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Whenever you view the "Playing Now" Playlist, you can view one of four things in the Display Pane (upper right part of the screen). Cover Art, Images, Visualizations or Track Info pages.

  • Visualizations. The program contains several visualizations that "show" you the audio as it is played. Visualizations are displayed in both the Playing Now view and on some Mini Views. You can edit the current visualizations, or create your own. You can download Visualizations from Skins and Plug-Ins.
  • Track Info Pages are custom pages displaying such things as cover art and artist and album information. You can download Track Info Plug-ins from Skins and Plug-Ins.
  • Images. To View images, select them, right-click and select "Play". Go to Playing Now, and view your images in the Display Pane.

As a component of the Playing Now screen and Mini Mode, they can optionally be hidden or displayed. Simply right click on them and select hide or display in the popup menu.