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Playlists are ordered lists, and are used when you want to preserve the order of tracks. For example, you may create a playlist for "Top 40 1971" that preserves the order of the tracks. You may also want to create a compilation playlist of your favorite tracks, in order of preference. You can also create a playlist with your favorite Radio Stations, so that they are easily accessible at all times.

The point of creating Playlists is to group your collection in groups that you identify, and which are then very easy to access.

Playlists are accessible in the organization tree.

"Recent Playing Now's" - Automatically Generated Playlist

Whenever you add files to Playing Now, your Playing Now playlist is saved until you exit Media Center. To access the lists, go to "Recent Playing Now's" under Playlists in the tree. You may have to refresh the view: collapse Recent Playing Now's, then expand. Note: Recent Playing Now's are only generated after your first Playing Now list has been modified.. Each Playing Now list will be saved until you exit the program.