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A Playlist, or any listing of media files in the content pane, can be exported in four different formats: HTML, MPL, M3U or ASCII Delimited.

To export a Playlist:

  1. Right click on the Playlist in the organization tree and select Export Playlist.
  2. Select the format.
  3. Type in a filename, or browse by clicking the "." button.
  4. Select "All fields" or "Only Visible Fields" to determine which columns/fields are exported.
  5. Select if you want to export the entire playlist, or only the files you have selected from within the playlist.
  6. Select "Use relative paths" to use filenames within the exported playlist relative to the playlist. If you want the files within the exported playlist without drive letters, ensure you are putting the exported playlist on the same drive as the media.
  7. Select "OK".

You can also export all Playlists. Go to File > Export all Playlists. Exporting all playlists will export in the M3U format.

Export Playlist Formats


A simple HTML document.

MPL Playlist

An MPL Playlist will contain all the fields stored in the library, including custom fields. It's XML based so you can edit information in any text editor.

TIP: This is a good way to keep backup copies of your Playlists, because you can search/replace for path information in the mpl, if ever your library files change paths. For example, if you move all your files to another drive, and you want to create a new library by re-importing the files, you will lose all playlist information. However, if you created exported all your playlists first to the MPL format, you can search for the old path and replace it with the new path directly in the mpl files, then import the playlists.

ASCII Delimited

An ASCII (text) delimited file that can be imported into spreadsheet, database, word processor and other applications for further use.

M3U Playlist

This is an industry standard M3U Playlist file that can be imported and/or played by several popular players/jukeboxes.