)
10. Changed: After cancelling a burn, the sequence and disc number columns wouldn't disappear from the CD view.
11. Changed: Library Server adds a custom HTTP server.
12. Fixed: The CD Labeler could crash when dealing with an album name that had an invalid file system character in it.
13. Fixed: Album list no longer sorts in the gallery upload.

1. Changed: When ejecting a CD during YADB data entry, another CD information entry boxes could appear at the same time.
2. Changed: When viewing a CD, the UI won't stop painting if the YADB lookup / submit dialog boxes are shown.
3. Changed: Revised how shortcut creation is handled during an upgrade install when choosing "Custom". (so that if you check a box to create a shortcut, it always will)
4. Fixed: Folder watching didn't nicely handle when a folder would fail to watch. (because it was missing, etc.)
5. Changed: Added logging to Auto-Import folder watching to assist with finding problems.
6. Fixed: Some PocketPC's did not reliably show up when connecting while Media Center was running.
7. Optimized: Further improvements to program load speed.
8. NEW: Added ability to add a "Zones" button to the toolbar.
9. Changed: The "Locate" right-click command better handles all media types.
10. Fixed: The "Automatic based on current playlist" Replay Gain adjustment would incorrectly jump to "0" when unananlzyed files were in the playlist.
11. NEW: Max height and max width settings for menalto gallery upload.
12. NEW: Mildly friendlier album picklist for menalto gallery upload.
13. NEW: Mildly more ui feedback from gallery upload.
14. Changed: Unimported files now use the track replay gain for the album gain. (instead of having a blank album gain)
15. Changed: Revised URL-shortening system for online video playback. (please try playing Google Video videos in the player from Video > Google Video in the tree)
16. NEW: WMA streams can be scheduled for recording.
17. NEW: Added convert to Jpeg option for gallery upload.

1. Fixed: The UPnP Server was not broadcasting on multiple interfaces.
2. NEW: "Start Now" checkbox added to Schedule Task dialog box.
3. Fixed: One minute duration scheduled events will always record at least a full minute (if "Start Now" checkbox is checked).
4. Optimized: Faster program startup in most cases.
5. Fixed: Clicking on "Podcasts" in the first few seconds the program was running could cause a crash. (introduced in 108)
6. Changed: Drag-n-drop uses the word "Analyzing" instead of "Importing" to avoid confusion.
7. Optimized: Improved string engine loading time, resulting in faster program startup.
8. Fixed: Purchase / upgrade images could appear slightly blurry.
9. Optimized: When double-clicking an image in Explorer, fullscreen playback will start much faster.
10. New: Additional status messages for gallery upload.
11. New: Picklist option for finding gallery albums.
12. Fixed: The DSM-520 UPnP Device now works.
13. Fixed: Setting the Media Center shortcut to "Minimized" would cause the program to not be able to be restored.
14. Changed: DCRaw's priority set to Idle priority when thumbnailing.
15. Changed: The "Album Gain" for a file with no album is now the same as the track gain for that file. (so it's treated like an album of one)

1. Fixed: Filenames with .'s in them would bozo the handheld cache.
2. Fixed: Handheld cache prune no longer prunes with extreme prejudice.
3. Optimized: Faster load times due to internal architecture updates.
4. Optimized: More components dynamic or delay load, improving startup performance.

1. Fixed: Video bookmarks wouldn't load properly.
2. Changed: Detached view responds to Escape to exit maximized and to reattach.
3. Changed: Revised detached display right-click menu to be more clear.
4. Fixed: Incomplete URL option logic was backwards.
5. Changed: Added recognition of second generation iPod Shuffles.
6. Changed: Removed drop arrow from pane headers.
7. Fixed: Theater View "Jump on Play" was jumping to standard view instead of display view.
8. Fixed: In certain cases, Mini View could get stuck transparent until switching away and back to the program.
9. Changed: With "Play visible files" selected as the play button mode, the current playlist will be played if there are no visible files. (minimized, display view, Start view, etc.)
10. Fixed: Scheduled MP3 streams with "MrCstreamMrC.mp3" didn't record.
11. Fixed: Scheduled record streams is now placed in Output File Location instead of Music Directory.
12. Fixed: TiVO Server would crash on browsing.
13. Changed: more debugging for multiple network interface machines in UPnP Server.
14. New: Upload to Menalto Gallery added to the Send to menu. (Caption is an expression. Defaults to [Caption]. Test feature. May not remain.)

1. Fixed: Video bookmarks didn't play nicely with the pause button.
2. Fixed: FormatDate(...) expressions didn't properly support the 3 parameter version for display with no dates.
3. Fixed: Right-click on "Start" view header text would cause a crash.
4. Fixed: Rated pictures would sync over-and-over to an iPod.
5. Changed: When editing a view scheme, removing or adding a component doesn't discard the list position. (so it takes less clicks to remove all, etc.)
6. Changed: Expressions support tabs and new line formatting in functions to increase readability.

Example: IF(A,B,C) becomes

7. NEW: Expression editor shows large, multiline text area. (instead of single line)
8. Changed: When editing lyrics, bios, expressions, etc. tab inserts tabs in the text instead of switching focus.
9. Changed: Added recognition of some of the new iPods.
10. Changed: Added option to omit host portion of UPnP URLs, to work with Denon.
11. Changed: Right-click on a pane entry would show all send to items at the root. (instead of nesting like other areas of the app)
12. NEW: View scheme editing can be done "in-place" so you can quickly change the panes by clicking on the pane headers. (EXPERIMENTAL -- MAY NOT REMAIN)

1. Fixed: Using a handheld while switching libraries or closing the program could cause a crash. (by design, handheld operations are cancelled when switching libraries)
2. NEW: DirectX video playback automatically bookmarks videos. (tap previous button to seek to the beginning) (doesn't apply to non-DirectX playback, or internet streams)
3. NEW: CTRL+SHIFT+L selects the next available audio stream in DVD.
4. Fixed: iPod image sync would send the same images over and over.
5. Fixed: Windows Media 11 would not support lossless WMA encoding.
6. Fixed: mp4 media streamed from Media Server could not play in DirectShow.
7. Fixed: Real media (ra, rm, ram) streamed from Media Server could not play in DirectShow.

1. Fixed: Plugin Manager would not use the correct art for Output plugins.
2. Changed: Keyboard shortcut for clearing the search box is now "Escape" instead of "Shift+Escape".
3. Fixed: Editing Lyrics, and then clicking to a different Action Window could cause a crash.
4. Changed: More art updates.
5. Fixed: Playing a small image with transparency fullscreen wouldn't always fill the background with a checkerboard pattern properly.
6. Changed: When seeking (or jumping to skip commercials in TV), the current on-screen-display shows the new position.
7. NEW: Added DVB-T frequency maps for Australia and UK, and hoping it will have some effect.
8. Fixed: Improved handling for severe scratches when secure ripping CD's. UI used to freeze.
9. Changed: Video zooming takes much finer steps.
10. Optimized: Image playback now faster.
11. Optimized: Handheld cache pruning (happens at the end of a transfer) is much faster.
12. Changed: Revised default expansion states in the handheld options tree.
13. Changed: Action Window "Display" has independent visualization selection from Standard View. (much like Mini View already works)
14. Changed: Files with an empty album are now considered from an incomplete album instead of a complete album.
15. Changed: Google Video playback would fail in some cases.
16. Fixed: Library Server playback could hang at the end of a track with audio conversion enabled.

1. Changed: List and tree controls no longer track mouse movement when MC isn't the active application.
2. Changed: URLs or filenames in a playlist with (invalid) spaces at the head or tail are better supported.
3. Changed: Tree auto-expand and auto-collapse works nicer when selecting nested items from the navigation menu.
4. Changed: Theater View left-hand navigation highlight could disappear in certain cases.
5. Changed: When at the root of Theater View, the "Display View" button changes to Exit. (which goes to standard view)
6. Changed: ESC skips "Display View" when leaving Theater View. (use F11 or Shift+F11 to roll modes)
7. Changed: Improved translation support for Theater View.
8. Changed: Configured Theater View root items are stored per-language. (necessary to support translation nicely)
9. Fixed: Theater View button list wasn't always ensuring that the selection was visible when scrolling.
10. Changed: Scheduler uses the time format of the computer for creating a new event. (instead of always using 12-hr time)
11. Changed: More updated art. (should be final -- let us know if anything doesn't match the new look)
12. Fixed: Position slider handle would not appear on the Noire skin.

1. NEW: Scheduler can now record internet streams. (radio stations, etc.)
2. Changed: Removed experimental "advanced play" right click option.
3. Fixed: Clicking from one tag field to another in the Action Window could cause issues.
4. Fixed: When switching directly from Standard View to Theater View, the mouse would not hide until it was moved a little.
5. Fixed: The detached display window would not be properly skinned.
6. NEW: On screen display of zooming percentage when zooming video, DVD, or TV.
7. NEW: +/- keys zoom video in or out.
8. Fixed: In-place editing of pane values wouldn't update the panes until a manual refresh was performed.
9. Fixed: Panes wouldn't update right away when adding a new value in tagging mode.
10. Optimized: Minimizing and restoring the application is much faster. (skin, database, etc. are still unloaded for background usage efficiency on minimize, so some lag is expected)
11. Fixed: Compressed WAV files would not import properly.
12. Changed: Converter, Recorder, and Audio Analyzer minimize more nicely.
13. Fixed: When burning an mp3 or wma transcoded data disc, the displayed burn size and number of disks was incorrect.

