Keyboard Hot-keys

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Media Center provides a number of Keyboard shortcuts or Hot-keys to facilitate operations. In addition to Media Center-specific shortcuts, standard Windows Alt key menu navigation/accelerator keys are available and readily discoverable by holding down the Alt key, and taking note of the underlined letter in the menus and sub-menus.

Ctrl + P Play / Pause
Ctrl + S Stop
Ctrl + L Previous Track
Ctrl + N Next Track
Ctrl + M Mute
Ctrl + + (Num Pad) Volume Up
Ctrl + - (Num Pad) Volume Down
Ctrl + R Reshuffle
Ctrl + Shift + R Toggle Shuffle On / Off
Ctrl + Left Arrow Rewind
Ctrl + Right Arrow Fast-Forward
Alt + 1 Toggle between Main and Alternate Playback Settings
Ctrl + T Switch between zones
Ctrl + A Select All
F4 Tagging Mode
Ctrl + Shift + A Invert Select All
Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert Copy
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert Paste
Del Delete
Shift + Del Delete files from the database and the currently selected playlist.
F2 Rename
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Q or F3 Quick Search in a list
F8 Add Playlist
F9 Add Smartlist
F10 Add Playlist Group
Alt + Enter Properties
Shift + Ctrl + 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Change rating of currently playing file to none, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
F11 Toggle between all Full Screen, Theater and Standard views
ESC Return to Standard Mode from Full Screen or Theater View
Ctrl + 1 Standard View
Ctrl + 2 Mini View
Ctrl + 3 Windowed View
Ctrl + 4 Full Screen View
Ctrl + 5 Theater View
Alt + 1 Start (in tree)
Alt + 2 Playing Now
Alt + 3 Last Open Media Mode in Tree
Alt + 4 Playlists
Alt + 5 Drives and Devices
Alt + 6 My Computer
Alt + 7 TV Tuner
Alt + 8 Web Media
Alt + 9 Plug-ins
Ctrl + F Find (Search)
F5 Refresh
Alt + Left or Backspace Navigate Backward
Alt + Right or Shift + Backspace Navigate Forward
Ctrl + U Toggle List Style (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + Shift + U Automatic List Style (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + Shift + I Details List Style (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + Shift + O View Thumbnails (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + Shift + P View Album Thumbnails (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + G Collapse All in Tree
TAB Move Keyboard Focus
Alt + F Show File Menu
Alt + E Show Edit Menu
Alt + V Show View Menu
Alt + P Show Player Menu
Alt + T Show Tools Menu
Alt + H Show Help Menu
Ctrl + O Options
F7 TV Tuner Channels
F1 Help
Ctrl + J Check for Updates