Playback Audio CDs

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To play Audio CDs:

  1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  2. If asked, select Play CD. If not asked, right-click the CD in the organization tree under Drives and Devices and select Play.

The program automatically obtains CD information from the CD itself (including Artist, Album and Track information), or if it is unavailable, it acquires the information from an online database (YADB). If no CD information is found in the database, you are asked to submit the information. You can complete the information and press the Done button, or ignore the request and select the Cancel button, then OK.

Auto Play CDs

If Audio CDs don't automatically play, enable Auto Play.

  • Go to Tools > Options > CD. In the right pane click on the arrow next to Audio CD > Action, and select Play. Uncheck "Ask me every time".

If Audio CDs still do not play automatically, you may need to enable "Associate with Audio CDs" (Tools > Options > File Associations).

Technical Information about how the Program collects CD and Track Names

For an audio CD that the program has never seen before:

  1. The program first checks for "CD-Text" data on the CD itself.
  2. If the information isn't there, it checks the cdplayer.ini file in the Windows directory.
  3. If it still can't get the information, and the user has enabled "on-line CD lookup", it tries to go on-line and search the YADB on-line database for a match. This can cause a noticeable delay and will fail if you are not connected to the Internet.
  4. If it can't find it on-line, it asks if you if you want to fill in the info and submit it to YADB. If you don't fill in the information, the tracks will be named "track 1, track 2", etc.
  5. Once it has info for an audio CD, the information is stored in the programs own database so the next time you insert this CD it just grabs all the information instantly without any YADB or cdplayer.ini checking.