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PlayStation 3 support was introduced with build 14.0.106. If you don't have JRiver Media Center already, please download JRiver Media Center. [Thanks to Magic_Randy]

Configure Media Center

First, you need to configure MC to recognize your PS3:

  • For Media Center v14:
    • In MC, go to: Services & Plug-ins (this is in the tree on the left)
    • Expand the Services & Plug-ins and you will see UPnP Server, click on that.
    • On the center section of the screen you will see 2 buttons, Start Server and Options. Go to options
    • Under Options, go to Receiver (In newer versions, just choose DLNA. In older versions, set it to Advanced)
    • There are a series of check boxes under receiver. Turn them all off, except: Allow Visual Content and DLNA
    • Click OK
    • Click on Start Server

  • For Media Center v15:
    • In MC, go to: Services & Plug-ins (this is in the tree on the left)
    • Expand the Services & Plug-ins.
    • Click on DLNA/UPnP
    • On the center section of the screen, click on "Options..."
      • You can also access this screen by going to Tools->Options->Network
    • Under "DLNA Server", click on "Allow sharing..."
    • Click "Add..."
    • Select "PS3"
    • Click OK

This should be all you have to do on MC.

Configure PS3

On the PS3, go to Settings-->Network and make sure Media Server Connection is enabled.

You can now Search for Media Servers under Audio, Video, and pictures. Pick from anywhere.

MC should now show up on your PS3. Click on it and navigate to your content. You can pick it under Pictures, Audio or Video.

This all assumes both your PC and PS3 are on the network. I have both of mine connected to a wireless network.

Note: if you do not have a fast network, video may be choppy.

DLNA Settings for PS3

[From Bob Brose, JRiver Developer]

The Playstation 3 is a DLNA device (other DLNA devices include the Streamium 5200).

DLNA devices support mp3, wma (if enabled in ps3 settings), ac3 (supposedly) and L16 (big endian) wave (and a couple more obsolete sony formats like atrac).

MC's UPnP server will now convert to L16 wave so you can play flac's, ogg's, etc. To do this, in the UPnP options dialog, select "convert when necessary" and "uncompressed wave". This will convert all formats to L16 unless they are already in that format. If you only have mp3's and wma's choose "never convert".

If you have a Streamium with the latest firmware, you could select "convert when necessary" and "mp3" if you want to reduce bandwidth (at the cost of increased CPU usage).


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