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11.0.315: (9/22/05)
1. Changed: Plug-ins installed with Media Center cannot be deleted.
2. Changed: The error message for an incorrectly installed plug-in is improved.
3. Fixed: A missing remote control plugin could cause a startup crash.
4. Fixed: The TiVO Server would not be recognized sometimes.

11.0.314: (9/1/05)
1. Fixed: Some MP3 flavors would take a long time if on a network.

11.0.313: (8/23/05)
1. Changed: Audible smartlist is now all audible content instead of known downloaded content.
(see below for more info on this)
2. Fixed: Audible MP3 (Format 4) titles play extraneous clips before changing to a new location (I.e. when skipping to next/
last chapter).

11.0.312: (8/16/05)
1. Fixed: Process name was failing if process was using 8.3 format for the executable name.
2. Fixed: Streaming of non-mpg file type videos was failing with library server.

11.0.311 (8/8/05)
1. Fixed: Rapid spinning of mouse wheel would not scroll quickly.
2. Fixed: Audible MP3 (Format 4) titles stops playing when next/last chapter (FF/RW) buttons gets pressed in quick succession.

11.0.310: (7/27/05)
1. Fixed: Improved Aruba skin.
2. Fixed: COM Out of Proc would not start Media Center when Media Center was sharing from another library.
3. Fixed: COM Out of Proc would cause Media Center to exit badly.

11.0.309: (7/14/05)
1. Fixed: JPEGs larger than 64MegaPixels will now display.
2. Fixed: DLink DSM-320 will now autodetect correctly.
3. Fixed: /Connect parameter had spurious "|" appended.

11.0.308: (7/13/05)
1. Fixed: Changing cover art for files when cover art not stored within the files will not cause the file to be rewritten.

11.0.307: (7/12/05)
1. Fixed: Renaming files will not cause the file to be rewritten.
2. Changed: Removed "Incomplete shutdown detected" dialog.
3. Changed: Play and Add to Playing Now right click options for portables removed.

11.0.306 (7/11/05)
1. Changed: Improved speed of response for Roku.
2. Fixed: Simultaneous UPnP queries could crash the server.
3. Fixed: Better auto-detection of Buffalo LinkTheater.
4. changed: Removed camera info from comment tag for pictures.
5. Fixed: Updated Audible Service Plugin to fix previous problem

11.0.305 (7/5/05)
1. Fixed: Running Media Center when there was an existing instance running would show the existing Media Center but then cause a crash.

11.0.304 (6/30/05)
1. Fixed: Installation would hang on occasion (please report any further hanging behavior).

11.0.303 (6/29/05)
1. Fixed: Library Browser could be slower to load than expected.
2. Changed: Library Browser database entries are removed right after leaving library browser instead of on program close.
3. Fixed: When logging out, the "Incomplete Shutdown" dialog could appear on the next launch.
4. Fixed: Thumbnails were not always updating immediately in some views when assigning cover art.
5. Fixed: Dropping files on the player area would automatically import them, even if auto-import was disabled.
6. Fixed: MC was failing to play some very short MP3 files.
7. Fixed: In some cases, the installer could hang at the very end of installation.

11.0.302 (6/28/05)
1. Fixed: MC would occasionally crash when renaming/creating folders for CD/DVD's.
2. Fixed: MC was not creating subfolders on handheld devices correctly.
3. Fixed: Renaming a folder on a CD/DVD would drop the folder contents of child folders of the renamed folder.
4. Fixed: Thumbnails not always updating immediately when assigning cover art.
5. NEW: When MC fails to shutdown properly, it shows a dialog that can reset some settings on the next launch.
6. Fixed: The uninstall program wasn't removing the registry entry for Media Scheduler which occasionally could cause the Media Center directory to open on Windows startup.

11.0.301 (6/27/05)
1. Fixed: After permanently deleting files from Library Browser, switching tabs could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: For user defined portables, when synching, the Portable Path was incorrect on refresh.
3. Fixed: When Remote Server failed to start, it could show two error messages in a row.
4. Changed: After Remote Server fails to start, it will automatically disable itself.
5. Fixed: "Tell me more" URL on Splash Screen now goes somewhere useful.
6. Fixed: Toolbar buttons state was not getting updated until they were moused over.
7. Fixed: Switching between tabs in the Library Browser would result in "randomly" selected files.

11.0.299 (6/21/05)
1. Fixed: When navigating to Web Media from a toolbar (or Alt+8), a blank page was displayed instead of the radio station listings.
2. Fixed: The edit box for typing in a path was missing from the Import Media / Browse for Folder dialog box.
3. Fixed: Sound recorder crashed if uncompressed wave was chosen for output format.
4. Changed: Increased adaptive prebuffering amount for slower sources / network connections to help avoid playback dropouts.
5. Changed: TV now excludes network drives and CDROMs when looking for a default folder for video recording.

11.0.298 (6/20/05)
1. Fixed: When transferring files to a portable device, if the file had illegal characters in the tag and the option to create folders from tags was enabled for a field with an illegal character, the file would have failed to transfer.
2. Fixed: When closing fullscreen mode using the control bar on top, the screen resolution would not be restored until MC was closed.
3. Changed: When switching fullscreen resolution settings, the changes are now applied immediately. (instead of after leaving and returning to fullscreen)

11.0.297 (6/18/05)
1. Changed: HDTV video size info is displayed on-screen not only in normal viewing mode (as introduced in 11.0.296), but also in time-shifting mode.
2. Fixed: For WinTV PVR devices, one could not switch out of the "Recording" page on TV Options window (introduced in 11.0.293).
3. Fixed: Library browser would not show the first visible item when switching tabs in some cases.
4. Fixed: When pasting a URL to a JPEG for a file's image, MC could reencode the file in some cases.

11.0.296 (6/17/05)
1. Fixed: Conversion settings for Portables would not always yield the correct space estimation after transfer.
2. Fixed: The handheld sync tree would not show playlist names in some cases.
3. Fixed: Image - Paste From Clipboard (URL) wasn't working properly.
4. New: Signal Strength is briefly displayed in OSD along with station name info when a digital TV channel is played.

11.0.295 (6/16/05)
1. Fixed: In some cases, when switch tracks with different sample rates, it could take longer for the track switch to occur than expected.
2. New: HDTV video size info (1080i, 720p etc.) is displayed in OSD shortly after the device is tuned to a channel.
3. Fixed: Visualizations could crash in some cases. (unique to 294)

11.0.294 (6/16/05)
1. Fixed: Radio on MP101 would not play if Artist was empty.
2. Changed: Many of the command-line commands were case-sensitive - they are now case-insensitive.
3. Fixed: MC was locking-up when deleting files from SmartLists.

11.0.293 (6/14/05)
1. New: TV Configuration window is now available in time-shifting mode (some items are not available, or will not take effect immediately in this mode).
2. Fixed: Some items on TV Configuration window were not disabled even though they were not available for certain devices.
3. Fixed: TV would unload if user attempts to start Configuration window during recording/time-shifting.
4. Fixed: Video properties (brightness etc.) adjustment was not available during time-shifting for digital TV.
5. Fixed: in the UPnP Server, longer lists would lose information at the end.
6. Fixed: The Library Server client could not play local files (through Drives and Devices) when conversion was enabled.
7. Fixed: When pasting a URL to an image into MC, the file could be recompressed in some cases.
8. Changed: MC does a better job of not running a search while typing quickly in the search box, but instead runs the search after a pause in typing.
9. Fixed: Auto sync would not have worked for some portable devices.
10. Changed: Zen Micro will run the Nomad plugin if on Windows 2000 (as opposed to MTP)

11.0.292 (6/13/05)
1. Changed: InstallWizard will try to install Windows Media components if it can not find version or later on the target computer. (Previously it only required Version includes some important security updates over earlier ones.)
2. Changed: Users can choose to continue installation of MC in case the installation of Windows Media components fails.
3. Changed: Improved tab sizing in Library Browser view.
4. Fixed: Handheld auto-synch was not working properly.

11.0.291 (6/13/05)
1. NEW: Added several new 2D visualizations from Tabby. (thanks Tabby!)
2. Fixed: When playing, then switching the output plugin in options, then switching tracks, MC could crash in some cases.
3. Changed: FTP Upload didn't remember thumbnail size changes between runs.
4. Fixed: "R6025 - pure virtual function call" runtime error when closing media library panes (could be caused by double-clicking artist/album, editing view scheme, etc.).
5. Fixed: Defined portable device paths would not always allow files to transfer.
6. Fixed: Some portable devices would have mistakenly written to a 'Root' directory.

11.0.290 (6/11/05)
1. Changed: "Download Images" could reload the same image multiple times (causing flicker) when doing several files from the same album. (drawing only -- wasn't hitting network multiple times)
2. Changed: "Download Images" goes through artists / albums alphabetically instead of in a random order.
3. Fixed: "Download Images" would try to download cover art for non audio files.
4. Fixed: When starting MC with some command line arguments, it would not properly run. (applies to 289 only)
5. Fixed: Playlist exporting and printing could operate on the "Analyze Audio" list in some cases when Audio Analysis was running in the background.
6. Changed: Cover art tagging happens in the background. (the new system allows background cover art saving and proper thumbnail updating, so there's no need to block while saving art anymore)

11.0.289 (6/10/05)
1. Fixed: File conversion on the fly to Portable Devices.

11.0.288 (6/10/05)
1. Changed: Like in 285 and before, when saving cover art internally MC will show "Inside File" for the file's image instead of the external location.
2. Fixed: In some cases, downloading cover art would download a file for each track in an album.
3. Fixed: The "Reset" button in Options > Handheld was not properly closing the options dialog.
4. Fixed: Playlist Groups could show files from all database locations even if child smartlists only searched the main database.
5. Fixed: Transitioning from mixed audio+image to video back to the mix would not show images anymore.
6. Fixed: When renaming a tree item the old item could be seen "under" the rename edit box.
7. Fixed: Auto-import no longer automatically imports CD & DVD files into the main library.
8. Changed: Media Center converts non-jpeg files to jpeg when saving as external cover art for Folder.jpg or Artist - Album.jpg.
9. Changed: Media Center uses a high jpeg quality when saving clipboard / scanner images as cover art.
10. Fixed: Navigating back did not properly load the view state of the panes.
11. Fixed: After resetting Handhelds, the options dialog will correctly close.
12. Fixed: Handhelds that are configured as 'remote drives' that are not present, should not appear in the device tree.
13. Fixed: PSP support

11.0.286 (6/8/05)
1. Fixed: When starting a mixed playlist (images and audio) from Theater View and then switching views, image playback could be replaced by another display type.
2. Fixed: MC 11 could use MC 10's mime handler. (causing mime handling bugs or crashes during installation)
3. Fixed: Some invalid MPC files would report a very long length -- causing playback and analyzer problems.
4. Fixed: Minor typo in Audible machine activation dialog.
5. Changed: Installer more strongly recommends uninstall of MC 10. (recommended for best performance and stability)
6. Changed: Added workaround to play streams on Streamium and other UPnP devices.
7. Changed: Drop of playlists on Portable Devices in the tree will open the MC AW.
8. Fixed: Importing MPL playlists that pointed to CUE files would not work properly.
9. NEW: Added more flexibility for how cover art -- art can now be stored next to the files on disk.
10. Fixed: Several pieces (associations, shell extensions, etc.) would not work as expected on W2K. (due to the 15 character process name limit)
11. Fixed: With 'store cover art inside files' unselected, MC would remove internal cover art on any tag change. (now only removes on 'Remove Cover Art' / 'Remove Tags' commands)
12. Fixed: When switching to Standard View from another View the TV image was not properly resized.
13. Changed: The Estimate Stream Length option is no longer needed.
14. Fixed: Some Action Window tooltips could appear while a right-click menu was showing.
15. Changed: Portable Device detection and handshake with MC. Devices that enumerate themselves multiple times are handled smoothly.
16. Fixed: With some skins loaded, MC could not properly close its options dialog.

11.0.285 (6/6/05)
1. Changed: The YADB multiple result dialog now allows scrolling for long results.
2. Added: Functionality for one time Audible device (computer) activation when playing Audible files for the first time.
3. Changed: WMDM and MTP interfaces for MC updated and optimized.
4. Changed: Several internal architecture updates. (removed JROptionsHelper, changed tool loading / installing, etc.)

11.0.283 (6/3/05)
1. Changed: MC better copes with alpha transparency in a skin's combobox drop button.
2. Fixed: Image editor had a non-function "Help" button in its menu.
3. Fixed: When nothing was playing while in Windowed View, clicking the system tray icon wouldn't bring the window to the front.
4. Changed: Clicking the system tray icon while in Windowed View of Mini View will toggle between showing and hidding the view. (like Standard View)
5. Fixed: Winamp 2.x style skins could cause the minimize to system tray icon setting to be toggled.
6. Fixed: A few of the help links in Options were not working properly.
7. Changed: Removed experimental DVD decoder selection box from properties dialog.
8. Fixed: Encoder options "Normalize Before" percentage was not being filled correctly.
9. Fixed: Media Center would fail to properly shutdown in some cases.
10. Fixed: Right-clicking in the panes on a new item could cancel the menu with some Action Window pages visible.

11.0.282 (6/2/05)
1. Fixed: Nomad and Dell auto plugin installation was not updating to the correct version.
2. Fixed: A non-functional "Download" item would appear on the tree following a service file download.

11.0.281 (6/2/05)
1. Fixed: Package installer / check for updates would not always appear skinned.
2. Fixed: Remote drive configuration edit would not remember playlist file base path.
3. Changed: If tags are updated from a portable device, the tag writing will occur as soon as the library is updated.
4. Fixed: Audible tracks were not getting imported (and played) following a successful download.
5. Changed: "Rename From Info" would not allow an empty directory rule to be saved.
6. Fixed: When a rip downloaded cover art, it could overwrite images from a previous rip that were set manually during the same session.
7. Fixed: MP3 encoder download would occasionally get stuck in a loop.
8. Fixed: When resetting the handheld devices, MC would not show newly found devices in some areas until the program was restarted.
9. Fixed: Deleting queued files from a handheld view could delete the physical file in some cases.
10. Fixed: Importing a playlist of internet images would download each image, causing a big slowdown.
11. NEW: Updated image editor artwork.

11.0.280 (5/31/05)
1. Fixed: DirectSound playback could throw a "too much spent data" message in some cases.
2. Fixed: Tooltips were not working properly in the Action Window.
3. Fixed: Playing Internet radio could change the track properties of the previous file in Playing Now in some cases.
4. Fixed: When playing very short tracks with the Disk Writer output plugin, filenames would not always be generated properly.
5. Fixed: For CD audio files, the bit depth, sample rate, and number of channels were not collected and displayed properly.
6. Fixed: Could not find Media Servers.
7. Fixed: Importing large data files could cause an "out of memory" error in some cases.
8. Fixed: For audio CD burns, tracks with duration less than 2 seconds are not allowed since they cause an error during burning.
9. Changed: Pages showing user interaction have been removed from the installation if 'Express' setup is selected.

11.0.279 (5/7/05)
1. Fixed: Some XML files would not load properly, causing Blade mini-me skin (and possibly others) to not work.
2. Fixed: YADB submission could cause a crash in some cases.
3. Fixed: With sample-rate conversion enabled, the audio could hiccup in some cases.
4. Fixed: When switching audio output formats, a small portion of the last track would not be played before advancing.
5. Optimized: Improved CPU usage and skip protection of DirectSound audio playback.
6. Changed: Clicking an entry in the Channels list control, on either "TV Channels" property page

or "Scan Channels" dialog window, will no longer result in switching to the channel automatically, due to performance issue related to HDTV device.

7. New: Added context menu for TV Channels list control to allow users to select commands to "Tune To Channel", on both "TV Channels" property page and "Scan Channels" window, and "Delete Selected Channel(s)" and "Edit Station Name", only on "Scan Channels" window.
8. Changed: MC would not properly redraw the position slider for skins that had large position sliders when switching between windows.

11.0.278 (5/26/05)
1. Changed: Added confirmation message box before resetting TV channels by re-scanning.
2. Fixed: Editing was allowed in some Combo Boxes where editing should not be allowed in TV configuration.
3. Fixed: Audio video synchronization problem in HDTV.
4. Fixed: In some cases (after deletion, etc.) Media Center would not properly clear a list's selected items.
5. Fixed: Sometimes MC could report "Failed to load file associations" while running a sharing plugin.
6. Fixed: With sample rate conversion enabled, the end of the song could be truncated slightly with some outputs.
7. Changed: When changing multiple filenames with a library tool, MC will add a note to the confirmation dialog informing the user that this action may move disk files.
8. Fixed: When showing a "Confirm Database Changes" dialog, MC could start saving tags in the background causing a confusing user flow.
9. Fixed: When starting in Media Library with an empty library, MC could display a warning about an import already running.
10. Fixed: Library Server was not serving all thumbnails correctly.

11.0.277 (5/25/05)
1. Changed: When removing tracks from Playing Now, the list could get redrawn twice in some cases. (slower than necessary and could look less ideal)
2. Fixed: Rip status column could be overly slow on some systems.
3. Fixed: Old installation instructions on reboot were not getting cleared after they were run (and failed) given the impression that all subsequent installs were failing to install components.
4. Optimized: Speed of UPnP Server increased.
5. Fixed: While playing an audio CD, MC could show an error about failing to create the CD Manager.

11.0.276 (5/24/05)
1. Fixed: When starting Media Center while a running Media Center was in the process of shutting down would not always get a new Media Center started.
2. Changed: Media Center was using DirectX instead of its own audio engine for some compressed WAV formats even though the MC engine could suppport them.
3. NEW: Added support for multi-channel (5.1, 7.1, etc.) WAV and WMA files.
4. Fixed: Playlist views and library browser would not properly update their thumbnails after changing images for a file until leaving and returning to the view.
5. Changed: When making changes to images (set from clipboard, add from file, etc.) MC will block until the tags can be saved. (otherwise background tagging thread and list don't stay in step as expected)
6. Fixed: When dragging-n-dropping files from an explorer window to MC, focus would (occasionally) incorrectly return to the explorer window when the drop was complete.
7. Fixed: The TiVo Server would crash when choosing a second song to play while still playing a first.
8. Fixed: In some circumstances TV's Scan Channels window would appear to hang when Scan button was press (due to failure of the TV driver to recognize certain country code).
9. Fixed: Removable drive handheld devices could be overly slow when dealing with some file types. (QT, mp4, etc.)
10. Fixed: Changed caching so smartlists are not kept forever.
11. Fixed: If all encoders removed from MC, errors could occur when exploring options.
12. Fixed: Playing files from Portables within MC.
13. Fixed: In some cases, MC could deadlock with a "Saving tag changes..." dialog.
14. New: Added some fileinfo (File Properties->File Type Info) for RAW images.
15. Changed: Consolidated the Image File Information handling to JRImage.dll.
16. Changed: The Cover Art directory is no longer deleted unless the user specifies 'Remove library files' when uninstalling.
17. Fixed: Seeking to the very beginning of a song wouldn't always work as expected.

