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ListBuild(...): Build a list from a series of values

ListBuild() This function provides the ability to create a single list from many different sources, allowing choices regarding ignoring or including empty values, and allowing a list delimiter to be specified.
Construction ListBuild(Mode,Delimiter,Items,To,Include)

Mode: There are two different modes available:

  • 0: combine all values.
  • 1: combine non-empty values

Delimiter: The character used here will be used as a delimiter between each of the specified list items. To be clear, if there are back slashes in the keywords field, and a list is built using keywords and genre, the specified delimiter is used between the keywords and genre fields when joining them, the back slashes in the keywords field would not be altered. Items To Include: This can be any number of specified text entries or library fields, seperated by commas

Examples listbuild(1,;,[keywords],[genre])
This will return a list containing all keywords and genres. Mode "1" has been specified, which means that if either keyords or genre is empty, they will be ignored.

Here, the keywords and genre fields are merged again, but now, mode "0" has been specified, which means that regardless of the contents of either field, the delimiter will always be shown. The results would appear as follows:

  • File has no keywords or genre