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Manage Libraries The Library Manger allows the user to create and maintain multiple, independent libraries (databases). This can be useful in a multiple user environment, or when a specialized library is needed. Here are some of the ways that multiple libraries can be used:

· You can create a library for each member of the house. Members import only those files they like. They can also rate their music in their own way. You may want to disable tag updating in this scenario.

· You can create a library for Party Music. When your friends come over, they see the music they are supposed to see (and your collection of Engelbert Humperdinck albums remains your secret!).

User Tip: Create an empty library with all of your custom fields and View Schemes and column settings. Name it something like "Template". Whenever you create a new library, clone this one so that every library has all of your customization.

· To open Library Manager, go to File > Library > Library Manager.

Also see Advanced Import Options for information about updating existing libraries and fixing broken links.

Add a New Library

Load a Library

Restore a library

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