File Types Settings

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Tools > Options > File Types


You can instruct Media Center to become the default player for various file types This means that when you double click a file on your computer or click on a web page file with one of these extensions, Media Center will play the file for you, or open the associated program.

You can also control how each file type is played. For example, it is possible to configure a file type to launch an external program.


You can change more than one file type at a time. Select any number of file types using standard Ctrl+Click, Shift+Click, or right-click drag behavior, and then make changes below.


You can also select decoders, renderers, and other Directshow filters. See Playback Options and DirectShow Playback Guide for more information.


To update the list of file types that can be associated with new versions and builds of the program, check for updates every once in a while. Go to Help > Check for Updates or press Ctrl-J.