11.0.275 (5/23/05)
1. Fixed: TV time-shifting could sometimes hang if Fast Forwarding was attempted when the player was at the very beginning of the time-shifting buffer.
2. Fixed: CD burning was broken in the last couple of builds.
3. Fixed: Improved hotkey handling for systems that intentionally throw hotkeys in multiple ways.
4. Changed: Added support for a few more multimedia keys like fast forward, rewind, channel up, channel down, etc. (improves MCE remote support)
5. NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Media key mode for changing how MC catches hotkeys on systems where the automatic handler doesn't work as expected.
6. Changed: During portable transfers, transfer speed will update during initial transfer.
7. Fixed: Splitter arrows were not implemented correctly for some skins causing the splitter to get stuck minimized or maximized.
8. Changed: Suppressed on-screen error message "Cannot find VCapture:IAMStreamConfig" from TV.
9. Changed: Latest Nomad / Dell handheld plugin installed with each new build.
10. NEW: Audible files can be played with conversion on TiVo and UPnP devices.
11. Fixed: TiVo configuration dialog allowed typing in the encoder name field.
12. Changed: When pressing F5 in a random-style playlist, the selection would not be cleared even though the underlying files had changed.
13. Fixed: The TiVo beacon would occasionally crash.

11.0.274 (5/20/05 4:59pm)
1. Fixed: hh_portable installation problem.

11.0.273 (5/20/05)
1. Changed: Multimedia key handler intelligently disables secondary handler when the primary handler works on the system. (disables chances of repeat)
2. Changed: The above change allows the anti-repeat time to be reduced to a more usable level for quick button taps.
3. Fixed: Portable devices that require custom plugins may not have run the plugin correctly.
4. Fixed: PSP video would not play after transfer.

11.0.272 (5/19/05)
1. Fixed: Library Server crashing because of File Associations.
2. Fixed: Transfer errors could have occured when transferring to a Portable when the WMA plugin was deleted.
3. Fixed: Library Server, TiVo Server or UPnP Server would occasionally hang on exit.
4. NEW: Reworked how builds are stored and packaged to reduce download by about 2.5 MB (without removing anything).
5. Changed: Increased multimedia key anti-repeat time.
6. Fixed: Switching modes wouldn't properly update to the correct display. (by design, standard view, theater view, and mini view can have their own display settings)
7. Changed: Renamed launcher / mjextman to MC11.exe.

11.0.271 (5/18/05)
1. Changed: More refinement of multimedia key handler to prevent repeat commands on some systems in certain cases.
2. Fixed: Checking for updates could replace Media Center's file associations with older file associations.
3. Changed: When using internal volume control, it is still adjustable when stopped. (but not adjustable when playing files that aren't running through the MC audio engine)
4. Changed: Added shutdown logging to help find and fix possible shutdown issues.
5. Changed: Interaction between MC and portables and naming of devices.
6. Fixed: Command lines for playback with extra spaces after the command would not work as expected.
7. Fixed: "Automatically import files" would not work properly when files were added with the File > Open... command.
8. Fixed: When viewing some Action Window pages and right-clicking on files that weren't selected, the Action Window update could kill the right-click menu.
9. Changed: Pressing Previous or Next while playback is stopped will still move the play head.

11.0.270 (5/17/05)
1. Changed: Download Manager uses the new folder browsing system.
2. Fixed: Download Manager would not import downloaded file.
3. Fixed: Download Manager kept pre-pending "(Incomplete) " to the file name each time the download did not complete.
4. Fixed: The seek bar for TV time-shifting sometimes would not return to the left after selecting "Go to the Earlest Time".
5. Fixed: Nomad II support via WMDM.
6. Fixed: For new media insertion actions, if user chose "No action" for all media types but enabled "Ask every time" option, MC didn't ask.
7. Changed: Media insertion section of devices options dialog simplified.
8. Fixed: Multimedia keys could fire twice on some systems.
9. Changed: Import confiuration dialog will show a horizontal scrollbar when necessary for long folder names.
10. Fixed: The non-item area at the bottom of a list would not update properly while dragging a column header.
11. Fixed: System dialogs could show extra ampersands in some static text boxes.
12. Fixed: Message boxes where "do not show again" was selected could still briefly blink. (introduced in 269)
13. Changed: Only wizard-type tokens get extra space after them in the search box instead of all tokens.
14. Changed: Disabled menu items only have a faint selection box on keyboard / mouse-over instead of a full color selection box.
15. Optimized: Substantial speed increases to UPnP server.
16. NEW: Added more preview mode options. (start from 30 seconds in, and also 'warp speed' mode)
17. NEW: Added "GetPlayingFile" function to zone SDK automation object. (gets display file instead of internal file)
18. Changed: "Cover Art" display doesn't change art ahead of time anymore.
19. Changed: Preview mode is automatically turned off when pressing stop.
20. Changed: WMA is no longer a streaming encoder.

11.0.269 (5/16/05)
1. Changed: Increased multimedia key anti-repeat time (more) for systems that fire media keys multiple ways.
2. Fixed: After exiting some modeless dialogs, MC could have an error.
3. Changed: Reworked layout of Action Window sync page.
4. Fixed: Audible file transfer to iPod.
5. Fixed: Some portable devices could have mistakenly opened two Action Windows on connection.

11.0.268 (5/16/05)
1. Changed: Increased multimedia key anti-repeat time for systems that fire media keys multiple ways.
2. Fixed: Media Center could fail to install on some systems.
3. Changed: MJExtman.exe replaced with "Media Center 11 Launcher.exe" in the system directory.
4. Fixed: Real Audio playback would not work properly with some version of Real installed.
5. Changed: The default width of the sequence column would not have enough space for numbers in the thousands.
6. Fixed: When a Mini View skin failed to load, the error messages could show an incorrect product name.
7. Fixed: With sample rate conversion enabled, playback could stutter in some cases and use more CPU than expected.
8. Fixed: Information messages boxes could popup behind Media Center in some cases.
9. NEW: Added support for .dng and .srf files.

11.0.266 (5/13/05)
1. Fixed: Send To > Add / Edit Programs... would not properly show the path in the configure dialog.
2. Changed: More refinements to multimedia key handler -- should work with Intellitype 5.x, iTouch 2.x, ATI remotes, and Windows without extra software.
3. Fixed: Audio and video streams were competing for resources in TV Timeshifting.
4. Fixed: TV could not import recorded video (due to new location of mjextman.exe).
5. Fixed: When starting a playlist of images and audio, double-clicking an image could cause a "failed to play" error.
6. Changed: Mixed playback (audio + image) will only automatically start on play when double-clicking inside a playlist of mixed types. (not a My Computer view of mixed types, etc.)
7. Changed: Stopping playback will clear the mixed playback image list.
8. Changed: Dragging over the tree and trying to move to the edge to scroll could scroll too quickly on a fast machine.
9. Fixed: Action Window > Image could flicker when switching tracks or navigating around MC.
10. Fixed: When viewing some Action Window pages and right-clicking on files that weren't selected, the Action Window update could kill the right-click menu.
11. Fixed: Etched lines at the bottom of some dialogs would not always draw consistently.
12. Fixed: Some dialogs with images on them would not redraw correctly.
13. Changed: When transferring files to a portable device, the Date Modified will remain as it was on the file before transfer.
14. Fixed: Handheld Options->Help now linked to a help page.
15. Fixed: During sync to portable, playlist name could be cutoff in the information box.

11.0.265 (5/12/05)
1. Changed: MC handles multimedia volume / mute keys when possible. (then works with internal volume and more keyboards)
2. Fixed: MC would not catch multimedia keys when not in Standard View with some remotes and keyboards.
3. Changed: Improved ATI Remote Wonder compatibility. (program still needs to be in the foreground due to ATI's architecture)
4. Changed: Tooltips do a better job of not going off the screen on small displays.
5. Fixed: Edit controls in a few places (view headers, etc.) could be incorrectly colored. (introduced in 264)
6. Changed: Library browser works better with large font selections.
7. Changed: Media Center displays a warning when choosing an oversized font that some items may not look as nice.
8. Fixed: Folder browsing on Windows 9x would show a partially obscured status text line.
9. Changed: Added an anti-repeat to the multimedia key handler.
10. Changed: Escaped search characters would not be unescaped when showing "friendly" text in the search box. (so you'd see "Artist: AC//DC" instead of "Artist: AC/DC")
11. Fixed: When switching between from G-Force to Cover Art, the art could fail to show in some cases. (hopefully fixed -- please let us know)
12. Fixed: When playing movies (DirectX player), the fullscreen bars would not redraw properly when switching videos.
13. Fixed: Some list icons could look slightly fuzzy.
14. Fixed: Pressing the "Play" button in a view header could cause a crash if the play automatically switched views.
15. NEW: Added support for RAW images (crw,cr2,nef,mrw,orf,raf,pef).
16. Fixed: Import could crash when "Retrieve album art" was selected. (introduced with new import system in 264)
17. Fixed: The installer was having trouble replacing some 'in use' files from previous installations.
18. Changed: CD write speed selection now has a "Max" option to always select the maximum write speed.
19. Fixed: The available CD/DVD writing speeds did not dynamically reflect media changes with different speed capabilities.
20. Changed: iPod filenames will be acceptable up until exactly 50 characters.

11.0.264 (5/11/05)
1. NEW: Import / update library runs in the background so MC can be used for other tasks while it is running.
2. Changed: Library Manager > Library Properties dialog browse defaults to a more logical directory. (instead of the root of My Computer)
3. Changed: Updated all folder browsing dialogs to use the latest browsing system available in the OS.
4. Fixed: Some tooltips were still using system colors instead of skin colors.
5. Changed: Move / Copy disk files broken into two separate menu commands.
6. NEW: When Logitech iTouch is installed, MC will automatically integrate into it. (may require latest iTouch to be installed)
7. NEW: MC responds to multimedia app commands from remotes, non-standard keyboards, etc. (like v10 did, but maintains v11's superior handling with standard keyboards)
8. Fixed: Closing the program with File > Exit could cause problems in some cases.
9. Fixed: In "Customize Current View" the edit / remove column buttons would always operate on the first list item.
10. Fixed: When switching between some playback types (ex. Shockwave to Real Audio), the display would not always update properly.
11. Fixed: Portable drives that appear as fixed drives will detect device arrival and removal from MC.
12. Fixed: TV time-shifting could behave badly under some circumstances, for devices using MPEG-2 format.
13. Changed: After file deletion on WMDM devices, devices will clean up any empty Artist or Album objects.
14. Changed: The uninstall program does a more thorough job of removing files and registry entries and no longer requires a restart of Windows to do so.
15. Fixed: Multi-session data CD's burned with MC could appear to be missing files in some cases. The data was there but the OS couldn't see it.
16. Fixed: When changing the folder scheme for burning data CD's, unless the queued files were displayed, the change would not take effect on the first burn.
17. Fixed: Library Server was ignoring requested codec, instead using it's own default codec.
18. Changed: Improved shutdown, load library, and clear library logic so they won't be allowed while a tool is running. (import, rip, burn, etc.)

11.0.263 (5/10/05)
1. Fixed: Skin components could draw incorrectly in some cases. (introduced in 262)
2. Changed: In-place edit in Media Library panes now uses an auto-complete combobox.
3. Changed: Tooltips use skin coloring instead of system coloring.
4. Changed: Tooltips wrap long text to multiple lines.
5. NEW: Media Center adaptively selects the amount of pre-buffering based on the speed of the source. (improves performance with network / slow drives)
6. Fixed: URLs in web view headers were not readable with the Aruba skin.
7. Fixed: Starting a movie (or switching to a new movie) could cause a dead-lock in some cases.
8. Changed: Added improved playback logging to DirectX playback engine.
9. Fixed: When drag and dropping files on the Portable Action Window, if the same file was added more than once, MC would warn of 'Duplicates'.
10. Changed: When files fail to convert when transferring to a Portable, an information dialogue will alert users to this failure.
11. Fixed: Uninstall program was invoking Media Center application during the uninstall process.
12. Changed: Expanding the "Drives & Devices" tree node could be quite slow on some systems.
13. Fixed: When launching a program from Theater View, MC would not properly minimize and restore.
14. Fixed: Clicking "Print File List" in the Action Window could switch the Action Window to the device connected screen.
15. Fixed: Playback of files on iPod from within MC.

11.0.262 (5/9/05)
1. Fixed: When ripping from two or more CD drives, when one CD finished and a new one was inserted, both CD's restarted at the first track.
2. Fixed: The install wizard could fail to run on some machines.
3. Fixed: Some skin items could be incorrectly drawn with a slight amount of transparency.
4. Fixed: Mini View position text and sliders would not update properly during playback.
5. Fixed: In some cases, pressing a disabled "List Style" toolbar button could still switch the list's style.
6. Changed: Log files are now created in the Media Center sub-directory. (ex. C:\Documents & Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\J. River\Media Center 11\Log.txt)
7. Changed: Handheld views show a picture of a generic handheld. (instead of a specific, possibly wrong handheld)
8. Fixed: Media Center could crash after restoring a library backup.
9. Fixed: Sorting file lists could be slower than expected in some cases.
10. Fixed: Artist Info searches wouldn't work as expected for artist names with spaces in them.
11. Fixed: Customize Current View > Column List would not always work properly.
12. Fixed: Additional Roku autodetection.
13. Fixed: UPnP Settings for Allow Visual and Filter International Characters sometimes didn't work.
14. Fixed: Media Center could import broken links from playlists in some cases.
15. Fixed: "Cancel" during an import would not stop until newly found files were added. (now stops right away)
16. Changed: Added "View complete log" link back to the import summary dialog.
17. Fixed: WAV files didn't play on Roku because of incorrect MIME type.
18. FIxed: Several dropdown box sizes.
19. Changed: Updated uninstall program to remove more installation artifacts left by current uninstall program.
20. Fixed: Uninstall would crash when unregistering server_tivo.dll and server_upnp.dll on Windows 98SE.

11.0.261 (5/7/05)
1. Fixed: MC could crash at the end of a WMA track. (introduced in 260)
2. Fixed: The install wizard could fail to run on some machines.
3. Fixed: MC could fail to copy JROptionsHelper.dll when setup finalized after a reboot.
4. Changed: Debug logging changes will not fully take effect until MC is restarted.

11.0.260 (5/6/05)
1. Fixed: Z skin did not have a handle on horizontal sliders. (again -- please let us know if it disappears again)
2. Changed: MC will show the "can't play any files" error after 1000 silent failures for large playlists. (otherwise it can be too slow when a drive gets accidently disconnected, and you're trying to play a 25,000 song playlist)
3. NEW: Updated MC 11 about box.
4. Optimized: Initial loading time for the file database is much faster. (can cut several seconds off the MC load time when using a large library)
5. Optimized: Core code shared between all components starts much faster and uses less memory -- the cumulative speed and memory savings between all pieces is quite substantial.
6. Optimized: Library views are built faster.
7. Fixed: Pressing backspace while at the end of an in-place edit would not always work as expected.
8. Fixed: Library pane scroll position would not be properly restored when returning to a view with the back shortcut.
9. Optimized: MC uses less CPU resources when not currently visible.
10. Fixed: Action Window would show after the connection of a portable device that was set to be ignored.
11. Fixed: Duplicate files will not cause iPod playlists to be removed.
12. Changed: Removed "MC" text from options dialog.

11.0.258 (5/5/05)
1. Fixed: Removed debugging message box that could appear when dropping on Playing Now.
2. Changed: Retrieval of cover art off by default during import. (under Import > Advanced)
3. Changed: Help file size reduced making the final build almost 3 MB smaller.
4. Changed: Renamed Customize Current View "At This Location And Sub-Locations" to "At This Location And Similar Locations" to more accurately reflect how it works.
5. Fixed: Dropping files from Windows Explorer onto some tree locations would incorrectly import the files.
6. Changed: Updated the screen shot of of the Aruba skin to be more accurate.
7. NEW: Performing "Select All" in a pane no longer selects the "All" entry.
8. Changed: Thumbnail building no longer happens by default on import.
9. Changed: Added "Build missing thumbnails..." option back to Options > Tree & View.
10. Changed: Missing thumbnails will get built in background threads for files in a list that aren't currently visible. (capped so large libraries won't work forever)
11. Fixed: Wide and short images could cause the view header to layout the title and information too far right.
12. Fixed: When using outdated icon packages with MC, the options dialog could use incorrect item spacings. (the art will still be incorrect until it is updated for the latest MC)
13. Changed: Pressing F5 would cause the list scroll position to be lost in some views. (My Computer, etc.)
14. Optimized: Dropping large numbers of files on a handheld device is now much faster.
15. Changed: Duplicate and unsupported files are removed from the handheld transfer queue before checking if the transfer is over capacity.
16. Changed: Improved handheld messaging when there are unsupported files that need to be removed from the transfer.
16. Optimized: The "Analyzing files..." portion of handheld transfers can run at 100 to 1000 times the speed it was previously running.
17. Fixed: Handheld playlist would not be sent when doing a manual file transfer.
18. Changed: Files / playlists can only be dropped on the root of a handheld in the tree.
19. NEW: Reworked file association system to be completely version independent. (so MC 11 won't fight with MC 10 or MC 12)
20. NEW: Moved mjextman.exe to the install path to avoid conflicts with other MC versions installed
21. Changed: Portable device analyze error will show the total number of files failing transfer analysis.
22. Fixed: Crash when deleting files from some handhelds.

11.0.256 (5/4/05)
1. Changed: On-screen display text uses mixed case instead of all upper case.
2. Fixed: Shell extensions would not work properly in some cases.
3. Fixed: In "Customize Current View", removing a column would discard column order changes that were just made.
4. Fixed: Switching modes with Ctrl+[1...5] could fail to work logically in some cases.
5. Fixed: Z skin did not have a handle on horizontal sliders.
6. Fixed: Handheld options page allowed typing in the conversion mode drop-list
7. Fixed: When switching between options on the Handheld options page, the encoding options would be overpopulated and a change dialogue would be presented incorrectly.
8. Changed: Added more between tracks durations to playback between tracks mode for finer control of times under one second.
9. Changed: Allow setting of between tracks duration when in "Standard (gapped)" mode.
10. Fixed: When playing a playlist from My Computer, the last track on the playlist would start playing instead of the first.
11. Changed: MC will assume AVI files have video content (media type of "Video"), even when the video stream can not be properly parsed.
12. Fixed: Partially transparent drag image could be illogically offset from mouse pointer in some cases. (hopefully fixed -- could not reproduce, so please let us know)
13. Fixed: Dropping files onto MC for actions that show a menu of actions wouldn't work if MC was not in the foreground.
14. Fixed: When a search / smartlist was scrolled right, the menu shown would not always be for the correct item.
15. Changed: WMDM device interaction with MC.
16. Fixed: Some drop lists would only open with an item height of one.
17. NEW: Help file updated for v11. (thanks Lise!)

