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In the options under the Library & Folders settings for Auto-Import Folders, there is an option for Fix broken links. There are three options:

  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes (leave network files)

What do these options mean, especially leave network files?

1. No:

Doesn't automatically remove anything.

2. Yes:

Automatically removes any files from the database that it finds missing on disk. Be very careful with this setting if any of your disks are removable or network. If the disk is disconnected, that counts as "missing" and the files will be removed.

3. Yes (leave network files):

Same as #2, except for that files living on a network (or removable) disk are left alone. This is useful in case the server goes down (or you trip over and unplug your network or USB cord). Otherwise, MC12 would happily delete your library. This is MC12's default setting.

Thanks to glynor for this clear explanation.