1. NEW: Better handling of FFDShow and FLVSplitter installation and registration when playing FLV files.
2. Changed: Theater View picture skin items and backgrounds support matrix-style drawing.
3. Fixed: Theater View item positions could be shifted down one pixel.
4. Changed: Some tuning to the Noire Theater View skin.
5. Fixed: Some 3D visualizations would not handle sizing nicely.
6. Changed: Revised how FilePath(...) and FileName(...) parse URLs.
7. Fixed: Filter names in "List of DVD filters" was editable.
8. Fixed: FLAC (or other input plugin delivered types) would not properly appear in the file types list.
9. Fixed: Theater View button menus wouldn't show in exactly the correct location.
10. Fixed: Misbehaviors when selecting entries on TV channels lists on TV configuration dialogs.
11. Changed: When adding or removing files from a playlist in the Action Window, the ideal size is updated.
12. Fixed: In some cases, the tag window could apply changes to the new selection instead of the old selection when clicking around. (hopefully fixed, please let us know)
13. Changed: Fullscreen bars only appear when the mouse enters the border area, instead of automatically when switching into Display View.
14. Changed: When changing the large underlying file for CUE files, the database could incorrectly update the CUE files that link into the large file.

1. Changed: Made list-type field range filtering work more like v11.
2. Changed: Theater View stacks were not re-randomized on restart.
3. Changed: When Theater View skips a single item level, it still adds it to the breadcrumbs.
4. Changed: Pressing Ctrl+A while editing lyrics or bios will select all the text.
5. Fixed: The tree and Action Windows wouldn't always renegotiate for space when collapsing a tree item.
6. Fixed: Right-click "Import Into Library" did not work for CUE files.
7. Fixed: DirectShow video playback would not work after MC is started by importing a track from Windows Explorer.
8. Changed: Enumerating devices better handles memory readers with no memory in them.
9. Optimized: Starting the program with a large log file could cause startup to be slower than expected.
10. Fixed: The UPnP Server would crash if left idle before connecting.
11. Changed: CUE files work nicer with the auto-import system. (they don't show as new files each import, but instead nicely detect changes, etc.)
12. Fixed: Forward and back keyboard shortcuts would get translated when in Display View. (switching hidden views)
13. Changed: In file renaming expressions, "Unknown Artist" (or similar) is only used when formatting a field for display. (so not when doing [Duration, 0], etc.)

1. Fixed: Playback of http:// images could cause a crash. (also applies to Google Images)
2. Changed: Google Images "Show webpage" option works better.
3. Fixed: In-place tree editing was not the correct size.
4. Changed: Disc # is now available for video files.
5. Changed: English words could get wrongly translated in the rename from tags dialog when using a non-English language.
6. Fixed: During background thumbnail building, the status message (with cancel button) could fight with the main UI.
7. Fixed: CUE file importing / playback was not working.
8. Fixed: Theater View could hang when viewing TV or CD files.
9. Changed: Improved how and when Theater View preserves list and button selection and scroll position.
10. Fixed: When entering Theater View from windowed Display View, the mouse cursor wouldn't hide until the mouse was moved.
11. Changed: Column headers for fields with an ampersand (&) in the name wouldn't draw properly.
12. Fixed: When playing streams, failure to open temporary files may cause problems.

1. NEW: Introduced new Web Media system to allow downloads, native playback, and more from major media sites. (Shoutcast, Google Images, Google Video, and YouTube (more to follow))
2. Fixed: Download Action Window looked crowded towards the bottom.
3. Changed: Checkbox has replaced [HHDevice] in the HH Cache options. Default behavior is to reset the cache rule and enable the checkbox.
4. Changed: Enter and Shift+Enter will both give new lines when editing lyrics, bios, etc.

1. Fixed: Animation controls didn't have skin colored backgrounds.
2. Fixed: Videos not playing on Sony PSP.
3. Changed: Tuned how image playback handles preserving vs discarding zoom when changing size.
4. NEW: Holding "Shift" while switching images will preserve the scroll and zoom settings from the previous image. (nice for pixel-peeping)
5. Changed: Theater View image stacks are now randomized just like Standard View stacks. (consistent through a run, but change each run)
6. Changed: When in a stacks view, sorting "Default" will sort exactly like the panes for that grouping. (instead of sorting by name)
7. Optimized: Stack views can be faster to load or refresh when "Default" sorting is used.
8. Changed: When adding multiple library fields in Options > Library, the tree won't collapse in between additions.
9. Changed: Expressions support field display names (as well as English internal names) for easier use. (especially when using a non-English language)
10. Fixed: "Rename Files From Properties" dialog better fits translated text.

1. Optimized: View switching is much faster in all cases.
2. Changed: Handheld cache is now placed in a "JRHHCache" subdirectory under the user selected directory.
3. Changed: RAW Image cache is now placed in a "JRImgCache" subdirectory under the user selected directory.
4. NEW: Handheld cache option to set max cache size. (This is pruned to the max size AFTER transfer.)
5. NEW: Views and columns using Year, Month, and Day are much faster.
6. Changed: When using the FormatDate(...) expression, FormatDate([Date, 0], Year) can be rewritten FormatDate(Year). (this will also make the expression faster)
7. Changed: When using "Tagging Mode" in the panes, other panes are no longer updated when checking or unchecking a box. (updating is too slow for complex views -- click refresh button at top of view to refresh all panes)
8. Changed: Thumbnails could show "Play" and "Tag" links even if the mouse was over the toolbar.
9. Changed: Tooltips are more multi-monitor aware, just like popup menus.
10. Changed: Podcasting no longer rejects Podcast Feeds that exceed 1 MB. (cap is now 4 MB)
11. Changed: Image captions no longer use "Unknown Camera", etc. for blank fields.
12. Changed: Closing a Tag page like people, places, etc. while it had the focus would leave the mouse wheel inoperable until someplace was clicked.
13. Changed: Revised how interface plugins should attach to the Media Center SDK in their Init(...) function. (hopefully transparent change -- let us know if any plugins start having problems)
14. Optimized: Playlists tree in Tag window is many times faster.

1. Changed: Expansion state of playlist groups is preserved even after collapsing the playlists root.
2. NEW: The tooltip in the "Image" tag window (click small image in tag window to zoom in) shows the image dimensions and size.
3. Changed: View header buttons use similar widths when possible.
4. NEW: Added an "Eject" button to the top of an iPod or removable disk view.
5. Changed: Limit style smartlists are now left in random order in the view instead of applying the view's sorting.
6. Changed: The "Sort" menu selection works nicer for smartlists. ("Default" leaves ordered smartlists, but other choices use view setting instead of smartlist order)
7. NEW: Added "Options > Tree & View > Advanced > Right click advanced play menu" to allow full zoned play commands to show at root of menu.
8. Changed: Sequence column is wider by default so it holds sequence numbers into the thousands without overflowing.
9. NEW: Three different image columns are available, and can be placed anywhere in a list and made any size. (old-style icon, alexicon, large album thumbnails)
10. Changed: The column list available from the "Columns" menu matches the list in "Customize Current View".
11. Changed: Any time the image player window is resized, it zooms so the whole image fits. (instead of only doing this if the image wasn't manually zoomed or scrolled)

1. Fixed: Remote Server was not included in Options > Startup.
2. Changed: When entering fullscreen mode from Theater View, the borders and mouse cursor are not automatically shown.
3. Fixed: The last action menu item at the top of a right-click menu wasn't working properly for Playlists.
4. Changed: The confirmation message box that is displayed when Media Scheduler tries to start recording TV while TV engine is already running will self-destruct in 10 seconds in case the user has left it running unattended.
5. Changed: Double-clicking on "Playlists" in the tree for playback would not properly honor Access Control.
6. Changed: The "Play" link on a thumbnail honors the double-click setting to "replace one file" so it won't use the full list.
7. Fixed: RAW files should return correct tag information.
8. New: Added a "Rule" to the HH Cache. Default is [HHDevice]\[Artist]\[Album].
9. Changed: Post extension data is returned for the "Filename (name)" field / expression when dealing with CUE files.
10. Fixed: Library specific library import options were not being honored. (so Otto wouldn't see external changes)
11. Fixed: Library backups could cause a hang in some cases.
12. Fixed: Some MP3 based radio streams fail to open.
13. Changed: Media Center does a better job of not allowing the start menu to show over the top of a fullscreen mode.
14. Changed: Installer no longer recommends uninstalling other versions of Media Center.
15. Changed: Installer will no longer allow Media Center 12 to be installed into a folder with a previous version MC installed. (if you did this, uninstall all versions, reboot, and reinstall v12)
16. Optimized: Loading views with panes is faster.
17. Optimized: Improved performance of player window redraws.

1. Fixed: CUE file import would not properly get the genre, date, or length of the last track.
2. Fixed: Importing an MPL file with CUE tracks in it did not work properly.
3. NEW: Added more handheld lossy cache options.

1. Changed: Removed monochrome effect of unselected option pages.
2. Fixed: Library Server (and library backups) could fail.
3. Fixed: Podcast downloads would not show a download percentage.
4. Fixed: Some Theater View textures could still appear torn.
5. Changed: Tools that operate on selected files no longer ignore list selection state if the tree is focused. (like rotating images with Playing Now selected)
6. Changed: iPod syncing rules have been changed so that most tag changes will require a file to be re-sync'd.
7. Changed: Theater View searches now include numbers as well as letters. (U2, etc.)
8. Fixed: When editing fields that don't show a drop-list, the text could appear scrolled to the left.
9. Changed: A field's acceptable values are all listed when tagging. (instead of only values that file has)
10. Fixed: While editing a field like "People" in the Action Window, keyboard list navigation didn't work nicely.
11. Optimized: Improved how edit controls (and list edit controls) are created to improve speed. (please report any in-place or AW tagging strangeness)

1. Fixed: Library Server would only serve a partial library. (introduced in build 90)
2. Changed: Added a couple of tooltips over the TV channels list on "TV Channels" property page.
3. NEW: Options dialog uses faded images for unselected items.
4. Changed: Tuned the coloring used by Noire for Options page selection.
5. Fixed: If "Name" was listed twice in the tag window, editing either would always edit the second one.
6. Fixed: Auto-library upgrade from Media Center 11 was not working properly. (didn't find MC 11 libraries)
7. NEW: Windows Media (wma) streaming buffered for seeking.
8. NEW: User can choose whether to use "Video Mixing Renderer 9" or "Overlay Mixer" to play video.
9. Fixed: In some cases the aspect ratio setting did not take effect.
10. NEW: Added an "Edit Playlist" menu item for playlist right-click to open in the Action Window.
11. NEW: Added an "Edit" button to the top of a playlist view.
12. Fixed: Library backups could fail. (introduced with build 90)
13. NEW: Added the ability to change the Audible download path (right-click on service in tree).
14. Fixed: Visual Basic interface plugin controls could use skin coloring, even with skinning disabled.
15. Fixed: Theater View textures (buttons, text, etc.) could look torn through the middle.

