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Media Center's Auto-Import system includes a Fix Broken Links option. This option can be used to have Media Center automatically update the Library to fix or remove entries for files that are imported, but which have moved or are missing from disk. These files are called Broken Links.

Please Note: The Fix Broken Links option applies to your entire Media Center Library, and not just to those files in Watched Folders in Auto-Import. All files across the entire Library are checked.

There are three modes for this setting:

Auto-Import will never remove any missing files from the Library.
Activates the feature with no exceptions. All missing files in the Library will be removed if they cannot be found in their original locations, or located elsewhere. Be very careful with this setting if any of your disks are removable or network drives.
Yes (protect files on missing drives)
The default. This is the same as Yes, except for that files are "protected" if MC determines that drive is entirely missing.

The Protect files on missing drives option is useful with external and network volumes (such as USB drives or NAS devices) that may sometimes be disconnected or offline. With this option enabled, when it finds missing files, Auto-Import will try to determine if the drive itself is entirely offline, or if the drive exists but the files are actually missing, and only remove them in the latter case. This is important if your drive might go offline occasionally because otherwise Media Center would happily remove all files on a drive when it becomes disconnected! Please note that the OS does not always provide a clean way to make this determination and this setting is not 100% foolproof. If you experience difficulty with files on external or network volumes being removed from and re-imported into Media Center, disable this setting entirely.