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ListCount(...): Returns the number of items in a delimited list

ListCount() ListCount is used to return the number of items that exist in any given field, using any given delimiter.
Construction ListCount(Field to count,Delimiter to use)

Field to count: Typically, this will be a list type field, but this is not compulsory. The data in any field can be parsed using any chosen delimiter

Delimiter to use: This is optional. If not specified, the function will default to using a semi-colon delimiter. Anything can be specified as a delimiter, from a single character to a whole word or words.

Examples listcount([People])

No delimiter has been specified here, therefore the function will default to using a semi-colon. The result here will match the number of people shown in a properly tagged photo. Note that the function is smart, so, if a file has no [People] tag, the function will return zero (0), and if it has [People] data, but no semi-colon, the function will return one (1).