1. Changed: When picking auto-import with no folders configured, a message will be shown.
2. Changed: Removed "run now" from auto-import options. (since it's in the main menu / toolbar)
3. Changed: Direct3D views (Theater View / 3D visualizations) target the video card where the window first appears. (old video cards may render slowly when switching monitors after this)
4. Fixed: TV recording by Scheduler would fail if the user is currently using TV engine.
5. NEW: If Media Scheduler starts a TV recording task while the user is using TV engine in any zone, MC will ask user to confirm interrupting current activity and starting recording scheduled program.
6. Changed: Installer, uninstaller, package installer, and Media Center ask to be a trusted program when running on Vista.
7. Changed: Removed beta timeout.
8. Fixed: Mouse tracking / highlighting of list controls could get stuck on in some cases.
9. Fixed: List control mouse tracking would still operate even if a window was over the top of the list.
10. Changed: In Theater View root configuration, the full row is selectable for an item instead of only the text.
11. Changed: Removed a level of nesting in Options > Playback > Audio.
12. Changed: "Image File" field is now available (and used) for videos as well as audio.
13. NEW: More updated art.
14. NEW: When opening a Media Center library that's already in use by another computer, a read-only version will be opened. (each user computer will have its own thumbnail cache, like with Library Server)
15. NEW: Improved "Party Mode" so that the library lives in its own sandbox -- making it impossible for changes to leak back to the main database.

1. NEW: TV user can configure how much video to retain during time-shifting. The default has been increased from 1.5 hour to 5 hours.
2. NEW: Added two options to cache RAW file output as Jpegs. (This takes the cached file size down from (in the case of a Canon 20D) 25MB's to under 1MB.)
3. NEW: RAW files now provide their ISO, FL, Shutter, Aperature and Camera.
4. NEW: Added grid-lines to Tag window.
5. NEW: Read-only fields show as grey in the Tag window.
6. NEW: MP3 Streams with song titles in the metadata stream: Clicking the >> & << buttons will advance to next or previous title in stream.
7. New: RAW File cache can now be cleared from options. Code added to invalidate cache files.
8. Fixed: Double-clicking in the tree to play images would not properly give the full-screen display the focus.
9. Fixed: Theater View and 3D visualization textures could look garbled on some systems.
10. Fixed: Media Center would close even though Media Server mode was on.
11. NEW: Added ability to add "Check Watch Folders Now" to the toolbars.
12. NEW: Put "Check Watch Folders Now" in the Tools menu.
13. Changed: Reworked Options > Library > Watch Folders layout.
14. NEW: Interface plugins can set a registry DWORD "Skin" and set it to 0 to disable skinning for the plugin and any child windows. (for parentless popups, use pMJ->SkinWindow(m_hWnd, FALSE))
15. Changed: Renamed add folder to library to use "Import" and "Auto-Import" naming.
16. Changed: Removed tree gridlines that appeared with some skins.
17. Changed: Changed how toolbar buttons look when they're disabled. (use only text color instead of grayscaling)

1. Changed: Got rid of the mode skipping while stopped when pressing F11.
2. Changed: Tag Action Window doesn't show "Track #" on the first line any longer.
3. Changed: Tag window no longer uses new line during editing a field.
4. Fixed: Using the Tag window with panes visible could be overly slow.
5. NEW: Tag window uses new (more powerful) visible field selection mechanism.
6. Fixed: Tag window would use inconsistent colors for the text in the header area.
7. Changed: Image in Tag window now has an instructional tooltip.
8. Changed: Reduced the font size of the labels in the Tag window.
9. Fixed: The play link on a grouping tile wouldn't work properly.
10. Changed: For digital TV, changes in video mixing mode can take place immediately even if TV is in time-shifting mode (unless the user choose to delay it until next time TV a channel is played).
11. NEW: User can specify whether to use, and for how long, an automatic cut-off time limit for TV recording (in case you forget to stop recording manually).
Scheduled recording is not affected by this. Previously there has been a 3 hour time limit. The new default is 12 hours.
12. Fixed: 3D Pong did not render properly.
13. Fixed: 3D Pong had too much drag on the ball, causing dead balls, after extended play.
14. Changed: 3D Theater View and 3D Visualizations use a more accurate clock system for moving the world and handling physics.
15. Changed: Theater View "into" animation fades out as it zooms.
16. Fixed: In Theater View, into animations would not play when using the right-arrow in details mode to enter an item.
17. NEW: Added some more art updates.
18. Fixed: Should be the right DCRaw.exe file this time.
19. New: Raw decode quality settings available in playback->Image options.
20. New: Raw decode cache settings available in playback->image options. Cache directory setting there.
21. Fixed: Importing iTunes 7 playlists (saved as a txt file) not working.

1. Changed: Pressing the "Play" link on a single-file thumbnail will queue all the files. (like a standard double-click)
2. Fixed: Clicking on a non-item area of a list and then doing Ctrl+A wouldn't update for the new selection as expected.
3. Fixed: Theater View didn't update properly to reflect changes to the playing file.
4. Optimized: Improved Theater View tile loading performance.
5. Fixed: Entering Theater View to a webpage or Playing Now view would not properly show everything.
6. Fixed: Some sloppy TV code that could lead to crashes on computers that do not have digital TV devices.
7. Fixed: Some iPod PDT settings not being honored.
8. Changed: When MC 12 is first run, and the media database is empty, it will search for a database from a previous version of MC and prompt the user if he'd like to use (copy) it.
9. Changed: Tuned roll speed delay in Theater View.
10. NEW: Added animation for entering an item in Theater View.
11. NEW: Updated art in several areas of the program.
12. Changed: Updated DCRaw.
13. Changed: RAW file decodes are now cached on a per session basis. (First file load is slow but subsequent loads should be fast. On a per session basis.)
14. Fixed: Http:// files could show unexpected thumbnails in some cases.
15. Fixed: Field lists would not properly handle translation.

1. Fixed: Pressing the "Play" link on a single image and then pressing page up / page down would not display nicely.
2. Fixed: When starting the program, right-click menus could get clobbered during the first few seconds.
3. Changed: Double-clicking / playing a single image in Playing Now won't automatically start a slideshow.

1. Fixed: Quickly switching into and out of Theater View could cause a crash.

1. Fixed: When unloading a component that accessed 3D capabilities (visualizations or Theater View), Media Center could crash.
2. Fixed: With the program maximized, the cursor wouldn't always change back to an arrow as expected in some cases.

1. Changed: Display Mode is skipped when pressing F11 while stopped.
2. Changed: Rolling in Theater View lists is controlled by time instead of number of clicks, so holding up or down will always stop at the ends.
3. Fixed: Manually collapsing "Services & Plug-ins" was not possible.
4. Fixed: Transparent menus could cause issues during DVD or video playback. (now disabled if overlapping the display)
5. Changed: When starting playback of a new file from a paused state, cross-fading is disabled.
6. Changed: Renamed "Fullscreen" to "Display View" in Theater View menu to align with menu naming.
7. Fixed: Right-clicking on a menu item and choosing "Execute: ..." could show a different menu. (note that menus follow mouse movement by design)
8. Fixed: Podcasts page Google search box was not working.
9. Changed: When the display is detached, the "Display" Action Window will not be as tall.
10. Fixed: The "Display" action window wouldn't appear properly when starting a video with the display detached.
11. Fixed: "System Info" could crash on some machines.
12. Fixed: TV crash in various situations.
13. NEW: MC plays Flash Video (flv). Some third-party DirectShow filters are required.
14. Fixed: Exiting Theater View could cause a crash.

1. Fixed: Track info visualizations would crash.
2. Fixed: Pressing 'Enter' on a "Back" command on the right of Theater View didn't work.
3. Changed: Spinning picture cube doesn't spin as fast when entering Theater View.
4. NEW: Theater View lists roll, but require two up or down clicks (instead of one) to initiate the roll.
5. Fixed: When Theater View encountered a Direct3D error, it would appear missing instead of drawing an error screen.
6. Changed: Core drawing engine provides nicer results with alpha on alpha drawing. (effects font smoothness in some Theater View skins)

1. Fixed: When running multiple versions of MC at once, they could collide when using some plugin types.
2. Changed: Removed a few obsolete settings from Plugin Manager pages.

1. Changed: Video thumbnailing runs at a lower priority so it has less performance impact.
2. Fixed: Video thumbnailing could show a crash message in rare cases where a video thumbnail could not be built.
3. Fixed: If "Slim" was entered the first time while MC was maximized, it could fill the screen.
4. Fixed: Edit drop lists for disc number could sort empty and 1 out of order. (remember that emtpy and 1 sort equally in a file list so tracks without a disc number have an implied disc number of 1)
5. Changed: Menu transparency will not be used if the menu overlaps a hardware accelerated window. (3D visualizations, G-Force, new Theater View, etc.)
6. NEW: MP3 (Internet) streams are buffered to allow seeking anywhere as the stream is received.
7. Fixed: iPods not ejecting correctly after sync or on close.
8. Fixed: Some bad image files could cause the player to hang.
9. Fixed: Not able to recognize non-WMDM handheld devices on operating systems that don't support WMDM.
10. NEW: A new WAVE input plugin that handles uncompressed WAV files, including http:// files and files with UNICODE characters in the path. Compressed WAV files will continue to be handled in DirectShow.
11. Fixed: Audible files not tranferring to iPods.
12. Fixed: Shift-End, Shift-Ctrl-End, Shift-Home, Shift-Ctrl-Home now honored in lyric edit control.
13. Fixed: Not reading Audible tags correctly.
14. Changed: Removed "All" items when browsing in Theater View.
15. Changed: Several improvements to the Noire Theater View skin.
16. NEW: New animated Theater View returns -- many performance improvements from previous release.
17. Changed: Once Theater View gets to a "Files" list, pressing Enter will show a menu instead of replacing Playing Now.
18. Changed: When navigating in Theater View, going into a list with only one item will go in to the next level.
19. Fixed: Possible dead-lock with multithreaded skinning.
20. Changed: Reworked how customization is applied to web browser controls to be more reliable.

