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What it does

MC14 introduced a feature called Remote Relay, the ability to use an MCE remote to control more than just the PC. It can control other devices by using a transceiver and cables called emitters. For example, this will let you use the MCE remote to adjust the volume of your amplifier, or turn on the power to your TV, your amp, or set top box. Anything you can do with any other IR remote for your home audio setup can be done with Remote Relay.

J. River offers the Media Center Remote as a hardware package -- more below.

What you need

RemoteRelay.jpg Get MC Remote now!

J. River offers the Media Center Remote hardware package for $38.98. -- plus $5 shipping to an address in the United States -- or $10 shipping to other addresses. Call 612 677 8200 x 202 to order.

The package includes:

  • A high quality MCE remote (shown above). It can control J. River Media Center without any customization.
  • An IR (or RF) "transceiver" device that connects via USB to your computer. It has two jacks for emitters. No separate power is required.
  • An IR emitters or "blaster" that plugs into the transceiver's 1/8" jacks. The emitters are attached to the IR detection lense of the equipment you want to control, such as a cable set top box, a receiver, or a TV.

MCE Remote Instructions