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Web Service Interface (MCWS)

Control Media Center over the Internet or LAN using a REST-based web service interface.

Media Center Automation

Control Media Center from Interface and Display plug-ins as well as from JScript of Metamorphis skins.

Media Center Command Line Parameters

Media Center Core Commands

  • Media Center Core Commands: Media Center can be externally controlled with MC Core commands. These commands provide more control capabilities than the limited number of available command line options. Commands are issued with the installed MC control program and supplying the /MCC command line option and a parameter (e.g. mc30.exe /MCC ...). They can also be called directly via Windows Messages or from within software.

Media Center Languages

Package Files

  • Package Files: Learn how to create MJP files for installing plug-ins.

Mini View Skinning

Learn how to create a Mini View skin for Media Center

Standard View Skinning

Learn how to create a Standard View skin for Media Center

Theater View Skinning

Learn how to create a Standard View skin for Media Center

Track Info template SDK

Customize look and feel of Track Info page.

WebPlay / WebRemote

Customize the look or functionality of WebPlay or WebRemote.

Media Center Plug-ins

Media Center lets you extend its behavior in many ways, through different kinds of plug-in.

Developing plugins in Visual Studio 2005 .NET

Tips and Tricks for developing a plugin in Visual Studio 2005 .NET

Submitting a plugin/accessory to the Media Center plugins & accessories download page