Pops and Clicks

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Sometimes when playing your music in Media Center you may hear pops and clicks.

Here are some things to try:

  • Try switching playback between Direct Sound and Wave Out.
  • Try updating your sound card drivers.
  • If you're using a sound card, make sure your BIOS has any on-board sound disabled.
  • Adding other programs that play sound may cause a problem. Try uninstalling these other programs.
  • Another possibility for anyone who has a problem is the well known (but no so commonly seen these days) problem with via chipsets and latency settings in the BIOS. Try a web search for these.
  • Disable any third party plug-ins, visualizations, spam blockers, pop-up blockers, virus checkers, etc. that you use while running Media Center.
  • Check your Windows volume controls and make sure your Mic is muted.
  • The pop or click may actually be in the song itself.
  • Enable silence suppression ("Do not play silence ..." option) for gapless MP3 playback.
  • Increase the buffering in: Options > Playback > Output Mode Settings.
  • Turn off sample-rate conversion or other CPU-hungry DSPs.