1. Changed: Double-click on the header while in Slim mode returns to Standard View.
2. NEW: Mouse-wheel works to operate the thumbnail size slider.
3. NEW: View header is shown in library views when filtering using the tree.
4. Changed: Tooltips don't show an image when in a thumbnail mode. (since it's redundant)
5. Fixed: When clicking a tree item with no children, it'd scroll down unexpectedly.
6. Changed: For Quicktime video (such as mp4) that is played in DirectShow, we try DirectShow method for thumbnailing before trying Quicktime method.
7. Changed: Time-out for testing whether a file can be played in DirectShow is increased (to avoid unnecessarily hard-killing a DirectShow graph).
8. NEW: Slim skin Mini View has its own window position instead of being a windowshade of the main position.
9. Fixed: Show Start option now honored.
10. Fixed: Action Window pages wouldn't always set the cursor properly. (hopefully fixed -- please let us know)
11. NEW: Introduced new video thumbnail generation system -- please test if you have had video thumbnail problems in the past.

1. Fixed: Not all library watch folder settings were being saved as library specific.
2. Changed: Added portable device information to the system information dump.
3. Changed: Lyrics field allowable with videos.
4. Fixed: Media Editor could have an error when pasting regions of a file.
5. Fixed: Some QuickTime audio files would incorrectly show as having an internal image causing issues.
6. Fixed: WAV (and other DX playback type files) would be slower than expected.

1. NEW: New art in many areas of the program -- splash, about, icons, etc. (still a work in progress)
2. Changed: Video thumbnailing takes shorter time for some video types. Also, a little more error logging for video thumbnailing and importing.
3. Fixed: The "Debug Viewer" link in the logging dialog was broken.
4. NEW: There is now an "email" link on the logging dialog for sending log files.
5. Fixed: Mouse movement could cause some areas of the program to be overly blinky. (introduced a few builds back)
6. NEW: Gapless playback support for iPods added.
7. Changed: Removed 3D Theater View. (to return at a later date)
8. Changed: After resetting the current log file, a message is displayed.

1. Changed: Editing of TV station names and deleting TV channels can now be done on TV Configuration -> TV Channels page (whereas previously they are available only on the "Scan Channels" dialogs).
2. Optimized: Some internal database operations are faster.
3. Changed: Fullscreen bars only show when the mouse moves into the border area.
4. NEW: Update view header images.
5. Changed: Manually expanding a tree item will scroll the tree if necessary to make children visible.
6. NEW: Thumbnails for images that use alpha will look better.
7. Fixed: Cover art not working on new 2nd generation Nanos.
8. Fixed: Fields that had not been changed / saved for a long time could fail to load. (introduced in build 74)
9. NEW: Internet code no longer skips trying to connect when a connection isn't currently alive -- hopefully improving usability for wireless LAN, etc. users.

1. Changed: Log entries for DirectShow video thumbnailing threads all carry thread IDs.
2. Fixed: Checking for changed / missing files could go slower than expected if the database contained CD or DVD files.
3. Fixed: Windows Server 2003 could (still) report a Windows Media error during installation.
4. Changed: The entire audio branch (instead of just the audio renderer) is removed from the DirectShow graph for video thumbnailing.
5. Fixed: Some extended file types (JMX, etc.) would always be considered "externally changed" during an import, causing slowdowns.
6. Optimized: Loading of media files database over twice as fast.
7. Changed: Audio, images and video are loaded into the tree before other items.

1. Fixed: Windows Server 2003 could report a Windows Media error during installation.
2. Fixed: WAV (or other DirectShow) audio playback types wouldn't stop as fast as expected.
3. Fixed: Video playback could fail on some machines.
4. Changed: Cross-fade length can't be longer than half the length of the file that just played. (for playing very short files)
5. Fixed: When playing very short files, the player could stall and stop playing more files.
6. Fixed: Double-clicking a file in Playing Now with "Always jump to Playing Now" selected could cause a crash.
7. Fixed: The status below a video while it was loading did not support translation.
8. Changed: Tweaked how grabbing a handle of a slider works so only non-alpha regions are grabbable.
9. Fixed: Otto could wrongly see a Media Center tagging action as an external change in certain cases.
10. Fixed: Possible rare crash with multi-threaded skinning.
11. Changed: When saving tag changes, the status bar will say "Saving tag changes (playing file remaining -- stop playback to finish)" to clarify this scenario.

1. Fixed: Image caption no longer being bozoed when zooming.
2. Fixed: Vista was causing a crash when browsing for folders.
3. Fixed: WMV playback would fail on some systems.
4. Changed: Artist is flagged as "all media types". (instead of audio specific)
5. Fixed: Integer-style fields would be a drop-list instead of a combobox when editing.
6. Fixed: Empty playlists would use image columns instead of audio columns. (switches automatically when adding files)
7. Changed: More fields are available in the Tag window.
8. Fixed: Right-clicking without moving the mouse first in fullscreen mode wouldn't show the mouse cursor.
9. Changed: Resizing the window no longer moves the camera position of 3D visualizations to a random spot.
10. Fixed: Black portions of images in the 3D visualiztions could show as transparent.
11. Changed: Sample Grabber method of thumbnailing is not used when FFDShow video decoder filter is detected.
12. Changed: Video playback doesn't prevent video slideshows on single file double-click.
13. Changed: Display resizes when borders appear in fullscreen.

1. New: Added option "Avoid WMV Acceleration" for WM video playback.
2. Fixed: Some WM video files with DirectSubVob subtitles would not play (introduced in 12.0.70).
3. Fixed: Playlist alarm not working on iPods.
4. Changed: Added recognition of some of the new iPods.
5. Fixed: Ratings not getting synced back properly from some iPods running newer firmware.
6. Changed: Some tweaks in Video Playback Options.
7. NEW: Menus support typed-key navigation. (when underlines are showing (Alt+[Key]) pressing a key will still do selections)
8. Fixed: Showing a submenu with scroll arrows multiple times from the same parent could cause a dead space to appear below the menu items.
9. Fixed: After some series of menu / mouse clicks, the auto-show menus in the view header could stop working.
10. Changed: People, places, and events are flagged as "all media types". (instead of image specific)
11. Changed: Captions on slideshow are cleared after new image load and displayed at the end of the transition.
12. NEW: Getting cover art from the internet is fully threaded so it doesn't block using the program.
13. Changed: "DirectShow audio/video playback settings ..." has been renamed "DirectShow playback settings..."; and likewise "DirectShow Audio Video Playback Options" renamed "DirectShow Playback Options".
14. NEW: Added previous / next display buttons in display view when viewing images, visualizations, etc.

1. Fixed: In some cases, deleting a folder from the "My Computer" area of the tree could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Doing a "Locate > On Disk (inside Media Center)" could crash when performed on a missing folder.
3. Fixed: Rating stars no longer react when the mouse is over a scrollbar or popup dialog.
4. Fixed: Podcast view headers wouldn't properly update to show a changed status like "failed to download", etc.
5. Changed: If a Podcast has no description, the title of the podcast will be used as the description.
6. Changed: Podcasts with no update date specified are now accepted. (previously they would be considered invalid)
7. Fixed: View header subtitle and notes were offset from one another slightly.
8. Fixed: Seeking problem when playing certain DRM protected Windows Media videos.
9. Changed: Running a second Media Center while a Media Center was minimized would not restore the first program as expected.
10. NEW: Send To > External Tools allow full expressions to be used to build the command line to send to the external program. (so artist, album, if statements, etc. can be used)

NOTE: Media Center no longer automatically adds quotes around the filename, so you will need to add them manually if the external program needs them.

11. Changed: Splash screen is no longer shown when the program starts in Media Server or external SDK mode.
12. Fixed: At some player window sizes the status text in the player window could show up incorrectly after a text change.
13. Changed: Image captions updated after decode.
14. Fixed: Switching away from G-Force using the right-click menu could cause a crash.
15. Changed: Simplified how menus and keypresses are forwarded from display plugins. (please report any strangeness)
16. Fixed: In certain cases, the Tag window could still say "no files selected" when switching views.
17. Changed: The "Sort" menu under View Settings doesn't appear when in Playing Now.
18. Changed: Menus will never use more than half of the monitor's height before scrolling.
19. Changed: Made the scroll arrows on the top and bottom of long menus more subtle.
20. NEW: In-place editing of "clear only" type fields is now supported. (last played, number plays, replay gain, etc.)
21. Fixed: Pressing "Enter" while editing a field in a list could start playback.
22. Changed: Editing large values like Lyrics in-place in the list requires Shift+Enter to be used for enter. (since Enter saves)
23. NEW: New "Start" and "Podcasts" pages in the player.

1. Fixed: Media Center would not run on some Win9x systems.
2. Fixed: Thumbnails could blink when holding the mouse over them.
3. Fixed: Deleting a file from Playing Now could leave the file's tooltip.
4. Changed: Tag window better auto-sizes label column. (by design, very long field names will show ... instead of pushing everything right)
5. Fixed: On systems with CD 'auto-run' turned off, the restart button in the rip action window was not working.
6. NEW: Stopping (or playing a new selection) when TV is time-shifted more than one minute behind live will show a confirmation dialog.
7. Changed: Clicking "Unassigned" in tagging mode for a list-type field will remove all values.
8. NEW: Updated the German translation. (thanks Bytestar and Daniel2k)
9. Changed: Made clearing the rating using graphical stars more intuitive.
10. Fixed: A wave file (and some others) could be listed as taggable even if there was not input plugin.
11. Changed: Folder watching will only wait up to 5 minutes for inactivity (during continued activity) before reconciling the database with the disk.
12. Fixed: Problems identifying some grayscale photo iPods.
13. Fixed: When the Display action window appeared in a minimized state, it wouldn't properly resize the action windows.
14. Fixed: Theater View could crash in some cases.

