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With this option, you can easily move all information from one field to another. For example, you may have put additional artist information in the comment field ("with Neil Diamond) to indicate that the song is a duet version. But now you have created your own custom database field called "Other Artists", and you want to move the information from the comment field to the new Other Artists field.

To do this:

  1. It is best if both the source and the destination share the same input type (e.g., delimited list; string). If they do not, see the note below.
  2. Select file(s), right click and go to Library Tools > Move/Copy Fields.
  3. Select the source (in our example it would be "Comment").
  4. Select the Destination (in our example it would be "Other Artists").
  5. In the Action drop-down menu, select the action you want to take (Copy, Move, or Flip-flop).

If the fields do not share the input type, you will have to be creative with the Find/Replace function (Library Tools > Find and Replace) and turn your source fields into the destination compatible format. For example, if you had subgenres listed in your Comments field that were of this format: "alt-rock, alt-country rock", and you wanted to move items in the comment field into a delimited list destination field, you would have to first replace all ", " in the comment fields with ";" which is what the delimited list uses in between entries.

See Find & Replace information in fields.