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If you choose to connect to your home server from another PC or phone, you can use the test feature and the access key (from MC Options > Media Network) for access to your home PC.

  • The access key is a six character alphabetic string, which tells another copy of MC what server and IP address to connect to.
  • The test feature attempts to connect from a J. River server directly to the server running on your PC. It the port is open all the way, it will succeed.

The port you use must be accessible (not blocked by a firewall) from outside your network, and you must be using the outside address of your network. A cable modem, for example, has both an inside and an outside address. The outside address is the only one accessible from the Internet. You can find out what your outside address is by visiting

Addresses like 192.168.0.* or 192.168.1.* are special addresses used only on internal networks. You can't connect to one of these from outside the network, unless your router makes the switch. This is called NAT (Network Address Translation). You might need, for example, to connect to from outside your network, and your router might convert that to The latter is a sort of "fake" address not visible from the Internet.