1. NEW: Theater View built on top of Direct3D 9. (experimental)
2. Changed: Renamed "Other Tags" to "More Tags" in Tag Action Window.
3. Changed: Removed the "Tag: " header from the title text of Tag Action Window pages when zoomed into a field.
4. Changed: "Add New Tag" button is at the bottom of a check list instead of the top in the Tag Action Window.
5. Changed: Tags get broken into columns in the Tag Action Window so all values are left aligned.
6. Changed: Mini View "Slim" skin shows a close button instead of a maximize button. (it exits to Standard View)
7. Fixed: Some Tag window tag changes did not properly support undo. (ctrl+z)
8. Changed: Tag window updates nicer while scrolling.
9. Fixed: Invalid translation entries for strings with formatting (like %s, %d, etc.) could cause a crash.
10. NEW: Theater View uses image stacks instead of 2x2 grids when showing a grouping of files. (like standard view)
11. Fixed: Clicking the image in the Tag window while editing a different field could cause a crash.
12. Fixed: Incomplete Shutdown Detected warning dialog wasn't getting translated.
13. Fixed: Newly inserted CD's were not always detected correctly during auto-rip sessions.

1. Changed: Canon RAW (and other RAW) images loaded at full resolution by default. (instead of half-resolution)
2. Changed: Thumbnailing of RAW images faster in some cases.
3. Fixed: "Acquire Images" Action Window was crowded on its bottom edge.
4. Changed: The "Display" Action Window won't minimize other Action Windows when being shown.
5. Fixed: Closing MC while it was tagging could cause a dead-lock.
6. Fixed: Deleting a playing image could cause a dead-lock.
7. Changed: When viewing a playlist, the "Seq" column shows that it's the current sort order.
8. Changed: Playlist views support user sorting (and remember the sorting). (pick "Default" from the sort menu to revert to sequence sorting)
9. Changed: Album art upload and download works better with international characters.
10. Changed: Submitting art to the internet only uploads files where a better copy doesn't already exist. (making it much faster)
11. NEW: After submitting art to the internet, a summary is shown to reflect how many images were added, alredy in the database, etc.

1. NEW: Middle mouse button smooth scrolling is supported in file lists and the left navigation pane.
2. NEW: "Build Missing Thumbnails..." works in a background thread instead of blocking the program.
3. Optimized: Thumbnail stacks get cached during scrolling so they aren't rebuilt as often.
4. Changed: Stack views do a nicer job of filling in their stacks as thumbnails are being built.
5. Changed: Thumbnails of single files no longer draw larger than the original image.
6. Fixed: Closing the program while an email of files was being sent by Media Center could cause an error.
7. Fixed: Problems identifying iPods connected via firewire.
8. Changed: Clicking 'Rip CD' (or 'Rip Tracks') will open the ripping action window, if the ripping action window is already open the rip will start.

1. Fixed: Video thumbnailing could hang with some file types. (introduced in build 64)
2. Fixed: When clicking between different lists that were visible without changing selection, the Tag window wouldn't update for the correct list.
3. NEW: When double-clicking a thumbnail that shows files below, double-clicking again will hide the files.
4. Changed: Thumbnail stacks rebuild at a higher quality when enlarging thumnails. (used to happen only after reentering view)
5. Changed: Thumbnails stacks look better at large sizes.
6. Fixed: Should correctly execute a /playreplace from the command line when the player isn't running.
7. Changed: Added ASX playlist formats to options for drive-based handhelds.
8. Fixed: Deleting drive-based device playlist from tree not working unless the playlist was at the root.

1. Changed: The YADB CD lookup is using the new improved database.
2. Optimized: Several significant speedups to auto-complete combo boxes.
3. Changed: Auto-complete combo boxes cap at 100,000 items instead of 2,000 items.
4. Changed: Thumbnail text only animates for thumbnails for a group of files. (not individual images or songs)
5. Fixed: Cameras (and camera memory) were appearing as portable media players.
6. Fixed: Drive based portable media players were appearing as cameras in the acquire images list.
7. Fixed: Conversions of currently playing files to the same file name (with remove old) would fail.
8. Changed: Displaying ratings in the player window is optional.
9. Changed: Revised thumbnail system to improve performance and provide higher quality thumbs at large thumb sizes. (thumbs will be rebuilt)
10. Fixed: Thumbnails of smallish images or album covers could look over-sharpened.
11. Changed: Thumbnail creation uses bicubic resizing for higher quality thumbs.

Experimental thumbnail storage, build not released for wider beta testing

1. Changed: The files below a grouping like genres or artists have a drop menu to change the list style, etc.
2. Changed: The right-click menu for a view header is the same as the drop menu of the title.
3. Changed: When leaving a view with multiple thumbnailing threads still working, the program won't wait nearly as long before stopping the thumbnailing threads.
4. Fixed: Thumbnails were not being cached locally for Library Server clients.
5. Fixed: Some library server actions (like thumbnailing) could be very slow.
6. Optimized: Reduced the latency when scrolling large lists.
7. Optimized: Removed some debug code from the thumbnail loading system.
8. Optimized: Improved performance of thumbnail views that show text with the thumbnail.
9. Fixed: Auto-show menus could appear even while using a right-click menu.

1. Changed: Removed counts from pane listings.
2. Changed: Revised how library view navigation works so that it has only one control point.
3. Changed: Merged title of views and "Options" button in all views into the same item.
4. Optimized: Some skinned controls draw faster.
5. Changed: Added "Columns" to the view settings menu.
6. Changed: "Customize Current View..." replaced by "View Settings" menu in main view menu and right-click on file lists.
7. Changed: Right-clicking the column headers of a list shows only the "View Settings" menu instead of the entire menu.
8. NEW: Added ratings to the player window.
9. Fixed: Switching into fullscreen with MC maximized, and then hitting the "restore" button to go to windowed display view didn't work properly.

1. Fixed: Bursts of sound during video thumbnailing.
2. Fixed: When manually expanding a tree item, the tree and action window wouldn't properly negotiate for space.
3. Fixed: The auto-expand / auto-collapse tree option was not being honored.
4. Changed: Removed the "show tooltips" option for the tree.
5. Changed: Switching to Mini View or Theater View while MC was minimized could cause strange results.
6. Fixed: In some cases, switching to a view scheme could cause a crash.
7. Changed: Changing the rotation field for an image causes the thumnbnail to be rebuilt.
8. Fixed: When using fast image rotation (what thumbnails use), some rotation angles were not being properly supported.
9. Fixed: Image tag window wasn't applying image rotation.
10. Changed: The empty text like "no search results" or "no files -- double-click here to play entire library", etc. now get drawn in thumbnail-style lists as well.
11. Changed: When viewing an empty library view, it'll say "searching for files" (instead of double-click to search for files) if an import is running.
12. Changed: Right-click on a view scheme has the "Add Folder To Library" option.
13. Changed: More error checking in video player seek operation.
14. Changed: Bumped the core database version so Library Server understands the difference between an v11.1 and v12.0 library.
15. Changed: Dialogs thrown from input plugins during playback are now skinned and translated.
16. Fixed: Starting Media Center in last exit view mode could cause it to be in a confused state where all menus and functionality didn't work as expected.
17. Changed: With last exit view mode selected, the splash screen would not show. (the splash still doesn't show when going straight to display or theater view by design)
18. Fixed: Album thumbnail tooltips were not appearing.
19. NEW: Added file count next to groupings in the panes. (experimental -- may not remain)
20. Changed: Tag action window allows calculated fields to be shown.
21. Changed: Reworked how fields are grouped in the tag window menu.
22. Changed: Each stack view inside a view scheme shares thumbnail sizing and sorting.

1. NEW: Added YADB cover art lookup / submission. (please submit any albums you have good covers for)
2. Changed: Merged settings for auto-expand / auto-collapsing of the tree into one setting in Options > Tree & View.
3. Changed: List-type fields in the Action Window will use one line for their list of values if the list is short enough.
4. Fixed: Multimedia keys were not being handled as well as in MC 11.1 in some cases.
5. Changed: Right clicking anywhere on the top border of the program will show the "Customize Toolbar" menu. (instead of just on the file menu)
6. Changed: Right-click drag now supported by the navigation tree.
7. NEW: By default, thumbnail views determine the best aspect ratio by sampling the thumbnails. (moving the thumbnail size slider automatically puts the list in auto-aspect ratio mode)
8. Fixed: Resizing thumbnails could produce a dead area at the top of the list in some cases.
9. Fixed: In some cases, right-click menus in the tree would fail to work properly.
10. Changed: Reworked the auto-collapse / auto-expand logic in the tree. (any auto-expanded item gets collapsed when changing selection)
11. Fixed: Tree > right-click > "Add Device..." was not working.
12. NEW: Importing of iTunes playlists (as saved as txt or xml) added.
13. Changed: Updated the Spanish translation. (thanks ferent!)
14. Changed: Updated the French translation. (thanks laurentxp!)