11.0.255 (5/3/05)
1. Fixed: Install Wizard wouldn't properly shut down Media Server before running installation.
2. Changed: Install Wizard won't continue setup if Media Center is currently running.
3. Fixed: File associations could fail to work in some cases. (double-click in Explorer, etc.)
4. NEW: Added debug logging to Library Server.
5. NEW: More core MMX drawing engine improvements.
6. Changed: Shuffle and continuous modes are now independent for each playback zone.

11.0.254 (5/2/05)
1. Fixed: Deleting files from library browser could cause a crash in some cases.
2. Fixed: When editing the name or filename fields, the edit control text would not be automatically selected.
3. NEW: Improved performance of core MMX drawing engine for all images / skin items.
4. Changed: Library browser no longer uses slower bicubic resizing for thumbnails to improve performance.
5. Fixed: Startup volume setting would not work properly when using "internal volume" setting or when starting with not the first zone.
6. Changed: Imports happen in the order files are found instead of in random order. (makes 'Recently Imported' more useful, and could help performance with some drives)
7. Fixed: Options > Tree & View > Thumbnails > Erase All... was not working properly in some cases.

11.0.252 (4/29/05)
1. Changed: In TV Options, "Automatically Import to Media Center" checkbox is renamed "Automatically Import Recorded Video".
2. Changed: Some tooltip texts and dialog window names in TV Options are changed to avoid name conflicts and to increase consistency.
3. Fixed: Download Manager Options window resized when switching from one page to another, causing visual distortion.
4. Fixed: Enhanced audio CD's were not showing any tracks for ripping/playing.
5. Fixed: Options window would re-center everytime one switched to another page.
6. Fixed: Download Manager Options window used wrong icon.
7. Fixed: Pressing stop while Media Center was paused could cause a dead-lock on W2K.
8. Changed: Added a small margin to the right of list text so the text won't run right up to a gridline.

11.0.251 (4/28/05)
1. Fixed: When switching visualizations with the right-click menu, they would not always stay selected when restarting playback.
2. Changed: Upon entering the TV channel scanning dialog window, scanning will automatically start without waiting for the user to click the "Scan" button if the channel list is empty.
3. Changed: TV channel "Auto Scan" button is renamed "Scan".
4. Changed: "TV Instructions.txt" file is updated.
5. Changed: Added advanced view option to turn off checking for missing files. (can slow lists down with network drives)
6. Fixed: Import paths pointing to the root of a network drive would not work properly.
7. Fixed: When adding and removing folders from the import dialog, recent check box changes could be discarded.
8. Fixed: When clicking an item in a pane and then pressing play, the expected files would not always start playing.
9. Changed: In-place editing doesn't use auto-complete comboboxes for name and filename fields. (since they have lots of values (slow) and also because they're generally unique values)
10. Fixed: After closing Skin Manager, MC would not accept keyboard shortcuts until it was first clicked.
11. Fixed: Viewing a burn list while an existing data CD was in the drive could cause a crash.
12. Fixed: List tooltips could show the wrong information if a dialog was shown, the mouse moved, and then the dialog canceled with the keyboard.
13. Fixed: The burning option to "Prefix List Order" would not work properly unless a Custom naming scheme was being used.
14. Fixed: Working with partially filled lists could be overly slow.
15. Fixed: Better radio station support for Library, UPnP and TiVo Servers.
16. Changed: Option to filter out international characters to UPnP devices, since they are not yet supported.

11.0.250 (4/27/05)
1. Fixed: Clicking "Digital Chan" button on "TV Channels" property page sometimes resulted in the "Scan Channels" dialog window for analog channels displayed.
2. Fixed: Clicking a digital channel entry on "TV Channels" property page sometimes resulted in crash.
3. Fixed: Import would not search directories in some cases. (introduced in 249)
4. Fixed: MC would not allow right-click Import Into Library on some internet streams.
5. Fixed: Mini view playlist would not display track information. (introduced in 249)
6. Changed: Expanded functionality of IsEqual(...) expression to allow less-than / greater-than tests.
7. Fixed: Theater View Playing Now would not update properly when switching zones.

11.0.249 (4/26/05)
1. Fixed: Alt+1...9 keyboard shortcuts would be translated inside of edit controls, making it difficult to enter international characters.
2. Changed: Drop location line shown when dragging and dropping inside a list was not clearly visible with some skins.
3. Optimized: Several list drawing optimizations that make lists draw, scroll, etc. around 20% faster.
4. Fixed: Action Bin > Burn > Clear Queue command was not working properly.
5. Fixed: Mini View toolbar button would incorrectly show "Escape" as the shortcut.
6. Changed: Included updated Aruba skin.
7. Changed: Aruba the default skin on a fresh install.
8. Changed: Revised splash screen coloring and version label. (no longer beta)
8. Fixed: Download Manager would crash after downloading.
10. Fixed: TV recording initiated by Media Scheduler was not imported.
11. Fixed: Download Manager Property pages would crash.
12. Changed: Revised library browser and plugin tree icons.
13. Fixed: MC would not allow right-click Import Into Library on internet streams.
14. Fixed: WMA Encoder Plugin would crash with incorrect settings.
15. Fixed: Sync data to Portables was not updating the MC database correctly.
16. Fixed: Some fields were not returned correctly for WMDM portables.
17. Changed: Added additional logging for portable disconnects and connects.

11.0.248 (4/25/05)
1. Changed: Improved clarity of error message when Media Scheduler fails to recording TV due to TV device being used by another program.
2. Changed: Media Scheduler's TV view window is resizable now.
3. Changed: Revised Quicktime playback's 64 character filename length limit to not include the path. (QuickTime limitation)
4. Changed: Removed "Plus Features..." help menu item.
5. Fixed: Launching MC while another instance was running would not always properly show the first instance.
6. Changed: Keyboard list navigation (up, down, left, right) could be overly slow on some systems.
7. Fixed: "Options > List > Show track info tooltips" would not always take effect immediately after a change.
8. Fixed: Several search box tweaks where editing around "friendly tokens" would not work as expected.
9. Fixed: Split view playlist headers could update their art to reflect selections made in other views.
10. Fixed: Media Center would not properly register its TLB file for the automation SDK.
11. Changed: When tagging finishes, MC will prompt for empty directory removal right away instead of only after the selection changed.
12. Fixed: Removed spurious EXE Path GetInfo calls in Encoder Plugins.
13. New: Added logging in Encoder Plugins
14. Fixed: Media Editor update to new plugin API.

11.0.247 (4/22/05)
1. Fixed: When starting 3D visualizations, sometimes the last active visualization would be loaded instead of the visualization that was selected.
2. Fixed: Multiple media libraries could fight over the same thumbnail directory. (need to load each library with write permissions and delete thumbnails to repair)
3. Fixed: Options dialog would not size properly on systems with larger than normal DPI settings.
4. Fixed: Analyze Audio was not working.
5. Fixed: iPod last played count updating was not correct.
6. Fixed: Right click portable action window option to clear list now works.
7. Fixed: Portable action window was not updating the available space correctly when queued tracks were removed.
8. Fixed: When using the search control menu with the mouse in a down-move-up manner instead of a click-move-click manner, some problems could arise.
9. Fixed: Theater View could require two "Back" commands in some cases to get out of a level.

11.0.246 (4/21/05)
1. Changed: Media Center will use the proper language-specific "My Music", "My Videos", etc. folders instead of always defaulting to English.
2. Fixed: List-type expressions would not work properly when only one value was in the list.
3. Changed: Expressions default to non list style.
4. Changed: Enter keyboard shortcut to return from Full Screen View works again.
5. Fixed: Media Scheduler leaked resources when doing TV recording.
6. Fixed: Longfilename support for iPod.
7. Fixed: WMDM device sub root tree item file tag reporting.
8. Fixed: Incorrect last played data for iPod and subsequent error synching Play Count.
9. Changed: simple transcoding skip support added to UPnP Server, TiVo Server, and Handhelds.
10. Changed: 'Sync All' for portables will only send audio content.
11. Changed: Warning for attempt to playback files that exceed quicktime's 64 character filename limit.
12. New: Media Scheduler displays recording status text during TV recording.
13. Fixed: Some systems could display an error message when accessing file associations.
14. Changed: Media Center will no longer attempt to play files with filenames over 64 characters with the QuickTime engine. (since QuickTime doesn't support this)

11.0.245 (4/20/05)
1. Fixed: Nomad and Dell player support which was broken in yesterday's build, readded. This included media type compatibility
2. Fixed: Ipod long filename with duplicate paths of first 50 characters overwriting fixed.
3. Fixed: Audible bookmarks would not load properly in some cases.
4. Fixed: 244 introduced a bug that would delete rated iPod files during auto sync. This is resolved.
5. Fixed: Portable Action Window available space refresh after sync.
6. Changed: Removed/corrected some outdated/incorrect entries in "Command Shortcuts" in Media Scheduler.
7. Fixed: Audio CD's would burn with cross fading in some cases even if the option was not selected.
8. Fixed: "Close disk" option was showing up on both audio and data CD burning options pages (should just be data).
9. NEW: Database expressions handled list type fields.
10. Changed: Database expressions used in view schemes will default to list-style. (override by adding &DataType=[...] to the expression)

11.0.244 (4/19/05)
1. Changed: Options dialog loads pages on demand instead of all at once for faster access.
2. Changed: Portables now return MediaType information.
3. Fixed: Media Scheduler could use the wrong name in some cases.
4. Fixed: Media Scheduler used wrong registry paths for settings.
5. Fixed: Media Scheduler "TV channels" list was empty for TV recording.
6. Changed: Media Scheduler no longer needs an output file path for TV recording. Now daily recordings of soap opera would not overwrite each other.
7. Fixed: "Enable Task Scheduler" would be checked on Media Scheduler startup even if it was unchecked previously.
8. Fixed: Theater View page up / page down would not always work as expected.
9. Changed: The switch from Theater View to fullscreen looks smoother.
10. Changed: Theater View's picture-in-picture uses a black background when no display is loaded. (instead of the skins color)
11. Changed: Control bars will no longer appear on Theater View's picture-in-picture.
12. NEW: Included new skin: Aruba. (note: still in development)
13. Fixed: The right edge of some skin items would not draw properly when being shrunk.

11.0.243 (4/18/05)
1. Fixed: Non-details style lists would not draw properly. (introduced in 242)

11.0.242 (4/18/05)
1. Fixed: Filename truncation and rename for long filenames with iPod.
2. Fixed: Auto sync for portables could mistakenly delete files on the device.
3. Changed: Auto-sync will occur as soon as MC starts if it is enabled.
4. Changed: MC will handle individualization of multiple iPods. In order to do this, reset your devices and say 'No' to detection of iPod as a device. Then use the 'Configure remote and fixed drives' option to assign a name to each iPod. This name will save the individual settings for each iPod.
5. Fixed: Media Center could clear file associations when deselecting an association for files MC was not associated with. (introduced two builds ago)
6. NEW: Media Mode switches are now integrated into the MC navigation history.
7. Fixed: Tools > Advanced Tools > Windows Media Manager > Help could crash Media Center.
8. Fixed: Windows "smooth scrolling" (on by default with XP) would cause MC's lists to work slowly and look poor during scrolls.
9. NEW: DVD properties has added option to choose audio/video decoder filters. This is still being developed so it may not always work.
10. Changed: Added logging to file associations engine to help troubleshoot error dialog some users are seeing.

11.0.241 (4/15/05)
1. Fixed: Some toolbar links to tree items were not working properly.
2. NEW: Includes help file updated for version 11.
3. NEW: Added new "DVD Menu" as a configurable remote button. (also available as MCC command MCC_DVD_MENU (10033))
4. Fixed: Analyzing files time lag problem for Portables.
5. Fixed: With Media Server running, Media Center could not be closed.
6. Fixed: MP3 encoder would not work properly for handhelds.

11.0.240 (4/14/05)
1. Fixed: Cancelling secure ripping process sometimes caused application crash.
2. NEW: Added SDK function IMJZoneAutomation->GetMixer(...) for zone specific mixer control.
3. Fixed: Shell extension's "Replace & Play" would not work properly in some cases.
4. Fixed: File assocation for playlists could not be unselected in some cases.
5. Changed: MC file association system better copes with Explorer-specific changes so the File Associations list is more accurate.
6. Fixed: Some actions that showed a "Working..." dialog would force Media Center to the foreground.
7. Fixed: File conversion when transferring to Portables.
8. Changed: Number of plays when new files tranferred to Portables will always be 0.
9. Fixed: After each CD track finished ripping, application window would come to the foreground.
10. Changed: Removed list "Tile" mode for now. (may return in a later version)

11.0.236 (4/13/05)
1. Fixed: For 'drive defined' portables, 'file type not supported' will no longer appear in the view.
2. Fixed: Progress bar not working right for CD ripping when multiple rip/encode processes were used.
3. Fixed: Rip/encode speed not correct when when multiple rip/encode processes were used.
4. Fixed: Rip/encode simultaneous option not synchronized between encoder options page and advanced ripping options page.
5. NEW: Audible files resume where they last left off when restarting playback inside of Media Center. (bookmarking)
6. Fixed: Track info pages would not load properly in some cases.
7: Changed: Removed autodetection of NetGear.
8. NEW: Support for Buffalo LinkTheater Network Media Player.
9. New: Support Audio Only mode for UPnP devices with no video output.
10. Fixed: Use Flat URLs option was not working.
11. Fixed: No alternating messages when initializing portables between 'Initializing' and 'Retrieving track information'.
12. Fixed: Toggle between 'sync all' and 'sync selected' for portables.
13. Changed: Improvements added for enumeration of Fixed/Remote drive devices.
14. Changed: Improvements to Auto sync.
15. Fixed: Drag-n-drop inside of a playlist / Playing Now would not work properly.
16. Changed: Playing a tree path with /TreePath= for a random-style smartlist will get a new batch of files each time.

11.0.235 (4/11/05)
1. Changed: Paths defined as Portable Devices will support transfer of all filetypes.
2. Fixed: Portable Action Window progress would not auto close after transfer.
3. Fixed: During auto sync, data from a portable would not be synced to PC.
4. Fixed; Delete unselected portables option.
5. Changed: Dropping on the Media Library (and possibly other) lists could show an uneeded Copy / Move menu.
6. Fixed: In some are cases, drop actions that showed a menu could cause an error.
7. Fixed: Imports that included playlists could cause inconsistent import summary reporting or crashes.
8. Fixed: Import would import broken links from playlists if "Ignore small files" was unchecked.
9. Changed: InstallWizard no longer tries to install Windows Media Device Manager components on Windows XP since they should already have been installed with WMF95.
10. Changed: User interface in action window when burning data CD's.
11. Fixed: CD burning with transcoding had problems "allowing" a secondary audio format onto the destination CD.
12. Fixed: CD burning with transcoding was not transferring tags to the transcoded files burned to CD.
13. Changed: View headers use buttons instead of hyperlinks for commands. (like Rip, Play, etc.)
14. NEW: Theater View's Playing Now will keep the playing file highlighted and visible as tracks change.
15. Fixed: Library Server would not play files with Unicode filenames.

11.0.234 (4/8/05)
1. Fixed: Not all settings for Portables were being individualized correctly.
2. Changed: Auto sync on connection of portable devices is enabled.
3. Changed: Reset of Portable devices will clear all registry settings for Portables.

11.0.233 (4/7/05)
1. Fixed: On a fresh install, thumbnails would not persist between sessions until viewing Options once.
2. Fixed: Slowness transferring files from Nomad and Dell devices to the PC.
3. Fixed: Slowness during analysis of files to be transferred to handhelds.
4. Fixed: When rewinding reached the beginning of the buffer, TV in Time-shifting mode took a long time to resume normal play.
5. Fixed: Rewinding would not work when TV in Time-shifting mode was playing very close to live TV.
6. Fixed: Audio from an analog channel would be played when TV was started playing a digital channel.
7. Fixed: TV would not import recording from ATI HDTV Wonder device.
8. Fixed: Thumbnail viewing of jpg files from portable devices.
9. Fixed: Transcoded CD burning is working again (the "MP3 CD or DVD" choice in the CD burning droplist).

11.0.233 (4/7/05)
1. Fixed: On a fresh install, thumbnails would not persist between sessions until viewing Options once.
2. Fixed: Slowness transferring files from Nomad and Dell devices to the PC.
3. Fixed: Slowness during analysis of files to be transferred to handhelds.
4. Fixed: When rewinding reached the beginning of the buffer, TV in Time-shifting mode took a long time to resume normal play.
5. Fixed: Rewinding would not work when TV in Time-shifting mode was playing very close to live TV.
6. Fixed: Audio from an analog channel would be played when TV was started playing a digital channel.
7. Fixed: TV would not import recording from ATI HDTV Wonder device.
8. Fixed: Thumbnail viewing of jpg files from portable devices.
9. Fixed: Transcoded CD burning is working again (the "MP3 CD or DVD" choice in the CD burning droplist).

11.0.232 (4/5/05)
1. Fixed: When viewing a folder with MC's "My Computer" area, data files could get their system "date modified" updated to the current date.
2. Fixed: Some portable options selected in Tools->Options->Handheld were not being saved properly per device.
3. Fixed: iPod long filename and foreign character added and corrected.
4. Fixed: Time zone and daylight savings time shifts could cause MC to wrongly detect external changes during import.
5. Fixed: Some DVDs would not play
6. Fixed: DVDs that had a menu that's not on the menu domain would not work
properly. (The Incredibles : Bonus Disc, etc.)

11.0.231 (4/4/05)
1. Changed: Playlist selection for synchronization is now unique for each portable device.
2. Fixed: In some cases, Mini View buttons would not draw properly.
3. Fixed: When viewing two views with view headers at once and selecting a file, the view header image of both views would change.
4. Fixed: Improved tagging mode / pane flow when viewing two library views at once.
5. Fixed: Imported playlists would not play properly. (requires Update Library from Tags on imported playlists to fix)
6. Changed: Renamed Theater View "Exit" to "Full Screen."
7. Changed: Theater View default jump-on-play mode changed to "Full Screen."
8. Changed: When watching a video or image, it is no longer possible to change to other display plugins.
9. Fixed: Browsing in Media Library could leak memory. (only existed for a build or two)
10. Fixed: Portable drive custom path multiple display of 'device' in Action Window.
11. Fixed: Audible files now display correct bitrate.
12. NEW: Audible files now displays cover art.
13. Fixed: Error is triggered for "format 1" type Audible files (which cannot be played).

