Preferences (where they are stored)

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J.River Media Center Preferences

There are two places where the information is stored:

  1. Library:
    • The library directory (File->Library Manager for location) stores the following information:
    1. View Trees (eg Audio)
      • File: browser.jmd
    2. Library Views
    3. Playlists
      • File: playlistx.jmd
    4. Links
      • File: links.xml
    5. Saved Views
      • Subdirectory: Saved Views
    6. Podcast Feeds
      • podcast.xml
  2. Registry: (warning: only for users who know how to registry edit)
    • The user options (Tools->Options) are stored in the regsitry entry:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\J.River\Media Center 13\Properties
    1. Favorites (Navigation)
      • Key: Tree Favorites
    2. View Column Presets
      • Key: View Settings - Column Presets
    • Toolbars
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\J.River\Media Center 13\MCBars
    • The list of Theater View roots to show (programs, webpages, etc.) is user specific and stored in the registry.