Handheld and Portable Devices

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Media Center supports any device that is WMDM compatible and any device that appears to your PC as a removable or fixed drive.

Using a PC as a device

If your files are on a network drive, you can make a local copy of them, with transcoding to MP3 or a different format if needed, so that you can still have music when the network drive is disconnected.

  1. Create a playlist or smartlist containing the files you want to have locally.
  2. Tools->Options->Handheld
  3. Under Device Management choose Add Device
  4. Choose a name and a folder and click OK.
  5. Choose a playlist (or playlists) to sync to the device, and set the device options desired for your device
  6. Under Drives and Devices, right click on your device and choose Sync Now


Media Center offers excellent support for Apple's iPod. Media Center reads and write the iTunes database used by the iPod.

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