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12.0.25 (6/20/06)

1. Fixed: Skins with different button text colors for mouse over and mouse down wouldn't work properly with focused buttons. 2. Fixed: When a library would fail to load, the prompt for restoring a library backup was not working properly. 3. Fixed: TV would fail to play the correct channel with a fresh library. 4. Fixed: COM reference count problem in TV control. 5. Fixed: View scheme "dot" icon had a gray border on the right side. 6. Fixed: Typing a search in "My Library" then switching to a view that didn't support search (like a sharing plugin) would draw incorrectly. 7. Fixed: Showing fullscreen borders on mouse move could take longer than expected. 8. Changed: Fullscreen borders no longer hide while a menu is showing. 9. Changed: Fullscreen borders wait longer to hide when the mouse is in the top border.

12.0.26 (6/21/06)

1. Fixed: Video views in "Automatic" list style would use details instead of thumbnails. 2. Fixed: The uninstall icon in Control Panel could be incorrect. 3. Changed: Fullscreen borders and mouse no longer hide while a popup dialog is showing. 4. Changed: Increased the minimum size of the OSD. (again) 5. Changed: The OSD display no longer shows "Paused" when paging through images. 6. Changed: The OSD automatically adjusts its position depending on if fullscreen borders are showing or not. 7. Changed: Clickable Podcast status column items look like browser links on mouse over. 8. Changed: Double-clicking an empty playing now no longer shows Access Control filtered files. (even though they wouldn't play) 9. Fixed: Double-clicking the header area of the player while in full screen Display View didn't always return to windowed Display View. 10. Changed: Increased delay on reacting to folder changes to prevent possible busy loops on files download with external programs, etc. 11. Changed: Streamlined folder watching to better deal with download podcasts and other file creation actions in Media Center. 12. New: Revised handheld options system. (mostly internal) 13. New: Select handhelds now show images of themselves instead of a generic placeholder image. 14. Fixed: Minor fixes in Quicktime playback.

12.0.27 (6/23/06)

1. Fixed: Media Center would not load with an empty library. (compiler bug!) 2. Changed: Updated Splash and About image for Media Center 12. 3. Changed: Media Center 12 now requires its own license. 4. Fixed: Uninstall could report unregistration errors towards the end. 5. Changed: Improved support for skins that center titlebar text. (Noire, etc.)

12.0.28 (6/26/06)

1. Fixed: During a fresh install, the skin list on the appearance installer page could be empty. 2. Changed: Removed the "registered" / "not registered" text from the about box title. (use Help > License Info... to see this information) 3. NEW: Added handheld image type and size conversion to upload process. (useful for devices with 240x320 and 480x640 screens where 6MP+ images are a waste)

12.0.29 (6/29/06)

1. Changed: When sending images with email, the "large email" warning now factors in any image conversion being performed to the size. 2. NEW: Added a one-click clear button to the search control when it has text. 3. Changed: Search control drop arrow and clear button are both skin items. 4. Changed: Renamed "Playing Display" Action Window to "Display". 5. Changed: Action Window no longer uses all caps for title text. 6. NEW: Added tooltips to the search control buttons. 7. Changed: Took care of COM interface marshaling in DX video player. 8. Fixed: "Choose DirectShow Filters" windows title misspelled. 9. Fixed: Filter names in "Choose DirectShow Filters" were editable. 10. Fixed: File extensions in DirectShow Options list ctrls were editable. 11. Changed: ListCtrl columns in "DirectShow Options" and "Choose DirectShow Filters" dialogs are no longer resizable. 12. Changed: Added a "Select Filters" button on "DirectShow Options" dialog. 13. Fixed: The sharing plugins could display garbage or crash when processing too many informational messages. 14. Fixed: Empty paranthesis were getting added to proxy (virtual) device names. 15. Fixed: Deleting a proxy (virtual) device was performing 'Remove & Ignore Device' functionality unnecessarily. 16. Changed: Updated the translation files. 17. Fixed: Tree not getting updated on device changes/arrivals. 18. Fixed: TV Channels lists showed both horizontal and vertical scroll bars (when vertical scroll bar was needed). 19. Fixed: Restore License dialog had an unnecessary black box in its top left corner. 20. Changed: Revised handling of row-style tree items when expanding a non-selected item, or selecting an item with a different item expanded. 21. Changed: Updated how the handheld conversion options look. 22. NEW: Add new "Watch Folders" configuration to Options > Library. 23. Changed: Mini View no longer has a close button. 24. Changed: Made mini view less wide.

