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pix01.com is J. River's free site for sharing your images and videos.

Some notes on using the site:

You can only share from J. River Media Center 12.0.198 and above. The first time you try to use "Share to Web" (found from right clicking on the images or videos), you'll be asked to sign up by entering a valid e-mail address and a password. After this first upload, MC will remember the login and (optionally) your password.

You can't modify an album you've uploaded, but you can over-write it. You can upload a new one with the same name and a different set of pictures. This over-writes the first.

Choose "Sign in" on the web page to manage your albums. You can make them public or not, and delete them.

Public means that it will show on the index page or in searches. If it isn't public, the only way you can share it is to send the link.