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There are several ways to move files inside Media Center. Doing so inside MC instead of using Explorer, for example, will allow MC to update its library to reflect the move.

Rename, Move, & Copy Files

Using Library Tools > Rename, Move, & Copy Files, you can use the renaming to move your files.

  • 1. Select a few files to test before you do many.
  • 2. Check the Directories box.
  • 3. Set the "Base Path". This is the folder under which your music will be stored. Example: C:\Music
  • 4. Set "Rule". Example: [Artist]\[Album] will make a directory named for the Artist and a directory under that for each Album.

Once you've done this for the selected fields, you'll see the proposed results on the right. Hover your mouse over one or two lines to make sure it's going to do what you expect. Then press "OK".

Library Tools / Find and Replace

Find and Replace will let you change any part of any field. If you do this in "File Location", you can change "C:" to "D:" or "C:\Music" to "C:\Video". MC will move the files and update its library.

But please note that for moving files (even with find and replace) it's better to use the Rename, Move, and Copy Files tool.

Drag and Drop

You can use MC's My Computer (found in the tree under Drives and Devices) to drag whole folders to a new location. MC will update its library to reflect the changes.

Moving a file to another application

You can select a file, right click, then choose "Send To", "Send To (External)". You can add applications to this list.

You can also drag and drop to many applications. Try this by dragging and dropping a file on the desktop.


RoderickGI generously posted detailed instructions for moving files from an existing computer to a new one. Here