Home Networking Example 1

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MC Server computer connected to living room TV, MC client computer connected to projector in family room

I have a Windows 7 server computer in a closet near our living room plasma TV. I run DVI video to the TV and simple analog audio to a Logitech 2.1 speaker system near the TV. The server computer has a large internal drive dedicated to media including recorded TV. The media drive is shared on the home LAN. Media Center is installed on the server computer with media networking fully enabled.

I have another Windows 7 computer in our family room running Media Center as a Library Server client to the living room computer. I run DVI video to a 20" monitor and HDMI video to a 720p projector and digital audio via coax to a Sony A/V amplifier (5.1 speaker system). I also run analog audio to a headphone jack on an exercise treadmill.

I use JRiver MCE remotes and transceivers on each system for remote control.