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Distribution Support

Media Center is built and tested on Debian Jessie in both 32 and 64bit flavours.

However Media Center has been shown to run without issue on numerous other distributions including

Details are available in the Linux interact forum.



You must have an XServer to run MC. This can be achieved either by running X on on the machine running MC, via a remote ssh connection with X-Forwarding or by having the display exported to the connecting machine.

Desktop Environment

There is no dependency on any particular desktop environment as MC does not use any desktop code nor GTK or KDE.

Linked Libraries

The following is taken from an installed machine using

ldd $(which mediacenter23)| awk '/=>/{print $(NF-1)}' | while read n; do dpkg-query -S $n; done | sed 's/^\([^:]\+\):.*$/\1/' | uniq|sort

  • libbsd0
  • libc6
  • libgcc1
  • libgl1
  • libglvnd0
  • libglx0
  • libstdc++6
  • libuuid1
  • libx11-6
  • libxau6
  • libxcb1
  • libxdmcp6
  • libxext6
  • libxrandr2
  • libxrender1

Audio Devices

MC requires an ALSA device that supports S32_LE, S24_3LE, S24_LE or S16_LE.

NAS Support

MC has been shown to run in such an environment, see NAS for details


MC can run in a Docker container providing the host OS has some of the required dependencies, a user has provided such a container for MC21 and MC22, details are in