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A few screenshots thanks to user darichman.



  • Native support of DirectShow DSP filters
  • Audiophile -- WASAPI exclusive output using high-end USB DACs
  • Audiophile -- Added ability to play files from memory instead of disk
  • Audiophile -- Support for high end USB DAC's with WASAPI
  • Headphone DSP makes listening more natural and comfortable.
  • /SoundcardSwitch command for the launcher (MC14.exe), allows soundcard selection on Vista and W7
  • 3D album view adjusts text size to display more tracks when necessary
  • 3D album view allows playing, adding, shuffling, and adding as next to play
  • Improved tagging and tag compatibility
  • Surround Sound output for receivers capable of Dolby Digital or DTS
  • Room Correction -- New in DSP Studio


  • Image Preview allows zoom from a thumbnail to rotate, delete, compare, edit, and more
  • Image thumbnail frames (optional)
  • Photoshop PSD file support
  • Single command copy / send to an editor like Photoshop, and stack new image with original
  • Improved editing with a link from Image Preview

More screenshots of Image Preview and Edit.



  • Added new "watched" column to metadata
  • EPG can automatically retrieve XMLTV data
  • Automatic correlation of XML channel names and MC channel names
  • Info Panel displays metadata, including TV program art
  • TV program art from YADB

Theater View

  • Watch Hulu and YouTube from Theater View
  • Netflix Watch Now
  • Customizable nested views in Theater View
  • Customizable File Info panel to display metadata
  • Speed and quality enhancements
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Touch screen support
  • On screen clock
  • New Playing Now

Remotes and Servers

  • Wiki articles: Remotes and Servers
  • Remote Relay using IR transceivers for controlling a set top box or receiver
  • Remote Setup Wizard
  • Media Center Remote learning and blasting
  • New HID remote control plug-in -- supports shortcuts with keyboard, mouse, & gamepad
  • Remote control with REST based Web Service Interface in Library Server
  • Library Server supports read and write to allow for shared, multi-user database access
  • DLNA Server, Controller, and Renderer -- support for XBox and PS3.
  • Library Server clients can write changes back to server
  • Library Server connections allow playback on server as Playing Now zones
  • Tremote -- remote control of another copy of MC


  • Faster file import on multi-core systems
  • Faster drawing on multi-core systems
  • Faster image rendering
  • Faster MP3 ID3v2 tag reading
  • Faster startup


  • New import wizard finds and suggests folders to import
  • Animated scrolling in lists and trees
  • Improved search box suggestion
  • New Media Center 14 Service runs when the player is running to allow talking to hardware (for remotes, portable devices, etc.) when UAC is enabled.

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