12.0.30 (6/30/06)

1. NEW: Added animation to player button state changes. 2. NEW: Added state-change animation to all standard buttons, comboboxes, and radio buttons. 3. Optimized: Improved bottom border / status bar drawing performance. 4. Fixed: Clicking on some sliders without moving the mouse could cause them to reposition slightly. 5. Changed: Some buttons wouldn't honor skins that used different text colors for each button state. (Noire, etc.) 6. Changed: Mouse over state of standard windows controls (buttons, comboboxes, etc.) is more responsive. 7. NEW: Added "Stop After Current File" to Player menu. (also Ctrl+Shift+S) 8. Fixed: Toolbar customization dialog could show the wrong images. 9. Fixed: Contrast value set on DX Video player settings drifted lower the next time MC was started. 10. Changed: Updated the Korean translation. (thanks Junghwan)

12.0.31 (7/5/06)

1. NEW: Aspect Ratio options for Video playback are available on Video Playback Options dialog, in addition to context menu. 2. Fixed: For certain file types sometimes video was displayed in an detached "ActiveMovie" window. 3. NEW: "Delete Files" confirmation dialog now displays the number of files to be deleted in the confirmation text. 4. Fixed: Send To items Email and Upload could use the wrong files when invoked from Display View. 5. Fixed: UI components that weren't visible (while in Display View, etc.) could still respond to some keyboard shortcuts. 6. Changed: The "Display" Action Window is less aggressive about reshowing itself. 7. Optimized: Starting playback of something that will jump to Diplay View operates more quickly. 8. Changed: Shell extension / command line imports include all supported file types. (instead of using file types from last "Add Folder") 9. Fixed: Shell extension imports were not working. 10. Changed: Clicking the "Play" link on a file in Playing Now would reset Playing Now to only that song. 11. Fixed: Thumbnail style lists would not properly update after a drag-n-drop reorder. 12. Fixed: Text colors for buttons with skin effects applied could be incorrect. 13. Fixed: Panes would not properly redraw when a selection was made that caused them to become empty. 14. Fixed: Searching (or using the tree / panes) for a list style field with empty values didn't work properly. 15. Changed: Grouping values of numbers that are all the same no longer say "avg". (i.e. year for an album is "2006" instead of "2006.0 avg") 16. Optimized: Improved performance when dealing with list-style fields in several areas of the program. 17. Fixed: Color Controls behave incorrectly when Video Playback Options dialog was left on during video track changes. 18. Optimized: Greatly increased the load performance of the "Tag Info" window. 19. Fixed: The Tag Info window could cause a crash when being invoked on a view with no files. 20. Fixed: When zoomed into a list style field in the Tag Info window, clicking around would show black painting artifacts. 21. Fixed: Tag Info window could crash when zoomed in on a list-style field and pressing F5. 22. Fixed: Clicking around on a list-style Tag Info window could show a message about making changes even if no changes were to be made.

12.0.32 (7/7/06)

1. Changed: "Video playback settings" and "DirectShow playback settings" have been combined into "DirectShow audio/video playback settings". 2. Fixed: "Locate On Disk (inside Media Center)" would not always properly show the newly selected folder. 3. Changed: Clipboard "Paste" is now implemented in the tree. 4. Changed: Playlist groups have a "Send To" menu. (for play, email, etc.) 5. Optimized: Tree right-click menus show much faster, even for playlist groups that contain 100's of child smartlists. 6. Fixed: Occationally audio is played out during thumbnail building for videos. 7. Fixed: Burning data CD/DVDs action window "discs required" number (before burn starts). 8. Fixed: Burning data CD/DVDs, incorrectly rejects 2nd disc for being smaller than the first burn disc. 9. Fixed: Certain malformed video files (avi file with only audio stream for instance) could cause video thumbnail grabbing thread to hang. 10. Fixed: Certain video decoders could cause video thumbnail grabbing threads to crash when multiple threads ran simultaneously. 11. Fixed: TV engine restarted on channel change. 12. Fixed: On "DirectShow Audio Video Options" dialog radio buttons in "Aspect Ratio" and "Audio Renderer" were not separately grouped (checking a button in one group unchecked the checked button in another). 13. Changed: Renamed "Tag Info" to "Tag". 14. NEW: Many "Tag" window changes and improvements. 15. Fixed: Album artwork was not being properly sent to iPods. 16. Changed: Improved support for extended iPod database fields like sample rate, date modified, etc. 17. Fixed: Media Center wouldn't properly recognize an iPod after unplugging it and plugging it back in during the same session. 18. Changed: Device view "Sync Now" button changes to "Transfer" when files are queued and the device is not in sync mode. (instead of warning about not being in sync mode on click) 19. Changed: After a background import finished, it would too aggressively update the UI.

