Linux System Requirements

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Media Center is designed to run on 32 bit debian Wheezy. It will run under 64 bit debian Wheezy if you have multilib support enabled and if you install the necessary 32 bit libraries. There is user supplied information in the forum about running MC on unsupported distros. MC has the following general system requirements under Linux.

We don't require a X server or X hardware support on the machine running MC however you must have an XServer to run MC. This can be on the machine running MC or via a remote ssh connection with X-Forwarding or by having the display exported to the connecting machine.

We require this:

  • libX11-6: installed size 1.5 megs

The dependencies for this are:

  • libX11-data: installed size 1.6 megs
  • libxcb1: installed size .2 megs
  • libxau6: installed size .1 megs
  • libxdmcp6: installed size .1 megs
  • libcurl3: installed size .1 megs (likely already there)
  • lame: installed size: 1.2 megs

Total installed X11 size : 4.8 megs For comparison, the current package size for MC (compressed) is 67 megs.

You should be able to run with this minimal setup. The GUI will run over an ssh connection.

Runlevels are dependent on the distro. Mine is runlevel 2. Traditionally in unix runlevel 3 was GUI but the different distro makers have done this in disparate ways. Ubuntu and Debian don't use runlevels to determine whether or not the GUI is in use.

We don't care about what desktop you are using, MC is not using any desktop code nor is it using GTK or KDE. I've run it on XFCE and Gnome. It should run on any desktop. No ideas about NAS's. Don't have a linux based one that I can log into.

I can tell you that the current requirements are:

  • X86 (32 bit)
  • SSE2
  • libc6 >= 2.13
  • libX11-6 >= 2.1.5
  • xfonts-75dpi
  • xfonts-100dpi
  • An ALSA device that supports S32_LE, S24_3LE, S24_LE or S16_LE