11.0.230 (4/1/05)
1. Changed: Theater View now allows screen savers to run. (still disabled in Full Screen by design)
2. NEW: Thumbnails stored locally for greatly enhanced performance with Media Server and network libraries.
3. NEW: Missing thumbnails are built during import to improve browsing experience.
4. Changed: Import log now integrated into main program logging. (Help > Configure Debug Logging...)
5. Changed: Thumbnails no longer stored as jpeg files. (helps performance since some virus checkers scan jpg files)
6. Changed: When a file fails to thumbnail (video filters missing, etc.) MC will not reattempt to thumbnail the file.
7. Changed: Nomad and Dell plugins changed to only show errors at end of the transfer. No intermediate dialogues.
8. Changed: Portable device detection and interaction optimization and modification.
9. Added: Support for MTP portable devices.
10. Fixed: Video playback for PSP
11. Fixed: File conversion for portables.
12. Fixed: Combo-box dropdown size too small in APE, TiVo Server and UPnP Server options dialogs.
13. Changed: Removed non-functional "Skip files of same type" encoding option in Handheld Options dialog. It will be replaced later with working version.

11.0.228 (3/31/05)
1. Fixed: Shell integration would not work properly in some cases.
2. Fixed: On-screen-display would not properly handle mutliple line display strings.
3. Changed: Removed "Download more skins" from the skin choosing page of the installer.
4. Changed: TV uses unified OSD.
5. NEW: View headers use better art when the selected files don't have art.

11.0.226 (3/30/05)
1. Changed: Better handling of changing digital TV channels in quick succession.
2. Fixed: Incorrect message "TV tuner has been reset to default settings" after user has cancelled resetting.
3. NEW: Added option to start digital TV in time-shifting mode (default is ON).
4. Fixed: Playlist notes typed into view headers would not properly save when switching views.
5, Fixed: Small improvement to international character URL encoding.
6. Changed: TV fast forwarding or rewinding can go to higher speed.
7. Changed: When TV is in fast forward or rewind, clicking Play/Pause button will resume normal play (instead of pausing).
8. Changed: Clicking fast forward / rewind button when TV is already in maximum speed will not resume normal speed (it will remain at maximum speed).
9. Fixed: TV rewinding would not work if it was playing very close to live time.
10. Fixed: Library Server was getting the library to share name from the wrong place.
11. NEW: Improved option handling, includng auto-detection and by device name selection, for UPnP Server.
12. Changed: Added skinning engine support for Main.xml > Toolbars > Statusbar > TextAlignment.

11.0.225 (3/25/05)
1. Fixed: Portable devices status bar could display 'File Not found' incorrectly.
2. Fixed: TV playback would not always start on the proper channel.
3. Fixed: Track info pages wouldn't support right-click.
4. Fixed: DVD playback wouldn't cancel rewind / fast forward when tapping the play button.
5. Fixed: Streams now work with UPnP Server and TiVo.
6. Fixed: WAV files now play on Streamium.
7. Fixed: DLink DSM-320 would repeat the first second of content.
8. NEW: PSP supports video transfers. (video must be in mp4 format)

11.0.224 (3/24/05)
1. NEW: UPnP Server now supports movies.
2. Fixed: Backslashes would get replaced by underscores in Rename from Info.
3. NEW: Added movie support to PSP. (requires videos to be in proper format)
4. NEW: Reworked the internal program design. (may create bugs -- use with caution)

11.0.222 (3/24/05)
1. Fixed: Files with no system 'last modified' time could cause problems with handhelds and library updates.
2. Fixed: During handheld upload, the correct status messages would not be displayed in the status bar.
3. Fixed: The wrong icon could be used for portable devices in the tree.
4. NEW: Added Playstation Portable (PSP) support for both music and images.

11.0.221 (3/23/05)
1. Fixed: Clicking a scrollbar in MC when another application with the focus partially covered MC would not properly redraw MC.
2. Changed: Portable Options added customizable filepath for playlists for custom drive paths.
3. Fixed: Conversion for iPod. For fix to work, you will need to open and close the options dialogue and confirm your settings.
4. NEW: TV can do Time-shifting and still-picture-capturing with Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 device.
5. Changed: Added database type logging to help isolate any database loading / saving performance issues.
6. Fixed: Database expressions with double brackets (i.e. Artist) would not work properly.
7. Fixed: Track info pages would flicker when sizing or bar hiding / showing.
8. Fixed: Some mini skins would not draw properly.
9. Fixed: Adding columns for renamed library fields would not work properly in Customize Current View.

11.0.220 (3/21/05)
1. Fixed: Options > Tree & View > Theater View... removed. (since Theater View options are in the main options dialog now)
2. Fixed: MC could crash or show no files in some views. (introduced in 219)
3. Changed: All portable options are now customized for each device. No more global settings.
4. Fixed: Drag and dropping a playlist on a Portable could have resulted in a display of duplicate files from within MC.
5. Fixed: TV audio was messed up for Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250/350 devices.
6. Fixed: DVD pause would not work properly in some cases.

11.0.219 (3/18/05)
1. NEW: Added IsEmpty(...) expression function.
2. Fixed: Expressions with empty parameters could cause crashes.
3. Changed: Expression evaluator shows error strings for bad expressions. (previously could crash or output strange results)
4. Changed: DVD playback automatically resumes at last location instead of throwing a dialog box. (use "DVD Menu" command to revert to the menu)
5. Fixed: Closing Windowed view would not automatically bring Standard View back.
6. Fixed: Clicking a service in the Action Window list would not always show that service.
7. Fixed: System colored menus could use the wrong text color in some cases.
8. Fixed: Sorting by the sequence column would not work properly.
9. NEW: When switching DVD playback between monitors, the playback position is no longer lost.
10. Fixed: D-Link DSM-320 was not displaying pictures.

11.0.218 (3/17/05)
1. NEW: Integrated Theater View options into the main program options.
2. NEW: Added Theater View option to configure the text shown for a file.
3. NEW: Service Manager includes updated Audible service with integrated downloading. (Hide / Install the service in Service Manager to update from an older version)
4. Fixed: Expression evaluator would incorrectly detect circular references in some cases.
5. NEW: Revised Theater View's Playing Now view to work more like Standard View. (i.e. display is larger, controls are available, etc.)
6. NEW: Added Theater View option to allow left / right arrows to go into and out of pages.
7. Changed: Pressing 'Left' when in a menu will cancel the menu. (useful in Theater View)
8. NEW: Added "Jump on play" setting for Theater View, defaults to showing Playing Now when starting playback.
9. Fixed: TiVo Server was using the wrong options dialog.
10. Fixed: When clicking next right after a track finished, the play count could get incremented for both tracks.
11. Fixed: Customize Current View > Remove Column would remove two columns instead of one.

11.0.216 (3/16/05)
1. Fixed: Expressions with field names that contained parenthesis did not work properly.
2. Fixed: Some expressions with If(...) statements would not properly output all characters.
3. NEW: Added FormatRange(...) support to expression evaluator for outputting groupings. (i.e. A-C, 100-200, etc.)
4. Changed: Changed tree / list coloring so only the main tree and list ever use 'focused' color.
5. Changed: When reporting tagging failures the file list will be truncated so the dialog won't be too large.
6. NEW: TV has preliminary support of Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 device (viewing and recording only, no time-shifting yet).
7. Fixed: Ripping from multiple CD drives wasn't working.
8. Fixed: In certain situations, MC was leaving a CD drive in a state where it couldn't be accessed by MC or other programs until MC was closed.
9. Changed: Improved support for empty dates in the expression evaluator.
10. NEW: Added remote control buttons for jumping directly to most Theater View pages. (also available from Girder as MCC_THEATER_VIEW)
11. Changed: Improved Theater View's functioning when "Keep focus" option was not selected.
12. Optimzed: Showing Theater View's home page can be much faster.
13. Changed: Revised Theater View selection flow so select menu items are at the top once selection has begun.
14. Changed: Improved support for back / forward shortcuts in Theater View. (all mapped keyboard shortcuts now work)
15. NEW: Added 'Remove' to the commands menu inside of Theater View's Playing Now.
16. Changed: Improved Theater View's handling of back / forward shortcuts so all shortcuts (Alt+Left, Backspace, etc.) will work.
17. Fixed: D-Link DSM-320 was not playing music. It requires the new "No Server Header" option to be checked.
18. Fixed: Skip transcoding for files changing to the same type now works for all encoders, not just MP3.
19. Fixed: The External Encoder would auto-configure when not needed.
20. Fixed: Computers without any Audible activations would not play untargeted Audible files.
21: Changed: Input and encoder WMA plugins link to the latest Windows Media 9.5 libraries.

11.0.214 (3/14/05)
1. Changed: Some tree controls would use the the unfocused color instead of the focused color.
2. Fixed: Action Window's File Info field list would not properly show the currently selected columns.
3. NEW: Added Mid(...) and IsRange(...) functions to expression evaluator.
4. NEW: "Rename From Properties..." supports database expressions.
5. Fixed: Remote drive designation as Portable Device.
6. Fixed: Library Server Authentication was not working.
7. Fixed: CD ripping reported "failure" despite ripping all tracks successfully.
8. Fixed: CD Rip and Cancel buttons worked differently in Action window and in the list control.
9. Fixed: CD ripping failures resulted in confusing action window behavior.
10. Fixed: Multiple CD's could not be selected for ripping.
11. Fixed: The HandHeld Options dialog was not remembering changes.
12. Fixed: The HandHeld option for not converting different bitrates of the same format was not working.
13. Changed: Added "Library" menu (with backup, restore, library manager, etc.) to library root tree right-click.

11.0.213 (3/11/05)
1. NEW: Added support for If(...), FixCase(...), and IsEqual(...) to expression evaluator.
2. Fixed: Installer would reinstall WM 9.5 on XP machines when it wasn't necessary.
3. Fixed: Database expressions can be used as columns in list controls. (still a work in progress)
4. Changed: Listed CD capacity for burning no longer takes multi-session overhead into account. 700MB disc is now listed as 700MB.

11.0.212 (3/11/05)
1. Fixed: In skins without a tree selection image, the focused / unfocused coloring was reversed.
2. Fixed: Tools that used encoders would not work properly. (ripping, burning, recording)
3. Fixed: Installation on Win2k would try to install Windows Media runtimes that were too new.
4. Fixed: Creating / renaming data burning CD folders would cause a crash.

11.0.211 (3/10/05)
1. Fixed: Pressing 'Back' on the toolbar above a webpage could cause MC to crash in some cases.
2. Fixed: Dropping files on a handheld view could cause a crash.
3. Changed: Showing track info pages with certain IE system sounds enabled could cause MC to play sounds when switching tracks.
4. Fixed: Switching skins would not properly update all views when using split views.
5. Fixed: Library field list in Options dialog could flicker when adding or removing fields.
6. Changed: Dropping files on an empty Playing Now Action Window honors the "Start playback when adding to Playing Now" option.
7. Fixed: In some cases, the on-screen display wouldn't stay on top of the current display.
8. NEW: Added option General > Behavior > Previous button to make the previous button work like a standard CD player.
9. NEW: Glass and Acajou Theater View skins work again.
10. Changed: Drop menus in Theater View use a width that matches the item they're dropping from.
11. Changed: Speed improvements for parsing mpl database file from Portable Devices.
12. NEW: Added Media Server program to start menu for running Library, TiVo, UPnP, etc. servers in the background.
13. NEW: Retooled database expression engine to be much more powerful. ( documentation here: )
14. NEW: Installer downloads and installs Windows Media Format runtimes during install only if system isn't up to date.
15. NEW: Encoder and transcoder settings have been upgraded.
16. Fixed: Transcoder settings on UPnP Server, TiVo Server, and Library Server now allow quality selection, and choosing arbitrary encoders as the target.
17. Fixed: The latest TiVo (7.1) now works.
18. Fixed: Mime types are correctly assigned for UPnP Server.
19. Fixed: International characters work with UPnP Server and TiVo Server.
20. Fixed: Browsing deep with UPnP Server now works (known problem for Roku, maybe others).
21. NEW: When dragging items, MC shows an alpha blended representation along with the drag. (not available on Win9x)

11.0.205 (3/4/05)
1. Changed: Updated MP3 input plugin options to store information in the newer registry location. (old settings will need to be remade)
2. NEW: On W2K and XP, drags into the player support shell alpha drag images.
3. Changed: Ripped DVD files (VOB) would not play properly over Media Server. (requires Tools > Update Tags (from librayr) on VOB files)
4. Changed: Library import "Get cover art" only gets cover art for files just imported. (instead of trying to re-run the whole database)
5. Changed: Some static controls would show ampersands as underlines.
6. Fixed: CD information submission system could flicker when drawing the track name list.
7. NEW: View header slideshow images follow the current selection. (instead of being for any random file in the view)

11.0.201 (2/28/05)
1. Changed: Improved 'Cancel' functionality of import / update library system.
2. NEW: Enhanced CD view header to show more appropriate information for blank, data, and other non-audio disc types.
3. Fixed: CD drives would not show up in the tree. (introduced in 200)

11.0.200 (2/28/05)
1. Fixed: Media Center could fail to install in some cases on a clean machine.
2. Fixed: After a file conversion, tags would not be saved to the new file.
3. Fixed: Some dynamically filled submenus could disappear quickly after appearing.
4. Changed: Internal queue for Portables has been revised.
5. Fixed: When starting MC in Playing Now, the current playback track wouldn't be visible.

11.0.199 (2/25/05)
1. Fixed: Log file would not open properly in some editors.
2. Fixed: When first switching to a view, the file list would not always be scrolled to the top.

11.0.198 (2/24/05)
1. Fixed: Playlists SDK access would not show smartlists.
2. Fixed: Queued CD files would not show up properly until "Show files in subfolders" was selected.
3. Fixed: Renaming / deleting data burn folders could cause a crash in some cases.
4. Fixed: File deletions from Portables would not always delete correctly.
5. Fixed: MC would not create iRiver 140 playlists with the correct path.
6. Fixed: Mass Storage type device track deletion would not always be reflected correctly in the view.
7. Fixed: Occasional substantial delays after synchronization to portables.
8. Fixed: Message regarding 'Files already on Portable will be removed from queue" will occur only once per session unless directed to not show again ever.
9. Fixed: TV would lock up in previous build.
10. Fixed: Portable Progress AW 'Cancel' could overwrite other parts of window.
11. Fixed: Delete / Shift+Delete to delete images while watching a slideshow was not functioning.
12. Fixed: Import / Synchronize of the database would remove CUE file entries as if they were broken links.
13. NEW: Added new debug logging configuration dialog -- access in Help menu.

11.0.196 (2/18/05)
1. Fixed: TV sound synchronization or no sound problem with WinTV PVR 250/350 devices.
2. Fixed: Switching channel during time-shifting would cause sound to be lost with WinTV PVR 250/350 devices.
3. New: Added option to choose between "WaveOut" and "DirectSound" audio renderers for analog TV devices that require an audio renderer.
4. Changed: Portable Avaialable Space will reflect deleted files when files are queued.
5. Fixed: Reset TV Settings did not do a complete resetting in recent builds.
6. Changed: Added improved error checking to custom install destination folder, so MC can't be installed to root or windows folder.
7. New: One can choose to sort TV channels by either channel number or station name.
8. Changed: Disconnects of Portables will delete the plugin connection. This should fix the situation where two iPods are switching on one PC.
9. Fixed: Installed service plugins would not show up in the tree.
10. Fixed: Visualization Studio would not function properly on Win9x.
11. Changed: Tuned OSD coloring and sizing.
12. Changed: Display bars only appear when mouse movement occurs inside the display window.
13. Changed: Recursive display of data CD files disabled each start of MC for performance reasons. (can be enabled by clicking "Show files in subfolders" in view header)
14. Fixed: After showing some dialogs, MC wouldn't accept some keyboard shortcuts until explicitly giving a new window the focus.
15. Fixed: Playlists SDK access would not show all playlists in some cases.
16. Changed: Removed obsolete Tools > Advanced Tools > Media Server option. (Media Server is now an internal plugin)
17. Changed: Builds now digitally signed by J. River.

11.0.193 (2/10/05)
1. Changed: Optimization and modification of track retrieval from Portables.
2. Fixed: Networked files would sometimes transfer as 0 length files to Portables causing them to fail or be unplayable.

11.0.192 (2/8/05)
1. Fixed: After dropping / pasting to a tree, a "Working..." wait message could appear and never disappear.
2. Fixed: Gridlines would not draw correctly in lists with a sequence column. (and possibly other columns)
3. Fixed: After dragging a column to a new location, gridlines that extended below the files would not update properly.
4. Fixed: Panes would not always update properly after making changes.
5. Fixed: In some cases, rapidly playing different tracks could cause a hang. (more prevalent with internet streams)
6. Changed: Optimization and modification of track and playlist file queuing for Portable devices.

11.0.190 (2/4/05)
1. Optimized: Adding or deleting large numbers of files from a transfer queue is faster.
2. Fixed: Browser scheme editing changes would not save in some cases.
3. Fixed: Status column would not display properly in some lists. (Analyzing Audio, etc.)

11.0.188 (2/3/05)
1. New: Digital TV periodically checks video size from TV program to ensure correctness of displayed video size.
2. Changed: On screen display made smaller.
3. Fixed: Some 2D visualizations would not work properly on non-English locales.

11.0.184 (2/1/05)
1. Fixed: Some 2D visualizations would not work properly on non-English locales.
2. Changed: PDT portable modifications to accommodate any base .m3u file path. Added support for iRiver H-140.
3. Changed: Attempting to start a burn without a disc in the drive shows a message to insert a disc and try again.
4. NEW: UPnP Server option to disable NOTIFY warnings.
5. NEW: UPnP Server responds to device type SSDP searches.
6. NEW: UPnP Server supports service descriptions and eventing.
7. NEW: UPnP Server supports images on Streamium.
8. NEW: UPnP Server supports BrowseMetadata (required for Roku).
9. NEW: UPnP Server supports resource size.
10. Fixed: UPnP Server supports duration in proper format.
11. Fixed: UPnP Server supports better object types (required for LinkSys).
12. Fixed: When transferring to a portable device, if files are missing, removing them from the library would cause a crash during transfer.
13. Changed: Displaying analog TV's video inputs (SVideo, Composite etc.) as channels is now optional.
14. Fixed: In some cases digital TV playback/time-shifting would start in wrong video size.
15. Fixed: In rare cases, background tag updating could cause a crash / hang.
16. Fixed: Replay Gain for iPod.
17. Changed: Image playback uses new unified OSD to display image captions. (still a work in progress)
18. Optimized: Several actions faster due to optimized UI update routing and handling. (please report any strangeness you see where the tree / view doesn't update when expected)
19. Fixed: Quick Play > Playing Now entries were not working properly.

11.0.183 (1/28/05)
1. Fixed: TV on-screen display of message text did not work for digital TV.
2. Changed: "YUV Mixing Mode" for digital TV is made optional (default is ON).
3. NEW: Media Center creates a log each run to aid with bug finding / fixing. (log stays private unless you share it -- placed in C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\J River\Media Center 11)
4. Fixed: During device sync, multiple 'clear queue' messages.
5. Fixed: Devices - 'Clear Queue' at end of transfer is removed.
6. Fixed: Disappearing AW after Portable sync.
7. Changed: Added wait message for initialization of a portable device.
8. Fixed: Some visualizations would not function properly.
9. Changed: Added +100x / -100x DVD seeking speed.
10. NEW: Added new unified on-screen display to playback display for showing playback state. (still a work in progress, most complete for DVD playback)
11. NEW: Added DVD bookmarking so MC will optionally start where you last left off when starting a DVD.