1. Changed: Switched audio analysis dialog back to only counting files that need analysis in the "xx / xx completed" text.
2. Fixed: Minimizing to the system tray wasn't hiding the regular task bar button.
3. Fixed: OS-level eject of iPods and drive-style handhelds was not working properly.
4. Changed: Thumbnailer will stop trying to thumbnail a file after it fails to thumbnail three times.
5. Changed: Improved handling (and performance) of thumbnailing system when dealing with files that don't have a thumbnail. (like audio with no art)

1. NEW: Library views with items like file paths, groupings, playlists, expressions, etc. fully support grouping thumbnails. (previously only available with simple fields)
2. Changed: Tag Action Window looks nicer when no files are selected.
3. Fixed: Anything that could possibly show a wait message if it would take a while (expand some tree items, navigation, etc.) could stall for several seconds. (introduced in 56)
4. Fixed: When tile links faded in, the left-most text could look too dark with font anti-aliasing enabled.
5. Fixed: When jumping to full screen display view and back, a list's scroll position could have moved.
6. Fixed: Shutting down the program after it hadn't been running long could cause a crash in rare cases.
7. Optimized: Improved speed when jumping between UI modes.
8. Fixed: Starting the program and immediately going to the remote control options page could cause a crash.
9. Fixed: Thumbnail views wouldn't update properly after tagging changes.
10. NEW: Added iTunes playlist import support.
11. Fixed: When doing "Remove Tags", folder watching could unnecessarily reanalyze the file later.
12. Changed: Doing audio analysis on a large list where only a few files needed analysis would take longer than expected.
13. Fixed: View schemes targetting a specified disk location would have a "Click here to reset selection" even when it wasn't necessary.
14. Changed: Reworked IPTC tag display in the "Format" section of the Tag window to look like the MJMD section.
15. Fixed: Video zooming did not work smoothly when the "Crop" aspect ratio option had been choosen.
16. Changed: Video zooming can zoom out further than the window size, up to the native video size, if the window size is larger than the native video size.

1. Fixed: File ordering inside albums on an iPod could show up alphabetical instead of in disc # / track # order.
2. Changed: Detached display considers windowed location instead of current location when calculating "Nearest Monitor" for fullscreen.
3. Changed: During the last 10 days before a beta timeout, the timeout warning is shown each launch of the player.
4. Fixed: It was not possible to fill in a missing track number from the tag Action Window.
5. NEW: In MP3 files, ID3's popularimeter mapped to MC star ratings.
6. NEW: Video Panning (hold down left mouse button and drag when video is zoomed in) is available for TV, DX video player, and DVD player.
7. Changed: Skinning engine better handles some ATL COM third party plugins.
8. Fixed: Internet image lookup was not working properly.
9. Changed: Updated Dutch translation. (thanks BennyD!)
10. Changed: Removed tree icons from root items.

1. NEW: Scheduler view has its own scheduler view header image.
2. Fixed: Downloads of plugins, etc. could fail.
3. Fixed: Video zooming would not anchor at the right point.
4. Fixed: Video zooming with "Crop Edges" option on did not work smoothly.
5. Changed: Switching zones no longer ensures that Media Center is visible.
6. Fixed: Upgrade pricing for v12 was not working properly.
7. Changed: Detached display remembers if it was fullscreen last time it was detached and returns to the same state.
8. NEW: Video zooming is available in TV.
9. NEW: Updated the German translation. (thanks bytestar!)

1. NEW: Video zooming is also available for DVD playback.
2. Fixed: Clicking "Play" on a tile while the jump on play mode was set to Playing Now could cause a crash.
3. NEW: Updated the animation that shows on the generic please wait dialog.
4. Fixed: Going directly from Mini View to a fullscreen view (display or Theater View) could cause problems.
5. Fixed: When switcing the list style of the file list below a grouping list, it wouldn't update right away.
6. Fixed: The space available on a device wouldn't properly update after a format.

1. NEW: Mouse wheel zooms video in and out.
2. Fixed: Bursts of sound during video thumbnailing on some computers.
3. Fixed: Video thumbnailing could hang the thumbnailing thread if FFDShow MPEG-4 Vidoe decoder filter is used for some DivX5.0 formatted videos.
4. Changed: Non-critical failures (mixer configuration) of Video Mixing Renderer 9 are ingored so VMR9 can continue to be used in video playback.
5. Fixed: Playback with a display could fail in some cases. (introduced in build 52)
6. Changed: Added a November 1, 2006 timeout for the beta.
7. Fixed: Editing a list-type field in the action window would make in-place list editing fail to work.
8. Fixed: With split views, the tree would not update its selection when switching focus between the views.
9. Fixed: Setting list-type fields in the tag window for multiple files at a time didn't always work properly.
10. Changed: Added a "Cancel" button to the Add Tag dialog.
11. Fixed: List tile links would fade in and out even if Media Center wasn't the focused application.
12. Fixed: Switching away from a 3D visualization using the right-click menu could stall for several seconds.
13. Changed: Caption is no longer a list-style field.
14. Changed: Switched default auto import behavior to not remove missing files from network or removable drives. (only applies to fresh installs)
15. Changed: Video zooming will cause black strips (top, bottom, or left, right) to be reduced or eliminated.
16. NEW: When doing a lossless rotation of an image, the EXIF orientation flag and database field for rotation is cleared.

1. Fixed: Some older iPods (firewire mini, etc.) would show a "failed to recognize iPod" error.
2. Changed: The tree and Action Windows renegotiate for available space after a tree item is expanded or collapsed.
3. Fixed: A few tree icons had gray borders on their sides.
4. Fixed: Theater View "Controls" button was not working properly.
5. Changed: Improved interaction of using multiple zones or detached displays along with custom screen resolutions.
6. NEW: Added "Nearest Monitor" as a target for Fullscreen Display and detached display. (this setting is the default)
7. Changed: Navigational favorites return.
8. Fixed: Advanced library functions like fill tags from file name not working in foreign languages.
9. NEW: IPTC written out even if it didn't already exist.
10. NEW: IPTC info added to Image format info.
11. Fixed: iPods with databases written with an older version of MC (or iTunes) would not be properly handled. (introduced in build 51)
12. Fixed: Clicking "Add New Tag" could cause a crash with some database fields.
13. Fixed: The visible tags menu in the Action Window would disappear after each click.

1. NEW: Theater View skins can support different background images at different locations. (see Noire for an example)
2. Fixed: Scrolling with the mouse wheel in the tag window would be slower than expected.
3. Fixed: Some actions that would update the size of position of windows inside the program could disrupt the focus for the search box and other UI pieces.
4. Changed: Revised how tag window fields are picked.
5. NEW: Some check-style menus can stay visible while items are checked instead of disappearing after each tick. (see Tag window for example)
6. Fixed: Image playback statistics were not being collected properly.
7. Changed: Seeking forward no longer allows seeks past the end of the file.
8. NEW: Caption field for Images.
9. NEW: Media Center writes pre-sort indexes to iPod database to improve navigation speed.
10. Changed: Several iPod compatibility tweaks.

1. Changed: Action Windows don't have minimize and close buttons. (one or the other)
2. Fixed: When using small thumbnails in lists with many images, scrolling fast could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: If auto-import was removing a missing file that was also in Playing Now, it could cause a dead-lock.
4. Optimized: Building stacks for thumbnails views operates up to four times faster.
5. Fixed: Some existing IPTC tags (ones not recognized by MC) did not get saved when IPTC tags got written out.
6. Changed: Some tag window tweaks.

1. Changed: For DirectShow video thumbnailing, Sample Grabber method is no longer used when DirectVobSub filter is involved.
2. Changed: For DirectShow video thumbnailing, Sample Grabber method is no longer used for DVR-MS file type.
3. NEW: Skins support specifying an alpha for menu translucancy. (see Noire for an example)
4. NEW: Tooltips do a quick fade in when displaying.
5. Changed: Removed thumbnail list scroll animation -- made program feel slower instead of smoother.
6. Changed: Disabled Source Filter selection for Windows Media Video (wmv etc.) playback.

1. NEW: Added thumbnail list animation to smooth scrolling, thumb sizing, and view changes.
2. Optimized: File arrays (used everywhere -- database, lists, searches, etc.) use 1/2 the memory and operate faster.
3. Optimized: Improved loading speed of and memory usage for databases with many large playlists.
4. Changed: Search friendly style tokens are displayed using translated field display names instead of internal field names.
5. Changed: Search box menu now displays field names as translated display names. (instead of translated internal names)
6. Fixed: Sort cache could require more sorts than expected before a search would load out of cache.
7. Fixed: The search box menu would not be clickable when a friendly token was scrolled over it.
8. Changed: When changing thumbnail sizes, the view does a better job of staying centered on the same images.
9. Fixed: IE7b3 no longer causes connectivity problems.
10. NEW: Added IPTC image tag writing for JPEG images.

1. Fixed: DirectShow video player could not handle Windows Media security upgrade when playing licensed WM video.
2. Optimized: Starting playback of a large slideshow of images is many times faster.
3. Optimized: Drag-n-drop of large numbers of files into a playlist is many times faster.
4. Optimized: Doing actions that caused a refresh while large numbers of files were selected is now many times faster.
5. Optimized: Deleting large numbers of files from a playlist can be several times faster.
6. Optimized: When many files were selected in a list, switching focus to and from the list is now faster.
7. Optimized: "Automatic" list style is faster at choosing details vs thumbnnails for large lists.
8. Optimized: Playing large lists of images while audio is playing uses far less memory and starts much faster.
9. Optimized: Improved the performance of switching views.
10. Fixed: 2D visualization selection wasn't working for languages other that english.
11. Changed: CDLabeler is now skinned and translated.

