Re-Rip and preserve tags

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If you want to re-rip existing tracks while preserving your tags, use the following steps:

  1. Backup your library: File->Library->Back Up Library (so you can restore if something goes wrong).
  2. Disable Auto-Import: Tools->Auto Import Options (uncheck 'run auto-import in background')
  3. If you want to change formats, ie mp3 to FLAC, or your ripping file-naming convention has changed:
    • Select all the tracks you are re-ripping and Tools->Library Tools->Rename, Move, & Copy Files
    • Select Rename (moves files if directory changes).
    • Fill out the Directories, Filename fields to ensure that the old file naming convention matches your current convention so that the original filenames will match the re-ripped filenames.
    • If changing formats, fill out Find & Replace 'Find What' field with the old file format extension, eg mp3, and the 'Replace With' field with the new format extension, eg 'flac'
    • Check that the Action window shows correct information for Original and New and then select 'OK'. You will be asked whether to move the files, select 'Yes'.
  4. Re-rip your tracks and ensure they replace the original files.
    • If ripping with J.River Media Center:
      • You will now need to move/delete the original files prior to ripping so that the new files can take their place, otherwise MC will automatically rename the files and this process will fail.
      • Once re-ripped, delete the newly ripped files from within the library (but do not delete the actual files!)
  5. Select all the original tracks in J.River Media Center and perform the following operations:
    • Tools->Library Tools->Update Tags (from library)
    • Tools->Library Tools->Update Library (from tags)
  6. Re-enable Auto-Import if you use it: Tools->Auto Import Options
  7. Your library should now point at your newly ripped files and have preserved the original files' tags.