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Download and Install

Please download the version that matches your license. MC28 is on the Download Page. Older versions are in the Old Versions topic on our wiki.

Double click on the .dmg file to unpack the disk image and show the install window.

Drag Media Center 28 to the Applications shortcut shown in the install window.

Click to see Disk Image

Close the installer window and eject the Media Center 28 installer disk image (control-click or right click on the installer image and do eject).

Run Media Center 28 from the Applications folder (from the finder menu, Go->Applications and double click on Media Center 28).

If you are asked for accessibility permissions you must accept that (it's how MC deals with retina displays).

If you are asked for screen recording permissions, you need to accept that for MC's user interface to operate properly, MC uses that permission to copy from part of it's window to another part of it's window. It's not used for anything else.

Once MC is running you can control-click or right click on the Media Center 28 icon on the Dock, choose "Options" and select "Keep in Dock".

Converting Data from a previous version

You can back up your library from the File Menu in your older version and restore from the same menu in your new version.

MC will convert the data and settings and use them. Your files won't be moved or altered.


Apple Support for Installing Applications

If you're upgrading, you can leave your older version installed until you're happy with the new one, and then uninstall the old version.

Uninstall an old version by dragging it into the Trash from the applications folder.

To remove the old data, you need to remove the respective version information folder (replace XX below with the version number). This is in the users home folder under

Library/Application Support/J River/Media Center XX


The easiest way to enter your license without removing old versions of MC is to copy and paste it from your registration email into MC either at the startup splash screen if asked for it there or via Help->Registration Info when in the program.

Using the .mjr with an old version installed may try to run the registration from the old version which is why we recommend the copy and paste method here.