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This type of remote will control JRiver Media Center or Windows Media Center without additional setup, but it can also be used to control other devices by using the IR transceiver included and a cable called an emitter or blaster. The cable attaches to the other devices. By doing this, you can use the Media Center remote to adjust the volume of your amplifier, or turn on the power to your TV, amp, or set top box. Anything you can do with another IR remote can be done with this kit.

JRiver offers the Media Center Remote as a hardware kit. Please see the details below.

  • This remote works with JRiver Media Center version 14 and above, or with Microsoft's Media Center on Vista or Windows7. Purchase details are below.


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JRiver Media Center Remote

JRiver offers the Media Center Remote hardware package shown above. The package includes:

  • A high quality Media Center remote. It can control JRiver Media Center without any setup. It also works with Windows Media Center.
  • An IR transceiver device that connects to your computer via USB. It has two 1/8 inch jacks for emitters (one emitter is provided). No separate power is required.
  • An IR emitter or "blaster" that plugs into the transceiver's 1/8" jacks. You can attach the emitter to the IR detection lense of the equipment you want to control, such as a cable set top box, a receiver, or a TV. The emitter has a peel-off adhesive on one side, but is transparent enough that the usual remote used with the device will still work.

Setup Instructions

Media Center Remote Instructions

XP users may require this driver, or follow these instructions.

Questions about using the MC Remote

For help with the remote or any other questions, please post on Interact in the Media Center Q & A thread here.


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