1. Changed: "Documents" tree item is no longer shown in the same row as audio, images, video.
2. Changed: Tag window better handles files with empty name or date fields.
3. Changed: Action Window header text stays centered even with an uneven number of buttons on each side.
4. Changed: When copying from a thumbnail list to the clipboard, the text component is empty. (instead of showing column headers with no data)
5. Optimized: Improved performance when dropping or pasting large numbers of files into a list.
6. Optimized: Improved speed when dealing with large playlists.
7. Fixed: Long lists of thumbnails would be slower than expected during scrolling.
8. Changed: When scrolling in a list with thumbnails that aren't built, thumbnails will get built top-down instead of bottom-up.
9. Changed: Minor UI tweaks in DirectShow player (contex menu rearrangement, dialog control resizing etc.).
10. Fixed: Library backup / restore dialogs would lock the database while visible -- causing a possible hang of the application.
11. Fixed: In the Tag Action Window, clicking a rating while another field was being edited could cause a crash.
12. Changed: If only one file that couldn't play in Playing Now, Media Center would loop playback until there were 3 consecutive playback errors.
13. Fixed: Videos that failed to load weren't being properly handled.
14. Fixed: Stoppping a video (or playing a new video) right when a video was loading could cause a dead-lock.
15. Changed: MP3 decoder was using debug code -- causing slowdowns compared to MC 11. (in Audio Analysis, etc.)
16. Fixed: Creating a Virtual Device that pointed to the same location as files imported into Media Center could cause import to import duplicates.
17. Changed: New tree control used in MC 12 wouldn't scroll / auto-expand during drag-n-drop.

1. Changed: Video Priority filter is no longer used.
2. Fixed: MPC encoder was not installing properly.
3. Fixed: Any thumbnail list with more than one file that used the same thumbnail could cause a crash.

1. NEW: MPC encoder included with build.
2. Fixed: Associating with protocols (like pcast://) would not always work / stick properly.
3. Fixed: When an auto-complete tree tooltip was showing, a double-click wouldn't properly start playback.
4. Fixed: Video thumbnailing could stall out on some files.
5. Fixed: Possible video thumbnailing crash.

1. Fixed: Playing a WMV video would cause MC to unnecessarily flag the file for a tag write.
2. Fixed: Accessing the automation SDK from an external program was not working properly when the player was not running first.
3. Fixed: Sometimes album analysis could be too ambitious, causing slowdowns during import.
4. Optimized: Improved the speed of the album analyzer. (calculated album gain, mix albums, etc.)
5. Fixed: OSD did not work for TV playback.
6. Fixed: OSD without a time limit did not work.
7. Optimized: Improved thumbnail building speed.
8. Changed: "Set Display" menu only appears for playback types where there are more than one choice.
9. Changed: Added a Tools menu (top-left icon) to "Display" Action Window.
10. Changed: Theater View does an "Open" on an item when pressing 'Enter' and play when pressing 'Space'. (right-click or use menu keyboard button to see menu)
11. Changed: Mouse wheel in Theater View always operates the list of items. (instead of using the focused section)
12. Changed: Shortcuts for forward and back weren't working in Theater View. (mouse buttons / backspace, etc.)

1. NEW: Thumbnail list drawing is fully thread parallelized resulting in nearly a 2x speedup on dual-core machines. (and 10-15% speedup with Hyper-threading machines)
2. Fixed: License restore could fail in some cases.
3. Changed: When a trial expires, the countdown "Continue" button is no longer shown.
4. Changed: Links that show up on thumbnails no longer clickable until they fully fade-in. (to avoid accidental clicks on selection)
5. Changed: Reworked QuickTime initialization and cleanup code.
6. New: MC can get thumbnails for certain QuickTime formatted video podcasts.
7. Changed: Thumbnail lists show tooltips. (unless they're thumbnails of groupings)
8. Changed: Tooltips do a better job of sizing to wide-screen style images.
9. Fixed: Installer would show duplicates in the file association list.
10. Fixed: Skin Manager's task bar icon wouldn't look as good as expected.
11. Fixed: In the Tag Action Window, switching pages while editing a list-type field could leave an edit control visible.

1. Changed: German language translation updated.
2. Changed: Digital TV signal strength is represented as a percentage for known HDTV devices, instead of absolute numbers. For unknown devices it is still represented as an absolute number.
3. Changed: Recent Playing Nows are no longer shown in handheld sync playlist list.
4. Changed: Handheld sync playlist list isn't all expanded by default.
5. Changed: Library Manager could not be shown while some background tools were working.
6. Optimized: Improved performance of thumbnail lists.

1. Fixed: Switching a thumbnail list to details could result in an empty list being shown.
2. Fixed: Media Center would fail to load a blank library.
3. Fixed: Browsing input plugins with Plugin Manager did not work properly.
4. Fixed: Switching between sharing plugins could cause a crash.
5. Fixed: Video thumbnail building would not build a thumbnail if a previous thumbnail had been built on basis of an image file on disk, and the local image file no longer existed.
6. NEW: Skinning engine supports custom hit boxes for certain skin items. (implement by adding a 5th image to a skin item that defines the hit area)
7. Fixed: It was possible to highlight multiple control buttons at once with the Noire skin.
8. Changed: Removed manual vs sync mode selection -- instead just pick playlists if you want syncing.

1. Changed: Renamed "Configure Debug Logging..." to "Logging...".
2. Changed: Removed images from installer Express / Custom selection screen.
3. Optimized: Several more startup optimizations.
4. Fixed: A few issues related to the threaded loading system.
5. Fixed: Views with stacks could be much slower to load than expected. (introduced a build or two ago)
6. Fixed: Auto import could do a UI update after external folder changes even if they didn't change anything in the library.
7. Fixed: Pressing enter on an image to go to fullscreen and then pressing enter again to return would leave the keyboard focus stranded.
8. Changed: (Experimental) Added code to clear media events queue in DirectShow thumbnail grabber and DirectShow playback tester.
9. Fixed: Library Server would miscount the number of open connections, preventing access.
10. Fixed: Streaming Quicktime media could not be played.
11. Fixed: List selection while holding shift+down arrow would unselect everything once reaching the end of the list.
12. Fixed: Visualizations could run very slowly. (introduced in build 37)

1. NEW: New highly threaded loading system, providing much faster program start times.
2. Fixed: "Detach Display" command could fight with other commands in the same menu.
3. Changed: Detaching the display while in Display View will bring the program back to standard view.
4. Changed: Changing display options would reattach a detached display.
5. Fixed: Using a detached display in fullscreen could cause the main application to also lock to a maximized state.
6. Changed: Updated TLB for use with VB6.
7. NEW: Revised the "Detach Display" system to work nicely with multiple detached displays from different zones. (so you can watch TV detached while browsing images in a different zone, etc.)
8. Fixed: When choosing a child of view scheme and then expanding a different media type, the tree wouldn't logically update.
9. Fixed: Media Editor transforms were not working.
10. Fixed: The CD Baby and Audio Lunchbox services weren't getting installed.
11. Fixed: HTTP Pipelining was not working for content without a length. This broke (at least) Library Server, maybe other things.
12. Changed: Updated thumbnailing engine for improved performance. (thumbnails will need to be rebuilt)
13. Fixed: HTTP Server was sending files without content length.
14. Fixed: Marquee selection in icon lists of small icons could work incorrectly.
15. Fixed: WAV input plugin got included in the build, causing WAV playback to fail.

1. Fixed: Thumbnails with no thumbnail text could cause a drawing crash in some cases.
2. Optimized: Substantial speed and memory improvements in lists with thumbnails. (thumbnail lists or details lists with album-icons)
3. Fixed: Importing Jpeg files added a space and comma to the places field (when there were no IPTC city state & country tags)
4. Fixed: Importing WAV files did not get duration and bitrate data.
5. Fixed: WAV files could not be converted to other types (showing "Unsupported Type").

1. Changed: Large value edit boxes for lyrics, bios, etc. have a vertical scrollbar.
2. Fixed: Up, down, page up, and page down didn't work in large value edit boxes.
3. Changed: When editing a large value (lyrics, etc.) all the text is no longer selected by default. (easier to read and harder to erase by accident)
4. Fixed: When editing the filename in the Tag Action Window, it could be scrolled too far to the left.
5. Fixed: The generic view scheme icon had an extra grey shadow on its right side.
6. Changed: Improved error reporting in the File Conversion tool.
7. Fixed: Wav file support was broken.
8. Fixed: Wav file with non-ASCII characters in file name or path could not be played.
9. Changed: The Action Window "Drop Here" image is now with all the other art in the Default Art folder.
10. Optimized: Reworked how Action Windows update / resize. (please report any strange behavior)
11. Fixed: List type fields in the Tag Action Window could show boxes after them.
12. Changed: "WAV", "AU" and "RAW" files are no longer played with wav input plugin. They are played through DirectShow instead.
13. Fixed: IPTC headers could cause a crash in some cases.
14. Changed: Reworked how toolbars draw their backgrounds to improve performance and fix occasional "grey background" bug.
15. Fixed: Automation TLB file not working in VB programs because of Boolean date type conflict.
16. NEW: Added ability to "Detach Display" to right-click of display. (please test for interaction with fullscreen resolution, screensavers, Theater View, etc.)
17. Fixed: IPTC keywords were coming through comma delimited instead of semi-colon delimited.
18. NEW: Player includes new default "Noire" Theater View skin.

1. NEW: iPod type (nano, 3g, 5g, etc.) is more robustly determined. (fixes Apple update bug that deletes SysInfo, etc.)
2. Changed: When an unknown iPod type is found, MC will warn the user and not continue trying to use the device. (instead of assuming it's an old iPod)
3. New: Improved error reporting in DX video playback engine.
4. Fixed: DX video player engine still tried to access VMR9 color control when VMR9 failed to connect.
5. Fixed: Memory leaks in PlaybackEng when exception occurred.
6. Fixed: Audible Podcasting, extension was set to mp3 and thus failed to play.
7. Fixed: Type library file not registered correctly. Caused automation problems.
8. Changed: Unknown devices (with drive letters) default to WMDM instead of drive-style to allow protected WMA to work.
9. NEW: Handheld views will show an image of the device being used.
10. Changed: When viewing a handheld, queued files now show above files already on the device.
11. New: Better exception handling in DX video playback engine.
12. Fixed: DirectShow video playback crashed on some computers.
13. Changed: Reworked how fields are shown for the Tag Action Window.
14. Changed: The "Format" page of the Tag Action Window no longer has a list header. (uses page header instead)
15. Changed: Added vertical scrollbars to Tag and Burn Action Window pages. (let us know if other pages could use scrolling)
16. NEW: Reads IPTC info from JPEG images.
17. Fixed: The Tag window could crash when trying to show fields that no longer existed. (from a library clear, etc.)