11.0.181 (1/27/05)
1. Optimized: Nearly all menu submenus are dynamically filled on access for faster and leaner menus.
2. Changed: Added "Display" sub-menu to display right-click menu.
3. Fixed: Running uninstall without administrator rights would crash instead of showing a warning that uninstall is not possible.
4. Fixed: Leaving a thumbnail list could take longer than expected if thumbnailing was taking place.
5. Fixed: 2D Visualizations could cause dead-locks in some cases. (hopefully fixed -- please let us know)

11.0.180 (1/26/05)
1. Fixed: Media Center behaves nicer when holding down fast forward for the course of several audio tracks.
2. Fixed: If duplicate files are selected during Portable transfer, warning would appear multiple times.
3. Fixed: If available space was exceeded during a proposed transfer to a Portable, the available space was incorrectly reported.
4. NEW: IP Address may be specified for UPnP Server (useful for multi-homed servers).
5. NEW: TiVo Server/UPnP Server can now access view schemes.
6. Changed: Disc-number sorting now treats empty, "0", and "1" all as the same disc number.
7. Fixed: Verification of files was occuring when dropped on list, rather than prior to upload.
8. Fixed: List scroll / selection was not being properly restored when navigating "Back."
9. Fixed: Using image manipulation tools inside of Library Browser could cause crashes.
10. Fixed: Fullscreen image playback would not always accept keyboard shortcuts as expected.
11. Fixed: Clicking "Play" on a view header would not honor sorting specified inside of a smartlist.
12. Changed: Library Browser coloring now matches list coloring specified by the skin.

11.0.179 (1/21/05)
1. Fixed: Progress bars would draw as black boxes. (introduced in 178)
2. Changed: View headers use list colors to choose list and text coloring.
3. Changed: Information box added to inform users that files queued for transfer to a Portable Device will be removed if they already exist on the device.
4. Changed: If a user closes the Portable 'Sync' action window, MC will prompt to clear the queue.
5. Changed: Added a wait message during initialization of the playlist tree control in the Portable Sync AW.
6. Fixed: Closing the program could cause a handheld to get initialized even if it was never used, which caused slowdowns.

11.0.178 (1/19/05)
1. Fixed: UPnP Server incorrectly reports 0 for number of children.
2. Changed: Added hack for some UPnP implementations that don't allow nested URLs.
3. Fixed: MP3 files on a Samba server that didn't handle short filenames could fail to be imported or tagged.
4. Fixed: Flickering when Portable Device list control was redrawn.
5. Fixed: Defined folders as a 'Portable Device' caused crashing when selected in the tree.
6. Fixed: After viewing a CD burn queue list, MC would crash when closing.
7. Fixed: UPnP/TiVo/Library Servers may have crashed on exit, or not stopped if exiting while playing.
8. Optimized: Switching views is faster in many cases.
9. Fixed: Audible plugin would not load properly on some systems.
10. New: Image adjustments (brightness, contrast etc.) are available for digital TV now.
11. Fixed: Track Info page token TRACKINFO_INSERT_PLAYLISTS was not working properly.

11.0.177 (1/14/05)
1. Fixed: Some drag-n-drop / clipboard actions could cause a crash if no files were involved.
2. Changed: Back / forward works between webpage and library type views, to effectively create one history list.
3. Changed: Wait message should appear while MC gathers information from Portable Devices.
4. Changed: Wait message should appear while Portable Device Action Window draws playlist tree when necessary.
5. Fixed: Portable Device Sync queue will prompt to clear queue when AW is closed.
6. Fixed: Portable Device playlist tree flickering during draw.
7. Fixed: Searches / tree items for long strings would not work properly when a short string started the same as the long string.
8. Fixed: Quick Play of mix-type smartlists would play the same results each time.
9. Optimized: Improved speed of views containing view headers.
10. NEW: Added view header to handheld list views.
11. Changed: View header for CDs "Rip" control changes to "Cancel Rip" when ripping is in progress.

11.0.174 (1/13/05)
1. Fixed: Audible plugin would not install properly on some systems.
2. Fixed: UPnP Header case, cache-control, server, date and usn header.

11.0.173 (1/12/05)
1. Changed: m3u playlists for mass storage portables will include .\ in the path to accommodate Rio players and others.
2. Fixed: Shuffle / Continuous menu items in Mini View would not properly update their check state when switching states.
3. Fixed: Import dialog could paint slowly with skins that had custom dialog backgrounds.
4. Fixed: Seeking on some WMA radio streams could cause the program to hang.
5. NEW: Added native playback of Audible files. (allows DSP, burning, visualizations, etc.)
6. Changed: Dropping / pasting on "Playing Now" item shows menu for possible actions.
7. Changed: Drag-n-drop in Playlist, Playing Now, and some other views assumes move vs. copy based on keyboard control button instead of always showing a menu. (menu still possible with right-drag)
8. Changed: Drag-n-drop operations that will result in a menu being shown will show the link-type drag icon. (instead of move / copy)
9. Changed: "Please wait. Loading Page..." message uses list colors to better fit with the current skin.
10. Fixed: Relative path M3U files would not work properly when an entry started with a backslash.
11. Changed: Moving the volume slider will unmute the volume.
12. NEW: MC TV has A "Signal Strength Meter" on "TV Channels" property page, as well as on Scan Digital Channels dialog window, to indicate signal strength for digital TV.
13. NEW: Clicking an entry in TV channels list on "TV Channels" property page temporarily tunes TV to that channel.
14. Changed: Added long title scrolling back to the player display on mouse-over.
15. Changed: Reduced the show duration of tooltips in the player area.
16. Changed: Optimized synchronization for Portables.
17. Fixed: Device configuration dialog would not allow playlist tree to be scrolled.
18. Fixed: MC could crash when closing if its license was not loaded properly.
19. Fixed: General UPnP Cleanup.
20. Fixed: Library/TiVo/UPnP Server thread cleanup could avoid some problems.

11.0.168 (1/7/05)
1. Fixed: Showing Options could cause MC to crash.
2. Fixed: Showing multiple Playing Now views would not gracefully handle the fact that the display can only be shown by one view.
3. Fixed: In-place editing with single selections would not add the current value to the list, causing some unexpected behavior.

11.0.167 (1/6/05)
1. Fixed: In some cases, dropping / pasting files to a playlist list could reverse their order.
2. Fixed: Some TV dialog windows do not play nice with skinning.
3. NEW: Added support for Tree > Background skin item for having custom tree backgrounds.
4. Fixed (again): Thumbnails from internal for videos or internal cover art could be blank or mismatched in some cases. (use Options > Tree & View > Erase All Thumbnails... to correct)

11.0.166 (1/5/05)
1. Fixed: Maximizing a window could show an in-between state for a split second.
2. Fixed: Theater View was disabled.
3. Fixed: Playback of image, audio, and video together at once was not working as expected.
4. Fixed: An attempt to close MC during a transfer to a Portable Device will prompt a warning to wait until the current file completes its transfer.

11.0.165 (1/5/05)
1. Fixed: Help > About... was not functioning. (introduced in 164)
2. Fixed: Mini-View "Inactive Transparent" option could take multiple clicks to enable / disable.
3. Changed: MP3 Encoder VBR no longer listed in MC 11 when MC 10 is installed.
4. Fixed: Encoder 'Quality' selection list changes were not always being saved properly.
5. Changed: Added a few tweaks to reduce database I/O in a few areas.

11.0.164 (1/4/05)
1. Fixed: MC would crash when accessing TV features if the TV control could not be created. (instead of showing an error)
2. Fixed: Mini View "Always on Top" option was not working properly.
3. NEW: Added extra warning dialog to delete / recycle options when erasing files. (has "Do not ask again" option)
4. NEW: Added "Eject" functionality to CD / DVD drive right-click menu.
5. Fixed: Sizing columns to 0-width would display a warning, but not snap the column back to a valid size.
6. Changed: Enabled / disabled interface plugins are stored per-user instead of per-install.
7. Fixed: During synchronization to portable devices, incorrect files were being added from playlists if they were updated between syncs.
8. Fixed: When starting playback, MC could flash to and from a wait cursor several times.
9. Fixed: 'Reset detected devices' for Portables will fully clean the registry and reset it for new device detection.
10. Changed: Server plug-ins unloaded when not in use. Note - Server plug-in options must be reset.
11. Changed: TV channel scanning interface is improved.
12. NEW: All split views start at the same location as the main view. When spawning a new view while running, they clone the first view.
13. Fixed: Thumbnails from internal for videos or internal cover art could be blank or mismatched in some cases. (use Options > Tree & View > Erase All Thumbnails... to correct)

11.0.162 (12/23/04)
1. Fixed: The mouse pointer would not auto-hide in Theater View.
2. Fixed: Media Mode toolbar buttons wouldn't highlight right away after a click.
3. Fixed: MC will not try to initialize 'Ignored' portable devices.
4. Changed: Additional modifications to improve synchronization to Portables.
5. Fixed: Bug which was preventing Last Played and Rating info from correctly synching from iPod to PC.
6. Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts could get run twice in a row in some cases.

11.0.161 (12/22/04)
1. Fixed: Right-click synchronization for iPod was broken.
2. Fixed: Some toolbar buttons / menu commands would be wrongly disabled. (media modes, etc.)

11.0.160 (12/22/04)
1. Fixed: Synchronization issues with Portable Devices.
2. Changed: Tree / view splitter can be manually moved when in tree auto-sizing mode.
3. Fixed: Custom "Ripping Complete" sounds were not being played.
4. Fixed: Toolbar's "Show text" option was not working properly.
5. Fixed: In some cases, disabled commands could still be executed with keyboard shortcuts.
6. Fixed: Paste, delete, rename, and a few other commands could get routed to unfocused windows when then focused window didn't handle them -- causing unexpected results.
7. Fixed: In some cases, paste or drop operations could show a menu with 'Cancel' as the only choice.
8. NEW: Library Server, TiVo Server and UPnP Server update playcounts and last played times.

11.0.159 (12/21/04)
1. Fixed: Portable Device not always appearing in tree bug.
2. Fixed: iPod refresh after initialization bug.

11.0.158 (12/21/04)
1. Fixed: Audio playback could fail on some systems.

11.0.157 (12/21/04)
1. Fixed: Showing some menus could show an "invalid argument" error dialog.
2. Fixed: Display's bottom bar didn't have a left button.
3. Fixed: Portable Device right click tree item bugs based on incorrect path bugs corrected.

11.0.156 (12/20/04)
1. Fixed: Custom View > Thumbnail Spacing settings were not working properly.
2. Fixed: Playlist / Playing Now views wouldn't update after view setting changes until leaving and coming back.
3. Fixed: Display bars would never disappear on mouse inactivity if the cursor wasn't over the display.
4. Changed: Foreign characters (which caused iPod files to not play) are replaced with '_'.
5. Fixed: Portable device progress could sometimes report as a negative value.
6. Fixed: Portable device m3u creation handles CR/LF correctly for all devices.
7. NEW: Redesigned playback display system that allows track info, cover art, etc. to be displayed during playback of all file types.
8. Changed: List item selection extends across the entire row in a list control.
9. Fixed: Viewing a non-burning CD drive could cause MC to display unneeded error messages.
10. Fixed: Some MRU menu commands would not work properly.
11. Fixed: Toolbar text mode setting would not always work / save as expected.
12. Fixed: Some standard accelerators better handled when in-place editing with MC. (F4 opens combo, ctrl/shift left or right, etc.)
13. Fixed: Searches with sorting wouldn't always work properly when other searches were added to them. (with the panes, etc.)
14. Changed: ~mix uses exact ratios instead of random approximates. (so 75% / 25% of 20 always returns 15 / 5)
15. Fixed: Changing playback zones while viewing Playing Now wouldn't properly update the display to the new zone's display.
16. Fixed: Right-click > Locate items were not working properly.

11.0.149 (12/14/04)
1. Fixed: In some cases, dropping files on a playlist wouldn't refresh the playlist properly so that the new files were visible.
2. Changed: Removed "Show Order" / "Remove Order" option from playlists -- all playlists are ordered now.
3. Fixed: Library Options did not save all correctly after fresh install.
4. Changed: When attempting tagging read-only files, MC will show an error dialog immediately, instead of after 10-minutes or on shutdown.
5. Changed: MC 11 supports all MC 10 skins, even for Library Browser view. (uses defaults for some new items from "[MC]\Data\Default Skin Items" folder)
6. Changed: MC supports "Tree > ExpandedButton" skin item for replacing the stock plus / minus boxes in the tree.
7. Changed: Tree > My Computer > Right-click > Import shows standard import dialog, with current directory shown in the folder list.
8. Fixed: Command-line /Import and /SilentImport could cause MC to crash if it wasn't running.
9. NEW: Command-line /Import and /SilentImport now accepts directories as well as filenames in the filename list. (pipe-delimited)
10. Changed: Importing from Explorer will now show an import summary and the files that were just imported.
11. Fixed: "Restore Library..." wouldn't default to the default library backup path.
12. Fixed: Thumbnail views could not fill in all thumbnails in some cases.
13. Fixed: Import's "Download Images" dialog could appear behind MC, making MC seem locked.

11.0.148 (12/09/04)
1. Fixed: MC wouldn't draw thumbnails at a size larger than 256x256.
2. NEW: Added experimental system to use expressions as view scheme columns. (may not remain)

11.0.147 (12/09/04)
1. Fixed: Deleting queued files from a burn list could be overly slow in some cases.
2. Fixed: Green arrow type buttons in Options wouldn't always work.
3. Fixed: 'Optimize volume' startup option was not being honored.
4. Fixed: In some cases, the installer could change the skin with each load.

11.0.146 (12/08/04)
1. Fixed: Thumbnail views that contained files that MC couldn't thumbnail could cause a hang. (most common with videos)
2. Fixed: When MC showed a local webpage (on Start w/o Internet connection, etc.), it would do it in a separate window instead of inside the program.
3. Fixed: Certain Portable Devices stopped appearing in the tree. They should now be seen.
4. Fixed: WMDM progress appeared multiple times in task manager.
5. Fixed: Filenames that exceeded the shell's limit for filename length could cause crashes in MC.
6. Changed: MC no longer imports files with filenames that exceed the shell's limit. (since system functions won't always work on them)
7. Changed: Added "failed to import" reporting to import summary dialog. (also in Log file)
8. Fixed: When using MC in fullscreen vode on one monitor with standard view on another monitor, the mouse cursor would not always be visible in standard view.
9. NEW: Many HDTV playback enhancements -- YUV mixing, VMR9, choosing audio renderer, etc.
10. Fixed: With split views enabled and 'Start' as one of the visible pages, the search bar wouldn't work as expected.
11. Fixed: Statusbar, file properties window, and other pieces would not always update properly when switching the active view in Split View mode.
12. Fixed: Switching the active split view could cause extra updating in some cases, making the view lose its position.
13. Changed: Action Window playlist style pages no longer honor the global search.
14. Fixed: Typing in the search control while viewing a playlist style Action Window page could cause the search box to not function properly.
15. Fixed: Alt+[key] menu shortcuts were not working properly.
16. Fixed: My Computer right-click "Import..." was not working properly.

11.0.140 (12/01/04)
1. Fixed: WMDM Progress will no longer show in Task Manager.
2. Fixed: Maximize / restore on W2K could cause Media Center to not resize web page views properly in some cases.
3. Changed: Gridlines extend to right of items in a list.
4. NEW: List control headers support skin specified heights. (Skin: List > Headerbar > Height)
5. NEW: List control header sort arrow count is skin customizable. (Skin: List > Headerbar > SortArrows)
6. Fixed: Conversion didn't scroll to follow the currently processing file, so knowing overall progress was tricky.
7. Changed: Conversion columns were too wide, so list would show horizontal scrollbar when converting many files.
8. Fixed: Toolbar art for customized toolbars could be incorrect. (due to art system changes, custom toolbars will have to be rebuilt)
9. Changed: "Update Library (from tags)" no longer asks for confirmation to apply the updated information to the database after the update has finished.
10. Fixed: Library Browser sorting (specified in the drop-down next to the tabs) was not always working properly.
11. Changed: Skinning engine supports different art for enabled and disabled splitters.
12. Changed: Time elapsed fields like "Date Imported" or "Last Played" get displayed nicer in a smartlist, and can be edited with a wizard.
13. Changed: Skinning engine supports graphical list selection image. (Skin: List > Selection)

11.0.133 (11/23/04)
1. Fixed: m3u playlist creation for mass storage portable devices.
2. Fixed: Some right-click controls in the player bar weren't working properly.
3. Fixed: Warnings about over-capacity when burning CD/DVD could be incorrect for very large values.
4. Changed: Tree auto-expand / auto-collapse happens on a timer so expansion state won't toggle when double-clicking.
5. Fixed: Tree auto-expand / auto-collapse was not working when changing tree selections with keyboard shortcuts.
6. Changed: List gridlines extend to entire list, including non-item area.
7. Changed: Track number and disc number are linked so that sorting by track number automatically sorts by disc number first.
8. NEW: Thumbnail building now builds several thumbnails at once (multiple threads), which can be much faster in some cases.
9. Changed: Thumbnail builder no longer keeps threads running once thumbnails have finished being built. (more efficient)
10. Fixed: Media Center could be unstable on a computer with a CD drive installed that wasn't a burner. (introducted 129)
11. Changed: Options button position for TiVo Server and Library Server moved to the left.
12. Changed: Removed Media Server from installation. Use new Library Server / TiVo Server from Media Center > Tree > Plugins.
13. Fixed: Double-click to add / remove buttons wasn't working the "Customize Toolbar" window.

11.0.129 (11/19/04)
1. Fixed: WMA files with long notes or bios stored in the previous extended field format could cause a crash when being analyzed by MC.
2. Fixed: Tree auto-expand / auto-collapse was not working properly in some cases.
3. Fixed: CD views would shuffle the sequence column and flicker when redrawing when files were queued for burning.
4. NEW: Media Center creates a log file in the "Logs" folder beneath the library for each import. (aids troubleshooting and allows users to see exactly what gets changed)
5. Changed: Revised MP3 Encoder options wording to make it more clear whether it's in VBR, ABR, or CBR mode.
6. Fixed: Option to trim silence when burning a CD was not working.
7. Fixed: PDA devices will not cause new versions of the update file to download.
8. Changed: View schemes show in Theater View by default or after upgrade. (was hiding by default -- still configurable)
9. Fixed: Database could get corrupted by viewing a removable handheld device.
10. Changed: CD burning displays per-file progress in the list during a burn.

