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* Developers may find the [http://wiki.jrmediacenter.com/index.php/Web_Service_Interface Web Service Interface] useful.
* Developers may find the [http://wiki.jrmediacenter.com/index.php/Web_Service_Interface Web Service Interface]useful for writing applications that can control MC.

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Connect Your Media

J. River Media Center has long been the number one media player. Now MC provides Media Network, the right solution for moving your media.

Any media, any time, any place. That's been the dream. Now it's becoming reality.

With the Remote You Have in Your Pocket

These features are now available in MC15:

WebRemote -- An Android or iPhone can serve as a remote control for a PC or TV.

WebPlay -- Your phone can stream media from your PC.


Android or iPhone

Both WebPlay and WebRemote run on Android phones like the Motorola Droid, as well as on the iPhone and iPad, even the iPod Touch. With these phones, you'll get both remote control and remote play (streaming to the phone).


  • WebPlay streams media from your PC to a cell phone. Works now on Android, iPhone, Touch, and iPad. Coming soon on WinMo. Pictures

  • WebRemote acts as a remote control for MC. It can get media from your DLNA Server and control a DLNA Renderer. Pictures

  • Tremote is another remote control feature that uses MC itself as the remote.

  • "Play to" another room with a DLNA device like the new J. River ID "Play to" uses the new DLNA components to play your media on a TV or Blu-Ray player somewhere else on your network. It's a new feature in Windows 7, but our implementation also works on Vista and XP. See also DLNA TV's and DLNA Boxes on our forum.

  • Access your home Library Server from anywhere on the Internet. MC15 can generate a key that you can mail to yourself or a friend. There's no need to know the IP address and port.

  • Sync your changes back to Library Server when you make them on a client.

  • DLNA support makes MC15 a perfect server for your new network capable TV or Blu-ray player. DLNA is a nice solution for serving media to a device, and it also provides the remote control. Run MC on a netbook or use your cell phone as a remote.

For more information, or to ask a question, please visit the new Media Network board on Interact.

Upgrade to J. River Media Center 15.0

Here's how to Upgrade to MC15. It's $22.98 through May 31.

More New Features