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The J. River Media Core database engine supports Excel-style functions for use in view schemes, searches, displayed columns, and tag editing.

An expression is a mixture of text, fields, and functions.

   This is simple text
   This is an artist: [Artist]
   The song [Name] is rated [Rating] stars
   The file is FormatBoolean(IsMissing(), missing from, on) your machine


Any text between brackets [] will be replaced with the corresponding field. As an example, [Artist] would be replaced by Bob Dylan for any Bob Dylan tracks. If the text between brackets doesn't match any known fields, it will be left alone. After the field name, a comma can be placed followed by a 0 or 1 for whether the field should get formatted. So, [Duration] and [Duration, 1] will give "4:02" while [Duration, 0] will give "242".


A function allows special operations to be performed. A list of functions follows:

Function Description Examples
A Work In Progress Cell 2 Cell 3
==test== Cell B Cell C