11.0.128 (11/15/04)
1. Fixed: Theater View's "Add (selection)" command wouldn't work properly when selecting individual files with check marks.
2. Changed: MC can now display CMYK format JPEGs.
3. Fixed: Changes made with "Edit View Scheme" wouldn't show in the tree until the tree was collapsed and expanded.
4. Changed: MC now sorts word breaks before punctuation. (example: "mc sort" before "mc's sort")
5. Changed: View scheme results are run before the global search. (order can be important with combinations of advanced search params)
6. New: MC TV can do time-shifting on ATI HDTV Wonder device.
7. Fixed: Send To and Action Window playlist building would add tracks to the beginning instead of the end of a playlist.
8. Fixed: WAV file info like duration and bitrate was not being imported.

11.0.127 (11/12/04)
1. Fixed: Old format library backups would fail to restore in some cases.

11.0.126 (11/12/04)
1. Fixed: Cover art retrieval after import would try to get art for files that already had art.
2. Fixed: "Build All Thumbnails" option would only build small sized thumbnails.
3. Fixed: Closing MC while tagging was in process could cause problems in some cases.
4. Changed: MC is much more responsive while tagging large numbers of files.
5. Changed: MC is faster to submit and start tagging when making changes to many files.
6. Fixed: Library Sharing Options were mismatched between encoder and bit rate.

11.0.125 (11/11/04)
1. Fixed: Thumbnail views could be slower than expected. (introduced 11.0.124)

11.0.124 (11/11/04)
1. NEW: Updated MP3 encoder to allow easier customization and to use the latest LAME command line switches.
2. Fixed: Tile view would not show / create thumbnails properly.
3. Fixed: Tile view would not always redraw properly when scrolling.

11.0.123 (11/10/04)
1. Fixed: Picking "Edit (by typing)" of some advanced smartlist rules could show a truncated version of the text to edit.
2. Changed: Clicking on Media Library with an empty library will show the import dialog.
3. NEW: Added Sample Rate, Channels, Bit Depth, and Compression to the library for searching / sorting by VBR, compressor version, etc. (use Update Library (from tags) to fill -- not all plugins updated yet)
4. Fixed: Tabbing around the main interface pieces was not working properly.

11.0.118 (11/8/04)
1. Changed: In some areas of the program, a button could be fired on mouse up, even if the mouse didn't go down over the button.
2. Fixed: Several components that used internet reading could timeout immediately instead of processing the download. (fixes failed mp3 encoder installation, etc.)
3. NEW: Testing new web installer for downloading MC.
4. Fixed: Erasing files from the MC database with some action windows open could cause crashes.
5. Fixed: Tree wouldn't be updated after adding a smartlist or view scheme.
6. Fixed: Erasing the underlying playlist when a playlist action window was visible could cause a crash.
7. Fixed: Right-click search wouldn't work in the search control when the control didn't have a caret visible.
8. Fixed: The 'Play' link in the playlist header wouldn't apply the proper sorting before playing the files.
9. Fixed: International characters in computer name could cause problems with restoring license.
10. Changed: MC TV behaves better when user tries to change channel while recording is going on.

11.0.117 (11/3/04)
1. Fixed: 'Locate' items were not working properly.
2. Fixed: Preview mode was not working properly.
3. Fixed: Portable Device icons displayed correctly in tree.
4. Fixed: Auto detection of Portable Devices.
5. New: Added Lyra automated support for Lyra.
6. Changed: Readded right-click synchronization option for Portables.
7. Fixed: Library Server beacon may not have worked if server and client on same machine.
8. Fixed: Commas in directories caused library server to not be able to play a file.
9. Fixed: Library Server would crash in Win2000 while downloading the library.
10. New: Portable remote drive base playlist paths are editable on the fly.
11. Fixed: Library Server client sometimes gave "Invalid Argument".
12. Fixed: Converting formats while transferring to a handheld could result in 0 byte files in some cases.

11.0.113 (10/29/04)
1. Fixed: Installation could crash with an error. (also fixed in a modified 11.0.112 that was posted)
2. Fixed: 'Show Media Center' menu item had incorrect text in menus.
3. Fixed: Global search box was not working with playlists / smartlists.
4. Changed: Reenabled 'Save View' button in View Settings dialog.
5. Fixed: TiVo port setting was broken.
6. Fixed: Portable sync to MC bug in regards to updating number played correctly for iPod.

11.0.112 (10/27/04)
1. Fixed: Legacy WMA tag fields could take multiple tag saves to be flushed from the WMA tag.
2. Fixed: With a service installed (CD Baby, etc.), playback statistics could get updated as soon as a file was played instead of after half the file was played.
3. Fixed: Library Server playlists containing playlists may not have worked.
4. NEW: Added TiVo Server plugin to replace TiVO functionality in Media Server
5. Changed: Searches using the ~mix smartlist rule need to plaes their searches in curly braces ({}) so commas and quotes can be supported.
6. Changed: Mix smartlist keyword rule will use all songs from a search once before using the same song again.
7. Changed: Mass storage Portable Device detection is no longer based on volume labels. Tools->Options->Handhelds provides an option to configure any path as a "Portable Device".
8. Changed: Portable device options for base path and base playlist path are removed from the plugin. For WMDM devices, we will modify MC to automatically handle these paths. For non - WMDM, use Tools->Options->Handheld->Configure remote and fixed drives.
9. NEW: Moved more view settings (columns, sorting, etc.) to new view state database. Now library specific and backed up with library backups.

11.0.111 (10/26/04)
1. NEW: View state information (columns, sorting, list style, selection, etc.) is stored in the database instead of per-user. (still a work in progress)
2. Fixed: A refresh (F5, etc.) would collapse all the tree items.
3. Changed: Startup location no longer supports 'Last Location' -- instead, a root item can be choosen. (required to support newer internal architecture)
4. NEW: Added ~mix smartlist keyword for building mixes of different ratios. (example: 40% 5-stars, 30% 4-stars, 20% 3-stars (or unrated), 10% 1 or 2 stars) (see other thread for syntax)

11.0.109 (10/25/04)
1. Fixed: Smartlists wouldn't rerun when doing an F5 update. (would have to leave and return to view)
2. Fixed: Searching Media Library would update the list control with the last search, not the current search.
3. Fixed: Tree wouldn't properly update when switching Media Modes.
4. NEW: Added 'Disc #' field for more elegant handling of multi-disc sets.
5. Changed: Switched to new WM 10 standard for storing ratings in file tags.
6. Changed: Improved and expanded the "File Type Info" tag dump for WMA files.
7. Changed: WMA tagging uses "JR/" instead of "MediaJukebox:" as a prefix for custom fields.
8. Changed: Default sorting includes 'Disc #' before 'Track #' so that multi-disc sets sort properly.
9. Fixed: When importing a playlist, MC would report that it "found new files" for the file inside the playlist, even if those files were already in the library.
10. Fixed: Playlists that referenced other playlists wouldn't work properly.
11. Fixed: Some areas wouldn't accept external file drops properly.
12. Fixed: Smartlists with a random sorting keyword were still being sorted according to the view settings.
13. Fixed: When switching to Playing Now, the current file could be scrolled out of view.
14. Changed: Theater View would add all visible files when viewing files and picking "Add" on a single file.
15. Changed: Clicking a non-selected item in Theater View now selects the item, then shows the menu.
16. Fixed: Media Server was not reading file names properly.
17. Changed: Expanding Drives & Devices tree item will be faster on some systems.

11.0.108 (10/22/04)
1. Fixed: Right-click / send-to in the panes wasn't working properly.
2. Changed: "All" items in disk location schemes wouldn't work properly in the tree.
3. Fixed: Action Window > Build New Playlist could crash.
4. Changed: Show / hide files in subfolders option is honored for queued CD files as well as files already on the CD.
5. Fixed: Adding a folder to burn wouldn't start in-place editing of the new folder's name.
6. Fixed: After cancelling a burn, but leaving the queue, the queued files would still show in the CD's view. (now only show once a burn is restarted)
7. Fixed: Switching to library browser with a skin that didn't support it could cause a crash.
8. NEW: MC TV can record HDTV program in MPEG2 format from ATI HDTV Wonder TV card.
9. NEW: Added visual view header to playlist and CD views.
10. Fixed: Fixed rare erroneous CRC failure when decoding 3.95 and earlier APE files.

11.0.106 (10/19/04)
1. Fixed: MC could use 12/31/1969 as the album for DVD files in some cases.
2. Changed: Portable synchronization with m3u playlists will not include a leading '\\' in the m3u filepath on the portable device.
3. Fixed: Library Server didn't handle transcoding to the same codec properly.
4. Fixed: Right-clicking on a playlist list in the Action Window wouldn't always work properly.
5. NEW: Files can be dropped directly on "Build Playlist" in the Action Window to build a new playlist.
6. NEW: Added checkboxes next to the folder list in Import Media to allow easily switching what folders get searched for each import.
7. Fixed: Adding a folder to 'My Computer' wouldn't start in-place editing of the new folder's name.
8. Fixed: When adding the same menu (i.e. 'File') to multiple bars, menus wouldn't always open from the proper bar.
9. Fixed: Improved drag-n-drop logic to Media Library to only show both 'Move' and 'Copy' when it makes sense. (moving / copying view schemes)
10. Fixed: Library Restore wouldn't empty the destination directory before restoring the library -- possibly causing load failures or other strange behavior.
11. Fixed: Deleting items from the tree could cause the item to not properly be removed until the tree was collapsed and reexpanded.
12. Fixed: Right-clicking a tree item could also act like a left-click (switching views) in some cases.
13. Fixed: The 'Remove empty folders?' prompt could appear twice in a row in some cases.
14. Changed: Improved auto-complete speed when dealing with large lists. (like the Name field)
15. Fixed: Library Server handled QuickTime files incorrectly (looping).
16. Fixed: Duplicate files could get added to the library after performing external changes.
17. Changed: Right-click actions in the tree will rerun a smartlist instead of using the visible file list. (required for split view support)
18. NEW: The split view being controlled is changed by clicking inside the view. (instead of through a menu)
19. Changed: Split views are percentage based instead of 'bottom window pixels' based.
20. NEW: The number of split views visible is saved between sessions.

11.0.105 (10/15/04)
1. Changed: New handheld options page would have an extra border around it.
2. Fixed: Some controls like dividers wouldn't draw properly.
3. Fixed: My computer views wouldn't properly appear.
4. NEW: DVD fast forward / rewind rolls through seek speeds -- press play to stop seeking. (like a TiVo, etc.)
5. Changed: Added 16x forward and 16x reverse to DVD playback.

11.0.103 (10/15/04)
1. NEW: Many optimizations to UI layout engine -- making sizing and view switching faster.
2. Fixed: MC better handles MP3 files with invalid Xing headers.
3. Changed: Portable 'Options' is integrated with general 'Options' interface.
4. Changed: Building of large tree structures (Media Library, etc.) is faster.
5. Fixed: Portable track display bug introduced in 11.0.99
6. Fixed: Portable synchronization space available was not updating correctly. Also, selected playlists were not updating in the transfer queue.
7. Fixed: Files not unlocking properly when converting files on the fly to Portable Devices.84.
8. Fixed: Clicking OK on devices options page would crash MC (from rip action window).
9. Fixed: Smartlist changes would not always show up as expected when returning to a view until MC was restarted.
10. Changed: Internal volume control uses a logarithmic scale so half-volume sounds more like half as loud to a human ear.
11. Fixed: Files with # in the name were not streamed by Library Server
12. Changed: Increased the auto-complete combobox item limit from 2048 to 8192. (will show <too many items to list> after that)
13. Fixed: Some actions like dropping files on a playlist or doing a Send To > CD Drive would show an unnecessary menu asking "Move or Copy."
14. NEW: A mapped network drive can be accessed as a portable device if the volume label is entered in Plugin Manager->Portable Devices->Configure
15. Changed: Scanning for fixed and remote drive portables must be enabled in Tools->Options->Handheld Options for MC to scan for these drives.
16. Fixed: Tree would not auto-expand when clicking outside of the item text. (even though the selection would change)
17. NEW: Added .url to the import list for web-page type documents.

11.0.99 (10/12/04)
1. Changed: Portable Device AW. Sync dialogue unified for both 'Select All' and individual playlists. 'Select All' sends all playlists and files. 'Select All' and 'Select None', moved to right click playlist tree options.
2. Fixed: MC 11 would show MC 10 handheld plugins. (MC 10 handheld plugins are no longer supported by MC 11)
3. Fixed: Quick Search (Ctrl+Q) wouldn't always give the search box the keyboard focus.
4. Fixed: If a new CD drive model was installed on a system using the same drive letter as the old one, the CD ripper would not re-calculate the read cache size in secure ripping mode.
5. Fixed: Option to update CD info from cdplayer.ini was missing from right-click menu.
6. Fixed: Portable on the fly conversion advanced options selection worked inconsistently.
7. Changed: Windows 'Server busy' message deactivated throughout MC.
8. Changed: Playlists will not be sent by default to unrecognized portable devices unless a default path is entered.
9. Changed: Fixed drive portables will support m3u playlist creation at root level if 'Root' is entered as the default playlist path in the 'Configuration' dialogue.
10. Fixed: Library Server Beacon would crash Media Center.
11. Fixed: Library Server/Media Server client would report invalid argument when trying to play.

11.0.98 (10/08/04)
1. Fixed: Tree would not properly load customized fonts on startup.
2. Fixed: Media Mode 'Documents' was showing as 'Games.'
3. Fixed: Media Modes were not properly toggling the tree.
4. Fixed: Tree right-click actions for smartlists could rerun the smartlist instead of using the visible files.
5. Fixed: Crash on startup when connecting to Library Server.
6. Fixed: Library Server now shares network drive files.

11.0.97 (10/07/04)
1. Fixed: Possible crash when closing MC after connecting to Portable Devices.
2. Fixed: Possible 'Server Busy' message when a new Portable Device connected.
3. NEW: Added support for ATI HDTV Wonder high definition TV tuner.
4. Fixed: CD-text burning was broken.
5. Fixed: After renaming files with MC, Import & Update would erroneously detect that the files had external changes and re-analyze them.
6. Fixed: Tagging of files locked by playback or other programs is more elegant -- MC will keep trying to tag for 10 minutes after which it will display an error.
7. NEW: Library Server plugin replaces some of Media Server. Allows converting audio format on the fly to support low bitrate networks.
8. NEW: Built in plugin support for Zen Touch and Zen NOMAD Jukebox Zen
9. Fixed: Server busy message after connection of some portables for some people.
10. Fixed: Deleting files from album thumbnails or file browser could cause problems in some cases.
11. Fixed: Document files could not be played in some cases.
12. Fixed: Zone-specific MCC commands were not properly routing to the target zone.
13. NEW: "Print Image" is now available from right-click menu while viewing images.
14. Changed: Audio silence trimming on by default.

11.0.95 (10/05/04)
1. Fixed: Switching from Full Screen View at a non-desktop resolutions would cause Theater View to be the wrong size.
2. Changed: Theater View uses the same resolution as Full Screen View.
3. Changed: The mouse cursor turns to a hand when over a list item where a click will do something right away. (like the rating column)
4. Changed: Upload speed improvements from MC to Portables.
5. NEW: When 'ShowDeviceID' is entered in 'OpenURL' path, Windows unique portable device identifier will be displayed for Removable drive type portables.
6. NEW: CD Ripping: Cue file naming convention is configurable in advanced ripping options dialog.
7. NEW: The advanced ripping options dialog has an added option to automatically save the secure mode log file to the same directory as the ripped files.
8. NEW: CD ripping options page has added option to turn off the "auto-rip" mode. When disabled, MC won't automatically start ripping a newly inserted CD.
9. NEW: Support for fixed drive mass storage portable devices which are not WMDM compatible.
10. Fixed: Some calculated fields (like month) were not working properly in searches and in the panes.
11. Fixed: Some keyboard shortcuts were being translated in the search box when they shouldn't have been. (backspace, etc.)
12. Fixed: Dropping files onto Media Library would not update the view to show the new files.
13. NEW: Added context menu option to update CD info from the cdplayer.ini file rather than YADB.
14. NEW: Added "Split View" controls to View menu. (ctrl+shift+click keyboard easter-egg removed)
15. Fixed: Library Browser "View: Audio" menu would not show under the words on large sizes.
16. NEW: Retooled history system to maintain a seperate history for each split view.
17. Changed: Forward / back inside a webpage view won't leave the view anymore.
18. Changed: Non DRM wma files will transfer to Portable Devices which are not WMDM compatible.

11.0.93 (9/30/04)
1. Fixed: Uninstaller could show an error in some cases during a complete uninstall.
2. Fixed: Using the Format Converter DSP with no resampling could cause a crash at the end of a track.
3. Fixed: ASIO playback could crash with some cards when playing mono files.
4. Fixed: Sample rate conversion would not work properly with channel conversion on as well.
5. Fixed: Double click playback for files on USB portables works again.
6. NEW: CD ripper option to rip multiple tracks to a single file with associated cue file works now.
7. Fixed: WMA files with large data or internal art could cause crashes in some cases. (introduced 11.0.92)
8. NEW: Details view uses file image instead of stock music note, picture, etc. when possible. (experimental -- feedback welcome)
9. NEW: Updated DirectX Host plugin to not use resources or startup time unless it's enabled. (download here: )

11.0.92 (9/28/04)
1. Fixed: MP3 tagging could be slower than expected in some cases.
2. Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling in the Library Browser could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: Starting a new track with a different track paused would cause a little bit of the old track to be played.
4. Changed: Double-clicking a Library Browser grouping no longer considers the click on a single item, so all the groupings won't be played. (depends on configured double-click mode)
5. Fixed: OGG encoding (ripping, converting, etc.) was not working in some cases.
6. Changed: WMA tagging would not store Album Artist in the (new) standard way.

11.0.91 (9/27/04)
1. Fixed: Portable device detection by MC modified to accommodate multiple USB players with playlist support.
2. Changed: Portable device detection based on name vs serial number.
3. NEW: Scrolling much faster and cleaner in most areas.
4. Fixed: Scrolling in "Tag Info" Action Window could look animated in the wrong direction.
5. NEW: Several speed enhancements and some visual tuning for the Library Browser.
6. Fixed: Library Browser would sort groupings by track number so albums got mixed.
7. Fixed: Some Action Window pages would fail to properly arrange their text in certain cases.

11.0.90 (9/24/04)
1. Fixed: Some CD writing failures could cause MC to hang instead of cleanly recover. (may have only affected fast computers)
2. Fixed: CD burning could fail to start on very fast computers.
3. Fixed: Track boundaries could be incorrect when burning an audio CD with cross-fading enabled.
4. Fixed: Library browser doesn't require "Shift" to be depressed during startup to appear.
5. Fixed: Library browser rating sorting was not dealing with fractional ratings properly.
6. Fixed: Adding new files to the database could be overly slow in some cases.
7. Fixed: Import's exclude previously removed file option changes were not being preserved.
8. NEW: Library Browser shows letters to jump to certain items when showing a large list of items. (click multiple times to cycle)
9. NEW: CD burner has new mode "MP3 CD or DVD" in addition to audio and data CD or DVD. Converts other formats to mp3 before writing to CD.