12.0.33 (7/10/06)

1. Fixed: Removing an MJMD tag from an image that had other unknown appid blocks after the tag could cause an issue. 2. Fixed: Starting the player in display view by double-clicking an image or video on the desktop with the startup location set to "Playing Now" would show an empty display. 3. Fixed: It was not possible to remove the last tag in the Action Window's tag list. 4. Fixed: In-place editing a list-type field in a pane wouldn't work properly. 5. Fixed: Clicking the "Back" button in the tag window wouldn't properly save changes. 6. Changed: The "Tags" menu on the Tag Action Window allows addition / removal of all tags. (including read-only fields) 7. Changed: Reworked library options to make user fields easier to see. 8. Changed: Skins can provide a custom search text selection colors instead of using the system colors. (see Noire for a sample) 9. Changed: When a list is empty because of a user search, it will show "no search results". 10. NEW: Added auto-complete type tooltips to tree to show truncated values on mouse-over. 11. Fixed: In video player VMR9 filter was not cleaned up from DirectShow graph when it failed to connect. 12. New: Added "nsv" extension to "DX Video playback" types (experimental).

12.0.34 (7/12/06)

1. NEW: iPod type (nano, 3g, 5g, etc.) is more robustly determined. (fixes Apple update bug that deletes SysInfo, etc.) 2. Changed: When an unknown iPod type is found, MC will warn the user and not continue trying to use the device. (instead of assuming it's an old iPod) 3. New: Improved error reporting in DX video playback engine. 4. Fixed: DX video player engine still tried to access VMR9 color control when VMR9 failed to connect. 5. Fixed: Memory leaks in PlaybackEng when exception occurred. 6. Fixed: Audible Podcasting, extension was set to mp3 and thus failed to play. 7. Fixed: Type library file not registered correctly. Caused automation problems. 8. Changed: Unknown devices (with drive letters) default to WMDM instead of drive-style to allow protected WMA to work. 9. NEW: Handheld views will show an image of the device being used. 10. Changed: When viewing a handheld, queued files now show above files already on the device. 11. New: Better exception handling in DX video playback engine. 12. Fixed: DirectShow video playback crashed on some computers. 13. Changed: Reworked how fields are shown for the Tag Action Window. 14. Changed: The "Format" page of the Tag Action Window no longer has a list header. (uses page header instead) 15. Changed: Added vertical scrollbars to Tag and Burn Action Window pages. (let us know if other pages could use scrolling) 16. NEW: Reads IPTC info from JPEG images. 17. Fixed: The Tag window could crash when trying to show fields that no longer existed. (from a library clear, etc.)

12.0.35 (7/14/06)

1. Changed: Large value edit boxes for lyrics, bios, etc. have a vertical scrollbar. 2. Fixed: Up, down, page up, and page down didn't work in large value edit boxes. 3. Changed: When editing a large value (lyrics, etc.) all the text is no longer selected by default. (easier to read and harder to erase by accident) 4. Fixed: When editing the filename in the Tag Action Window, it could be scrolled too far to the left. 5. Fixed: The generic view scheme icon had an extra grey shadow on its right side. 6. Changed: Improved error reporting in the File Conversion tool. 7. Fixed: Wav file support was broken. 8. Fixed: Wav file with non-ASCII characters in file name or path could not be played. 9. Changed: The Action Window "Drop Here" image is now with all the other art in the Default Art folder. 10. Optimized: Reworked how Action Windows update / resize. (please report any strange behavior) 11. Fixed: List type fields in the Tag Action Window could show boxes after them. 12. Changed: "WAV", "AU" and "RAW" files are no longer played with wav input plugin. They are played through DirectShow instead. 13. Fixed: IPTC headers could cause a crash in some cases. 14. Changed: Reworked how toolbars draw their backgrounds to improve performance and fix occasional "grey background" bug. 15. Fixed: Automation TLB file not working in VB programs because of Boolean date type conflict. 16. NEW: Added ability to "Detach Display" to right-click of display. (please test for interaction with fullscreen resolution, screensavers, Theater View, etc.) 17. Fixed: IPTC keywords were coming through comma delimited instead of semi-colon delimited. 18. NEW: Player includes new default "Noire" Theater View skin.

12.0.36 (7/17/06)

1. Fixed: Thumbnails with no thumbnail text could cause a drawing crash in some cases. 2. Optimized: Substantial speed and memory improvements in lists with thumbnails. (thumbnail lists or details lists with album-icons) 3. Fixed: Importing Jpeg files added a space and comma to the places field (when there were no IPTC city state & country tags) 4. Fixed: Importing WAV files did not get duration and bitrate data. 5. Fixed: WAV files could not be converted to other types (showing "Unsupported Type").