1. Fixed: Removing an MJMD tag from an image that had other unknown appid blocks after the tag could cause an issue.
2. Fixed: Starting the player in display view by double-clicking an image or video on the desktop with the startup location set to "Playing Now" would show an empty display.
3. Fixed: It was not possible to remove the last tag in the Action Window's tag list.
4. Fixed: In-place editing a list-type field in a pane wouldn't work properly.
5. Fixed: Clicking the "Back" button in the tag window wouldn't properly save changes.
6. Changed: The "Tags" menu on the Tag Action Window allows addition / removal of all tags. (including read-only fields)
7. Changed: Reworked library options to make user fields easier to see.
8. Changed: Skins can provide a custom search text selection colors instead of using the system colors. (see Noire for a sample)
9. Changed: When a list is empty because of a user search, it will show "no search results".
10. NEW: Added auto-complete type tooltips to tree to show truncated values on mouse-over.
11. Fixed: In video player VMR9 filter was not cleaned up from DirectShow graph when it failed to connect.
12. New: Added "nsv" extension to "DX Video playback" types (experimental).

1. Changed: "Video playback settings" and "DirectShow playback settings" have been combined into "DirectShow audio/video playback settings".
2. Fixed: "Locate On Disk (inside Media Center)" would not always properly show the newly selected folder.
3. Changed: Clipboard "Paste" is now implemented in the tree.
4. Changed: Playlist groups have a "Send To" menu. (for play, email, etc.)
5. Optimized: Tree right-click menus show much faster, even for playlist groups that contain 100's of child smartlists.
6. Fixed: Occationally audio is played out during thumbnail building for videos.
7. Fixed: Burning data CD/DVDs action window "discs required" number (before burn starts).
8. Fixed: Burning data CD/DVDs, incorrectly rejects 2nd disc for being smaller than the first burn disc.
9. Fixed: Certain malformed video files (avi file with only audio stream for instance) could cause video thumbnail grabbing thread to hang.
10. Fixed: Certain video decoders could cause video thumbnail grabbing threads to crash when multiple threads ran simultaneously.
11. Fixed: TV engine restarted on channel change.
12. Fixed: On "DirectShow Audio Video Options" dialog radio buttons in "Aspect Ratio" and "Audio Renderer" were not separately grouped (checking a button in one group unchecked the checked button in another).
13. Changed: Renamed "Tag Info" to "Tag".
14. NEW: Many "Tag" window changes and improvements.
15. Fixed: Album artwork was not being properly sent to iPods.
16. Changed: Improved support for extended iPod database fields like sample rate, date modified, etc.
17. Fixed: Media Center wouldn't properly recognize an iPod after unplugging it and plugging it back in during the same session.
18. Changed: Device view "Sync Now" button changes to "Transfer" when files are queued and the device is not in sync mode. (instead of warning about not being in sync mode on click)
19. Changed: After a background import finished, it would too aggressively update the UI.

1. NEW: Aspect Ratio options for Video playback are available on Video Playback Options dialog, in addition to context menu.
2. Fixed: For certain file types sometimes video was displayed in an detached "ActiveMovie" window.
3. NEW: "Delete Files" confirmation dialog now displays the number of files to be deleted in the confirmation text.
4. Fixed: Send To items Email and Upload could use the wrong files when invoked from Display View.
5. Fixed: UI components that weren't visible (while in Display View, etc.) could still respond to some keyboard shortcuts.
6. Changed: The "Display" Action Window is less aggressive about reshowing itself.
7. Optimized: Starting playback of something that will jump to Diplay View operates more quickly.
8. Changed: Shell extension / command line imports include all supported file types. (instead of using file types from last "Add Folder")
9. Fixed: Shell extension imports were not working.
10. Changed: Clicking the "Play" link on a file in Playing Now would reset Playing Now to only that song.
11. Fixed: Thumbnail style lists would not properly update after a drag-n-drop reorder.
12. Fixed: Text colors for buttons with skin effects applied could be incorrect.
13. Fixed: Panes would not properly redraw when a selection was made that caused them to become empty.
14. Fixed: Searching (or using the tree / panes) for a list style field with empty values didn't work properly.
15. Changed: Grouping values of numbers that are all the same no longer say "avg". (i.e. year for an album is "2006" instead of "2006.0 avg")
16. Optimized: Improved performance when dealing with list-style fields in several areas of the program.
17. Fixed: Color Controls behave incorrectly when Video Playback Options dialog was left on during video track changes.
18. Optimized: Greatly increased the load performance of the "Tag Info" window.
19. Fixed: The Tag Info window could cause a crash when being invoked on a view with no files.
20. Fixed: When zoomed into a list style field in the Tag Info window, clicking around would show black painting artifacts.
21. Fixed: Tag Info window could crash when zoomed in on a list-style field and pressing F5.
22. Fixed: Clicking around on a list-style Tag Info window could show a message about making changes even if no changes were to be made.

1. NEW: Added animation to player button state changes.
2. NEW: Added state-change animation to all standard buttons, comboboxes, and radio buttons.
3. Optimized: Improved bottom border / status bar drawing performance.
4. Fixed: Clicking on some sliders without moving the mouse could cause them to reposition slightly.
5. Changed: Some buttons wouldn't honor skins that used different text colors for each button state. (Noire, etc.)
6. Changed: Mouse over state of standard windows controls (buttons, comboboxes, etc.) is more responsive.
7. NEW: Added "Stop After Current File" to Player menu. (also Ctrl+Shift+S)
8. Fixed: Toolbar customization dialog could show the wrong images.
9. Fixed: Contrast value set on DX Video player settings drifted lower the next time MC was started.
10. Changed: Updated the Korean translation. (thanks Junghwan)

1. Changed: When sending images with email, the "large email" warning now factors in any image conversion being performed to the size.
2. NEW: Added a one-click clear button to the search control when it has text.
3. Changed: Search control drop arrow and clear button are both skin items.
4. Changed: Renamed "Playing Display" Action Window to "Display".
5. Changed: Action Window no longer uses all caps for title text.
6. NEW: Added tooltips to the search control buttons.
7. Changed: Took care of COM interface marshaling in DX video player.
8. Fixed: "Choose DirectShow Filters" windows title misspelled.
9. Fixed: Filter names in "Choose DirectShow Filters" were editable.
10. Fixed: File extensions in DirectShow Options list ctrls were editable.
11. Changed: ListCtrl columns in "DirectShow Options" and "Choose DirectShow Filters" dialogs are no longer resizable.
12. Changed: Added a "Select Filters" button on "DirectShow Options" dialog.
13. Fixed: The sharing plugins could display garbage or crash when processing too many informational messages.
14. Fixed: Empty paranthesis were getting added to proxy (virtual) device names.
15. Fixed: Deleting a proxy (virtual) device was performing 'Remove & Ignore Device' functionality unnecessarily.
16. Changed: Updated the translation files.
17. Fixed: Tree not getting updated on device changes/arrivals.
18. Fixed: TV Channels lists showed both horizontal and vertical scroll bars (when vertical scroll bar was needed).
19. Fixed: Restore License dialog had an unnecessary black box in its top left corner.
20. Changed: Revised handling of row-style tree items when expanding a non-selected item, or selecting an item with a different item expanded.
21. Changed: Updated how the handheld conversion options look.
22. NEW: Add new "Watch Folders" configuration to Options > Library.
23. Changed: Mini View no longer has a close button.
24. Changed: Made mini view less wide.

1. Fixed: During a fresh install, the skin list on the appearance installer page could be empty.
2. Changed: Removed the "registered" / "not registered" text from the about box title. (use Help > License Info... to see this information)
3. NEW: Added handheld image type and size conversion to upload process. (useful for devices with 240x320 and 480x640 screens where 6MP+ images are a waste)

1. Fixed: Media Center would not load with an empty library. (compiler bug!)
2. Changed: Updated Splash and About image for Media Center 12.
3. Changed: Media Center 12 now requires its own license.
4. Fixed: Uninstall could report unregistration errors towards the end.
5. Changed: Improved support for skins that center titlebar text. (Noire, etc.)

1. Fixed: Video views in "Automatic" list style would use details instead of thumbnails.
2. Fixed: The uninstall icon in Control Panel could be incorrect.
3. Changed: Fullscreen borders and mouse no longer hide while a popup dialog is showing.
4. Changed: Increased the minimum size of the OSD. (again)
5. Changed: The OSD display no longer shows "Paused" when paging through images.
6. Changed: The OSD automatically adjusts its position depending on if fullscreen borders are showing or not.
7. Changed: Clickable Podcast status column items look like browser links on mouse over.
8. Changed: Double-clicking an empty playing now no longer shows Access Control filtered files. (even though they wouldn't play)
9. Fixed: Double-clicking the header area of the player while in full screen Display View didn't always return to windowed Display View.
10. Changed: Increased delay on reacting to folder changes to prevent possible busy loops on files download with external programs, etc.
11. Changed: Streamlined folder watching to better deal with download podcasts and other file creation actions in Media Center.
12. New: Revised handheld options system. (mostly internal)
13. New: Select handhelds now show images of themselves instead of a generic placeholder image.
14. Fixed: Minor fixes in Quicktime playback.

1. Fixed: Skins with different button text colors for mouse over and mouse down wouldn't work properly with focused buttons.
2. Fixed: When a library would fail to load, the prompt for restoring a library backup was not working properly.
3. Fixed: TV would fail to play the correct channel with a fresh library.
4. Fixed: COM reference count problem in TV control.
5. Fixed: View scheme "dot" icon had a gray border on the right side.
6. Fixed: Typing a search in "My Library" then switching to a view that didn't support search (like a sharing plugin) would draw incorrectly.
7. Fixed: Showing fullscreen borders on mouse move could take longer than expected.
8. Changed: Fullscreen borders no longer hide while a menu is showing.
9. Changed: Fullscreen borders wait longer to hide when the mouse is in the top border.