11.0.89 (9/23/04)
1. Fixed: Library Browser slide-show didn't work properly if all audio files had cover art with the same filename.
2. NEW: Library Browser status line animates on mouse-over to show more information.
3. Changed: Library Browser "Sort by Plays" uses average plays instead of total plays.
4. NEW: Library Browser customizes the status displayed based on the sorting used. (change sorting from "View" button to the right of the tabs)
5. NEW: Library Browser supports forward / back navigation. (mouse buttons, menu, keyboard shortcuts, etc.)
6. NEW: Library Browser adjusts the number of columns based on the available size.
7. Fixed: Custom naming for the display name of the date fields would not be preserved between sessions.
8. Fixed: Media Editor would fail to load decoders and encoders in some cases.
9. NEW: Import and update will not reimport files previously removed from the library. (optional under the 'Advanced' section of the import dialog)

11.0.88 (9/22/04)
1. Fixed: During Portable device upload, panes will no longer reset after the completion of a file transfer.
2. Fixed: In some areas of the program, files that were never played could show as "Last Played: 34.x years ago".
3. NEW: Non-audio files with no album will have their album set to the file's date to enhance album grouping.
4. Changed: Several speedups to experimental file browser.
5. Fixed: Moving folders in My Computer with drag-n-drop or the clipboard was not working properly.
6. NEW: Expirmental file view uses different tabs when switching to 'View: Images'.
7. Fixed: Album thumbnails would not sort properly.
8. NEW: Added "Synchronize" button to Zone Manager to ease configuration of synchronize.
9. Fixed: Switching zones could destroy / invalidate the display for that zone -- leading to crashes.
10. NEW: All resampling uses Shibatch's high-quality SSRC filters.
11. Fixed: CD ripping would fail in secure mode with rip/encode simultaneous and WMA encoding with certain CD drives (Lite-On SOHW 812S).
12. Fixed: MP3 Encoder > Custom would not show the configuration dialog that allowed command line parameters to be entered.

11.0.87 (9/21/04)
1. Changed: Several speedups to experimental file browser.
2. Changed: Added smooth transitions to experimental file browser.
3. Changed: Experimental file view shows a slide-show when the mouse hoovers over an image of an item with multiple images.

11.0.86 (9/20/04)
1. Fixed: Pressing delete or backspace while typing in the search box would cause wizard translations to happen.
2. Fixed: Using the search control's menu to do clipboard operations would not show / honor the cursor selection and position.
3. Fixed: Selection in Playing Now would not follow playing track when playback looped from the end to beginning.
4. Changed: Media Center 10.x (and previous) encoder plugins supported by MC 11.
5. Fixed: After exiting the "Customize Current View" dialog, the list's right-click menu could show up.
6. Changed: Portable Device recognition based on Device ID matching with WMDM name.
7. Fixed: Cross platform recognition of portable devices under new matching scheme.
8. Fixed: Portable device recognition table is no longer case sensitive to accomodate Windows ME / 98SE.
9. NEW: Several enhancements and fixes to experimental file browser. (see other thread)
10. Fixed: Thumbnail exit cleanup setting could not be changed.

11.0.85 (9/17/04)
1. Fixed: For burning data music CD's, a compatibility problem was fixed that affects a few consumer devices (e.g. AudioPhase).
2. Changed: Improved handling of cases when MC locks on exit
3. NEW: Added option to restrict Joliet filenames to 64 characters for data CD burning.
4. Fixed: MC would resend files to iPod if the rating changed on iPod and MC was set to update ratings.
5. Fixed: When converting files during transfer to Portables, if 'Skip files of same type' is enabled, the available space will correctly show the available space.
6. Changed: Hardware ID of Portable devices used for identification rather than Serial Number.
7. NEW: Added experimental file browsing system. (please use other thread to discuss)

11.0.84 (9/16/04)
1. Fixed: Showing a menu with a clipboard command in it could cause a crash when the clipboard was empty.
2. Fixed: After filtering with a search so a pane only showed one entry, clearing the search would not reset that pane's selection.

11.0.83 (9/15/04)
1. Fixed: Theater View's "Always keep focus" option was not working in some cases.
2. Changed: Standard Shift+F10 is supported in tree and lists.
3. NEW: Media Center supports right button drag-n-drop. (gives a menu of choices on drop)
4. NEW: Media Center shows context-sensitive menu on drag-n-drop or paste when there are multiple possible actions.
5. NEW: MC now supports SVCD as well as VCD disks as long as they conform to the standard format. The user must have an Mpeg2 decoder installed (like for DVD).

11.0.82 (9/14/04)
1. Fixed: Shell extensions were not working properly.
2. Fixed: WMA lossless encoding would not work properly with WMP 10 installed.
3. Fixed: Playing Now display bars would not appear when the display was not in Full Screen View.
4. Fixed: Startup volume setting would not be properly saved and applied.
5. Fixed: Recorder would fail to encode recorded input.
6. NEW: CUE parser imports duration, genre, and date. (requires reimport of CUE files)
7. NEW: Copies of view schemes can be created by holding Ctrl while dragging them in the tree.
8. Changed: View schemes can no longer be created with the same tree path as another view scheme.
9. Fixed: After installing MC 11, some mjextman.exe based commands would not work properly with MC 10.
10. NEW: Cut, Copy and Paste of tree items works for moving and copying playlists, view schemes, My Computer folders, etc.
11. Changed: Grouped view scheme components no longer say "(grouped)" next to them to reduce clutter.
12. NEW: Revised all drag-n-drop and cut, copy, and paste logic. (any testing would be appreciated)
13. Changed: View updates (F5, after operations, etc.) is smoother and faster in some areas.

11.0.81 (9/10/04)
1. Fixed: Tree, panes and sorting for volume name would not always update properly after a volume name change.
2. Changed: Changed playback mode toggle to Alt+M from Alt+1.
3. Fixed: The mouse cursor wouldn't reshow when returning from Theater View with the keyboard.
4. Fixed: Other programs could show through MC when switching view or navigating the tree.
5. Changed: Several optimizations to view layout speed and smoothness.
6. NEW: MC can now play Video CD's that conform to the standard format.
7. Fixed: Media Center was unable to create directories with three dots in the name.

11.0.80 (9/9/04)
1. Changed: Duration formatting switches to "x.x days" after 24 hours.
2. Changed: Made the formatting of several advanced search tokens more friendly in the search bar.
3. Changed: Theater View 'Display Options' no longer nested in controls menu.
4. Changed: "Configure Display..." and "Configure Theater View..." no longer show under Theater View's controls menu. (still in right-click)
5. Changed: Theater View thumbs no longer redraw when choosing "Cancel" from a menu.
6. Changed: Bars don't automatically appear when switching to Full Screen View.
7. Fixed: The mouse cursor would not auto-hide in Theater View.
8. Fixed: WMDM Plugin is now correctly listed with the 'Configurable' option disabled.
9. Changed: Theater View's Playing Now adds position numbers in front of the name text.
10. Fixed: Some command line parameters were unnecessarily case sensitive.
11. Changed: Added all view modes to the mjextman.exe /Mode command. (updated docs here:
12. NEW: When launching an external program, Theater View hides and then restores once the new program is closed.
13. Fixed: Installer could fail to copy an updated version of JRImage.dll and want to restart in some cases.
14. Changed: Added the CUE file type to the import dialog.
15. Fixed: In some cases, starting playback in Theater View with "Auto-hide" enabled would switch to Standard View.
16. Fixed: Enter key doesn't toggle out of fullscreen when in a DVD navigation menu. (since enter navigates the menu)

11.0.78 (9/8/04)
1. NEW: Updated Ogg Vorbis encoder to version 1.0.1
2. NEW: Updated LAME mp3 encoder to version 3.96.1
3. Fixed: DVD playback could restart on pause in some cases. (hopefully fixed -- let us know if it still happens)
4. Fixed: Theater View always uses details list-style when viewing a single audio album.
5. Changed: Added CSV to the supported import data type list.
6. Fixed: Player / decoder core end capping wouldn't work properly when resampling. (used for CUE support, etc.)
7. Fixed: Download window's progress bar could "wrap" on very large downloads.
8. Fixed: Playback of very small MP3 files via http or Media Server would not work properly.
8. Changed: Startup > Last Location will revert to the home page if Media Center crashes instead of shuts down properly. (prevents start, crash, start, etc. loops)
9. Changed: All portable transfers go through WMDM. Automatic installation of plugins implemented.
10. Fixed: Backspace (and possibly other) keyboard accelerators were not working in Theater View.
11. NEW: Enter returns from Full Screen after starting a slideshow with Enter. (allows ACDSee style browsing)
12. NEW: Theater View appears when pressing Enter (remote or keyboard) after doing Theater View > Exit. (removes need for 6th remote button for changing modes)
13. Fixed: Player bar tokens for the current file like [Artist], [Album], etc. would not be filled properly when MC was not playing.
14. Changed: Made Standard View -> Full Screen View -> Theater View mode switching have less flicker.
15. NEW: Added "Exit" button to all Theater View screens. (to allow quick toggling of Theater View without losing location)

11.0.77 (9/7/04)
1. Fixed: MC would not update the database info / thumbnail after using the image editor.
2. Fixed: MC would show a copy icon during drag-n-drop when dropping was disabled.
3. Changed: MC allows copies of files to be made by dragging them to the same folder in My Computer with control pressed.
4. NEW: Playlists / Playing Now support move and copy drag-n-drop. (hold control key to switch to copy mode during a drag)
5. Fixed: The mjextman.exe program would crash upon exiting in some cases, such as after registering an MC license.
6. Changed: No file messages in list controls wrap to multiple lines when necessary.
7. Changed: Double-click on the search control selects the entire search string.
8. Fixed: Filenames with semi-colons in them would not work properly in some areas.
9. Fixed: Theater View "Reshuffle" would not update the file list until returning to Playing Now view.
10. Changed: Import dialog allows filenames to be manually typed in when using "Browse..." or "Exclude Folder...".
11. Fixed: WAV playing, importing, and converting could possibly fail in some cases.
12. Fixed: Right-click (and possibly other actions) on a non-selected item in the tree could change the selection.
13. Fixed: CUE parser would not handle values that weren't inside quotation marks.
14. Fixed: CUE parser would not import the last file in some cases.
15. Changed: Audio files with no year will not use the file's date for the year. (doesn't change image, video, and data)\
16. Changed: Selecting "Show in Theater View" for a view scheme will cause the parent view schemes to automatically show up.

11.0.76 (9/3/04)
1. Fixed: The CD burning "direct decoding" option checkboxes on the main burning options dialog and the DSP settings dialog were not synchronized.
2. Fixed: Sample-accurate MP3 analyzer could fail to import / play some MP3s.
3. Changed: MC could be slower than expected when making many sequential filename changes.
4. Changed: Clicking a star rating with multiple files selected changes the rating for all the selected files.
5. Changed: Using an empty field in a path for "Rename Files From Properties" is now replaced by Unknown Artist, Unknown Album, etc.
6. Changed: Added "Configure Theater View..." back to the right-click menu.
7. Changed: Installer removes old "Media Jukebox.exe" file since it's now named "Media Center.exe".
8. Fixed: mjextman.exe was not functioning properly.
9. Changed: Pane header auto-size no longer figures the width of the header text. (made grouping columns too wide)
10. Fixed: Adding / editing Theater View root items would fail.
11. NEW: The order of Theater View root buttons can be user configured.
12. Fixed: Theater View "Keep focus" would not always work.
13. Fixed: Popup dialogs started from Theater View would not be visible.
14. Changed: Added Display Options (DVD chapter, etc.) to "Controls" Theater View menu.
15. Changed: Theater View no longer auto-hides or shows a "Starting playback..." message when starting playback from Playing Now section.

11.0.75 (9/2/04)
1. Fixed: On a fresh install, MC could show an error about failing to load the default Theater View skin.
2. Changed: Theater View no longer draws the PIP window when nothing is playing.
3. Changed: Theater View scrolling in the content list rolls from top to bottom.
4. Changed: Theater View page up / page down shows new page of thumbs in Theater View instead of just scrolling down one screen worth.
5. Fixed: Sample-accurate MP3 analyzer could fail to import / play some MP3s.
6. Changed: Removed Thater View touch-screen navigation controls -- instead show "Page Up" and "Page Down" button in scrollable lists.

11.0.74 (9/2/04)
1. Fixed: Theater View would lose keyboard focus after using the "Controls" button.
2. Changed: Added "Back" button to Theater View left panel.
3. NEW: Added zone access to Theater View "Controls" menu when there is more than one zone configured.
4. Fixed: The play button in Theater View would not play the selected item.
5. Changed: Media Jukebox.exe has been renamed to Media Center.exe
6. Changed: Installer now has separate pages for license agrement and setup type.
7. Fixed: MC would crash if a user selected one of the available services in the tree.
8. Fixed: MC would hang when preparing to burn a data CD if there were a lot of similar long filenames. This bug appeared only in the last couple builds.
9. Changed: Improved message box for alerting user to long filenames when burning a CD.
10. Fixed: Shift+1...5 would be translated as accelerators instead of typing.
11. Changed: Keyboard shortcuts for tree root navigation are Alt+1...9. (Ctrl+1...5 are modes; Ctrl+Shift+1...5 rate the playing song)
12. Changed: Starting a 3D Animated file view requires Ctrl+Alt+3 while clicking on Media Library item.
13. Changed: Output plugin stores settings in new location. (will require output devices to be reconfigured)
14. Fixed: If a very long silent gap spacing was selected for audio CD burning (e.g. 6 seconds), the burning process could hang.

11.0.72 (8/30/04)
1. Fixed: Tree would not redraw selected item state correctly when switching input focus.
2. Fixed: Some pane menu actions like 'Edit Selected Item', etc. would not enable, disable, and run as expected.
3. Fixed: Page down failed on non-leaf lists.
4. Changed: Moved Theater View from Playback Engine to Media Center -- will offer greater performance and flexibility.
5. Changed: Revamped mode switching system / shortcuts.
6. Changed: Removed alpha timeout -- now offering Media Center 11 licenses.
7. NEW: Added "Toggle Theater View" shortcut to roll between Theater View and Full Screen View. (Shift+F11, also availabe in remote control command list)

11.0.70 (8/26/04)
1. Changed: Double-clicking a missing file to start playback silently starts the next file instead of showing an error.
2. Fixed: Some menu / action window actions like 'Build Playlist', 'Edit Selected Item', etc. would not enable, disable, and run as expected.
3. Fixed: Starting an external program with Theater View could cause a crash.
4. Changed: DVD video disks are now listed in a nicer format. A single entry per disk with the disk volume name as the title.
5. Changed: Next, previous, and reshuffle menu commands disable when there is only one file in Playing Now.
6. NEW: Added 'Controls' button to Theater View to access player controls from any screen.
7. Fixed: Search control would not properly handle manually typing in wizard type tokens.
8. Changed: MP3 plugin was using 1024 bytes in a kilobit instead of 1000 bytes, causing bitrates to be off a little.

11.0.68 (8/25/04)
1. Fixed: iPod uploads were not being written to the iPod database.
2. Fixed: Burning of some MP3 files could cause only the first 0:26 to be burned. (introduced 11.0.65)
3. Changed: Simplified Theater View's Playing Now menu.
4. Changed: Entire Media Center frame area accepts file drops to start playback. (instead of just the top portion)
5. NEW: File drops to Media Center's frame honors Ctrl to determine if files are played or added to Playing Now.
6. Fixed: MC would not show up in the taskbar until it was used for a while.

11.0.67 (8/24/04)
1. Fixed: MC wouldn't properly handle CUE files with relative paths.
2. Changed: MC 11 supports MC 10 (and previous) DSP plugins.
3. NEW: Portable Device Management changed to implement WMDM by default. For any device for which we have a plugin,the plugin will be automatically installed. Others will run via WMDM.

For devices which appear as removable or fixed drives, file management is handled by MC and only transfers go through WMDM.

4. NEW: M3U playlist support for generic USB Portable Devices. M3U playlists can be created and managed on Portables that support them.
5. Changed: Portable Device support of 'Album Artist Auto' removed. Field matching will be done on 'Artist' instead.
6. Fixed: Media Server TiVo support could fail to load MC 11's library in some cases.
7. NEW: Revised Theater View navigation model.
8. NEW: Theater View allows custom webpages and programs to be added. (right-click display > Theater View Options)

11.0.65 / 11.0.66 (8/23/04)
1. NEW: Added CUE file playback support of individual tracks. (note the sample-accurate MP3 seeking below)
2. NEW: MP3 plugin uses sample-accurate seeking for all seeks.
3. NEW: Improved playback range / seeking system inside player / decoder core to be sample-accurate everywhere.
4. Fixed: In some cases, track boundaries could creep when burning MP3 files.
5. Changed: MP3 length analyzer for VBR files w/o a xing header is much faster.
6. Changed: Updated APE playback plugin to support sample-accurate seeking for CUE support.
7. NEW: Playback range is honored during conversion and audio analysis.
8. Fixed: IRMan plugin support was not functioning properly.
9. Changed: MC 11 now supports MC 10 (and previous) remote control plugins.
10. Fixed: Some right-click commands would not enable / disable properly in certain views.
11. NEW: Several image editor improvements and fixes.
12. Fixed: Selecting no file associations would cause MC to associate with the default types on install.
13. Fixed: The plural 'All' listing in the panes could be invalid in some cases.
14. Fixed: String type fields could be stored numerically in some cases. (i.e. Artist: 0.9)
15. Fixed: On non-administrative XP accounts, MC could report a 'Critical error #21' and not function properly.
16. NEW: Added location bar to the top of the Hairstyle Theater View skin.
17. NEW: Added ability to show webpages inside of Theater View. (currently hard coded as 'News', but will be user-customizable soon)

11.0.64 (8/19/04)
1. NEW: View schemes can be configured to show or not show in Theater View.
2. Changed: Simplified the display names of the year, month, and day fields.
3. Changed: 'All' listing in panes, tree, and Theater View includes field name.
4. Changed: Tweaked some wordings in Theater View.
5. Changed: Starting playback with 'Enter' in Theater View wouldn't always show the "Starting playback..." message.
6. NEW: Introduced new keyboard / remote navigation model for Theater View that doesn't mix left / right with page switching.
7. Fixed: Switching away from a tile view could cause a crash.
8. Fixed: Access Control settings were not being saved between sessions.

