Re-Rip and preserve tags

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If you want to re-rip existing tracks while preserving your tags, use the following steps:

  1. Backup your library: File->Library->Back Up Library (so you can restore if something goes wrong).
  2. Disable Auto-Import: Tools->Auto Import Options (uncheck 'run auto-import in background')
  3. If you want to change formats, ie mp3 to FLAC, or your ripping file-naming convention has changed:
    • Select all the tracks you are re-ripping and Tools->Library Tools->Rename, Move, & Copy Files
    • Select Rename (moves files if directory changes).
    • Fill out the Directories, Filename fields to ensure that the old file naming convention matches your current convention so that the original filenames will match the re-ripped filenames.
    • If changing formats, fill out Find & Replace 'Find What' field with the old file format extension, eg mp3, and the 'Replace With' field with the new format extension, eg 'flac'
    • Check that the Action window shows correct information for Original and New and then select 'OK'. You will be asked whether to move the files, select 'Yes'.
  4. Re-rip your tracks and ensure they replace the original files, unless ripping with MEDIA CENTER...
    • If ripping with J.River Media Center:
      • Rip to a temporary location, and once ripped, delete the new files from the library (do not delete the actual files!)
      • Use an external file manager to replace the old files with the new ones.
  5. Select all the original tracks in J.River Media Center and perform the following operations:
    • Tools->Library Tools->Update Tags (from library)
    • Tools->Library Tools->Update Library (from tags)
  6. Re-enable Auto-Import if you use it: Tools->Auto Import Options
  7. Your library should now point at your newly ripped files and have preserved the original files' tags.