12.0.37 (7/18/06)

1. NEW: New highly threaded loading system, providing much faster program start times. 2. Fixed: "Detach Display" command could fight with other commands in the same menu. 3. Changed: Detaching the display while in Display View will bring the program back to standard view. 4. Changed: Changing display options would reattach a detached display. 5. Fixed: Using a detached display in fullscreen could cause the main application to also lock to a maximized state. 6. Changed: Updated TLB for use with VB6. 7. NEW: Revised the "Detach Display" system to work nicely with multiple detached displays from different zones. (so you can watch TV detached while browsing images in a different zone, etc.) 8. Fixed: When choosing a child of view scheme and then expanding a different media type, the tree wouldn't logically update. 9. Fixed: Media Editor transforms were not working. 10. Fixed: The CD Baby and Audio Lunchbox services weren't getting installed. 11. Fixed: HTTP Pipelining was not working for content without a length. This broke (at least) Library Server, maybe other things. 12. Changed: Updated thumbnailing engine for improved performance. (thumbnails will need to be rebuilt) 13. Fixed: HTTP Server was sending files without content length. 14. Fixed: Marquee selection in icon lists of small icons could work incorrectly. 15. Fixed: WAV input plugin got included in the build, causing WAV playback to fail.

12.0.38 (7/19/06)

1. Changed: Renamed "Configure Debug Logging..." to "Logging...". 2. Changed: Removed images from installer Express / Custom selection screen. 3. Optimized: Several more startup optimizations. 4. Fixed: A few issues related to the threaded loading system. 5. Fixed: Views with stacks could be much slower to load than expected. (introduced a build or two ago) 6. Fixed: Auto import could do a UI update after external folder changes even if they didn't change anything in the library. 7. Fixed: Pressing enter on an image to go to fullscreen and then pressing enter again to return would leave the keyboard focus stranded. 8. Changed: (Experimental) Added code to clear media events queue in DirectShow thumbnail grabber and DirectShow playback tester. 9. Fixed: Library Server would miscount the number of open connections, preventing access. 10. Fixed: Streaming Quicktime media could not be played. 11. Fixed: List selection while holding shift+down arrow would unselect everything once reaching the end of the list. 12. Fixed: Visualizations could run very slowly. (introduced in build 37)

12.0.39 (7/20/06)

1. Fixed: Switching a thumbnail list to details could result in an empty list being shown. 2. Fixed: Media Center would fail to load a blank library. 3. Fixed: Browsing input plugins with Plugin Manager did not work properly. 4. Fixed: Switching between sharing plugins could cause a crash. 5. Fixed: Video thumbnail building would not build a thumbnail if a previous thumbnail had been built on basis of an image file on disk, and the local image file no longer existed. 6. NEW: Skinning engine supports custom hit boxes for certain skin items. (implement by adding a 5th image to a skin item that defines the hit area) 7. Fixed: It was possible to highlight multiple control buttons at once with the Noire skin. 8. Changed: Removed manual vs sync mode selection -- instead just pick playlists if you want syncing.

12.0.40 (7/21/06)

1. Changed: German language translation updated. 2. Changed: Digital TV signal strength is represented as a percentage for known HDTV devices, instead of absolute numbers. For unknown devices it is still represented as an absolute number. 3. Changed: Recent Playing Nows are no longer shown in handheld sync playlist list. 4. Changed: Handheld sync playlist list isn't all expanded by default. 5. Changed: Library Manager could not be shown while some background tools were working. 6. Optimized: Improved performance of thumbnail lists.

12.0.41 (7/24/06)

1. NEW: Thumbnail list drawing is fully thread parallelized resulting in nearly a 2x speedup on dual-core machines. (and 10-15% speedup with Hyper-threading machines) 2. Fixed: License restore could fail in some cases. 3. Changed: When a trial expires, the countdown "Continue" button is no longer shown. 4. Changed: Links that show up on thumbnails no longer clickable until they fully fade-in. (to avoid accidental clicks on selection) 5. Changed: Reworked QuickTime initialization and cleanup code. 6. New: MC can get thumbnails for certain QuickTime formatted video podcasts. 7. Changed: Thumbnail lists show tooltips. (unless they're thumbnails of groupings) 8. Changed: Tooltips do a better job of sizing to wide-screen style images. 9. Fixed: Installer would show duplicates in the file association list. 10. Fixed: Skin Manager's task bar icon wouldn't look as good as expected. 11. Fixed: In the Tag Action Window, switching pages while editing a list-type field could leave an edit control visible.