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About Media Center All Media--One Interface.

Media Center turns your PC into a complete digital entertainment center.

Media Center connects your PC to a stereo, TV, home theater, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners, portable music players and UPnP player devices.

Use Media Center for ripping and playing music, burning cds, listening to Podcasts, copying music onto a portable device and organizing your music collection using a multitude of organization fields. If you can’t find the field you need, create your own custom field.

Encode and play all popular media formats.

Play Web radio, TV, DVDs, Podcasts, video files and show digital images on your PC.

Powerful utilities include three different servers for streaming music and images to remote PC's and standalone networked players.

Media Center has more advanced features than any other application for superior customization and control of a media collection.

Please visit for more information about J River and Media Center.

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