11.0.63 (8/18/04)
1. Fixed: Smartlist selection dialog would show an extra checked empty value when <empty> was selected.
2. Fixed: Drag-n-drop of subfolders with periods in them would not always work properly.
3. Changed: Column auto-sizing enlarges columns when their ideal widths don't fill the view.
4. Changed: Changed Import's 'Analyzing Library' status reporting to be less confusing.
5. Changed: Portable devices will match files with MC based on 'Album Artist(Auto)' field rather than 'Artist'. Album Artist(Auto) will populate the 'Artist' filed on devices after a transfer or sync.
6. Fixed: File associations would not be set on a clean install.
7. Fixed: Switching from windowed to fullscreen view could leave the windowed icon in the tray.
8. Changed: Cancel button would be disabled during the import stage of the import & update system.
9. Fixed: After removing a file, MC would allow that file to be added to the database multiple times until a restart.
10. Fixed: When using the WMP video playback engine, fast forward and rewind would not function properly.
11. NEW: Several search bar / smartlist enhancements. (improved formatting, improved truncate logic, update menu layout, etc.)
12. NEW: Updated 'Devices' options page to use the new options system.
13. NEW: Updated 'Startup' options page to use the new options system.
14. Changed: Showing a split view requires Shift+Ctrl when clicking a tree item instead of just Ctrl. (still a temporary system)

11.0.53 (8/9/04)
1. Fixed: When burning an audio CD with direct decoding enabled, some mp3 source files could cause incorrect track boundaries on the resultant CD.
2. Fixed: Playing Now display could be lost when refreshing the view, causing playback of files to fail.
3. Fixed: In some cases the Action Window would not update when changing pages.
4. Fixed: Album tooltips could show <too many files to list> for all albums.
5. Fixed: In split-pane mode, the status bar would only work for the bottom pane.
6. Fixed: AAC file importing will include 'Album' information correctly.
7. NEW: Several image editor improvements and fixes.
8. NEW: Media Server notifies when already running.
9. Fixed: When synching to Portables, 'Delete unselected files' not always being recognized correctly.
10. Fixed: MC could display a "failed to register mcmimeman" message on startup.
11. Changed: Portable devices will be accessed via WMDM (except for iPod) by default. For devices which support DRM protection and for which we have a plugin, the plugin will automatically install and run in place of WMDM.
12. NEW: Split-pane will automatically open showing track listing when burning a CD.

11.0.52 (8/6/04)
1. Fixed: Names like "E5150" could get interpreted as scientific notation and stored incorrectly in the database.
2. Fixed: Webpage type views could show extra borders in some cases.
3. Fixed: MC could display an error message when going into options.
4. NEW: 'All' item shows in Tree and Theater View like it shows in the panes. (allows a level to be bypassed)
5. Fixed: In some cases, pane content caching could cause the panes to work improperly.
6. Changed: Several optimizations to new window layout engine.

11.0.51 (8/5/04)
1. NEW: Added experimental split views. Hold CTRL while going to any view to make that view the bottom of the split view. (early stages -- there will be problems)
1. Fixed: When ripping CD's to wave format with "rip/encode simultaneous" disabled and "overwrite existing" enabled, the final file never showed up.
2. Fixed: The "rip/encode simultaneous" option did not sync up correctly between the two dialogs that it could be set from.
3. Fixed: If library was "cleared" while the CD rip action window was displayed, MC could crash.
4. Fixed: The "Show list" option in the CD rip action window wasn't working reliably since the latest changes to the tree display.
5. Fixed: Clicking on the tray icon with MC visible would not hide MC.

11.0.50 (8/5/04)
1. Fixed: Installation on a clean machine would not work. (failure to load JRImage message)
2. Fixed: Uninstaller could remove JROptionsHelper, which is needed by other J. River programs. (Deskbar, etc.)
3. Changed: Direct3D core does a better job of testing for compatible devices.
4. Fixed: Direct3D file views would show "Failed to created D3D device" error when first creating a view.
5. Fixed: In some cases, playlist output could use the wrong files when outputting only the selected files.

11.0.49 (8/4/04)
1. Changed: Several side-by-side install with Media Center 10 enhancements. (let us know if you have any issues)

11.0.48 (8/4/04)
1. Fixed: Mp3 encoder "trial period over" error would appear for every track on a CD being ripped. Now it's just shown once and CD is not ejected.
2. Fixed: Cancelling a rip process is now much faster.
3. Fixed: In some cases, the installer could detect other programs or 3rd party plugins as previous installations.
4. Changed: JRImage and JRReader moved to installation directory. (some plugins may not work until they're updated for this change -- please report any problems you encounter)
5. Changed: Media Center 11 better handles side-by-side installs with Media Center 10. (requires MC 10.0.156 or newer -- let us know if you have any issues)

11.0.47 (8/3/04)
1. Fixed: Multiple Install Wizards could be run at one time -- causing possible installations problems.
2. Fixed: Specifying a CD drive in the WM license backup tool could cause MC to hang.
3. Fixed: Trying to a rip a CD back to the same CD drive could cause MC to crash.
4. Changed: When deleting a playlist, the confirmation dialog shows the type. (smartlist, playlist, playlist group)
5. Fixed: Some Real Audio clips would show as video, even though they had no video content.
6. Fixed: TV tuner properties dialog wouldn't give meaningful messages when clicking Modify / Delete with nothing selected.
7. Changed: Changing media modes clears any user entered search string.
8. Fixed: Attempting to convert / encode / record to a CD drive (which isn't writable) could cause a crash.
9. NEW: Several image editor improvements and fixes.
10. NEW: MC displays a background grid when viewing images with transparency.
11. Fixed: Some art pieces with transparency could draw improperly on non-XP systems.
12. Changed: Mute menu item now shows a check when mute is enabled.
13. Fixed: Using WMP engine for video playback could cause slowdowns, and other strangeness.
14. Fixed: Frame could flash at a different position on load before showing at its final position.
15. Fixed: CD writer in data mode was not compatible with some playback devices, such as the IRiver SlimX. Some tracks wouldn't show up on player.

11.0.46 (7/30/04)
1. Fixed: In some cases, MC could have a 0 by 0 restored window size.
2. Fixed: Quickly clicking a tree plus or non-item area could fire the double-click action.
3. NEW: More experimentation with the animated file view. (to test, hold Alt+3 when going to a Media Library view)
4. Fixed: Action Window "Print File List" didn't properly handle cases where a list in details mode wasn't visible.
5. Changed: Tagging mode now applies desired change after pressing "Enable" on the confirmation dialog, instead of requiring a re-click.
6. NEW: Several image editor improvements and fixes.

11.0.45 (7/28/04)
1. NEW: Updated Remote Server to be more compatible with the newest NetRemote.
2. Fixed: Status bar would not properly update when switching views.
3. Fixed: Action Window pages would not always update properly after changes.
4. Fixed: Collapsing the tree while a smartlist was visible could cause a crash.
5. Changed: Improved pane auto-sizing for some cases.
6. NEW: The Playing Now Action Window has separate drop areas for "Play" and "Add".
7. NEW: Album Grouping uses the day a picture was taken instead of an album tag when performing grouping.
8. NEW: Several changes to the experimental animated file view. (to test, press Alt+3 when going to a Media Library view)

11.0.35 - 11.0.44
Our theory is that somehow we'll get to release faster by skipping some numbers.

11.0.34 (7/26/04)
1. NEW: Added MHT to the list of webpage document types. (Microsoft Web Archive file)
2. Changed: Improved pane auto-sizing algorithm.
3. Fixed: WAV playback could fail on WAV files with certain bad or unknown blocks.
4. Fixed: MediaServer returning incorrect number of items to TiVo.
5. Fixed: Camera > Acquire wouldn't create the output directory when a new directory name was entered.
6. NEW: Added experimental animated thumbnail view. (to test, hold Alt+3 when going to a Media Library view)
7. NEW: Several image editor enhancements. (still a work in progress)

11.0.30 - 11.0.33
Internal testing builds -- not released to the public.

11.0.29 (7/16/04)
1. NEW: Added "Preview Mode" to play only the intro to songs. (Player Menu > Player Options / right-click on DSP Studio button)
2. NEW: Revamped Options > Playback screen.

11.0.28 (7/15/04)
1. Fixed: Setup completion utility could crash when finalizing setup after a restart.

11.0.27 (7/15/04)
1. Fixed: On fresh install, toggling scrollbars for Track Info page could cause the page to be replaced by an error page.
2. Changed: Handheld plugins installed for Media Center 9.1 / 10 will also show up in Media Center 11.
3. Fixed: Sort items removed from Customize Current View dialog could reappear after an "Apply" in some cases.
4. Fixed: Cover Art for individual files could not be retrieved by Theater View, Album View, or other programs using the SDK.
5. NEW: Added basic image editing. Select an image and pick Tools > Image > Edit Image... from the menu. (still a work in progress)

Hiding out in J. River's cellar.

11.0.25 (7/14/04)
1. Fixed: Media Server would not read the database.
2. Changed: Reordered "Add Folder" menu in Import to make "Browse..." quicker to get to.
3. Changed: MC no longer uses the ID3v1 album for the band field when the ID3v2 tag doesn't contain a band.

10.0.24 (7/13/04)
1. Fixed: MC would not import from the Windows or Program Files directories, even if they were specifically added to the import folder list.
2. Changed: Moved option for storing cover art inside tags to Options > General > Importing & Tagging.
3. Fixed: Panes would not update properly after changes when they showed calculated fields that referenced other calculated fields.
4. Fixed: Cross-fades could be slightly shorter than expected when manually switching tracks. (especially with slow sources)
5. NEW: Added option to clear Playing Now on exit. (clears Playing Now for all playback zones)
6. Changed: Theater View does a better job of updating its display when switching zones.
7. Fixed: Theater View would not leave fullscreen for escape / double-click when zones were switched in fullscreen mode.

11.0.23 (7/12/04)
1. Fixed: Using Move Up / Move Down in Customize Current View's sort list could cause an error in some cases.
2. Fixed: Audio Analysis didn't properly show analysis columns.
3. NEW: Thumbnail text templates can be multiple lines. (customizable per view)
4. Fixed: Thumbnail text color wouldn't properly change when a file was playing vs. not playing.
5. Changed: Thumbnail text entry has helper dropdown next to it.
6. NEW: Added "Revert To Default Presets" command to preset controls. (used in file naming, library tools, thumb text, etc.)
7. Fixed: In some cases, auto-complete tag comboboxes would empty while typing.
8. Changed: Interface plugins installed for Media Center 9.1 / 10 will also show up in Media Center 11.

11.0.22 (7/9/04)
1. Fixed: Translation engine wouldn't properly readjust menu widths for longer translated strings.
2. NEW: Added right-click recent command count option to Tree & View > Advanced.
3. NEW: Thumbnail sizes and spacing can be customized to any desired size.
4. NEW: Thumbnail text (for track and album lists) can be fully customized.
5. NEW: All thumbnail options can be configured on a per-view basis.
6. NEW: Unified view customization and thumbnail settings to single "Customize Current View" tool.

11.0.21 (7/8/04)
1. NEW: Translation engine translates trees, list headers, tabs, the Action Window list, and most tooltips.
2. NEW: Multimedia keys hooked in a different way -- will hopefully provide support on more systems. (let us know)
3. Changed: Several enhancements to translation engine. (note: if you want a custom Language.txt, keep it in [MC]\Data\Custom Resources so it won't be overwritten during installs)
4. Changed: Current playback zone remembered between MC sessions.
5. Changed: Added zone display (if zones are named) to playing info in player bar.
6. Fixed: MC would not load its Playing Now list for zones other than the first zone.
7. Fixed: MC could cover an auto-hidden taskbar on startup. (hopefully fixed -- let us know)
8. Fixed: Editing a wide column in a narrow list control could cause it to scroll so that the beginning of the field was out of view.
9. Fixed: In-place editing values that differed only by case could cause unexpected results in some cases.

11.0.20 (7/7/04)
1. Fixed: MC does a better job of not obscuring an auto-hidden taskbar when maximized.
2. Fixed: Theater View's list style could not be toggled.
3. Fixed: Toolbars could not be customized.
4. NEW: Added [Zone] keyword support to Theater View text items.
5. Changed: Manual track changes wouldn't update the UI immediately.
6. NEW: Added CMJZoneAutomation SDK object to provide zone-specific access to Playing Now and the player controls for a specific zone. (more details at Developer's Zone)
7. Changed: Panes no longer filter panes to their right when in tagging mode. (experimental -- let us know if it's better or worse)
8. NEW: Introduced new, experimental language translation ability -- may not remain. (edit Language.txt in [MC]\Data\Default Resources to try it)

11.0.19 (7/6/04)
1. Fixed: Scrolling, then double-clicking a file could cause the scroll position to be lost.
2. Fixed: Some settings could not be changed. (Standard View skin, etc.)
3. Changed: Database import and update shows summary duration in a better format for long durations.
4. Fixed: Package installer would fail when installing the MP3 encoder, CD Baby, and other items.
5. Changed: Switched to roaming application data folder instead of non-roaming folder. (make sure library is in [User Name]\Application Data\J River instead of [User Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\J River)
6. Fixed: Uninstaller did not work with new file and settings layout introduced in 11.0.12.
7. NEW: Import / update system allows custom directories to be excluded.
8. Changed: Playlists inside of Playlist Groups could not be shown as a file list with Theater View.

11.0.12 (7/2/04)
1. Fixed: Playing video streams in two zones at once could cause problems when using the WMP engine instead of the DirectX engine.
2. Changed: Album analysis only runs after changes instead of every start of MC, which helps speed with large libraries.
3. Fixed: Album analyzer could incorrectly call some albums a mix.
4. Fixed: DirectSound playback could throw a "too much spent data" when pausing playback.
5. Fixed: MC's EXIF analyzer could fail on some images after they were edited by Photoshop.
6. Fixed: WMA decoder would not always output the last millisecond of data during conversion. (due to a Microsoft bug)
7. Fixed: OGG encoder would capitalize its extension as "OGG" instead of "ogg".
8. NEW: Media Center runs without power user / administrative priveleges.
9. Changed: All user specific settings should remain with each user's account. (before some settings were shared)

11.0.11 (6/22/04)
1. Changed: Several improvements to system that makes MC not advance tracks ahead of what is being played.
2. Fixed: Tooltip for tray icon wouldn't properly update when switching zones.
3. NEW: Dropping an image file on the Image Action Window will associate that image with the selected files.
4. NEW: Added Album Gain support. (album gain automatically calculated from files in album)

11.0.10 (6/21/04)
1. Fixed: Playing time and playing info wouldn't get updated during playback.
2. Changed: Playing Now list only gets saved after changes instead of every save cycle. (wouldn't allow hard disks to spin down)
3. Fixed: Theater View's "Hairstyle" checked item button didn't draw properly.
4. Changed: Streamlined DVD playback right-click / Theater View menu.
5. Fixed: Database's relational storage could fail to load properly after file deletions in some cases.
6. Fixed: Double-clicking the currently playing file info to show properties would toggle the display mode.
7. Fixed: MC could report that it didn't have the rights to burn WMA files with unlimited burning rights.
8. NEW: MC's display doesn't advance to the next track with a few seconds left of the last track. (experimental -- may not work or remain)

11.0.9 (6/18/04)
1. Fixed: Starting TV playback from Theater View wouldn't always start the correct channel.
2. Fixed: MC could cut off the ends of tracks in some cases. (introduced a build ago)
3. NEW: Added MKV and OGM to the supported formats list. (requires DirectX filters to be installed)
4. NEW: Added Access databases to the MS Office Files association list.
5. NEW: Several program optimizations.
6. Changed: Cancel button in new import system works. (it's not possible to cancel once it's in the final stages of updating the library)
7. Fixed: At the end of the last file, Direct Sound playback could stutter in some cases.
8. Changed: MC no longer unpauses when seeking in a paused audio file.
9. NEW: Added multi-zone synchronization to synchronize multiple playback zones to one another.
10. Fixed: MC would use the file modified date for images and audio, even if they had a date tag. (Library Tools > Update Library From Tags to fix)

11.0.7 (6/15/04)
1. Fixed: Upload status for Portable Devices did not always update correctly after switching views.
2. Changed: Removable and fixed drive Portable devices will display the volume label in the tree.
3. NEW: Added autodetection for Fixed Drive type portables (iRiver, Archos,etc) and any with a defined volume label.
4. Fixed: ASIO playback would not work with AudioTrak drivers. (Prodigy 7.1, etc.)
5. Fixed: ASIO wouldn't seek instantly with large ASIO buffer sizes.
6. Fixed: In some cases, MC could cut off the last portion of the last track in the playlist.
7. NEW: Added pane auto-sizing.
8. NEW: MC uses the system icon associated with a file for document file thumbnails.
9. NEW: Added new Track Info style tile view allowing fully customizable HTML based views inside of MC. (still a work in progress)
10. Fixed: Media Server didn't handle end of playlists on TiVo

11.0.6 (6/11/04)
1. Fixed: A few minor memory leaks with the new database core.
2. Fixed: Date field didn't account for the time zone on data files.
3. NEW: Added relational storage (memory and disk) for compressed and numeric fields. (was only for string fields before)
4. NEW: All database fields will use compression on large values. (instead of only certain fields)
5. NEW: Database lookups based on filename (or other fields) are much faster -- helping speed of import and some other tools.
6. NEW: Added "Documents" media mode.
7. NEW: When switching to a media mode that has no view schemes, the appropriate schemes from "browser (defaults).jmd" get merged in. (instead of creating only one item)
8. Changed: Flipped sort arrow drawing direction to be like Windows Explorer.
9. Fixed: Sorting by a column multiple times could leave that column in the "Customize View" sort list twice.
10. NEW: Added a database caching layer that makes a huge speed difference when returning to a view that's been built in the past.
11. Fixed: MC could be associated with files it couldn't natively play. (documents, exe, etc.)
12. Fixed: Playing data files would not launch the associated program on some systems.

11.0.5 (6/9/04)
1. NEW: Moved image aquisition progress dialog into Action Window.
2. Fixed: On-the-fly conversion of music for TiVo playback was not working in some cases.
3. Fixed: Wait dialog could steal the focus from other programs in some cases.
4. Fixed: Update database wouldn't remove files from disconnected drives.
5. Changed: Simplified "File Information" section of the Update Database dialog.
6. NEW: Standard view's skin is unloaded on minimize -- releasing any GDI / memory resources.
7. NEW: New database format with many speed and feature improvements. (string pooling, compressed fields, dynamic loading / unloading, etc.)
8. NEW: Document files can be imported.
9. NEW: Document files can be launched in the associated program using the double-click / play action.
10. NEW: Searching inside of documents is possible. (search the field [Text])
11. Fixed: TiVo shuffle mode displaying wrong track number.
12. Changed: Non-editable fields (i.e. calculated fields, etc.) can be used as the source in the "Move / Copy Library Fields" tool.
13. Fixed: If spaces or duplicates got placed in list-type fields, it could cause problems in tagging mode.
14. NEW: File tagging now happens in its own thread, so it doesn't interfere with using MC.
15. NEW: Added CD burning options menu item: "Prefix List Order to Filename".
16. NEW: Added new "Tiles" list mode, which shows context for data files. (still under construction for other data types)