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To download a feed that is in your library:

  1. Select an item under Podcasts in the tree to open it in the Panes view.
  2. Select the download link in the Episode Status column.

The “Episode Status” will change to display a progress bar, and when the download is complete, it will change to “On Disk”.

Where is it saved?

To see where the Podcast is saved, look at the Filename column. To change the default path where Podcasts are saved, to go Tools > Options > Podcast, select Podcast Directory, and change the path.

To download a feed that is not in your library, add it to your library first (Add a Feed), and then follow the instructions here.

Automatic Download Settings

Media Center can be configured to automatically download episodes from a particular Podcast feed. When you add a feed, you are asked to configure whether Media Center should download the feed, and if so, when and how many episodes.

To change these settings at any time, select the feed under Podcasts in the tree, right-click on the feed in the tree and select Edit This Feed. See Add a Feed for an explanation of the various fields in the Podcast Feed Properties dialog box.

Keep Forever

To keep an episode forever, go to the Episode Status column and click. This toggles between "On Disk" and "Keep Forever".