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== Media Center ==
== Media Center ==
[http://files.jriver.com/mediacenter/MediaCenter150176.exe Media Center 15.0.176]
[http://files.jriver.com/mediacenter/MediaCenter140165.exe Media Center 14.0.165]
[http://files.jriver.com/mediacenter/MediaCenter140165.exe Media Center 14.0.165]

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Links to older versions of both J. River Media Center and Media Jukebox can be found in the FAQ on Interact.

The latest version is always available on our Download Page. A newer, but possibly less stable build, may be available in a thread near the top of one of the boards on Interact.

You can restore your license or have your licenses e-mailed to you from the Restore Page. You can also change your e-mail address there.

Media Center

Media Center 15.0.176

Media Center 14.0.165

Media Center 13.0.172

Media Center 12.0.534

Media Center 11.1.201

Media Center 10.0.173

Media Jukebox

Media Jukebox 12.0.049

Media Jukebox 8.0.400