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While playing audio files and using one of Media Center's Displays (Playing Now, Display View, or the Display Action Window), you can choose between one of the available Display Plugins

  • Visualizations "show" you the audio as it is played. You can edit the current visualizations, or create your own. You can download additional Visualizations from Skins and Plug-Ins.
  • Track Info Pages are custom pages displaying such things as cover art and artist and album information. You can download Track Info Plug-ins from Skins and Plug-Ins.
  • Images: Media Center can also display a slideshow of photos while you are playing back audio. To do this, simply start some audio playing, and then "play" a set of Images.
  • Third-Party Display Plugins: Some third-party software provides Display Plugins for Media Center, such as those by Soundspectrum.