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When the built-in slideshow is active (internal, windowed or full screen mode):

Next and Previous Page Up or Page Down
Zoom Zoom in or out using the mouse wheel
  • Automatic Pan. You can set the program to automatically pan (zoom in and out of the picture). Right-click on a currently playing image, select Configure Image Playback and enable "Start auto-pan on zoom". To toggle between Pan on and off while in slide-show mode, click on the image, and press "P" on the keyboard.
  • Manual Pan (Horizontal and Vertical). Left click on the picture and move the image up, down, right or left. You can also use arrows on the keyboard.
Move the View When zoomed, you can "grab" the screen and move the view by holding down the left mouse button while moving the mouse. You can also do this with the arrow keys on the keyboard
Full Screen Mode When in Full Screen mode, use the control bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate. If the control bar is not displayed, simply hover over the bottom of the screen with the mouse.